Pokémon Sun & Moon File Size to be Double X&Y’s

The world of Pokémon just keeps on getting bigger and so does the space required by each new game. When Pokémon X&Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS they took up 1.7GB individually, which was a leap from previous generations. The remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were bigger still, but only by about a tenth of a gigabyte. Now the next generation of Pokémon, Sun and Moon, will require twice the amount of space and fans downloading the games will need 26,215 blocks (3.2GB) free on their console for each title.

That’s pretty MASSIVE and hopefully an indicator that there are a lot to do in these games. Many have been worried that all the news releases have been spoiling the contents of the Alola region before we even step foot on one of its sandy beaches, but the islands may hold more secrets than we think!

The Japanese Pokémon site has also warned players that a 4GB SD card will most likely not be large enough to store both the demo AND full game, so now might be a good time to go shopping for a high capacity SD card if you need one!