Before Staters’ Evolutions are Revealed, Choose One!

Which starter will you be choosing in Pokémon Sun & Moon (which are out NEXT MONTH for the 3DS)? Before any of the starting Pokémon’s evolutions are officially unveiled, why not vote down below?

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Recently a string of reminders for Tuesday’s news reveal have featured Rowlet, Litten and Popplio with the text “Have you already decided your starting Pokémon?” While not a sure sign we’ll see their second evolutions this week, it could definitely be a hint towards their reveal!

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  1. Rowlett about time they gave us a decent Grass starter. Haven’t seen a good one since Turtwig

        1. My only complaint is they should’ve tweaked Quilladin by giving his body tiny tiny chestnut spikes all over his green shell then he would’ve made the most adorable chubby spike ball

    1. Big fan of Serperior personally. But it’s movepool is painfully limited and monotyping definitely hurts. But aesthetically, love it.

      1. Grrrrrr that this is the bane of my existence
        One leaf storm and its unbeatable unless you outspeed it

      2. That’s my point. Grass hasn’t got an serious love in looks and abilities since Sceptile

        1. Yea but Contrarian + Leaf Storm is some solid love. And honestly I like Chesnaught and it has a solid move pool.

  2. Prob gonna pick Popplio but will technically use my second game (getting the dual pack) to get myself all the starters so it doesn’t matter that much.

  3. I love them all, and going to use them all regardless, but I’m going to go with Rowlet as my first draft pick. This is based solely on the basic forms. If the final evolutions are true, then I might have to change it to Popplio, but still; I love them all!

  4. Poppilo has been my choice since it was revealed. I love Mermaid3 design, even tho it’s feminine still a great design.

  5. Hey I’m back for a bit I’ve been playing Yo-Kai watch 2 All weekend so I’m gonna be a little less frequent till leaks or trailers come out

  6. Popplio ALL. THE. WAY!!!
    On a serious note, I’m actually happy that if the reveal for those evolution leaks are true, I’m glad they’re giving the starters a more feminine look. I mean come on, half the the starters are 87.3% male anyway. Why not switch it up for a change. I for one love this idea.

    1. why not make a gender difference like they used to instead of making this humanoid mermaid seal girl thing ?

  7. Rowlett until the end! With it by my side we’ll blow away the competition! Plus I just know it’ll evolve into something magnificent!

    1. Ice Shard and weaknesses to Stealth Rock, Accelrock, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb and all those Fire Types
      This thing better have wicked high speed and a niche to survive two minutes in competitive

      1. I’m hoping that since it’s based on an archer it will have a really good speed state and attack.

        1. why bother everyone’ll invest specially just to spam giga drain to save its frail butt

  8. I voted Rowlet but I’m using it on Moon and I’ll be using Litten for Sun. Disappointed by the Green Arrow final evo. But I can live with Litten3 knowing that it’s Fire/Dark.

      1. If the leaks of the finals are real, Litten3 is definitely Dark. The description for its persoanlity is literally exactly what Dark type is about. I don’t expect another Fire/Fighting starter probably ever again.

  9. I had to settle for Litten because there’s no way I’m going to have that prissy mermaid on my team
    They lied to me they said Water/Fighting way back then…. I used to think to myself I’ll be set
    Popplio for Sun and Litten Moon because of the whole Ground icon but they were LIES

  10. I wanted to use Litten, but it’s final evolution sucks.
    Popllio was bad from day 1, and it’s final evolution makes it worse
    Rowlett is the only that’s decent.

    1. More or less this. I don’t think Popplio’s final is that bad but still not good enough to choose it. I might seriously box my starter this time.

  11. My main character will have Litten in sun. But depending on the final evolutions on Popplio and Rowlet I’ll have both of them too on my other two games. If I don’t like both I’ll only have one of them for my Moon version.

  12. I’m voting for Rowlet all the way! So excited for the evolutions and hope you all are happy with the one you originally wanted!

      1. Lol I figured out of all people you would say something like that Earthen XD (Just curious which starter are you disappointing with?

  13. I honestly can’t decide between Litten and Popplio, but I went with Litten since I usually go for the Fire type anyway (Tepig being the only exception). I may switch sides before the games come out, but as of now I’m going with Litten.

  14. Wow litten is actually less popular than popplio. And of course rowlet is completely in the lead, I was between rowlet and popplio

  15. Didn’t we have this exact poll months ago? Wouldn’t a better poll be “Do they have split forms or not?”

  16. Oh, and it’s Rowlet BTW. Because
    1) I tend to prefer the grass starter
    2) Flying is my favorite type

    1. gross they should’ve made Black or Bright Red but like always a stupid ugly purple magenta

      1. Heracross is my second bug type, and i agree the shiny could of been a bit better

    2. Not my favorite shiny, but great! 😀 I sorta want to get back into shiny hunting, but my last experience kinda killed it for me.

  17. I still think this starter evolutions are fake, because these evolutions have been released too early than normal

    1. It’d be so cool if GF released fake evos to generate hype, and then *BAM* they reveal completely new evos.

    2. I don’t really see your logic behind that. Especially considering they were leaked by the Chinese branch, being the newest, they were bound to let things slip. I honestly don’t see how people can still be in denial about them from all of the evidence.

      1. If that starter evolutions were real, they would also all be released on That is not happening, so that developments are fake.

        1. Serebii doesn’t post leaks I’m afraid. So that doesn’t really help your argument at all.

        2. Actually, Joe of Serebii posted on his Twitter months ago that these are real, but refused to put them on his site since they were leaks and he wanted to avoid getting a DMCA as it happened before with Pokemon Black and White, meaning the Pokemon Company keeps a close eye on Serebii. However the leaks have been confirmed for a while with quite a bit of supporting evidence. But to each their own mate.

    3. They are basically all but confirmed at this point. Mallow is shown in the images for Litten and many Chinese leaks accompanying them have been confirmed true

  18. Rowlet is my favourite out of these set of starters. But I usually don’t care much about the base form, the final evolutions usually seals or for me.
    But if I have to my opinion goes:

    Rowlet > Popplio > Litten

  19. Rowlet sucks because of Ice type. That thing will be getting all kinds of OHKO from physical or special attacks, I imagine a life orb Ice shard taking it out. I don’t care about what people say I think the design of the leaked evolution is also boring and bland I imagine Rowlett being popular only in the US and some western countries.

    1. Grass starters are never really that popular anyway.
      I think the Owl looks the best personally. Not too much of a fan of the Tiger

    1. Litten final is actually really great. its just that people can’t accept that it looks bulky and big

  20. So who here uses the site N4G to get the latest gaming information?
    I just ask because I find it odd that when I find news articles on Pokemon Sun and Moon (good and well written articles mind you) they are usually untouched or barely viewed.

  21. I understand the bipedal hate toward littens final evo, but come on guys it’s a ferocious fire wrestling tiger! (basically king from tekken). I love it and can’t wait to pile drive team skull grunts into the ground 🙂

    1. According to the image writing it seems to fight dirty, if so I sure do hope it can learn Foul Play, as well as Sucker Punch and Fire Punch 😛

      1. well its a fire/dark so i would hope it would learn foul play and sucker punch. It fits it so well

          1. I got a New 3DS and a 3DS XL waiting, but I worry for a few things, one being will Ditto be in Sun and Moon in the wild. The second being how long till the Day Care lol
            Though it doesn’t bother me as I do plan to play it after December for exams so by then I think Pkm Bank will be updated.

    2. I just think it looks really bad. I used to be fond of the fire starters by default, but since Gen 5 they havent really been doing it for me.

      1. I agree. The design could defintely use tweaking and it might who knows! But personally I always choose fire starters because of how fierce and aggressive they seem. And i feel beltigre sums that up perfectly!

        1. So we are just gonna name it Beltigre? I’m cool with that lol Reminds me when people called Snivy Smugleaf before its US name was revealed.

          1. Lol I guess so. Unless we can think of better names..? It’d be interesting to see what people come up with!

  22. I guess I’m one of the few people who have zero problems with Sun/Moon so far from what they have revealed. That being said, I’ve been with Rowlet since they were first announced and I don’t intend on changing that. I don’t care if it’s 4x weak to ice, that’s why I have other Pokemon on my team to help cover it.

