Watch the first episode of Pocket Monsters!

The new season of Pokémon, Pocket Monsters, has begun airing in Japan. The Pokémon Company has made the first episode available on YouTube, likely to spark more interest in the revamped format.

Although many of you probably don’t understand Japanese, you may be able to follow along with the general gist of the episode—or at least enjoy the animation!

Please leave a comment with your thoughts and don’t forget to join our Discord server if you want to find someone to trade or battle in Pokémon Sword & Shield!

  1. Just beat Gordie.

    Ranken the Rillaboom
    Philo the Toxtricity
    Ganesh the Copperajah
    Brent the Dracozolt
    Abbadon the Grimmsnarl
    Galder the G-Darumaka

  2. I can’t wait to watch this episode. Been wondering about how Pikachu was before Ash since I was a kid.

  3. My team right now outside kabu’s gym
    Drizzile (Blondie) male
    Orbeetle (Lady) female
    Dreepy (toothless) female thanks to @exeldus
    Applin (Fuji) female
    Centiskorch (Volvagia) female
    Koffing (Lucy) female

    Will switch in g-darm for Centiskorch later when someone with sword trades it to me
    And Frosmoth for Orbeetle. I don’t seem to care about type overlaps with this game, which I love because I can use my favorite mons without fretting about it.

    Also, Applin is useless before it evolves so I can’t wait for my sweet apple

  4. Well I’ve
    -beaten the main game
    -beaten the post game story
    -unlocked the battle tower
    -got my starter to level 100

    Now, we enter the grind

  5. Allister is dead and gone, and my team is:

    Sean, the Inteleon (lvl 38)
    Ben, the Boltund (lvl 36)
    Olivia, the Coalossal (lvl 38)
    Javier, the Morgrem (lvl 36)
    Mads, the Ponyta (lvl 34)

  6. I’m sorry but why can a 5-star raid mon summon not one, but two of those busted shields? they better release a patch because its literally impossible to beat this within 10 turns or preventing 4 faints.

    1. Five star raids are made more where you have to battle with other people online rather than the NPCs you were given if you choose not to invite someone

  7. I’ve played a lot of gen 8 battles on Showdown, and I can confirm, Dynamax is way too OP. The good side is, my thick boi Snorlax is really a beast with belly drum and dynamax. Like, Snorlax is pretty much OU now. Not to mention the fact that Gigantamax Snorlax is already Uber! Can’t wait to cream people with it on Battle Stadium. And if you still need proof that Dynamax Snorlax is op, here it is.

  8. So, even tho the story itself is very low key and mostly focused on your Gym Challenge, I think this game has the strongest character Writing in the series. Hop’s character arc is great and Bede’s is just hilarious. The whole deal with Eternatus felt kinda tacked on, but I enjoyed that the plot was more personal, with less Standard JRPG world ending shenanigans until the end.

  9. It’s highly disappointing they didnt give Galarian Rapidash a unique physical fairy horn move…

    Radiant Jab: 100 att. Lowers opponents defense


    1. Apparently required a lot of work just to do one without animations and with the inferior textures of Pokemon Go. Interesting that it can be done tho, maybe this will encourage them to make an official update.

    2. They ported a model and animations from an existing game with a similar graphic style. It took them a while for one and it doesn’t even have its own stats and moves. And because its Let’s Go, they can only do this with Kanto Mons.

      And if all Kanto Mons were in, people would’ve bıtched anyway.

      Dexit was a bad, bad idea but using this as a ‘haha GameFreak baddy bad’ is dumb lmao

  10. So they nerfed Disguise, nerfed Moody into competitive potential, and added steel stealth rocks

  11. Okay, I need a little help with something. It was late last night and I saw that, if I won this contest, I could win $650 worth of art supplies (which would make me sooooo happy!! Because money is a bit tight rn, but I digress). When I submit my work, would you guys view it and give it a LIKE? I guess the amount of likes is how you win (I forget, have to read the email again).

    Also, Round 1 prompt is Dynamic Duo and I need a bit of help about what to draw (has to be original so don’t go into detail please). I was thinking of doing a picture of a character my son made up, Captain Sword, and his trusty sidekick dog, Buttah.

  12. Small spoiler to the huge ass review I’m doing

    Bede’s the best rival in the series
    I hated Hop
    Leon’s a godtier champion
    This game’s in the top four generations in the series, top 5 games in the series.
    Still has some glaring flaws, some of which are INCREDIBLY annoying.
    Does a lot right in spite of this
    Best set of new mons since gen 5

    I’ll go into more detail soon, but here you go

  13. Add me
    SW-4010-0460-1076 I do Max Raids at night on Tuesdays and Fridays, until the 7th of December when I will start doing them every night.

  14. Just realized my quest for a living pokedex is nigh impossible.

    Theres quite a lot of pokemon that there’s no way in hell anyone would trade me for.

    1. I really love these cards. I kinda wish there were more gym leaders cards of ascending rarity, and packs to buy or something. They’d be fun to collect and they add lore.

