9/15 “HUGE” Pokémon Announcement on TV Tokyo

Tonight a one hour Pokémon anime special airs in Japan and along with it some big news (their words, not ours). This could be related to the anime season covering Sun & Moon and may even reveal insight into the Alola region, but could also relate to the new Generations mini-sodes.

And the reveal is… SUN & MOON ANIME TRAILER! 

<3 PJ

  1. I hope we don’t get another repeat of stuff like Pokenchi from early in the Sun/Moon hype days! I feel like we might tho’.

    Incidentally, I’m almost getting finished with reviewing Johto on my blog. In fact, keepin with my schedule I should be getting done with Johto right as S/M release!


    So something to read pass the time maybeh? Heheh.

  2. Does the animation look odd to anyone? It gives me a One Piece-esque vibe.

    It also seems a bit out of place that the trial leaders are attending school instead of accepting challengers and Ash is not going to attempt the island challenge.

    I wonder if they’re trying to separate the games and the anime.

    1. I really like the animation style. It reminds me of some of the fight episodes in Naruto that were stylistically completely different to the rest.

      The style actually looks nicer too, the quirks make it look much more traditional.

      1. what traditional ? it looks like these new cutie animes , they simplified the style to make it easier for them to animate and draw, which is never a good thing

        1. Every season is stylistically different, no matter how slight the difference may be. It’s something new, but it’s far from bad. You can’t compare it to past seasons because then you’re not seeing the very point they’re trying to make of it being new and unique.

          1. the diference here is that XY was an improvment over BW, it wasnt stylised diference just for the sake of change, they improved it, added more details, this time they change the style compeletly and simplified it a lot,I never said it was terrible but it does looks cheap compared to XY

          2. Maybe appearance wise, but you can’t diss the entire show until you’ve seen it played out. Just as with any art form, you can’t just rely on your own opinions, or you won’t see the picture for what it’s worth. You must also consider the artist’s frame of mind and context to fully appreciate it.

          3. I dont need more than these 30 secs to judge the style, its quite obviuse to me, what I cant judge is the animation, but I’m talking now about the style not the animation.

          1. well thats not true, the traditional animation you are refering to had pointy edges and more details that this.
            and just to let you know many animtors still draw on paper then inked digitally/colored, so it doesnt really matter.

          2. That’s a stylistic choice. This style and animation looks significantly better and more “true” than previous Pokémon anime have, if you disagree then that’s fine.

    2. Maybe there’s a certain training class that the captains must complete before they can accept challengers.

    3. I’ve said that ever since the poster was revealed. My guess, it looks like they dumbed it down to appeal to a younger audience.

        1. Ok, that’s your personal preference, and I respect it. However, from my perspective, what I notice is Ash’s eyes were big and expressive in X and Y, which made him look older. Now they’re pretty close to vertical dot eyes. Say what you will about XYZ, the animation was pretty dynamic, the action anime in the trailer looks dumbed down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, MAYBE it’ll be good, but those are just my first impressions

          1. Welp, no reason we can’t be cordial. I agree, even if it’s not my taste, I’m glad it appeals you =p

  3. So if you look at the anime picture from Corocoro, it has Team Rocket with Bewear. I really hope that it’s James’ Bewear and it’ll be like Victreebell and Carnavine and stuff.

  4. The animation looks even BETTER than XYZ, how did they pull this off? And omg I’m definitely gonna watch this. I initially had my doubts, but I’m just gonna dive in and see what they have in store for us!

    1. Same here! I know some people dislike it cuz it’s new, but still, Alola is new and they should switch it up as well! It’s not like it’s going to be as bad as B&W, none of that game’s things will be here, plus the original Team Rocket’s going to be here!

  5. And the thing about Ash looking so goofy and such, I think that might just be because of the whole chilled and relaxed vibe Alola has. There was a short battle scene in the trailer and he still looks as competent as ever IMO.

