Pokémon Sun & Moon File Size to be Double X&Y’s

The world of Pokémon just keeps on getting bigger and so does the space required by each new game. When Pokémon X&Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS they took up 1.7GB individually, which was a leap from previous generations. The remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were bigger still, but only by about a tenth of a gigabyte. Now the next generation of Pokémon, Sun and Moon, will require twice the amount of space and fans downloading the games will need 26,215 blocks (3.2GB) free on their console for each title.

That’s pretty MASSIVE and hopefully an indicator that there are a lot to do in these games. Many have been worried that all the news releases have been spoiling the contents of the Alola region before we even step foot on one of its sandy beaches, but the islands may hold more secrets than we think!

The Japanese Pokémon site has also warned players that a 4GB SD card will most likely not be large enough to store both the demo AND full game, so now might be a good time to go shopping for a high capacity SD card if you need one!


  1. Bigger is better or so they say, I don’t mind either way! Rhymes!! But the more the merrier in my opinion.

  2. Well the only thing I plan on downloading is the demo I’ll buy both games this time around. Rather than buy one and download the other like with Ruby and Sapphire.

  3. When the first stages of the three starters were revealed, I loved rowlet the most, litten second and Popplio third
    The second stages have completely reversed my opinion. I absolutely ADORE brionne, followed by dartrix and finally torracat.
    of the predicted final stages, I love beltigre the most JK
    it’s Robingroot, Sirene and then the abomination.

      1. Odd numbered gens have horrible anime. Gen 1 was horrible graphics and terrible voice acting with lots of issues, Gen 3 was boring and really irritating, Gen 5 explains for itself, and Gen 7 has the new art style issue.

        1. In Gen 1 defense, at that time the animation was considered very good. We’re used to a different standard now though

          1. Not that i ‘m meaning that is bad, I actually really like it but some people think its guly.

    1. 1st stage: Fire > Water > Grass
      2nd stage: Water > Fire > Grass
      3rd Stage: Water > Grass > Fire
      For me

    2. For me

      1st stage: Grass = Water > Fire (Litten was too generic for me, but I like them all)
      2nd stage: Litten > Water > Grass (I don’t like either Dartrix or Brionne particularly much)
      3rd stage: Grass = Fire >>>>> Water (controversial, I know)

  4. Does size matter? For me, it does. My internet is a meresly 4Mbps, so that’d be several hours of downloading. I might visit my brother that day. He lives in the city on 100Mbps.

    But there is no excuse not to have a 64gb or 128gb sd card after all these years in your 3ds. I mean, i can get a 128gb card for AU$32. Not sure what i have in my 3ds right now, but i can pick one up next time i’m in the city.

    I can’t wait for these demos.

      1. Yes, it took me forever to get all things transferred
        Nearly had two heart attacks when things weren’t showing

        1. Well I heard if I get a physical copy, I won’t have to worry about its size, is this true?

  5. I’m going to buy the game, but i have bout 10000 blocks left. Will it still work?

  6. You can get a 32GB SD card with UHS1 speeds for like less than $30, filesize shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

  7. I wouldn’t count on it meaning there is more to do in the games, not necessarily. Just compare the overworld graphics to those of the previous generation, for example. That certainly requires much more space.

    1. I am inclined to think this way myself,it could mean anything ,but hopefully it means more content

    2. And yet there are people actually debating whether Alola looks noticeably better than Kalos or not.

    1. Wow. That honestly looks fantastic. Looks like it’s going to have way more personality than any previous season. And maybe thanks to the tropical location, 90% won’t take place in a forest anymore.

          1. Nah I just meant that TVTokyo are good in building hype only to let us down again. I personally dont have a problem with the art style. Its different but still looks more than fine to me

          1. I think it would be something like Ultimate Water Shuriken or Destructo Shuriken. I wonder how many people got that reference.

          2. Nope, though your close the second one was one of Krillans moves in Dragon Ball Z. He used it to cut off Frieza’s tail and nearly killed Racoume with it.

          3. Yeah, close. But Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken tears things apart like a storm of infinite blades. Krillin’s Destructo Disc cuts like a single energy blade.

    2. I am sure that ppl whose said that anime style is bad actually didn’t know wat they talking about ……the anime theme is perfect.

      1. They do, but usually only a few measly token ones for Streetpass/Spotpass data. They also use blocks for patches, and those tend to take a lot of space so it would still be wise to get a card larger than 4gb, which just isn’t enough for a 3DS.
        Honestly transferring isn’t that huge of a hassle, I remember it going well on my computer a few years ago.

        1. I have about 10000 blocks left so it’s pretty much enough, surely it won’t take 10000 blocks for small patches. I’m really glad it uses only a few of those not blocks, much more relieved. Can also get demo now!

          1. I guess if you buy nothing off the eshop and don’t own smash brothers, you should be fine with a 4GB card haha.

          2. To quote SSBWiki:

            “In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS,
            various types of data are saved to the Nintendo 3DS’s SD card rather
            than its internal memory. Save data takes up 48 “blocks” of memory (or 6
            megabytes), and the game’s updates
            also take up varying amounts of space, with version 1.0.5 requiring
            1010 blocks (or about 126.25 megabytes). Additionally, if the game is
            digitally downloaded via the Nintendo eShop, then all of the game’s data
            is saved to the SD card. Snapshots also returned for Super Smash Bros. 4
            and are also saved to the SD card, though they can be transferred to
            the Nintendo 3DS’s internal memory if they are accessed via the Nintendo
            3DS Camera application.”

          3. Yeah I deleted every thing that I didn’t need, like 95-100% of the Eshopthings.

  8. How do I delete stuff I got from eshop on my new 3ds xl? I got demos I don’t even use

  9. i think its fine with me because im okay with deleting some demos to get sun and moon demo and get spotpass for sun and moon.