  15. My Review of the game:
    Most fun I’ve had with a Pokemon game in years. 8/10.

    Most of the “technical issues” people ragged on from leaks were mostly on the Wild Area but exclusively while playing Online, which is understandable given how many creatures end up running around, it’s being held back by the Switch, visuals in the game are really good overall imo, the towns feel grand, and the characters are expressive and well animated.

    The new format for the Pokemon League is amazing and fills you with excitement, hope this is kept from now on.

    Dynamax and Gigantamax really do open up a lot of strategy possibilities for Pokemon that would normally need some support and during online keeps battles from being too predictable.

    Dynamax Raids are really fun and challenging.

    I clocked in 12 Hours before even getting to the third Gym just from how fun it was to go around the Wild area and do Raids, even staying only on the parts where I could catch Pokemon.

    Despite the Dex Cull, there is a good variety of old Pokemon to be found here, altho some do make me scratch my head for their inclusion, like Delibird.

    New Pokemon designs are really good, with only a few clunkers.

    Negatives I think need adressing:

    1. Some of the Battle backgrounds transporting you to the white void are really disappointing. I understand for things like the daily Bakery battles, but the battles inside the Lobby that are story obligatory should have a unique Background.

    2. While online is good, it has a serious issue refreshing the intstances, so some times you get no Stamps and you end up looking at Max Raids that you can’t join anymore. This needs a manual refresh on top of the automatic one, even if it results in you having to wait a bit for it to communicate to the server again.

    3. Some of the routes really are too small, altho some open up a lot after getting the water bike.

    4. Team Yell was underwhelming, altho Piers was one of the best Gym Leaders on the series.

    1. Once Home comes out. You can trade a few Galarian Form Pokemon for their Kanto variants in game tho.

  16. Me on first glance: Yeah none of the starter evos really have idle animations. That’s disappointing cause Scorb was super like-
    Cinderace: *starts kicking a fire ball around in its idle animation*
    Rillaboom: *Has naturally fast movements to almost suggest a groove to it*

    I love these two so much. Seriously. Like I am 100% dying to use Rillaboom. If anyone’s willing to breed one with leech seed I got a HJK Scorb with your name on it

    1. I expected my favorite to be a Ghost type, but it ended up being Toxtricity. It’s saved my butt many times, and its Nuzzle is great for catching Pokémon!

      I’m also super fond of Falinks, Eiscue, Grimmsnarl, and Centiskorch.

    2. Obstagoon was awesome, I just wish the CPU couldn’t read your inputs otherwise I would have landed a lot more obstructs.

  17. Every time I try to connect to someone else’s raid it says ” Error Code: 2-ALZAA-0034 No Communication Partner was found”.

  18. Following my other question… Is there any Galar Pokemon you can’t stand, or thought you’d love to use but ended up disliking a lot?

  19. Memorable non story related moments from your playthroughs? Either, Funny, cool, weird or whatever.

    I’ll share some of mine:

    After beating Nessa I went to the Wild area to look for a Chewtle or Dreadnaw raid so I could try and get it with Swift Swim. Suddenly I stumble upon one for a “Fairy and Dark” one. For a second I was taken out, like “What the f*k is Dark Fairy?” then immediately my jaw dropped because Impidimp was one of the things I wanted the most and had given up on it being only available more than halfway through.

    I caught a Sizzlipede on the route outside the Galar Mine No. 1, It put a lot of work and I liked it. Decided to send it away on a Pokejob while I dealt with Nessa. I sent him away for the whole day. After I beat Kabu I suddenly see someoen doing a Gigantamax Centiskorch raid on the stamps and get in, I get it and then I immediately ditched my original Sizzlipede. Poor thing went away for work and then I replaced him with a hoter model when he was away. I got a chuckle out of it.

  20. imma just say. this is probably the freshest and most engaging pokemon experience I had since playing b2w2

  21. What is the point of “favorite” an item? It doesnt seem to do anything other than put a star near it.

  22. I think if a raid you try to join times out and disappears but is still listed you should be able to join it with cpu help because I keep getting errors for it and some stuff I actually want.

  23. Lemme preface this game by saying this
    I was terrified about how hard this game would fall on its face. My friends and I had decided this would be our last stop in the series if this game sucked and were preparing to exit. So many things about the game just seemed WRONG it couldn’t possibly be good!!!

    Welcome to my top 3 Galar

    I’ll get the important stuff out of the way so you can just read through my thoughts without wondering when I’ll get to it. If you choose to continue reading these next parts, you’re interested in my thoughts

    I rate the game somewhere between an 8 and a 9 out of ten. This is my fifth or fourth favorite mainline Pokemon game. The Unova games, HGSS, and potentially Emerald sit above it right now, but nothing else.