  6. I don’t know if ya’ll have been watching too much American animated shows or not enough anime to criticize the animation. Compare Sun/Moon animation in HD to X/Y and you will see drastic differences. This is quality animation believe it or not. The lighting, the rustle of wind, the explosiveness of the moves, the glistening of the eyes, the color palette, etc… yes it looks different, but in my opinion for the better. Keep in mind everyone said X/Y looked kiddie at first and look what we got…

    1. XYZ looks about 10 times better than XY. Two very different series but set in the same generation and region.

      1. Yes, and I will agree that XYZ looks better than Sun/Moon, but the style is more appealing to me; looks chilled, dreamy, and yet keeps the pop of excitement almost like One Piece, Hero Academia, and etc…

        PS: If you look at the Pokemon Generation trailer, during the Legendary Dog scene, you can see they went for a traditional Japanese folklore animation style and hope that’s somehow implemented into Pokemon Sun/Moon

        1. Idk, I doubt it. I’m one of the people who thinks the anime looks more simplistic. But that’s not really indicative of quality, I think the designs are just meant to appeal to a younger demographic. I think people expect the pokemon anime to just continue to be aimed at people that grew up with it when that’s not really the case, they need the young’ins who didn’t grow up with it to start jumping on board now. So I think Generations is more for the older crowd while Pokemon Sun and Moon are more for the kids, sort of like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.

          1. Except Generations isn’t a replacement for a full series anime. Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go target the same demographic as far as channel and time of day it’s aired go. AND PLENTY of kids shows have shown its more than possible to touch on dark/serious/mature themes and ideas through the eyes of a young protagonist.

          2. No, it’s not a replacement but it’s definitely more dynamic. Teen Titans originally aimed at kids but when they noticed the demographic actually watching the show was older than they originally intended, they switched it up to aim for older children. When they started Teen Titans Go, the creators have said over and over that the show is for young children rather than the older children that watched the original show. You’re mistaken SomeGuy, I never said that a show designed for children can’t be mature. Just like Teen Titans, MLP was supposed to be aimed at little girls, but the creators were so good at making mature stories that it ended up to appealing to a wider demographic. Yes, a show can be for kids but attract other audiences, however, I’m looking at it from a marketing standpoint. From a marketing standpoint, trying to attract all the demographics is a terrible idea, (because it is very difficult for companies to try to sell merchandise or make commercials intended to attract EVERYBODY, so they always try to avoid it) so tv shows always try to aim at one audience. If they get more along the way, good on them, but what I’m saying is the simplistic art style is clearly just trying to speak to children. As far as older audiences? If they watch, they probably assume that the older fans will already be on board anyway.

          3. Meh. In an era where media is constantly under scrutiny for not being diverse enough or not trying to appeal to enough different demographics, I don’t think I’m in the wrong for asking the main Pokémon series to be for all audiences rather than exclusively for 6 year olds. Pokémon is a massive IP. All audiences are interested. I want to give them my money. But they seem determined to not let me give it to them when it comes to the anime.

    2. No XY didnt look kiddie at all, it looked better from the first few images, and we all watch a lot of animes, I work as animator and I know that this style was made to make it easier to animate, in other words they lowered the drawing quality to improve the animation, I just hope the animation good enough to make us stand this style decrease, there are many animes that goes with this style and they all suffer from bad drawings most of the time.

        1. That would be for the CGI. The Kirby anime did the CGI right. A lot of anime have been making their CGI too jumpy! Even the recent Doraemon films.

        2. If working with CGI, why can’t many anime directors learn from the staff that created the Kirby TV series.

    3. People just hate change. This animation style reminds me a lot of Miyazaki’s films, so if it’s anything like that, there will certainly be dark undertones.

