PokEAmon: The Game that Never Was

From the “Hm, That’s Interesting” Department: Electronic Arts was once working on a Pokémon competitor! Nic Watt, the very successful* founder of game development studio Nnooo, was a former developer at EA and shared a few details about the game that was supposed to take on Pokémon and dominate the handheld market:

“EA wanted this game where the idea and it was going to be their Pokémon game. They didn’t have an RPG in the handheld space and they really wanted one. We did a lot of paper-based prototyping for the battle mechanics and even made a whole card game. Then we got the people from Criterion – who worked on Burnout and with the studio – in [to test it]. That’s the good thing when you have a company of 300 people, you can just ask “do you guys want to come in and play our game for the afternoon.” The team did find it hard because the prototyping was so long, and a lot of things got reset from time to time. But by the time I left, it still had not hit full production and I know that was really tough for a lot of people.”

It’s interesting to speculate about what a monster catching game from EA games would have looked like and whether or not it would have given our favorite juggernaut series any serious competition. It appears that this was back before Nnooo was founded in 2006, so it is likely that the game has been indefinitely shelved, but who knows what the Nintendo NX may inspire them to resurrect?

Speaking of Pokémon competitors, did you see the new trailer for Digimon World Next Order?

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Source: finder.com.au | Via: My Nintendo News

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Moves that should change in Sun and Moon?

*During my research for the article I was surprised to discover that Nnooo has primarily produced DSiWare/WiiWare/shovelware titles 🙁 Why, Mr. Watt?! Whyyyyy?!

  1. I could image paying DLC to unlock legendaries, the Elite Four, and Pokeballs. EA is just a money hungry gaming giant. Also, I’ve seen the S/M anime trailer. I didn’t watch XYZ, but why did people think Serena was coming with Ash? They’ve always dropped every female. Is it because of their relationship? Honestly, I will agree that Ash looks weird, but Serena was going to be dropped no matter what.

    1. People wanted Serena to come along because she was the only female companion to openly admit that she had feelings for him and it kind of sucks to see it confined to just XYZ. I’m sure most people knew she wouldn’t come with, but denial is powerful lol.

      1. I’d expected that characters from different generations would come and go since Diamond and Pearl

  2. No, no, no, no, no. Nope, don’t let EA touch it. They would ruin the franchise with microtransactions and a lack of care towards the franchise like Battlefront.

      1. It really hasn’t. The newer gens are stronger, better games than the old ones. We dont have microtransactions or dlc so I think comparing them to EA is a big stretch.

        1. Well, personally I feel the mid-series gens are the strongest (3-5), but hopefully SM will change that!

          1. Yeah, I was mainly referring to Gens 4&5. Gen 6 was good, but not as good as those before. In terms of where it took the franchise (graphics, mechanics) it was good though. Story not so much

    1. Poor Battlefront.. but the article is saying EA was working on basically a Pokemon ripoff, not a collaboration with Gamefreak

  3. was anyone able to translate of what it says for the different evolutions for Rockruff from Corocoro yet?

  4. Why not have it bought by Disney? They’ve already got Marvel and Lucasfilms already, I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. They might end up having a crossover with Lilo and Stitch or have it in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

    1. In all fairness, the latest star wars film was mostly good, and they did a good job with Spectrobes, it’s the only game intended as a Pokemon competator that I’ve ever enjoyed.

  5. we would get a crappy sequel with no differences every year, and a crap ton of micro transactions with each one.

  6. Pokemon by EA.

    Only 5 types in the Game. The rest will be a paid DLC.

    Any moves over 80BP have to be bought through microtransaction.

    Abilities on Pokemon can be changed for a small fee of £15.

  7. It probably wouldn’t have been that bad, Disney did ok with Spectrobes.
    It probably wouldn’t have been a strong competator, but might have been a good game in its own right.

  8. I just want Pokemon Conquest 2 tbh, I really enjoyed that game and I really enjoyed grinding and “evolving” the Samurai Warrior characters. It combined two of my favourite franchises together!

