Pokémon Direct 2016 Mysteriously Pulled from YouTube

The Pokémon Direct from 2016, which celebrated the franchise’s 20 year anniversary and also revealed the titles for the next games (Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon) has mysteriously been removed from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. This comes on the heels of the Nintendo Direct page also having a new slot added. Some fans have pointed out that Pokémon Sun & Moon trailers have also been pulled from various Nintendo channels.

Why would Nintendo remove these videos? We don’t know for sure, but if they were going to reveal information about a title that follows Sun & Moon it would be reasonable that they wouldn’t want fans to get the trailers confused. Depending on how similar the titles look, viewers may mistake features and Pokémon from the previous game as representing whatever title is revealed next.

A new Pokémon Direct coming soon? More and more signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

  1. This does add up more to the possibility for a Pokemon direct inbound. At this rate, I’d be surprised that there isn’t a direct this month, or even a brief announcement like ORAS.

  2. What if in addition of a main series Pokemon game we get announcements for spin-off games as well?

    Seems unlikely but I can dream.

  3. Hmm, its a hard call. On one hand it could be hinting at something. On the other hand it could just be cleaning house and this only stands out because we want to see patterns in nothing again. Time will tell I guess.

    1. I’d agree, but they have a ton of old ones and the Pokémon Direct where X and Y were revealed is still up. It seems weird that 2016’s was taken down when everything else is still up.

      1. Hmm, that true, but I wonder if perhaps there’s some legal reasons. Like certain music or the footage of all different pokemon game’s had legal rules behind them that limited it to about a year or something. Who knows really. Also it seems strange then to assume that while they haven’t removed previous pokemon directs when revealing a new one that removing one now means a new pokemon direct.

  4. Off topic sorta but the announcement trailer for Sun and Moon showing all the previous games is one of my favorite things Pokémon has done

    1. It really was one of the most epic trailers we’ve received for Pokemon. Despite not showing anything of SM it made me so freaking hype for the games hahaha

  5. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a new article hahaha anyway yeah it seems like a Pokemon direct is coming. Before when they removed the JP Pokemon direct we could have chalked it up to them just making space and it being a coincidence that they got rid of the Pokemon, but with them now having gotten rid of the same direct on the US site it seems all but confirmed to be a new Pokemon direct. Hopefully we’ll hear about it soon so we can have a time frame of when to get excited. I can wait for the direct, but I at least want to know when it is!! hahaha

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    Tharrgo Brewgut
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    Rude and insensitive towards anything and anybody

  7. I never have wanted to die so much before

  8. They’ve done this before I think. I remember sometime after the announcement of Sun and Moon, they pulled X and Y trailers off of YouTube. Could be pointing to something… And CoroCoro also comes out in a day or two, so we could get something from that.

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          3. Practise tests don’t really help, the same questions are never used twice within a generation (if not longer). There’s an uncomfortable degree of randomness in the system, depending on what questions they choose some students will do better than others.

            Sidenote: stop viewing it as some major trial and start viewing it as a game. The object isn’t to win, it’s to do better than everyone else and if you mess something up it’s no big deal. Tackle it like a Pokemon battle – read up on what facts you need to know, think of a strategy (e.g. skim the entire paper first to look for all the easiest questions and the questions with the most marks awarded) and go in viewing it as a relaxed challenge rather than something life-changing.

            Heck, by the time you’re in college doing college work and getting college grades nobody is going to care much about your lower school grades anyway because the college stuff will be more impressive.

      1. Funny coming from someone who spends their free time whining about fictional Pokemon that aren’t even as strong as some of the things they use

    1. Figured. It’s typically pretty easy to see through fakes like that. Unless the major sites are covering it there’s not really much to trick people lol

  9. Totally real leak
    Pokemon Plus and Minus

    In Pokémon plus you level up normally but in Minus pokemon level down instead.

    The legendaries are Primal Plusle and Minun.
    The region is called equalia

    Z moves are removed

    Incineroar is removed

    The third legendary is a giant equals sign

    Math-Moves are added to give your Pokémon a proper education

    I want news so bad

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they called a game plus and minus. The definitely need to announce and do the Nintendo Direct this week or next week. Other wise they might just be safer to wait till E3. Nintendo are experts at stalling stuff out until people are desperate for news. Here’s hoping for anything but a Sinnoh Remake, because I don’t want primal Dialga and Palkia to ruin VGC how Primal Kyorge and Groudon did. Though if Sinnoh Remake doesn’t have primals I would be happy for it exist as long as there are new Rotom forms.

        1. You can have your DP remake as long as there are more Rotom forms and of course no primals to ruin vgc. Though some people say the tapus and ultra beast already do that. I only run one legendary which is tapu koko though I might just change my team entirely and make a bulky team with bulu. Hopefully whatever game we get includes more auto terrain setters so I don’t have to always bring a tapu.

  10. How to describe my sense of humor in one sentence
    “I named my Silvally Nina”

    1. It’s a shame you have to wear the hat yes or yes.

      And why we only got 4 male’s hairstyles >_>

      1. Because boys don’t care about fashion silly? Remember? Hell there should only be one hair cut. Because style is for goiiiiiirrrrrllllZzzz /s

    2. I’m still waiting for good male hairstyles.

      If the next game doesn’t have at least 20 male hairstyles of which 5 are long, I will personally put a radiactive isotope through GF’s door every day until they fix it.

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          Might want to take her places with mutual friends first so it’s less odd.

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          Final Disclaimer:
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        2. just be chill, hang out a few times and you’ll most likely know from there, that being said if she doesn’t want to hang out alone with you she’s probably not interested, but like, maybe I’m not the best judge of character because I’ve never had such problems, being gay is very no-bullsh*t

          1. I know it was completely unintentional, but you’ve just given me a small epiphany.

            A few years back there was this girl I suspected was interested in me, and I always had my doubts but one day near christmas we went around town together for a while and now I’m beginning to think she might actually have been interested in me.

            Conclusion: I’m not very good at this, I think staying inside was a good decision 😛

  11. I’m making a random fanmon mega
    Gimme somethin to mega for y’all

      1. hmmm Stunfisk would be like some sorta super manta ray/dab
        its body wider and flatter, almost to the size of a rug, it would be speckled with yellow dots, and its fins would be longer and it would get whiskers

        and for Incineroar
        I’d say his body gets more muscular and his flame belt gets hotter, he will have a cape made of either fur or flames and his head markings get longer and look like a mask, and more stripes

          1. Dude i’m the guy who excels in this kinda stuff
            sounds like YOU need to earn your stripes

          2. It means you’re fucking garbage
            If you can’t balance, you shouldn’t make em
            At least I actually try

          1. Why is everyone talking about seals today I looked up seal memes today, then my friend was making jokes, then in bio we were talking about them, now here… Why?

  12. Shit I’ll just count Deci, Incin and Prim as one vote each since if one gets a mega, they all do

      1. It will be, no worries!
        But should I make it have tinted lens? It IS wearing glasses
        I also like Sniper and Super luck

        I already got prims ability ready

          1. Tbh Noctowl has Tinted lens so it would make sense for Deci to have them :0

    1. and i gave that some thought
      Decidueye’s cloaky thingy fully extends and covers its body like a cloak, and his head it completely covering its vision it is now 100% blind, it has three sharp plumes sticking out its head and its wings remain highly unchanged except the tips of his fingers are pointed and the bottom of the wing has grassy quills, his white legs turn grey and the brown bits dark brown, and its talons get longer and sharper

      and for the seal women
      i say its hair is raggedy and has split ends with some streaks (but they’re awful) and smells of smoke and cheap liquor, bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils, it wears a skimpy thong and bra with roadflares stuck in them, it wears cheap crackwhore lipstick and way too much eyeliner and it voice so shrill it actually hurts more

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          1. A lot
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      1. That was a very strange series.
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        1. i always wanted a super series finale movie, where they go to candy island and they find a tomb with the ultimate candy
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          1. Yeah, I think it got cut because of lack of interest. If it had managed to live longer they might have done just that.

            Epic plot twist:
            Candy wife is actually queen of candy island.

  13. Well regional rodent is done its

    Voliume a normal type Vole and its Evo. Volodious still pure normal type they are very sound based Pokemon

  14. Hm…So I haven’t said this before but I’m a pretty big fan of Doujinshi(self published/ fan manga) and something caught my eye. The current top selling book in Japan is a 16 page book that tells a brief history of some of the U.S.A.’s most famous millionaires/billionaires and depicts them as Moe girls. These range from those you would expect like Ford and Edison, to some that you wouldn’t like Chaplin or J.P. Morgan Jr.(I think). However the one that kinda seals it as being great is Donald Trump as a Moe girl and managing to have his weird scrunched up face. Regardless of your political feelings, I think we can all agree that its worth a little laugh and has some potential to be a new Japanese gag. Here’s a picture of it for reference.

