[UPD] December CoroCoro Leaks: New Pokémon, Ultra Beasts

As per usual, Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro has leaked and brought with it some new Pokémon Sun & Moon information. No other info was given was given about the black Pokémon shown above other than it being related to Solgaleo and Lunala in some way – third mascot Pokemon confirmed?

On the following page two “never-before-seen” Ultra Beasts are shown, but, once again, no other information is given about them.

And finally, the last scan shows rather familiar artwork of the starter’s final evolutions and showcases their special Z-Moves. In Japanese, Decidueye’s Z-Move is called Shadow Arrows Strike, whereas Inceneroar’s is called Hyper Dark Crusher.

[UPD] An uncut picture of the entire Ultra Beast spread has now appeared online officially revealing UB-05 Gluttony alongside the other two mysterious UBs. Like the other two no other information was revealed.

We’ll just have to wait and see what these three new creatures are when Pokémon Sun & Moon releases in a week!

  1. Even though I saw most of the leaks, the fact that the black monster isn’t a UB still surprised me o.o Also I’m curious what its connection to Solgaleo and Lunala is But since it has a different ability from all the other UBs maybe I should’ve expected that :’D I just thought it was some kind of “boss” UB, that would’ve been pretty cool as well.

    1. Third legend is the thing that first came to mind. However the only connection it has is the whole Light stuff and it’s type. You could stretch it and say it’s the Eclipse Pokemon, but not much fits that. It may be the connection between the UB, and the Legends.

    1. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Pikipek’s evolutions haven’t been revealed yet at all, yet we’ve had the Battle Tree, the entire psuedo-legendary line, and starter lines revealed beforehand. Makes me wonder if Game Freak even likes poor Trumbeak and Toucannon

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  2. Haha “CoroCoro Reveals New Pokémon, Ultra Beasts” but just to see where we stand how many of you have remained unspoiled?

  3. hope they will get something else then Beast Boost, its very lame only to raise a best stats of a pokemon. That rather fits regular pokes. Hoped for something better.

        1. That’s just light being split though, it doesn’t look to be a part of its body normally

    1. When I watched some of the datamined gameplay I notice that Necrozma’s animation is rather weird. He looks like he’s in pain. Like why is he holding his head and stomach? Probably he has a “purified” form where he get clear/white?

      1. I dunno if it’s legit but someone said that ingame there is information about Necrozma saying these weird colored things on it’s face are all eyes and it sees everything, even things that can’t exist. It holds itself in agony because of what it sees. It also attacks everything it sees, friend or foe because it sees anything as threat to itself.

        TL;DR it’s fucking miserable.

      2. Makes sense.
        Third legendaries do tend to get alternate forms not present in the main two games, i.e. Giratina, Kyurem, Zygarde.

      1. Naming them SwishSwish and BoomBoom. 😀 While I’m at it, here’s my name for each one:

        Nihiligo: SquirmSquirm
        Buzzwole: SuckSuck
        Pheromosa: StompStomp (because she’s a cockroach that needs to be stomped, and she has legs for stomping, but not as good as Tsareena’s)
        Xurkitree: ZapZap
        Celesteela: BoomBoom
        Kartana: SwishSwish
        Guzzlord: GulpGulp
        Necrozma*: RIPRIP

  4. People are saying that they don’t get how it’s an eclipse or earth Pokémon but it’s a seems like a diamond or stone which is found in the earth. And it gets dark outside during an eclipse. Seems good enough to me for logic haha. And I’m sure there’s something a bit more to it than that too.

  5. Quick question. Ive heard some people are already playing the games so i wanted to ask how many new pokemon there actuqlly are?

  6. Don’t want to read any plot details but I really like Necrozma. If it is a legendary, I might use it eventually. Not a fan of using legendaries in your active team but Necrozma really appeals to me

    1. I’m not the last thing I need is Psychics getting ANOTHER op legend
      And this thing stole Solid Rock as an ability in the cheesy knock off Prism Armor

      I swear competitive is just not going to be fun this time around everywhere Tapus and Ultra Beasts

  7. I’m interested in Necrozmas name because. Well Necro Means death. I’m not an expert though so I can’t 100% figure it out. Guess it’s research time.