    4. I don’t mind the animation I just hope there’s still some adventure. The style looks a lot like the new digimon

    1. Dude how many times do we have to tell you
      CATEGORY: Strong Arm Pokémon
      TYPE: Normal/Fighting
      HEIGHT: 6’11”
      WEIGHT: 297.6 lbs.
      ABILITY: Fluffy/Klutz

      The average height of bewear is 6 feet eleven inches which is kissing the 7FT line

      1. bewear is as big as Pangoro, and pangoro wasnt that freaking huge in the anime.

        plus I dont know who the heck are you what many times you are talking about ???

  7. Welp, if the poster is to be judged, Team Rocket gets a Bewear and a Mimkyu and Ash gets a Rowlet. Despite my reservations for the animation, my predictions/hopes for those pokemon’s trainer placements have been fulfilled. I’m satisfied =P

  8. Oh, they literally meant “School”.
    And the trial captains seem to be Students too?
    I’d love to see the transitional episodes.

    1. srsly litten got the best one out of the three, there is nothing on earth worse than popleos final evo, maybe tied with Sawk and thro for being the worst pokemon designs ever made

  9. To me this is a step down from XYZ, the art style doesn’t appeal to me, but I don’t really watch the anime anyway.

  10. Also Sun and Moon delayed till the 23rd November in South Africa, the same as the EU release date, meaning it isn’t because a few stores in Europe started selling X/Y early, and apparantly isn’t because of PEGI either, in fact, what is South Africas Rating Company?

  11. I love this new art style. A LOT. Freaking gorgeous. I was super impressed by XYZ’s quality, but this is definitely more my aesthetic. Hyped for this. Now if only the anime would stop pandering to children.

  12. Ok so apparently the Sun and Moon series is done by a different animation studio, than the one who did XY and XYZ

  13. People complaining about the art style should reserve judgment till the first episode imo. This is a trailer and its impossible to draw conclusion out of it.

    1. CATEGORY Blast Turtle Pokémon
      TYPE Fire/Dragon
      HEIGHT 6’07”
      WEIGHT 467.4 lbs.
      ABILITY Shell Armor

      1. I didn’t pay attention to the info, the same was with Bewear, when the SuMo anime poster was revealed i was baffled xD

  14. I see no problem with this animation, y’all just like to complain about everything, why do westerners always focus so much on negativity, smh

    1. You realize that people are allowed to dislike it, right? Also, your generalizations are not helping anything.

        1. When you generalize it usually never ends well, people just need to accept that not everyone will like something and thats ok, dont lump up a whole group of people, thats ignorant assumptions.

        2. You really dont have any proof of that and Im pretty sure where you’re from has no impact on if you like or dislike a change in artstyle.

  15. I won’t lie the animation style threw me off as I’ve been used to normal Ash my entire life but it’s way too early to judge just gotta wait til the episodes drop

  16. I love that there’s a sexually ambiguous (at least as of now) Team Skull member. I wonder if they’ll appear in-game.

  17. “https://www.youtube.com/embed/NRFQ1RQYsRo”
    So the trailer really confirms that Ash is really going to study!
    By the way, what Ash said when Lillie said: “Dragon nest?” (did she said that, I’m not good at japanese, sorry…) In > 0:39

    1. Wow this looks so different from the past seasons. Is he in highschool to learn about z moves and to become a trial captain? Because Kiawe and Sophocles are there too. Unless they’re already trial captains so they could just be learning about z moves too…

  18. I’m not gonna judge by a 32 second trailer. Im gonna watch the first few episodes when they come out then give my opinion.

  19. It seems like the cat’s gonna be the funny one of the starters this time. And by the poster Ash will have rowlet, which is better than popplio, but i was hoping he’d go with the fire one; it’s been a very long time.

    1. i feel like he may catch litten.. it seems like the loner that is always randomly appearing before joining ash’s team

      1. So ash would have both, rowlet and litten? Idk, It’s been a long time since they stopped giving ash more than one starter. But i for one would love if he had the cat.

  20. Love it! I feel they are realy pushing for the Digimon Tri viewers. Possibly even why UB were included. I wonder if Ash has aged yet, seems so. Im not exactly sure what the squiggles are though, hair?