      1. https://d1ct5r26oaip1n.cloudfront.net/media/catalog/product/cache/2/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/D/J/DJ16183-2_1.jpg

        These are pretty much the only other two images I can show. There is one of Rockefeller and its really well done, but its been attached to the cover which is just NSFW enough that I don’t feel safe posting it here.

          1. Hmm. Doesn’t seem to want to display, but the links work. So click on it if you like.

          2. I cropped the part that was, which was Rockefeller in a skimpy Bikini and her breasts nearly popping out of it. Its not really bad, but it just sits right there on the edge of NSFW.

          3. As Have I, but this is a fan site for a game aimed at children first and foremost, which means we have to keep things pretty PG in here when we can, and posting something that’s kinda borderline leud is kinda pushing it for me.

    1. I have no idea who Chaplin or Morgan are, but It’s times like this I really love Japan.

        1. Oh that Chaplin.

          You said the USA’s biggest billionaires so I didn’t connect the dots (spoiler: Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin there is English).

          1. Ehh, he’s kinda both. While I have no doubt that he considered himself an English man, his career was largely based in the US, lived here for decades and was pushed out of our country on suspension of being a Communist supporter. But he did make million’s while in the U.S., and again this book is a Japanese perspective of U.S. history. Their probably not the sort’s to really care about little details like that.

          2. He lived and worked in the US, but he never got citizenship, not even dual citizenship, so technically speaking he was a citizen of Britain all that time.

            Besides, he wasn’t the first one to head off to the US for the sake of the film industry and stardom and he won’t be the last. (Except most of the others like Anthony Hopkins, Alfred Hitchock and Angela Lansbury got at least a dual citizenship if not a full citizenship. I suspect the only reason Hopkins went for dual was to keep his knighthood.)

            Japan has an interesting perspective on the rest of the world and its ‘gaijin’. “Gaijin dakara ne?~”

      1. Chaplin was Charlie Chaplin, probably the most famous silent movie star in American History.

        Morgan on the other hand was a business owner who held a monopoly on munitions and Supplies to the British and French during the great war, and also served as their government’s backer for foreign Finance(or something like that). Pretty much he made a fortune from the war, which is kinda scummy in my book.

        1. Didn’t know about Morgan.
          Monopolies are never a good thing.
          Points to him for supporting the Red Cross, but that doesn’t redeem his abuse of the war.

  15. so it was true they also removed the x/y direct when the sun and moon reveal direct was about to happen

  16. hmmm what about more Alola Megas….none really catch my eye
    one i must try to make better
    Mega Kommo-o
    to start it off it grows a pair of wings where its little scale braid thing was, its a mix of bother dragon and avian wings with the scales representing feathers and some of the shoulder fur, its arms are the same except that cover plate on its fist now extends out like a blade and the other expands like a shield, its thighs and legs get more scales resembling a knight’s suit of armor (in this case a paladin)
    the scale (jez i’m scale alot) its headdress gets longer and more red while two scales cover the side of his mouth and he has a spike under his chin, lastly on his tail the very tip of his tail grows a very long spike scale
    as for stats it gets a boost to literally everything this thing needs all the help it can get and for an ability i don’t think much could get through that layer of scales maybe even deflect stuff so….MAGIC BOUNCE CLONE BUT WITH SCALZ
    HP: 75
    ATK: 145 (+35)
    DEF: 140 (+15)
    SPATK: 125 (+25)
    SPDEF: 115 (+10)
    SPEED: 100 (+15)
    ability: Zealous Scale reflects status moves

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            I’d be lying if I said it didn’t still bother me, but I forgive her all the same.

          6. yeah she a coward lol, you’re better off, I’m also willing to bet mr. texan doesn’t actually exist. The only reason she’s still on your mind is because you haven’t found someone yet thats given you an excuse to forget her

          7. If he didn’t exist I can think of two other reasons why she might have done it. One is perfectly understandable and I don’t blame her, the other means my ‘friend’ was even more of a backstabber than I thought (in which case I feel less bad about what I ended up doing to him).

            There was this one girl after my second girlfriend that I liked and I was actually closer to than either of my actual girlfriends but there was one small snag and it ended badly. It was a pretty daft decision to get involved with her, but I don’t regret it because even though she ended up betraying me to save her own skin, that one encounter we had was the farthest I’ve ever gone and will still remain a happy memory.

            Saly I don’t think I’ll ever forget any of them. Aside from having so many unanswered questions and so many things about my school days that still haunt me, I’m far too forgiving.

            I should probably get counselling or something.

          8. you must be only young I take it, because these relationships don’t sound very mature, possibly middle school early high school mentality. Still you’re better off, because if they didn’t treat you well they probably weren’t in it for the right reasons in the first place.

          9. I’m in my 20s. The last one was nearly 7 years ago (about 2011 I think, maybe 2010), the first was 2008-2009. This was a world ago, before I even knew what the differece was between a megabyte and a gigabyte was. I’m hardly even the same person tbh.

            Can’t think what alterior reasons they could have had, it’s not like I’m attractive or wealthy or anything. I can only think that they were more desparate than me.

            Long story short, everyone’s probably better off if I stop mithering on and stay single forever.

  18. Some more information about my starters:

    Bearine (Bear + Vine)
    The Small Bear Pokemon
    These pokemon are friendly but can also be great pranksters. They will always protect their friends if there is a need.
    Looks like a small Bear with green fur and vine-like leafs on it’s face (instead of fur, the face is visible).
    Based on baby bears, vines and kinda on the “Brother Bear” characters.

    Snakoal (Snake + Coal)
    The Snake Hatchling Pokemon
    Snakoal are clever but they don’t like company of pokemon or people they don’t know. Their fangs aren’t fully developed yet, but it still hurts a lot when you get bitten.
    Looks like a small orange snake with a zigzag black pattern on it’s back that transforms in to a black flame shaped mark on it’s “forehead”.
    Based on snake hatchlings and Vipera Berus snakes.

    Waterole (Water + Vole)
    The Baby Water Vole Pokemon
    They are still babies so they aren’t very active. They have their eyes closed because they can’t see very good yet. The porcelain/clay-like cups they’re holding are very important to them.
    Looks like a baby European Water Vole with wet light-blue hair and thick yellow whiskers that is holding a simple cup made out of a porcelain/clay-like substance.
    Based on Baby European Water Vole (what a surprise).

    What do you think about them? I’ll post the second stages soon.

      1. Yeah I saw it. I made my a long time ago, I didn’t steal your’s xd

        1. I’m sure you’ve been wrong lol Also why would you NOT want there to be a direct? Are you saying you don’t new cools toys to play with? lol

      1. I want something to play with all my friends and I’m trying to convince them to get it :))))

        1. Don’t try to convince them until after you’ve played yourself.

          I made that mistake with a steam bundle once and ended up out of pocket because I agreed to reimburse everyone because the game was shit. (One person screwed up and deleted their copy instead of returning it so I couldn’t get a proper refund.)

          Besides which, showing them first hand is more convincing than any rave reviews.

  19. This is all so bizarre. There’s no way that something won’t happen very soon. Need I remind people that the NX reveal trailer was announced at around 6PM PST?

    1. Was it now? I guess that makes sense. I suppose the problem we have here is that we are still in need to of two steps. First wee need to be told about the direct and then the actual direct has to happen. I imagine the direct will happen at it’s usual times of early morning for the west (well the US anyway) or early morning for Japan. I’m just wondering when we’ll even hear about it. lol

  20. We should have been running books on when the news is going to happen. My money is still on ‘not this week’.

    1. Any reason you don’t think it’ll be this week? Also when do you think the news will break then?

      1. Main reason is that it’s still not been that long since SM was released.
        Aside from the time it takes to develop a game, there’s also the fact they’ll be wanting to cash in on all the events, anime, merchandise and competitions first.
        It’s only been 6-7 months since SM was released.

        If it’s coming this year, it will be in the latter half of the year, closer to SM’s 1 year point.
        Might come as early as 8 months since SM, but I’m willing to bet closer to 10-12 months.

        1. I mean it’s not like they haven’t done back to back years before…..The may immediately after XY was released we got an ORAS announcement and that wan’t more than 2 extra months than we have going on here. As for the development of said games GF has at least 2 teams. They work on their games concurrently and swap people on and off as needed in order to get the best result. Of course they aren’t going to be able to make a fully realized game in only 6 months……The fact of the matter is that they wouldn’t have started making whatever comes next in November when SM were released it would have been shortly after (if not slightly before) they were finished making SM. Even then like I said they start production on games even when they are still working on the already announced games. I don’t remember when it was exactly said, but back when XY came out I think Masuda stated that they had technically already began production on XY when they were finishing up BW (or maybe BW2 actually) I think you are underestimating GF as a company. They don’t have a one track mind where they can’t multitask. I will agree with you that the game will likely come out late 2017. It goes with the release model they’ve made for themselves so it makes sense. As for the cashing in on SM merch I’d say they can do that regardless of whether a new game comes out. They may be able to make even more if the next games are still set in Alola. They’ve done this before it makes sense for them to do it again.

