Mascot Pokémon Showdown: Generation I

After the Gym Leader and Elite Four Showdown, we’re bringing you a new series: Mascot Pokémon Showdown! We’ll look at the cover Pokémon of the original box art from Pokémon Red to Pokémon Moon (ignoring remakes). Who will come out on top as the top Mascot Pokémon? Let’s find out!

First up, is Kanto. Generation I consisted of four games: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These four installments were the only in the series to not feature a Legendary Pokémon, instead, they each contained an image of a Starter Pokémon. Released in Japan in 1996, and in 1998 in the US, they were the first Pokémon games that sucked us into the world we’re still in today.

Pokémon Red Version

500px-red_en_boxartPokémon Red featured the original Fire-type Starter, Charizard, the Flame Pokémon, on its cover art.

Its design is based on a European dragon as told about in legends. The tip of its tail has a flame that burns hotter as it gains battle experience. Mostly inhabiting mountain sides, Charizard is one of the biggest causes of forest fires, even though it’s not their intention.

Its signature move is Blast Burn, introduced in Generation III, which has now become an exclusive move for every Fire-type Starter. Despite being part Flying-type Charizard wasn’t able to learn Fly in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green. Both of Charizard’s Mega Evolutions have the highest base stat totals of all non-legendary Fire-type Pokémon. Its name comes from ‘charcoal‘ and ‘lizard‘.

Pokémon Blue Version

500px-blue_en_boxartPokémon Blue featured Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon. It’s the original Water Starter and it’s based on a turtle with resemblances of a tank.

Because the water jets it shoots from its cannons are so strong, it has to make itself heavy in order to withstand the force – they can even burst through concrete walls!

With the signature moves Skull Bash and Hydro CannonMega Blastoise has the highest Special Attack base stat of all non-legendary Water Pokémon. Its name is a combination of ‘blast‘ and ‘tortoise‘.

Pokémon Green Version

Pokémon Green showed Venusaur on its cover, the Seed Pokémon. 250px-green_jp_boxartAs the first Grass Starter, it’s based on some form of prehistorian reptile with a Rafflesia Arnoldii on its back. It uses its flower to catch sunlight, which it then converts into energy; making its flower more vibrant.

Its signature move is Frenzy Plant. Mega Venusaur has the highest base stat total and Defense stat of all Poison-type Pokémon. Its name comes from ‘Venus flytrap plant‘, ‘venom‘ and ‘dinosaur‘.

Pokémon Yellow Version

500px-yellow_en_boxartOn the cover of Pokémon Yellow is the Pokémon franchise’s mascot: the Mouse Pokémon – Pikachu! This game marked the first and only time where you didn’t actually get to choose your Starter Pokémon – your rival only had one choice as well (although it could evolve into different options), Eevee.

Pikachu is based on various rodents, despite its category suggesting it’s just designed as a mouse. Pikachu stores electricity in its cheeks to release at enemies. It also uses this power to roast hard berries to make them easier to eat.

Volt Tackle is the name of its signature move. Its name comes from ‘pikapika‘, an onomatopoeia for an electric spark, and ‘chuchu‘, which could either be the onomatopoeia for squeaking, or simply a kiss.

That’s it for the first instalment of Mascot Pokémon Showdown. We hope you guys enjoyed the new Showdown format! Keep a look out for Generation II in a few days time!

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