    1. Maybe the animation will improve over time rn. Pikachu actually has hair moving with the wind which is a step up

  21. They’re definitely doing EVERYTHING different now. However this animation is definitely a step down from the XY series. (everything looks soft and noodly?) I might actually watch it BECAUSE it’s different though. At least it’s pretty much confirmed that you move to Alola for the schools. And man, that teacher ?

  22. Ok so here are my thought……I think the animation style change is fine (as long as the quality keeps up) they can also go in a goofier direction for a while, but I also think that once the series gets going things need to get more serious again, especially if they introduce the UBs. the over all style seems to fit the relaxed and vacation-y feel of Alola so it doesn’t bother me that they’ve softened the lines and angles a bit. If the character acting and story telling stays the same as XY/XYZ then it should be a good adventure to watch. I don hope that they eventually move away from the whole school thing. I’m baffled by the fact that the 4 captains are part of said school. even if you could make the argument for Ash it seems weird to have them in it too. Maybe there’s some specific reason or maybe the school isn’t what it seems lol

  23. Ash drawing style remind me of something but I can’t remember it, I like the new animation style in general.

    1. Not gonna lie it kind of reminds me of Steve Universe a tiny bit……maybe with something else thrown in? lol

  24. Eh, I’m sorta fine with this change. My real hope is that the English dub finally stops changing that goddamn background music! I don’t understand why they change it and I hate their generic substitute. They need to finally leave in the original background music!

    1. That probably will never stop happening haha For whatever reason they seem to think it’s a good idea to change the music. Changing the music is fine and can actually be great as it adds more possible variety, but usually the music isn’t as good in the English dub…..lol

        1. Listen…….I think the English intro had promise. The lyrics weren’t bad and the music itself wasn’t too bad. It offered better imagery than past intros have in a while. It actually made you think that Ash was in some small way a badass. Where it failed was in how short it was. It really should have been at least 20 seconds longer……..then it would have felt more complete. lol

          1. That’s what I’m saying. If they had made it longer and added more original lyrics it would have been one of best intros we’ve had in a long time. I especially liked how it focused on the winning aspect and never stopping rather than the soft lines about being super duper besties and wanting to be a super star or whatever they’ve been throwing at us for a while…..ugh….lol

  25. Aether has to be main baddies. I dont think the Anime has ever had the main villian team appear so early in the anime since team rocket unless they doing something different

  26. Idk I like the lighter tone they’re going for. And the softer style looks great from the trailer. It’s like slice of life plus Pokemon which makes more sense since Alola is more laid back. There’s so much more room for character interaction without gyms and traveling anymore and plus we won’t have to deal with ash losing. This should have been the style of the anime to begin with. Having ash explore more of the region that’s not touched on in the games rather than replicating it’s plot. This way we’ll get to see more of the region and characters than previously possible.

  27. I just hope not every episode is confined in a classroom
    And that Ash and co eventually start traveling

  28. So I was watching the trailer again I noticed that the island they show at the very beginning doesn’t really look like any of the regular Alolan islands. I would have imagined it’d be MeleMele, but it looks too long for it. Plus I can’t make out any landmarks from the Alola map. Interesting…..lol

      1. True, but you’d think the over all look would be at least similar to what we know of. The island they showed is unrecognizable. At least at this point. lol

  29. Honestly ik everyone is allowed to have a opinion but like going off a 32 second trailer to identify a series as the new Best Wishes and saying its garbage is bit a too far as we barely even know anything about the anime ik X/Y was amazing but like lets just wait and give this one a try i bet it will be just as good lol

    1. We can’t know anything about the story or acting yet, but based on the trailer the animation over all looks pretty decent. With the exception of that one frame whee both Ash and Kukui look derpy, but those kinds of frames happened even in the XY series so it’s expected lol

      1. yea overtime x/y animation improved greatly, I remember people complained about the way ash looked in Kalos lol