  10. Dawwwwwww no Serena to Alola. I almost feel sorry for Ash, if I didn’t despised Serena

  11. What size do you think the final evolutions of the starters will be?
    Imo Beltigre will be the tallest and the heaviest (like Feraligatr), with Robingrooth being the shortest and the lightest (something between Infernape and Greninja). Altough Entermaid has no legs and it may be measured in length like Milotic or Serperior so it can be pretty tall.

  12. Hahahahahahah
    Ash said ”I plan on going back to Kanto and starting over from zero”
    What a disgusting way to reset him, again. They’re actually going to do it, Seems like they haven’t learned from Best Wishes.

    1. You honestly misunderstood what he meant

      He always restarts from zero filthy fuck sunmoon is clearly nothing like bw but of course idiots never learn

      1. Well, he brought Aipom with him in Diamond and Pearl, but your right, its getting annoying with Ash constantly restarting. Though we pretty much have to do the same with Sun and Moon unless you wait two months.

        1. U idiots still don’t get it its supposed to be relatable to us he is restarting because we are restarting. If we didn’t restart he would and its also for new fans to enter

          1. That I understand, And you don’t have to call people idiots. Its still annoying. And I mentioned the fact that we have to start over as well. I used a good portion of my Pokemon from older games in Pokemon Omega Ruby.

          2. Ash can if he wanted to but it wouldn’t. Be fair to his new pokemon cuz it would outshine them and take the spotlight away

        2. …ash isnt the best or perfect…hes flawed…he makes mistakes …that makes him likeable and human..you want to root for him..he cares more about the bond with his pokemon then fighting even if that means he must let them go…he can grow like us but his heart is fine…red is too perfect…thats boring…red does what hes told…he has no real character…hes just about a dream…hes basically the kid version of kakashi from naruto…he follows orders and does it well..he doesnt let others slow him down even if they need his help…its about finishing the mission no matter what..narrow vision…ash is more like kid obito…willing to take a side path and help other out even if it causes him to be late to his mission cause he can learn to grow from them and that lesson could help him on his mission and he likes to help others out even if it hurts his own goals…hash cares more about others goals…he isn’t selfish like red is….ash enjoys helping others out and it isnt a chore…hes about the journey..not the destination…

          Also nothing like. Bw. When i said idiots mostly referring to the op asshole

          1. There is only one problem with your idea of Ash…….. He doesn’t learn and he doesn’t grow. Its always gone once he leaves the region. If he had used everything he has learned…… He would be a force to be reckoned with, we need something like in the Beyblade series, where Ash finally wins and moves on and the next generation comes in. With the past generations guiding the new generation. Because honestly. Ash was at his prime in the newest series. And now he’s going to be worse then he was in the first series….. He going to be like Luffy……. Or Natsu, only not nearly as good as Natsu.

          2. He does learn and grow its really not gone. The wisdom of older generations does nothing in new generations. Its like trying to use first grade math in a college class

            The reason ash reboot in bw

            1. The games were a reboot
            2. They wanted u to feel like u were watching pokemon for the first time again
            3. There were no old pokemon

            Sun moon has aether ultra beasts z moves etc

            Theres nothing wrong with how i perceive ash the only issue is your negativity

          3. A new design has nothing to do with maturity. And with ash using z moves ur extremely wrong

          4. Design has nothing to do with it. Have you seen the way he acts in the new one. Ash was more mature in the XYZ anime. This one acts just like Lufft or early Nastu, he’s an immature idiot. And just because he’s using a Z-Move doesn’t mean he’s mature. And remember all the things he could do in older seasons, the counter shield, the lightning armor(It was only used in one episode but it was pretty powerful.).

          5. Actually Luffy can be very mature at times. He did a very good job in Dressrosa.

            I do however agree that SM Ash looks really immature and it ruins what XYZ built up.

          6. I actually don’t watch One Piece, I tried. But Luffy is to much of an idiot. At least Natsu has his moments where he’s actually a really mature. But Luffy is an idiot almost all the time. Though its good to hear that he can be mature at times. But I still don’t think I could watch One Piece.

          7. He’s always completely serious during major fights: https://youtu.be/Aq1vTbTDl2M?t=2m

            He’s still very free spirited at times but he always acts mature when the situation really calls for it and the further the series gets the more mature he’s become. Also he’ll never be book-smart, but he’s definately strategy-smart.

            Besides there are other characters too, it’s not all about him. Especially since he’s now allied with Trafalgar Law.

          8. Who would act mature in hawaii. I would enjoy myself run around and try everything too

            Stick in the muds

          9. It’s Alola, not Hawaii.
            Also the real Hawaii is far from being a paradise. It’s not a place where you can just sit in the sun all day.
            The real Hawaii is full of awful traffic issues, has a terrible cost of living, has very real threats of shark attacks, has a season where the volcanic smog leaves everyone tearing up and in coffing fits, it’s more expensive to get things shipped over, plus only 10% of its population are native islanders, the rest are immigrants (mostly asians), plus people there are just as capable of being insulting or committing crime, and you’ll still be succeptible to illness, they have sudden heavy rain showers and there are parts where it rains almost all the time, things rust very quickly and lastly most people who move to Hawaii end up leaving within a few years.

          10. The most memorable scenes of the pokemon anime are the comedic ones. Like when misty gives psyduck shit. Its funny. Xy xyz didn’t have much i want more comedy in the anime again

            And they also redesigned him to make it more animator friendly. The animators had a hard time animating expression. On older style and one of the most famous anime animators likes the style change

          11. You should honestly give it a go again cause Luffy is actually more mature than Natsu. And unlike Natsu, he learns and he grows.

          12. I tried One Piece, I really did. But he Luffy was an idiot. Natsu can be a childish, but he’s got a mature streak that runs very close to surface. He just doesn’t show it all the time.

          13. They’ve purposely made him immature so they can target the series at the next generation of 10 year olds.

          14. Ya a 9 to 5 desk job isn’t fun and getting drunk is immature

            So having fun requires some immaturity

          15. Getting drunk isn’t fun. The Adults who chose to purposely get drunk and act irresponsibly are immature.

            Not every adult has a 9 to 5 desk job, and having a job is compulsory. Very few people actually like their jobs.

