CoroCoro Leak Teases Shocking Marshadow News

CoroCoro, the Japanese children’s comic magazine, has shown new art from the upcoming Pokémon movie and also teased the reveal of brand-new information about the mysterious Marshadow.

It is worth tempering expectations by mentioning that Marshadow’s special Z-Move has not been officially announced and the information could be its announcement. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information!

Anyone excited for the new movie?

  1. oh hey guys now we are here and marshadow hype!

  2. Yeah it’s probably it’s z move. Nothing to see here folks move along! Lol

  3. Maybe we could also get information on where or when Marshadow is being distributed.

  4. That title is a troll to give people a heart attack: Corocoro leaks teases shocking….

      1. He would definitely rage if someone said there was going to be a fairy/ground type. I don’t think his rage over a fairy/fighting type would be nearly as bad as the combo I previously listed. Then again it’s earthen and he is the king of rage.

  5. Working on gym leaders

    Roxanne is now in college at Rustboro University who has no free time between her classses and her gym battles.

    Wattson is replaced by Bottson. A robot version he built so after he died, his battle style could live on

  6. Flannery is going to have a wife too because if I can’t get some representation in the main series I’ll get it in my own rom hack.

    Her wife is a water type user so it’s like… fire and water? Cuz steam? They do double battles.

  7. I think if there is no direct tomorrow it’s not happening this week….

          1. Not quite , it depends on what item it held when evolved. Kinda like wormadam but not utter garbage

  8. why does youtube only have 2 sizes for theater mode, it’s either small and WIDE black bars, or a slightly too big player when I make the window ~2000 pixels wide.

  9. Maybe Norman is replaced with Ruby? He could be a ground type trainer with a Swampert and a Groudon 😛

    He would be the last leader

    1. If you want to replace Norman make him a E4. He deserves to be an E4 member

    1. I’m at the end game of it right now. The point of no return. The true last surprise. This game’s great and easily a contender for GOTY. Its kinda sad to to hear the director’s announced that he’s leaving the series as he feel’s hes done as much as he can do, and for it to improve more it needs the fresh ideas of those under him.

  10. Just realised there’s a new article. So I’ll anounce it here. I’ll be making a fakemon game! Not a ROM hack, a game made using Pokemon Essentials for RPG maker XP… And it will take a lot of time, and I probably will look for some help in making sprites and maps and some other things (possibly here). Just so you all know

      1. My plan is: There will be two versions: Summer and Winter.
        You are a 13 year old that moved from a small village to a small town in the Slavy region. You meet your Rival, a Water type specialist that will be your love intrest (you’ll choose what gender she/he is). You get your starter and then beat gym leaders, and fight with team Spring/Autumn that want to kill the Legendary Mascot of the version you’re playing to create eternal Spring/Autumn. I don’t want to spoil more.

        I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that much, but well, we’ll see. And If you don’t mind I would be very glad if you helped me with clothes for my characters, I’m pretty bad at that.

  11. isn’t it weird that (exluding Kirlia to Gallade because that requires a dawn stone) that Mothim is the only Male-Only Evolution?

    1. I hate gender based evolutions tbh, not the evolutions themselves just the fact that they rely on the gender to evolve, that being said, mothim is one of my favourite bugs

      1. It’s a shame that Wormaddan gets more attention than Mothim just because it’s ugly

      2. I’m just confused as to why we have two Pokemon who can only evolve if female, but none who can only evolve if male.

    1. Looks good to me, Although I’d need a color scheme to be completely sure.

        1. Oh Earthen you’re here, we were talking about you and fairies and marshadow 3 hours ago… kinda.

    2. My thoughts are that I’m a piece of trash compared to how pretty you draw.

    3. Her left hand looks kinda weird. And it looks like you aren’t sure if you want to make her her fiance, girlfriend or wife yet you still gave her the wedding ring anyways :p

  12. I wish I could get MS Paint on a mac… I used to make so many sprites on that

      1. i have tried to use gimp, its a lot more difficult, also why did you link me to a painting supplies store website in Nashville? 😛

        1. Try GraphicsGale, it’s free if you don’t mind not being able to save animated files or icons.

        2. Gimp is super annoying to me because I have to cut and paste to move anything.

          1. I just miss being able to change all the pixels of one colour to another different colour all at once on paint, and having the sprites actually be the right size, also it was easier to cut and move parts on it

  13. So More things about my weird Anime/JRPG Idea:



    1. Are you looking for more? I’ve made my 8 already and I still have some Ideas.

      …like a Normal type Butter Lover…

        1. Winona’s apprentice could be a Normal type Butter Lover… Jk

          But It would be cool If you would actually make a Normal type Butter Lover XD

          1. That short was actually made by a Polish student and based on a joke from a Polish YouTube series that is also animated, but in a stupid, silly way. The original joke was about cottage cheese, but butter is better.

    1. Dive is interesting.
      I dislike Cut. Cut should have either been more powerful or just a weaker slash.
      I have a soft spot for rock smash since I once managed to KO Norman’s Slakoth in GEN III with a low level zigzagoon because it kept using focus punch and the super-effectiveness and defense lowering allowed me to kill it… I don’t remember if it was his last pokemon but I think it was. I at least got a bunch of level ups off it.
      and Surf is the easy choice

    2. I’m not a fan of HM’s. It sucks that Sun and Moon didn’t finally get rid of this lame feature… OH WAIT

      1. I want them to return, but you don’t need badges, and they can be replaced like any other move, with them being relegated to field moves. At least bring back Dig’s Functionality.

        1. Aren’t ride pokemon better? They could add an Excadrill that would work like HM dig

          1. I have deleted by argument… although the outfit still looks doofy. I just want More TMs… SERIOUSLY HOW IS QUASH STILL TM60. How did something so terrible replace Drain Punch…

    3. I kind of miss HMs tbh.

      My least favourites are Strength, Flash, Defog (flash by a crappier name, but better than Flash still), Whirlpool.

      In terms of usefullness I like Fly, Surf and Dive.

      In terms of application, Rock Climb for how it was used to keep certain areas secret, Rock Smash for being able to find Pokemon in rocks.

  14. I just learned the reason machamp is the strength expy… Strength is now it’s signature move.

  15. What Element of magic would you specialize in:

    Wind(Healing/Cleansing Wing, Vacuum, Cutting Winds, Control of Gases, Speed)
    Lightning(Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electron/Particle Manipulation, Sound, Limited Nervous System Manipulation, Speed)
    Fire(Flame, Heat Manipulation, Nuclear Energy)
    Metal(Metallic Element Control, Magnetism, Explosive Force, Defense)
    Earth(Stones and Dirt and Sand, Seismic/Impact Force, Defense)
    Wood(Limited Biological Manipulation, Healing, Poison, Alchemic healing)
    Water(Cleansing Healing, Water and Water Vapor Manipulation, Liquid Manipulation)
    Ice(Heat Removal, Ice Manipulation, Slowing Biology via heat removal)
    Light(Lasers, EM Radiation, Visual Illusions, Very Limited Time Manipulation, Speed)
    Darkness(Sensory Illusions,Spatial manipulation, Shadow manipulation)

      1. by the way with both of those you can weaponize your blood… only yours though… or some that hasn’t been in a person for a day or so.