    1. That’s certainly interesting. Can they even do that? Is it because he’s talking about the trademarked name?

      1. Lots of people made vids about Marshadow, but Lockstin put a lot of research in this theory and if Nintendo requested YT to remove it, it means his theory is either 100% accurate, or at least a great portion of it is true.

        1. But if it’s just a theory/speculation, how do they have the authority unless he’s saying he has inside info?

          1. He doesn’t have inside info, but as I said he research A LOT before he actually makes the video. Nintendo most likely thought he was getting too close to the truth and in regards of spoilers they requested to have it removed.

          2. I’m just surprised they can do that. Plus it just gives his theory validity, it’s a stupid move on their part.

          3. Pretty sure that the game’s lead designer (forgot the name lol) blocked a lot of people on Twitter who sent him pics of the leaked starter evos, and a lot of leaked starter evo videos were also removed due to copyrights.

          4. Most definitely, but this with Lockstin only tells me that the guy is seriously legit with his theories. Cant wait for part 3 to come out later this week!

          5. Beat me to it. What if Lockstin is actually a leaker who just leaks things in theory form, so they can’t really call him out for leaking things? :O

      1. ShoPro publishes the anime, so they’re still officially linked with the franchise. Marshadow eclipse scorpion confirmed.

      1. He just uploaded a new video explaining it. ShoPro claimed copyright. ShoPro are the company that publishes the anime series. His scorpion/manticore theory is basically confirmed now

    2. Wasn’t it not a scorpion but a Manticore? What if next they take down his “It all comes together” theories?

          1. Yeah because he mostly talks about scorpions in this particular vid, but he mentioned a dolphin and manticore as well as possible animal for Marshadow

  9. Um, you know… it’s interesting. I wonder what their angle would be because the difference between a franchise success and immediate failure is attempting to be too much like the competition.

    I think pokemon works because it fulfills a real-life wish, and then creates a world around that. A Pokemon clone probably shouldn’t base itself on the same wish, but there are a lot of options. Knowing this is Western studios, I don’t know which ideas would be best: I think one could go a Harry Potter route and do Pixies, Fairies, and Gnomes where kids could use a camera to try to find them in their gardens, or do something with Robots and make it with Pet and Partner AIs like the first part in Big Hero Six. I think Voodoo also could be kind of interesting to try if you want to go a Toys to Life route (But you have to be culturally sensitive to do such). I just am kind of skeptical of EA’s creativity, sadly.

  10. Can you get a shiny by having a foreign Ditto and a regular Pokemon

    I want a Shiny Skitty to name it Jibanyan

      1. Thank you I didn’t know if a Foreign Ditto could work though I’ll be back after hundreds of tries of hatching

          1. I wish you the best of luck, yet you’ve got a long way to go. It took me ~2500 turtwig eggs for me give or take a PC box (a box might sound like a lot, but when you’re 2500 eggs in it really doesn’t matter.

    1. Why would anybody want a Skitty
      you’re just going to forget to feed it and it’ll rack up long distance phone-calls to online psychics

      1. Not everyone wants Pokémon to show off while competitive battling, Earthen. You can say something useful or don’t say anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not targeting you or anything, but why the heck does it bother you when someone else wants to have some fun?

  11. The 2-parter for the finale of the XYZ Team Flare arc was by far the best in the history of Pokemon. Not by, “Pokemon’s standard,” but by it’s own merits. The music, the pacing, the epic revelations, and Lysandre’s fate were all amazing! 8/10!

      1. Yes. Normally, the average Pokemon episode is a solid 6/10 and overall the Team Flare arc was a 9/10. However, the first episode in the two-parter had much better pacing and was more developed than the actual finale. The finale had many plot issues, was rushed, and they tried to fit in too many things at once. The pros were of course Lysandre’s death, Perfect Zygarde, and the Save Chespin scene. There were too many things keeping it from actually getting a perfect score. Episodes that deserve a 10/10 are the ones like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Legend of Korra, Avatar the Last Airbender, etc…

        ARC: 9/10
        Episode 42: 8.5/10
        Episode 43: 8/10

        1. I agree the ending was very rushed.

          As much as enjoyed the Gym Leaders and Champions playing defence for Ash and Alain and the Zygarde Complete part, I feel the ending could have been paced a bit better. Everything just sort of concluded in less than 5 mins.