          16. Well having fun and enjoying life requires immaturity. Exploring rollercoasters all that stuff requires some immaturity to have fun. It wouldn’t be fun to act like batman all the time.and talk like him

          17. People have fun in different ways.

            Some people find maths fun.
            Some think pottery is fun.
            Some think successfully launching a space probe is fun.

          18. Those clearly aren’t what i was talking about. If u went to hawaii are u gonna spend ur entire time reading a book or are u gonna let loose and have fun like ash

          19. If I’m living there I’m going to have to find a house ($800,000 dollars for a small house) and a job because it’s expensive to live there. And I’d probably have to learn Hawaiian so I can pronounce the street names.
            Like other Hawaiians I would probably only go to the beach 3-5 times a month like the natives, after I actually find one that isn’t populated by tourists.
            Everytime I go out into the water I’d have to be on constant lookout for sharks. You can’t actually ride sharks in Hawaii oddly enough.

          20. No wonder

            Ur boring as fuck cuz ur jealous he has more fun then u and u wish u could have his fun

          21. If you cannot accept that maths, pottery, reading or launching a space probe can be fun then you are not mature.

            Ash is still not mature.

          22. I never said those couldn’t i said i wasn’t, talking about them. I said his fun

            Ash is mature list a scene he is immature

          23. One can be and do those things thats ash point out a scene where he is apparently immature

          24. One can do these things and be mature.
            But Ash is not mature.
            When he does these things, he is not being mature because he is immature.

          25. After all the devastation in kalos cant he kick back have fun and be a tiny bit immature the poor kid needs a break

          26. He’s not going to have much fun in school.
            Ash has gone to school to learn to be mature.

          27. I hope u realize the school is about z moves trial captains and alola forms

            Nothing else

            School can be fun

            Im pretty sure like 10 mins of rhe eps is school while the rest is adventurez

          28. It means taking things way too seriously and not smiling or laughing things like doing taxes is mature but laughing or playing video games isn’t

          29. No, paying taxes is compulsory.
            Most items you buy have VAT applied to them.

            Mature people can laugh and play video games.
            But Ash is still not mature.

          30. What scenes look immature yo you

            Also ash wasn’t 100% mature in xy xyz even when he first got to kalos

          31. He is learning about the reigon he is exploring having a good time riding sharpedos etc. I just see exploring and fun. Not immaturity. He is just exploring learning about the reigon even if he annoys a couple pokemon. Hes nvr met them he is just curious

          32. The most memorable scenes of the pokemon anime are the comedic ones. Like when misty gives psyduck shit. Its funny. Xy xyz didn’t have much i want more comedy in the anime again

            And they also redesigned him to make it more animator friendly. The animators had a hard time animating expression. On older style and one of the most famous anime animators likes the style change

          33. People find different scenes memorable.
            Other people want less comedy and more serious storylines.

            Different animators like different styles.
            Part of the reason they like it is because the animators don’t have to do as much work and the animators can be paid less because they don’t have to work so hard.

          34. …ash isnt the best or perfect…hes flawed…he makes mistakes …that makes him likeable and human..you want to root for him..he cares more about the bond with his pokemon then fighting even if that means he must let them go…he can grow like us but his heart is fine…red is too perfect…thats boring…red does what hes told…he has no real character…hes just about a dream…hes basically the kid version of kakashi from naruto…he follows orders and does it well..he doesnt let others slow him down even if they need his help…its about finishing the mission no matter what..narrow vision…ash is more like kid obito…willing to take a side path and help other out even if it causes him to be late to his mission cause he can learn to grow from them and that lesson could help him on his mission and he likes to help others out even if it hurts his own goals…hash cares more about others goals…he isn’t selfish like red is….ash enjoys helping others out and it isnt a chore…hes about the journey..not the destination…

          35. He still does ash will always be ash his soul hasn’t changed

            Ash is mature and until u list proof he isn’t. Ur argument is invalid

          36. Ash doesn’t have a soul.
            He will be whatever the writers want him to be.

            Ash is not mature because the writers have decided to make him not mature.

          37. Honestly, you sound like Ash’s dick is stuck in your throat with the way you’re sucking up to a fictional character & defending the shitty writer’s choice of direction. No one likes the S/M animation because it makes a character who JUST APPEARED SO SERIOUS suddenly change his tone and overall voice. No one is upset that he looks like a child now, they are upset because of the abrupt transformation and direction of his character. It doesn’t make sense. Why is he going back to school? You keep saying “he’s having fun” in your defense, but there are millions of other, more logical ways Ash could have fun. He could go on vacation and take time off, but instead, he’s reverting back to a child and attending school for noobs. It Doesn’t Make Sense. He’s damn near a Kalos Champion, why does he need schooling?

            Then your next argument is that “He needs to reset because WE’RE resetting” Again, that doesn’t make sense. Anime needs progression and character development in order to make the audience care and want to invest. You could say that the anime is only a marketing tool for merchandise (It is), but why should that continue to hurt the quality of the cartoon as a whole? Pokemon’s ratings have dropped big time, and it’s trying so hard to compete with YoKai Watch that it has to do this huge abrupt change in style and tone to compete? It’s embarrassing as a former fan of the anime. It’s a giant middle finger to the fans that have stuck with the show through all of the repetitive garbage. It will have less ratings now.

            But I can tell no words will change your narrow-minded opinion. The main question is; Are You the Kid the writers are trying desperately to cater too?

            Cause you sound like it.