      1. I mean, that would be kinda broken, but a nice thought. It doesn’t really bother me that much considering the point of Pokemon is to have a team to cover all of your weaknesses.

        1. yea my team has a weakness to water ever since i switched rowlet out for my boy tony the tiger

          1. I haven’t completely decided on my team. I am getting both, but maining Moon.
            My team so far:
            -Lycanroc (Might be switched later)
            -Alolan Ninetales
            -Wishiwashi (Maybe)
            -Empty Slot

  23. I wonder, what if they pull a funny and reveal the starter 2nd stage evos and MAYBE (its a strech here) the Alolan forms for the Johto starters?

    1. no way
      Starters already get ENOUGH love there is no way we’d get Alolan forms for preexisting starters

      1. Suddenly Water/Ground Feraligatr?
        Nah, but it’d be funny if it was. I’m hoping we get the Battle Frontier back in Sun and Moon.

        1. I am not swayed so easily, you think if you dangled the word Ground type i’m instantly on board fat chance

          half the time people used Megas and Alolan forms as petty excuses to turn pokemon into whatever they wanted but that’s not how the system works

  24. Also just thought I put this here. Seeing Gen 7 may be Nintendo’s swan song for the end of the 3DS soon (like Gen 5 was for the DS) its a good video, and I suggest giving it a watch! (refresh to see)

  25. I was Team Rowlet at first, but when I saw the final evos, I decided that I’d like Popplio in the long run just a teeny tad more than Rowlet so I was converted and am now reppin for #TeamPopplio

  26. If I was just looking at the first forms, Litten would definitely be my pick. Really unique design for a fire type. But Popplio 3 is just too perfect to pass up.

    So… Team Pop

  27. Salandit is so good for a team with lots of fairies. Having access to fire moves to deal with steel types as well as corrosion to poison regardless of type makes it really great to switch into

      1. It is tied with Ghost as my favorite type and my SuMo team has 3 fairy types (Mimikyu, Popplio3 and Alolan Ninetales) so it definitely helps.

        1. Ah nice. I would say for coverage why not add in a fire type and Flying type but I think you want to stick to new Pokemon or Alolan Pokemon.

    1. Salandit is awesome! I just hope it doesn’t end up having a redundant evolution like Helioptile.

      1. I’m kind of hoping for a demon succubus lizard thing for a female evolution. Maybe that’s a bit much for pokemon though but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        1. i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get it
          but speaking of demonesses i wanted to see if they made a Dark/Flying Harpy

        2. Demon Succubus Lizard? That’s a crazy idea lol, a bit much for Pokemon like you said.

          1. The female version is stated to attract pokemon and humans so it made me think of a succubus pokemon luring them in then attacking. Or controlling their victim when they breath in her pheromones

          2. I didn’t know that about Salandit thanks for the info. Now that you mention that it make sense, I like your Succusbus idea tho.

        3. One thing’s for sure, I won’t end up looking like the kind of succubus you find in Disgaea 😛

          1. Doesn’t bother me.
            I’m one of those people who says instead of removing scantily clad females from games, simply add more scantily clad males.

            Besides, the two lead females, Etna and Flonne, are completely flat and some of the other side characters are the opposite. They’re very good at keeping things varied.

          2. I don’t see the significance of ‘taking away that part of their designs’, so I’m guessing there’s probably some subtext here that I’m ignorant to.

            The designs are indeed well done. They’ve got a very wide variety too. In disgaea every human-like character is either cool, cute, sexy or a combination of the three.

          3. If I bough games for sex appeal I’d have various eroges and Senran Kagura sitting in my Steam library instead of Skyrim, Space Engineers and L.A. Noire.

  28. Just to stir up a conversation: What types of movies would you like to see as TM’s, Or what type of TM’s would you like to see back or in Sun and Moon per say?
    I’d personally like to see Iron Tail return as a TM. As for a move that could become a TM, I’d be down to having Moon Blast be a TM. What about everyone else?

      1. Remember when TMs could only be learned once so you had to decide which on of your Salamence, Metagross or Flygon was worthy of the coveted TM26 Earthquake

          1. Or use the Emerald cloning Glitch, which I admit I did for unlimited TMs, Rare Candies, Vitamins and of course Master Balls

          2. I used that because I found a way of doing it without having to cut the power whilst the game is saving – i.e. no risk.

    1. Elemental Punches should become TMs again.

      Also Icicle Crash so Black Kyurem can finally learn it

      1. meh you gotta have some Move tutors moves left and Black Kyurem is annoying enough it doesn’t need anymore handouts

        1. It will probably go to Ubers if it learns that, and therefore you don’t have to deal with it anymore

          1. twould be nice but knowing Smogon they’ll let anything be in OU if they skrimped it enough
            face it i’ll never be truly away from legends and megas for the rest of my miserable life unless i call the shots and force a non-legends ladder

    2. Why have iron tail when it could be Iron Head much more reliable and a decent chance to flinch and hurts all those stupid PUNY UGLY FAIRIES
      Moonblast is never going to be a TM when Dazzling Gleam is potent enough

        1. please that thing is only dangerous because of Geomancy and Fairy Aura i could easily 1 or 2 shot it with Iron head

          1. i’ll shatter it with my steel and uses the shards to slice its own flesh and i’ll leave it to bleed out

          2. Maybe it has like, unicorn blood and you will be forced to live forever and watch the world crumble around you unable to join their fate and you’re left drifting in emptyness

          3. “You have slain something so pure and defenseless to save yourself, and you will have but a half life, a cursed life, from the moment the blood touches your lips.”

          4. how would i even ingest it?
            i sent my Excadrill to attack it then i took the shards and drove it through its flesh
            its not going to jettison a high volume of blood so forceful enough it reaches my mouth or any other orifices

          5. no i’m not gonna roll with anything
            Unless i curl into a giant spiky boulder and flatten everything in my path

        2. I love it when they try setting up turn one, or against my steel type. One shot it with a Banded Scizor, Aegislash or even a Mega Gengar.

          1. Definitely. But I also like it when they set up when I blatantly still have a check to it left. Ho-oh deals with it nicely but no one except it. Also dont set up against a Deoxys A, you will be take out with Extreme Speed the next turn. Lugia, Dialga and Primal Groudon are the ones they underestimate as they can just phase it out after it sets up and then it’s just dead weight.

            Use it well though, and it’s hard to stop.

      1. To be frank, both would be better than Steel Wing tbh. It would give more options for Pokemon and type coverage moves.
        Tbh it was annoying when they removed the move as a TM in I think Gen 6 (unless Gen 5 also didn’t have Iron Tail as a TM either).

    3. I think Star Wars VII is a good movie to have as a TM.

      In all seriousness though, I think they’re going to keep all the TMs, changing them around wouldn’t make much sense. They’ll probably just add new ones rather than taking existing moves and turning them into TMs.

        1. That would be fair I agree or maybe have another way to cripple Special Attack. Otherwise Will-o-Wisp will become even more common.

          1. it is so unfair how physical attackers get SO MUCH SHIT
            We gotta fear
            Burns cutting attack in half ruining us
            Iron Barbs
            Rough Skin
            Rocky helmet
            Confusion Damage is based on physical attack
            fur coat
            and all while Special Attacks don’t have anything to worry about or generally fear

            Seriously Diggersby’s base attack is bloody 56 FIFTY SIX into 112 which isn’t bad but it’s still very very frail

          3. looool thats true man. Well atleast physical attackers get to abuse Swords Dance, a lot of Special Attackers don’t have access to Nasty Plot.

  29. Litten, I was rooting for poppleo but after seeing its final evo, I dont want it any more.

  30. In the beginning I was saying Litten because I love cats, but then the leaks came and saved me from making a terrible decision.

    I’m still probably going to shove my starter in a box this time around because I really don’t like any of the starters after seeing their final forms (which is a first).

    I’ll probably choose Rowlett though because it’s the lesser evil.

    1. Not forcing yourself to use a starter really makes the whole experience better.You can use another pokemon you like more. My black playthrough is more fun with Lilligant as my starter

      1. In some ways I wish they’d just give everyone the same starter and make it something relatively bland but with reasonable potential. That way you’re not choosing your fate straight away and it encourages people to focus on catching other pokemon more.

        Like what Pokemon XD did with Eevee. You start with Eevee and then pick a form.