          1. They managed to release something every year from 2009 to 2014 internationally.

          2. Well actually they technically didn’t release something in 2011 for Japan, but even still lol

          3. ‘something’ yes.

            A mystery dungeon game, pokemon rumble, pokemon shuffle, something like that I could believe. A mainline game though is highly unlikely.

          4. I want a new Mystery dungeon but I don’t wanna be stuck as a Litten most as the game
            I wonder if they’ll make Pokemon other than starters, maybe a Rockruff
            Or at least give us more moves to play with like in Super
            Seriously Litten learns nothing fun except Fire Fang

          5. Agreed. The other week I rediscovered Gates To Infinity and found I hadn’t completed it, so I finished completing it and then forgot about it because there’s no post-game and they only had 5 starters available.

          6. So how long do you think it takes to port 100,000 lines of code? (That’s a conservative estimate ftr)

          7. Plenty of time except when you have a head start doing it while making SM and you have early access to a system descirved as being super easy to port and develop for

          8. Most of the developers saying it’s easy to port to will already be using x86/x64 processors or existing major game engines (like UE4), but Pokemon will almost certainly be running on an in-house engine, which they’ll have to port themselves instead of relying on a 3rd party to do.

            They’d have to have been working on it at exactly the same time they started on SM to have both done in time.

          9. … which the eurogamer leak confirmed. They WERE working on it at the exact same time. Besides,
            most stuff like environments, animation, music and models can be transferred over. There isn’t much work they would have to do at this point as far as porting goes. All that’s left is developing the new stuff for Stars

          10. Actually in hindsight, Platinum (2009) through to BW2 (2012) were all using a slightly modified version of the same engine, which explains the fast turnaround.

            XY they must have started working on much much earlier, either 2011 when the 3DS was already released or slightly beforehand.

          11. 2 months is a massive timespan in game development.

            Like I said to Infinity, I could believe they’d release a spinoff in that time, but not a mainline game.

            XY->ORAS was an exceptional case because they were developing for the same console and only upgrading the existing game engine. And notice that took at least a year.

            If you’re running under the assumption that the next game will be for Switch, then here we’re talking about porting the game engine on top of actually making a game, which is going to be a massive time sink on its own.

          12. But GF don’t make the spin offs…..They only make the mainline games…..Also the rumor about the game being on the Switch also states that the game has been in development as long as SM were and was only put on pause for a short while when they wanted to polish SM. Other than that pause it’s been in development for a long while.

          13. Seems very unlikely that they’d start making a game before any hardware was finalised.

            It would depend how long the Switch has been in production for and at what point Nintendo decided on the CPU and GPU spec.

          14. You can’t make a game without having some idea of what hardware you’re going to be using.

            You can draw up images and scripts and storyboards, but you can’t write any code if you don’t have anything to test it on unless you’re using a multiplatform engine like UE4, which GameFreak almost certainly don’t do.

    2. I agree on not this week. However, I its a little iffy on not this year. If not in May then definitely not this year, but it cant be this week

      1. Later in the year is much more probable, nearer Autumn/Winter.

        They like to wait until a game is well worn before announcing the next one so they can milk all the competitions and events first.

        They haven’t even properly released Marshadow yet.

      1. I was going to re-run the books every week so I could say ‘not this week’ every week and make a ton more money 😛

    1. well if they don’t skip like they did in 2015 and break the chain from 2009 to 2014.

  21. One thing that I want from the next pokemon game?

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  22. I swear if Pokemon doesn’t reveal this year and then next year its not DP remake There’s going to be hell to be raised

    1. Well this is kinda to be expected. I think Japanese poke-centers were doing something similar to this for the Stars merchandise line, so it’ll probably be something similar.

  23. Oh hey tomorrow we find out if the fat nerd baby is leaving or is just a hoax

  24. Jeez, the switch’s battery life is so low. I’m goona need to get one of those external batteries for the thing soon since I’m going to be on a 4 hour road trip to my grandparents in a few weeks and I wanna get three stars on all of the Grand Prix in MK8D

    1. “Approximately 2.5 – 6.5 hours
      *The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 3 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

      gg Nintendo

  25. “Drat! I misstyped my starters!”
    A Unovan classic book of stories and myths

  26. For me, this all seems too fishy to be a coincidence. I mean, they’re updating the site like they have before, the history of reveals in May lines up, the discussion of not skipping a year again, the constellation picture, and the corocoro? All of this will be one giant coincidence if nothing actually happens. I’m hyped!

          1. stop bashing xy please, I’m asking nicely, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others don’t like it, I ask this nicely <3

  27. Lowkey wishing that Corrosion made poison super effective on steel types

  28. I hate to say it but Game Freak is really kinda dumb sometimes

    – Has no idea what their audience wants (No Post Games after gen 5)
    – Leaves all the game data in the demo even after ORAS was data mined from the demo.
    – Refuses to embrace the fact that you can update games now and leaves in mythicals pretending like we’re going to be surprised seeing them 6 months before from a data mine.
    – Introduces mechanics in one game and just drops them after a gen
    – Can’t balance pokemon for shit (weak af Alola Pokémon, Mega Rayquaza)
    – Leaves in a bunch of doors you can’t open on Lumiose Badlands leading to players thinking there is more to find when there is it. Basically lying to your players
    – The entirety of the Delta Episode besides the very ending.
    – The fact that shiny locks exist screwing over a good chunk of players that want these shiny legendaries
    – Really bad difficulty curve in many of their games. Especially between the 8th gym and the E4
    – Over reliance on cut scenes
    – The fact that they can’t make a game right the first time and has to make a third version at all

        1. Absolutely. Pokemon has consumed a vast majority of my life, and so has a place like this which brings us all together. But there are a lot of flaws that we can only hope will one day be overcome.

          1. I kinda want Nintendo to get more involved in Pokémon’s development. They could bring so much to the series and just make it more fun to play

    1. I have to call out the first post slightly… theres no way for them to know what their audience wants because their audience is so huge and diverse everyone wants something different. Im sure things like cultural influence, age, game experience ect, all make for different gaming wishes and such, I know for a fact there are things I want to see in the games that others even here would detest.

          1. yes, as I have said, there are certainly many things id like to see in pokemon games that I know a lot of you guys would hate

          1. we don’t know if they’re ignoring it, it just might not be in their vision

      1. Fair enough but fans have been screaming for a post game since X and Y. So many fan favorite features have been abanondes for little to no reason. With those walking pokemon models in the game, maybe they will be in Stars. This could be the start of them listening to what fans want

        1. yes a post game is a pretty widely regarded element, but other so called fan favourite features are not necessarily fan favourites in other countries, my point is we have to keep an open mind, because we all like different things and just because we don’t like something about a game, doesnt make it a bad game, its just not for us. I do however wish walking pokemon will make a return

          1. Maybe it just means being more active in the fanbase. Nintendo in general is pretty bad at this but like, even more social media presence like Blizzard does would be a step

          2. yeah but idk about you but the pokemon fanbase is pretty toxic sometimes, and like all artists, you go more with your vision than with what others tell you to do

    2. Hmm about this

      -Yeah no idea like umm
      -Yes for Sun and Moon maybe a few leaked like Trumbeak, Dewpider and maybe even Salazzal, but not everything
      -I don’t understand? Explain
      -True Mega’s, Walking with Pokemon, Inverse battles!
      -Yeah M-Ray was a bad udea from the get go
      -Or in a few places like… I can’t remember any but they exist
      -All but zinnia and making Deoxys no longer mythical
      -I hate Shiny locks!
      -More like all of ORAS difficulty in general
      -Meh cutscenes are ok
      -Platinum was unneeded to the awesome DP action there was!

      1. Game Freak needs to update the game to include the new mythicals like Overwatch with new heros. That way mythical reveals actually mean something

    3. Mega Rayquaza is supposed to be broken, that’s sorta the whole point.
      Agree with everything else though

    4. The only problem with the update thing is that one day they’ll shut down the update server and you won’t be able to update the games.

    5. Also they can’t add Pokemon in an update because if anyone who doesn’t have the update tries to battle someone who has that Pokemon, their game won’t be able to comprehend it because the data won’t be present.

    6. I agree with a lot of this. I adore the Pokemon franchise and will be a lifelong fan but Gamefreak’s stubborn ‘two steps forward one step back’ is infuriating.