          38. hes going to school to learn about alola forms z moves alolan nature and trial captains its easier to learn in school plus he needs something to do since theres no league

            how doesnt it make sense hes resetting cuz we are its supposed to be relatable clearly its not hurting the quality cuz its still a successful anime despite your ignorance

            its not repetitive clearly their making a drastic change its hypocritical your saying its repetitive yet they make a change and u want it to go back to before and theres no proof he is resetting bw was a reset cuz the games were a reset

            pokemon was never like other animes its not a middle finger at all it cant be embarrassing cuz you left you were never considered a fan to begin with a true fan sticks through the struggle a real fan doesnt leave juist cuz its not going their way

            no the Japanese audience will like it

            it looks nothing like yokai

            your ignorance baffles me

          39. u want him to be serious lets turn ash into batman is that serious enough for you lets remove all the light and charm and make it dark and gritty

          40. Talking shit about a fictional child clearly isn’t mature so not everyone is a 100% mature stop being a hypocrite

          41. Doing a logical critical analysis of a piece of media is perfectly mature. It’s an important skill taught in language classes around the world.

            To simply accept everything without thinking it over would be very naive.

          42. U said urself ppl have fun differently and ash has fun by exploring so u hve no right to call him immature and plus with l the bullshit that happened in kalos he should let go

          43. Z moves makes him not immature cuz he has a serious face

            Having fun doesn’t equal immature

          44. An anime doesn’t need to mature to be good. Ash wasn’t 100% mature in xyz. Also when does having fun make u not mature. U want him to be mature lets give him to m night shaymalan cuz that totally worked for last airbender lets see what he does with pokemon

          45. Well he doesn’t need lighting armor and countershield anymore. God forbid ash be allowed to enjoy himself after all that in xyz. If it was me id act the same way as ash

            HAVING FUN ENJOYING LIFE unlike ur boring stick in the mud ass

          46. There is a difference between enjoying life and being an idiot. Ash was fine by the end of XYZ, but now…….

          47. I think u need to learn what idiot means. What scene or proof shows him being an idiot. Ash is still fine

          48. 1. the artstyle changed cuz it fits the setting better

            2. its easier on the eyes and more relaxed

            3. it also changed to be animator friendly easier to be creative and expressive it was harder with the older artstyle. make it easier for animators u get a better product

          49. change is great for animators because their new software for animation looks great. It is the best it has ever been! I guess most of the old school pokemon fans are just a bit triggered because of change. Although I will miss the bold, older, intense looking Ash, I kinda see why they made these changes to fit the island setting.

          50. You aren’t kidding about older fans being mad, I’ve been watching since Season 1. And I honestly don’t think I will watch this new season.

          51. Of course cuz your not a true fan your on the hate bandwagon you can’t think for yourself la true fan would look past the art style and be open minded

            *Spits* your pathetic

          52. You should shut up. I’ve been a fan since Pokemon Blue version. So if anyone is a true fan its me. I’m not on the hate bandwagon. I hated the newest season from the trailer. Ash is a total idiot in the new season. The idea behind it isn’t to bad. But if Ash is as close to Luffy its seems in this season then I don’t want to watch it.

            The Art style wouldn’t be so bad if Ash didn’t act like an idiot in this one I wouldn’t mind the new season so much. I like the art style in Yo-Kai Watch which is nearly the same as the new season. So shut your mouth and think don’t judge someone so quickly.

          53. Hes not an idiot. This is nothing like yokai and ash will be nothing like luffy ash will be the same ash he has always been

          54. The animation for the new season is very close to the same kind of animation for Yo-Kai Watch. Its another anime kind of like Pokemon, though not very close. Have you seen the way Ash acts in the trailers he reminds of Luffy. His reactions, his facial expressions remind me a great deal of Luffy. And no Ash is not the same as he has always been. Its like he’s gone from mature to childish idiot from the first season again.

          55. U mean him exploring

            He was always the same caring ash

            Again you need to learn what idiot means

            Enjoying his life learning about new pokemon and the habitats and land

            Ur the idiot

          56. Over the past three season Ash has matured a great deal. Now he goes back to the same idiot from the first season. He’s not the same Ash. His Facial expressions look like Luffy’s a great deal. If he looked more like Natsu I wouldn’t have my problems with it. But Luffy……… And Yes, new Ash looks similar to Luffy.

          57. U keep saying hes an idiot hes an idiot i said list what made him look like an idiot

            In AG him calling treecko a water type that is idiotic everything your saying isn’t proof of him being dumb its him enjoying life

            Learn what idiot means

          58. Ash tried to have his female Snivy use Attract on a Female Emolga, I believe. I forget exactly what Pokemon he faced, to name one time. The list could go on, but he hasn’t done things like that since X and Y. Ash was an idiot in the first season, and he pretty much out grew it. Now he’s right back where he started. He took a fire attack to the face from Litten……

          59. Cuz he stepped on its tail when running cuz he didn’t see it. Doesn’t make him an idiot what if he didn’t know emolga was female

            So what he makes expressions hes human. We make facial expressions too

            So maturity to you is emotionless expressionless monotone and robotic like u want ash to be like m night shaymalans the last airbender cuz serious and mature for that worked out right

            The most memorable moments in the anime are the funny ones

            In DP gligar and gliscor jumped on ash and he made a face expression is he an idiot for that

          60. Its actually funny when ash reacts not whatever u want him to do

            Be emotionless and expressionless. Him getting a litten breathing fire in his face proves no point

          61. He is learning about the pokemon of the reigon and how to handle them hes nvr met them before

          62. Its kind of sad u want the anime to have no personality no expressions no emotions and just a monotone robot

          63. I never said that. Ash should be much more mature now. He should have grown up some. AND WOULD YOU POST EVERYTHING IN ONE COMMENT!!!

          64. Your definition of mature is emotionless expressionless and monotone

            Hes 10 he doesn’t need to be Mature 24/7 he should act his age sometimes

          65. U need to learn what fun is Ashs way reading is how u have fun u don’t go out much do you

            Ash Doesn’t always beed to be mature making expressions doesn’t make him not mature

          66. Now your just trying to pick a fight, so I’m done. You can be mature and still have fun. I do it all the time. And even at ten I was more mature then Alolan Ash.

