JungleASKS: Adventures in Galar

Just 1 day remaining until Pokémon Sword & Shield launch!
(depending on your time zone!)

The Path to Sword & Shield begins to draw to a close… The day is almost upon us… Countless trainers are almost ready to start their next Pokémon adventure and uncover the secrets, wonders and joys the Galar region has to offer!

We hope all of our readers are as excited as we are to get our hands on the game, just one more day until Christmas comes early this year! We’re back with a JungleASKS just in time for the games releasing and our question for you this time is:

What are you most excited for on your adventure in the Galar region?

Maybe you can’t wait to discover some of the new Pokémon found in Galar? Perhaps you’re filled to the brim with excitement about taking on the Galar League? Or are you just excited to cook hundreds of delicious curries for you and your Pokémon?

Please let us know down in the comments below, or follow us on Twitter and use #JungleASKS to tweet us. If you’re more of a chatter, you can join our Discord channel and tell us there!

Please remember to respect that some people choose not be spoiled on these games! Be respectful in our comments and understand that opinions are just that: opinions. See you all tomorrow for The Path to Sword & Shield launch day special!

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