Pokéology: Alomomola

Hey guys, another late night for me! Haha.

10th article! How about that? Time sure flew by– roughly 70 days, well, around that. I don’t feel like doing anymore math today. xD Oh by the way, random fact: you guys loved the Dunsparce article, it had 40 comments!

So here’s Alomomola, what many would call a rip-off of Luvdisc and what could have been a great luvdisc evolution. However, I think there’s enough differences to warrant a different Pokémon line– although these are kinda outweighed by the color scheme and general features that really match up to Luvdisc. Kinda odd isn’t it?



Say aloha to one of my favorite animals– the Mola Mola, also known as the ocean sunfish. This is so straightforward it’s kinda hard to put anything here.

No other animal comes even close to a Mola Mola; and you can see that right away. They’re also the heaviest bony fish; and are much larger than they appear next to each other.

In fact..

14 foot tall, 10 feet long. That’s the size.

Yep, much larger than you expected right? They’re crazy fish, they’re also only a few inches thick. Basically, they’re a giant pancake of a fish. They mainly eat jellyfish though; they’re not extremely predatory. They get the name Ocean Sunfish not from looking like the opposite, a moon, but rather from the fact they actively sunbathe near the surface. Still, it’s funny, ’cause they look like a moon. Or is that just me?

Also, they’re related to pufferfish. Weird right? I think there’s a lot of weird things with the Mola Mola that not many of us expect.

Their main predator are Orca whales actually, which is because Orca whales will eat anything in the ocean. Crazy fellas. But overall, these guys don’t have a single thing to worry about; other than people who mistake their fins for giant sharks in the water. That’d be scary to see such a huge fin though, in their defense.

So you can see how this fits Alomomola. Also, the name? Aloha + Mola Mola– see, Mola Molas frequent Hawaii. So how about that?




The animated sprite of this one doesn’t do it justice, it’s a majestic creature. The huge fins? The calm eyes? It’s truly a majestic creature.

So let’s start with the fins on the top and bottom. Clearly, they very much help with swimming, though they may also be to show off or signal to other fish. However, this is a very kindhearted Pokémon, and it is said to embrace other injured Pokémon and take them to safety. One would assume that this would be done by these beautiful fins. They would most likely fold up over the fish and give it a stable ground and roof for it to reside it while it trudges along.

Next, they supposedly have a special membrane that helps heal wounds. This makes sense– it’s possible that it has some sort of coagulant or other material in the slime given off by its body. This would mean that wounds would close much faster, thus causing the wound to heal much faster and safer than a regular wound. This may have evolved by Alomomolas helping Pokémon, which in turn did not think the Alomomolas as prey items and left the friendly, or healing ones of the species alone.

Here’s an interesting part of the Pokédex that I also wanted to talk about– it says it brings injured Pokémon to shore. This could mean one of two things; either that humans helped any injured Pokémon that came near shore, or it could mean simply that the shallow water made it easier to avoid predators. Still, it’s something to think about.

Although the entire species may seem feminine, think of a ladybug. We call every ladybug a girl, but in reality most are probably male. Sure, it’s a heart fish with huge fins and calm eyes, but try to look at it kinda epicly. Like it’s a posh prince, rather than a motherly nurse of a fish. Again, more things to think about!


So this week was kinda short, but hey, every week we get a new Pokémon out of the bidding, and we can only move forward! I love seeing suggestions– just know that I probably won’t get around to many three stagers soon; though I might make it a project to get another three-stage done soon.

Comments? Questions? Do you think that Alomomola should have been a Luvdisc evolution? Or do you think that it has enough differences to warrant the separate family?