      I don’t need a ‘perfect game’ (there’s no such thing, you can’t please everyone) but for them to just stop removing previous technical features that made the games better and everyone loved, would be a nice start.

  29. Y’know, when I stopped caring about X and Y, I got more out of the cutscenes than I did when I played through it the first time. The only cutscene I noticed was the AZ one where he reunites with Floette… I never noticed it but it’s …. actually really well made

      1. I do too
        I can’t help but notice how real it felt. He literally drops to his knees, hands shaking, everything
        (Though it still is hard not to see the meme)

  30. Pokemon Game I feel a lot of peeps would like
    Level curve of SuMo
    Distance between gyms of Black and white
    BW2 tier aftergame with battle frontier
    variety of a round 400 obtainable mons pre elite four
    Story around SuMo tier
    Cutscenes around BW or X and Y levels


        1. I think what Pharap and I both were looking for within the story is for more of Hawaii’s lore to be explored rather than all the sci-fi shit that went on in Sun and Moon. We expressed our disappointment for Gamefreak taking that route a few months ago if I recall correctly

          1. fantasy > sci-fi , the only difference of course is that one usually focuses on the past, and myths and legends, while the other is futuristic, and ill take the past anyday

          2. I’m usually into sci-fi stuff, especially other video games and books, but it just wasn’t the right fit for a Hawaii-based region, since there is a LOT of Hawaiian myths/stories

          3. the only sic-fi I’ve ever really been into has been Horizon Zero Dawn, but that was also a clash of primitive and futuristic soon

          4. Random ramble before I make my point:
            The truly hardcore scifi fans like to differentiate between ‘science fiction’ and ‘science fantasy’, where the former is where events are actually plausible and the latter is where the laws of the universe are ignored or there’s no discernable scientific reason for things, in which case Pokemon would be the latter. I’m not a hardcore scifi fan but it’s good to know.

            The main event:
            I agree with @Dicie:disqus , I like scifi like Stargate and Doctor Who (though I have a love-hate relationship with the newer series), but I prefer when Pokemon is mostly nature with a few necessary bits of technology (Pokeballs, Pokedexes and CGear/Pokenav/Poketch, and a little bit of gene splicing and fossil reviving here and there) but not too scifi.

          5. thats not what I meant and you know it, but yes I did actually know that because you have said so before

          6. Better memory than me then, I’ve only been back for a week or so, so it must have been months ago that I mentioned that.

          7. yeah but you’ve never changed your name or avi so its easy to remember it

          8. True. I also struggle to remember facts about people who change their names/icons.

          9. That’s part of it. Seems a waste to take everyone to a region based on Hawaii and say “screw the local gods, here’s some ugly aliens from another dimension and some psycho woman who hates her children because they aren’t ‘beautiful'”.

          10. And you’re absolutely right. I’d feel the same way if they tried forcing an Ultra Beast story down our throats in a region based off, say, Greece, instead of tapping into the legends and myths. I hope this is a mistake they don’t repeat.

        2. “psycho woman wants to open portal to different dimension because she’s obsessed with ugly aliens”

  31. This is the thing about pokemon games and our community. At this point nintendo has such a demand from their fans to push games out so fast because we absorb them so quickly, all of us here play them very quickly and we don’t pay attention or really get absorbed enough in the game to like it long after its release, then nintendo puts out another game just as quick and we all move on never really experiencing the games in the way we had in our youth such as Red and blue, gold and silver, etc. all games I’m sure we poured hours into, now we ask for things such as higher difficulties and longer games, its not the games that have gotten worse, its us who have gotten better, the difficulties we ask for now, many of us wouldn’t have been able to play when we were kids, and we play games so much faster now then we once did. But somewhere out there so kid is enjoying his experience with the newer games just as we had when we started

      1. Black and white was a return to its roots, perhaps thats why we all loved it so much, they should do it again in a few years

          1. I whole heartedly agree, and the graphics were my favourite of any pokemon game, I prefer it to the 3D

          2. I miss gen 5…. I hate that so many people ended up skipping it cause OMG NO OLD MONS
            IMO, they were easily the best games

          3. I think most of those people where genwunners anyways, I don’t count them as part of the fanbase

          4. I think BW was let down by the poor Pokemon designs and weird battle animations. The story was sort of there.

            I preferred DPPt and HGSS to BW.

          5. But the designs weren’t poor and the battle animations actually gave Pokemon personality

          6. There were a lot of bland/eh/weird/forgettable designs.
            Audino, Watchog, Cryognal, Beartic, Alomomola, Vanilluxe, Garbador, Reuniclus, Scrafty, Basculin, Seismitoad, Conkeldurr, Unfezant, Liepard, Stoutland, Samurott.

            The animations were weirdly done, the pixels were always shifting into odd places and made them look less like actual Pokemon and more like pixelated images.

          7. Remove Reuniclus from dat list

            True… I just love the personality they gave

          8. Implying you agree with the others?

            And the 3D battle animations don’t have ‘personality’?

          9. I wish they’d go back to those pixelated battle animations, they were the best.

          10. If I were in charge I’d have a HGSS-style overworld but keep battles using 3D models.

            I wouldn’t go for the battle animations unless they made them less pixelly by hand-animating or something.

          11. agree to disagree, I prefer BW battles over all others, and BW/HGSS overworld is a tie for me

          1. I actually preferred B/W to B/W2 but I found the locations in B2/W2 where cooler in the main campaign, the post game was boring to me, HGSS, I agree with

          2. No comment about BW2 becuase I didn’t play them, but HGSS was almost unfaultable.

    1. Actually thats not true I’ve gone back to a few and it takes me longer to beat it than the first and thats without grinding sometimes, but anyway yeah we shouldn’t be rushing them so much I’ll wait for my D/P remakes till they can make a more perfected form that we can enjoy and still they poured their hearts into

      1. Do not expect much from remakes
        we had ORAS so you need to be willing to accept they may suck
        But if they’re amazing, that lets you see them as even better

          1. It literally added nothing to the actual experience besides like wally

          2. Soaring, revamped areas, the good old story (but now in 3D), the Delta episode, the best high-IV finding tool ever to hit a Pokemon game, actually involving Latios and Latias into the story slightly, making Deoxys part of the game with a bit of story behind it, better camerawork for cutscenes.

            Totally not different to the original GBA games at all.

          3. *headdesk*

            You forgot the delta episode?
            I’ll admit it had its flaws, but how can you forget one of the longest post-E4 storylines they’ve ever had?
            I dare say it was more involved than BW2.

            And soaring, which continues to be useful post-game for uncommon Pokemon.

            And the Pokeradar, the best damn Pokemon finding tool ever made.

            How can these things be forgotten?

          4. They made it different from the Secret Base theme, and made it more fitting of the city itself.

          5. to you it might have, but by making it more different and slow its more fitting to the atmosphere of the city itself

          6. I’m glad they re-made Ruby and Sapphire and not Emerald since I preferred one team being seen as the “good guys” and also Steven Stone as Champion. Did I miss the Battle Frontier tho? Hell yeah, and I was really expecting it to return in Sun and Moon. No Battle Frontier, no gym leader re-matches, and no Juan are my only complaints about ORAS….

            Kinda wish Steven was the Champ the first time through, then after completing the Delta Episode Wallace takes over in the Pokemon League, and Juan is in Sootopolis Gym as part of Gym Leader rematches. Steven can then be found in Meteor Falls as a re-battable super boss

          7. I agree with most of that. I think Emerald’s flaw in regards to Aqua and Magma was to not have a 3rd team trying to stop them both (like the international police).
            Steven Stone is still probably my favourite champion.

            A battle frontier would have been nice, they should have taken the time to add it, but they clearly wanted to release it in time for Christmas.

            No gym rematch is the flaw with more games than just ORAS to be fair.

            The changeover would have been interesting and would have given a good reason to re-beat the champion, I agree.

          8. He’s my favorite champion too xD They definitely wanted to get the game out in time for Christmas… what leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the easter egg stuff with references to the Frontier, really made me think at the very least it would be in whatever game was next. No gym leader rematches is a flaw that shouldn’t be, why is it not a staple by now?

        1. theres no way a D/P remake cant be better than the original, for me its a very low bar. And as much as I love R/S, I love ORAS so much more

          1. Huh… I hated Oras for not being Emerald quality
            Low bar? Limbo engaged

          2. its a R/S remake, not an emerald remake, not that I found emerald overly exciting, the only real thing it added was the battle place and I will never miss that

          3. Not entirely it’s more the neutering of the difficulty byy going
            HERE’S A LATIAS M8

          4. You could have not used it.
            I boxed Latios the moment I received it because I already had my team full.

          5. I didn’t have a full team i used castform instead of Latias my team was
            Pikachu (Cool cosplay)

          6. I swapped a few in and out by the end, but at that point I had 6 Pokemon and didn’t see much point in adding a Legendary.

