Pokémon GO Gets Spooky!

Pokémon GO’s first ever Halloween Event is officially here! If you pokemon go halloweenlog in and play any time between now and November 1st you’ll be to reap several benefits such as:

  • Receiving 2x the reward candy for every Pokémon you catch and hatch
  • Professor Willow giving you 2x the reward candy for each Pokémon you transfer
  • Buddy Pokémon will spawn candy 4x faster than usual

In addition to the candy bonuses, the following spoopy Pokémon evolution lines will spawn at a higher rate than usual:

  • Zubat, Golbat
  • Meowth
  • Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
  • Drowzee, Hypno
  • Cubone, Marowak

Do events like these entice you to log into the game and play more often? What level are you, and how close are you to completing the Pokédex in GO?


  1. Level 22 (almost 23), with 111 Pokémon in the Dex! Thanks to this event I finally got a Marowak 😀 Now I need to do some walking with my cp1000 Machoke!

    1. I’d imagine the earliest they’d release Gen 2 would be this summer. The nice weather would be a natural stimulant to increase traffic and usage on the app; add in the Gen 2 Pokémon and it would entice even more – plus it’d be a great way to mark the 1 year anniversary!

    1. Level 13 best are
      Tauros, Jolteon, and Tauros

      I have never owned or been in a gym and everytime I’ve found a gym that’s empty I put a Pokémon in and it says error cause some D*ck steals it with 1300 some Snorlax that I can’t compete with

  2. I think I may actually play more this week due to this event. I still need Marowak and Gengar and having some extra Pokemon around that aren’t typically around should be good. also the extra candies you get from everything will be super helpful.

          1. Not at all. Considering GameFreak intentionally scrubbed stuff from the demo, it’s impossible to assert that these are all the battle intros. But even still, say this is all of them, there’s a rainbow battle intro (Other than the Champion rainbow “Kahuna-type” intro) that looks awfully important. Who knows what that could be.

  3. I really hope they continue to do events like this on a bi-monthly/quarterly basis or something (although the candy bonuses make sense for Halloween, idk how they’d spin the bonuses for other holidays)!

    Although I open the app everyday along my long walk home to hatch eggs and catch any Pokémon that may pop up, I haven’t actually gotten out of my way to go out and play the game until last night when the event went live. These candy bonuses are doing wonder for the game and for me. I’m hella determined to complete the ‘dex, so hopefully I can get out and get 100 candies for all the starters before the event ends so I can finally fully evolve them. ?

  4. Anyone else think that the small number of replies to this article is an indication that the enthusiasm for Go is dying?

    1. Well it was sort of expected to die off gradually. All apps have that. There will be a huge surge when they update with Gen 2.

    2. like most apps, it was huge at the beginning, and is slowly dropping to a stead number of frequent players. it’s not dying by any means

    3. I play it occasionally my friend Ryan is hooked on it everyday at school he’s on it

  5. um.. so there’s an advertisement for the z-ring accessory the works with sun and moon. “get the bundle that comes with all 12 z crystals”
    you mean 18 (not counting specific pokemon ones) right?

    1. It could be sold with twelve, and then six others are obtained otherwise? It’d a very common toy selling tactic.

    2. Maybe it’s the 12 given in the story in game.
      Think about it,
      1 for each trial (7)
      1 from each kahuna (4)
      1 from the champion (1)

  6. It was so fun running around last night on a Haunter hunt with my friends! We caught so many cubone, meowth, and drowzee along the way too! <|:‘)

      1. It gets you the candies needed to evolve them. Also from a gym battling standpoint you can check their strengths and get some with good moves! It gets you experience too so for the people with lower levels it helps boost them up!

  7. So I’m doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show based team in X, and so you guys think I should use Machamp or Rhyperior for Rocky? For Machamp, it fits because both are ripped af and wear speedos, but for Rhyperior it avoids type overlap with my Pancham, Eddie, and references ‘rock hard abs’ and the name of the character, Rocky.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion! Decided to go with Machamp after all as it fits better and my team would super Grass weak with Rhyperior

  8. I stopped playing because my phone can’t handle the app but my mom is completely hooked on the game. Lol Just last night she was all proud about finally getting a Raichu

      1. It’s fun hearing her get all excited about creatures I’ve been excited about for over a decade and having her ask me questions about them.

        1. For the same reason Johto and Sinnoh can share a Battle Frontier lol. There’s a strong possibility it’ll be back, but time will tell.

  9. Has anyone noticed that Gen.2 of Go won’t change much especially cause if you look Rattata and Pidgey are still more common than Sentret and Hoothoot in GS so if based on games they will just be more to beat the Pokedex than to revitalize the whole thing

      1. In relation to area of discovering a Pokémon or time yes it’s very similar as in that for example

        Rattata live in cities and forests/Grassy areas in both Go and in the games they live there

        And for time
        Jigglypuff’s normally are active at night and luck would have it only found at night

  10. Oh the pride and pleasure of partaking of enjoying the shrills of my douche of a sibling when I totally Hindenburg the throne

  11. Why is there so many Psychic monos today
    This is the fifth one WITH THE EXACT SAME TEAM

          1. Keep it… I mean, it’s a spoiler for some, but if this is accurate we could get this info tomorrow…

  12. Omfg why is psychic types being a absolute pest today
    Paraflinching Jirachi
    Iron defense spamming mega Slowbro
    The ever annoying Eon Twins
    And Cosmic Sigilyph

    1. To think that this was real for more then 0.0001 seconds qualifies you for mandatory lombotomy

  13. I just realized: this gen is a great time to be a bug fan. We have great ones such as Vikavolt, Ribombee, Wimpod evo, and potentially diving bell spider.

      1. It’s also a great time to be and ice type fan! Game freak really outdid themselves with a great variety and great ice type pokemon overall this generation! 😀

          1. Well you can’t blame them for a miniscule amount of Ice types IN FREAKING ULTRA TROPICAL CLIMATES
            Seriously they only have one snowy peak for anything to thrive, the ocean too but unless in incredible depths

          2. It only had three which were inside secluded icy caves
            Soccer Ball
            And Reggie

            Weather balls don’t count since it is primarily Normal

          3. And those together make six Pokémon, because they’re all separate designs that different fans will like and dislike (for example, I personally hate Snorunt, love both of its evos), hence why people count every Pokémon separately.

