A Fresh Look and New Reactions!

The team behind PokéJungle is always focused on making our community the best we can, and this includes making sure our site is enjoyable and exciting to use.

Most of our users know that we frequently update the site with a fresh lick of paint, changing the featured Pokémon and mixing things up with a new background or logo style. A few long time users might remember that from time to time we completely update the layout of the site and today we’re happy to say we’ve done just that! (Let’s pretend it was today!)

Our latest update should still feel pretty familiar for everyone to use, just with a more modernised appearance! Most of the new features speak for themselves, so we won’t spend tie introducing each an every one of them. Instead, below is a quick rundown of some of the exciting new things you can expect to see!

Reactions! 2.0 – A refresh of our old reactions system with new features

Hot/Trending Articles* – When articles reach a certain level of popularity they will receive a flame badge, indicating they have become hot or a trending article

New Polls and Article Styles – We now have the ability to publish better looking and more engaging articles. Expect our Showdown series to make another spectacular return soon!

In addition to this we hope to launch new community features for all of our readers soon, aiming to make PokéJungle THE Pokémon Community everyone should be part of.

Reactions! 2.0

Two years back we introduced Reactions here on PokéJungle. They served as a simple and quick way for readers to voice their opinion on the content we publish on the site.

Today, alongside our layout refresh we’re happy to give our users an even deeper integration of Reactions! into the PJ site. The same five reactions (Angry, Sad, Happy, Love and Shocked) return, but this time featuring new Pokémon! The top reactions chosen by readers will now display on post thumbnails, allowing you to get a quick glance at how others feel about the article. Readers can also click on one of these reaction icons to go to a page filled with other articles sharing the same reaction.

We really hope you all enjoy our new Reactions! system and the Pokémon we’ve chosen for each of them, as well as the new site layout and features included in the update. Of course, if you have any suggestions we’d really love to hear them down below in the comments. We’re always open to ideas you guys have for the site, so be sure to voice those too!

Please also report any bugs or errors you find on the site and remember we’re still ironing out some kinks!