    This review is gonna be multi-part since it’ll be hella long. I’m gonna talk on five separate points

    -Story (Characters, the story itself, etc)
    -Gameplay (Raids, the actual battles, etc)
    -Pokemon quality (obvious)
    – Aesthetics (Graphics and music, along with the general feel of the region)
    – Other (QOL, other things I can’t classify into one of these categories)

    I’ll be talking about Pokemon quality first and story last being as its rather spoilery, but yeah

  24. Entered the championship cup again, invited Raihan, hoping he’d give me a good match.

    He lost to Marnie and I had to face her in the finals instead!

  25. Alright you guys helped me with my original team, so I’m gonna ask for your input on these:
    Shield playthrough #2:
    G. Rapidash


  26. With the recent fighting game news, I recently thought of this: If we got another Pokemon fighting game, would you want it to be a 2D fighter or another arena fighter like Pokken? Would you rather it be it’s own thing, or a sequel to Pokken (Not limited to these questions)? Just wanna see your thoughts on a hypothetical situation like this.

  27. IF they made DLC, other than the obvious (return the old mons) what else would you want to see in it for Sword and Shield?

  28. So after venturing into that forest behind my house we used to get baked in, me and that kid that constantly follows me around assuming I’m his friend found a stick and a leaf thinking it was valuable or a relic and decided to go pawn it in Hammerlocke

    I’ve decided I’m going to walk there myself and not use my bike or anything and take in how my journey started

  29. See I was really enjoying the Max Raids, the improved competitive preparation mechanics, the epic scale of the league…. but then I saw that if I went up a ladder in one route some NPCs froze temporarily while going up, which didn’t affect anything at all but completely ruined the game for me. 0/10


  30. My night class got cancelled today so I will do some raids after getting out of work in 5 hours. Currently I have a 5 Star Mr Rime and 5Star G-Dreadnaw available.

    THis is my FC

    1. Will it be up around 5:30?! If so please please please

      It’s one of my all time favorite Pokemon and I can’t get it normally

  31. If we get a sequel to SwSh can we add the second halves of the fossils so we can get

    1. Even more horrifying abominations to man kind
    2. The corrected versions of them

  32. Is there any site that has Galar pokemon/pokedex and allows you to build your team like the other one had? It’s not updated to include Galar.

  33. Does anyone know if wild pelliper still hold lucky eggs? I’d like more than just the one that the game gives you.

  34. When I do my second go, one of my teams will have Rillaboom as my starter. Building a team based around that. Then the other team will have Inteleon and my faves

  35. Do we know how to get toxtricity’s forms? I’m collecting one of each obvious alt. For my living dex (each unfeazant and frillish/jellicent genders, for example)

  36. It’s so weird but in the wild area I only have raids in the first area (between motostoke and the station) and quite often, I don’t have any raids at all. Does anyone else have this issue ?

    1. You can always initiate new raids by using Wishing Pieces as well. You get a few at random raids every couple of hours or every day (I am not sure).

  37. Between Sword and Shield Gym Leaders: Bea is better than Allister, but Melony is better than Gordie.
    Perfectly balanced.

      1. He is kinda funny, he is a pretty big guy, but he does a damn backflip when throwing his Pokeball. But Melony,is still the obvious better choice.

  38. Won’t spoil the end credits but God I’m only partway through and am loving it

    Is it the same regardless of what starter you pick?

  39. My game froze and I had to reset. Didn’t lose much. It was whilst talking to the right hand treasure hunter. Hopefully a one time thing.

  40. I’m sure you all figured this out by now, but daily you can go to the rock formation at the lake of outrage and find a whole bunch of evolution stones behind the rocks.

    1. I can’t seem to get Leaf. I have tried there and the hunters. I’ll go look again. Hunters keep only bringing up 1 or 2 things at the moment.

  41. I just beat the Champion battle! I had to try twice because I screwed up my strategy the first time. Thankfully Skuntank’s Explosion was there to save the day as always.
    Now that the story is over, it’s time to get to work! Does anybody have a Scorbunny they’d be willing to trade? I can provide a Grookey or Sobble if need be. I’m also currently looking for Farfetch’d, Darumaka and Stonjourner from any Sword player out there. I can trade any equivalent Shield exclusive!

  42. So is Allister/Bea mentioned at all in the opposite games? I havent seen any mention of Bea but maybe someone else has.

  43. I don’t know why they decided to lock the Day night cycle outside the Wild Area until Main campaign completion. I understand some sequences start with you going to sleep for the day so it would be weird for them to happen in the middle of the day, but I feel like they could’ve only changed the time of day for those specific moments with a text box indicating passage of time. Some of the towns look beautiful during the night, but you won’t see that until beating the game in some instances. They should patch that out.

    Maybe it was to prevent another XY moment, where you are woken up by a bird in the middle of the night if you start your game late in the day but they might have gone a bit overzealous.

