Pokémon GO Gearing Up For Something Big

Several leaks and announcements are pointing to Niantic gearing up for something huge in Pokémon GO!

Pictures, screenshots, and more have popped up from a confidential notice for Starbucks employees about a new sponsorship deal with the popular coffee shop beginning on December 8th. This sponsorship includes making most, but not all, Starbucks locations a Gym or Pokéstop in game and the introduction of a brand new Pokémon GO inspired Frappuccino! But what’s bigger than the appropriately Raspberry flavored blended drink is that the employee notice says “Pokémon GO is about to expand with new Pokémon” and a “new update.” This, alongside an official partnership with Sprint to make 10,500 locations Gyms or PokéStop adds to the hopefully growing list of sponsorships, and the possible introduction to Generation II Pokémon.

But if Gen II is just around the corner, what about the still omitted legendary Pokémon from Gen I? What do you think, will this holiday season mark us being able to catch Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile and the rest of Generation II in GO? Whatever the case, the update on Dec. 12th will definitely shed some light on the matter.