    1. we did this like 2 days ago

      1. I know you were there for the last one but this is for people who weren’t there earthen.

    2. Lightning or Darkness, maybe Metal.

      Lightning because:
      – zapping people for the hell of it
      – move chunks of metal with magnetism
      – can emulate a rail gun with just my hands and a bit of metal
      – can zap people to make them limp
      – can mess with electronics

      Darkness because:
      – shadowy things
      – altering space (I like mazes)

      Metal because:
      – there’s lots of cool metals and alloys
      – magnetism again
      – explosion stuff
      – armour plating
      – building stuff

      (Sound doesn’t make sense as an electric thing though, sound is the vibration of particles, which seems more like a Wind thing. Same with speed, electricity is slow.)

  16. Funniest thing I know about original Yu-Gi-Oh: Duke Devlin/Ryuji Otogi’s Dad is an Evil Clown.

          1. That is really one of the GOAT episodes. Many of the Abdridges series are great, but I remember this one completely lol.

        1. It’s a running joke from Yu-gi-oh abridged, where everytimes he says something the song plays.

      1. and seriously his dad is an Evil-Ass Clown who is prematurely aged due to a board game or some shit.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my mascot legendaries. So here they are:

    Woodrożyc (Wood + Swarożyc)
    The Summer Fighter Pokemon
    This legendary pokemon lives deep within the Lato Forest. It is the physical form of Summer and everything related to it. When you feel the joy of being near the campfire in a Summer night, It’s a sign that Woodrożyc is protecting you.
    Based on Campfires, Summer and partly on the slavic god Svarozyc, that’s called Swarożyc in Polish.

    Marzimnna (Marzanna + Zimna (Cold in Polish))
    The Cold Winter Pokemon
    Marzimna lives alone in Zima Mountains. It causes all the pain living beings feel in Winter, but also all the fun you can have during skiing and building snowmen. Some people don’t like Marzimna but it brings balance to the year.
    Based mostly on the Slavic Goddess Marzanna and mountains in Winter.

    I don’t have designs yet, but Woodrożyc will be more masculine and Marzanna Feminine. Their names are pronaunced Wood-roh-dgycyh and Mah-r-zee-mnah.

      1. M-NAH DGY-CYH. And the “ŻY” sound I was looking for doesn’t really exist in English. I think “DGY” (dg like in dodge) is the closest I can find.

          1. The Entire Channel? and his Series on Red that from what I gathered from the trailer is basically Rooster Teeth’s Immersion but with him.

    1. Gave up after 1 minute, too much rambling not enough getting to the point 😛

          1. It is fun… If you can’t play it watch HCBailly’s LP of it, I believe it is his favorite FF, at least of the PS titles… I personally dislike 7.

          2. V and VI got versions in the style of IV Complete BUT ONLY FOR PHONES… it pisses me off to no end.

  18. You have no idea how upset you just made me. Saw it was 2 hours ago since last comment and thought could it be, then no its just… this (no offense Seraph, but this wasn’t what I was looking for)

      1. Upset this is just Corocoro on Marshadow and not something like the direct announcement

        1. CoroCoro and maybe even the direct will most likely give us information we learned months ago when the games came out.

  19. I’ve Designed a Region based on Greece (image posted earlier)

    the Gyms are

    and the E4 is

    the Evil Team is Poison/Pollution/Toxin-Themed (no good idea for name)
    and each of the Admins uses one of the Remaining 5 types and Poison. all except the Ice
    Admin(because there is no Ice/Poison Type) use a dual type as their ace.


    1. Some of the choices seem a bit odd.
      In particular the villainous team, you go to the origin of democracy and philosophy and yet the villains are something to do with the environment.

      Even more ironic considering that lots of Greeks sit out at the front of their local bars smoking and playing backgammon. (I’ve been on a few holidays to Greece, mainly Crete, Santorini and maybe one or two other islands.)

      The presence of a Steel gym seems a bit odd considering they’re not exactly known for their metal.

      At first I thought Fairy was a bit odd, but they did have Nymphs, so there’s a niche there I guess. Dark seems odd, but I’m guessing you probably just wanted a Dark gym because there isn’t one yet.

      Fire, Water and Grass make perfect sense, plenty of that. Fire gym should be in Santorini, Psychic should be in Delphos.

      I would have been tempted to base at least some of the gym leaders on the Olympians, making Zeus (mainly Electric and Grass) the champion, and the E4 being Hades (Dark/Ghost), Poseidon (Water/Ice), Hera (???) and Hermes (Flying/Normal).

      Otherwise seems pretty reasonable.

      1. I wasn’t thinking about/Didn’t think to research culture, the Evil Team is based around the Poison Type… and the League is on top of Olympus.

        1. That kind of seems like a waste to pick somewhere as culturally rich as Greece and then ignore their culture completely.

          1. Reading up on the mythology is a given. Probably best to start with the 12 Olympians or the creation mythos (they had their own origin story, much like the whole ‘god made the world in 7 days’ thing, but cooler).

            Greece had many gods and mythical creatures, like Nymphs, Centaurs, Cerberus, Cyclopses, the Nemean Lion, the Hydra, Satyrs (not the same as Fauns), so they’re all pretty interesting.

            A word of caution though: there’s a heck of a lot of mythology and it’s easy to get lost, so there’s no need to know absolutely all of it, just focusing on the more well known stories would give a bit of insight.

            And lastly (this goes for designing any region on any country) watch a travel documentary or two (just the one if you find them too boring), there’s always loads of weird facts.

            I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to hijack or anything, some of your ideas are good (e.g. I didn’t mean having a Poison team was a bad idea, just the environment aspect. If anything poison would suit a philosophy/politics oriented team by representing ‘poisonous thoughts’ or corruption), but Greece just has too much culture to ignore – it would be like Sun and Moon not having a volcano or hula dancers or four guardian spirits or a jungle or something based on tikis or mentioning the defunt royal family.

  20. This song slayed me. Take a living sexdoll with the voice of a goat, let her yodel and you can win Eurovision.

      1. No, it’s a very popular long running song contest where each European country (and some countries in the neighborhood) sends in one contestant. There’s two semi-finals and one big final. It’s home to many of the worst or weirdest songs ever in existence.

        1. Remains one of the most popular songs ever. But to be fair, long, long ago countries took Eurovision serious and sent in their best singers:

          And this is one of Belgium’s entries, the shocking part is that she was only 13 and she is the youngest winner ever, she even said she was 15 before she won because they would deem her too young too sing.

