Morning After: How Do You Feel About Starters’ Evolutions?

The reveal of the starters’ middle evolutions in the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon didn’t come out of the blue, but the designs were certainly a surprise for fans.

Rowlet’s evolution Dartrix has become a narcissistic teenager with a hair obsession. Torracat, Litten’s evolution, has gained some bulk and an edge of danger. Then we’re left with Brionne which has given Popplio a distinctly feminine charm.

Have any of your thoughts changed since you first some the reveal? Personally, I’m warming up to Brionne and making peace with its final evolution, even if it doesn’t get a more masculine look for males of the species. In fact… I’m almost willing to ditch the avian archer for my own merman; honestly I never thought I’d even consider that.

But then again, it is 2016. They say anything is possible this year and Generation VII might get even crazier than the US elections.

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION:  Pokémon Sun & Moon Chat

    1. Yep I might keep on forgetting to save since idk which starter I like….

  1. What I always do in these games:
    1) don’t save when I get the full games
    2) keep playing with them in amie
    3) when there’s the news people asking about the relationship with my Pokémon: Dat Ass

    4) Keep running away from weak Pokémon and tried to steal the leaders pokemon
    5) Idk

  2. Brionne is probably my favorite stage between all 9 starter Pokémon stages. I have a secret love for any ‘mon that looks derpy. (Trubbish and Garbordor are forever my favorite Poison type Pokémon.)

  3. I love all of them!!!
    The only thing that kills me is Litten 3. >.>

    Such an AWESOME quadruped Pokémon for forms one and two, and then it stands on two legs. -___-

    If they perhaps kept almost all of Litten 3’s design, but made him a quadruped, I would be exceedingly pleased.

    In the end though, this is going to be the first generation where I don’t know for sure which starter I want!

  4. Honestly I love Brionne the most!! I don’t mind any of their designs, but it has most likable one I think. At least for me anyway. I like Torracat more in game than I do in it’s art and I think I can say the same about Dartrix. Knowing what they all evolve into really makes a difference. I think I’d have a more worried feeling if I didn’t know their final evolutions. anyway they all have decent designs and I look forward to seeing the finals in game too!

  5. I must admit I’m a big fan of Dartix’s hair though. Makes me think of Ghirahim from Skyward Sword.

    1. To be fair if you read the thread the people who are doing the decoding say that it’s unlikely they’ll crack the code. The amount of combinations there are for the key is ridiculous and it could take 100 billion years before anyone even has a chance of finding the right one. The odds are the demo will come out before anyone finds it. At that point it’ll be useless and people will have moved onto actually ripping apart the actual demo lol

      1. we gots plenty of brain-havers and Asians who do this stuff all the time
        dey’ll crack the code

        1. It’s not about having enough smart people. Even if you used all the computers in the world it would still take that long to find the correct code. Sure they could find it tomorrow or even today, but the odds are that they won’t due to the shear amount of possibilities.

        2. Salted codes have nothing to do with how smart you are, it’s either knowing what it is, or getting lucky, in which case, you’d have a better chance of winning the lottery, twice, in one week. There is nothing in between.

  6. I like them all, especially in the game. Each one of them reacts in a unique way. Something that we haven’t really seen in pokemon. I can’t really decided but I do like Popplio’s third evolution the best. I really can’t wait to see what happens!

  7. These starters certainly are the most “controversial” to date, but really have a masculine starter and feminine starter for each generation is nothing new so I don’t really see what everyone is complaining about with Brionne and Torracat.

    Do I need to remind everyone of Braxien last gen? As long as my Popplio is a female and my Litten is male, I’m fine.

    All I care about is Rockruff and Lycanroc so this don’t matter to me

  8. i remember the corocoro said the starters and rockruff haves a secret, so i think the starters will have two 3rd evolution one for the day and one for the night.

  9. I was always a Litten fan, and I still am. I was torn between having either Rowlet or Popplio on my other version and was just going to get 3 games total. The more and more I look at Brionne the less interested I am in it. Not because it looks feminine I just don’t connect to it… It doesn’t appeal to me… When I build my teams I base it off if I were a real Pokemon trainer and what Pokemon correspond to my personality. So, I’m thinking of going with Rowlet and Litten and only having two games. At first I was all for Popplio but this evolution turned me off…

  10. I don’t mind the makes of the mermaid species looking so feminine, but it would be cool if there was a Poseidon looking merman gender difference. Maybe give it a beard or just ace and get rid of the pearls ?