        1. I personally liked the crisp coloring and hard lines they used for XY. I think what’s gotten people all in a tizzy is the extreme difference between the two art styles. Up until now the animation in a very general sense has been similar. there were little details that changed and of course the animators went from hand drawings to the digital drawings, but they’ve always had a very same kind of feel to them. Now everything looks different and I think it’s scaring people lol

          1. Yeah that’s what me and Shady were saying down below. It looks like a Studio Ghibli film. And that’s a pretty good thing if you ask me. At least if they keep the quality up. lol

          2. yep yep. im excited actually as im a fan more of anime that has that type of style, not every anime needs to have crisp lines and amazing HD quality animation to be good

          3. Well I’d prefer if the animation had HD quality, but I get what you’re saying. Should be interesting to see the characters drawn in a different way for once lol

  30. Well, good thing I never really cared for the pokemon anime. Cause compared to previous seasons this looks like a step back.

    1. It’s just a different art style. Art style has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Plus if the acting and story are on point then it will be an interesting change.

  31. Wow did everyone see today’s episodes of XY and Z? Like, how to the creators go from that to this! It doesn’t make sense… I really hope it’s a lot better than it seems to be shaping out to be.

    1. the xyz animators arent working on this series, they are working on another project they could return, but also this is actually a cool art style for pokemon, it reminds me of old time anime feel

      1. I’m not mad about the art style… Ash looks strange but I love the bright colors. It’s just the plot of going to school and the whole vibe of it that seems way different from the anime we are used to.

        1. Like many have said it’s unlikely that they’ll stay in the school. the show is about Ash traveling so it’d be weird for him to all of a sudden jump into a slice of life anime that just happens to be in the Pokemon worlds. He’ll likely start his typical traveling not long into the series.

        2. hm, well every other pokemon anime starts off with ash like “GOTTA GO TO A NEW REGION GET ALL BADGES AND BECOME MASTER” but the story always changes this will be no different

  32. *Ash returns to Pallet town and meets Professor Oak, who for some reason is in Ash’s House*
    Oak : Ash, good, you’re home, me and your mother have something to tell you, we have decided that we are disappointed in you losing once again, and despite your recent defeat of Team Flare, we have decided to send you back to school. So first thing tomorrow you’re getting on a plane and going to live with my Cousin in the Alola region, where you will go to school, and hopefully you won’t be back for a while.

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  33. its not just the fact that this style looks very cheap compared to XY, its the fact that its too early for such a change, we dont have to have a new style for each season thats insane, no one does such thing.

  34. So I just had a thought. It’s clear that Ash will meet the four captains that we know of pretty early on if not immediatly after getting to Alola. I find it hard to believe they would introduce half, if not most, of the captains to Ash within the first few episodes. So that could mean that Sun and Moon could potentially have a butt load of captains and trials by extension like many people have theorized. It doesn’t make sense to show off four captains if there are only around 8 or so of them, but if there’s…let’s say 14 captains then 4 isn’t showing very many of them off at all. I say 14 as I could see there being 14 captains that give out 14 of the Z stones to correspond to their type specialty and then the remaining 4 could be given out by the Kahunas or important characters. Either way I could see this being a thing lol

    1. we theorizing 16 because Guzma and Plumeria failed the test to become captains and they seem specialize with poison and dark

  35. Wow. When you thought the anime (or Ash, more specifically) couldn’t get any worse, they come up with this. Absolute trash. R.I.P. anime. XY&Z was awesome, so I guess it’s a good point to stop and just stick to the games.

    1. Then we are complete opposites on this topic I am watching this show, playing the games, and playing the cards for my love of this game Pokemon

  36. I think the four trial captains might be all we’re getting. They cover the basic elements and their also shown in school (much like I thought- they’all be learning how to be captains). They haven’t shown any more in the trailer, and unless the other unannounced captains are older, it makes no sense for them not to be in school too.