  8. Wow, was not expecting them to reveal what appears to be the third legendary, that’s quite strange. Same goes for new UBs, but no new pokémon or Alola forms. What’s even the point of keeping the tiny number of unrevealeds that secret anymore? It’s not like revealing Alolan Dugtrio or Pikipek’s evos is a massive spoiler, especially as they seem keen to spoil massive chunks they previously would hav kept well away from…

  9. Also, don’t want to stir things up or anything, but the leak articles have been taken down here and that doesn’t seem to be an isolated phenomenon… So what’s the deal, was there a cease and desist or is this a preventive measure? I mean it’s not suprising the big N cracked down, and I guess even if you were careful not to post pictures or anything the articles certainly were a massive discussion area for the leaks, and you’re a high-profilr site so the raised awareness mattered…

  10. Tbh, I kinda knew that Necrozma is related to Solgaleo & Lunala purely of the two distinct recovery moves that Necrozma has. Morning Sun and Moonlight for anyone that wants to know

  11. Imo the only great competitive UB are the moon exclusives.
    [spoiler] the first one, being a rock/poison with incredible poor defense and 103 speed will die on the first eartquake. The big mosquito, bug/fighting, with incredible poor sp. def and the mediocre speed wll die on the first air slash/Psychic. The bug/Fighting fashion UB with huge speed and attacks can be a Deoxys clone so it may be a good sweeper if good used. The third one, the electric, has mediocre HP/Def/Sp. Def and speed, it can survive the 1KO just because of electric type being weak just to ground, so it can be useful with an air baloon, but will die for sure after the two stab sucker punch, aqua jet. The steel/flying one has great potential cause its type is really good and 97/103/101 is really a good bulk, so it can be a nice wall with all evs and defensive nature. The grass/steel one is border line because of ferrothorn being a better wall and offensivly it maybe be useful with decent speed only against physical pokemon, cause it has no possibility against a faster focus blast/aura sphere/flamethrower. The dark/Dragon is just a silly unuseful Hydreigon, which has no chance against any single fairy type in the metagame because of its poor speed and moderate bulk [/spoiler]

      1. But it isn’t illegal to report on what someone else said. Even then, it should be explained to readers why posts were taken down.

        1. I dunno, it doesn’t really have anything that makes it dark

          Like yeah it’s violent but we’ve had violent Pokémon from a ton of types (Normal, Fighting, etc) and we know just looking edgy doesn’t mean you’re a Dark-Type

    1. Maybe Marshadow evolves into Necrozma? It says that Necrozma shares a “secret” with Solgaleo and Lunaala and that’s the one secret I can think they’ve yet to formally reveal.

      1. That wouldn’t make any sense because Necrozma and Marshadow share no similarities. Marshadow is the pixie legendary on this region. If anything, Necrozma is might be a legendary that became corrupted because of the Ultra Beasts.

    1. Okay I know it’s a joke after the censoring of SMTxFE and XCX, but what the hell would they even censor in a Pokémon game? XD

      The joke falls flat bruv

    1. I’ve read there’s a daycare shortly after you hit cowboy territory. Came from Mike S on Twitter, one of the users that’s been going through the leaked game.

  12. I really like the design of the Ultra Beasts. They all have unique and interesting designs that set them apart from all the Pokemon that we’ve come to know. As for Necrozma I’m pretty sure eventually in the games all the UBs become classified as Pokemon since it seems you can catch them. I wonder why they outright called IT a Pokemon rather than putting up the charade that’s it’s just another Ultra Beast. Unless it was never called one and we only thought it was due to it’s appearance and placing in the dex lol I just find it interesting.

    P.S. I put up spoilers for others, but I also don’t want story spoilers so reply at discretion for me as well hahaha

  13. In a related question to my below post, does anyone know how to stop the spoilers tag? I know you put in front and I thought you do the same to end, but it just keeps going and covers up the text I have after the ending one…….lol

    1. Yes Joe has been following the leaks but he can’t post anything on Serebii because of legal reasons. Check out his twitter.

          1. Solgaleo and Lunala are Ultra Beasts looking like Pokemon and Necrozma is a Pokemon looking like an Ultra Beast. It explains why Lunala/Solgaleo can open wormholes to the Ultra Beast universe

          2. Math is hard, so I wasn’t totaling up the numbers in the pastebin 🙂

            Also the UB all have the same exact BST as well, I heard.