          7. I won’t admit to liking it more than the original RS because despite the things it improved, it also introduced new megas and I still don’t like the mega mechanic, but I preferred it to SM and XY, and possibly some of the older games.
            Certainly more than FRLG in terms of remakes (maybe not more than HGSS though).

        2. You either get improvements like HGSS

          The same game with graphical updates like FRLG

          or something like ORAS which isn’t bad and has great aspects but just doesn’t have the charm of the original

          1. In FRLG’s defence, the Sevii isles were at least a small post-game, so it made small improvements.

            It would be impossible for ORAS to match the charm of the original because half the charm is the good old 2D tile-engine graphics.

          2. I guess I’m the rare, unusual person who loved ORAS so much more than the originals.

            However the 3rd gen of Pokemon was a weird time for me, I didn’t like the GBA and all my friends has lost interest in Pokemon so I had no-one to trade with anymore.

            I was so grateful for ORAS because I finally got to enjoy Hoenn the way everyone else did before, haha. Plus it had gorgeous graphics!

    2. To be fair, SM has been the first Pokemon game where I’ve actually put it down and stopped caring about it so soon after the main event.

      All the other games I have kept using for months after the release (I still use ORAS sometimes, mainly just hatching eggs and collecting items, but I still play it a bit).

      I actually don’t care if we have to wait until late 2018 for the next game if it’s well made.

      Frankly Pokemon is never going to be truly difficult because it’s an RPG with numbers at its roots, so it will always be able to be mathematically abused.

      1. I agree with the first bit, I played D/P more than I played SM, it just isn’t really all that fun for me, Ive never played any game more than XY/ and HGSS though I poured years of my life into those, and even ORAS is high up there

          1. I have played platinum, yes its a little better but I still am very meh about it, the remakes might make me love it though who knows, no matter what it’ll always probs be the lowest on my list

        1. I think I’ve played all of the others more than SM. I’ll check tomorrow how much time I put into some of the games. I know I just passed 500 hours in ORAS, so I’m guessing most games are 200-300 and SM will be just over 100.

          XY I wasn’t a massive fan of, but HGSS was almost unfaultable.

    3. I think it was different then. It was the first couple games and trading and battling was enough to keep intrest in the game. But now players need content. Stuff like the Battle Frontier

    4. The problem isn’t that we absorb them so quickly, it’s that the replayability of Pokemon games has gone down considerably over the years. I can see myself picking up Emerald, Platinum, HeartGold, BW/B2W2, etc. any time from now into the future, but I can’t really say the same thing about any of the Gen 6-7 games. They just don’t feel the same for some reason.

      1. I can agree with that fact but only for Sun and Moon, its the only game I struggle to replay at all, it actually kinda feels like a chore

      2. If you discount ORAS from G6 then I agree.

        XY’s postgame was nonexistant.
        SM had the UBs but I don’t like them and I didn’t like the SM story so I haven’t touched it in months (whereas I have with ORAS).

        1. Yeah, I wouldn’t count ORAS because I love Hoenn and they did a decent job with those remakes. Sun and Moon are definitely good, but once you finish everything it just feels empty.

    5. This is absolutely not true, except for the last sentence. The issue isn’t us, not at all. while I’d love for GF to take breaks to make better games, the longevity of the games have gone down astronomically. Late gen 3 through gen 4 is the absolute peak of the series for me, since it just had a load of content packed in. As for the difficulty thing, I found SM to be difficult games, so that isn’t an issue anymore, at least not now. And it isn’t just that we’re getting better and older, I can go back and still have a tough time with some of the older games. I get what you’re trying to say, and it’s true to an extent, but the argument falters for me.

      Side note: keep in mind that we are a Pokemon community, so it isn’t fair to say that we don’t pay much attention to the games. It’s just that they don’t have the content to keep us coming back like they used to, at least during the peak for me.

      1. ok but this was a maybe statement as in “maybe this is why some of us have such problems with liking the games” but you also just kinda proved all of my other statements about how diverse the community is and how we all have different opinions on whats good within the games. And saying that we don’t really get invested or pay attention to the games is totally ok to say because I know a lot of people here are like that, not for lack of trying, some just cannot get into the games and don’t notice as much as someone else might.

      1. Incineroar
        Wormadam (Showdown ruined this thing for me)
        Delphox (though it’s not that intense of a dislike)

        1. For Wormadam trying to get Trash cloak at Eterna Gym in Platinum was what ruined it for me

          1. I literally dislike Delphox just because it looks kinda awkward to me

  32. I remember before I got Smash 4 I thought you could give Miis attacks from other characters. So like, Samus’s charge beam or Link’s bow.

    I still want that

    1. I want decidueye in smash.

      Now back to my eternal punishment, it’s crunch time for me. AP exam in <24 hrs and I know nothing.

  33. So going around at dislikes there are a few I have no full seething hates for but reasoning

    Not a fan of
    This is an odd one I just never liked how are only Fire/Normal is a weird lion whom I don’t even know much about

    It just always bothers me how its over hyped like come on its a quad. Form Dragonite same stats same over used Dragon/Flying type if it was a cooler type like Dragon/Fire then it might not get on my baf side so much

    For annoyance in Platinum how it would never just win always lost even though it had the advantage and a two level higher difference trying to get it!

    We all know its for Emerald cause they always just ruin VR for me cause they can learn the trolliest moves then you catch one and its awful

    For the reason of how its always got the same wild set even in games they all just Stockpile->Spitup or Swallow and it always gets me that when I see one I know I won’t leave soon from it cause they won’t let you just run

    And no I hate none these are just the ones I like least on my lists

        1. I mean if you want something like that then take it up with Nintendo directly lol

  34. i still can’t get over the fact that Hapu basically almost got destroyed by Guzzlord when using Tapu Fini….
    I know weaknesses and stuff don’t play as large as a role in cutscenes but suspension of belief can only go so far

      1. It’s kinda implied
        Phero/Buzz goes to Melemele, the place it is found n the post game
        So it makes sense for all the ubs to be on their respective islands

  35. Jim Sterling made a video defending Smart Steerig and the invincibility lead and all that and it got me thinking. Was the EXP share that bad? It’s there for players who want it but you can turn it off at any time

  36. I remember reading a comment where someone said team skull probably couldn’t even kill someone… If I remember right, the game implies that that scenario actually happened

      1. Y’know that cementary area in Melemele
        Apparently the person who died there was Hapu’s Grandfather
        And team skull somehow were the cause of it

        1. if they did it was an accident, team skull are not actually “bad” people

          1. I know they aren’t, I can’t help but find it a little ironic though

        2. If they were it was probably a heart attack.

          (Or he took one look at them and died laughing.)

          1. It’s fair enough, I could have said something sooner.

            I still get the references to a degree because I know what a ‘stand’ is and know most of the stands are names after songs and some characters are named after bands or singers (or something along those lines).

    1. I forgot about the Zygarde Cells entirely actually….

      Ive don’t the battle tree though

    2. I forgot about the Zygarde Cells when I read that some of them were time-based and remembered Zygarde has no business being in Alola 😛

      I tried the battle tree for 5 minutes, realised I’d need 5-IV competative tier Pokemon, said ‘bugger that’ and never visted again.

  37. You know what, forget this whole Pokemon Direct thing. When is Nintendo going to announce their E3 plans?

    1. Prolly within the next week or two. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the direct we all think is Pokemon related turns out to be their typical pre-e3 direct

  38. Watching a playthrough of XD Gale of darkness
    I love how some mons have such dramatic damage animations
    Like sandstorm is up and every single time the sandstorm effect happens, I just see this slaking get blown backwards and it looks frigging hillarious

        1. Mirror B is still one of my favourite Pokemon villains.

          “Let the music play.”

    1. XD and Colosseum are underrated.
      I count them alongside the mainline games because they were so nicely done.
      Also they had really nice villainous teams – all the admins actually looked different and had different personalities.

        1. What’s wrong with them?

          (And don’t say not having many locations, because that was a hardware limitation.)