          67. ya well everyones different whats mature and having fun doing math reading a book ash is mature him running around having fun doesn’t disprove it

          68. Again I’m done. So I don’t care what you say. Though I’m not a robot. And honestly you know nothing about me, so don’t talk about something you don’t understand. In fact all you do is try and pick a fight with me. So if you don’t stop I will block you.

          69. never said u were a robot I said maturity for u is wanting ash to be an emotionless robot I feel so bad for you

            your life must suck if it makes u wanna spread negativity

          70. pokemon is not an anime for adults its for everyone the charm and lightness is what makes pokemon the series so great making him mature just takes all that away

          71. I’m glad they are doing this. XY felt lifeless from a Pokemon view. From a shonen anime standpoint it was not bad. As for people calling it Unova 2.0 the issue with Unova was it felt like a Disney Jr version of Pokemon. If they go for the same style as the early sagas Kanto-Sinnoh and use slapstick but also use solid writing and DON’T SKIP GAME PLOTS I think this will be a nice fresh breath of air.

          72. You all do realize that this is Pokémon anime is literally the best transition of moving forward with better scenes as far as how realistic our eyes would make out in an actual Pokémon world/battle? And it’s been said and confirmed by the company as such, they’re trying to to combine realistic views and concepts and the awesomeness of Pokémon as much as they can, and I appreciate that from them.

          73. Ash can still shown to be compitent in the battles shown him making mistakes and being funny doesn’t make him an idiot

            Hes learning all these new things and hes gonna accidentally piss pokemon off while learning its not him being dumb its him learning don’t mess with it cuz he knows its capability

            Its like if a baby pulls a cats tail they. Wouldn’t know but they learn not to. Do it again

            u need to learn the difference between idiocy and curiosity

          74. I said I was done three times, this is the third time. I’m not going to try to talk with you any more since you are so dead set in that way. So I will say this one last time I’M DONE TALK!!!!

          75. t
            It’s made different because of new animation software, and the fact they found ash boring to animate. If you look good at the x and y series, you can see they even have stock pokéball throws.

          76. No, Fairy Tail isn’t mature. But They had Ash Mature only to send him back to being the way he was in the first season. Thats my problem.

          77. You still haven’t given me proof on what makes u think hes an idiot. I think u need to learn what idiot means

          78. He looked pretty mature and serious using z moves and theres also the ultra beasts stuff

            Ash is only going to school for alolan nature and z moves

          79. I’m sorry, but I’m having a problem calling the Z-moves mature…… They remind me of something out of Power Rangers……..

          80. Well it makes pikachu stronger so hes not being reset means ash isn’t and his face looks pretty serious so its pretty mature

      1. Yep, for such an old movie it was pretty good, the sequals…… not so much.

        1. The first time i saw(maybe 20) years ago… i got really scared… but now the standards are higher….
          But i like it 🙂
          I have the Dawson’s creek syndrome hahaha

        1. They made us watch Jaws in school once to emphasise the techniques used to build suspense. It sort of worked, almost XD

  13. if ash gets the Catastropika z-move does that mean we get to see Ash bust a move for once

  14. Does anybody know B/W2’s file size? Like, I know they aren’t downloadable but im curious because that game has so much to do in it

      1. also gotta take into the fact that sprites to 3d models so it makes sense the jump in GB.

        1. Actually 3D models are usually smaller than sprites ignoring compression and assuming the model contains less vertices than the sprites do pixels. Even after compression sometimes models are smaller.

          What really causes a size increase is the textures for the models. They’re like sprites, but more detailed, and thus take more room.

    1. There are lots of tutorials out there. Mostly just putting the first SD card in a computer and duplicating its files then putting it on the other SD card

      1. Actually there’s a wireless backup system available these days through the settings menu. It requires a Windows PC though.

    2. Copy the files to a PC and then to another SD.
      This can be done fully manually by removing the card and placing it in the pc, copying the data to the pc, and then copying that data to the new card or partially automatic by using the wireless backup feature available in the settings menu.

  15. Doesn’t matter to me. I buy physical copies of games. I only download updates and DLC. Anyways, this is not a surprise. S/M should have a lot of content, larger ares, more music, and more models.

      1. X and Y had a pretty good sound track, it had some gems like sycamores theme but for me I would say I want a soundtrack on par or dare I say better than that of BW, if even possible.

          1. lol town/city themes are always forgetten by most ppl, out of the series itself, the memorable one for me are jubilife city from diamond and pearl, lavender town (well who doesn’t remember that) sotapolis city, and anistar city.

      2. That’s the first time I’ve heard this. I enjoyed X/Y’s OST. I thought it was one of the best from the series. I remember a ton of themes from it! Why do you dislike it?

      1. As long as your current SD card can fit the Demo and the small bit of patch data/street pass data, then yes, because the game data will all be on the cartridge, not the SD card.

        1. I have the same 2GB SD card, so the data and the demo have to fit. And the only amount of blocks I have is 11,237. Will that work or do I need more?

          1. We don’t have any figures on how big the Demo will be yet, but chances are you might need a micro SD card with more memory (4 to 8GB).

            That’s not a bad thing though. I picked up a 32GB micro SD for about £15-£25 a while ago, took the old card out of my 3DS, copied my old data to the new card (using a computer), put the new card in my 3DS and never had to touch it again. I’ve probably only used about 10-15% of that despite filling it with demos I’ve never played.
            So it’s a small investment that should last for the rest of your 3DS’ lifetime, and something you should only have to do once.

            Again though, it depends how big the demo is. Until we know that, there’s no way to know if you’ll need to get a new card or not. Either way it shouldn’t be too hard and it would be a one-off thing if you have to do it.

          1. It does depend on how big the demo will be and how big your current card is though, hopefully they’ll be sensible enough strip data out to make it smaller.
            Really they ought to suggest people replace the card before first using the system instead of using the tiny one packed with the console.