  44. If I build an Ice type team, is it….
    1. Inteleon, Beartic, Mr. Rime, Darmanitan, Eiscue, Frosmoth

    2. Inteleon, Beartic, Darmanitan, Eiscue, Frosmoth, Mamoswine

  45. You know what I find strange?
    As far as I know of, there’s no way to give someone a pokemon as a gift or something. I mean, I know its essentially the same thing as trading for a jank pokemon, but it’d be nice to skip that step if we so desire.

  46. Fun fact about Oleana (spoilers obviously)

    She was originally super poor, and it was Rose who helped her out of this life. That’s why she uses Gmax Garbodor, and why she hugs its Poké Ball when it Dynamaxes. It was her lifelong friend and even though it doesn’t match her new beautiful and rich aesthetic she loves it too much to leave it behind.

    I’ve seen people theorise that it’s to represent a toxic/ugly inside and a beautiful outside, but it’s more to do with her history than her personality.

  47. Ok I need some help!

    My previous best team of all time had a member that I would call a pivot; Mienshao. Its fast, strong, has knock off, u-turn + regenerator, fake out to break sash, and an amazingly powerful life orb boosted high jump kicks to pick off damaged pokemon.

    She was snapped.

    Anyone know of a pokemon that is similar in speed/power that also has access to knock off and u-turn/volt switch? Mienshao was crucial and I’d like a worthy successor!

  48. Exeledus’ question has got me thinking. What was your dream team before Gen 8, and after Dexit what is your new dream team (limited to the 435 Pokemon left)?

  49. Oh my goodness… if dynamaxing makes a return in gen iv remakes…

    all gigantamax! That be awesome!

  50. You’re a Gym Leader/E4. Position is based on what month you were born, with January being first gym leader and December being last E4.

    Gym 1 gets 2 Pokemon, Gyms 2-3 get 3 Pokemon, Gyms 4-8 get 4 Pokemon, and E4 gets 5 Pokemon.

    Type and team?
    Bonus points: TM (can be a move that isn’t a TM already), badge name, and title.

    1. Gym 8 – Poison
      Malodour Badge
      TM: Sludge Wave
      “The Poisonous Prince”




    2. E4 Number 2, Normal Type


      I don’t give out a badge! I’m an E4 member!

      Elite Four Exeledus, “Purity Personified!”

      Seriously though, an E4 or Champion that uses normal type is my pokemon dream.

    3. Ohohoho as an October borne
      I’m the second challenge of the Elite Four
      Ground Obviously


    4. Gym 3 (March)
      Ice Type
      Eiscue, Beartic, Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode to throw them off)
      Ice Beam
      Frost Badge
      “The Cool as Ice Debonnaire”
      *I assumed we meant Galar Region*

      Not Galar:
      Cubchoo, Snorunt, Glaceon

    5. 2nd Elite 4 member

      Ribombee, Mawile, Gardevoir, Shiinotic, Grimmsnarl
      Gardevoir Mega Evolved or Grimmsnarl G-Maxed

      “The Fairy-type Wizard”

  51. Follow up question: what would be your Gym Puzzle? If you got Elite 4, you can scale it back to a gym number of your choice, defaulting at 8.

  52. Leon: *exists*
    Hop: hey you suck at directions did you know my brother Leon, AKA Lee, the champion of the galar region who owns a Charizard and is unbeatable is pants with directions I’m surprised he didn’t get lost walking to the bathroom

    1. “I hope Leon who is bad at directions doesnt get lost on the way from the train station to his house!”

      Me: “its literally just walk straight, you can see the house from the damn station! Is he stupid or something?”

      Also he left charizard in the swarm of fans lol

  53. Pokémon shield update 6 badges. Sixth gym was tough! Intelleon finished off her final Pokémon
    Newt the Intelleon lv 42
    Azarath the corviknight lv 42
    Nova the centiskortch lv 41
    Jubilee the Toxtricity lv 41
    Rumpel the Morgrem lv 41
    I’m thinking dreepy for final member. Any other suggestions?
    I’m very much enjoying this playthrough! Loving the story so and loving the new Pokémon I’ve seen so far! All that said I actually bought Pokémon sword yesterday! Will start it a week or so after I finish shield I think. May do a poll to decide whether I choose Grookey or Scorbunny.

  54. Sadly i’m deciding to wait until tomorrow night to finish the game….
    and this has nothing to do with the fact i’m scared of finishing the game because once that’s over my life will revert to a meaningless grind….nope definitely not the reason

  55. Anyone ready for some raids? 5 star Gmax-dreadnaw. Anyone interested reply here. When we have 4 people ready I’ll send the code.

    1. I learnt only recently that Clobbopus have a mouth hole underneath their tentacles

      How do you feel about Grappleoct’s mouth

  56. “To help make its wings grow, it dissolves quantities of prey in its digestive juices and guzzles them down every day”
    ~ Vibrava

    1. Oh yeah I remember reading that after my raid it would be shocking but they seemed to tone down the dex entries this time around.

    1. Stop spoiling the Dex for me!


      Nah I’m not really upset but I like reading them As I collect them.

