Chinese Riddler Claims New Z-Ring Secrets to be Revealed SOON

The mysterious Chinese leaker is at it again, teasing fans with new information that will be revealed soon about the upcoming games Pokémon Sun & Moon. Known for showing various “riddles” which showed hints at Solgaleo, Mimikyu and others, the user has built a reputation for being reliable, but ambiguous, source of information.

This time, they have posted about the Z-Ring which is crucial for pulling off powerful Z-Moves in the new game. It seems that there is something that we have not yet learned about the devices and the leaker says it may relate to a certain kanji (Chinese symbol). They have also stated that the information will come to light VERY SOON.

Cresselia, the Smogon user we’ve been working with since the first set of Chinese rumors, breaks it down in her video above, but the symbol in question could be 全 (zen) which means “all” or “entire”. You can see that the shape made by the Z-Ring does resemble the kanji and in Japanese the phrase “zenryoku waza” has been used to describe Z-Moves and probably is even the reason why they are called “Z”-Moves in the first place.

The above character discussion is not something new, but could be related tangentially to what the leaker is hinting at. Hopefully they’re right about the soon part and we’ll get to see some new information about the games before next Tuesday when the next scheduled Sun & Moon trailer/site update will go live.

Comment your thoughts and theories below!

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