            Also as someone else pointed out, you can always delete the demo after transferring the Greninja if there’s nothing else you need from it. I think you’ll probably be able to reinstall it for a while anyway if need be.

            Ultimately changing the card isn’t that hard, I managed to change mine in a matter of hours, including buying the new one. The hardest part (assuming you don’t need to locate a computer and are reasonably ok with using a computer) is just opening the DS up and finding the micro SD slot.

            I’m sure there are guides out there too. If not I’ll see if I can ask the PJ guys to host one in an article.

            No need for thanks though, I’m always happy to discuss the technical aspect.

      2. A bit of save data is saved to the SD card. Even though you have a physical copy, it’s best to upgrade your SD card to at least 16 GB. That’s why I have.

        1. No thank you for that unnecessary guilt-tripping advertisement, I don’t want to force myself into labour, I have 19,000 blocks and I’m proud! Come at me wondrous demo and game! (Physical so it won’t use up too much blocks)

          1. Where is ur proof. Or scene of him being an idiot he just looks like hes having a good time i think u need to learn the definition of idiot before u throw the word around willy nilly

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  16. I hope this translates to twice the content, although with all that we’ve seen that’s pretty much confirmed.

  17. the models are now much bigger and so is the map/overworld, so this was quite predictable.

    1. Talking shit is not critical it is immature and its not being naive its called open mindedness

  18. Yo, I am gonna call it right now.
    There will be an anime episode when ash is practicing for using Pikachu’s z-move and he accidentally throws Pikachu too far and spends the episode trying to search for him.

    1. That should happen soon then since it seems he’s getting the Z-ring in the first episode and there was also a scene in the first trailer where they succesfully launched a Z-move.

      1. Oh, there are several episodes of Pokemon that could disagree with you. After all Ash would have to be strong for taking all the hits from saving his Pokemon.

  19. I REALLY hope this means there is a MASSIVE post game waiting to surprise us, that there are just so many secrets and Easter eggs, perhaps even a return to Kalos?
    *fingers crossed!!!*

  20. Without meaning to sound negative, I think most of the memory increase is actually for the scenery and music. The world is very large this time and the sound quality seems to have been upped slightly, maybe a few more samples per second.

    1. But double the size? For those two things? Of course those would need more than oras and x and y, but double? That doesn’t seem like double the size would be necessary just for graphics and sound… but then again, idk much about technology.

      1. If you double width and height of an uncompressed texture, it takes 4 times the memory space. 128×128 = 16384 pixels, 256×256 = 65536 pixels
        Doubling the sampling rate for a soundtrack would at least double the size. Then there’s the possibility they added more layering this time.
        Add that to the models, textures, icons, text and stats used by the new pokemon.
        Plus the code for the new moves.
        Plus the additions to Amie to turn it into refresh.
        Plus the Festival Plaza.
        Plus the Pokepelago.

        Data adds up fast.

  21. TIME TO CONFESS! I am currently rewatching the old seasons. About to start with Johto League Champions!

      1. Better yet, there should be a crossover.
        Pokemon Mystery Attorney
        The characters of Ace Attorney with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon premise of being a Pokemon. XD

          1. Get those done and they’ll be ready for a 3 way crossover
            Pokemon Mystery Attorney: Layton VS Wright

  22. Dang, I guess that means there is going to be a lot going on. I have to wonder if we may get more then one region in this game. That would be interesting.

    1. It’s more likely they they’ve just made the new region bigger and more detailed than previous ones.

      1. Yea, maybe, though that’s an awful lot of data just for that. And the region isn’t really bigger, in fact it seems a lot smaller then ones we’ve had before. So perhaps we are getting a Kalos return in this game.

          1. Yeah, either they’re only just pushing things to their potential or they’re using a new technique. I’ve got a feeling they might be using some trickery (i.e. billboards) but I could be wrong.

          2. Do you think the huge spaces in the former two pics will have a seamless transition from area to area or that blank out that was in luminous city in X&Y?

  23. Wait so if I buy the game, do I have to have space free or is that just for a downloadable version from the e-store?

    1. I’m pretty sure its only the E-store version, though the patches and updates will take a few blocks of space when downloaded.

          1. You could do that, but that would have to be after playing the game for a while, so you’d still need the space for both for a brief time.

  24. i was thinking in my head how is pokemon levels gonna work like how they wont obey you sometimes if they are a high level. Like if the 16 trail captains is a thing will it be every 2 trail captains more pokemon will obey etc

    1. Would have expected 18 if there’s going to be that many, I wonder which types would miss out.

      Probably either no limit or every other captain raises the max level by 5 or 10.

      1. 16 is rumored because dark and poison could go to Guzma and Plumeria who failed the challenge, Kukui might of been rock but they could of found one. and it makes it clearly 4 pre island

        1. Assuming there aren’t any on any islets, there aren’t any hidden islands and there isn’t one on Aether Paradise.

          Personally I think 4 per island seems unrealistic looking at the map, I think there’s going to be a different number per island since the islands are of different sizes and not all evenly developed.

          1. Rn?
            And are you assuming clockwise movement or anticlockwise? (I refer to them by compass directions, except for NW since we know that’s Melemele and SE which is almost certainly Akala)

          2. right now it means and Akala Island is the NE island. because why would introduce the battle royale so late in the game?

          3. Acronyms are evolving faster than I can keep up with.
            Ah, so it is. I have an image in my head of the individual islands but I get their ordering mixed up a bit.
            They could always zig-zag between the islands rather than going in a clock direction, it’s hard to tell because they’ve shown areas of all the islands.
            I think Aether Paradise will definately be the first island after Melemele though, whatever the orders of the other islands are.

        2. I guess there’re either 4 per island or 4 in total. Because 4 trial captains revealed so far all have a charm that contains 4 sided figure, each having one side filled with the colour of the type they represent.

          1. I must admit, part of me thinks there will only be 4 and they’ll only be on one island. It would be kind of weird, but I can see GF doing that because it’s less work.

