The Pokémon Mystery Files REVEALED

The mysterious Pokémon Mystery Files mini-site has been updated and finally reveals what all the ado was about, which is mostly lore explanations from the Pokémon games along with some fun new art! But they also tease Necrozma and the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon at the bottom of the page about Ultra Beasts. Another site update is coming on July 26; all the stories seen in the original trailer have been touched upon in today’s update, so what might they have to reveal next week…? We’ll keep you posted!

A strange, Ultra Beast-esque Pokémon that looks as though it hails from another ancient world: Necrozma. Will Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon reveal its true identity?!

Here’s a gallery of the artwork featured on the site which makes for great phone backgrounds!

What do you think? Are you a bit disappointed?