        Either that or they offer a wider choice than just 3 starters. E.g. offer 6 or 7.
        After all, Wally got to have Ralts, Ash got Pikachu, and I’m sure others have had non-traditional Pokemon as starters before.

          1. Yeah, it would mean people’s games would be much more varied. (Even if I know I’d always choose the same evolution)

            If I ever get a hold of some Rom hack tools again, I might hack a few old games into making Eevee the starter and see how the game turns out 😛

        1. I actually like having to make a choice at the beginning, because it makes the experience different for each starter you pick.

          Also having more choices, makes the decision harder in my opinion. Personally I actually really like the starter formula they have going. It works and it’s not over complicated.

          1. There’s only been about 3 times where the decision has been hard for me, usually it’s a no-brainer, or it’s a choice between 2 because I rule one out straight away.

            It’s never been a problem up until now.

            Anyway they’ve scrapped gyms in favour of the island trials, why not change the rules for starter types?

    2. Either that or pick Litten and refuse to evolve it, but the game mechanics ensure that it will always be weaker if I do that ; n ;

  31. Rowlet, duh. Such any easy choice. And I’m gonna need sun/moon forms if I’m ever going to choose Litten. Hate that wrestling abomination

    1. “Hate that wrestling abomination”

      I’m never going to forget how they ruined what could have been the best fire-type starter ever ; n ;

          1. No other Pokemon that we know of yet.

            Besides which, it would be a spectacular double bluff if it weren’t the secret.

  32. Why has everyone dismissed the starters getting split evolutions. Rockruff is the only pokemon to get version exclusive evolutions and it shares a secret with the starters. It makes sense. You could say “oh it is part of type null like the starters” but like, no. just no. That isn’t the secret.

    1. The problem is that it really doesn’t seem likely that the secret is split evos. Keep in mind that at worst having split evo’s for the starters would have people upset that their forever stuck with a line of pokemon that they don’t like based on what version they bought, and feel like Nintendo’s milking them for their money to buy both games, and at best it would make one of the two forms fall into obscurity as once someone figures out which form is objectively better, the other will never see any use.

      As well, remember its just that they share a secret. A secret can be anything. Honestly before the split evo theory, people assumed that rockruff might be a secret starter pokemon. More then likely the secret’s that they all have a unique z-move that only their lines can use, probably when fully evolved.

  33. It’s so funny how when the starters were revealed Popplio was so hated and now it’s risen to pass Litten in terms of likability. I guess the final evolutions had a lot to do with that. lol That said Litten is still my favorite of the three in their base forms.I do like Litten’s final evo, but I have to admit Rowlet’s evo is pretty dope lol

      1. This is exactly how I came to regret picking Froakie in Y.

        “Oh, Froakie looks like an alright water type for a change. And its first evo looks good too”

        Then Greninja happened and I cried internally, held out long enough to beat the game, and then shoved my starter in a box and forgot about it.

    1. Most people do change their opinions as time goes on.

      However my personal opinion has remained the same on these

    2. Final evolutions definitely did. Changed from Rowlet to Popplio (assuming the one revealed is for Moon that is).
      I also liked Delphox a lot more than I originally did when it was revealed though.

      1. I like all the new starters evolutions to different degrees. I like Rowlet’s as it just seems cool looking. I do really like Litten’s evo tho due to its concept. I REALLY hope it turns out part dark type like the rumors say. It being a heel wrestler sounds amazing! As for Popplio’s evolution I have to admit, when they first leaked I honestly thought they were fake. for whatever reason I never thought they’d make a starter overtly gender specific (despite a lot of them being male looking lol) so I called fake in my quest not to be crushed. lol However I never once thought it had a bad design. In fact I really like Popplio 3 as well. It’ll definitely get harder to choose as time goes on hahaha

        1. Totally agree. At first, I was very disappointed with Litten’s final, but now, I can see the concept of the heel wrestler and potential Dark type and it makes me less disappointed and more okay with it.
          But I still kind of won’t let go that I wanted Litten to be quadrupedal and be a majestic tiger. But, beggars can’t be choosers. :3

          1. What if you assumed for a minute it was Fire/Fighting and not Fire/Dark. How would that influence your decision?

          2. I would be back to being disappointed, but I’ll still use it (since I use all the starters in the first playthroughs) and most likely I’ll find something else to like about it.
            It’s what happened with Emboar. Although its my least fav starter, I can still respect its design and stats somewhat.
            There hasn’t been a starter that I refused to use, and evern past first playthroughs, I still use them in future playthroughs.

          3. I never had any issue with Emboar.
            I would have preferred it to end up as a quadruped, but I could live with it.

            Tony the tiger I cannot live with.

            I never replay games anyway, erasing my game would be like erasing one of the few happy chunks of my past.

          4. I don’t mind replaying cause I love having new adventures. Because I can save my Pokemon easier on Pokemon Bank, I have less guilt to deleting the file, since the thing that made that playthrough great, the Pokemon, are saved forever so I can look back on it with memories.
            However, there is one version of the game I usually don’t restart (Due to various reasons)

        2. I only have one issue with Popplio’s third form, and it’s the weird hair ties. If they got rid of the hair ties and let its hair flow free, it would be one of my more preferred water finals.

  34. I can’t vote for now, since it says that I have voted already (when I haven’t), but as base form, I love Litten. Its personality and looks remind me of my own cat (which, as I am typing this, she is in my room being mischievous). But, as for the final forms, I love the other two more, mostly Rowlet, but Popplio’s looks amazing too

      1. I just refreshed and I was able to. It just took some time, is all. Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂

  35. Let’s play a game. Badly describe your favorite pokemon (or least favorite if you want) and try to guess eachother’s

    Mine: Playboy the Pokemon
    (Least favorite: Tiny Wings On the Scene)

    1. (Since I love two Pokemon as my favs, here we go)
      Purple ESP feline and Rule 34 in a dress

        1. Thanks 🙂 I got Lopunny for yours, and I never got your least fav until someone guessed it xD

          1. Nobody’s sure really.

            I lean towards either a fox or rabbit hybrid, and it definately reminds me of Anubis.

        1. good guess, but no. again this one might require you to think outside the box. I suppose my best hint would be, what is the golden throne?

          1. Since he and the Golden throne “locked” away and a part of them are dead( the throne physical body and Giratinas ghost type. That’s the best I’ve got lol

          2. good guesses from both of you, and your getting closer. at this point your close, but my last hint would, and kinda handing it on a silver platter at this point, would be this: who is on the throne. This is something form a specific series so theirs really only one person who can be on the throne.

          3. Honestly this is the closest guess so far. Your nearly there. Perhaps a pokemon from an earlier generation?

          4. good guess, but I don’t think that a throne as great as that would be worthy of a mere king.

          5. good guess, but still not there. Your thinking more what sits on the throne, and not who sits on it. Specifically what title that thing still holds. Ithsme guessed both slowking and seperior, and king and a noble. However both of those are titles too lowly to sit on such a throne.

          6. I don’t know, I would think a king is high enough. I’m out, I don’t know at this point. xD

          7. its a shame because you’ve seen my team before, which has this pokemon. but in any case I’ll give ya all one more guess before I just say it. Your nearly there.

          8. Alright, since nobody seemed to get it, the answer is Empoleon. The golden throne is from the Warhammer 40k universe. its a big machine that solely exists to keep the emperor alive for as long as possible, even to the point that he’s little more then a withering corpse.

            Empoleon is the only pokemon that bares the title of the emperor pokemon. Its based off of Napoleon and an emperor penguin. I even made a point to make sure the image I posted had the word emperor in its link to give a hint.

            Again I did say this would be a bit of a challenge, but I figured it would be easy enough since a google search of the golden throne brought up the image of the one from 40k and a wiki page that explained it in great detail as their first results for me.

            As for everyone’s guess, good across the board. Arceus is a god, and the emperor is a god emperor in 40k. Empoleon’s often seen as trash, so good guess there. Giritina is often labeled as the devil, and the emperor is pretty much evil. Heck even pulling out some really good regal pokemon thinking about who’s sitting on the throne.

          9. Empoleon was going to be one of my first guesses, but I was focusing on the death aspect because of the whole corpse thing in the lore of Warhammer.

            If I’d known that the Warhammer lore had pretty much nothing to do with it I would have gone for Empoleon sooner.