  11. here’s the thoughts from a SUPER NERD like me
    Dartrix is the literal pokemon incarnation of Narcis Prince [Super punch out]!
    Torracat is Strong Cat and is also Spoiled Cat and its Important to pet it a lot [burns dont matter, just pet it!!!!!
    brionne is my favorite baby out of the three. a very important baby. nothing much to say about it. it needs hugs. i hope it shows its feelings to me and not fake smiles!

  12. As a male I think it’s glad they didn’t make a masculine water type. I don’t like it when all 3 are males as it’s sexist and makes females unfair, this is what I call poetic justice!

  13. I love all of them. The starters look outstanding! I don’t get the gender debate that continues occuring! Yet, they look fine to me. Also, I’m kinda getting annoyed by people thinking Dartrix will not evolve into Grass3. Shooting arrows are in Dartrix’s bio! I doubt there is split evos too. Solely from the Riddler Leaks and Chinese Leaker!

  14. I like them all! Still on Team Rowlet, but I wonder: are split evos still a possibility? It did say that Rockruff and the starters share a secret, which leads me to believe that could be very possible.

    1. I’m really hoping the final evo for Litten isn’t that. Just… can’t stand how he looks. Such a cool concept to go to something that, even if it’s fire/dark, just LOOKS like a fire/fighting.

      1. well… it IS based on the Tiger from the Chinese Zodiac, along as well, the Tiger Martial Arts. And is a reference to Tiger Mask

        1. I’m of the opinion that the Litten line as a whole is based on the bakeneko, a yokai said to transform from cats that live to advanced age. Characteristics include walking on hind legs, licking lamp oil, manipulating fire balls, and nefarious personality; one unique myth speaks of a bakeneko that would attempt to sumo wrestle any who approached it.

    2. These evolutions are honestly so jarring, it’s hard to believe these Pokemon are even related O_O

      1. Why? Braixen and Delphox didn’t have one. Samurott doesn’t have one. Although I’d much rather getting a female Popplio be easier, I wouldn’t see them doing it now.

        1. All those pokemon do look more feminine, but could still pull off as a male. But Popplio’s final evolution looks straight up 100% female

  15. I just want to be the first one to go on record and that Lillie has a connection with UB-1. Look at them, it even has the same hat when you look carefully

    1. A bit late to be the first one on record, but I digress, the connection is pretty clear.

  16. I like all of them, although I think I’ll be taking Rowlet in Sun and Popplio in moon simply because the Litten line, now that we’ve seen the whole thing, looks a tad generic to me.

  17. I got to admit though, these starters have character we haven’t seen in starters in a long time

      1. You can still do only 1 a week for inktober. 🙂

        Or if you’re crazy you can do 1 for each day you missed to catch up. <3

  18. I never cared about the rowlet line and probably won’t, it’s the chespin/tepig of this gen. I love litten and torracat but I won’t accept litten3. I’ve learned to love Popplio and popplio3. Brionne is a mess but fortunately I won’t be with her for long

  19. My favorites based on stage:
    Base Stage: Litten’s
    1st Evo: Popplio’s
    2nd Evo: Rowlett’s
    It just so happen to turn out I live at least on stage of the 3more than the rest

      1. Yeah I can see that ….that cuz she didn’t show her sadness, I really like the eyes design it’s very unique.

  20. I still can choose between popplio and litten even after their first evos, but I don’t rrally care for the leaked evos, so I’m still hoping for the chance of split evos.

  21. Even more on Ream Popplio. I love Brionne, it’s so adorable and looks amazing! Also totally conforms the final form will be the siren/mermaid, which makes me ecstatic!

    Other than that very disappointed by Dartrix, I was thinking about using Rowlet if I also bought Sun, which I’m debating but it looks hideous ala Quilladin. Actually like Torracat a bit so maybe I’ll use him with eviolite, since I despise his final form, which like Brionne definitely this evolution seems to confirm as real. Anyway super excited for this and can’t wait to play the demo on the 18th!

  22. I like dartrix quite a bit. Im choosing popplio however as its final form is too beautiful to pass up.

    1. Fave unevolved: Popplio (And Litten too)
      Fave middle stage: Torracat
      Fave (supposed) final: Mermaid-Popplio~

  23. First stage: Rowlet, Pupplio/Litten
    Middle stage: Dartrix/Torrcat, Brionne(Bribri ill give u some hope for an ugly duckling story)
    Chinese leaker: Mermaid, Lucha Tiger, Robinhoot(meh..)