      1. I even like Colosseum and XD more than some of the mainline games, I really miss playing them now where my Wii is dead and I have no other way playing gamecube games o.o

  39. What are my favorite parts of each game you might wonder well

    Yellow: I love the challenge and experience I got from it! And Muk

    Silver: I love the use of Characters and the regional set up

    Emerald: Fortree cities Ladders… this honestly was my favorite part and Fortree music

    D/P: everything I loved the mons, the beautiful music, character development, The end, how things were balanced (except razor claw being hidden in VR)

    SS: Walking with my Totodile for the first time as (Totodile of first forms is my favorite starter)

    BW: The 3d parts astonished me I was bewildered walking across the bridge to Castellia city and walking up Dragon Spiral tower

    BW2: Pokestar studios movies were amazing and very fun to act on

    XY: The looker story line it was very fun and hey i caught and Croagunk and named it Looker in memory of him (cause his dead partner was Croagunk)

    ORAS: The part of Liza and Tate that was the most epic battle I remember there I had Hariyama and Pikachu take them on

    SM: The starter scene and all the different landscapes they made for the games

    1. Spoiler: Fortree’s ladders don’t actually change your height, it’s a hacky illusion.

      1. No that sound going up I would play for 10 hours just to here that sound

    1. It just heals on its own. anime clothing is basically part of their body. when they heal so do their clothes lol

        1. I could overlay them both, but I’m not good enough at sound to actually ‘mix’ them into something sensible.

          1. true, but TC only uses Ness and that means nothing but trouble to anybody with a large hitbox aka all my mains

  40. @TCMets:disqus @BigGuyI:disqus @starstorm295:disqus
    I made a room and another person is expecting so first come first first serve

      1. @BigGuyI:disqus we got one spot IF you want to join. If not you dont have to

          1. Well I didnt say that, but hey if you dont want to join, dont. But definitely dont bring that whole thing here.

          2. you basically stole my smash night, i wanted to fight people other then you guys for a change and as always that failed

          3. maybe for you but i have pride in my smashing and they know all my tricks, i’m sick of only fighting them
            (and i really hate that Fam crap)

  41. I have a good feeling tomorrow the direct will be announced and Friday will be the direct early in the morning. they always seem to have directs on Friday for some reason.

  42. ok Marshadow is op, i was sweeping and Spectral Thief totally won the guy the win…..

    1. This is cheap useless humanz mods can figure who u r ……….don’t touch our star though.

  43. Also it’s very weird to be here in Japan where it’s 11:10 am and I’m hearing you all talk about going to bed! Fingers crossed for a direct announcement this evening!

    1. I really hope so, it seems like it’s going to happen with the evidence (hopefully..)

      1. lol rockcrawdant was here for awhile just dissapread for a little bit 😀

          1. Oh well hi. I’ve been here since 2013. I was originally known as CharizardKing. I arrived during the X and Y days. And I come on here once and awhile. But when there is news I’m on here a LOT!!! 😀

        1. Yeah I took some time off while I finished my undergrad this year. But now the stress is over!

  44. has anyone used the QR team scanner? i always wondered how that works

      1. is a very passive pokemon for my taste. Its movepool limits its, but oh well same could be said about tangrowth and look at my bby being ou for a while now

        1. Its pretty defensive, and while its not as big a wall as magic guard clefable it still does the trick, plus its a really good healer/team healer. two immunities, and only 2 weaknesses. Its a pretty good wall id say. Just not much of an attacker, its more of a support

          1. exactly. on the tier he is (RU or NU) that thing is annoying af. He is one of the best walls beside alomomola

          2. Forgive me if I’m wrong but the only thing that defines what “tier” that smogon puts things in is based completely on how much they are used, so the only reason anything is in OU at all is because its popular, not because of any other reason, their tiers really don’t mean anything

          3. while you make a good point. There is a reason why those pokemon are popular/overused. Because they excel in battles and overall are strong pokemon that can overcome weakness. Audino overall is a good wall agaisnt many pokemon but there are so many strong pokemon that can break through its wall, meanwhile Amoongus, another popular wall, has less threats and its harder to break through

          4. its all a matter of perspective, but don’t listen to me, I don’t play by smogons rules, I don’t think pokemon battles are that linear, I believe theres a way to use every pokemon *cue Karens E4 speech*

          5. . . . you mean one of the most hard hitting fairy pokemon there is? 😛 lol is granbull not in their “OU” tier? its one of the strongest pokemon there is

          6. granbull is RU smogon is doing the most by making a physical all attacker mon when he can do much more than that

          7. But thats what smogon tries to help. A pokemon may not perform well against a mega metagross but can take on others. Thats what the tiers are for. I guess it doesn’t do that very well though :/

          8. maybe thats what it tries to do but their website and tiers in general are part of the reason every battle we do and see online follows this cookie cutter formula, its so boring

    1. Because smogon is having some statistical problems atm and every new mega is OU atm

      1. oh thats make so much sense lol mega audino is an good pokemon on its regular tier

    1. I have no clue I’m wondering the same thing. I think there was a fight tho. I don’t exactly remember, so I could be wrong.

  45. Hopefully a new game will be announced soon but i have to say I am not totally convinced it will be on switch like many are thinking. personally I feel we will get either stars or gen 4 remakes on 3ds this year and next year or in 2019 we will get gen 8 on switch.

    1. But thats the thing…putting either a remake or “stars” on the switch would be ideal and a good way to initiate the shift over to new hardware. Dont have a switch? SuMo is still a good choice to get the more basic handheld pokemon experience. And lets face it…they need to give the switch all the support it can get. It cant afford to have older systems get new first party hits

      1. while I do agree with you I just feel that the first pokemon game on a new system will be a new generation. we will have to just wait and see what happens. either way I will get the new game. just need a switch first lol

    1. They didn’t even brother to use a more recent DPRemake box art, I’ve already seen that one before

  46. If I wrote a pokemon league fanfiction and needed a bunch of trainers with a signature pokemon, would you all want to be included?

      1. My Signature Pokemon would of course be Incineroar. That probably means I’d have to be a fire type gym leader.

      1. Sign me up For Either
        Poison Elite 4 or Electric Gym leader.
        Either way I want to my personality to be like Acerola, but darker. Im always smiling and laughing but the things I say are quite dark.
        For example, “This will be fun I cant wait to see your pokemon suffering from poison/paralysis. Teehee”

    1. If a lot of people want to, I can make a tiny form to fill out (desired first name, Pokémon, one characteristic?)

      1. Name:Buttah
        Pokemon: Darumaka,Heatmor,Houndoom,Pyroar and Incineroar (my signature pokemon)
        Characteristic: Optimistic
        I would be a young guy in glasses with a shirt with “BUTTER” written on it.

      2. Name: Seraph
        Pokemon: Marshadow (My signature) Decidueye, Gourgeist, Mimikyu, Alolan Maro, Jellicent
        Characteristic: Energetic/adorkable

      3. It’s gonna be more like the league ash faces in the anime. but I might throw in some elite for and other people. I love it so far everyone!

          1. Let’s do at most three. Preferably one so it’s easy to remember and then I can write one really good battle and have it like that episode with Gary and the elite four!

          2. If one then Inci, If three then Incineroar Alolan Raichu and Oranguru ( I love Alola)

      4. Name: Kuppo

        Pokemon: Chandelure (signature), Galvantula, Gliscor, Weavile, Gallade, Polygon Z.

        Characteristics: Quiet, Shy

      5. Name: Blitz
        Pokemon: Arcanine (signature), Wishiwashi, Decidueye, Volcarona, Aggron, Alakazam
        Characteristic: Outgoing

    2. Oo I’ll do it my Pokemon
      Name: Alex
      Team: Ambipom, Turtonator, A. Golem, Steelix, Weavile, Samurott (signiture Pokemon)
      Characteristic: Funny

      1. Oh you meant like a Gym keep all but the team will be Dark and my mons

        Murkrow, Umbreon, Absol, Stunky, Zorua, Weavile (sig.)

    3. I’ve also been debating whether to write a story or not, but I doubt I’d finish it because I’m lazy 😛

      That and I’d probably end up diverging from the Pokemon battle aspect and end up making it more like one of the films (more about combatting mystical disasters than Pokemon battling).

  47. I changed my name. Now you shall call me Butter. (As nobody called me by name when I was called Chibi me me big boy)

    1. Not surprised. They’ll want to hold off on the news of a game until THEY announce it. I think they’d prefer to do it themselves than have it leak early through a predictable magazine lol

      1. I wonder if they will reveal anything or if we really won’t get something this year

        1. I’d very surprised if we get nothing this year. They don’t typically do off, on, off year kind of releases. I’d say at some point in this month well be getting something for sure. As to what? Who knows lol

  48. I swear to god that kid just fucking jammed out on that goddamn Xylophone

  49. Ffs Sophocles caught a Charjabug in today’s episode. That rules out the possibility of Ash getting one

    1. Why in the world would they show Ash catching one then in the intro? Tis dumb lol

      1. Tbh he threw a ball at it, but was never clear whether he caught it or not

      1. I haven’t watched it yet but saw some screenshots and it looked like a flashback episode after which he caught a Charjabug near the end of the episode

      2. Flicking through the episode caps on Serebi seems to indicate no, it’s just about Charjabug and the like.

          1. For some reason it’s in a cage at one point, which is being held by Satoshi, so I get the impression that he caught it for Sophocles or caged it up for Sophocles to catch.

