Pokémon announcements from the Worlds 2022 closing ceremony

The return of the Pokémon World Championships has been exciting to watch and no doubt even more exciting for those who have gotten to attend and compete in-person. News about the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games has been promised during the Worlds closing ceremony, although that is not the focus of the event wrap-up.

New pages that we have added or updated with the information revealed today:

Pokémon game news

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  • Cyclizar has been revealed as a new Normal/Dragon-type Pokémon
  • Loaded Dice is a new item which increases the chance of multi-hit attacks hitting more (Seems like an item version of the ability Skill Link without the guarantee)
  • New move, Shed Tail, which creates a substitute and then switches with a Pokémon from you party
  • New move, Tera Blast, which will change type after a Pokémon has Terastallized
  • The ‘ex’ mechanic will be returning in the TCG for the Scarlet and Violet era! You can see this in the two images below

Let us know if you’ve been watching Worlds and what aspect of the series you enjoy the most when it comes to competitions, VGC, TCG, GO or UNITE! Sadly, this was the last appearance of Pokkén Tournament at Worlds.

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