  57. Ready to feel old? If Diamond and Pearl remakes release next year, children born around the time the originals released will be 13 or 14 years old. That’s about how old I and many others here were when X and Y released.

  58. @Keihzaru:disqus nobody I asked can rn, my Shiftry is Lv 50 with Seed Bomb, we might be able to do it without 1 more.

  59. What’s your Galar Champion team, and some comments on each?

    Roger the Rillaboom, stern as an oak. Bulkier than expected allowing it to survive and Drum Beat an opponent he wouldn’t beat otherwise, allowing him to outspeed and strike for the win.

    Flea the Centiskorch, always on fire. Bit of a Bedeslayer seeing as he always took the front lines against him, and with the Leech Life TR he was an absolute physical menace the whole playthrough.

    Dean the Drednaw, as versatile as water. He was a nice inbetween of Roger’s skill and Flea’s raw power, being able to dish out a hit and deal a hit whilst having the right tools to dish heavy damage to many foes.

    Axel the Toxtricity, shockingly destructive. Couldn’t quite deal compared to what he dished out, but Punk Rock made him a special nuke with Overdrive, Boomburst, and Snarl.

    Paul the Sandaconda, well-grounded. Sand Veil actually came in clutch a few times and with an Assault Vest he was quite capable of taking hits on both ends. He started off sketchy but proved his worth in the late-game.

    Courtney the Alcremie, fairy good! She’s probably the MVP. Took a while to evolve her as I wasn’t keen on basic strawberry sweets on her but she’s rocking the strawberry lemonade style. She took down many a foe, being the Marniemurderer as well as pelting Piers and ravaging Raihan. Her Dazzling Gleam never failed to hit hard, to the point that Psychic and Energy Ball felt hardly necessary.

    1. Emma the Cinderace: My darling partner and a literal walking nuke. If you didn’t resist her attacks, you died. Plain and simple.I managed to get high jump kick on her too, which only improved her strength

      Nevermore the Corviknight: My second in command, a wall, an unkillable menace. While he originally played a more passive role, he soon became a terrifying sweeper through bulk up.

      Murdoc the Toxtricity: After the long while it took for evolution, Murdoc proved himself worthy by becoming a sound based nightmare that could clear double battles in no time flat. However he was rather slow, so he usually would be the first of my mons to faint.

      Pile Diver the Grapploct: Got him far earlier than I expected. He was quite bulky and usually would be the first line of defense against any incredibly bulkier mon because octolock wallbreaked. He got a lot of fun moves though

      Nyooooooooom the Dragapult- Very late but a very strong sweeper. Often became my dedicated lead due to her high speed and access to uturn

      Hyperion the Frosmoth- Joined really late and isn’t HA, so I don’t have much to say yet.

  60. Wow, one of my friends who’s always been Nintendo-curious got a switch lite and Sword and one friend who’s never shown an interest in Switch or Pokemon is considering getting a switch and sword


    1. Human Shields are a vital part of the team, they soak up the bullet storm so the main character’s hair stays nice

  61. I just really need to say, that I wasnt expecting this game to be much, after gen 7’s mediocrity and all the controversy surrounding it. hell I was planning on quitting pokemon after this game failed to impress me.

    But it didnt fail to impress me. I loved my time with it, it blew me away despite all of its problems. It was fun, memorable, wonderful, and I cant wait to play through it again, and probably again and again. I love the pokemon designs, I love the wild area, Iove the characters, all of them. Heck even dynamaxing was pretty fun, then theres raids… man I cant wait to see how gamefreak (hopefully) changes the bad and amplifies the good.

  62. F*CK

    I just threw a lure ball at a Litwick thinking it was an ultra ball and I have no idea when I last saved. Someone please fucking tell me there are more in game.

  63. Hmm I wonder

    Cosmos line is in the game code but how would you get Solgaleo and Lunala? Version Exclusive again?

  64. All in all I’m enjoying Shield a lot though. They’ve done a good job on their placement of mons so far in the game (only at 3 badges) I think replays will be quite fun.

    It’s definitely a very flawed game, but mainly from a graphical standpoint as far as I can gather. I still think they could have used a bit more time to really polish it up.

  65. Earthen possible Shield Team

    Stonjourner (if anyone could trade me one)
    Maybe Duraludon kinda scrapping the barrel

  66. Fun fact: Gmax Copperajah doesn’t lay down normal spikes, it lays down a Steel-type version of Stealth Rocks! Wish it was a normal move too

  67. In a few weeks, I’d like to talk about a part in the story that really bothers me because I cant help but feel I missed something.

  68. So my friend who is a police officer is a bit peeved that there’s no female version of the officer class to choose from as your badge icon in game, and I looked into it and just realized that there’s actually never been a female officer class in any game except Pokemon Yellow, and that was just Officer Jenny as a NPC. Kind of strange.