    1. Honestly the best I’ve seen. A solid 10/10 when it comes to evil team arcs.

      Also it made me actually like Diantha. She’s now really cool in my opinion. I felt she was a bit overshadowed by Steven in the last three episodes, but they really showed her champion strength in the finale.

      And the Gym leaders showed up outside their respective Gym Episodes. I only wish Wikstrom, Drasna and Siebold could have appeared somehow as well, hell everyone else was there.

      My one pet peeve though is why is everyone only using their signature Pokemon, surely they have other shit they could have thrown out. Steven should have been flying around on his Skarmory or something to make him even more epic.

        1. Yeh, not just this episode. I mean in other episodes, would have been nice for Steven to pull out his Skarmory or Aggron from time to time.

          But ah well….can’t have everything.

  12. I know this isn’t the anime article, but I didn’t get the chance to say this there: Why are the trial captains in school with Ash? I mean, they look much older than he does, and yet they’re in the same class? What? I feel we may be in for something worse than unova. *shudders*

    1. Honestly we don’t know what the school is really for yet. I doubt it’s as important to the over all story as people are making it out to be. For all we know it’s a school to become a captain or maybe they’re taking lessons on how to ride Pokemon. They do show ash riding a Sharpedo after.

      1. If that’s true then they shouldn’t be showing it as the main premise of the show. If it really was just to teach him how to ride pokemon and how to use Z-Moves, then it shouldn’t take up more than 5 episodes. If it was just a sub plot, they’d likely have shown off his actual journey around alola as well.

        1. Well who knows. Maybe not poke rides, but I can’t see the entire SM series being him in a classroom. I’d imagine they do a few episodes there and then everyone separates (except for his travel group) and he starts his journey around Alola. the show is about him traveling and while they may change the reason for him to go on a journey I doubt they’d keep him confined to a small room and treat him like it’s his first time around. even in BW where he was supposed to have been rebooted they at least let him keep SOME qualities of someone who has traveled at least once in their life……Albeit not much was left in the scenario….lol

          1. This is exactly what I’m saying. If that was the case, then why did they show off the classroom aspect as if it was the main premise?

          2. It’s probably more so just to tease the show. They don’t want to show too much of his main journey. Also it’ll probably explain the concept of trials to him since this will be his first time not going for badges. Either way I guess we just have to wait and see.

    2. Why isn’t he travelling the region? Geez. If he’s going back to school because he realized he’s not smart, then now was not the time. Johto was the time. Also he was pretty good in Kalos. I think the Kalos region was a farewell to the more mature audience and they want more appeal to kids. Because you know, THESE LAST FEW EPISODES HAVE BEEN AWESOME.

      1. I can just imagine ash daydreaming in class about his pokemon league battles in Kalos, and thinking “How the heck did I end up here?”

    3. I thought Ash was going to fight the Trial Captains and try to discover the secrets of Alola. I just hope the school premise is just for the beginning and they soon leave it afterwards. With the quality of XYZ, I really hope they do not fall back.

    1. Ho-ly Crap. Ok that’s it. I’m counting this as lazy animation and if there’s one thing I hate in cartoons, it’s lazy animation

      1. I’m not going to fault them heavily for this. It’s a frame that almost nobody would see or notice while normally watching. I’d say, if it’s not noticeable during the episode, it’s a miniature animation mistake.

          1. I don’t know how animation works, but even marvels like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe have some errors. Yet, I will agree; this bridges DragonBall Super levels of issues.