          2. “Charjabug
            Sophocles obtained a Charjabug as a gift from Ash when he thought that Sophocles was moving away. Ash caught Charjabug in the forest and brought it to Sophocles for him to capture. After a small battle with Togedemaru, Sophocles captured the Charjabug.”

          3. Oh yay, good guess.
            Except now you’ve spoilt it for people who haven’t seen it 😛
            Put some spoiler tags on that immediately.

  50. I think there should be a longer gap between Gens, I never understood why A new game should always mean new region and Pokémon.
    I would love sequels to older games and more games like Gales of Darkness and Colessuem.

  51. Ok what the hell i beat all the freaking Time Trials and somehow didn’t get the tires

  52. So it seems that Nintendo is doing a “Nintendo Spotlight” for only 2017 games at E3? Wow, that’s just typical isn’t it…

    1. its Focusing on 2017 releases doesn’t mean they wont throw in any 2018 hints

      1. Where does it say that it’s only focusing on 2017? I mean, it makes sense to sneak some 2018 in there.

        1. i wouldnt be surprised if we get one or two games planned, but i rather have 2017 releases only because i dont wanna wait long


    2. No idea why it’s going to be in the film, it seems odd.
      Maybe it’s just going to be in the background the whole time as a teaser for its actual film.

      1. Dude this is classic Pokemon movie mythical pumping
        They gotta have a movie for the unreleased crap so they can make money from it

          1. I’m still annoyed about that random match…..
            I had a Hitmonchan sweep with two bulk ups and ol depressio stole em and ruined my game, I blame you for this

          2. Cause you don’t love him, that’s why, he wanted to show you how cool he was

          3. Fehhhhhhhh
            Although technically speaking it is technically a Fighting type which I’m fond of…..

            I should get the Brick Breakers back in action
            M. Heracross

          4. It gets close combaaaat
            Hawlucha is underappreciated, an amazing High Jump Kicker

          5. Sadly this team is a little sucky, I mean there’s a finite number of Fighting types that can fill every role of a team.

            Maybe I’ll switch Hawlucha for Hitmonlee, I dunno I need a better Special Fighting other then mlp bait

          6. Siiigh all my favorite beefy fighting types can’t make a team alone…..

          7. They can’t, you can’t make a fighting mono and be good without the horseys

          8. If it didn’t come down to balancing and actually countering things
            M. Heracross

          1. But this is an exception because Marshadow is a pure ball of perfection who deserves everything good

  53. Reminder to y’all that Marshadow has an animation in refresh where it yawns

  54. Wait so is Sophacles leaving and if he is why does it look like Togedemaru isn’t going with him?

          1. That would probably breach the voice actor’s contract or something 😛

            As plots go, it’s an old, stale one. But then they are aiming the anime at young children 😛

          2. He’s boring and basically the obese Clemont. We just had 3 seasons of the annoying nerdy sidekick and Sopho is no different. That and he’s barely received any character development

          3. I like Soph. Much better than Clemont due to me dispising how annoying his voice was… only good part of Clemont was his team

          4. He had a Luxray ffs unaccapetable. A boring twat like him doesnt deserve the best Electric type oat

      1. T_T nevermind
        At least he caught something… I swear they need to add more captures
        Now next episode I’m excited for since Gladion might be a rival or driving force to the plot

        Anything but schoolhouse adventures with classmates

        1. I mean its pretty obvious that Gladion is gonna be the rival. It was already implied in the games that he wants to become a serious trainer and taking on the island challenge

  55. Bakugo (My Hero Academia) and Gladion have the save Japanese VA, I’m stupidly excited

    1. How did I know he would have explosion powers before I even looked him up?

      Seriously, Japan and their naming schemes 😛

    2. One is angry all the time and the other is (mostly) calm all the time. Interesting divide lol

          1. I feel like the voice fits well too!
            At this rate they’ll have a good Guzma voice!

      1. They’re probably going to make Gladion more of a hot-head based on how he occasionally snapped at people during the game.

  56. My sophocles team prediction has to be right know. (Togedemaru, Vikavolt and Alolem)

  57. I think if the games weren’t leaked Salazzle would have been the next revealed mon
    I’m not sure if y’all noticed, but every totem mon besides Salazzle was revealed

    1. Kommo-o was revealed? And its probably for it was the only one left unveiled with Data mine

      1. It was in a corocoro at a point
        Salazzle would have been revealed next, no doubt

        1. And the name is Dhelmise, which I remember simply because it’s such a good name

  58. Inb4 the surprising details aren’t the Z-move, just marshadow story details
    I’ll love it

      1. Why the hell are you talking to us in the middle of class?
        Pay attention, you might learn something 😛

        1. I’m sitting in SAT prep, aka throwawayclass.exe

          This class doesn’t work, I took the SAT already, and this class improved my score by exactly 0 points

          1. Are American SATs different to UK SATs?
            We only did sats once at the end of primary school and then never again 😛

          2. They are a huge ass test at the end of 11th grade that basically decides a lot of your life and college and shit

          3. Not the same then.
            Also don’t believe that they decide your future, they don’t.
            They’re just for getting into college and college is far more important because it’s where you’ll specialise and do the really hard stuff.

  59. Alright I gotta Guzzlord this Pepsi and peanut butter sandwich
    Take a shit and start my shift

    Later buttwipes

    1. Because it needs to get less damage from phisical attacks even if fire attacks will do more.

    2. I just got it cut short and it suuuuuuucks

      But my grandma probably would’ve cut it if I didn’t and it would look worse

        1. Totes
          I want a warrior mullet
          also chicks with hair that reach to the base of the spine

    3. My stupid hair curls when it gets too long
      I should get a spray bottle and just comb it back but it looks weird and floofy when it dries

      I never thought I’d grow up into someone who worries about his hair…

          1. In that case their system is half working (only half because he can still access Disqus :P)

    1. I’ve noticed in recent years they’ve been darkening anime a lot.
      I wonder if there’s some kind of crazy ‘bright screens are bad for your eyes’ health regulations. They do it to some live action stuff too, particularly when there’s explosions.

  60. still wishing we got a event battle with marshadow where you go to area and it pops up from your shadow or something like that

    1. GF don’t care about making events cool anymore ; n ;

      I miss the days when we needed event items to reach special locations to catch them.

        1. That’s waaay too easy
          Marshadow is a gloomdweller, so why wouldn’t it show up in a depressing place like Po Town :3

          1. They’re not depressed, they’re arrogant thugs.
            The people at the graveyard are depressed.

          2. Yeah, they’re angry, not depressed.
            And the moral of the story is: stay in school kids.

          3. But stillll the graveyard is so easyyyyy
            Marshadow deserves special treatment

          4. I mean a grave yard is literally the most obvious thing for a ghost type
            Po Town would feel really unique

          5. Backstory m8, you realize they’re all kids who failed the island challenge right?

          6. It’s implied
            They got drowzees, a mon that eats dreams and their teams consist of Island Challenge mons
            Fomantis, Salandit

          7. “As revealed by some of their members, Team Skull is composed of misfits who failed the island challenge.” – Bulbapedia

  61. Actually, Why aren’t there Dark type gyms? Is it that all gym leaders have to be good? (Dark type=Evil type)

      1. I know, everybody knows that. There are 48 gyms and not one of them is Dark type. That can’t be a coincidenc…

    1. No because everyone wants to be one so the league committee said if you can’t choose then no dark types ever

    1. I’m weird. My fav pokemon is Inci and I actually really like Alolan Persian.

      1. I don’t dislike Alolan persian, I just wish its head was very slightly smaller.

        Can’t agree with Incineroar though 😛

        1. I know that you hate Incineroar and I don’t really know why, but that doesn’t matter if you’re cool besides that.

          1. I could write a small essay on why I don’t like Incineroar, but it wouldn’t help anything.

            There’s a lot of Pokemon I really don’t like but there’s also a lot of Pokemon I do like and a lot I’m indifferent about 😛

      1. I think they realised after the fact.
        Maybe they’ll shrink the head a bit for the next game.

  62. Graghhrrgghhhhhh some idiot broke a whole case of rubbing alcohol……my brain hurts…….and feel dizzy….

    1. “It should be used in a well-ventilated area due to inhalation hazards.
      Poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or
      consumption of rubbing alcohol.”

      Huh. Erm… don’t breathe the fumes?

      1. Grooooooaan………I definitely inhaled a bit, I have a headache……I think I’ll be fine…

        1. Out of interest, what sort of shop do you work in?

          For some reason I imagined you working in some remote log cabin in Oregan selling trail mix and maps.
          That or a hardware store with drills and hammers.