            And they could’ve easily thrown two lines of Ice Types on that mountain tbh

        1. I’m honestly considering soft resetting for Shiny Rowlet at the beginning, but due to not knowing if it will be Shiny Locked and just wanting to start the damn game finally, I doubt I’ll make it through many resets xD

          1. Don’t torture yourself like that! You’ve been waiting nine months for this and you want to prolong the wait and burn youself out on the game?! xD
            Anyway, that’ll definitely be the first shiny I get in SM (or at least hunt for), shiny Rowlet is exactly what I wanted out of it, it’s perfect IMO.

          2. Agreed! It’ll be the first Pokemon I MM for as well 😀 And at the very least, I will be soft resetting for a Jolly one at the beginning, maybe I’ll get lucky xD

      1. Next Gen, hopefully! I mean types seem to take a rotation on which ones are abused so

        Also you got potentially six New Pokémon and two Alola Forms which is a lot better than what some types got 😡

          1. Try probably one Pokémon for each type for Ice and Dark 😀

            Honestly, Steel really hasn’t been mistreated too badly, it’s not GameFreak’s fault that you don’t like the new Steel-Types :/

          2. I didn’t say I don’t like them. They’re just not exactly something I could use in-game.

            Also there are 4 Ice Types and 6 Dark Types if you’re counting Alolans :p

          3. I can get behind the not using then in game part, but I feel design wise Steel got treated decently (not terribly, but not amazingly) this Gen

            But if you’re meaning purely from ‘use this in gameplay’ perspective I can understand your frustration, much more so if the sea anenome isn’t Steel.

          4. If the Sea Anemone is Steel I’ll actually be content. Solgaleo to me is just another cover legend, it’s design doesn’t stand out at all. Magearna I actually like. And that Pika Clone (can’t even remember it’s name) is just another generic gimmick

          5. Togedemaru is cute af, but who’s gonna use it out of gimmick teams or if they’re a player willing to bear the annoyance of levelling up a Pikaclone?

            I feel Urchin has a good chance of at least evolving into a Steel-Types, maybe even Water/Poison – > Steel/Poison seeing how the evo is literally a dome which will probably be really hard and this easy to equate to steel

          6. I don’t think Crabrawler evo is Steel Type.
            The only thing I’m hoping is part Steel now is that Sea Urchin

          7. Y’know if some kinda galactic hiccup occurs all Brinthorn might be a Steel/Poison type

    1. And a crappy time to be a Ground type fan
      Only two Pokemon and don’t give me that 4 poke bull if it’s part of the same line it ultimately results in a singular Pokemon p
      Silvally doesn’t officially count

          1. Receive the most love!? Are you serious right now? I’ll be honest, they are more loved than ground by the fans, but by GF? Not by a long shot.

          2. What special treatment has ice/dark gotten lately?
            Mudsdale and Pallosand are great pokemon, I wouldn’t be complaining if I loved ground.

            Ok that’s a lie.

          3. Only 2 Ice Types and 3 Dark Types according to your logic. They got treated the same as Ground Types…according to your logic.

          4. That hasn’t been officially proved along with Crabeti
            But as a honorable man that also goes for Dugtrio

          5. What special treatment does Ground need? It doesn’t need buffed or nerfed, it has the most spammable move in singles, has plenty of powerful Pokémon, and already has an advantageous weather condition.

            In the meanwhile, like two other types with two weaknesses Dark become weak to Fairy when tbh Fairy resisting would probably be enough due to being SE on Dragons being hella useful anyway, and Ice got two slow Pokémon last Gen and probably is getting more this Gen when the type only really works on certain dual types and/or speedy glass Cannons.

          6. It wasn’t a bad nerf tbh and could’ve been made a lot better if Ice got a resistance to Water (which I personally fear may become OP) and maybe one other type like Ground, but GameFreak kept it a nerf because they seem unwilling to give Ice resistances :’o

        1. And don’t forget those Alolan forms shat out three dark types
          And some ice you can’t deny those

          1. I don’t want reskinned pokemon! I want new, creative designs! I’ve known sandshrew and vulpix for years, now they are a tad bit different, you can’t tell me that’s the same as getting a new pokemon.

      1. Oh please, other types got way worse, at least Mudsdale and Palossand are Ground off the whereas Ice and Dark seem to have only final Evolutions that are believed to occur at around Level 36 and via a new evolution stone (both of which will probably be over halfway through the game)

    2. Being a Ghost fan, I’m pleased with what we’ve been given. We’ve got a shy Pokemon who just wants to be loved, angry sand, and a diy galaxy bat. What else could I have asked for?

        1. Oh I forgot about those! They’re cool too but honestly not my favorites. I prefer Baile Oricorio strangely enough.

  14. Am I the only really happy with how Grass was treated this Gen? It’s always felt like the black sheep of the starter types but this Gen it’s gotten so much variety and numbers!

        1. I actually don’t care for the Rowlet line. I don’t hate it, but I’ve never been fond of it at all. I prefer both Litten3 and Popplio3 to Rowlet3.

          1. Tbh I love all the starter lines these Gens, but I think it’s fairly obvious which is my favourite :p

      1. Rowlet (1-3)
        Bounsweet (4-6)
        Fomantis (7-8)
        Alolan Exeggutor (9)
        EDIT: Morelull (10-11)

        Which isn’t too bad considering that Fairy and Normal, which have the most Pokémon, only introduced Pokémon in the early to mid teens.


        Lurantis-Both TBH

        So a lot of variation too

        1. Morelull and Its evolution too.

          Yeh I guess it’s a bit better than last Gen. Granted I preferred the designs of Trevanant and Gourgeist way more than Tsareena and Lurantis.

          1. I think it’s just me being a sucker for more elegant designs but holy cow Trevanant and Gourgeist are probably amongst my favourite designs tbh

    1. Not I
      I can’t believe not one single Tiki Pokemon
      I really wanted a Grass/Fire Fetish Tiki Pokemon

      (legal clarification fet·ish
      an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.
      synonyms: juju, talisman, charm, amulet)

    2. I am, but I despise the imbalance. Certain types (flying, normal, fairy, dragon, grass) got treated very well this gen, and certain types (steel, ice, dark) were left behind. Especially since they said in an interview that they wanted to balance the new pokemon, it seems very odd.