  24. Never fucking think you can out speed a Scarfed Heracross in with a minus speed in sand

          1. It was mega, and that could’ve been avoided but like always Focus a Blast one shots Mamoswine and cost me my biggest psychic sweeper

          2. Maybe try dugtrio? He makes an excellent revenge killer and coulda taught that heracross a thing or two with arial ace.(how dugtrio learns arial ace is beyond me.)

          3. Frail as fuck, only good for trapping set up
            Nope that loss cost my my 1558 rating and dropped me to the low 1400s

          1. I hate shuckle with a burning passion
            That pathetic snail should never have such a gimmick but they JUST HAD TO LET IT LEARN STICKY WEB

          1. My favourite is setting up Sub Bulk Up on that fat fish in RU (yeh you know the one). Can’t do shit to me as I set up in its stupid face.

          2. Alomomola.

            Anything with Sub and a set up move, sets up in that things face and it’s the best feeling in the world.

  25. So… Potato -> 11th Doctor -> Green Arrowl
    Emo cat -> Rebel Cat -> Cheater Tiger
    Ugly little Girl Seal-> Cheerleader Seal-> Ariel

  26. I hate to admit it but it looks like Beltigre is going to be another Fire-Fighting starter

          1. Oh Thank Christ. Now if they only did that for Fennekin and made it kitsune based, we would’ve had a winner

  27. Underwhelming. Nothin special, but nothing horrible. I Think they’re all fitting. Its the 3rd evolutions that I think are the disappointing ones.

  28. Grass and Fire are really good, I got a bit more used to Popplio’s evo. Still not really sure why they choose this direction for it.

  29. Now that the second evolutions of the partner Pokemon have sunk in, what’s everyone thinking for their team(s) so far? Here are mine…

    Sun 1 (Cosimo):
    Lycanroc (Midday form)
    Oricorio (Sensu Style)

    Sun 2 (Aurora):
    Raichu (Alola Form)
    Oricorio (Baile Style)
    Ninetales (Alola Form)

    Moon (Jeff):
    Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

    I’m still debating on Brionne. If I decide against it, I’ll only get one Sun and one Moon and just have Cosimo and Jeff as my characters. And then my teams would change to this:

    Sun (Cosimo):
    Lycaroc (Midday Form)
    Oricorio (Baile Style)

    Moon (Jeff):
    Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
    Ninetales (Alola Form)

    1. GrassStarterFirstEvolution one is so funny. I actually like GrassStarterSecondEvolutionRowlet3.0 very much.

  30. Littens final evo could be on the front of a new Pokemon cereal though if they ever wanted to do that

  31. Watching the old seasons with a list of all non-filler episodes at your disposal is like the best thing ever.

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  32. Im Soooo disapointed in Popplio like really disapointed, his evolution is tragic.

    On the other hand Torracat is so good that he makes his evolution looks bad.

    Dartrix is so silly..I only hate the leaf hair cut but other than that its fine.

  33. So my team now and nicknames (this only includes revealed Pokemon) this is Moon

    Brionne- Goofball
    Komala- Koma
    Lycanroc- Howler
    Alolan Sandslash- Icicle
    Eevee depending on what I make it
    (Flareon- Fluffy
    Leafeon- Photo
    Umbreon- Umbra
    Sylveon- Ribbons)
    Togedemaru- Togey
    Mimikyu- Mimi

    You forget I’m gonna rotate Togey and Mimi

    1. Mine!

      Popplio – Minuet
      Lurantis – Rose
      Pikipek – Crimson/Pearl
      Mimikyu – Spoopy
      Ninetales – Winter/hopefully ill come up with something else
      Salandit – Sophie (Pun on sulpher)

      1. Cool for reasons for mine

        Goofball- Popplio looks like a goofy little guy

        Komala- He looks like he’s in a Coma so play on words

        Howler- He’s a wolf

        Icicle- He has Icicles

        Photo- Based on photosynthesis

        Fluffy- He’s so fluffy!

        The rest are obvious

    2. i don’t believe in Nicknames but if I The High and Mighty Earthen: Conqueror of the ten realms were too
      Beltigre: Heatigre or Strong Bad
      Lycanroc: Steppenwolf
      Mudsdale: Mud Jack
      Bewear: Beary
      I’m considering adding Jangmo-o: Armos

        1. Each of the ten Elemental Realms
          Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Electric, Ice, Plant, Metal, Light and Shadow

          1. Well might as well reap the resources to forge invincible Elementally Infused Soldiers

          2. Fairies got nothing on the elements
            its nature and nature is something Fairyfolk must abide to

          3. I destroyed the 9 dimension on accident and mastered learning Time Travel in another realm yet I just have acquaintances there

    3. Litten-Vito (IM WALKING HERE)
      Mudsdale- Bojack
      Braxien- Franni
      Alolan Marowak- Bonnie (I had a Marowak in SS named Clyde)
      *6th spots ponteinals*
      Crabrawler- Rocko
      Rockruff/Lycanroc- Damian
      Electric Oricorio- Pauline

      1. Reasons
        Vito sounds cool
        Reginald is a american dad refernce
        Bojakc Horseman
        a Delli
        Bonnie explained
        Rocky just with a O
        Damian Demon
        Pauline because preppy name

    4. Game: Sun; no nicknames.
      -Lycanroc Midday
      -Vikavolt (very likely – Bug/Electric with Levitate is good)
      -Salandit (unless its evo is terrible)
      So far, these are the only ones I want on the team… If I end up using any of the starters, it’ll probably be Rowlet’s final evo. Not considering using any of the Alolan formes.

    5. Sun 1 (Cosimo):
      Lycanroc (Midday form)
      Oricorio (Sensu Style)

      Sun 2 (Aurora):
      Raichu (Alola Form)
      Oricorio (Baile Style)
      Ninetales (Alola Form)

      Moon (Jeff):
      Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

    6. Sun:
      Ash-Greninja (Maybe)
      Solgaleo (Maybe)

  34. Brionne is my favourite out of the three. Don’t really care if it’s feminine, it’s a super cute design.

  35. I’ll rate them real quick.
    Datrix – 10/10
    I absolutely love it’s design! It’s the perfect shade of green and brown, I love the name, and it’s hair obsession fits what I enterpreted Rowlet’s personality to be like. Once again the Rowlet line continues to be my favorite, maybe my favorite starter of all time.
    Torracat – 8/10
    It’s a great design, and I love how it’s body shape isn’t just a generic cat. It’s face looks great, the tag thing is kinda wierd. What really kills it for me is knowing that the potentional of it’s design will be squandered. -_- (Dual evos? Should I just give up at this point?)
    Brionne – 4/10
    Brionne is, well, I mean it’s alright I guess. The shade of blue is nice, but the skirt and ears look so off to me. The name is great though.

        1. I understand to each their own. I personally like Brionne the best out of the three.

    1. For me, I would’ve had Brionne a little higher, maybe a 8/10. Torrocat would be a 9/10 also.

  36. So far for my FireRed run with mons I haven’t used before:
    (Got the ThunderBadge)
    In party:
    Spice- Ivysaur
    GRENADE!!!- Voltorb
    Diggin’- Diglett
    KingBeetch- Beedrill
    Prof. X- Drowzee
    Jacob- Meowth
    In Box:
    KAAAAWWWWN- Fearow
    Ratatatata- Ratticate
    Ch’Ding- Farfetch’D (got through a trade)

    BTW a little sidenote is the nicknames are supposed to be a little goofy because I just want to have as much fun on this run

    1. Here is my BW team

      -Meinshao – Lodus
      -Reniculous – Cyto
      -Carracosta – Canolli
      -Mandibuzz – Avah
      -Elektross – Elenor
      -Lilligant – Melissa

  37. I was just thinking…why GF always create the same fire starter? I mean, why can’t a fire starter be slow and bulky? Except for Emboar, there’s not a single Fire starter whose HP is above 80 and whose speed is below 100 (considering that they obvious gave Blaziken speed boost and protect for no reason at all). Can you believe that 5 fire starters on 6 (and probably 6 on 7) have 100 base speed or more when except from Greninja no other water starter has more then 78 base speed? 78 for God sake! Also, no fire starter except from Delphox has a base defense over 85 (at best). Basically the fire starter is always the same pokemon: a special or physical sweeper, or a mixed sweeper (and of course half of them, or maybe 4 on 7 considering Torracat bio, are fire/fighting so basically 3 fire starters are completly unuseful just because Blaziken exist). Grass is not truly a good type but at least GF used a bit of imagination among them, no one like the others.
    What I want for Gen 8 is a wall Fire starter with great defenses and poor speed and a water starter with at least 90 base speed.

    1. IKR after Infernape I became bored with the same bidepal Pokemon because it was the same, being a sweeper and all. I was once thinking they should make a Fire Startet that’s a bear, who has large HP and Bulk, yet has 50 speed

      1. people prefer fast and speedy if u notice 90% of low tier pokemon are slow and bulky

        1. I think he means that he got bored after 2 bipedals (starting from Blaziken), and then Gamefreak released more bipedals after that…

        2. Well what I mean is they have the continuous trend of standing up on two legs, which is somewhat repetitive

      2. Well yeah they are all sweepers except for one…
        Charizard – Special Sweeper
        Typhlosion – Special Sweeper
        Blaziken – (setup) Physical Sweeper
        Infernape – Physical Sweeper
        Emboar – Physical Tank
        Delphox – Special Sweeper

        Also Fire is not a great typing for a wall unless its name is Heatran… 🙂

          1. Hello Pokejungle…

            Unfortunately, I have to host a funeral today for our friend, Earthen Warrior. Earthen was a passionate guy. He would never give up even if everything said he wouldn’t succeed. Earthen died the way he lived… trying to be edgy on the internet.

            RIP Earthen

          2. I shall bring him beef jerky and fried chicken instead of flowers I remember all the good times we had…
            *Memorable Flashback*
            “Earthen chasing me with a battle axe”
            “Earthen setting me on fire”
            “Him splitting my skull open with another weapon”
            “Earthen chasing me with another Weapon”
            “Him unleashing a nest of Killer Beedrill on my face”
            *The End*
            Ahh good times!

    1. I was going to change my avatar to Dartrix, but you beat me to it! xD I’ll just be faster when the toucan gets announced.

  38. So boogie2988 just basically confirmed that the NX is a handheld console hybrid. The handheld plugs into the console and you can unplug it to play a form of the game mobile. I’m unsure if this means the full game or like, a mobile game sort of like Fall Out Shelter or something. It is apparently very easy to program for and and person from Ubisoft (It is implied the person is from Ubisoft) says that it is very innovative and that they wish they came up with it.


      1. Boogie2988 is a YouTube Creator that has about 3 million subs. He makes Gaming News Videos along with Vlogs about his weight loss journey and his struggles with depression. He has a “Character” named Francis that rages and pretty much embodies most of the Youtube comment section. He’s super funny, and just an awesome guy

        There is literally no reason for him to lie about this. Here is where he talks about it

  39. Now that the dust has settled…

    Toracat it’s not perfect. I don’t particularly care for it. I think I would like it more if it bridged the gap between the first and final form better. Torracat turning into litten3 is just such a dramatic jump… Regardless, I don’t hate Litten3’s design and I will gladly use it as my main Pokemon as long as it is NOT part Fighting

    Dartrix is pretty okay design wise… Emo teenager, I get it. Once again, just can’t understand the dramatic leap int the final form. Rowlett and all its evolutions look so different from each other.. Also even though I love rowlett, I’m really not a fan of this humanoid stilt leg hooded bow and arrow owl man. Just not what I wanted at all for rowlett so I don’t think I’ll ever end using this guy unfortunately

    Brionne… Bless this poor child’s little heart. This is probably the straight up worst second stage starter I’ve ever seen. I didn’t really notice yesterday but today I’m digesting it all and I really just can’t believe how ugly this thing is. Like seriously GF, wtf? I thought poplios transformation into poplio3 would be way more graceful than this. All three of these Pokemon look completely unrelated, it’s just confusing to look at. It’s like they didn’t even try to make them look connected. But at least poplio3 is really cool and beautiful. It will really give milotic a run for its money.

    1. I’ve been thinking about how dramatic some of the changes from evolution to evolution are. Wondering if the leaked starters we’ve seen could be some sort of Z-Form as leaks have suggested there are and not the usual appearance of the Partner Pokémon in the final evolutionary form.

    2. Think of Brionne as a Metapod or Spewpa. 🙂

      Sometimes people go into a confused phase at some point in their life then they’ll grow out of it. Particularly Dartrix.

      And if you find these evos jarring, just think of Dragonite or Rhyperior, and you’ll be just fine.

  40. Well I personally LOVE all three of them. With Torracat being my fave of the three. <3
    All together I would have to say form wise, I like Litten the most of the three first forms, then Torracat, of the second forms, and I actually really love Popplio's third form the most out of all the last evo's (that were reviled at least)

    But I am still going to have all three of them on my team on my main playthrough. I am buying both games, and I am playing Moon version first, but I am going to be using my sun version to get the other two starter Pokemon for on my Moon version main playthrough. LOL I used to do the same thing with red and blue when I was younger. 😀

  41. Hmm, just realised that if the demo does allow for a massive spoilery datadump, at least some DMCA takedown-fearing sites like Serebii etc. will steer clear of the info and allow for a “safe” connection with the pokémon news sphere to remain open, so that’s something. It’ll be quite annoying not to come around here for a time, but you gotta do what you gotta do to actually get to enjoy the discovery aspect of the game.

    I know you probably wouldn’t be foolish enough to do this at PJ, but if you do massively cover the info on other outlets such as youtube, could you try and refrain from spoilery titles etc.? (I realise this might be very difficult on social media once all the new pokés start to spread, but I only follow you on youtube and not fb and twitter so if it comes down to it it shouldn’t be too difficult to at least keep video titles non-spoilery. I guess it is just to avoid me the hassle of unsubscribing and resubscribing, but that doesn’t feel like it should be necesary.)

    1. Yeah I’m leaving here as soon as I get word of a demo. It’s a shame honestly, they should’ve learned their lesson with the ORAS demo.

      1. Demo is scheduled for the 18th of this month.
        Best prepare your radio silence protocol now, ready for that day.

    2. I i mean i truly doubt gamefreak would learn from their mistakes
      but yeah i do thing people may fear takedowns
      But screw that I WANT INFO

    3. We discussed how we’re going to handle spoilers in the chat recently. All officially announced news will not be marked with spoilers (for example with the reveal of Partner Pokémon evolutions we’ve got an image on the front page showing them), however leaked information will be marked as spoilers on the front page of the site and our other channels.

      We won’t spoiler warning individual images within an article, instead choosing to spoiler the whole article on the front page.

      Regarding possible information incoming from the demo. We comply to any legal requests or takedowns we’re faced with. 🙂

      1. Yeah, that’s a perfectly good policy and I didn’t expect anything less from you all! Wasn’t expecting you to go pirate either, it’s just IIRC PJ didn’t receive massive takedown leaks back in Gen V and thus you aren’t quite acting “once bitten, twice shy” like others might be. I assume you’ll publish as expected until you do get bitten if that ever happens :p .

  42. The tiger is a 10. the teenage owl is a 7 and the silly water thing is a 4. But regarding the final forms the only one that can be saved is the archer, because the other two redefined the expression trainwreck.

  43. I still absolutely love Popplio’s line. Popplio is absolutely adorable, and I mean. . . just look at Brionne. I will say, Brionne’s official art doesn’t quite do her justice, however, when they showed her in game, I was sold. I’m really looping forward to evolving her up to “Entermaid”.

    Can’t wait.

    1. Brionne… I just… I can’t. I love poplios final Evo. She is really gorgeous although the intense femininity still feels so random and out of the blue considering poplios boyish-neutral design but whatever. And “entermaid” just kinda makes me barf. Doesn’t roll off the tounge at all

      1. Personally I’m expecting something like “Idolio” because it seems to be based on the Japanese ‘idol’ craze.

        1. Out of the names suggested so far, I must admit, that one is also down the bottom of my ‘preferred name’ list.

          I’m expecting something that uses the word ‘Idol’ since they’ve already used ‘Pop’ for Popplio.

  44. I have no issue with any of the evo. Sure, some like Brionne needs time to get used to, but they look great and has a distinct charm to their looks.

    1. You should just drop your “code of chivalry” or whatever and just do whatever it takes to win. There’s no shame in winning as long it is within the rules of the game and without cheating, of course. <3

  45. Form 2 of the alolan starters are all good (apart from Brionne’s satanic eyes).
    Which makes the leaked final forms all the more tragic.