          10. Fair enough, but at the some time I did say I wanted it to be a challenge, and I figured that the moment that I brought up that the focus was the person on the throne, and not the throne itself, which with my limited understanding of the lore is why anyone praises/worships the thing to begin with would have been enough of a hint. Heck once I said that a regal starter was close, but wrong, I figured people would get it on the next guess.

          11. I was assuming that specific throne was chosen because of its uniqueness in what it does. An emperor sitting on a throne is nothing special, but a machine that sustains life is.

          12. I don’t mean to sound like a sore loser or anything, it just seems kind of backwards, like stating ‘the crown jewels’ when ‘a crown’ would suffice. Maybe I’m just being “too literal minded” as Malacath would say.

          13. No, its a fair point. I just figured that having something like a king, or a image of a roman emperor would have been to easy. I tried to think of something that would force you to think of the clues in a different way, not focusing on the throne, but rather questioning why it was important to begin with, which would lead you to the emperor. But again no worries.

      1. I’m guessing it’s a ghost type or an emperor, or possibly something related to healing.

        I’m going to guess Giratina.

    2. Well pretty obvious what I like and since it’s on my avatar, I’m not gonna describe the soap suds bubble Pokemon.

      Random Pokemon I am thinking about: Shade with crystal eyes.
      Random Pokemon I am thinking about 2: The bird with the most fans! (since I can’t think of a least favorite one)

    3. Favorite: Narrowly-escaped-the-breakfast-plate avian
      Least favorite (idk so I’m just going to go with one I dislike): Unsettling clairvoyant humanoid

        1. Close! The favorite can actually fly (think of common breakfast items) and the least favorite is not that humanoid.

          1. I only realised after I was done typing what the second was.
            I forgot its name and had to look it up.
            The second one is Gothitelle

          2. I don’t like it much either.
            Aside from looking like it should be a dark type, it has so many weird features, like the tiered dress and the disks on its head.
            They could have made a much better attempt at a gothic lolita pokemon if they’d made it more humanoid or made it simpler, with less of the aggregated features.

          3. I detest bows and frilly things (with the exception of crevats and the things at the end of sleeves).
            I only accept the bows because it goes with the goth-loli look.
            The pancake ears and tiered dress though – awful.

          4. Yeah, no pancakes, no tiers, nothing aggregated. Just a nice goth-loli dress and a spooky presence.

          1. It also works with strong or b for bold and i for italics. There may be more but I haven’t found any.

          1. Yes, I recently started using one for the first time and it quickly became one of my favourites

          2. Im on the never ending journey to like all pokemon by using the ones I don’t like, it usually works, but not always

    4. Well you know my favorite so I’ll use my runner-up as my favorite.

      Favorite: I created a code.
      Least favorite: I have so much teeth.

      1. Answers:
        Favorite: Empoleon, which is based on Napoleon who created the Code Civil
        Least favorite: Klinklang, the teeth are referring to it containing a lot of gears

        1. Your spoiler broke horribly.

          Also I’ve never heard of the Napoleonic Code before, but then I know nothing about Napoleon other than his stomach issues and short stature.

          1. I already fixed it but I guess you have to refresh to see that. And yeah the Code Civil is one of the most famous law books which influenced almost every law book in Europe

          2. Ah, I thought it seemed out of place. I was (half) expecting you to say you were French. XP

            In French, the adjective (‘civil’) comes after the noun (‘code’). In English, the adjective comes first (‘civil code’), so the French name sounds very out-of-place in an English sentance 😛

            Also, the full title is ‘le code civil des francais’ so the English equivalent is probably ‘the french civil code’ or ‘the civil code of the french’. That sounds a bit generic though, which is probably why it’s also known as ‘le code Napoléon’ in French or ‘the Napoleonic code’ in English.

          3. Napoleon having short stature was actually British Propaganda. He was actually one of the tallest people in the world at the time.

  36. All 3 are amazing however I’m sticking with Poppolio! In OR and X I chose water starters and I want to stick with Poppolio. If it’s true he’ll become a beautiful siren then let’s do this, I love his final form!

  37. #TeamPopplio

    After I dropped Rowlet, there’s no turning back. And I never liked Litten sadly, even before alleged starter leak.

    1. The first evo line idea just looks like the same bird with more decor though… most bird evos (or evos in general) get “bigger” when they evolve…

  38. Ok another thing: What pokemon is nobody’s favorite pokemon? Like, what pokemon has such a small amount of fans?

    I really want to know who actually likes Cryogonal

        1. What if they’re only revealing Kanto Alolan forms to throw us off, and then when the game releases there’s Pokemon from all gens? That’d be cool.

          1. Hopefully they hide battle frontier in the game as well, that’d be great (ok I know that’s off topic).

    1. Another possibility: Phione. Nobody cares about Phione at best, I think. At worst, some may hate it for being a waste of space.

      1. One of my top three favourites actually. I adore it and think it’s far cuter than manaphy. Yay, I’m that guy. 😛

      1. Cryogonal is my most favorite Ice Type Pokemon. It looks rigid, but I can feel emotion behind its frozen mask. Something that I can not get from the other object based Pokemon.

        1. Really Stantler? Damn. It didn’t know it existed for a very long time until I saw in the anime once.

          1. Yeah, relicanth is another friend’s favorite Pokemon. They have unconventional favorites. xD

      1. It’s forgettable definately, but it’s still a better design than some of the more hated pokemon.

          1. Yep I agree. Alolan Formes are also a great way to reinvent old Pokemon, I hope they continue to this in Future games.

    2. I don’t love cryogonal or anything, but I got a whole lot more appreciation for it after seeing it in action in the BW chapter of pokémon adventures.

    3. Does anyone have much affection for audino? (probably my least favourite pokémon, at least the first I would get rid of if I had to remove one)

        1. Yeah, I think the mega evolution makes it a bit more worthily, it’s got an interesting design at least.

  39. I’ve been team Popplio since the reveal. He looks amazing to me. I feel like, especially this time around, the water type is actually gonna be the best overall. Especially if its Water/Fairy. Popplio’s description specifies his speed. Seeing how water types usually know ice type moves and the advantage over litten is there, he will probably easily be the best among them if he’s actually faster than both the others.
    To each their own of course. #TeamPipplio

  40. I really like them all so im thinking of actually getting both so i can at least get 2 of them and try out a bunch of the new pokemon on my teams

  41. Just made an account on Disqus to comment about this. I’m in #teamlitten from the start. I expect Litten3 to be quadrupedal so that it is different enough from other Fire starters. But I think GF chose the unexpected way and made Litten’s evo a wrestler. Still like its design compared to the other two. Even if it’s Fire/Fighting, it’ll be my most favorite Fire/Fighting Pokemon.

    1. I doubt it’ll be quadrapedal, the fire comes from a belt. I feel like even if it is fire/dark, it looks too much like fire/fighting for me to like it too much, it’s alright.

      1. I mean before the starter evo leak. Now, it looks likely that it will always stand on 2 legs.

  42. I wanna use Rowlett but lso Pikipek but I don’t like type clashes and theres probably very good waters so I don’t wanna waste water so I guess Litten

  43. Alright so this is kind of a pre-info article, so here’s my predictions for Tuesday. I’m keeping in mind that this is a beginning of the month announcement, and those have been the biggest ones so far.
    – Starter’s second forms
    – Toucan Pokemon
    – Alolan Persian
    – Akala Tapu
    – Akala kahuna
    I know this is a lot to ask but we’ve had announcements far bigger. What do you think?

  44. Almost done grinding and about to enter chargestone cave. here is my current black team
    Lilligant – Melissa ♀
    Dousion – Cyto ♂
    Mandibuzz – Avah ♀
    Tynamo – Elenor ♀

    Anyone playing through a pokemon game, what is your current team?

    1. Soul Silver
      I’m in the Team Rocket HQ in Mahogany, and my team is:
      – Quilava Lv. 29
      – Aipom Lv. 29
      – Slowpoke Lv. 29
      – Gloom Lv. 28
      – Misdreavus Lv. 29
      – Golbat Lv. 29
      If anyone’s wondering, the slowpoke will become Slowking, and the Gloom will become Bellosom.

        1. It is! I’m trying out some Pokemon I’ve never used before (namely Ambipom, Mismagius, and Slowking).

    1. Lol I personally think Rowlet’s final evo is Crap and that Popplio and Litten’s finals are better design wise than gen 4, 5 and 6 starters combined excluding greninja and samurott

        1. I am sorry 🙁 but I hate rafiki and the other two are good but I think Popplio and Litten finals are truly amazing IMHO.

