Weekly Wrap Up 6/25-7/1

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post! If you’d like to get real time updates about what’s mentioned here you can follow our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages. Here’s what you missed from June 25th to July 1st, 2018!

This Week’s Big Stories

Pokémon Quest Launches for Mobile

New Pikachu & Eevee Customization Shown for Let’s Go!


Let’s Go! at Japan Expo

  • Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! is confirmed to have a presence at the Japan Expo later this week! From July 5th through July 8th the games will be showcased at daily stage presentations throughout the event. The Paris event has provided some reveals in the past such as Honedge back in XY’s pre-release period, and most recently with Salandit from this generation. Unlike E3, however, the games will not be made playable to the public

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

  • For those who participated in the 2018 International Challenge June Battle Competition, the entry gift of 50 Battle Points is now available here – be sure to redeem them by July 31st, 2018!

Pokkén Tournament DX

  • From July 6th through the 9th players can participate in the newly announced Final Flicker Group Match! Participation will reward players with a special title based on Chandelure, gaining more the higher you place

Pokémon TV

  • The Pokémon TV app is available for download once again for Amazon Fire TV! In addition, the free Pokémon anime and movie streaming service can be downloaded directly to any Sharp or Sony smart TVs geographically located in North America


  • For those with the messaging app, The Pokémon Company has released a new set of sticker featuring Eevee and its Eeveelutions! The set goes for $1.99/£1.49/¥180


  • For those with the AR app, SNOW on your smart devices, The Pokémon Company has released some new Pokémon Quest AR stickers! These stickers feature Pikachu and Eevee in their Pokéxel forms

Pokémon Shuffle

  • The following stages are all available until July 3rd:
    • A Pokémon Safari featuring Alolan Rattata, Alolan Meowth, Unown, Cherubi, Alolan Raticate, Alolan Persian & Cherubi (Winking)
    • The Ultra Challenge Stage against Tapu LeLe
    • The Great Challenge Stages consist of Hitmonlee, Thundurus (Therian Form), Ash-Greninja, Stufful, and Bewear
    • This week’s Daily Pokémon stages are Pikachu (Sleeping), Torchic (Winking), Treecko (Winking), Mudkip (Winking), and Castform (Winking)
    • The One Chance Per Day stage features Thundurus (Incarnate Form)
    • A Escalation Battle stage against Giratina (Origin Form)

Check out the official Pokémon merchandise that was either revealed, leaked, or is now available for purchase this week: