Elite Four Showdown: Grand Finale

Greetings Junglers, Evan here with the winner of Kalos’ Showdown. The winner is Malva! She won with 32%. She’s followed by Siebold (30%), Drasna (28%) and Wikstrom (10%).

Now the winners will compete against each other. Vote and let us know who you picked in the comments down below!


  • Encounter 4
  • Dragon
  • Gyarados, Dragonair, Dragonair, Aerodactyl and Dragonite
  • Name: A lance used by knights
  • Trivia: Lance’s grandfather is the elder of a famous clan of Dragon Masters.


  • Encounter 4
  • Dark
  • Umbreon, Vileplume, Murkrow, Gengar and Houndoom
  • Name: Darken
  • Trivia: Karen is the only Elite Four member in HGSS that changes her final Pokémon, namely into Umbreon.


  • Encounter 2
  • Ghost
  • Dusclops, Banette, Banette, Sableye and Dusclops
  • Name: Phobia or phantom
  • Trivia: She is the only Ghost-type specialist who does not use a Gengar at some point.


  • Encounter 3
  • Fire
  • Rapidash, Steelix, Drifblim, Lopunny and Infernape
  • Name: A kind of stone used to set fires
  • Trivia: Flint is the only Elite Four member who uses a starter.


  • Mid-right encounter
  • Psychic
  • Reuniclus, Musharna, Sigilyph and Gothitelle
  • Name: Cattleya, a flower
  • Trivia: Caitlin is one of the few characters to have physically aged.


  • Top right encounter
  • Fire
  • Pyroar, Torkoal, Chandelure and Talonflame
  • Name: Malva (a flower genus) or lava
  • Trivia: She is the only Elite Four member who is part of a villainous team.

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