  14. I need some clarification on Mimikyu’s ability: does it only work once per battle, or once per switch-in?

    1. Hard to say
      I’d assume once per battle because if it can switch in and out with a free sub that get extremely overpowered

    1. Lol so many references man. I mean, Alolan Grimer/Muk ability is Power of Alchemy. But some people still refuse to believe that there’s an alchemy theme happening in Pokemon.

      1. Tbh even if there was an alchemy theme outside of Solgaleo, Lunala and Magearna, a random ability on an Alolan form isn’t going to mean much

        1. Yes but they wouldn’t have given it that name randomly lol. The alchemy theme has been around since gen 4

          1. Alchemy refers to the transformation of something

            In this case, transforming an ability

            It’s not that strong

            And what alchemy themes

          2. Jewel of Life movie contains a lof of Alchemy. In fact, when Arceus creates the Jewel, its literally alchemy. Hoopa Unbound movie when those guardians are repairing the bottle, thats literally alchemy.

          3. Arceus creating an egg for you that contains either Palkia, Dialga or Giratina from energy. Thats alchemy. Project AZOTH in XY/ORAS is alchemy. Mega Evolution is alchemy

          4. Arceus creating an egg isn’t alchemy, it’s literally creating something from nothing

            That’s not alchemy, that’s showing it playing God

            Mega Evolution is literally just a power up, with very little overt alchemy themes.

            As for AZOTH, some alchemy themes doesn’t mean a franchise long alchemy theme. If anything it’s Gen 7 at most with minor mentions in past games

          5. Creating something from pure energy is alchemy lol. I’ve researched it. Alchemy is about reaching both physical and spiritual perfection=also Mega Evolution. Pokemon need human assistance to achieve Mega. Primal Reversion is the complete opposite, where they tap into nature to achieve said physical perfection.

            AZOTH=literally God’s power

          6. I’m sorry, but I’m finding this really stretchy

            Nowhere is it mentioned Mega Evolved Pokémon are perfect, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The SuMo Dex points out problems with certain Mega Evolutions, such as them becoming uncontrollably rageful, or having bodily features removed.

            And nothing and pure energy are pretty much opposites, ‘lol’.

          7. Like, he saw all that on that guy’s Pokémon reboot theory videos on Youtube. I saw those videos yesterday and the guy has good points about the alchemy stuff (as in, there’s indeed a lot of alchemy references/inspiration in Pokémon games since Gen 4), but other things don’t line up very well and the overall is theory is one huge stretch.

          8. Like I said, the guy has a lot of good points and seems really clever but I honestly don’t think GF would pull something big like that considering how lazy they are. Honesly, Sun&Moon’s plot/lore feels like XY all over again, as in, it has a bunch of loose ends that probably won’t be explained.

  15. So, yeah, I guess it really is the 3rd legendary. I honestly had my doubts and I don’t like that this is confirmed, mainly because I thought they had simply stopped doing “3rd game” legendaries after the treatment they gave to Zygarde. What’s even the point of creating a third legendary related to the first pair mascots if they’re going to simply ignore it later?

      1. How is it related to Necrozma? Even the Solgaleo/Lunala connection is a bit of a guess, considering Zygarde actually has 0 plot relevance in Sun&Moon.

          1. Plot spoilers, so I don’t know if you’ll even read this response, but

            What would Zygarde, a Pokémon dedicated to defending the Earth, have to do with Lunala, Solgaleo and Necrozma, who all come from the same world as the Ultra Beasts?

          2. I don’t know what this means since I haven’t read any plot spoilers except for a few minor details

          3. Plot Spoilers

            Cosmog is outright stated to be an Ultra Beast and Necrozma’s Dex entry is ‘Reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts, this life-form, apparently asleep underground, is thought to have come from another world in ancient times.’

          4. Maybe Necrozma is reminiscent of an Ultra Beast because he’s a legendary Pokemon from the normal world who was stuck in Ultra Space. Upon discovery, it gave the impression that he’s from there, instead of the normal universe.

          5. I don’t know, man. Sounds like a real stretch. Like I said, for me, the fact Zygarde actually has no involvement whatsoever in S&M’s plot (like, they put it in the game as an apologize for not making Z) debunks the thoery that it is related to the S&M legends.

          6. There’s always the possibility of sequels but seeing as it’s also competing with diamond and pearl remakes when we only have to mythicals, one which is coming it this year…

          7. Agreed. Magearna was already used on movie 19 so we only have Marshadow left. I believe the next games are either DP remakes or a sequel/third version/wtv game to Sun & Moon but focused on Necrozma (no Zygarde relevance), and then we’ll get Gen 8.