          2. True, but I (over)analyze Gravity Falls and I’ve never seen anything this bad. The worst I’ve seen is a screenshot of Mabel in Time Traveller’s Pig where she looks weird

          3. Supposedly Super got better tho! I hope that when they bring it over here it will be fixed….lol

        1. I feel like I can heavily fault them for this. XYZ had such great animations, why did they take a step down?

        2. Yeah I didn’t really notice until I was going super slow. The over all scene looked fine.

        3. i agree, it actually looks like a studio ghibli animation and tbh i love it. lets not all forget that its a childs show, they have a young audience which is why they make short side anime like pokemon origins and pokemon generations purely for the much older audience. this looks completely fine to me, i think people are being quick to judge this by just one short trailer of the new sun and moon anime and pick out the negatives that are hardly noticeable. to me, in my very own personal opinion pokemon needed change, just like the new games coming out this year they have changed the formula by having no gyms or a league, this is a drastic change but its something i half expected to happen since it has nearly been 20 years of pokemon doing the exact same plot, same story, same exact thing over and over again. while thats awesome, its got to be changed up abit, because eventually the same story is going to die out. people who have played pokemon from the very first games that came out like myself love the nostalgia, which is why its hard for them to except new changes. me on the other hand can except it, i can easily get used to the changes because it gives us that fresh new feeling, its giving ash as a character a breather from all the leagues he has lost in past generation on the anime. him going to school, the animation’s going to the more cartoon-y look is a great idea for those who love pokemon no matter what age you are, they need to keep the franchise alive and by getting new fans aswel as inspire older fans they will eventually give us a change, like the plot. ash going to school is a great idea, why? because atleast this time he is learning the right way to understand pokemon better, battling better, progressing to be a better trainer than he has in the past. if people don’t agree and quickly judge a short trailer like sun and moon then they obviously don’t care much for pokemon as a whole because if they did they would atleast give the new changes a chance before assuming the worst. people need to stop and think before assuming anything, watch a couple episodes first, dont go “Oh thats shit animation, i quit pokemon forever, what a loads of bs” that’s not a good enough reason to quit pokemon. that’s just you not liking something that some people might actually like.

      2. Lazy animation is present in a lot of anime. Freeze frame except for mouth and eyes when talking, a few still frames to depict a bunch of moves in a fight, and that thing where the screen goes black and a white slash goes across the screen then cuts to the damage.

        XYZ didn’t have a lot of that from what I’ve seen

      3. To be fair XY had a few times where the single frames were a little hard to look at, but over all it was a good series right? So hopefully SM will follow suit

    2. Watch. This’ll be a new pokemon meme. I’m screenshoting this comment so I can say “I told you so!” when I’m right.

      1. Ash seems fine. I didn’t notice Pikachu until I stopped on it luckily….or rather unluckily…lol I think the animation over all will be decent, but the animators just need to get into their grove in how they do it. Hopefully it won’t take them very long to find their mojo. I like the art style a lot. It’s different from what we’ve seen in the past, but like Alola it’s a breath of fresh air lol

        1. Eh, not all change is good change. But I’m not a heavy anime watcher anyway, the only reason I’m watching now is because I was told it was good (and it most definitely is).

    3. You could have just view the first run, when Ash is scaping, all of those frames are pure magic of nonsense, not even one look like Ash.

    4. Looks like that trailer isn’t complete, I think that the release will have much better graphics.

      1. Yeah I’m sure it’ll be polished by the time it airs in November. Even the XY episodes they showed before its official release had errors so I’m willing to bet things will get better

      1. That’s what I was thinking! It’s a departure from what we’re used too and that’s a cool thing. Being different from the rest of the series seems to be Sun and Moon’s MO lol

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  13. If EA owned Pokemon they’d just make it as horrible as the Sims and Plants Vs Zombies, pay-to-pay.

          1. bewear was always that size, in-game they showed it fighting a pangoro and it was much taller than it lol

        1. i like the picture but omfg the anatomy is so off on this one
          the mouth should be in the muzzle not under it

    1. to people that say the animation looks good (not you libra specifically) i say…….really? .___.