    1. Regardless if it’s Sharpedo or not, I’m sure they’ll give us a PokéRide for Dive since they are for everything else.

    2. Possible but on current evidence I’d say unlikely. They’ve made a big thing about sharpedo smashing rocks and shown no hint of it diving.

      1. To be fair thats not a result of this new style, Charizard has had fully orange feet since at least Black and White, though I did have to rewatch Iris Dragonite Vs Ash Charizard to check, though in some shots they are yellow fully underneath so I dunno which it was meant to be in that scene

          1. its not the new art style its an inconsistency sometimes in season one Pikachu didn’t have cheek pouches

          2. It’s fair to ignore them in distance stuff, but the one from the SM anime is almost certainly a closeup.

          3. Yeah the anime team did some mistakes ……they didn’t design these characters by the way

  25. I get 2 shinies in 1 day now i feel like i can get more and my luck dried out lol

    1. I once caught 3 shinies in one day without even trying.
      And then never again.
      It was really weird.

        1. Yikes. That’s a lot.

          (I mean literally not trying though, I was just trying to catch pokemon with the right IVs and accidentally ran into shinies whilst doing so. I didn’t have the shiny charm either.)

          1. thats really lucky. I shiny hunt daily i take alot of breaks tho so hence why i can go days on one mon

          2. Haha xD Yeah, I prefer breeding because at least you own them 100% after they hatch and don’t need to worry about catching them. But I intend to catch every not-locked legendary available in ORAS Shiny. Got 19 so far.

          3. Save before fighting them, start a battle, soft reset if thy aren’t shiny repeat from step 2 until you get a shiny.

            Some are shiny locked though, mainly cover legendaries

          4. Omg ;~; I hope I never lose a Shiny legend after encountering one. I try to come as fully prepared as possible, but you just never know with RNG. My closest to losing one was Shiny Ho-Oh.


            Had it not caught on that ball, it would’ve woken up and struggled to death.

          5. Wow that’s really close actually! I thought I had everything under control w/my Watchog (Super fang + Hypnosis), but I forgot it could struggle!

          6. I know! Afterwards I considered trying to get a Smeargle with Super fang, Dark Void, and Heal pulse to try and avoid that lol

          7. If you ever want to hunt again, in ORAS what I’ve done a couple times is use Exeggutor w/Harvest. First I use Bestow, and I Bestow a Leppa Berry onto the Legendary. Then I Skill Swap Harvest onto it as well. I then paralyze it and switch to a false swiper. After taking it down to 1 HP, I switch to Primal Groudon, who’s sunlight will always activate Harvest, thereby giving the Legend infinite PP due to Leppa Berry.

          8. Technically they’re PRNGs, so they are cheatable, but cheating them still requires tiny a bit of hardware manipulation (to give them the right seed) 😛

          9. I’m holding out for the charm first.
            Until then I’m all about the IV breeding. Gotta prepare for G7 >:3

  26. I’m sooooooooooo bored… Work is boring, waiting for days to end is boring, knowing my family isn’t planning anything for my birthday is boring, we need time travel, suspended animation pods or games to release earlier

    Nothing stops the boredom

    Also another little reminder that the Pokemon Global Link gave an end date November 1st, I highly urge all active players to see what Pokemiles you accumulated and reap rewards while you still can otherwise no more Pokemiles

    1. I purposely don’t tell people my birthday to stop them buying me things I don’t want or need.

      I’ve found something to keep me amused: the words “Ash is immature”.

      I keep forgetting. I’m going to intend to do it and keep forgetting until they run out and then regret it.

    2. Sometimes I don’t even remember when my birthday is.

      When people ask me how old I am I have to pause for a few seconds while I work it out.

      1. I get that sometimes.
        Some days I feel as if no time has actually passed over the last 1-3 years and start thinking I’m 1-3 years younger than I really am.

  27. Hopefully it’ll have a lot more new pokemon then. I really enjoyed Black n White because of the amount of pokemon, and things to do. Hopefully Sun n Moon will be even better

    1. Only issue with G5 is that they traded quality for quantity. They have a lot of very good pokemon but also a lot of notable not so good pokemon.
      I think it’s possible that we might get a relatively high number of pokemon. About 100-150, maybe 170 if we’re really lucky.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite Pokemon are from G5 (e.g. Galvantula and Jellicent) but also some of my least favourites (e.g. the Gurdurr line). I think if they’d cut down by about 10 and put a bit more thought into some of the others it would have faired better.

          1. Yeah i got u. Although looks do matter to me, I end up catching and training most pokemon til they evolve or til i eventually get bored and stop playing

        1. Yeah.

          Dunno how much memory the demo will take up, but if you’re using cartridges for the game itself then the patches and streetpass settings will probably only take up a handful of data.

          Besides, I’ve discovered switching to a 32GB microSD was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last few years.
          My only worry is how I’m going to fill all the space XD

          1. I upgraded to a larger 32GB SD card because I got a great deal on one. I really didn’t think I would download anything.

          2. They’re only about £15-£25 when I last looked. And it’s a one time investment, so there’s not much reason not to.

          3. Well, I got two for like, $12 online. They’re around $30-$40 in store. At the time, anyway.

          4. Fair enough.

            (As long as they aren’t counterfeit or anything though. Never used to be an issue but China and other parts of Asia have got good at making fakes in recent years. I read an interesting article about people who repurposed counterfeit SD cards to use their microprocessors for tech projects.)