          8. Tbh I think if there’s a sequel Zygarde will get a post game or something like the looker episode but at this point I feel there’s also a good chance that it’ll be irrelevant until we go to Kalos again

  16. “First it reveals two new Ultra Beasts and one mysterious black Pokémon which it says is a big mystery, and asks what it has to do with Solgaleo & Lunala.”

  17. I still stick to the UB’s representing Planets.
    Did you know before being named, Planets recieve a temporary Number, staring with UB.
    I’ve explained which before which ones I think are which.
    @UnburdenedLegume:disqus , if I remember right, Planets also fit into to Alchemy yes

  18. When a new pokémon game get’s released my friends always like claim or team (of 8) this year my team is: vikavolt, minior, pyukumuku, alolan dugtrio, mimikyu, bewear, dewpider and salandit do you guys also do something specific when a new pokémon game get’s revealed

  19. So I officially hate myself

    My fanfiction contains travelling across the Alola Region and Z-Crystals (shocking, considering its based off of SuMo :p)

    I call it

    Sight Z-ing

      1. No, notice Necrozma’s texture? It’s crystal like. That has been used before as almost a cocoon or a power deal. Remember the Jirachi movie? It slept in a crystal cocoon
        …it’s also leaking a prismatic rainbow energy in its hands…
        Isn’t it funny that the games were codenamed “Pokemon Rainbow?”

          1. Not really, I’m just saying the crystals represent that it’s dormant here
            The last part of my theory is the more important bit

          2. You may have to elaborate more because I have no idead where this is going. Besides Rainbows.

          3. True true… but it’s destined to happen…
            but I have a feeling the sequels will be more in tune to Black and white 2 rather than an emerald… maybe not two games, but they will have massive differeces

          4. Doubt we’ll be getting both this Gen, we have two mythicals and they tend to indicate the maximum number of years a Gen will run

          5. Pretty convinced about gen 4 remakes though. Perhaps this 3rd game on Switch as a launch title

  20. Full Sun/Moon TM list:

    TM01 Work Up
    TM02 Dragon Claw
    TM03 Psyshock
    TM04 Calm Mind
    TM05 Roar
    TM06 Toxic
    TM07 Hail
    TM08 Bulk Up
    TM09 Venoshock
    TM10 Hidden Power
    TM11 Sunny Day
    TM12 Taunt
    TM13 Ice Beam
    TM14 Blizzard
    TM15 Hyper Beam
    TM16 Light Screen
    TM17 Protect
    TM18 Rain Dance
    TM19 Roost
    TM20 Safeguard
    TM21 Frustration
    TM22 Solar Beam
    TM23 Smack Down
    TM24 Thunderbolt
    TM25 Thunder
    TM26 Earthquake
    TM27 Return
    TM28 Leech Life
    TM29 Psychic
    TM30 Shadow Ball
    TM31 Brick Break
    TM32 Double Team
    TM33 Reflect
    TM34 Sludge Wave
    TM35 Flamethrower
    TM36 Sludge Bomb
    TM37 Sandstorm
    TM38 Fire Blast
    TM39 Rock Tomb
    TM40 Aerial Ace
    TM41 Torment
    TM42 Facade
    TM43 Flame Charge
    TM44 Rest
    TM45 Attract
    TM46 Thief
    TM47 Low Sweep
    TM48 Round
    TM49 Echoed Voice
    TM50 Overheat
    TM51 Steel Wing
    TM52 Focus Blast
    TM53 Energy Ball
    TM54 False Swipe
    TM55 Scald
    TM56 Fling
    TM57 Charge Beam
    TM58 Sky Drop
    TM59 Brutal Swing
    TM60 Quash
    TM61 Will-O-Wisp
    TM62 Acrobatics
    TM63 Embargo
    TM64 Explosion
    TM65 Shadow Claw
    TM66 Payback
    TM67 Smart Strike
    TM68 Giga Impact
    TM69 Rock Polish
    TM70 Aurora Veil
    TM71 Stone Edge
    TM72 Volt Switch
    TM73 Thunder Wave
    TM74 Gyro Ball
    TM75 Swords Dance
    TM76 Fly
    TM77 Psych Up
    TM78 Bulldoze
    TM79 Frost Breath
    TM80 Rock Slide
    TM81 X-Scissor
    TM82 Dragon Tail
    TM83 Infestation
    TM84 Poison Jab
    TM85 Dream Eater
    TM86 Grass Knot
    TM87 Swagger
    TM88 Sleep Talk
    TM89 U-turn
    TM90 Substitute
    TM91 Flash Cannon
    TM92 Trick Room
    TM93 Wild Charge
    TM94 Surf
    TM95 Snarl
    TM96 Nature Power
    TM97 Dark Pulse
    TM98 Waterfall
    TM99 Dazzling Gleam
    TM100 Confide

