A MINI x Pokémon concept car teased at Gamescom

What fan wouldn’t want a “Pokémon Mode” built into their car?! BMW teases us with a special collaboration between its MINI brand and Pokémon for a MINI Concept Aceman car like no other.

Featuring a circular OLED display in the middle of the dashboard and visual effects which extend across its entire length, the car also packs in an integrated exterior projector which can be used when you just want to park next to a wall and watch your favorite anime episode.

Real versions of the car can be visited by Gamescom attendees, with one being in a giant package-like display, but it isn’t likely we’ll see a purchasable production model (but we can hope, right?!).

Let us know your thoughts and whether or not you’d like to drive a car like this around in the comments below!

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