      1. Inb4 they take the number up to 151 and they’re all part Fairy but with the other types being raised in number as a compromise

        watch the world burn

      2. They also said they’re not running out of ideas but Gen 6 and and 7 combined introduced less new ones than Gen 5 combined (If that’s all we’ve seen)

        1. I feel that that’s less ‘running out of ideas’ and more ‘oh crap there’s nearly 1000 of these things better release them slower to get each one more attention’.

  15. When is the news coming?
    I can’t wait to see it because even if there’s nothing we haven’t already learned of from the data mine, at least we’ll get some names. I really want to know the sea urchin’s name.

      1. From a logical standpoint it makes sense but from a balancing standpoint it’d just make Poison an inferior Fire-Type coverage wise.

          1. It does make sense, it’s just it’d make Poison gaining a super effectiveness moot. The whole point of Fairy seemed to be to buff both Poison and Steel offensively and nerf Dragon and Fighting defensively (as well as balance the neutrality on Steel Dark now has, as well as Knock Off spam)

          2. yeah that’s all good but sometimes its just one of those things where type logic outweigh competitive balance

          1. Yet Rock has no resistant qualities being tied for widest weakness range and really has about the same defense capabilities as Ground yet doesn’t excel at much else stat wise and is only strong against 4 types that you could have other types defeat at even easier

          2. the shame is it doesn’t resist it
            So how would you feel if Stealth Rock crumbled after 5 turns

          3. That or just make it where it does a fixed amount of damage regardless of the Pokemon type that gets sent out. Fire/Flying losing half their HP is a bit ridiculous imo =/

          4. Grass kinda makes sense because Fairies are meant to protect nature

            Ice I feel would benefit more from a Water or Ground resistance tbh but even then I don’t feel either is that necessary

          5. Water would just wash through ice,
            Ground you gotta look at two different ways, either hurling a blob of mud dirt or sand at it or a seismic quake rattling it around

            It would attack it still just not superiorly

          6. Depends on the temperature and substances in the water, otherwise whatever is freezing the ice could also freeze the water.

            And you could simply just think of ‘Ice covers ground’, much like ‘Plants cover ground’.

            They both make sense but they’re not really that needed

      1. Honestly now would be a good a time as any. I’m waiting for the day they completely debunk leaks in that fashion. Just to get throw everything we thought we knew out the window

    1. If it’s either

      A) A Komala Evo
      B) A Minior Evo
      C) A Comfey Evo
      D) A Pyukumuku Evo
      E) A Ribombee Evo
      F) Any selection of the above

      I will die of happiness

          1. I watched Zootopia with my fiance as a joke. I went out of the room at the DMV and he was like look Priscilla turns out you’re a sloth. I got so mad as I didn’t get the joke then I saw the sloth and now that is a running joke with him to my dismay.

          2. It was good. I saw commercials for it and it just didn’t seem like it would be funny for an adult. I watched it and the little things they referenced through out the movie such as the rabbit town’s population constantly changing was humorous.

  16. This is a long question, but how would you guys rate the eighteen types in terms of ‘how much you like it?’. Keep in mind someone’s bottom type doesn’t necessarily one they find bad or shouldn’t exist, just that they like other stuff better.

    Mine goes:

    1) Fairy
    2) Flying
    2) Grass
    4) Ghost
    5) Poison
    6) Fire
    7) Electric
    7) Bug
    7) Dark
    10) Normal
    11) Rock
    11) Steel
    13) Ice
    14) Water
    15) Fighting
    16) Ground
    17) Psychic
    18) Dragon

    Some of these seem a lot lower then they really are because I have so many ties, and tbh I don’t really dislike any types because of Dragon and that’s mostly because of how Obnoxious some fans are (other people who’s types got nerfed by Fairy tend to have valid points, most Dragon fans just seem offended they got taken down a peg although thankfully nobody here is like that)

    1. 1)Ghost
      13) Bug

        1. To be honest I feel like they’re very similar which is why I notice that nearly every Ghost Fan either has Fairy or Dark as another favourite 😮

          Like sorry for the rambling but I love how spiritual they both are and also, I’m a sucker for magic based things and the two types seem to cover two sides of magic

          Fairy: Traditional Magic (Example: Geomancy, ‘Magical Shine’, Moonblast and Moonlight)

          Ghost: Dark Magic (Example: Curse, Hex, Spite, Destiny Bond Grudge, as well a having moon connections with Lunala and Moongeist Beam)

    2. 1) Bug
      2) Water
      2) Flying
      4) Electric
      5) Fairy
      6) Dragon
      7) Ice
      8) Fighting
      9) Dark
      10) Flying
      11) Grass
      11) Rock
      13) Psychic
      14) Ground
      15) Normal
      16) Steel
      17) Ghost
      18) Poison

      Apart from Poison and Ghost at the bottom, this was hard…

    3. best to worst

    4. 1. Dark
      2. Ghost
      3. Psychic
      4. Water
      5. Fairy(I like the occult so it has its place among the greats lol :p)
      6. Electric
      7. Poison
      8. Ground
      9. Steel
      10. Grass
      11. Normal
      12. Fighting
      13. Dragon
      14. Fire
      15. Grass
      16. Rock
      17. Ice
      18. Bug

    5. 1. Ice
      2. Dark
      3. Fire
      4. Water
      5. Dragon
      6. Flying
      7. Psychic
      8. Ghost
      9. Electric
      10. Grass
      11. Fighting
      12. Fairy
      13. Normal
      14. Ground
      15. Poison
      16. Steel
      17. Bug
      18. Rock

    6. Yeh, that is a long question and requires too much thinking. There’s only one type that really matters anyway. The rest are just there for the sake of completion.

