Morning After: How Do You Feel About Starters’ Evolutions?

The reveal of the starters’ middle evolutions in the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon didn’t come out of the blue, but the designs were certainly a surprise for fans.

Rowlet’s evolution Dartrix has become a narcissistic teenager with a hair obsession. Torracat, Litten’s evolution, has gained some bulk and an edge of danger. Then we’re left with Brionne which has given Popplio a distinctly feminine charm.

Have any of your thoughts changed since you first some the reveal? Personally, I’m warming up to Brionne and making peace with its final evolution, even if it doesn’t get a more masculine look for males of the species. In fact… I’m almost willing to ditch the avian archer for my own merman; honestly I never thought I’d even consider that.

But then again, it is 2016. They say anything is possible this year and Generation VII might get even crazier than the US elections.

<3 PJ

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