“The Pokémon Mystery Files” Teased in Strange New Video

Pokémon fans across the world are puzzling over a new video featured on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. Today’s post is not hype, but more of an explanation since a lot of fans seem to be curious on Twitter and social media. Many people have had their interest piqued by the inclusion of Dialga and the Distortion World since interest in a remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is high.

The teaser is actually for a project from the Pokémon Daisuki Club (Pokémon Lover’s Club) called “The Pokémon Mystery Files”. It features many mysterious Pokémon and events from past games with the tagline ‘The World of Pokémon You Don’t Know’ and mimics the style of shows such as The X-Files or The Twilight Zone. It is listed as a special report, so it will most likely be a simple retrospective of some of the more interesting and supernatural phenomena of the Pokémon World for younger fans.

An official site has been set-up and features some art, including that of Ultra Beasts from Pokémon Sun & Moon. It could eventually even tie-in with mysteries from Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, but we’ll learn more when the project fully launches on July 19.

Sorry if this trailer got anyone’s hopes up, but I felt like I should shine a little light so no one gets too excited!