Famicom Mini Coming to Japan

Like the NES Classic coming to English-speaking countries, Japan will also get a miniature version of its iconic 8-bit Nintendo console. The Famicom Mini will be released on November 10 for ¥5,980 (~$59 USD). It features 30 classic games, but not exactly the same ones released coming to the West. Notably the Japanese release includes Final Fantasy III instead of the original Final Fantasy and lacks Kid Icarus, but gets the exclusive River City Ransom.

One of the drawbacks to the Japanese model is that, unlike the NES Classic, the controllers are not detachable from the system and are thus not compatible with the Wii Remote for virtual console use.

Anyone thinking to pick up the NES Classic or Famicom Mini? The latter seems almost worth picking up to eventually bring back to the US, if only as an oddity to bring out during house parties.