          1. Haha well I meant more like another aggressive looking fire starter. Just wanted a cool and sleek tiger/panther

        1. Infernape is still one of my favourite starters, if not my favourite (it’s still a close call).

          1. Gen 4 just had amazing designs in general actually. Starters, Staraptor, Luxray, Roserade, Lopunny, Mismagius, Honchcrow, Garchomp, Lucario, Drapion, Toxicroak, Weavile, Togekiss, Eevee’s new evos, Gliscore, Gallade, Froslass, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Darkrai, Shaymin Sky, Arceus


          2. I’ve never liked Staraptor.
            I don’t particularly like Empoleon or Torterra, but I don’t hate them either.
            Roserade Weavile, Gallade and Froslass are among my favourites.
            I used to like Lucario more, but its mega-evo put me off a bit.
            The others are a case of I don’t love them but I still think they’re good. (Though I prefer regular Shaymin to its sky form, and I don’t think it looks like a legendary, and I think that region overdid it on the legendaries in G4).

            As for other G4s that I liked:
            Shinx&Luxio (still unsure about Luxray)
            Pachirisu (better than Emolga, Dedenne and Togedemaru)
            Mothim (despite being kind of weak)
            Honchkrow (to go with Mismagius)

            In fact to cut a long story short, I think the only ones I have any issue with are Staraptor, Luxray, Stunky/Stuntank, Purugly, Rhyperior, Probopass, Phione.

            I’m not too keen on Cresselia, Shaymin’s Sky Form or Arceus either, but I don’t have something specific I’d like to change on them and there are worse pokemon in other generations.

            Hrm, and maybe Regigigas for being normal and having a crappy ability, but I like the design.

        2. Gen 4 pretty much hit the ball out of the park with the starters and all of their evolutions.

          1. Nothing wrong with Sun Wukong.
            I’m not thrilled with Robinhood, but it’s better than Tony.

          2. Google “tiger mask nisei” you will see what Litten’s final is really inspired by. Even the damn main character looks like the main protagonist art in Sun/Moon. And if infer ape wasn’t a baboon than what is he?

          3. I know what it’s inspired by, I don’t like what it’s inspired by either.

            Infernape is based on legends of Sun Wukong and various species of macaques, including the japanese species that frequent the natural volcanic hotsprings.

        1. But… but… I like Delphox ; n ;

          I don’t care if it has bad stats.
          What happened to Karen’s mantra?

          “Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites”

          1. I still agree with that. You can make any pokemon work if you enjoy them. Its just that I don’t like Delphox and it not being particularly strong doesnt help much. I’m sure someone who really likes Delphox can make it kick ass but its just not for me

        1. Samurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott Samurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott Samurott Samurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott Samurott SamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurottSamurott

        1. I like all the G3 starters. Samurott is probably equally awful, Servine and Emboar are slightly better.

        2. Litten3 is the worst starter since Gen 2. At least maybe his stats and ability still have the potential to save him.

          1. That’s an insult to G2, Tony the tiger is way worse than all the other starters.

            Except maybe Samurott… still undecided about which of those two is worse.

          2. Tony the Tiger himself may have to have a special place below the Gen 2 starters in my list…the other 2 would either go below Gen 6 or tie with Gen 6

  45. I cant vote on this poll. I always pick the grass but this gen, my friend will be choosing grass. I love cats but that litten evolution is awful, assuming its real which it most likely is. Popplio is my least favorite of the 3, but its final evo is amazing. We cant judge these pokemon by their middle evolutions, which usually look awful to an extent .(servine, quilladin, prinplup are just a few examples.)

    1. I agree with everyhing but the middle evos being bad.

      Monferno, Frogadier, Marshtomp, Wartortle, Charmeleon, Quilava, Bayleef, Croconaw etc

      1. I didnt say all of them, i just dont think we should judge them by the middle srage because the design quality is always up in the air. I think monferno, grotle, prinplup, servine, pignite, braixen, and quiladin are awful, but each of them has a pretty awesome final evolution.

        1. The only one of those I particularly dislike is Quilladin and maybe Servine.
          I don’t like Empoleon that much and I detest Samurott, but I agree the rest are reasonably good.

  46. The only time I’ve not picked a grasstarter was in Y, where I picked Froakie.

    As a bird lover, and grass type picker, of course I’ll pick Rowlet.

  47. I was tied between poplio and litten but since I’ve never chosen a water type starter out of all the generations I’m going with poplio

  48. But we gotta remember there’s still the chance of having multiple evos forms like rofkruff, I’m guessing Rowletts sun evo will be ground based on the burrowing owl that are active during the day in hawaii, and then what if poplios evo could be an actual “sea” “lion”

  49. Side note… Is Braixen the only Pokken unevolved fighter? That’s Really taking a dump on Delphox. While I don’t hate it’s design.. They really should of thought how it could never be popular

    1. what about Pikachu. both of them. And again that’s rather subjective. Its virtually impossible to predict what fans will like. Personally I love Delphox as the ages wizard fox, but I know I’m in the minority on that.

        1. Chesnaught > Greninja > Delphox

          But I don’t hate Delphox. It alone is better than all the Gen 2 and Gen 5 starters.

          1. I regret getting Greninja.
            That tongue is horrible.

            I disagree with the other thing though, I prefer the G2 starters to the G6 starters.
            G5 was pretty awful though.

          2. I’ve already made my opinion on Gen 2 starters known.

            However I have nothing against any of the Gen 6 starters. I just enjoyed using Chesnaught more than Greninja, which I enjoyed more than Delphox.

            Granted a Specs Delphox is RU was pretty damn strong. Especially if you were good on the predictions. I just didn’t like how it got shafted in terms of its hidden ability, more so when looking at what Chesnaught and Greninja got.

          3. When it comes to starters, I don’t care about stats or abilities because I rarely use them beyond the main game.

          4. If they are viable to use competitively, I have no qualms about using anything. I’d use my least favourite Pokemon if it could hold its own in a battle. Despite my disdain for Gen 2 and 5 starters, I have used them to good effect in battle.

          5. It needs to be like Emboar. The whole purpose of using it is to punch holes in the other team while it slowly kills itself, so I don’t have to use it for the rest of the match

          6. Darmanitan is UU.
            Emboar is RU.

            Doesn’t matter whats better, you use it to punch holes in teams until it dies.

          7. I disliked Emboar. It was the first time the Fire Starter wasn’t my choice by default. Tepig was fine, but Pignite and Emboar were just wrong.

          8. If it’s any consolation, Tony the tiger is the first fire starter I genuinely hate – I like all the others.

          9. Yeah I still can’t wrap my mind around how ANYBODY is a greninja fan. That tounge as well as its angular ass head completely kills it for me. ITS TOUNGE IS WRAPPED AROUND ITS FACE PEOPLE

      1. I like Delphox too. The only thing is that they’ve should’ve taken the witch theme about 6 levels further instead of half assing it

    1. They are different Pokemon, used for different roles…depends what you need it for.

      Unless of course it’s not for a team, in which case i can’t help

        1. You have 1 Physical attacker, 3 Special Attackers, and Mandibuzz

          You could use Jellicent as a Specially defensive Pokemon. I usually go for Scald, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Recover. You can swap Shadow Ball or Toxic for will-o-wisp if you want.

          Carracosta can be used either as a Physically Defensive Pokemon and your Stealth Rock setter. Or it can be used as a Shell Smash Sweeper. I’ve never used one so I don’t know what a good set for it would be

    2. Jellicent because it looks cooler.

      Oh, and Cursed Body and Water Absorb are better abilities.

      1. If you think jellicent looks “cool” , I would hate to see a Pokemon you think looks awful

        1. Tony the tiger looks awful.
          Cryognal, Diggersby, Haxorus, Reuniclus, Gothitelle, Garbador, Sigilyph…
          I’ll be here for an hour or two if I keep going.

    3. Carracosta. It’s got good coverage on Bug and flying. Burungeru is really good, but you’ve got good enough coverage on the types that he’s good on.

        1. When I found out that “Burungeru” was it’s Japanese name, I just really liked it. Don’t judge me.

    1. (And in case anyone asks, when I say I made him – yes, this is a 3D model I made in college, I made everything in the room, including the florence flask, the berry pot and that weird machine on the right.)