    1. Agreed… Except for Rowlet. It final could have been better, but it’s still pretty nice

      1. Eh, I’m happy enough with it.
        I have a few issues with its final form (mainly the cowl, the way its head changed drastically and it using feathers as fingers), but I think its form 2 is a pretty natural progression. Plus I can sympathise with the love of keeping one’s hair immaculate.

        Either way I’m going with Rowlett because its final is better than the other two, which is a shame because originally I was planning to use Litten and I like both of Littens first 2 forms.

        1. Oh, don’t get me wrong (I worded horribly) I LOVE its mid form
          It’s final is good, but not perfect
          The other two got less .. .good ones
          Popplio’s is fine imo
          And Littens… needs to be scrapped

          1. I don’t have anything against Popplio3’s existance, it’s just one of those Pokemon that I’d probably never choose to use. I’d like it more if its hair wasn’t tied up.

            Tony the Tiger (Litten’s final) is a sin that must be punished.

  46. These are the most fugliests starters that I’ve ever seen.

  47. Alolan Persian, Robinroot (Dartrix evolution), Beltigre (Torracat evolution), Sirene (Brionne evolution), Marshadow, and the name for Cutiefly’s evolution will be revealed on October 14th’s update on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    Also, October 14th’s update will reveal three more Alola Guardian Deities, plus more new Pokemon, plus new Pokemon with gender differences, plus more Alolan forms, plus a few new Mega Evolutions, plus some new Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.

    Pokemon Z will have Zygarde Cell, Zygarde Core (Red and Blue), Zygarde 10% Forme (Red and Blue), Zygarde 50% Forme, Zygarde Complete Forme, Ash-Greninja, Magearna, plus 37 more new Kalos Pokemon, plus Mega Flygon, Mega Meganium, Mega Typhlosion, and Mega Feraligatr.

  48. I have a theory about the final evolutions of the starters (and it’s probably said by someone else by now). Okay since they revealed Rockruff’s evolution which has a midday form and midnight form, the starters will probably have this as well. So because Lycanroc’s Midday form is more of a “natural” and “tame” evolution, and the Midnight form is more of a “unnatural” and “rebellious” evolution. It might be possible to say that this will be the same for the starter evolutions as well, AND suppose that the chinese leaked evolutions are real, we could see another set of evolutions for Popplio, Litten and Rowlet. Also we might see an eclipse form for the starters and Rockruff possibly due to Marshadow?

  49. I liked Torracat the moment I saw it. I didn’t really like Dartrix at first but the more I looked at it the more I started to like it. And Brionne…is….cute….I guess?

  50. Jeez, some people on here. Is your masculinity THAT fragile that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to accept that Popplio can have a more feminine looking form than a masculine one? I find it rather disgusting how people are acting toward this. So it is ok for us to just either ignore or accept other Pokemon who look only ONE gender specifically but it is not ok to accept this one? Everyone complains that Ash needs to grow up in the anime, meanwhile, I think it is all the people who complain about an evolution line looking “too feminine” that need growing up to do.

    1. My only problem with a starter line being too feminine or even too masculine is they set the tone for the game. I think starters should be ambiguous to gender stereotypes because you have to get one, I love popplio and won’t ever evolve him. As for other Pokemon with “gender stereotypes” that’s okay, you don’t have to play with those and there are many more options of same type Pokemon. The starters will be the first and best of their type for a while in the game. I am all for being girly and love me some princesses but popplio and littens evolutions are not good.

  51. Brionne is 87.5% male. There is no reason why it should be wearing a frilly top like a girl who went to some girl store to buy a girl top like a girl. If you use a male Brionne, you’d better be ready to give up your man card because you are either [1] a gay, or [2] a girl, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. Gay girls are fine, though, of course, since they’re hot.

    During my first run of Pokémon Y, I picked a male Fennekin without knowing what its evolutions looked like. When it evolved into Braixen I immediately went into a coma. After I woke up, the doctor said I had lost 80% of my brain function, but I didn’t care or understand what she (a woman doctor!) said. Now I draw pictures of boobs and virginias for three hours every day to try to regain my manhood.

    I just wish Pokémon would follow nature more closely like I do. You don’t see any male poodles or peacocks, do you? Any female pit bulls or sharks? No. If animals have to follow the natural gender roles I made up, then so do Pokémon.

  52. better the Popplio line be a water/fairy in final scene. (worse scenario psychic and then gets megaevolution type change, but if its fairy it can also turn into a ghost maybe in future??? all this posibilities)

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