  69. Well the Mighty Earthen needs his mighty rest, tomorrow is his first day of work with Sword and Shield in the house and debating to bring it with him or not

  70. Forewarning to you all: don’t take the final battle lightly. You’ll know the one. It’s taken me about six or seven attempts to figure out a strategy to best cheese my way through to the end. Considering the levels of his Pokémon, the difficulty is nearly up there with Red to me.

    1. I finally won…that was insane. Two Focus Sashes were COMPLETELY necessary and every move had to be calculated. Bravo, Game Freak, bravo indeed.

  71. Playing Shield since I got both, team is

    Velvet the Scorbunny (F) Lv. 10
    Raven the Corviknight (F) Lv. 11
    Mercury the Obstagoon (M) Lv. 6

    Gonna dump Raven and Mercury and get new Rookidee and Zigzagoon on Route 3 since Raven’s nature is really bad and Mercury isn’t in the ball I want him in.

  72. @Keihzaru I can’t seem to tag you any more but I’ll be on a bit longer if you want me for any more raids..

  73. I’m going to bed, but got a question. For my writing thing I’ve settled on a modern setting, but should I have trainers with mixed type Pokemon or have it as a sort of ‘Gym Leader academy’ setting?

  74. Following that, if characters (based on Junglers) were restricted to Monotype teams, are there any types you’d want?

    Please list three type choices in order of most to least wanted. Priority will be decided on who I think I can write best and Jungle seniority.

  75. I’m going to stop playing for the rest of the day because I believe that completing the game is a perfect opportunity for reflection. I also have to finish homework that’s due this week so I can push forth and continue filling up the remaining 180 spots on my Pokedex…and beyond!
    After everything that’s happened, and after feeling so deflated about the Pokedex cuts, I was never in a million years expecting to feel the way I feel about this generation. However, I am completely and totally satisfied by what I played. Instead of being upset, I applaud Game Freak for somehow spinning their decisions in a way that made Pokemon feel genuinely refreshing again. I’ll be honest with you folks. I hated Sun and Moon. Well, I didn’t hate it, but it felt like such a slog from beginning to end. The amount of raw energy exuded from this game in comparison to what we had just two years ago is mind-boggling. If this is Game Freak at their worst (according to critics), I am absolutely thrilled to find out what comes next. 9/10, you did it Ohmori.

  76. Did 2 raid battles against Gmax Butterfree, and both escaped. Now I successfully catch a Gmax Corviknight and a Drakloak! Lucky day, I guess.

  77. Really happy I’ve been taking it slow… was happy to get to the area to finally catch a snom. 5 or 6 in just looking for a female to catch in a good ball I get this little guy!

    1. There you are! I’ve got a sobble for you! I couldnt reach you here when I finally made it home last night!

  78. Just beat Piers

    Ranken the Rillaboom
    Philo the Toxtricity
    Ganesh the Copperajah
    Brent the Dracozolt
    Abbadon the Grimmsnarl
    Galder the G-Darmanitan

    This is gonna be my team for the rest of the game, as well (at least until I get into post game shenanigans after catching Zacian…still somewhat dissapointed you don’t get her til after all the plots)

  79. Team update 7 badges!
    Newt the Intelleon
    Azarath the corviknight
    Nova the centiskortch
    Jubilee the Toxtricity
    Rumpel the Grimmsnarl (I love it so much!!!!)
    Dreepy (still need a nickname here)
    Entire team is level 46. Taking a break for now will play more later.

      1. I feel weird going through it so fast. I like to take my time and enjoy and train and make it like what it would really be like. Plus I like to do major things on odd numbered days…

  80. Playing Shield all day and I’m at Spikemuth right now. My team is:

    James Pond (Inteleon)
    Applejack (Appletun)
    Ol’ King Coal (Coalossol)
    Roxie (Toxtricity)
    Hairy Scary (Grimmsnarl)
    Kaa (Sandaconda)

  81. It’s really good . . I have a feeling I may come to like Go more than Ash. . The episode is subbed elsewhere if you search. I did take Pikachu evolving as a bit random lol .. and he Could have said bye
    🙄😂😂 Can’t wait to see how Go gets a Scorbunny in Kanto.. and sure someday he will catch Mew.

  82. My game won’t arrive until the 20th 😭
    But my team will be:
    Cinderace♀️, Corviknight, Obstagoon, Toxtricity(amped), Falinks, Dragapult

  83. How good are these games? I’m 7 badges in and I absolutely love them. The wild area is so good 🙂 I wasn’t feeling the max raid battles prior to the game’s release, but playing the game makes me realise how fun they are. I love nearly all of the Pokémon designs. I think the story could be a bit more interesting, and the world could have been a little bigger, but the world is so rich and textured. I’m very happy 🙂

  84. Who else loves the way they handled menus in Sword and Shield? They’re fresh, neat-looking, and easy to navigate. They can sometimes seem a bit over-organized, but it is probably useful once your item count gets bigger and bigger. I love the attention to detail Game Freak put into these games. They tried to improve everything, from menus/UI to trading & more. These are Nintendo Switch games for sure.

