New Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Information [OCT 4]

As promised a new batch of Pokémon Sun & Moon information has just been dropped! The new drop contains information on the Starter Pokémon Evolutions!

New Trailer

New Information

  • Partner Pokémon evolutions revealed!
  • Dartrix is Rowlet’s evolution. It remain Grass/Flying-type with the ability Overgrow
  • Litten evolves into Torracat, remains Fire-type with the Blaze ability
  • Brionne is Popplio’s Water-type evolution with the Torrent ability
  • Festival Plaza allows players to interact with one another and earn Festival Coins.
  • Festival Coins can be used in shops to purchase a variety of things, from stat increase items to clothing and accessories
  • Poké Pelago is a new location that Pokémon stored in PC Boxes can visit. Poké Pelago can allow you Pokémon to attract Wild Pokémon, uncover new items or even train and increase their levels.
  • Mega Evolution returns and is achieved through the Z-Ring
  • Demo for Sun & Moon releases October 18th on the eShop
  • The demo version of the game allows players to use a special Greninja that can transform in Ash-Greninja when it becomes charged with its Battle Bond. Ash-Greninja can be transferred to the full copy of the game
  • Trainers can battle other trainers teams in the Global Link by scanning their QR code

New Japanese Trailer

[NEW] The next drop of news for Sun & Moon will arrive on October 14.

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