          1. I actually have no words, no idea how you managed to turn my joke into something genuinely nice XD

            You matter too, pal! 😀

            Everyone here does (except the people who list Fairy at the bottom of their list :p

  17. I’d imagine we haven’t had an Electric/Fire yet because that seems hard to come up with a satisfying design for, it has so much potential

        1. hmmm what would work
          i did have this idea
          i’ll save the jargon of each stage and get to Photomix
          it is a spherical mass of molten solar plasma with intense rings of heat, and a pair of tiny white eyes in the nucleus

          The heat that this pokemon radiates is so immense that a large group of them could evaporate an entire lake, Since they cause damage to where ever they live they were forced into deserted wastelands

          1. An Electabuzz and a Magmar? I feel an amalgamation of those two would have a… Short fuse?

            I’ll show myself out

          2. ehh that doesn’t sell
            two mighty beings of Thunder and flame
            don’t taint their good names

          3. they have a counterpart
            which is a living storm cloud with googles, they constantly feed on water and create rain clouds, they unfortunately cause dangerous sea storms which forced their relocation

      1. Good. I was watching GameXplain and kept referring to Kahili as a trial captain, and I’m just shaking my head like that is not the impression I’m getting at all.

        1. Oh I downloaded the demo but haven’t played it. Currently AS is taking a lot longer than I remember OR taking me even with the exp share back on. Also confused at how I just beat Winona at the 13th hour mark seeing as I spent four hours trying to find male ralts and female skitties with cute charm as all i found and kept getting was normalize.

    1. That’s what I’ve thought since I heard about her. She doesn’t seem type specific enough to be a captain.

        1. I feel like the Kahunas shouldn’t be the fill in because that means we have one less battle then when in a region with gym leaders. 7+4+1 instead of the usual 8+4+1.

          1. I for one wanted more than nine captains. I want the games to be long story wise before even getting into post game stuff.

          2. I am saying that is what I wanted before the number was made official. I dislike the strict no more than eight stuff. Especially when in the anime there are people with badges who made it tot he champion league using badges other than the ones we have ever gotten in game. Let me further elaborate. I wish there were more say 12 gyms per game an extra two per side of the region. That way we can pick and choose which ones we want to go against. Say you could pick between two extra ones per east/west hoenn. One could be super resistant to the starter types and it would give you a challenge or there is the standard first gym.

    2. Yeah from the way it sounds in the demo it did make me believe that she could be more than a trial captain

    1. I’d hope so otherwise what would make them worthy of being considered trial captains? Hmm… I haven’t even considered them as non-combatable.

      1. What would make no sense would be why they have specialties if they aren’t battle able? They don’t own the totems so it’d be a huge mistake IMO.

    2. I sure hope so, tho seeing that totem Pokemon seem to correlate to the trial captain’s type, I do have some doubts.

          1. Like how in the games you beat the champion but then reface the league and the champion still is the champion?

  18. Actually, it would be cool if Post Game the Trial Captains Battled you, and Hau becomes one, so 8, and they form a League, with the Kahunas as the E4, but with more powerful teams than in the main game.

          1. You can be the champion AFTER defeating the new league and toppling Kahili, where you can then challenge the PWT against champions from all over the world.

          1. They might be hitting a great one though if they end up triple type, it feels right that they be triple type to differenciate it.
            Sidenote: They’re bound to be given proper names, what if Marshadow isn’t the thing we think it is, and all UB’s are named after Planets, that would certainly give it a very unique type.
            If you need backstory on that I posted it all on the last thread.

  19. If anyone has seen the battle intros video, what are those 4 type themed intros near the first half (like one has wings for flying)? They aren’t kahunas, the kahunas are the swirly vortex things in the second half (we’ve seen from the trailers).

    1. So they are redoing the intros like in ORAS I loved how they were also personality specific. Like Phoebe having colorful flower petals blowing by ie: my favorite of them all. I thought it was really cool and gave it a little extra touch to the games

  20. Woah Mama all these pokemon, i caught like 3 hypno and a gengar spawned in my house

    1. I feel like people hate zubat so every game I catch like a dozen of them to make them feel loved.

        1. I save them all. Actually I am beginning to think the Pokemon world has an overpopulation problem. If you can find a fully grown flying plant dinosaur every three steps. I mean I think they are having some problems xC

    1. I watched one of his videos once the ears and the tail and stuff turned me off instantaneously.

    2. He’s a prick but he has good points and when he’s not going off on people and stealing ideas he does actually notice things in the trailers.

    3. Oh no! People got the same pokemon they would have obtained with hours of tedious, unskilled work in a much shorter amount of time! What cheaters!!! Who knew arriving at the same goal by a much more effective means was so horrible?

      I really hate this guy

        1. Ehh not to get technical because I hate it when hacked pokemon are used against non consenting opponents but the skill in Pokémon is from the battling, not the endless Grinding for a perfect Pokémon

          Also Verlis feels the need to call out having multiple shinies and things with perfect IVs (as in: 0 in attack if it’s weak to Foul Play, etc) and ignores the fact they are in fact possible with effort, something verlis seems unfamiliar with.

      1. TBH I hate him, but I agree with most of his views on hacking.

        Say what you want, but I’m very against it.

      2. this! honestly i dont have a problem with hacking. Someone can hack the best team but if they dont have the skills, they are not going nowhere

        1. GF puts in time and effort to make it easier and easier for people to get legit competitive Pokemon, yet people are still too lazy to play the game the way it was intended to be played.

          I don’t like to use language, but this pisses me off.

          1. TBF though how much of that video is Verlis claiming people are cheating just because they could’ve put in effort that he can’t fathom as a clickbaiting not self aware ‘Charge Beam Furfrou is viable’ attention seeker?

          2. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t trust Verlis to state who’s cheating and such, and since he’s the main window into the apparent scum and villainy of the bloody Pokémon community it’s a window warped with bias and envy

            The guy waving a middle finger was disgusting tho

          3. here is my two cents: While I can see your point, people could use that time to sharpen their battling skills. Getting a perfect competitve legendary is not easy like you say. It takes a long time. I still stand which what I said before. Is not the pokemon that matters, is the skills.

          4. To be fair it was only for the last year of that Generation and you have to use them for something rather than sitting in the box and looking pretty

          5. I think it is stupid. The only people I respect in any type of competition of any sorts is the ones who takes something nonviable or the underdog and turns it into a victory.

          6. Think about it: what has GF done for new players to the meta game in the last two gens? We have ability capsule, visible and easily trainable EVs, and now we can even raise IVs. It’s like giving a test and then when people cheat lowering the difficulty so you don’t have to, and yet people STILL cheat.