    1. I like it, i mean Elektross looks liek this just with arms and more features to its body

    2. Twenty bucks says a school of these will drag you under the briney deep and electrocute you for your insolence

          1. And as they break in by the tiny car they’ll disembowel you and use your intestines to make balloon animals

        1. Hmmmm I really don’t like the pale yellow grey look
          If you were to name it…..OOOOOO FELDSPAR

    3. I don’t like this Pokemon, but it looks better when it’s bigger


      I’m just messing, but seriously this thing is fine for what it’s supposed to evolve into

      1. I worked hard to find my Tynamo in Black
        Then I evolved it during my match with Brycen and it learned Flash Cannon

          1. When a Pokemon evolves after a battle or levels up after you’ve taken out the last Pokemon and learns a move that would have helped you immensely….

    1. alot of fans are already really happy of all the info they’ve been giving us.

        1. but you can’t deny we’ve got more info for sun/moon before release then we had for x/y and Oras

          1. Which is weird seeing as it feels like we know nothing about meaty parts of the games lol

          2. It really shows just how big these games are compared to the older installments. lol

          3. yep it usually goes
            Start of the month: big trailer
            Middle of the month: Small Trailer

      1. I’m not
        I still don’t like anything outside Heatigre and Lycanroc and Mudsdale

          1. Even if you can’t be happy it doesn’t mean you can’t let everyone else be happy lol

          2. No shite that thing is a monster, but I’m above average in strength humanwise
            I was born strong and nothing can take that away from me

          3. What if there are people who have yet to find a pokemon they like, remeber you may have 3 pokemon rn but thats better then 0!
            You get what you get and you dont get upset

          1. But nothing NEW I knew Rockruff was going on my team regardless and Mudsdale is pretty much guaranteed on my team and that was months ago

        1. Hey earthen you are a Pokemon expert so I wanted to ask you something. Imagine if Jangmo-o becomes dragon steel and gets levitate and get stats with high speed will that be considered OP?

          1. I thought Dragon Fight is a fairy slave and that it would be unlikely we get another pseudo fairy slave. And seeing how jangmo-o looks like it could evolve into a dragon and steel type griffin I assumed it will get levitate. But you made it clear that it would be OP so I guess you are right.

          2. Ok why the freaking hell would ANYBODY think it A SCALED DRAGON OF WARRIOR MENTALITY would turn into a freaking half bird half lion creature, it is such a stretch

            It could either be a DragonFighting/Steel armored dragon who uses its ultra strong scales as both offense or defense and fights and trains day and night to be the perfect warrior

            It’s not going to grow a beak and spawn wings (well it could grow wings but I see them more as a extra appendage to attack rather then fly)

            I honestly don’t get why Griffin is the go to idea

          3. It has a tiny beak like mouth and it’s scales look a bit like feathers, but it stands on all four I guess that’s why people assume it will become a griffin.

    2. I’d love that! I think if they showed off the second stages of the starters, showed off Z forms (maybe using Ash Greninja) and announced the demo release date it would be great. I imagine they’ll have to show us something similar before they send the demo out. I imagine the demo will let us walk around a small area (similar to the XY demo) and at the end we activate the Z form with Greninja or something lol

  50. i think that popplio would get an impressive evolution. rowlet might be a close second.

    1. Littens is totally gonna be
      -standing in a about to jump postion
      -Bigger Paws
      -Bi-Pedal but like i said it stands on all 4s because its in a pose wheres its about to jump and attack

          1. i actually think popplio’s 2nd evolution would get a little bit bulkier from its popplio beginning

          2. ok making sure i dont want to cross boarders since some people have yet to see them

      1. And a attack where I put grabs hold of the opponent, ignites its fur with its belt and does a spinning piledriver

  51. Anyone else going to catch everything they dont have yet? I’m goona catch literally every pokemon I see unless I have them and it’s goona be awesome. If the EXP All returns then I might even keep some in my party just so I can see their evolutions

    1. I would guess EXP Share being for all will return can’t see pokemon cutting that as a Key item when its already been in 2 games. but i could be wrong

    2. That reminds me of what I did in BW2. They had that habitat list thing. I was bent on completing it, so I caught every pokemon I could on every route!

      1. Lol I do this in every pokémon game, it makes my progression slower but I’m kind of dedicated to the pokedex filling RP, and to completionist exploration. If only I wasn’t too lazy/had the time to evolve them afterwards haha.

  52. New news on Tuesday.
    Like always I will predict it might be shorter again or longer with new info or pokemon.
    What might be in the PokeNews but i DOubt it is:
    Toucan Pokemon
    Starter Middle Evos
    New info

  53. We’re hopefully in for another huge pokemon info dump like the kind we got with Mudsdale, wimpod, etc. If we dont get any new pokemon at all then I believe we have once again received a gen with a low pokemon count. That or they’re saving the new ‘mons to be discovered in game.

  54. Hello everyone,I’ve been silently watching every drama on this site since X and Y.And now I decided to create an account here.

    1. As for all newcomers you must face the dangerous and increasingly lethal trials in order to survive here

        1. To start things off i’ll slather you in berries, honey and basculin chum and blindfold you and strand you in a forest inhabited with extremely aggressive Ursaring (and it’s mating season so they’re extra excitable)

          next is you’ll be strapped to a chair and a speaker will sound pokemon cries and you must spell their names backwards, every mistake will cause the chair to electrify

          next you must wear a “Kick Me” sign in front of literate Hitmonlees

          then we’ll break you for lunch

          finally is your final exam we’ll sorta just lock you in a room with primeape and if you come out alive you can hang with us

          1. I’ve been into pokemon since the days of Red and Blue,so I’m pretty much a hardcore pokemon player.Sure I’m no expert but I’ve accepted on what pokemon has become now

      1. How tough am i?!
        *Rips off one of Earthen’s bricks and puts it on upside down*
        Got any other requests…?!

  55. Honestly I love all 3 of them in their initial stages. Litten is a cute fire kitten, but he is my least favorite of the 3. Popplio is not ugly at all in my eyes, his floppy ears and big pink nose just make him even more adorable, like a cute marine puppy. However, lord Rowlet is on another level, so simple, yet so much personality, I can’t wait till I have my own Rowlet.
    If the Chinese leaks are real, then the order stays the same. I really dislike Beltigre’s design, Entermaid is gorgeous and elegant similar to a Milotic, but I like Robinroot a lot more! His archer design is just pure genius in my opinion.

  56. sun and moon may become the best soundtrack. the battle musics and encounter musics are incredible imo. I wonder what the routes will sound like tho.

        1. Without a doubt. In all seriousness if you treat route 2’s music as route 1 it’s pretty great.

          1. imo the best route 1 to me is sinnoh’s but where can i hear route 1 of sun and moon

  57. I am back after some time off, my birthdeer is in less than a week on saturday, so i will be getting a reserve on the dual copy of pokemon sun and moon with the money, but i might also do something special if i got enough left, gotta make sure i can do it before i say anything.

    1. It mostly suffers from the Starme issue. Its a good mon, but their are things that are simply better, making it less good. In this case, Lucario.