          1. Make Eurovision serious competition again.

            Or leave like it is now, I’m fine with both choices tbh xD

  21. Oh, so this is where everyone went.
    I’ve been sat there with the old thread open for 3 hours.

      1. Not for 30 minutes it seems. That’s still more activity than the other thread.

        1. I’ve been getting weird lag all day… and a few hours ago I got errors loading the website.

          1. Disqus errors from time to time.

            I can’t make any suggestions about the lag unless you’re on a computer, I don’t do phones 😛

    1. It’s about Angels and shit Right? and they are in pairs except for the sea ones I think because one of them dies.

        1. My main Problem with Neo-Saban-Era Rangers is they Skip series… and merged Angels with Pirates… PIRATES SHOULD HAVE BEEN THEIR OWN THING… because it doesn’t make sense…

          1. It might be due to something with colors because they apparently swapped colors.

    2. Super Sentai? Oh lordy.

      Kamen Rider is the narmiest, everyone’s powers are based on fruit:

        1. I’ve never watched it, I just occaisionally laugh at videos of it on youtube 😛

  22. Well come to a crossroad should Ash have
    The Grass starter Mozmur or the Grass calf Bralf?

      1. Fuck Satoshi, AS I ALWAYS SAY: for someone WHO IS NAMED AFTER THE CREATOR OF THE FUCKING GAME. He sure sucks.

        1. Eh it’s more because of the repepetive nature of the anime than ash himself.. but it is shit how he goes from a good trainer to a retard ( Sinnoh to Unova and Kalos to alola)

          1. Meh I dislike his team in Kalos 3 flying types and those were his only 3 he left the region with other than Pikachu

          2. i liked all those pokemon tho. And it’s not like Kalos had variety anyway.. and atleast they were all evolved :/

          3. And sad at I just grew on Greninja then it left and his Goodra gone so pissed at that!

      2. But its for my Anime version my reg. Fanfic will not have Ash of my region but which one?

  23. Soooooooooo…
    Nintendo’s thingy this year at E3 isn’t called a direct, it’s called a spotlight. I wonder why it’s different.

    Bigger note: it will only feature switch games. This brings me to two possible conclusions. Since there’s no way that if they had a Pokemon game this year it’d skip E3, the fact that it’s only focused on switch games definitely points at either a switch Pokemon game or no new game. But then again, we saw SM at the “BotW-only”e3.

    1. kinda dissappointed tbh.
      I hoped they would go back to a bigger conference after the botw centered e3 last year.

        1. I did almost the opposite, I watched some BotW clips and didn’t look much at SM because they didn’t do much about it.

      1. This isn’t anything new, Nintendo hasn’t done a conference for years. There’s nothing to be dissapointing in yet, 2014 was awesome and it was just a direct.

          1. It’s already out there on Wii U virtual console, they won’t be re-releasing it again for a long time, and they won’t do a remake.

          2. Maybe they pulled it then?
            Or some idiot was just spreading rumours
            Japan definitely got it, they actually had a trailer for it.

            Aparently there’s rumours that it’ll get released on the Switch, but like I said, that’s not going to be E3-worthy news because it’s quite old, and it’s not a remake.

          3. Welp. This is why rumours are a bad thing.

            You could always just run it on an emulator again.

            Or see if there’s some homebrew magic you can use, I saw one video of someone playing it in English on their WiiU so clearly there’s a way of getting it running on the WiiU.

          4. Why not? PCs have controllers too.

            And like I said, it runs on the WiiU with the right setup.

    2. Tbh they wouldn’t be making another Pokemon game for the 3DS anyway, it’s nearing its planned obselecence.

      My money is on no new Pokemon game.

          1. I agree with kurusu. Why release another 2ds if you’re about to get rid of that system?

          2. That would be as bad as like the few games only DSi’s could use. cause why worship the newer version when some don’t have a newer one (like me) cause they can’t afford the new one

          3. It would be bad, but that’s business for you. They know some people will cave and buy the new console so they line up things like that.

          4. To get the last chunk of money before the system dries up, or to test the waters to see how long you can keep it running for.

            The GBA released its last game in 2008, 7 years after its introduction in 2001.
            The nintendo DS released its last physical game in 2014, 10 years after its introduction and 3 years after the release of its successor.

            The 3DS was released in 2011, making this its 7 year mark, so anywhere between now and the next 3 years seems a reasonable obsolecence point.

          5. But your point just kind of suggested that a new game could still come out in the next three years right?

      1. IMO there’s no way they’d move to the switch this year, but then again I don’t think there will be a game this year as well

        1. I don’t mean they’re going to drop it right this minute, just within the next few years. It makes more business sense to start moving the big titles onto the new console and start draining them away from the old console. They need the newer console to sell well so they can fund games for it, so moving the larger titles to it makes more sense.

        1. Honestly I like most of the water starters, expect Oshowatt. The thing just looks kinda bad at every stage of its life. And I feel bad for it all the same.

      1. Why is everyone making me salty today

        Pharap crushing my dreams of Mother 3…

        uh… actually thats it. Seems my day isnt full of that much salt

        1. Ehh, lower your sodium intake I guess? Really don’t let other peoples opinion’s get to ya. I don’t like those starters for multiple reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Heck if I wanted to really make you salty I would outright say that I think X&Y are better games then Sun and Moon, which I honestly think they are, but my logic why’s kinda weird.

        2. I’m just being realistic.
          Itoi isn’t even a game designer, he’s a copywriter.
          And when they asked him he used the word ‘impossible’ (or ‘muri’ considering he’s Japanese :P).

          1. omg I just want fucking mother 3 on the Switch like how is that hard to do at all? It’s not hard at all. Besides Itoi doesn’t even need to be there for Nintendo to give it a graphical update

          2. And besides Tomato already Localized it, and he has gone on record to say they can have it if they fucking ask… also it should be on 3DS… because the Wii U is dead and It’s a portable game so it should be on a portable system LIKE IT BELONGS.

          3. The Switch is a horrible portable though, and the 3DS would provide a closer feeling to how the game was meant to be played on the GBA.


          5. To me the Portability isn’t a handheld replacement but the natural evolution of the Gamepad.

          6. Yeah, but the gamepad for the Wii U wasn’t really well received, was it? I feel it would’ve made more sense to drop it and go for traditional controllers like what the pro controller is.

          7. Again, I’ve got to agree.

            I want them to go back to Gamecube controllers. I’ve tried loads of different controllers and to be honest nothing in my eyes has matched that original GC controller.

          8. The only thing I don’t like about gamecube controllers is the way the buttons feel when you push them. I want them to be more squishy and pushable if that makes sense haha

          9. Eh, I liked that they had a bit of resistance. That’s easily remedied though. It’s the layout I like best, nice big button for major actions, smaller buttons for menu things, and really comfy grip.

          10. I must admit, from the moment I heard they were planning that I thought ‘they’re planning to replace the portable as well’.

          11. It’s a successor to both, It’s a hybrid. It’s no wonder people dont get that because Nintendo is releasing a kirby game for the 3DS in fucking december 2017. The Switch is combining handheld and console

          12. It has touch capabilities. And two screens isn’t necessary for a handheld. It worked for the DS and 3DS but I think I would trade two screens for more powerful games

          13. They made the new3DS for more powerful Games… kind of. Unless the New 2DS is a Fucking Gameboy Micro, 3DS is going strong.

          14. Call me when you can play Skyrim or Breath of the Wild on the New3DS. And yes. The New 2DS is the game boy micro intended for small children who are new to games.

          15. It’s going strong, but it can’t last forever. They already had to replace the 3DS with the *New* 3DS so that it could handle more powerful games. Even now, the New 3DS pales in comparison to what the Switch can do. Games keep ramping up the power they require, so they’ll either eventually have to make another new handheld, or drop it.

          16. I’m betting on another new handheld because I guess I’m Traditionalist.

          17. We’ll see! Personally I see arguments for both sides, although part of me wants the Switch to just take over because I think it makes sense from a business standpoint. But I don’t think the 3DS will be dropped for at least a year and a half if my hopes are correct.