    1. I have a 64GB SD card in my DS, because I needed it for Xenoblade, and I have like 40 something GB left. xD

  28. lowkey want to play competitive in showdownw again. highkey is to lazy to build teams with synergy

          1. Definately Sableye.
            It’s got its hands in the air, waving like it just don’t care – yeah.

      1. No apparently some people posted somewhere that they would roll dice this morning and depending on what it landed on they would dress up as clowns and terrorize a school my school was on that list and now we know they joked because they said it landed on my schools number and nothing happened

          1. I was almost positive it was a hoax but there was literally cops everywhere around my school

          2. Sounds fun.
            We never got the cops in, even when one kid punched a bus front window and cracked it XD

    1. Our school was sent a threat that people dressed as clowns would terrorize our school. We had officers around our school for two days, officers inside, and security cameras on high alert. They never came…

          1. And now you know why the words “send in the clowns” must never be uttered when standing over a pentacle.

          2. I heard one has already been shot and is in critical condition. And they’re warning people not to approach them. Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to with clowns running rampant in the streets.

  29. I need to get something off my chest since SR and ORAS have come out gen 3 has been my least favorite and then XY because the lack of 3 stage Pokemon there I said it. Now the thing that worries me so close to the release of Sun and Moon is if we’re gonna have a good amount of 3 stage Pokemon.

    1. Ludicolo, Shiftry, Gardevouir, Slaking, Exploud, Aggron, Flygon, Walrein, Salamence, Metagross

        1. Sorry I should of clarified I meant different types they most have at least one type in common Ludicolo and Shiftrt grass, Slaking and Exploud normal, Flygon Salamence Dragon, Metagross Aggron steel, Beautifly Dustox bug, as a guy who uses 3 stage Pokemon for fire, water, grass, flying, electric and ???? I couldn’t get an electric one and had to pick torching for fire and a flying type I had to wait a long time to get a Bagon

          1. Surely that’s more a flaw with your strategy than a flaw with the region?

            Ludicolo is water and grass.
            You could always have used an older pokemon for the electric and flying types, they do kind of expect people to use some of the older Pokemon too.

          2. Yes I understand its a personal thing I mean I loved the region just not the pokedex and when I go thru my first run I want to just use Pokemon from that region after that I reset or buy the other version and use random pokemon old and new.

          3. You could always have just used 2-form pokemon. It’s literally one of the only two regions where the regional bird was a 2-stage pokemon instead of a 3-stage pokemon.

            Which pokemon do you think had bad designs?

          4. Yeah I did at the end.

            To be perfectly honest I don’t feel any Pokemon have bad designs I just like when they evolve they get more to them and that’s why I like 3 stage ones.

        1. I wasn’t really fond of D/P. Didn’t like the region or the pokemon that much. Boring gym leaders, elit 4, and repetitive

        1. You’re not the only one, it gets praise from a lot of people. Shii ain my cup of tea though. Boring pokemon, boring plot, boring region. Biggest complaint from me was the choice of pokemon they chose for gym leaders and elite four. Flint had only 2 fire pokemon, so they had to fill in the rest of the spots with pokemon that have fire punch. Not to mention a lot of the trainers always ended up using the same pokemon. Didn’t care for all the added on evolutions that require methods such as leveling up in a certain location , meaning they have to choose a different place every game just for the pokemon to be able evolve. They also have to put in a giant ice/mossy rock in every game now just so 2 pokemon evolve, instead of having Eevee evolve with a leaf stone and an ice stone(which was made later anyway). I can’t say its any worse than X/Y though.

      1. Haven’t been here in awhile and just wanted to say it before Sun and Moon came out lol

    2. I’d rather not have 3 stage Pokemon, than unnecessary evolutions which are essentially bigger versions of the pre evolution. If they can actually make good 3 stage evolution lines, I’d be more than happy.

    3. It doesn’t matter too much to me, I really like 2 stage pokemon, and if one stage pokemon are designed well and don’t feel incomplete, then it’s not bad.

    1. Consider it done:

      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A
      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A
      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A
      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A
      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A
      Magikarp – lvl 1 – Swift Swim – Splash N/A N/A N/A

    2. Ok for real though I can make you one in an hour just tell me some stuff

      -If not, which game?
      -Any Pokémon you want in particular?
      -How should the team function?
      -Other notes

      1. competitve, OU tier, smogon rules. tangrowth as my defensive wall and then use that as inspiration

  30. I’m really not excited about to be able to reset my Alpha Sappire after SuMo come out. I want to use Slaking and just Giga Impact everything

    1. That comment did not the grammatical sense make.
      Clarification please of the meaning, could you?

  31. Was able to delete some games, I got up to 19,000 or so block, enough for the demo AND the little things! WOOT!

      1. It’s the whole meganium, not just the head 😛

        I expect so.
        Dunno about Meganium though.


      1. I want this more than anything. So much that I have to know before the game’s release so I don’t spend the whole game wondering if it’s there or not. I was the ultimate challenging post game feature with a fun atmosphere and a lot of variety, I don’t know why they removed it (probably for the same reason they removed PWT, walking with your pokemon, pokeathelon, they really do that alot don’t they?)

        1. Tbh the only BF I liked was the original.
          All the ones after seemed lacklustre to me.

          I agree, they do remove good stuff.
          I liked the Pokethlon.

          It’s understandable why they won’t do pokemon walking with the trainer now they’ve switched to 3D models.

          1. I mean we’ve seen a lot of pokemon models in the overworld, so it’s not like the engine can’t handle it. But also, HERESY!

          2. It’s more the case of the trainer trying to take Groudon or Wailord out into the wild and it towering over the trainer XD

  33. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the game will need to support more than 700 Pokemons, not including the Alolan Forms

  34. This is one reason I go for the physical copies. Also, I can use two systems to trade with myself. Also also is resale value (if times get really tough). I paid $40 – $45 for a used copy of HeartGold without the Pokewalker or box or anything.

  35. I’m actually kinda disappointed more people are talking about the space itself and whether or not they have room than the potential that that size might infer… I mean 3.2 GB’s is absolutely HUGE when you consider X and Y only had 1.7. Now many may say that doesn’t mean much since X and Y were bare bones but then consider Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire. They only had .1 GB more but we’re absolutely chock full of stuff. And that was only 2 years ago.

    These games will be the most packed and feature full Pokémon games we’ve ever had methinks… color me excited! 😀

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