Trading Coming to Pokémon GO

Many Pokémon GO players have bemoaned the fact that creatures caught can’t be traded to friends and used to help complete each other’s Pokédex data. Niantic has finally revealed plans to implement a trading system in order to help fans catch ’em all. It also includes a new way to interact with friends and earn special bonuses.

The way the trading and friendship system works has been detailed in a fairly long post, so I recommend reading over the official report. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Friends can be added via codes
  • PokéStops and Gyms may now drop ‘Gifts’ that cannot be opened by the receiving player, but can be sent to friends
  • Trading Pokémon will cost Star Dust—rare and shiny Pokémon will be particularly expensive to trade and limited to one trade a day
  • Increasing your friendship level will make trading with that friend less expensive

Can’t wait to send friends Pokémon that they need to complete their Dex (and vice-versa)!