          18. I vote new handheld tbh, the Switch doesn’t have the battery life – that extra power comes at a cost.

          19. Do you think the people who think a smaller version will happen or crazy?

          20. Smaller version seems unlikely. I still am thinking they’ll release just the tablet within 2 years

          21. You’ve seen the article on this site though right? apparently Some Econimals or something predict it.

          22. They’ll make a smaller version… 5mm smaller 😛

            I haven’t seen inside of one, but I know there’s only so much you can get away with, and airflow and heat become more of an issue when you have a more powerful system.

          23. Yes but so far it doesn’t utilize them seeing as IT DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE THEM.

          24. I’m just pointing out it has them. Companies can develop for them if they want. A pokemon switch game would most likely implement them.

          25. I’m not sure how it would work. I’d assume that you’d need a pro controller to play it while docked, but I don’t have a switch so I can’t really say if the joycons could be used for a main series pokemon game.

          26. And that’s Bull, and you know it. Its far from dead. It has games coming for it, if a pokemon game is released this year it’ll come for it, and frankly Nintendo’s openly said that they know that it serves a market that the Switch can’t serve. Heck even when the 3DS does eventually die, it’ll probably be picked up by some new successor simply because the Switch can never, and will never be able to serve the same market as it.

          27. It has like… 3 games? Why tf would they make the switch portable if they are still going to work on the 3DS? It’s because it’s a portable console which is far superior to anything you can do on a 3DS. I can understand maybe if they are going to make a smaller version of the Switch thats a bit more portable next year but they need to stop working on the 3DS

          28. Why make a console that Nintendo’s openly said is a Home console first portable? Because the PS4 and XB1 aren’t portable. That right their gives you a huge advantage over them since now your consumer can debate if power or the ease of playing is better for them on every game.

            No what the switch can’t do that the 3DS can? Be affordable for most people. The Switch at $300 isn’t cheap for a lot of people. The 3DS though, and all handheld devices in general can be cheaper for people though. As well, that weaker hardware is killer for dev’s that have smaller budgets. A lot of dev’s simply can’t develop for home consoles since it is super expensive, and even if you want to say that the switch might one day sell like the Wii, that will still take years, and still means devs risking their company that their game will sell well enough to keep them in business when competing with larger companies.

            Nintendo’s entire market has always been about being inclusive. They want as many people playing their games as possible. Moving everything to the switch would kill that immediately. It set’s a huge price gate on people playing their games and destroy’s an entire market. Those with a limited budget, kids who are just getting into gaming, and anyone who just enjoy’s playing handheld games. The Switch simply can’t cater to them since there’s no possible way you can make the device cheaper without simply just waiting for the parts to get cheaper, and even then it can’t change the fact that games will always require a home console budget to make and have to play as a home console game because the switch IS a home console first; not a hybrid as much as people wish it was.

          29. Not if they sell just Switch handheld tablet thing. I feel it could go for like $170-$200, if they ever did it (provided it’s possible), which is the pricepoint for the 2DS and 3DS

          30. That isn’t possible though. The thing is there’s really no way you can really strip anything from it to make it cheaper. The Joy con’s have to stay in tact since if a game requires motion control, hd rumble, or even Amiibo’s to play, the game would be rendered unplayable simply for having the wrong system, and that wouldn’t really work. You Also can’t really make it any smaller since the majority of the Switches size is its battery, so making that smaller would then make it even less of a portable. The only way to make the battery smaller would be to make console weaker, at which point people would say its a waste to buy since it would be seen as the clearly inferior model. Heck at that point it would make more sense for them to try to make something comparable to power as the vita as sell it as a handheld, which is what their probably considering doing anyways.

            And mind you all of that ignores the fact that even if you did make a Switch that was handheld only, it wouldn’t change the fact that the games that come on it were intended to be played as a home console, so if a game required you to see something clearly that doesn’t show up well on a 6-in screen, all they can do is throw up their hands and tell the consumer that they should have bought the standard unit and not some lesser model that they didn’t build their game for.

          31. Couldn’t they modify the joycons so that they’re stationary? So think like PSP basically..They would still have to work on the battery life. I don’t think they could literally just sell it as is, they would have to change it a bit so that it would work.

          32. But even if you made a way to keep them permanently locked in(which would remove motion control), the issue comes down to that the only way to lower their cost is to strip features out of them, and that would prevent some games from being playable. Heck even if you wanted to argue that removing the dock could lower its value, it wouldn’t be by much as the dock is actually very cheap to make given how simple it is. Really there’s not a good way to make the switch any cheaper then it is right now without making it less of a device, at which point you might as well make an entirely new device all together.

            Heck when I say that I think that their going to make a new handheld probably around 2018-1019, I do fully think it would be something like the vita, maybe carrying the monitor of the DS line since a lot of people still love it. But only time will tell. At this point its probably better that we just agree to embrace what ever Nintendo does next since I don’t think either of us are really going to budge on this and this is a subject that I”m probably more stubborn then Earthen at is worst. Too me the moment Nintendo tries to merge its markets is the moment it takes a shot gun to its metaphoric face. It can only end badly.

          33. In my eyes its killing off a market that simply can’t transfer over, which is bad. It comes down to that point though. Would the handheld crowd transfer over to the switch. A crowd that needs to spend a lot more on hard ware and more on games then they use too, and play games that aren’t designed to appeal to handheld gaming, and rather console gamers. Honestly I don’t see it happening, and why it would be disastrous, but I’ve been wrong before. It just sounds like horrible odds of success to me that could lose a lot of money.

          34. Yeah, it all depends if the handheld market would transfer over. iphones are what, over $600? So I feel like a $100 increase from the 3DS to the Switch wouldn’t kill off too many families. All speculation though.

          35. There are a lot of people who can’t afford an iPhone and a lot of people who won’t get one precisely because of the price.

          36. Too me though that’s not a good comparison. A smart phone might be roughly $600 dollars, but its not a gaming console first. Its a smart phone. Its meant to be a computer that can do pretty much anything you would need out of the device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. As well, at least with those who I know; they tend to rely a lot on hand-me-downs. One person might get a new phone, but they’ll simply give their old phone to their child or someone else since it saves them the money, thus making that expense less.

            With the Switch its a toy that plays videogames and nothing else for 300 dollars and that might be too much to ask of people. But we’ll see with time. We’re already seeing this split among consumers where some see it as an issue, and others don’t. But Nintendo’s the one with all the power here and they will decide what happens next.

          37. They could shave down the price slightly by removing the HDMI port too, which means they can remove all the hardware needed to support the HDMI.

            I hope they don’t try it, but I’m expecting that they will.

          38. Who knows if it’ll be released, but I would almost bet they’ve at least experimented already with it

          39. Idk. The Wii sold 101 million consoles worldwide…if they killed the 3DS I would say there’s definitely a market for the Switch replacing the 3DS. Just because the Wii U was a failure, doesn’t mean the Switch has to be. Combining their markets could be very good for them.

          40. also it already has the ambassador games running on it, and I;m wondering if with the new 3ds they could make it an actual virtual console emulation instead of the gimped emulation they use.

          41. They ported Earthbound to the Wii U first and it was fine playing it on that..

          42. So a platform’s that known for being pretty bad had a lot of people buy a cult classic game. Its hard to compare earthbound sales to mother 3 since the former has nostalgia on its side, where the latter’s kinda always been less popular. And I say that loving mother 3. Its a fun great game, but I have no expectation’s of it ever being released since its cost would really never justify itself.