    1. yeah really love the UI overhaul – especially flipping between pokemon and boxes so quickly, also that you’re able to see what TM/TR a pokemon can learn in one view, rather than flipping through each single one

    1. You gotta go through the wild area to get to the next town. Wooloo block the tracks of the train so they let you off at the wild area

  85. So with Sword and Shield, the number of unused typings has dwindled a bit.
    We now have: pure Flying (that isn’t Tornadus); Electric/Poison; Electric/Dark; Dark/Fairy; Poison/Fairy (regional variant); Ice/Bug; Electric/Dragon (non legendary/mega); Steel/Dragon (non legendary); Dragon/Ghost (non legendary); and Ice/Fire (regional variant/very specific case).

    I’d also say Grass/Dragon is more accessible, since it was originally a Mega typing, then moved to an Alolan variant, but now on a common Pokemon.

    Mega only combos are still Dragon/Fairy and Dragon/Psychic.
    Legendary only combos are still Fire/Water, Fire/Steel, Ice/Dragon, Fighting/Rock, Fighting/Ghost, Psychic/Ghost, and Psychic/Dragon.

    Still a good number of unused combos, while also accessibility via variant is something to consider as well, like: Poison/Fairy, Dark/Normal, Rock/Electric, Ice/Fairy, Ice/Fire, Ice/Steel, and Electric/Psychic.

    There’s also combo hog Rotom: Electric (Ghost/Fire/Ice/Grass).

    (Spent way more time looking through several pages for all of this, and I’ve probably missed something).

    1. If you show any strong emotions… you get fired from your job and come home crying and it murders you.

  86. Gamefreak had a weird fetish with making monotype sea creatures that learn water moves this gen

  87. Started Shield today, i just arrived in Motostoke and this is my team;

    Vesper the Sobble lv15
    Bugs the Skwovet lv13
    Volvagia the Sizzlipede lv17

    1. Death Stranding over Three Houses or DMC5 seems a bit weird but Kojima is close friends with Keighley so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

  88. So let me get this straight, if I want a hitmonchan, my tyrogue needs more Defense than attack, and hitmonlee it needs more attack than defense?

    So what about hitmontop?

  89. A note to remember in the games

    Arctozolt and Dracovish are technically version exclusives (Bird and Dino are Sword and Fish and Drake are Shield) and Dracozolt and Arctovish are impossible to obtain without trading fossils

    1. You can get all four in each version from the digging duo, but they are soft exclusives, meaning two are much more common in one game than the other and vice versa. After spending about 20,000 Watts I had a bunch of Sword’s fossils and one of each of Shield’s.

  90. Exeledus, I will be home in about 2h 2h30 at most. Will you be available then to do the exchange ? I’ve been dreaming about those dreepys.

  91. Thanks monkeyfuzz. Still learning about these raids!

    Those defiant boosts kinda got scary for a minute!

  92. I know they are meant to be dropping out of its’ tail, but when Greedent faints it looks like it poops the berries.

  93. Any Pokemon that your playthrough made you dislike, or dislike more?

    I didn’t mind Meowth or Perrserker. Trying to find an Eevee changed that. Nasty little things.

  94. Hey y’all👋
    Curious if anybody has found any hints lying around the Galar region foreshadowing what Region Gen 9 will be based on? ( Strange souvenir/ the bread in Alola/ the Galar map in Let’s Go/ train station/ etc ). I have this feeling a region based on China will be our next adventure for some reason.. Gmax Centiskorch really stands out to me cause it looks like a Chinese dragon.

    Side note – I’ve been one of the few that loved Gen 5 games… and honestly seeing all the Gen 5 pokemon in the wild area really makes you appreciate their designs even more now… almost like the art style in this game really captures showcases their details in full.

  95. Thanks again Monkeyfuzz! Unfortunately my friend and I both failed to catch it, but we defeated it thanks to your help!

  96. So I just did like half health to this dynamax malamar WITH its shields up. I didnt think that was possible.

  97. I’m sorry monkey I dont know why it keeps preventing my friend from joining, I dont mean to keep booting you like that

    1. I just started a max raid battle, but as soon as I’m done I got you, so stick around d and pay attention to this comment for your link trade code.

  98. Currently grinding in the Battle Tower with a rental team to get BP and…. Why does Mimikyu look so good in this game? The lighting engine really favors it in this game. in USUMSUMO it’s disguise looked so washed out, now it looks so nice.

  99. Ok, question, when doing link codes for trades/max raids, do you need the person’s FC beforehand?

  100. I am back
    I loved this game so much, just finished the main story
    I’m so so glad I didn’t look at the leaks
    I’m gonna make a post about my trip to Pokemon Center London soon

  101. *finally goes to see the ThanksYouGameFreak hashtag on Twitter expecting wholesomeness*
    *sees a bunch of ironic “edgy” BBND-ers*
    -oh no

  102. How to farm the Battle tower.
    1. Rent Tough team.
    2. Start with Mimikyu
    3. Do a Swords Dance
    4. Dyanamax
    5. Sweep.

