RUMOR: More Alolan Forms from Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

DISCLAIMER: Rumors are not confirmed information, should not be thought of to be confirmed information and should not be shared as confirmed information. These are for discussion purposes.

We shared a rumor with you that Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon may be getting additional Alolan Forms of older Pokémon in a previous post, but now we’re going to share a little bit more. Please be aware that some may find this a form of spoiler so you are advised not to read further, even though we are posting this as an unsubstantiated rumor totally outside the scope of official information.

The reason that we are posting this to append the previous rumor is because of the confirmation we got about Rainbow Rocket’s takeover of Aether Paradise (which could be seen on the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon download card). A Chinese fan sent us some of this information which also seemed to line up with other things we had heard from separate sources.

  • Alolan Oddish, Alolan Gloom and Alolan Vileplume will all have Poison/Fairy-typing
  • Alolan Parasect will be Bug/Ghost (the rumor did not mention Paras so I will not infer anything there)

I am taking this with as much salt as you should, but I’m definitely hopeful because there seems to be a lot of potential for all the Pokémon named in the rumor and it would be great to see these unique typings as well (Shedinja aside)!