  14. Now that Pokemon XY and Z is coming to a close within a few weeks, here are my favorite moments from the show:
    – All the gym battles were animated so well, the music was epic (I watch RAW or subbed), and overall they were intense, well choreographed, and amazing
    – Korrina’s Arc: her arc with Lucario and trying to control and perfect Mega-Evolution was an awesome ride
    – Summer Camp: entertaining, fun, and enjoyable
    – Clemont and Bonnie episodes: they’re always either emotional, really relatable, or just funny
    – Serena’s haircut scene with the tear jerking music in the background was amazing
    – Showcases were different, unique, and although they could have been done better, they were awesome and enjoyable to watch
    – Ninja Arc: Ash and Senpai episodes are always action packed and awesome
    – Malamar Trio: the trio of Malamar that came from a different dimension were great to watch
    – Team Flare Arc: intense, gritting, and overall the best villainous arc in Pokemon
    – Evolution Arc: the 4-5 episodes with back-to-back evolutions were pure bliss
    – Goodra Arc: although he/she took the backseat after his/her arc, the arc was nonetheless memorable
    – Ash Greninja Arc: emotional, bad-a**, and all around very different and exciting to watch
    – Lumiose Arc: this was at the beginning and was done very well
    – Team Rocket: funny, entertaining, nothing else and nothing more
    – Alan, Mairin, Shota, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno were great characters and rivals
    – The Mega-Evolution arcs were some of the best
    – Steven, Malva, and Diantha were great as well

    1. Meh I think it’s a little sexist of them for showcase’s to be female only when contests, Gyms, and trials are for everyone

      Not being that guy saying anything rude but it seems just a little sexist

  15. So I thought it’d be fun to design my own battle frontier for Sun and Moon. So here’s what I’d like to see in a Sun and Moon battle frontier:
    Battle Tower – same the the originals
    Battle Factory – same as Pt
    Battle Arcade – same as Pt
    Battle Maze – a mirror maze that you have to go through. You have to fight trainers in inverse battles, and when you win, you get to choose to go in one of two directions, where you get more battles, and if you choose 7 right, you get to the brain.
    Battle Dome – (I can’t remember if the name is already used) Basically a place with Battle Royales
    So if you were put in charge of making a battle frontier in SM, what would you like to see?

  16. What do people think they do for the number of weeks before the new series starts? Ash slowly gong back to Kanto I suppose. I think there will be at one episode for both Clemont and Serena each to show what they’re going to be doing next. Presumably Serena seeks out Palermo and I think Clemont already said he’d go back to the gym.

    1. We only have 3-4 episodes left after the one in two weeks so I’d say two goodbye episodes and the final episode being Ash’s departure, Serena seeking out Palermo, and Clemont and Bonnie doing their things. Honestly, I’m going to miss the XYZ gang as much as DPP… T_T

      1. Oh sheesh I didn’t realize how little time left there was…..lol Yeah I really liked the XYZ gang. Serena took a little time get going as far as characters go, but I wouldn’t have minded if they stuff around for another series……kind of sad…..I might watch the series over again once it’s done lol

        1. Definitely one of the best alongside Diamond and Pearl. I think if they tied the Team Flare Arc into X and Y, quickened Serena’s goals, and removed the unneeded filler episodes, this series would be damn near perfect. They would have more time to flesh out Team Flare akin to Galactic, explain the Megalith’s relationship with the Sundial, build up to the climax, and then end with Ash’s League battle against a renewed Alain to make the battle even more historic for him: all this time he had been battling as a Judas and now he’s battling as HIM with no one and nothing binding him, but himself. XY and XYZ has been so fast paced, a clear distinction to DP which was TOO long, but that meant more time to tell the stories, but I mean 30 episodes for 1 gym to the other? 😛 xD

    2. There’s going to be a Greninja episode, at least if I remember correctly from the data broadcasts released a couple of weeks ago

    3. we never got the Iris Arc….
      every series did a past companion episode and we still haven’t seen Iris

  17. I cannot believe that many of you Pokemon Fans are not recognizing the obvious pattern that occurs in each Pokemon anime series based on each new generatio just to sell their merchandises and make money.

    -Ash goes to new Region
    -Ash meets and joins with new companions
    -Ash has new Starters and catches new pokemon
    -Team Rocket constantly tries to cause trouble and stealing Pikachu, and foiling
    -Ash challenges Gym Leaders or something similar in order to go to the Pokemon League.
    -Ash must face against threatening Team.
    -Ash meets forgettable characters.
    -Ash loses League
    -Ash says goodbye to companions
    -Ash leaves Pokemon with Professor Oak before venturing to new region

    Rince and repeat from the top.

