RUMOR: Chinese Riddler Updates Their Pokémon List

Another Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal, another update from the mysterious Chinese leaker who only gives cryptic clues about Pokémon that will be revealed. This update comes after the reveal of Lycanroc, Passimian and Oranguru and here are some things that I’m noting:

  • The split-form nature of Lycanroc is noted by a divided box, but the final evolutions of the starters are not, suggesting that the secret “shared” by Rockruff and the starters is not version-exclusive evolutionary forms
  • The “Aristotle” Pokémon seems to be connected to UB-01 suggesting that maybe Ultra Beasts will be obtainable similarly to Pokémon… or maybe they even have a Pokémon counterpart?
  • Ultra Beasts do seem to be included right alongside Pokémon in his list, nested right between traditional “legendary” Pokémon

These are just my own personal thoughts after see the grid, I’m just playing along with everyone else trying to figure out what he means 🙂 Have to say… it is kind of fun.

<3 PJ

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