          43. It’s always been less popular because it never released outside of Japan. That’s like wondering why Pokemon Green was less popular than Pokemon Red. Of course it was. It was Japan only

          44. I’m wondering if Lucas was in Melee if we would have gotten it… it’s how we got FE… although the second GBA title which instead of the one Roy was actually in for some reason.

          45. Probably not, the guy seems very stubborn about not porting it..don’t really get why

          46. Itoi? All I thought Itoi said is he’s not making any NEW games in the series. Nothing about Nintendo Releasing the others Internationally, I mean they did release Begginings(Zero) although they already had a NES version translated, Apparently they retranslated it.

          47. Ohhh…I’m not sure…if they did Earthbound and Mother I don’t see why Mother 3 would be a problem

          48. Itoi’s a very strange man.
            He’s a music lover (hence the game series is named after a song) and he believes that (roughly) ‘after a 3rd album, musicians start to do less well and everyone keeps asking for songs from the first 3 albums’.
            So I think it’s partly fear that he’ll never be able to direct it as well again, partly worry about getting it on a new console (he liked the GBA a lot for some reason) and partly he’s got that ‘actor syndrome’ where he wants to move on.

          49. I feel like you can’t really mess this series up though, as long as you stick to what made the game great in the first places.

          50. That’s part of the problem though, it’s so odd that it’s hard to define what makes it good.

            Also I think he might be worried that newer generations won’t appreciate it (Mother 3 had some moments that were clearly parodies/references to older films and the music style is inspired by the good old bands of yesteryear).

          51. Yes, but I mean we live in a world where the game can be picked up rather easily for free, fully translated. You would think that it would be more popular for that reason alone.

          52. Oh, okay. I think some of it also just has to do with Ness being more popular, and Earthbound’s story is generally considered the best of the series, I think.

          53. It’s not that, it’s because more people remember and know about Earthbound and aren’t familiar with the others.

            If they stopped calling it ‘Earthbound’ and started calling it ‘Mother 2’, they might think of it more as one in a series.

            Personally I like both equally. Mother 3’s story is sadder though, Mother 2’s story is more of a typical adventure.

          54. I don’t even know anything about the 1st or 3rd. I got Earthbound as a reward from club nintendo lol

          55. Give 3 a try some time, it’s worth experiencing at least once.

            I haven’t played the original, but I intend to someday.

          56. That’s not the problem, like @MelloMori:disqus says, it’s been available on emulators, fully fan-translated for ages. The problem is that knowledge of it is spread by word of mouth.

            I’ve actually met quite a lot of people who know about, but only one or two who have actually played it, and that was in a class full of gamers.

          57. I’ve watched some of Chuggaaconroy’s LP, and almost all of the Beard Bros’ LP

          58. I agree that the 3DS would make more sense, but sometimes the 3DS’s screen isn’t very good with older games, it tends to blur them slightly in the scaling process. Or maybe I’m just imagining it.

          59. Start is your friend, also New3DS has something to make SNES games look not ass, maybe they could use that.

          60. Mother 3 was GBA, not SNES.

            So it’s sort of iffy. I’d still rather have it on the 3DS though, I don’t think a large screen would suit those old pixel graphics. As it is I like to keep my GBA emulator on small mode because all the scaling filters.

          61. I know this, I’m talking about the Tech they use in the SNES VC games on New 3DS to fix the resolution.

          62. I wouldn’t know without knowing what they do. Seen any technical articles explaining it?

          63. It looks convincing, I wouldn’t like to make any guesses without finding a technical explanation though, so I’ll look for one later.

            I can only assume at the moment that either normally they run it with the wrong resolution and they’re now running with the correct one, or something about the GPU causes it to be rendered off (which sort of makes sense given how GPUs work) so they swap to CPU rendering.

          64. They wouldn’t touch it because they’d be worried about the legalities involved and they have a policy against working with non-employees or allowing ROM editing (which is what the patch actually does, it edits the scripts built into the ROMs).

            This is Nintendo, not Valve 😛

          65. I say give Itoi the middle finger, take the rights for the franchise from the bitch, port Mother 3, and get to fucking work on a new installment. Shit would sell.

          66. Well two things to point out.
            1. Is there enough of a demand for a full remake? Honestly, probably not. Mother’s always been a cult game that’s either loved or hated, and the majority of people who do try it just finds that its not for them.
            2. Is their enough of a demand for a full translation in multiple languages? Again, no not really. We have the English fan patch and it’ll live on forever. That alone is enough of a reason for them to say its not worth doing since literally anyone can just pick the game up online for free(even if its stealing), and most of the people who would want it probably aren’t going to want to buy it once they have it for free on PC.

    1. Aw, look at cute little Oshawott before it turns into a horribly ugly unicorn seal that bears no resemblance to an otter.

  24. Of course it’s the stupid Z-move. I doubt it will get a form change AND a Z-move. It definitely won’t be getting a mega.

  25. Well tired, bored mom is being… herself and blaming for something I didn’t do and tons of homework… I’m done with today already I’ll just start the work then go to sleep after so I may come back today if not see ya tomorrow

          1. I feel your pain. Is it about a nice topic like Shakespeare?

            What’s the science about? A bunch of physics equations?

          2. Nope have to write a paragraph in the perspective of a character from a documentary on segragated proms called “Prom night Mississippi”

            And just biogenetic work tbat I finished

  26. You know, they don’t even need a Pokémon Direct technically. They could just pop up a Pokémon Stars trailer tomorrow on YouTube like they did with ORAS. I don’t think we can predict anything anymore.

    1. Gamefreak said fuck patterns a long time ago… with BW2 most notably. It’s been less and less predictable since then xD

      1. The games after B2W2 have been less good since then too… ORAS was good but it was a remake, and even then it was disappointing (not even the fucking tower!)

          1. I thought you meant the remake of the tower Rayquaza was in for a minute.

            Tbh the mansion is pretty much the same thing in a way.

          1. I think I chose this picture because it was the highest quality Xatu I could find. Maybe I’ll change it someday but I wasn’t planning on it 😛

          2. I sometimes forget you’re a mod lol. (porobably because the gym leader thing doesnt appear on my phone for some reason)

          3. So do I 😛 I don’t use my abilities too often honestly. I delete those annoying spam messages though.

          4. You’re the one who deletes them?! Man, I love those messages actually, I should ban you now.

          5. Now I really screwed up. You’ll never find me in Massachusetts working for an auto mechanic shop.

          6. Change it to that awful Xatu-fied edit I did of your face that time (if you’ve still got it) 😛

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    2. The only thing that makes me thing they won’t is the possibility of people not seeing it.

      I agree though, I think people have been trying to spot patterns where there aren’t any. As ‘cool’ as the concept that they intentionally drop hints and plan coincidences, I don’t think it’s very realistic.

  27. uhggg… I need summer to come nowwww… its amazing how much schools tires me to the point I don’t even want to draw or play games.

      1. Just imagining having a full day is amazing. Time to draw, time to work on rom hacks and time to play zelda. I need this

        1. Yeah once it comes around it’ll be a nice break for ya, that way you can have some time to yourself to enjoy the things you like 🙂

        2. it sounds good on paper soon you’ll slow down and your parents start nagging you to get out of the house and git a job

          1. don’t you have a job anyways? why on earth would anyone want to still live with their parents anyways?

