Legendary Pokémon Confirmed for Pokémon GO Fest

Niantic has officially confirmed what many fans have been waiting for and expecting – Legendary Pokémon are coming to GO this summer! Watch the new trailer below where thousands of trainers battle Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Lugia, and Ho-oh in Pokémon GO’s first ever legendary raid battle!


In their official blog, Niantic has confirmed that the first ever Legendary Pokémon will be at GO Fest – but only if trainers around the world successfully meet the capture goals set throughout the weekend. If trainers in Chicago manage to defeat it, it will start appearing in Raid Battles across the globe. Niantic also revealed that Legendary Pokémon can be used to battle Gyms, but they cannot be used to defend them.

Are you psyched or what?!