Pokémon GO Begins Week of Bonuses

Pokémon GO is about to get some major reward boosts you won’t want to miss out on!

Due to each region meeting their Research Task completion goals during the Global Challenge, players worldwide can take advantages of the following bonuses from today until July 9th:

  • 3x Experience for each catch
  • 3x Experience for each egg hatch
  • 2x Experience from Raids
  • One hour Lucky Eggs

You can also check out the new Kanto-focused Research Tasks and work your way up to the latest Research Breakthrough, Snorlax! Although a Snorlax may not be exciting to some it will come with the special “legacy” move Body Slam

With Articuno Day on July 7th, and Community Day on the 8th, this week is one of the best times to get up and GO this Summer! How’s your Pokédex coming along?