          7. In Gen 7? I don’t recall seeing that 1/31 values anywhere in the current games. Hmm, maybe I’m blinder than I thought I was. Lol

          8. but all those things will not make the player a better competitve battler. Good for GF they are finally doing that, but in a meta where legendaries are still the main force, people will still cheat

          9. It’s more the IV’s that are the problem. I think there might be a decrease in hackers this generation because you can now raise them with relative ease.

          10. I’m sorry but you’re obviously not a competing player because all of that stuff still takes ages to do. They just took it down from ‘well competitive Pokémon has to be my life to get anything valid out of it’ down to ‘well at least I can pin down a job/homework but guess where the rest of my free time is going’.

            People don’t want to waste their life on something that takes hours that they might dump in minutes after finding out the set doesn’t work?

            Is hacking acceptable? No. It’s unfair.

            Is hacking understandable: Hells yes, entry into competitive Pokémon is hard af

          11. I am a competitive player, I have been for years. Don’t go around assuming things, mmkay? It USED TO BE hard, it’s getting easier and easier with every generation. People who think it’s okay used to be understandable, but now it’s just plain lazy.

          12. I think any person who does compete higher up competitively has no valid argument of how time consuming it is. They are already using time better spent at a job and stuff to compete. I don’t see the difference.

          13. I am saying if you are going to waste your time on a video game you might as well spend the extra time to do things legitimately and the honorable way. Cheaters don’t deserve to be seen as winners or whatever. In the end of the day its just a game. No offense to anyone. I just don’t see how people say its waste of time when most people nowadays already view video games as a waste of time.

          14. I don’t mind losing or winning as long as I am having fun. I don’t have fun cheating in games I wouldn’t feel accomplishment. I don’t use legendaries Honestly legendaries are more something I just buy plushies ofx3

          15. Oh please, don’t make it out like you haven’t made assumptions on the Internet darling. Everyone does it, and it’s an honest mistake.

            Regardless, people don’t have the time for all the Grinding and actually want to play the game, not everyone has the luxury of time and patience for it. And yes, whilst it isn’t acceptable (honestly, showdown exists for a reason), not understanding why people still hack is honestly surprising coming from a supposed competitive player because one such as you should be aware of how much time and effort goes into just to even be able to play in the first place, compared to games such as Overwatch, where such boring busy work isn’t necessary to get into the scene. There, everyone immediately has equal access to the same chartacters, and that’s probably why it has a way more respectable competitive scene despite being 20 years younger than Pokémon.

          16. They keep dumbing it down and making it easier. In the end it’s up to you, I personally don’t feel accomplished if I hack, but eh, whatever. To each their own.

          17. The only thing I hack is shinyness, and not change anything else. Though I never use them, and just give them out as prizes. It feels the only one that’s ok to me, Shiny doesn’t effect anything

          18. It doesn’t matter how dumbed down it is, they should have to dumb it down in the first place with the amount of RNG luck involved in getting a competitively sound Pokémon, which is why Pokémon has such a frankly terrible in comparison competitive community compared to literally everywhere else

          19. All competitive gaming communities are literally the worst people of society with a few exceptions. I have played several competitive games and the people I meet are atrocious it comes with the territory. I don’t blame it on the competitive works for this game specifically.

          20. Out of curiosity, how long does one full Pokemon take for you? As in IVs, EVs, egg moves, tutor moves, evolved, holding its item and everything. It takes me maybe and hour and a half, which isn’t too long IMO.

      3. “Why dedicate time into eating right and working out and all that stuff that takes time and work when you can just take steroids and get muscle easily?”

        1. Totally isn’t because you lose your neck, or have chicken legs, and look disproportionate or anything hah….~

        2. There’s a difference than working out and improving your health and sitting on your ass all day grinding out pokemon.

          I agree with you, but it’s a bad comparison.

    4. Tbh though if it was anyone but Verlis I’d probably actually care but the fact the guy’s so salty over not being the ‘pro-Pokemon player’ as well as the fact that I feel for a fact he’d be guilty of pretty much the same stuff if he actually got to Worlds (the man cried and blamed a break up on Smogon for flip’s sake) just makes me feel like he’s a deranged loon doing his best to get attention.

      Like yeah competitive Pokémon has serious problems but they should tackled fairly and unbiased rather than some envious, click baity bampot like

      Also every time he calls someone pretentious I have to stifle a laugh

      1. I like this one better I prefer hand drawn stuff more it takes more skill this one has depth too to me.

          1. Thanks, it took me three days but technically two because the second, I took a break to go to universal studios lol

  21. In all seriousness, have we just given up on Niantic ever fixing the tracker? I completely forgot about that TBH, but I’m pretty sure they were testing a new tracker at some point, what ever happened to that?

    1. Nothing so far. It’s still the same random people with the pokestop proximity tracker beta. I know it isn’t widely released yet because I don’t have it. 🙂

    1. An NPC in the demo mentions a character called Kahili who is off concuring the world. She also likes playing golf.

      1. If she’s just agreeing with the world why do people think she might be the champion /s

        1. She is having an identity crisis. She is unsure if she wants to be the reigning Pokemon champion or Miss Akala Pineapple(Pinap?) queen.

  22. I have reason to believe that the “Champion” of Alola has been leaked, but I don’t have an exact source to confirm that quite yet.

  23. With 15.64 million copies sold world-wide, Pokemon X and Y are the best-selling 3DS games and are the 5th best-selling Pokemon games in the franchise narrowly beating Black and White which 15.6 million copies sold.

  24. POTENTIAL SPOILERS: Based on the battle intros, as well as an unconfirmed rumor going around Twitter, it appears that Professor Kukui is the Champion, or perhaps a major opponent in Sun and Moon. I’m trying to trace this information to a source of some kind, so I can’t be certain just yet.

    1. Eh, I don’t buy it. But I’d like that TBH, I was just thinking we don’t know really anyone it could be.

        1. The only thing that came out today was a video showcasing battle intros. Lass Ellie and Professor Kukui were used in the video, but all that tells us is Kukui will at the very least be battled. Tbh, going off the assumed Champion battle intro, the fact Kukui was used and the camera is still wonky, along with what carbinkle said kind of debunks him being Champion.

