Pokémon Quest Launches for Mobile

While Nintendo Switch owners have been able to play the cutely cubic Pokémon Quest, those without the console have only been able to look on longingly. That ends today however, as anyone with an iOS or Android device can download it on the App Store or Google Play, respectively.

For those unaware, the game revolves around assembling a team of Pokémon and setting off on expeditions together to explore Tumblecube Island. Your team of Pokémon will move across levels automatically, but you can fire off attacks strategically as enemies approach. Instead of catching Pokémon in this spin-off, you’ll entice them to join your team by cooking. Different recipes can attract different species of Pokémon, including rare shiny versions!

Let us know if you’ve downloaded the game and what your thoughts are, where you are in your exploration and what your favorite cubic Pokémon is in the comments down below!