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Ash Hat Pikachu Distribution Announced

As per usual, images from this month’s CoroCoro have leaked!

The Ash Hat Pikachu that was first revealed to the public via the Pokémon Sun & Moon datamine, has officially been announced for distribution! As many have theorized, Ash Hat Pikachu will be the bonus when you pre-book a ticket in Japan for Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!

  • Original Cap Pikachu can be obtained from April 15th-May 1st and July 19th-July 31st
  • Hoenn Cap Pikachu from May 3rd-May 15th and August 2nd-August 14th
  • Sinnoh Cap Pikachu from May 17th-May 29th and August 16th-August 28th
  • Unova Cap Pikachu from May 31st-June 12th and August 30th-September 11th
  • Kalos Cap Pikachu from June 14th-June 26th and September 13th-25th
  • Alola Cap Pikachu from September 27th-October 9th and September 13th-September 25th

Along with the Ash Hat Pikachu, there will be a serial code given out that will unlock the Pikashunium Z Crystal. Giving you access to the exclusive Pikachu Z-Move: 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!