          1. They will finally reveal who Ash’s dad is and he will end up being the champion which would also tie in how Ash would even know who the protagonist is to send them his Greninja.

        2. Is it wrong that I still hypothesize that this is like the golden compass and Lusamine is Gladion and Lillie’s mother and Guzmo is their father?

    2. i think the biggest plothole in this theory is that we know he failed to achieve the trials, so how could he get that postion if he could not complete the trials?

  25. Best-selling Main Pokemon Games:
    1. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green with 31.38 million
    2. Pokemon Gold and Silver with 23.1 million
    3. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with 17.63 million
    4. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with 16.22 million
    5. Pokemon X and Y with 15.63 million
    6. Pokemon Black and White with 15.60 million

    Best-selling Remakes/Follow Up Pokemon Games apart of the Main Series:
    1. Pokemon Yellow with 14.64 million
    2. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Sapphire with 13.18 million
    3. Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver with 12.72 million
    4. Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen with 12 million
    5. Pokemon Black and White 2 with 8.52 million
    6. Pokemon Platinum with 7.6 million
    7. Pokemon Crystal with 6.34 million
    7. Pokemon Emerald with 6.32 million

    Pokemon Sun/Moon should become the first Pokemon games since Gold and Silver to pass the 20 million mark.

      1. If you’re talking about Black and White, I would say its legacy is far much greater than many of the games that preceded it and proceeded it. Black and White gave us one of the greatest Pokemon narratives and had some of the most memorable characters and lore in the history of Pokemon. That is more noteworthy than sales, and to be frank, it’s sales after the debacle that was Platinum in terms of commercial success is amazing!

        1. It’s sad because so many people just pass it off as a rehash or the Gen that ruined Pokemon, or the Gen with the worst Pokemon when that really isn’t the case at all.

          1. It could be in part due to the design over-haul (if you could name it such). The process of designing Pokemon and the way the artists and Sugimori designed Pokemon seemed to receive an overhaul and that may have been off putting to fans who were used to the way Pokemon were previously designed, at least in my eyes. I could be wrong because I’m not an art student nor critic.

    1. I figured he’s prolly around the age of Kukui and they both give of the feeling of late 20s to early 30s. No younger and no older. Somewhere between 28-33 I’d say. And 28 is being generous (I’d say more so 29 at youngest lol).

    1. It’s the kind of beautiful baby that no one can ignore and will give it anything they want lol

      1. Then it becomes a spoiled nuisance that gets on your nerves under one of you ends up 6 feet under

        1. It has the intriguing story potential of gen v but with the updated mechanics and graphics but even better of gen vi?

          1. I never got to play black or white 2 as I went to get it and my brother and his friend convinced me into getting far cry 3 and that didnt turn out well and by the time I had the money again and remembered about it they now sell them for crazy money on the internet.

      1. It feels like it’s very story driven, like Gen 5.
        With the innovations of Gen 6.
        And the actually pretty good Pokemon design of both Gens.

  26. Halloween Comment Question: What is your favorite Poison, Ghost, Dark, and Psychic Pokemon?

    For me it is Crobat for Poison, Golurk for Ghost, Crawdaubt for Dark, and Espeon for Psychic

    1. Poison: Crobat
      Ghost: Gengar
      Dark: Darkrai
      Psychic; Mega Alakazam/Mewtow

      Dam I feel like classic guy mine should be crazier than that.

  27. Well I’m finally spending my Pokemiles
    So now every four hours I’m sending 90’Rare Candies until I run out of points

      1. I had like 130,000 something
        I’m down to 101,384
        So take that divide it by 125

  28. My team is:
    Lycanroc (Midday)

    What about you guys? Also which Pokemon from this gen is your favorite? Mine is either Litten3 or Lycanroc.

    1. Rowlet 3
      Salandit 2
      Lycanroc Midday
      Pikipek 3

      My favorite has to be either Oricorio or Rowlet.

      Gonna be Komala’s evolution though eventually.

  29. So I’m working on compiling a very detailed list of all the reasons that the leaks aren’t complete, I’ll post it when I finish eventually. I’m thinking to save time, I’ll adress the most common counter arguments so I don’t have a bunch of people telling me those. xD

      1. Oh yeah, completely forget about that lol. Alright I’ll compile an incomplete list so I can post it tonight to convince all you non-believers.

    1. Try not to get your hopes too far up there sport….You might be right, but if you’re wrong you’ll crash hard lol

      1. It’s like a train with no brakes, it’ll either keep going on forever, or crash in a blaze of glory.

        I won’t be wrong tho

        1. I hope you aren’t. If there’s really still hope then that adds to the excitement lol

          1. There’s more than just hope, you’ll see soon enough (IMO it won’t be tomorrow, too early if they really are trying to mess with us).

        2. That was me and Kalos! I was riding on Couriway Train and upon entering the tunnel the train just crashed. They never completed the tunnel! It was all a lie, a flipping lie!!

        1. wat the hell? …….I have been here since XY stuff …….I remember when u was silver Riolu when thought u r a boy …….I said like wat the hell with this sissy boy.

          1. I have the memory of a dried trout some times
            I can’t keep track of who was who and what avatars to associate who with

          2. I am completely the opposite I try to keep my self focus ……yeah I am humanz hater in fact I respect them just like I respect myself ….so I can’t treat ppl here from thier words but I should analyze them deeper humans r not words …..due to that my memory is powerful more than u imagine.