    1. I know it’s really not, but the list of TMs this gen feels bigger than in the past for some reason lol

      1. Don’t know, it’s been 100 for a while, if anything it’s smaller because HM’s replace some TM’s. There’s some useful stuff in there though.

        1. Maybe it’s just because I’m paying attention to it this time. Before it was pretty predictable, but now without HMs it’s interesting to see which moves made the cut…………sorry no pun intended lol

  21. Ok I just finished looking over the stats and moves of the Ultra Beasts and that Celesteela or Celesteelia personally terrifies me
    That solid 97/101/103/107/101/63 defensive build and Steel/Flying typing is bonkers and I thought Skarmory were a pain
    And it unusually learns a crap ton of Grass draining moves for whatever reason Ingrain, Leech seed and gigs drain…

    The horror…. I hope all Ultra a Beasts get bumped to Ubers so I don’t see 4 or 6 of them every team

    1. Celesteela is OU easily… the only other one I see in OU is Buzzwole
      The rest are either Ubers or Guzzlord and Nihlego who will be lower tier

        1. But with its typing and some of the things it actually gets? It’s still a guaranteed OU
          And with those stats on that typing

          1. Idk. I thought so too but I don’t see it being useful unless you want it to be a sweeper. It’s typing and stats are begging to be a supportive Pokémon but it’s movepool only gives it leech seed. Same with Guzzlord. If Guzzlord had any supportive moves, it could be useable.

          2. It gets leech seed and some other moves… it can BULKY sweep somewhat though… and it looks like it will have use though

          3. Also I don’t remember Celesteela getting any offensive boosting moves besides automize. And it has no recovery.

      1. I think Nihilego is being underestimated solely because of low base Def and 4x weakness to Ground. And my guess is it will be Volcarona all over again.

      2. Idk, a banded buzzwole is going to be absolutely impossible to switch in to, and after it kills something it goes to +1 to make it even harder to switch into. It’s not exactly frail either.

    2. I actually want that they all have really good stats then there is actually a real boss in pokémon even tho some champions were tuff they didn’t feel like real bosses but maybe ubs realy are boss like

    3. Nah, you’re not going to see multiple Ultra Beasts because they all have hyper specialised spreads, they don’t sync very well.

  22. Question. Did the articles for the spoilers get deleted or am I not finding the articles in the right area?

        1. I’m only saying that because diamond and pearl was the last time pokemon contests where ever used until now.

    1. [VAR TRNAME(0000)]
      Text File : 109
      Quite an appealing move.
      A very appealing move, but after using this move, the user is more easily startled.
      A move of huge appeal, but using it prevents the user from taking further contest moves.
      An appealing move that can be used repeatedly without boring the audience.
      Prevents the user from being startled one time this turn.
      Prevents the user from being startled until the turn ends.
      Startles the last Pokémon to act before the user.
      Startles all of the Pokémon to act before the user.
      Badly startles the last Pokémon to act before the user.
      Badly startles all of the Pokémon to act before the user.
      Makes audience expect little of other contestants.
      Badly startles Pokémon that the audience has high expectations of.
      Startles all other Pokémon. User cannot act in the next turn.
      Badly startles Pokémon that used a move of the same type.
      Makes the remaining Pokémon nervous.
      Brings down the energy of any Pokémon that have already used a move this turn.
      Works great if the user goes first this turn.
      Works great if the user goes last this turn.
      Shows off the Pokémon’s appeal about as well as all the moves before it this turn.
      Shows off the Pokémon’s appeal about as well as the move used just before it.
      Works better the later it is used in a turn.
      Effectiveness varies depending on when it is used.
      Works well if it is the same type as the move used by the last Pokémon.
      Affected by how well the previous Pokémon’s move went.
      Gets the Pokémon pumped up. Helps prevent nervousness, too.
      Works well if the user is pumped up.
      Causes the user to move earlier on the next turn.
      Causes the user to move later on the next turn.
      Scrambles the order in which Pokémon will move on the next turn.
      Excites the audience in any kind of contest.
      Badly startles all Pokémon that successfully showed their appeal.
      Works better the more excited the crowd is.
      Temporarily stops the crowd from growing excited.
      Excites the audience a lot if used first.
      Excites the audience a lot if used last.
      Makes the audience quickly grow bored when an appeal move has little effect.
      [~ 36]
      [~ 37]
      [~ 38]
      [~ 39]
      [~ 40]
      [~ 41]
      [~ 42]
      [~ 43]
      [~ 44]
      [~ 45]
      [~ 46]
      [~ 47]
      [~ 48]
      [~ 49]
      [~ 50]
      [~ 51]
      [~ 52]
      [~ 53]

