The Path to Sword & Shield: Launch Day!

Today is the day! After 9 months waiting the games are finally here, Pokémon Sword & Shield are now available worldwide!

We hope everyone has enjoyed not only our countdown with The Path to Sword & Shield, but also spending the past 9 months (and longer!) on the site with us. We’ve grown significantly this year and we’re so happy to have shared every step of the way with all of our fantastic readers!

Just because the games are released doesn’t mean our journey here! With still got tons of content lined up for everyone, all from the fantastic team members we’ve got here on PokéJungle! Stick around!

Hopefully most of are readers are already enjoying the game and those of you that aren’t can get to play soon enough! We want to hear your thoughts on the game so far. What Pokémon are currently on your team? What’s your favourite thing about the game so far? Any tips for other trainers?


To celebrate the release, we’re starting the first of two giveaways we’ve partnered with Meccha Japan to hold! Remember, using code PKJ5 will net you a 5% discount when buying from their online store! We’re very grateful they’ve offered these plushies for us to give to you and they’re a great option if you want to buy Japan-only merch!

The prize: Band Festival Pikachu!

To cover ourselves in case of unforeseen circumstances, I need to remind you that this prize is worth $0 USD and we have the right to cancel the giveaway at any time for any reason.

How to Enter:

Use the form on Gleam! We do it this way so that we can most easily track people’s entries and choose fairly. Good luck!

PokéJungle & Meccha Japan Band Festival Pikachu Giveaway

Starter Giveaway Winner:

Happy Sword & Shield Launch Day!

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