Pokémon GO Celebrates 2 Years

Can you believe that Pokémon GO has been out for two whole years?!

To celebrate, franchise mascot, Pikachu, and its pre-evolution, Pichu, will appear more frequently throughout July! Pikachu will be out and about flexing its Summer Style – complete with sunglasses and hat – until July 31st!

If that isn’t enough Pikachu for you, special Pikachu Fan avatar clothing is now available through the in game shop! You must first unlock the three tiers of the Pikachu Fan medal to unlock and then purchase the items:

  • Pikachu Fan Bronze medal – unlocks Pikachu Fan Headband, 180 Coins
  • Pikachu Fan Silver medal – unlocks Pikachu Fan Shorts, 200 Coins
  • Pikachu Fan Gold medal – unlocks Pikachu Fan Shirt, 250 Coins

Remember that there are multiple bonuses live in GO right now, including one hour Lucky Eggs, and 3x EXP for each capture! Easily one of the best times to get out and GO this summer!