  23. Does anyone else dress their trainer up like their Pokémon sometimes? Like I’ll give my trainer thrilly yellow and red clothes if I have a Delphox in XY

      1. I really don’t understand why they give guys so much less, we like lots of customization too GameFreak! XO

          1. Still less for Males. We should be able to wear the other genders stuff now too, no real reason we shouldn’t be able. If I also get Moon I’ll play as a female just to try their options.

      2. I always play at least once as a girl. For the first playthrough of SM I’ll be a guy but for the second one I’ll be a fabulous hoe

          1. It’s very cool! I don’t want to be a girl in real life or anything, but it’s nice to play as one sometimes. You see the game differently, you can wear things you’d never wear yourself

  24. I love all of the story spoilers showing up on youtube because of that datamine video I watched dhapuidqiudbqshdblq

  25. Game Freak has been knocking it out of the park with these “third Legendary” designs. Kyurem, Zygarde, and Necrozma (along with all of the ones before those) are some of my favorite Pokémon in terms of appearance.

    1. Kyurem is so godly. And Dragon/Ice just tops it off for me. Too bad i refuse to use legendaries in my team

        1. I saw a few great Alolan Lapras designs on Deviantart. But they were all Water/Fairy or Ice/Fairy

    2. Tbh what I like about the third legends since Giratina is that they’re all very.. Different from normal Pokémon designs, feeling almost otherworldly

  26. As much as I’m a Sinnoh child, I’d happily trade it for Alola Sequels where

    -Necrozma has plot relevance
    -Zygarde has stronger plot relevance
    -We get some more Pokémon exclusive Z-Crystals
    -We get some much wanted and needed Megas (Flygon, Milotic, Butterfree, Froslass, Slowking).
    -Since Alola gets a full blown E4, it develops a Gym Challenge to go along with the island trials
    The Kahunas and trial captain that make up the Elite 4 get replaced with characters like Hau and Guzma
    -We see development for the blonde haired, green eyes folk

    1. Man…….. you gotta put at the end to really spoiler the text. Minus the spaces obviously

      1. Why replace it? It’s my opinion/prediction lol. I think this is a region where he’ll get all 3 starters and I doubt he’ll get Vikavolt when he has Pikachu.

          1. It is interesting to note he’s never had another electric type, but vikavolt is a dual type so that might make it more acceptable

      1. Never heard anything about that and hey trading has happened already between main trainers in the anime!

        1. That’s true. I bet if he does get one it won’t evolve. Lapras and Chikorita are probably the only “feminine-esq” pokemon he’s had.

  27. Okay guys, I’m serious about this Pokefan International guy. The thumbnails have spoilers and are very tempting to click on. Bewear.

    1. He no longer has an account. I was in the middle of watching his 10 hour gameplay video, when Nintendo cut it off. (Boy am I glad that I have Youtube downloader. because I downloaded his video, before it was banned, so I could finish watching it. 😀 )

    2. The worst is that I didn’t even watch one of his vidéos because getting the thumbnails and even deleted them saying I wasn’t interested (it still kept appearing). I hope he has explosive diarrhea

  28. how far before the elite four are the mascot legendaries usable? Like is it around the equivalent of before the last gym like they often are? I like to use them on the 8th gym and elite four for my firsts of many playthroughs

  29. These are very cool. Can’t believe we’re less than a week away AND STILL not have major details officially revealed about the games. I’m so excited.

  30. They really need to make some planet-based Legendary of a larger version of Minior. Maybe if you combine 5 Miniors you can get a legendary!

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