    1. I can’t believe that. Three of the four trial captains are on Akala island, and the fourth one might be. There wouldn’t be 3 on one island an then 1 for the other three.

    2. And we know of totem Gumshoos/Raticate, Wishiwashi, Lurantis so there has to be a normal type trial captain unless(and I hope this is the case) we get to battle the trial captains.What else would the type specialties be for then?

  37. That xyz special though!! So alola officially confirms that amourshipping didn’t happen… this new style is different than xyz and it reminded me some how of one piece animation. I’ll give it a try. Hopefully alola form ash doesn’t get his pikacbu defeated by a lv.5 litten

  38. Just watched trailer that was awesome!!! And side note Team rocket has a Mimikyu on poster and trailer shows Kiawe with a Turtornator

  39. So I wonder if the XY and Z animators or writers went to Pokemon Generations. Cuz that looks waaaay better

    1. And honestly I don’t get how people can defend this.
      Not only is the whole animation and artstyle a huge downgrade,but in the preview we can clearly see that ash is in a classroom, and that the travelling/battling aspect of Pokemon is completely gone.

    2. Yeah, they’re really targetting the children this time around.

      I’ve got a feeling they’re try to do the same with the game because they’ve been losing ground to Yokai watch for quite some time now.

      1. The Pokémon anime has always targeted children. That never stopped XY and DP from Being very good.

        1. But I mean reaaaallly targetting them.
          To the extend they forgoe older fans in favour of younger fans.

          Like they do with Pokenchi.

    3. I can’t be around 24/7 to knife people’s eyes out
      This is why everyone should carry a shiv on their person at all times

  40. I hope people know that the animation is designed to look normal and bouncy in motion as opposed to still frames. If done right, it should be very reminiscent of how some companies have been animating in the past 5 or so years (especially Studio Trigger); however, people are still heavily divided on these changes too, so it makes sense that there is a divide. I’ll wait for a few episodes to see how the premise will turn out though…

  41. Do people really believe the entire generation VII anime will be set in a school? Of course I don’t have many arguments right now, but the starter leaks showed Litten3 cooking something for Ash and Mallow; I don’t think they would need to cook for themselves like that if they were in anywhere but a forest. There’s more than meets the eye, and I’ve been waiting so long for a series/anime to return to the classic “goofy characters” style from the early 2000’s so… #Excited 😀

    1. It could always end up like that summer camp arc from the Hoenn series of the anime. They went to a sort of summer camp thing where they competed in small tasks everyday like what might be expected from cub scouts. Stuff like fishing, scavanger hunts and stuff. Surviving in the forest could be one of the tasks. Either that or they just go camping in one episode.

      1. You’re right, that is a possibility. I just thought that by being in the artwork, that would be a constant feature 😀

        1. Maybe Ash camps out at the back of his house every night?
          If you’ve got the weather there’s no reason not to.

          1. It does show ash in a forest, a beach and swimming w/ sharpedo in the trailer, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see! The only thing I wish was that this were actually a “flashback”, like this series has happened before Kalos; I’ve always wanted “goofy ash” to return, but it doesn’t feel right after watching the awesomeness that was the Team Flare Arc Finale.

  42. I like everything but the Ash design change. He actually feels a bit out of place to everyone else.

  43. ash’s face looks derpy as hell and the animation overall feels really cheap, they obviously got a low budge animation studio for this region series ugh

  44. It’s occured to me that possibly an early part of the game is you going to school, maybe for just an intro, before you do the island challenge, in fact, on the Melemele island map, there is a school.
    Then it would make sense why Ash is going, and why the Live Action japanese trailers have it..
    I mean, it’s right next door to your house. It’s no far stretch to say that you get up, your mum sends you to school, then you go on a trip, and get your starter, then see tapu koko, we know a full day happened before the E3 Gameplay, It makes sense.

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  46. Eh, I’m not a big fan of the new animation. I liked XYZ more. It is too curvy. Still, I might watch it.

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