    Perhaps even though this maybe a new refreshing turn from the usual pattern, as long as the company is still making money, Ash will never win and will constantly be a useless money-pumping loser of a mascot role model.

      1. They never will. And with newer audiences replacing the old, they can get away with recycling old plots whenever they like.

        They’re probably racing against South Park, Thomas and Friends, The Simpsons and Family Guy on who could make the longest running nonstop animated series.

        Though what makes South Park and Thomas and Friends special and different is that they take breaks for the most part of the year, and won’t show their work until like near Christmas time. Something of which a force producing money making factory like the rest don’t do and the stories gets stale.

        1. You do realize that South Park and Family Guy are aimed at a much, much older audience than Pokémon right? FG and SP don’t even tie in for other products.

      1. I’ve known of this since Diamond and Pearl, and predicted that this was bound to happen after the Original and Advance.

  18. Make room guys in here from the ChampionShipping that begun. DIANTHA AND STEVEN KISSING IN A TREE K I S S I N G!!!!

      1. YAS!! And I approve, also grant and viola but I did saw Steven trying to cheat diantha with malva but malva said “she my home girl can’t!” ?

        1. (I actually can give credit to one thing with this art style
          I did NOT expect Lille to look adorable)

  19. Hey to everyone who watches the XYZ anime, I haven’t got a chance to ask what u thought of the 2 part special ?

    Lord Jesus it had me weak it was so good. Really a Huge sense of intensity from start to finish 1010 🙂

  20. In regards to the new style of animation for the anime:

    I’ve seen some differing opinions that have been somewhat hostile. Some people are going to like it a lot and others aren’t. That’s okay. We’re not all going to like the same things and if there’s a change in art, it’s natural to expect a reaction from the fans. So I just wanted to say that before we have another big argument over something unimportant, because those aren’t fun. I guess I just want to encourage everyone to be more open to the idea of people liking/disliking it.

    That being said, as a neutral party to the anime, I don’t really like what I’ve seen so far. The character models feels less detailed and more childish. There’s something off about it to me that doesn’t feel pokemon-ish. -shrug- But we’ll have to see a full episode before we get a real grasp on it, although I’m not going to be watching it anyway. I’m still on Johto.

  21. Question: Has the riddler leaker leaked anything else, and if he did/might, where would I find it? Or any credible leaker for that matter.

  22. Well today has pros and cons

    -SU was great!
    -Shiny Skitty hunting is going well (no shines yet though)
    -Trailer for S&M season
    -Can’t find German HW on Edmodo so I can’t do it
    -Back to school night so I’m at my -Grandparents even longer! Yay!
    -In Go 2km Egg (I jynxed it) hatched Squirtle and I finally got a Wartortal!

    -My dog just chewed up and broke my copy of Fossil Fighters: Fronteir (not real bad it kinda sucked in comparison to others)
    -Lots of Homework but only English left
    -SU episodes end for a while
    -No S&M stuff revealed

    So yeah today is on an up day with Pros. Normally not that many pros.

    1. Lol, I remember when I lost my copy of Blue Rescue team. I found it behind my dresser like 3 years later and my dog had chewed it up (it still works though).

      1. Yeah but this is pretty bad the little bristles at the bottom most are torn up or ripped off some metal chewed none missing so that’s good for the dog and her teeth almost completely pierced the flat part of the cartridge good thing it’s not missed very much I rated the game 4/10

          1. Yeah to me
            First- Great
            Second- Awesome ranks very high on my favorite games list
            Third- Aweful not good entire game changed and it was bad

  23. Honestly I feel like half the people here didn’t read the article. xD A lot of people are thinking that EA was going to buy out Pokemon, rather than make a competition.

    1. Hmm I read half of it but it sounds Ok if it was a handheld RPG about sports related creatures I could see it but not much outside that

  24. Ok Question time Top 5 Prettiest characters in Pokemon

    1. Hilda
    2. Lyra
    3. Lillie
    4. Jasmine
    5. Mallow

      1. Oh yeah Zinnia was Pretty and Elesa and Courtney too and Leaf was great in the Manga I discovered an inappropriate moment with her at the end of G/S/C chapter

          1. Less I would say many ways but uhhh of what I remember last time something came up this is a site with kids looking on it so bad idea to say it

          2. The rumor come out! Does Wicke is sexy?

            Wicke is sexy is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about her sexy. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially her fans are shocked. She just came out with her bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about her pokemon career, but her bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this trainer revealed herself as sexy af. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of her fans.