  103. I’m about to fight Leon and I have to talk about what happened before that… the Gym Chalenge is the best part of this game, hands down, but being interrupted 2 times on the finals with the nonsense of Rose waking Eternatus for no reason… This destroyed the end of the game for me.

  104. Been in and out of Glimwood Tangle I’m trying for a shiny Impidimp. So far I’m 109 encounters in. Once I’ve got one my journey continues!

  105. Do we get more customizations for the pc backgrounds post game? I’m really bummed they just have these weird generic backgrounds instead of the forest, river, ocean, mountains ect.

  106. If you want to be switch pals my FC is SW-0548-1861-3993.

    I don’t have any friends yet, so it’d be nice to fill that up! Also, I haven’t quite figured out Y-comm and multiplayer stuff, but I’m working on it!

  107. I love Dubwool, but I wish it had a bit more diverse movepool. Like if it could set up screens or something

  108. Anyway i finished the game and i’m feeling very bittersweet about the journey ending, I truly enjoyed my time in Galar and feel kinda really sad that now it’s kinda all over

    Leon was a total pushover
    Each of my teammates countered his every Pokemon perfectly

    Obstagoon slashed out Aegislash
    Haxorus was silenced by Sandaconda
    Rillaboom broke Seismitoad
    Cinderace had his leg snapped clean off by Drednaw
    Copperajah’s steel body was unphased by Dragapult
    and Lastly Coalossal and Gmax Charizard ignited the battlefield with their flaming fury

  109. Is there a factor in how many raids you get each day by default? I’ve been getting 3-4 each day, but I feel like that would be low.

  110. Ok living dex update!

    I’ve got one of every pokemon in the galar dex order, numbers 1-115. I’m on a roll!

  111. Y’know, if they were ever gonna do sequels again these would be the games that could really benefit

  112. Nickit has to be the absolute cutest lil fox ever… I’m obsessed with it.. which is why it crushes me that it has the absolute worst movepool and stats 🙁 … I guess I’ll wait for a regional form of it to come in the future lol anybody else feel like it should’ve been part ground type too?… the warm terra-cotta color

  113. The battle tower TM pricing is quite possibly extortion….
    850,000 for everything that’s like robbing at least a dozen royal coffers and a duchess’s suite

  114. So has anyone been brave enough to see what happens if you select a different profile for the copy you’re currently playing?

  115. Y’know, Dracovish has really grown on me, I just got it for my second playthrough of Shield, but it’s gonna need a bit of grinding to get it on level

  116. So i have my assignments tomorrow
    -Capture the remaining Ditto for my breeding program (i have a sticky note of who and what to capture)
    -Find a buttload of everstones at least 10
    -continue breeding Natu for Syncronizers of each corresponding ditto nature
    -Research and develop a powerful Battle Tower team and earn BP
    -Tweak and level my False Swipe Haxorus to be able to be unable to kill anything (Swipe, Rain Dance, Swords Dance, Endure) (Does not work for ghosts)
    -Continue searching for Gold Aura Ditto raids

  117. I really like the surprise trade feature; I just wish it didn’t take 5 minutes to search for a trade partner each time. I’m sending out a bunch of Stonjourner at the moment to hopefully make someone’s day, but this time is testing my charity lol

  118. Dreepy’s dex entry makes it sounds like a fossil pokemon.
    “After being reborn as a ghost Pokémon, Dreepy wanders the areas it used to inhabit back when it was alive in prehistoric seas.”

  119. I’m surprised that the evolution cutscene was shortened, but the egg hatching cutscene is still unnecessarily long. If anything, I appreciated the longer, more suspenseful evolutions.

    1. Evos are worse for Tyrogue since you can cancel if you see it’s wrong. You need to save before and reset.

  120. Wow, the 5th Gym wasn’t as hard as the 4th gym, but that gym mission definitely exceeded my expectation despite it being a trite gym task. I completed it earlier today but I didn’t have time to post it earlier. My team was:

    Cath Palug the Cinderace (Lv. 40)
    Raikou the Toxtricity (Lv. 40)
    Mash the Corviknight (Lv. 40)
    Enkidu the Indeedee (M) (Lv. 40)
    Artoria the Sirfetch’d (Lv. 39)
    Cleopatra the Sandaconda (Lv. 39)

    I think that this may be the team that I’m going to stick with for the rest of the league. Now onto more exciting news, I was able to catch a Gigantamax Butterfree, and learned that I’m able and capable of soloing three star Max raids.

  121. These raids are no joke. I finally defeated and captured a five-star G-Max Drednaw after nearly 10 tries. Toxtricity saving my butt yet again!

  122. The worst part about raids is that sometimes you’re just destined to lose
    You’ll get a team of like Solrock, Clefairy (who’s not bad btw), and Wobuffet on a set up raid and you’ll have to accept you literaly have zero chance of winning

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