Elite Four Showdown: Sinnoh

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! The winner of the Hoenn Showdown is Phoebe with 43%! The others got less votes: Drake got 36%, Sydney 11% and Glacia 10%.


Onto the next round: Sinnoh! Who is your favorite? Vote and tell me in the comments!


  • Encounter 1
  • Bug
  • Dustox, Beautifly, Vespiquen, Heracross and Drapion
  • Name: Arachnid
  • Trivia: Aaron is the only bug-specialist in any Elite Four.


  • Encounter 2
  • Ground
  • Quagsire, Sudowoodo, Golem, Whiscash and Hippowdon
  • Name: Earth
  • Trivia: Her female Hippowdon shows male coloration in the TCG and anime.


  • Encounter 3
  • Fire
  • Rapidash, Steelix, Drifblim, Lopunny and Infernape
  • Name: A kind of stone used to set fires
  • Trivia: Flint is the only Elite Four member who uses a starter.


  • Encounter 4
  • Psychic
  • Mr. Mime, Girafarig, Medicham, Alakazam and Bronzong
  • Name: Illusion
  • Trivia: Lucian is the only Sinnoh Elite Four member whose Pokémon are all of his specialty type.

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