Nintendo Says Au Revoir to Paris Games Week

In a surprise move from Nintendo, the gaming giant has announced that it will not be attending this year’s Paris Games Week being held October 27-30 in France. This is particularly unexpected because many speculate Nintendo will reveal their new NX console within the coming weeks.

Personally, I wonder if security issues are not coming into play given France’s struggle to control terrorism within the country. It is also worth noting that back before the Wii U’s launch in 2012 the company did skip Gamescom; perhaps their priorities truly do lie elsewhere.

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Source: Jeuxvideo (French)

  1. Nyarghhhh I’m getting testy without a constant supply of information
    In case none heard Nintendo accidentally made Paper Mario color splash available for purchase and download a few days ago and a bunch of avid gamers managed to snag it early and I watched it and it kinda blows
    Next week better drop a shitload of Alola Pokemon

    1. Next week better drop a hell of alot more than just Alola Pokémon.

      I’d much rather see starter evolutions, a boatload of new (not Alolan form) Pokémon, some more ultra beasts, and some minor plot details. I’m expecting a huge amount of content to be shown on the 4th, so I sincerely hope they’ll deliver.

  2. They’re going to wait until the absolute last minute to reveal the NX and everyone is going to grab a Wii U during Christmas sales.

  3. Then bye to Nintendo too.
    But to be honest France is not the war zone some of you guys think it is and we’ve had bigger events than Paris games week since the last terrorist attack.

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  4. I agree with Leo, France is not a war zone, stop assuming every cancelation is because of terrorism. Everything is cool and pretty here

  5. Really talking about security ans terrorism? Are you that stupid? They happen often in the US and did Nintendo pull off from there? It always amaze that Americans speak about security when the daily number of deaths in the US would be considered a catastrophy in any country in Europe. Please don’t be that S….. American, we often here talk about. Thank you!

  6. When was the last terrorist attack in America? It happened in NY and NJ recently and France is definitely safer than the US. I hope people there were paying attention to their national issues: race war and criminality rather than this BS statement I am reading here.

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