          2. because my job’s a total bastard and has been only giving me only 10-15 hours a week
            my dang parents now want me to either get a new job that gives me more hours or get another job

          3. yikes, I get ya, such is the way of the world, I have to work two jobs just to live too

          4. and they also keep nagging me, what are you gonna do today, when are you gonna exercise today, when are you gonna look for a job

          5. Its not free food and free washing for everyone though, hell when I lived with mine I had to buy my own groceries, do my own laundry and basically lived on my own anyways, but like Id rather do stuff for myself then let my moron parents do it

          6. i had a job all through high school, i needed it to pay for all my grad stuff and school lunches

          7. I might… idk. I’m not a senior so I don’t have to worry about college just yet. It really comes down to if I want to pursue game development or focus on art 100%

          8. If you want to do art in the video game industry, I’d say do art first and then move into video games later because it leaves more options open.

            If by ‘game development’ you mean roles like storyboarding or script writing or management then it’s probably a different story.

            The game industry is very cutthroat and very selective though, they don’t like people who don’t have prior experience, so either way you’d have to do something else before working with games (hence I think being a good artist first and then approaching a company with a portfolio of accredited art is probably more impressive than the alternative).

            That’s just my penny worth of thoughts though.

          9. Well like.. i dont know because I would love to make games but I also really want to do animation and make a show or something…

          10. Again, it depends what you mean by ‘make games’. If you’re working for a big company you’ll only ever be doing a small part, like just the concept art, you won’t be actually in charge of the whole game. The only way to make a game that’s 100% yours is to do it indie-style and that’s really hard.

            If you want to do animation, I’m pretty sure being an animator is different from being an artist. You’d have to ask the college/whatever about that one, not my department.

          11. Yeah I want to do indie games. Small teams of like 3-10 people or so. That sounds awesome.

            And yeah there is a difference between illustrating and animation but I really like both. I like too many things. Why cant I just like one thing

          12. Indie games are hard to do, you need time and skilled people and if you want to be successful you have to take them seriously. Many people have this idealistic image of what it’s like to be an indie developer – sat around with friends chatting and just casually making something awesome. It’s not like that at all – it’s hard, tedious work which requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and it’s time consuming, and after all that you might not even create something. You want to constantly give up, because let’s be honest it takes forever (Cave Story took Pixel 5 years to make).

            You don’t have to do everything as a profession. Try all of them and pick what you’re best at. Then do the others as hobbies (like how I’m not an artist but I still draw from time to time). I got lucky because I’d always wanted to make games since I was very young and by some miracle I’m good at programming.

            Story time:
            Originally I just made imaginary games with friends in the playground. Then I got my first console (a GBA) I wanted to be a video game designer despite having zero computer knowledge.

            I went all the way through secondary school not knowing what a gigabyte is, but still just about being able to use a computer (many of my friends knew more than me).

            Then I got to college doing a course in video game design. By the first christmas we were doing programming in Visual Basic, and I started to realise I was doing better than a lot of the class, so one day I decided to look on the internet and learn some things we weren’t taught in class. And then I learned some more, and some more, and then I decided to switch to C# instead (or that might have been later), and then I asked one of my teacher to explain Object-Oriented programming a long time before we were due to be learning it, and I started looking more into that, and by the second year everyone was asking me for help with their code. Flash forward to now and I have experience in at least 10 different languages, two of which I’m especially good with.

            So long story short: I found my calling. I never knew I’d be a good programmer until I tried, and when I tried it called out to me. It’s like in Harry Potter, the wizard does not choose the wand, the wand chooses the wizard.

          13. Just make small games like Pacman and Snake, don’t attempt company-grade blockbusters. And cheat by using tools that don’t actually require programming (like that god-awful GameMaker or Unity).

            If you’re into Visual Novels, RenPy would be good to try. Visual Novels are all art and story, so it might be worthwhile if you like those things.

          14. Also, if you’ve got some spare time, give programming a go, you might like it once you get past the initial learning curve.

            When you actually get stuff working it’s a wonderful high (until your parents don’t appreciate how clever what you’ve done is and won’t sit through long winded technical explanations, which is why you get programming friends as rivals).

  28. My bed is calling me. When I wakeup first thing I’ll do is download that glorious Minecraft Switch edition, the Switch is getting better by the day.

    1. I love Minecraft, but like… I like the beta so much more than the current version. So much scarier and so much more tense. I’ve always enjoyed Minecraft’s natural horror element at night time and i don’t get that now. Maybe it’s just the lighting engine being different or the copious amounts of ways to kill enemies. IDK. Minecraft is perfect for the Switch though

      1. I tend to do creative and abuse command blocks, haven’t done survival in a while because I don’t know many people who do survival and I usually get fed up shortly after reaching the nether because there’s no objective.

          1. Tried a few servers, full of edge-kids abusing their mod powers.

            I’ve ran my own before, but the people I’ve played with tend to get bored by some point for various reasons, or they’re unavailable.

      2. Only played Alpha actually so can’t say, but this will definitely get me back into the game.

    2. Minecraft is actually how I learnt Lua (a programming language, my… 3rd? language… yeah, pretty sure it was 3rd).

      1. Minecraft made me want to make games and then I saw indie game the movie which really made me want to make games then I made a game 75%, lost my entire world map and gave up

        1. I completely swerved indie game the movie, too hyped.

          I’ve made a lot of unfinished programs (some of them games).
          Games are exponentially hard to make.

          I ‘finished’ one once, but it didn’t have many features.

          Oh, and a really bad version of snake that I made for console mode for the sake of the challange of it.

          1. Game dev is weird for me. i’ve made quite a few unfinished shit games but never anything that can really be played and.. enjoyed. I tend to hate the entire process of doing it except for small bursts of progress. I only have like one game I like that I made and it’s five minutes long.

            I tried making a game for Ludum Dare a few weeks ago but didn’t enjoy it at all (it was my 4th ludum dare too). But now I’m doing ROM hacks and I loved making Rad Red. Maybe I just hate using Unity? I don’t know.

          2. That’s pretty much what it’s like. If you try to make a game from scratch on your own it’s terribly painful and it’ll probably never be finished because creating it is so tedious and boring (even more so if like me, you’re one of those people who insists on doing everything from scratch).

            (Interesting related article:

            I’ve known a few people who attempt Ludum Dares, but I’ve never attempted one because I don’t see the point unless you’re immensely skilled and capable of running for 3 days straight without your mind starting to deteriorate.

            ROM hacks are pretty fun, I started making one back in the day, but gave up because my college work kept getting in the way and I wanted to move on to learning other things.

            Personally I think Unity is crap. It’s not as bad as GameMaker but it’s still crap. I don’t like the awkward way the code is designed or the way they’ve tried to make it into some odd ‘supports all game kinds’ multi-tool. I’m pretty sure the people who designed it made it as a hook for all the people who want to make games but don’t want to put the effort in.

        1. They “could” allow it to be on VC, but they wouldn’t Altough they did let them develop a midquel for the GBA.

      1. Why shouldn’t they? It sells lots of copies and makes a lot of money. Companies aren’t fanboys, they take every opportunity to strenghten their brand.