  30. Alright, this isn’t complete, I don’t have counter arguments and I feel like I’m missing a reason (can’t remember what it is right now), but here it is. These are some of the reasons why I think know the dex isn’t complete.
    (my hands hurt so bad right now from typing this somebody help me lol)
    1. Ash-Greninja is nowhere to be found in the datamine, meaning it’s stored somewhere else. Before you say “these are pokedex stills, of course it isn’t there”, Mimikyu and Wishwashi’s form changes are in there, so it makes no logical sense to not include Greninja’s form change.
    2. The 6 (counting the two after Mimikyu as one because of form changes) missing models cannot be totems. Firstly, these are pokedex stills, and if totems are just pokemon with an orange aura with no real unique features, they would not have a pokedex still. Secondly, we know there are 7 trial captains, and there are only 6 totems here (again counting the two after Mimikyu as one), so even in the highly unlikely event that they are totems, there are STILL missing models here.
    3. This list does not include a pokemon that resembles the strange souvenir, nor does it include a pokemon that resembles the statues on Mahalo trail. It is not any of the Tapu pokemon, as when their shells are put together they don’t resemble any of them at all. And the strange souvenir is the perfect candidate to be from Alola, as it is “a pokemon venerated as a protector in a region far from Kalos”.
    4. The datamine does not include any stills for Charizard (who we’ve seen in trailers and is a pokeride pokemon) or Horsea (who we’ve also seen in trailers and is on an alolan statue).
    5. GameXplain claims they found MULTIPLE new pokemon in the first two hours of the game, and the leaked pokemon don’t look early game, as most are evolutions and the rest look late game. Remember, this is only the first TWO HOURS, so to find more than 1 new pokemon demonstrates how this can’t be complete. UPD: After this was written, the MeleMele dex was discovered. There are no new pokemon that aren’t evolutions other than the anenome thing, which is late in the dex, implying it isn’t found until late MeleMele. This furthers the point, as there is not more than one unannounced pokemon on this list which would be under embargo by GF.
    6. Marshadow is in the mythical pokemon section, which would mean that Solgaleo and Lunala are lacking a third legendary to the trio.
    7. This is one is very loose, and more of just a thought I had. Remember the Chinese leaks that said we would get a “dolphin and a snowman”? Well, people seem to think it’s the Tapu and the Crabrawler evolution, but it’s very confusing. When I see those pokemon, I would never call them a dolphin or a yeti, I would call them an ice crab and an island guardian dolphin. The leaker was very specific on so many things (rugby monkey, to name one) so it seems odd that he was so ambiguous here.
    8. The types, stats, abilities, and names are all missing from the datamine. This one is another very loose connection, but it makes little sense to scrub literally EVERYTHING except for the pokedex stills.
    9. Before I make this point, I want to make it clear that the chinese leaker has gotten literally everything right, they haven’t been wrong even once. Well, the chinese leaker said that there was a cat pokemon that could change it’s type based on it’s parent pokemon that passed down a type. You could argue that it’s Silvally, but it hardly looks like a cat, likely can’t breed, and changes its type by holding an item, so Silvally is very far off from this supposed cat pokemon.
    10. There is a very large type imbalance in the pokedex, I’m sure everyone here can agree on that. Well, I recall that in a recent-ish interview with game freak, they said that they were taking extra time in the development of new pokemon to make sure that the types were balanced, so either they were lying, or this isn’t all we have, because this dex certainly isn’t balance, it’s not even close.
    11. Watch this video until you get to the part where it says “pop up images”: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ArNdThqpWMw Look at the image in the second row, second from the left (the helmet looking thing). People say that it’s the pokeride helmet, but if you do a quick comparison, you’ll find it doesn’t match up at all. So, that being said, we have no idea what this is, or what pokemon it is modeled after. In the pokemon world, everything from pastries to watering cans are designed after pokemon, so it’d make little sense to model this helmet-looking item after something that isn’t a pokemon.
    Also I wrote part of this a few days ago, so if some stuff doesn’t match up, or I repeated some stuff, my bad. xD

    Hopefully tomorrow delivers, I’m counting on you.

        1. I could…I have several points, but I appreciate your adamant stance and reasonings. I’ve felt that strongly about speculation in Kalos and while it seems unlikely at this point, I actually do have a teensy bit of hope left. So hold onto your hope as well! It definitely would be nice if there was more to the dex than we’ve seen.

    1. your theory could literally be backed up more if freaking Gamexplain would tell us more. Is really not that hard to say if the pokedex is completed or not

      1. I tried to contact them but they said they wouldn’t talk about the dex leaks and what they played.
        Kinda suspicious tbh

        1. yeah that why im bitter at them. Is literally just a yes or no answer. Heck they may be vague and say maybe. I dont think pokemon would sue them

          1. Well you don’t know if they would, and Gamexplain’s whole shebang kind of hinges on nintendo so it’d be very unwise to take any risks. Look at it this way: if they say no new pokémon, they’re the ones confirming that GF is letting us down again, and potentially hurting game sales. If they say new pokémon, that can’t concievably be bad for them, but wouldn’t it be a nicer surprise for us if the new pokémon were discovered in a trailer, or in the game?? And if they say maybe, they’re just being dicks whatever the truth is (I’m definitely hinging on nothing new, come on guys we have 7 trial captains, they’ve clearly not changed since XY…).

          2. You make a good point on Gamexplain I’ve hear a lot of bitching that they should just give us something but like you said they do more stuff on Nintendo and why jeopardize what they have with them

    2. I’m hoping a lot that you’re right I know ppl keep telling me I’m getting my hopes up but even with XY I didn’t get my hopes up for a lot of Pokemon but with Sun and Moon I just have a feeling we won’t be disappointed!!!

    3. I hope to Arceus you’re right. I desperately want there to be more Pokemon. But I’m content with what we have, so I won’t be disappointed if this is in fact all we get, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover something new.

    4. 1) Legitimate point.
      2) Totem Pokemon are not just Pokemon with an orange aura. They are also bigger versions of their normal counterparts. One possible reason why Wishiwashi might not have a Totem form is because it is already so big.
      3) I still maintain that the Red Tapu is the strange souvenir. The strange souvenir can easily represent early concept of the Pokemon, and I would really like to see in-game movement of the Red Tapu. Those hands can line up nicely with what we thought were nostrils on the souvenir.
      4) Legitimate points.
      5) Multiple new Pokemon that GameXplain could have found include: Pikipek’s evolution, Alolan Grimer, and Alolan Diglett.
      6) It’s possible Marshadow actually is a mythical Pokemon. It wouldn’t be the first time the mascot legendaries don’t have a trio master. Ho-Oh and Lugia do not have won, which if this were to be the case, would make yet another coincidental parallel to Gen 2. However, I think that Zygarde is both the trio master of Yveltal/Xerneas and Solgaleo/Lunala. Complete Zygarde’s chest further supports this theory.
      7) Snowman/Yeti can easily be tossed up to a mistranslation, however I do agree about the Dolphin. It’s a bit of a stretch.
      8) Yes, GameFreak clearly removed stuff from the demo, so it is odd that they left this in.
      9) I can see both sides. I can totally see the Silvally argument, and I can see how we haven’t gotten the cat Pokemon that was described.
      10) I can’t consider type imbalance a point. Look no further than the Kalos dex. And Alola forms count.
      11) No idea.