  58. I might be one of the minority here but I’m choosing Litten as my starter.I don’t care what his final evolution looks like,I’m sticking with Litten no matter what.I do have a habit of choosing a starter than everyone seems to dislike because of appearance,terrible stats or bad movepool

  59. On the subject of starters, what are your personal favorites from each generation?
    – Generation 1: Bulbasaur
    – Generation 2: Chikorita
    – Generation 3: Torchic
    – Generation 4: Piplup/Turtwig/Chimchar
    – Generation 5: Oshawott/Snivy
    – Generation 6: Fennekin/Braixen
    – Generation 7: Rowlet/Popplio

    1. Gen 1: Squirtle
      Gen 2: cyndaquil
      Gen 3: Mudkip
      Gen 4: Piplup
      Gen 5: N/A(all are trash IMO)
      Gen 6: Fennekin
      Gen 7: Rowlet

        1. Yeesh I can like others y’know
          I like Chimchar over Turtwig

          I like bipedal fighters

    2. My original starters of each gen were:

    3. Charmander
      Piplup (despite Infernape sitting in my top 10 favourites)

    4. Gen 1: Charmander
      Gen 2: Totodile
      Gen 3: Treecko
      Gen 4: Piplup
      Gen 5: Snivy
      Gen 6: Chespin
      Gen 7: Rowlet

    5. Gen 1. Squritle
      Gen 2. Cyndaquil
      Gen 3. Mudkip
      Gen 4. Chimchar
      Gen 5. Tepig
      Gen 6. Chespin
      Gen 7. Litten (I switched :3)

    6. 1. Bulbasaur and Charmander are on the same level of awesome for me, and Squirtle’s not far behind that.
      2. Cyndaquil and Totodile are on the same level, I do like Chikorita a lot too.
      3. All 3 pretty much the same level for me, I’ve used Blaziken the most though.
      4. Chimchar. I like the other 2 as well, just nowhere near as much.
      5. Snivy, I don’t like snakes but I do like this line. Tepig is second and Oshawott 3rd, mostly because of how disappointing Samurott is after Dewott.
      6, Froakie. I don’t care how overused it may be, I love it and my Shiny Greninja, Chespin is second, Fennekin 3rd.
      7. Currently Rowlet, Litten 2nd, Popplio last. Largely depends on evos for me.
      I actually like a lot of Mid stages more than final evos, like Wartortle and Bayleef, so these can be pretty important for me.

    7. Based on the whole line, not just the base stage starter:
      Gen 1: Charmander
      Gen 2: Totodile (though cyndaquil is a very close contender)
      Gen 3: Treecko (best gen for starters, but the Treecko line is still above the bunch)
      Gen IV: Turtwig (honestly all 3 are awesome lines, but if I had to pick one it’s Turtwig)
      Gen V: Oshawott (I like snivy better but I find Serperior bland compared to the awesome Samurott.
      Gen VI: Froakie
      Gen VII: Rowlet (Absolutely no contest judging by the final evos)

    8. Gen 1- Charmander
      Gen 2- Cyndaquil
      Gen 3- Torchic
      Gen 4- Turtwig
      Gen 5- Oshawott
      Gen 6- Fennekin
      Gen 7-Litten

    9. Gen1 Charmander
      Gen2 Cyndaquil
      Gen3 Torchic
      Gen4 Piplup
      Gen5 Oshawott
      Gen6 Froakie
      Gen7 Litten

      No to grass! Except maybe treecko

    10. Gen 1: Chamander/Squirtle
      Gen 2: Totodile

      Gen 3: Torchic/Treecko
      Gen 4: Piplup
      Gen 5: Snivy
      Gen 6: Fennekin
      Gen 7: Litten/Rowet/Popplio

    11. Gen 1: Charmander
      Gen 2: Cyndaquil
      Gen 3: Mudkip
      Gen 4: Chimchar
      Gen 5: Tepig
      Gen 6: Froakie
      Gen 7: Litten

      Love how nobody has identical lists 🙂

    12. Gen 1: Squirtle, although I like charizard more than blastoise
      Gen 2: Totodile
      Gen 3: Torchic
      Gen 4: Turtwig, but love all
      Gen 5: Snivy
      Gen 6: They all suck ass
      Gen 7: Rowlet

    13. Gen 1. Squirtle
      Gen 2. Chikorita
      Gen 3. Treeko
      Gen 4. Chimchar
      Gen 5. Snivy
      Gen 6. Chespin
      Gen 7. Poppilo

    14. I have multiple starters on a few team
      But I’ll pick just one.
      – Generation 1: Charizard
      – Generation 2: Quilava
      – Generation 3: Sceptile
      – Generation 4: Infernape
      – Generation 5: Serperior
      – Generation 6: Greninja
      – Generation 7: Rowlet3
      Was hoping for another Water Starter of my taste.. I own a few… just not my fave fully evolved

    15. – Generation 1: Squirtle
      – Generation 2: All of them
      – Generation 3: Mudkip
      – Generation 4: Turtwig
      – Generation 5: Snivy
      – Generation 6: Fennikin
      – Generation 7: Rowlet

    16. – Generation 1: Bulbasaur
      – Generation 2: Cyndaquil
      – Generation 3: Mudkip
      – Generation 4: Piplup
      – Generation 5: Oshawott
      – Generation 6: Chespin
      – Generation 7: Rowlet

    17. – Generation 1: Bulbasaur (Onion Toad)
      – Generation 2: Chikorita (Flower Dinosaur)
      – Generation 3: Mudkip (Friendly Swamp Beast)
      – Generation 4: Turtwig (haven’t played DPP yet though)
      – Generation 5: Oshawott (my mom calls him “Ocelot”)
      – Generation 6: Chespin (Tank Chipmunk)
      – Generation 7: Popplio (could change, I like them all)

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    1. They should give it a special evolution sequence like this. Reminds me of the transformations in Dragonball or Animorphs.

    2. I love this!
      Makes me a just a little sad that I preordered Sun. Guess I’ll have to get them both.

  60. Litten all the way for me, though they’re all so beautiful with such amazing designs imo, there’s really not one I dislike. So it’s hard to choose because this gen has some of the best starters, but my choice when they were first shown and still is my first choice has always been Litten, even with those starter leaks I still absolutely adore this Pokemon and even love the evolution so I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if those were legit. Would have to say that it’s one of my favorites starters 🙂 and I do tend to stick to Fire as well normally since its one of my favorite typings

  61. It’s funny how Popplio was clearly the least popular starter in the beginning and now it’s tied with Litten. A lot of people jumped Litten’s ship after the art leaked and went to both Popplio and Rowlet lol.

        1. I think it’s better than it could have been. I was worried it would become huge and fat or something. The leak may not even be real yet.

          1. If it somehow wasn’t real I don’t think I’ll ever trust another leak again. This is the most credible leak ever in the history of pokemon leaks

          2. I guess, still until it’s officially revealed I won’t fully trust it anyway, even if the leaker that was right about everything else says they are real. It’s not that I’m against them or anything.

          3. Or they knew Mallow and made the rest up. I’m not saying I think they are fake, I’m just not fully on board until their official reveal.

    1. Soul Bound, as its a reference to Super Mystery Dungeon, albeit Carracosta really has no place there.

    1. Ya see, they can do all of those things…and also NOT make it ugly. But they fucked up and made it ugly

          1. no im not saying it will change how it looks. i cant just picture these guys in 3d

      1. I remember MANY people hating on greninja, and now its loved by mostly everyone

          1. Not at all. Ash greninja is a fairly new concept, yet people loved it after XY’s release.

        1. I definitely disliked Greninja when revealed, but he grew on me in less than a month. Lol

    2. Making “something that people don’t expect” does not automatically equal good. Also if it’s fire/fighting then there is really no surprise here at all. Litten3 just looks really cartoony and silly and worst of all, it’s so fucking disproportionate.
      Really curious to see how the second stage bridges the gap between litten and litten3

    3. Allow me to put up some personal thoughts about people hate for the design. When really it’s not ugly by any means.

      Tigrage (Litten’s evo)

      1. It in general: Oh where do I begin with the complaints on this one? There are plenty of reasons people hate this, but it’s not because it’s a bad or an unoriginal design, no, people hate it before looking deeper to why it’s designed like this. And as an artist I can see that this is a very brilliant design and has a surprising amount of thought put into it than I’ve seen in a while, and it there still so much I keep finding out about it. And let me give some of the reasons.

      2. It has big muscles and it wrestles so it must be Fire/Fighting type: To be honest when I first saw it I thought it was Fighting type too and if anything that would be my only qualm with this one, but thanks to translated descriptions of the concept art, it says it likes to cheat and fight dirty. Along with it’s menacing face these sounds like aspects of a Dark type pokemon. And a reason the Dark typing works for this form even more, is because Tigrage resembles a heel wrestler, the villains in the wrestling community. They cheat, fight dirty (doesn’t that sound familiar), and purposfully get boos from the audience which is called heat (which matches the fire typing). Remember, people also assumed Braixen was going to become a Fire/Fighting type because it stood on two legs. You’d think we’d learn to not jump the gun by now, but who am I kidding.