  29. It’s crazy, but I graduate from high school in less than a month on June 9. It’s been a wild and amazing journey, even though I didn’t do nearly as much as I thought I would over the course of 4 years and I have many regrets due to this fact. Regardless, I’ve made so many new friends that I can’t even count them. Although I don’t finalize classes until next week, I’m going to community college and expect to take a class in digital film editing after 4 years of video production experience. My future calls. I remember listening to this specific remix back in 2013, still amazed by my new high school surroundings. Anyways, I just felt like being sentimental tonight.

    1. Hopefully you’ll enjoy college. Some of my best years in life were made there. Its much better then High school for most people. And then you leave, and the reality of the real world starts to sink in, and its not so great until you find your place in it. But it gets better.

      1. The 2 best years of my life were at college.

        In fact, discounting my first decade, they were the only 2 good years of my life.

    2. It was only in junior/senior that I really started doing stuff outside of high school. It’s much more regimented than college, that’s for sure.

    1. Ehh, half of those points kinda seem a bit to broad. Like we know that a Smash game will come eventually, but its just as likely for them to work on a new game all together then making a port for the switch, and even then who knows if some of the characters will be allowed to come over to the switch given all of the deals that Sakuari had to magically make.

          1. Is…is…There another?! Or now we have to wait?! That wad really F*cking awesome!

    1. Tbh I’m still not buying the whole kidnap plot. Why is this important right now

      1. It’s not. It came out of nowhere because they can’t plan a plot out apparently. But hell it’s happening and Blue Diamond looks amazing. I liked her being sad about PD but we need a reminder that she is a ruthless fascist and that she IS the villain

    2. petition to never have Lars appear in another episode ever again, my god he’s annoying

        1. idk but I think Topaz is going to become a big part of the show and maybe even help with the resistence

          1. Read my long spoiler tagged comment from 19 mins ago and thats just a longer version of what you just said my theory is

            That Topaz will break them free and that she will take down Aquamarine and live as a refugee like peridot and lapis on Earth, but will keep a bubbled Aquamarine with her so she can’t hurt anyone else. thats actually what i thought was about to happen here, but sadly Aquamarine used threats against her!

          2. plausible but it would be very difficult for her to escape home world. Topaz has become one of the most compelling characters in a while, AND its my birthstone

          3. To clarify better
            Topaz will break Lars and steven free, and live on Earth (maybe they escape or she may live on HW and kill power from within) but if she goes back to earth i’m confident she will defeat and bubble Aquamarine for her actions

        2. also blue diamond wasnt in that so idk why you’re talking about her looking so good….???

          1. holy sugar muffins! Im pumped!!!!! Also that random new blue gem they showed is kinda ugly but I won’t judge it too much yet

  30. If you could have a battle theme in a pokemon game I would want this one

    Iris’s battle theme is amazing. Not every battle theme needs to be like Red’s.

    1. This is amazing, I could see that fitting for me, its mysterious but has an air of power and liberation

        1. true, although dragons are my specialty too, as a matter a fact, its time to give them some love! Its time for an Avi change

          1. no I need to not show so much favouritism for it lol, I haven’t featured Druddigon yet, this will have to do until I find better art

  31. Wait are there more episodes coming for SU after Stuck together?
    Please say more arc is coming please

      1. Ok I must have more at least to finish this small piece of the season off

        1. *.* Yay 3 more air after it so pumped I have a theory

          That Topaz will break them free and that she will take down Aquamarine and live as a refugee like peridot and lapis on Earth, but will keep a bubbled Aquamarine with her so she can’t hurt anyone else. thats actually what i thought was about to happen here, but sadly Aquamarine used threats against her!

  32. I really wish I enjoyed B2W2. It has so much great stuff about it but the main campaign is just so mehhhhh as far as story.

      1. Partly because this place is eating up all my time.

        Partly because (and this is going to sound odd) people keep discussing the same things over and over again.
        As much as I like Pokemon and I know this is a Pokemon site, sometimes I get a bit fed up with hearing about Pokemon. Especially when every single day the inevitable ‘this game is better than that game’ or ‘this pokemon is better than that pokemon’ comes up.

        I like talking to people, but sometimes it feels like all the petty arguments about which Pokemon is better get in the way of actual conversation.

        1. That and I’d rather leave by choice than end up leaving because of an argument at some point, which to be fair doesn’t seem too likely at the moment, but these things come out of the blue.

          1. I do like it here, but some times are better than others, and those times frequently change.

          2. Heck I’m piled to my eyes in school work, yet I always make it here first cause Work can always be put off a little time for me to be here

          3. I’d like to be able to do that, but I keep checking back in case I missed something interesting like one of Earthen’s rants or an amusing video.

            There’s still interesting things that happen everyday, but they’re unpredictable. E.g. sometimes I just like hearing about people’s lives or some different topics like @Is That A JoJo Reference?:disqus ‘s Jojo references.

          4. @Is That A JoJo Reference?:disqus You have someone to reference shit to now, free me from the torture of Jojo spam

        2. You make a good point i do sometimes just get up and leave flustered seeing not many good convo’s being said or the same stuff (no offense people love alot of it but sometimes it gets bland)

          1. I suspect I’m terrible for that with programming to a degree, but I do have other interests.

            I suppose one major gap is that a lot of people here talk more about console games and I tend to play computer games more and they hardly ever get mentioned (except for Overwatch, which I don’t play).

        3. Honestly I dont blame you. This place gets very repetitive AND if you need focus on school then you better drop us. Bye Bye Guy. Have a good life. Report in when youre successful

          1. I don’t have school, but I do have other things to focus on.

            “Report in when youre successful”
            So you want me gone for good? 😛

          2. I want whats best for you. And youre debating a pokemon fan website over your life decision. The choice is obvious. Who cares people will wonder where youre at. You gonna be getting better as a person. You better go out and help ya self. Trust me some of us will still be here when you return

          3. Eh, it’s not quite that bad yet, it’s not like I’m flunking my school work or I haven’t left the house in weeks because of PJ (I haven’t, but it’s not because of PJ).

            I suppose the other stuff I want to do is more beneficial. But I’ll still miss the company, which is why it’s hard.

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s not much of a point in saying your leaving only to come back again later. So just leave, if you want. And come back, if you want. But I don’t see the need to announce these things

      1. Last time I left for several months, intending it to be for good, I only came back by chance because I was bored and wanted to see how everyone was faring.

        Not to mention that if I leave I don’t want people wondering what happened to me (like how I wonder about some of the other people who left).

        1. Actually the one I most remeber does come back time to time and yep its Gikie!

          1. I was still hoping PercyEspeon would come back, and that other person who was helping with the Japanese translation back when all the hype was around before SM’s release. I miss being able to talk small quantities of bad Japanese with them 😛

          2. Oh. Percy I miss him/her too I miss a lot of are fallen allies that have moved on

          3. I think Percy was a her, despite Percy being a male name. Maybe it’s short for Priscilla? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            (Also this is what I mean by some of the more interesting conversations, more interesting than ‘I prefer XY to BW’ or vice versa for the 50th time)

    2. If you truly are that much older than me, you should be mature enough to realize that comments like these are profoundly unnecessary and disruptive. We don’t need your paragraphs about why you choose to stay or leave this place. You, and anyone else, are free to come and go as they please. I’m sorry for being blunt but it needs to be said.

      1. Speaking of old. I know this is the wrong comment, but youre graduating. Man I remember when we were both enterin high school. Around the time of XY. Dex Buddy. Why are we soooo old.