    5. Denial, denial everywhere…all of your points can be easly debunked but there are too many and I’m tired. You choise to be disappointed, so do what you want. P.s. Greninja itself is not in the regional pokedex. Please people, stop using it as first point.

    6. I can see counterarguments to each of these points with more or less strength to them, but I need to go to bed so Imma let someone else with more time on their hands do it. Besides, you seem pretty convinced as you’re reusing arguments that people have already countered to a satisfactory extent. Fair enough, you’ve see the evidence and you’ve made your mind up. I’m just concerned you’re just setting yourself up for pain :/ .

      I’d absolutely love for there to be more, for us to be blown away and thrown into massive hype by tomorrow’s video, and for you to be able to say “I told you so” but based on GF’s behaviour in the past I have no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I’m flat out expecting the worst. It’s better than clinging to straws being pulled and getting punched in the gut when it turns out there’s nothing else.

    7. While it’s possible that many of your points are just wishful thinking I think there are some oddities in all this that make sense for there to be more Pokemon. I would say the harder selling points are Ash Greninja, the helmet, and the two Pokemon from the Chinese leak. The Chinese leak and the helmet being the most convincing. After getting so many things right it seem odd that two out of the bunch of Pokemon they accurately described would be nonexistent or shown as something that’d need explaining. The mushroom, rugby monkey, and sea cucumber all turned out to be real and with no weird stretch or explanation needed. As soon as you saw them you knew that they were what the descriptions were of. They didn’t leave much to the imagination. So why would the dolphin and snowman suddenly need to be something that people would have to reason with? Seems odd to me. There’s also the helmet which looks nothing like any Pokemon we currently have. Yes it’s similar to the Poke ride helmet, but at the very least that’s clearly a Hawlucha helmet and is easily identifiable. The mystery helmet is harder to nail down. Plus other than the colors it looks nothing like the Poke Ride helmet. It all seems very strange and make you wonder if they really do have some hidden Pokemon/concepts left for us to discover.

    8. 3 doesn’t mean anything – there’s no guarantee there is a pokemon shaped like the souvenir, it could be like the Palkia-Dialga fusion statue in gen 4 – it’s an image of a concept/fusion rather than a real pokemon

      4 also doesn’t mean anything – Charizard and Horsea are not present in the regional dex, neither is Slurpuff

      6 doesn’t mean anything – check gen 4’s pokedex, giratina and arceus are several steps away from Dialga & Palkia

      7 isn’t very strong – the snow crab is in fact based on a yeti, its claws are used to make yeti-shaped footprints in the snow and the island guardian could be mistaken for a dolphin, the guy mistook a lemur for a monkey after all

      9 It’s definately Silvally, people here have been claiming Silvally looks like a cat way before anyone remembered that. That same leak also claimed Butterfree, Growlithe, Abra and Duduo would be getting Alolan forms and there would be an Ice/Ghost snowman

      10 Wouldn’t be the first time this happened. For a start they’re probably actually counting alolan Pokemon, unlike most people here. Secondly they could simply be lying, and thirdly we don’t actually know all the typings yet, for all we know the spiky sea creature could be part ice

      11 As I’ve said before, this make could easily just be a funky pattern unrelated to Pokemon. Asside from the watering cans, most other items usually aren’t based on pokemon. Devon scope, contest clothing, bikes, item finder – none of these things have pokemon designs. “everything” is far too broad, it’s only very specific items that are designed to look like pokemon

    9. And plus I’m pretty sure there’s more Pokemon because lots of Pokemon seem impossible to believe to have no egos so I doubt they revealed/found ALL of them.

  31. Before I go, anyone who wants to know what all the events in the demo are and what they do, I found this video (warning, spoilers and disappointment await):

  32. welp, got my post moderated and removed from miiverse, but not before 127 people saw and liked it!

      1. no, I called out the splatoon players who think its funny to troll people who want to enjoy themselves. my post included the word “Damn” which I guess counts as bullying, according to Nintendo. I’m hoping the message sank in before it was erased.

        1. Haha ok, I understand. You mean squid parties?

          I can’t find a pic of mine, but mine was a post in the pre-release day of Smash which featured a psycho villager.

          1. no, I mean, on multiple occasions, I’ve been against and on a team where one player thinks its ok to taunt his teammates with squidbagging and booyah’s while standing at spawn. it happened today to me…. In ranked, of all modes.

          2. That’s still trying to start a squid party…

            At least you’re only stuck with them for 3 minutes, being in a League/DOTA/Storm game with a troll costs 20-45 minutes. 🙂

          3. but the thing is, clearly each time the team isn’t in the mood (squidparties should result in an instant ban anyways, but unfortunately there’s no way to detect them) so why drag them down?

          4. That’s the internet for us. Thanks to the magic of anonymity, some people just get off on the misery of others…

            It is what makes invisibility the ultimate superpower… all of the power with none of the responsibility heh heh heh.

          5. whats worse is private battles exist, go do it there lol. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys preforming well over winning, but I feel like the biggest dbag ever when my team has one extra member, and when we are at the disadvantage, 3 on 4 isnt easy, assuming you are up against competent players. but, as you said, people can get away with being jerks so long as know one knows who they are.

          6. I made a stamp portrait in super Mario 3d world where peach decapitated toad, and he was gushing blood. it was hilarious, and got over 30 likes, but it wasn’t moderated.

          7. Weird, maybe the mods aren’t awake.

            Because the villager pic also had an axe and an (implied) dead kirby with a pool of blood…

  33. I’m trying to stay hopeful for some ice types to be secretly in the coding or soemething. Hopefully the video tomorrow releases a never before leaked pokemon so the hype can go off the rails. It doesn’t even have to be an ice type tomorrow- just anything to stir this up!

    Although, honestly learning typings and names for the leaked ones will be fun!

    1. I’m mostly curious about the anchor pokemon. I have my fingers crossed for either:

      edited to include spoiler tags.

    1. only the part of cubone & exeggcute was a bit stupid, we already saw the normal forms evolve in the alolan forms.

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