          1. I is working at BJs tis a wholesale club
            Me head of recovery, make sure crap in right places and not in wrong places, everyone’s a turd except cute chick in baking/deli department

          2. We have a wide selection of useful useless crap
            And I’m the guy who they always hit up for heavy lifting

          3. Don’t we all
            Also on slow hot days I like to hide in the industrial sized freezer
            It’s dark, isolated, freezing cold and all noise is drowned out by the soothing white noise of AC fans

            I swear I want to sleep in there it has all the qualities

  63. Uhgggg I gotta present my project in biology todayyyy ahdjdjsjsbxjdjaijenijjZiejjxjto so

    It’s about penguins though so that’s fun

    1. What kind of Penguins?
      Emperor Penguins? Rockhopper Penguins?

      There was a documentary about Penguins on earlier in the year.

        1. Oh yay, right first time.
          They were on the documentary.
          Lots of rock thieving and squabbling.

  64. Let me think of something
    Choice Scarf speed attack
    Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Head Smash, Wild Charge

    Heracornite Speed attack
    Pin Missile, Close Combat, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed

    Iron Fist
    Life orb HP Atk
    Power-Up Punch, Knock Off, Poison Jab, Bullet Punch

    Assault Vest HP Sp Def
    Storm Throw, Knock Off, Poison Jab, Ice Punch

    Leftovers Hp Def
    Fake Out, Close Combat, Knock Off, Bullet Punch

    White Herb SpAtk HP
    Clanging Scales, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Flamethrower

    My fighting type dream team…which will be a nightmare if I actually used it competitively

    1. As in what airs in the end of may or now? Cause I’ve seen them all On Demand already

      And IKR!

          1. *erases all memory of the jungle* Where am I? Who are you? Who is this Earthen you speak of?

  65. Second stages of my starters! And they all have signature moves that they learn through evolving!

    Bearave (Bear + Brave)
    The Defender Pokemon
    They are very active, protecting those in need. They are very loyal to their friends. The amount of moving from place to place they do would make any human tired.
    Looks like a not-fully-grown bear stanging on two legs with green fur. It has a giant leaf on It’s back that is tied with an “Ivy Belt” it has on It’s Belly and hips.
    Based on a bear and Ivy. (He moved on from Vine to Ivy)
    Signature Move:
    Sudden Leaf Strike
    65 power
    10 PP
    User can’t be put to sleep this and next round.

    Slithermal (Slither + Thermal)
    The Shedding Skin Pokemon
    Even the parts of it’s old skin that are already shed can be moved by him like limbs. He puts them on fire to deal more damage.
    Looks like a bigger version of Snakoal with a diffrent face and with a diffrent black mark on It’s forehead. And it has “arms” made of split in half upper part of his shed skin with the “hands” (the parts that were the skin on his face) being on fire. I hope that made sense.
    Based on Vipera Berus snakes and snakes shedding skin.
    Signature Move:
    Scaly Blaze Slap
    65 power
    10 PP
    User’s next move is twice as likely to land a crit.

    The Water Vole Pokemon
    As the Pokemon evolve they change into young fighters. The cups are even more important to them now because they use them as weapons.
    Looks like a bipedal European Water Vole with wet yellow hair, simmilar to Waterole’s whiskers that holds a porcelain /Clay cup.
    Based on the same things as Waterole.
    Signature Move:
    Spraying Cup Stream
    65 power
    10 PP
    User’s next move ignores target’s stat changes.

    The final stages probably coming tommorow with their signature status moves!

      1. I know, It was your suggestion, or at least i thought so. If you want, I can change the name.

  66. Working on gym leaders.

    Roxanne is now in college at Rustboro University who has no free time between her classses and her gym battles.

        1. Old age… orrrrr Mob hit for not letting a thug gang take over the power plant

  67. Should I learn coding and game making and all that stuff just to make my own fakemon game? I mean, would it be worth it?

    1. You don’t need to know how to program to make a ROM hack.

      On the other hand if you’re talking about making your own Pokemon game from scratch, then yes, some programming is required.
      There are tile-engines and tools out there already, but all the ones I’m aware of require some programming.
      Except maybe RPGMaker, but RPGMaker games tend to be pretty terrible.

      1. It would be terrible anyway so I think I’ll use that, if learning how to code myself is the only other option. And I heard “Pokemon Essential” for RPGmakerXP is helpful.

        1. Oh, aparently rpgmaker does have scripting facilities. Fair enough.
          Just remember you have to buy rpgmaker though, so it might be worth looking around for other (free) options beforehand.

    2. I actually have a qualification in game development and I’m an intermediate programmer with knowledge of various languages.

  68. In the works of my Normal/Ghost type its basis is on Talismans that ward off Ghosts

    1. I did an opossum and a white cherub with a living fighting shadow
      A talisman sounds like a rock/ghost

      1. More based on paper ones (Like whats seen in the Maidens peak episode of season one) just paper ones

        1. For a more Magical stance

          And when test drawing I finally learned how to make a more majestic looking tail

          1. I would have said Steel would make more sense because of the golden horns and tough scales, or Rock because of all the statues.

            Whatever, as long as you’re not doing it because of that daft unicorn parallel people like to make.

          2. Nah will have no daft Unicorn ideas *looks back at them all*

            Thats a joke no unicorn ideas

  69. My regional birdies

    The Cardinal Pkm
    Big Pecks/Keen Eye HA: Sheer Force
    A very small grey bird with rusty red wings and head plumage, it has a very large crooked and jagged grey beak, and lastly pink feet
    “Their hard beaks are tough enough to peck holes in trees in search of food, when at rest they sing beautiful melodies high above the treetops”

    Sparroh (WIP)
    The Arrow Pkm
    Big Pecks/Keen Eye HA: Sheer Force
    A much larger and thinner bird Pokemon with a greyish white color with that same rusty red color in its wings and head, it’s wings are long and very thin with two stripes at the tips, tail feathers sticking straight outward, and a small head with a very long pointed beak with an arrow shaped notches
    “Agile and extremely fast, they can dive bomb through openings no bigger than 6inches wide, with this great speed they can pierce right through trees and still keep going”

    The Polearm PKM
    Big Pecks/Intimidate HA:Sheer Force
    A large bird of prey Pokemon, a fit compact body with grey sleek feathers, it’s wings have three red streaks that end with points, it’s neck is slightly long and has a mask like face with a crest on its head and under its chin resembling an axe head, it’s main feature is it’s mighty 3 foot long beak with several wedges and barbs that resembles a powerful spear, and its tail feathers are long and streamer like
    “It’s soaring through the sky it spots prey from over 2 miles away and dives straight for it, skewering whatever is in its way”

    1. I used to have a Cardinal then I left it with my spacial game designs to stay

      1. I got the idea from my Grandma she likes cardinals and has a bunch of pictures and carvings

        But I feel guilty of the semi shitty names but whatevs regional birds

        I like the dex entry imagine owning a Sparroh and have it literally fly into trees and have them pop through to the other side,

    1. Mines just a coconut solider
      it’s basically a Deku scrub with a coconut helmet with a tiny palm tree on its head
      It has a funnel mouth which lets it spit pellets at a powerful range (and it’s fluids on the inside are volatile and uses the palm leaves on its head to heat up the mixture to make it explode)
      Evolving into Cocomando which is bigger and has more camo with a freaking mortar for a mouth

      1. Cocojoe
        The Coconut Pkm
        Skill Link/Sniper HA: Chlorophyll
        As I just said, a small plant Pokemon with a ruddy red tan and green camouflage patterned body with two half circle hoofs, a large coconut shaped head with a funnel mouth and two holes for eyes and a second coconut half on its head with a miniature palm tree with three leaves on top
        “It swallows anything round and keeps it in its belly, when the time comes it spits them out with enough power to pulverize stones”

        The Mortar Pkm
        Skill Link/Sniper HA: Chrolophyll
        It is mostly the same except a bigger body with bigger feet, it has a large wad of grass on its shoulders like those…military scrubs thingies, it’s mouth funnel is much longer and has two red rings on its side like a cannon, it’s face has red and green zigzags like face paint, and the helmet as a chip in it while the palm tree is longer and the leaves bigger
        “It soaks up sunlight to raise its body temperature before fighting, it can fire explosive seeds in rapid succession that can blow apart a tank”

  70. Wait Earthen about leaked SU

    Do they make it to Home world? Is an Emerald seen? Do the rest of the gems have a role in the arc?

          1. Ehh thats debatable its color sceme seems to be the wrong shade, but thats just my opinion it may be her and I wonder when Bismuth will be back?

  71. I feel like a leech, I spent the last 20 minutes on the can, just 16 more minutes then I’m done with work

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