        1. There isn’t much we can do about it! I know I’ve changed much since then, but Pokémon is still a huge part of who I am.

          1. You have changed for the good :). We all did

          2. you’re the trash hoarders keep 🙂

          3. compost, because it helps the environment and new life rises from the decay

      2. I get what your trying to say but I don’t get why people are making such a big deal out of this.

        1. For me, at least, because I see so many people announce that they’re leaving (for “good”) but then come back. And leave and come back. And it’s just a little annoying having comments littering like that.
          I was gone for what, 6 days, and I’m sure nobody noticed or cared. And I really don’t care b/c a lot happened to me and I just couldn’t come.

  33. If you had to pick only one thing for Nintendo to announce at e3 that would make you extremely hyped what would it be?

    1. Earthbound Trilogy for Switch in either a 3D wind waker hd style or a 2D handdrawn art style.

      But realistically… A metroid more similar to Super Metroid than Prime

    2. New or old? I’ll do new, though I’d be happy with info on Xenoblade 2.

      Cliché as it may be around here, Pokemon switch.

      1. a thoguht occurs
        what of the touch screen, ya can’t do that with the thing docked

        1. same as the 3DS. You can touch the buttons or use the actual buttons to move a cursor.

        2. the touch screen could be a handheld only type deal

    3. Next Pokemon Game
      Or Smash 5 (if they make a part specifically showing them dumping Cloud in a Volcano)

      1. this is the first time we agree on something, I hate cloud with a passion

    4. Conquest 2 for my pick
      Would also enjoy seeing
      -Ranger 4 (more like Ranger 2)
      -Colosseum/XD like games
      Mystery dungeon has gotten kind of stale to me and I don’t really like the 3d models

    5. A 3DS remake of Minish cap in the style of Triforce Heros for graphics


  34. Is anyone here into the MH series? I picked up 4U last week and I’m having an absolute blast. I’m angry at myself for not discovering this series earlier, and it seems I have a lot to catch up on.

    Also MH5 might be at E3 and that also has me hyped.

      1. I’ve never played it but i had a sudden flash back to a DYKG video where they talked about this game and how many frames of animation it took and I just want more of it

        1. I never played this specific one but I’ve played many of the platformers and the wario games were so much fun to play with others

    1. screw that give me a new ACTUAL WARIO GAME
      i’m like the few people who always liked Wario…….i cried for days when i lost my wario figure in that store when i was 8….

          1. well its just a fey rpg Wario and Waluigi plan to rob the new exhibit from the Mushroom City Museum, but the next morning it was already burgled, three rival bad guys are suspects and they decide to go track them down to rough them up
            after all 3 baddie gangs are found (and thoroughly beaten up) their search leads them to a golden castle in the desert
            and the real villain is a masked man covered in gold and bling aka Mr. Bling
            after breaking through the castle and beating him its revealed that he IS The Treasure!!!
            He wants to steal all the world’s gold and money and rule the world
            so its up to the two boneheads to stop him

        BAD STAR!!!
        VERY BAD STAR!!!
        *Thumps with newspaper*

            SUCH A BAAD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. It isn’t a great game or at least not as good as the other ones but the art does look nice. It is ok to admire certain aspects

          3. hey ALBW had no story at all they just pulled it all out of thin air in the final cutscene and that was still a good game

          4. well its supposed to be the lone hero once killed in the line of duty and was granted a second chance
            Now he must recollect his memory and explore a living breathing world where countless tales can be spun

          5. calm down earthen I wasnt bashing albw just saying a game doesnt need to have a huge story to be good

  35. I actually forgot to bring this up earier but in terms of a next game
    Are y’all forgetting the next TCG packs star Ho-oh and NECROZMA?!
    Like Ho-oh makes sense but Necrozma is a bit of a weird choice, amiright?

    1. Is Necrozma even Relevant? Every time I see its name I think of eczema. I have always wnted to use it though. Those defenses and SR arent bad at all

      1. It’s a terrifying RU mon, it’s a total bitch to take out for anything that isn’t my Araquanid or Doublade
        But seriously, it’s role may be approaching soon enough

    2. This is what I’ve been saying. It seems very odd that they’re putting such a spotlight on Ho-oh and Kanto as well this year even tho it’s the year after the anniversary. If they were gonna do it they should have done it last year. On top of that you have them giving away the ONLY mythical Pokemon this year so that leaves them with what for the future? If the next game was just gonna be another Alola game in general then why not focus more of the advertising on the Alola region and it’s stuff. Even if that game was just a port it’d make more sense to focus on Alola than Kanto/Johto. I get the feeling the next game will be different from what we think it will be. lol

        1. The ting is I really hope whatever it ends up being isn’t a third game. They’ve been doing so well giving us worth while games and after they’ve stated before a few times that they’d like to keep surprising us and don’t really want to do the 3rd versions anymore it’d be kind of disappointing if they went back to it. I loved SM, but I don’t particularly want to play a slightly better/different versions of it next. I want a new story. If they want to make the jump to the Switch like the Stars rumor says they apparently do then the next game needs to be a real banger in order to make people feel like they’re buying something worthy of the money.

          1. I mean… imo it will be a third alola game but it will be a lot different

          2. But like 3rd Alola game in the way that Platinum and Emerald are 3rd Sinnoh/Hoenn games or do you mean just another game set in Alola? Because I wouldn’t mind another game set in Alola, but I just don’t want to play through what is basically the same story again.As much as I loved SM’s story I think it’s better as a one and done kind of story that would be followed up with a new story rather than rehashed in another version.

          3. See I’d be majorly down with that. Story progression is a key factor to get me on board lol

  36. After twoish weeks of stop and go collecting amber for the Oot clothes I’m finally ready to beat BOTW. This game is great and I’ll be sad when it’s done. Gonna prolly beat it tomorrow tho as I’m tired now haha

      1. The OoT clothes require it for upgrading. That an star pieces, but those were easy to get after I found out a little trick on the internet. The amber collecting was just tedious. lol

  37. Imo, this really does feel like the kind of route gf would go with this

  38. well my blood is boiled
    time to down a gallon of water, pack my pack for tomorrow
    take my angina meds and call it a night

      1. everyone does, but no seriously i will croak one of these days if i don’t get that checked
        they’re like mini heart attacks

        1. That’s actually quite interesting, Earthen. If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? I just graduated on Saturday with my bachelors degree in nursing, so I’m being terribly curious.
          Angina pectoris is quite unusual in younger people, and yes, it can lead to dangerous issues later if not properly managed. Is yours a chronic stable form, or an unstable form?

          1. I know you love GF I didn’t know Earthen liked it.

            But aside from that, FRIQQQQQQ I’m so sad it’s over. I actually started watching anime because it was over, but even tho anime is great it does not make up for the pure, awesome humor and fun that was GF.

    1. You’ve redeemed all of your trash in one beautiful image
      I’m proud of you

  39. does anyone know why Pharap left? Sorry if I’m bringing up a possible negative topic, I was just curious why there was some commotion down there…

  40. Ugh, the IGN community has turned into such a toxic place. It’s being overrun by antatgonistic conservative people who just fight all day. I saw a friggen neo-nazi spouting white supremacy over there. Seriously wtf? It’s not like the community was ever that great, but damn is it awful now.

      1. I don’t have a problem with people with different opinions, but when you’re going to be hateful I don’t want to be around that

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