      3. It’s bipedal: This was always a dumb reason to me. Probably the most pettiest reason to not like a pokemon I’ve ever seen. Since when did we start giving about how many legs a pokemon stands on? Or when did we even care how animalistic a pokemon is supposed to look? It comes out of nowhere and I think this complaint only exists because the fandom needs SOMETHING to have a reason to hate a design. Have some ever bothered thinking how unoriginal a quad evo of Litten would look? That thing would be even more unoriginal and boring because it’d just be a tiger…on fire. That is so uninspired and lazy it hurts. Look, if you just play pokemon to watch actual normal animals fight each other, watch the Discovery Channel, you’ll get plenty of that than in a game involved with supernatural creatures which aren’t supposed to be normal animals. How many legs a pokemon stands on doesn’t make it unique or special. It’s such a minor detail, and it irritates to see this complaint that this is all it takes to make people hate a design.

      4. It’s proportions are dumb-looking: Oh yeah, you guys don’t like it’s giant hands huh? You ever questioned why they went that route? Let me give you an animal fact. Tigers have abnormally huge paws. Pretty much about as long and wide as your face. For a cat that is freakishly huge huge. So it having big paws actually makes sense to the actual animal. Also tigers are very muscular. So much, that one swipe from them can smash a bulls skull. So being muscley, also makes sense to the real life animal. So this thing stays more true to the animal than some people give it credit for.

      5. It wasted it’d wasted it’s potential: No, it lived up to it’s potential. This form was actually foreshadowed by Litten sinse day one. Remember that Litten keeps it’s emotions under the surface? As someone who does this as well, I know that if you bottle up your emotions like that, then you better be prepared to explode with tons of them eventually. And look how the final form ended up. You’re probably also questioning what happened to the oily fur aspect of Litten. Well that part of it also plays into this form, because wrestlers actually do cover themselves in oil for muscle definition. Did you also know that oiling yourself up is also a cheating method in wrestiling? That’s because it makes slippery and you can’t be grabbed. Remember Tigrage loves to cheat? Well it has a built in cheating method. That’s awesome. Another fun fact. Some people have noticed another particular part of Tigrage. If you ever hear of the alchemy theory for the starters, well you know Litten supposedly represents sulphur due to the markings on it’s head. Well some noticed another alchemic symbol on Tigrage’s torso. The stripes that connect to the belt resembles the symbol for vitriol, an oily acidic green substance that’s formed from sulphur. It’s sulphuric acid basically. You can actually see it spitting this green oil in the concept art. This guy literally spits acid. It may not be the Fire/Poison type people were expecting, but this guy has the potential to actually be able to use Poison type moves, which is awesome. This guy actually exceeded it’s own expectations rather than just stick to being a boring regular ol’ tiger. If anything, this is the most unique fire starter and big cat pokemon we’ve had yet.

      1. I just wanted the final form to be quadrupedal to make it more majestic and what not, but the more I get used to it and find things I like about it, the more I grow to accept it. Thanks for the comment, really helped me and showed I was going the right path. 🙂

        1. To be so honest I don’t think starters is really where majesty will ever come into play really

      2. Good explanation my friend. I think people are afraid if Beltigre stands on 2 legs, it will be part Fighting. We still don’t know its typing yet, there are still some possibilities for it.

        In the design aspect, Beltigre is awesome. Imagine if it’s quadrupedal. It will look like Raikou and the other cat Pokemon (maybe like Persian on fire), even can be comparable with Houndoom. By being bipedal, it will be a different cat Pokemon.

    4. I disagree with this so much though. I don’t think unexpected is always good either I like starter evos to feel like natural evolutions. Sinnoh staters do that, balanced changes. I’m not saying the Litten evolution doesn’t do that, it does. But becoming brawny and fierce ? Pretty much like every fire other starter except for Delphox and maybe typhlosion. There were loads of memes depicting Litten with a muscular body as a joke, and that’s basically what happened. The only reason it’s unexpected for me is because I never thought they’d make a starter look fire/fighting again

      1. Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape and Emboar, were definitely not brawny. Three of the were thick, and chubby, and three were svelte. This one’s actually the first muscular starter. Also, fierce is kind of the point of some starter evolutions.

    5. This is so accurate. One thing I’ve always disliked in fan designs are Pokémon that essentially look like bigger versions of what they’re supposed to have evolved from. I mean, you could argue that this /has/ happened before (e.g. Bulbasaur line only really has subtle changes as it grows)… but I mean, just look at the changes in Torchick > Blaziken, Froakie > Greninja, Chespin > Chesnaught (various examples of how vastly different an evolution can be, whilst still making some logical sense).
      P.S. Litten was my least favourite starter (it just seems so… generic), but it’s supposed final stage is not (that place goes to Popplio 3).

    6. I don’t find it a ‘bad’ design at all; it’s obvious someone put a lot of effort into it.

      It’s just that I (and obviously many other people) were really hoping that Litten would stay quadropedal and turn into a majestic tiger-like thing, instead of a hulked-out humanoid Tony Tiger-like thing.

      And yeah I know we already have Luxray, Pyroar and Solgaleo for majestic big cats that stayed quadropedal…but they’re all based on lions. A gorgeous lithe tiger would be *so* awesome.

      If this is Litten’s final evo, and it’s looking like it is…then I’ll be ok with it. It’l just take a while to get over the disappointment. (Hell, I got over Delphox I can get over anything :P)

  62. ” I’m thinking how cool it would be to be a model like Elesa. And then, how cool it would be to research on Pokémon like Professor Juniper…” Bianca BW

    Wow things could have gone very different

          1. She’s so fabulous. She deserved that Unova win. Her, Lusamine, Cynthia, Hilda, Karen, and Misty are all my fav female pokemon character designs.

        1. I would like an anime based on Special/Adventures… which is deceptively dark for something pokemon related

  63. I’ve been team Rowlet from the start.

    I really don’t like the other final evolutions but I love Rowlet’s.

  64. Honestly, I was Team Popplio from the start. I always support the underdogs, but based on the Chinese leaks, Rowlet’s final evo looks amazing. A Robin Hood esq pokemon would be nice, except I hope it’s not Grass/Dark. In the end, I was and will always be Team Popplio, albeit a certain younger sister will pick Rowlet.

  65. @starstorm295:disqus. I hope you like it. It’s basically the design you described, but it’s leek is a Sugarcane instead of a staff. I thought sugarcane could give it a better ‘grass type feel’ (refresh)

        1. Well hurry up, you know my bloodlust is hair thin
          I need to feed my dark passenger!!!

    1. It feels weird that the borders on some parts are a lighter color than the inner color

      1. For the sugarcane? I always draw sugarcane like that… so.. force of habit.
        For Fafetch’d wings? Yeah… Idk. I wasn’t thinking straight

  66. Well this day was stupid and dumb
    Tomorrow better go fast because nothing of any importance has occurred in these last week or so

    1. Lol I wish the weekend wouldn’t end. I’ve still got a Philosophy paper to do, Chem HW (which is practically impossible so we basically have to go to the office hours to get answers), a Calc III exam this week, a hurricane to deal with, and way more. I’d rather have nothing to do than everything to do…

  67. Instantly I was Team Rowlet because if there was ever a Grass/Flying starter I would instantly choose it, and then there came Rowlet, who is awesome

      1. Also that gif where Rowlet blew up the trainer and Popplio was pure gold, even though I have nothing against Popplio

  68. I swear bad luck NEVER STOPS Three losses in a row and somehow Skuntank gets sleep powered wakes up the very next turn, poison jabs a crit AND POISNONED VIVILLION

  69. everyone complaining about Litten3, then reveals to be a Fire/Dark type with badass states. Not a complaint even heard.

    1. It may also become fire/god but it will always remain an ugly fire/fighting looking wrestler to me.

  70. I love all three :3 but if i had to put them in order its rowlett popplio litten :3 so rowlett is fave atm but it all depends on what they evolve into/typings/stats/move pool :3

  71. I still think I’ll go with Popplio, even if he evolves into that girly-looking sea lion thing. I want one named Booger (since he snorts water balloons) so I can go “Booger, I pick you!”

  72. I’m getting both Sun and Moon and I’m still largely undecided, I’m waiting to see the final evolutions, but my tentative choices are Litten and Popplio.

  73. I like Brionne but I’ve been going with Rowlet since I first saw it. Also, I wanted to say something about the “leaked final evolutions”. I feel like the leaked finals should be taken with a grain of salt. Because I’m not gonna lie, we don’t truly know if they’re legit. They could be real or extremely good fakes. We won’t truly know until Pokemon themselves confirm it.

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