        1. I like lions lol rawr Lysandre is hot in his own way. Thus why he’s fifth. I think it’s the tight suit

    I just noticed a GIANT plot hole in the “Link is dead in Majora’s mask” theory. TP comes after MM, and it has a character called Hero’s shade, who is OOT/MM link’s dead spirit.
    It also says that he is an ancestor of TP link. So, if Link died as a child in MM, there would be no hero of twilight.

      1. Yeah I know, but this completely deconfirms it. There is no way link could’ve had a child before that.

          1. If only… Listen I only hate ash when he is in his “black and white state.”

            And I really hope that isn’t what’s going on here. But it seems like they are forgetting everything from Kalos….

    1. Creator of Pokemon- It’s America everything must be Supersized Drinks, Fries, Pokemon Levels!!!

      Nitendo guy- Pokemon levels?

      Creator- Yes higher Levels!!!!

    2. extremely powerful Pokemon so that you can’t fly through the game
      well golurk is fair 43 is not too bad

    3. It takes Larvesta a long time and a lot of energy to evolve into something as powerful as Volcarona. Thank god they gave us a level 35 one though in B2W2

    4. That part was annoying but I’m happy they tried to make the game challenging in at least one department

      1. Gen 5 had a good difficulty medium IMO. Not too easy like XY, but easy enough that it’s accesible to competent people.

    5. because its one of the many problems with gen v that people seem to overlook while praising it above other generations.

    1. Oh I can’t wait for that! I find the Pokemon world very interesting. While playing and hearing about the usual main characters is fun, it’s soooooo much more interesting to hear about the other people that live in the world too! lol

    2. Do we have a time? Also I’m calling it here: it’ll be Red and Blue’s champion showdown. It’s kinda dumb we’re getting that again considering it was in Origins.

      1. I was actually just checking. I don’t think we have a time, but it’ll probably be first thing in the morning.

    3. I want to see the confrontation between Diantha and Lysandre in the lumiose café, or just Diantha in general <3

        1. If Sun and Moon are bad games (or dissapoint me in some way, i.e. difficulty, post game, to name a few) I’m going to spam this at everyone I know.

  26. Ok. I’ve known this from the beginning, but I’ve never said anything. Why are Elgyem and Beeheeyem not Psychic/ROCK?!

      1. because not all pigs are wallowing in mud
        its conception was from a biblical phrase In the King James version of the Bible the text reads: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast. ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you

          1. my Mega Beheeyem is Psychic/Electric
            their brains quadruple and pylons jut out of its temples and cortex and sparks emit
            and a longer coat and arms

          2. Psychic/steel would do nicely for them. It never bothered me until just now because I never thought of their bodies as being hard or rock-like

    1. Pokemon Logic, just as Palkia isn’t Phychic or Solgaleo isn’t steel (yet the last one makes some sense)

  27. I just wanna say that I’m really enjoying using all this HTML in my spam comments, so I hope I’m not bugging anyone by using it. I really feel like I can get my point across easier with more emphasis. Plus it’s super fun. xD

      1. Here’s a breakdown of this for all our your HTML enjoyment:
        Bold: (Remove the spaces) Sun and moon (Sun and moon)
        Italics: (Remove the spaces) Sun and moon (Sun and moon)
        Strikethrough: (Remove the spaces) The sun and moon anime looks good (The sun and moon anime looks good)
        It’s tedious but it’s fun to use IMO.

    1. Here are my ideas for regions:
      – Canada
      – Australia
      – SE Asia (Likely not gen 8 though, as Alola is a tropical region)

        1. I agree, but I feel like that’s unlikely. However, if you think about it, it would continue a pattern.
          Gen 5 = soft reboot = gen 1
          Gen 6 = reboot gen 2
          Gen 7 = reboot gen 3 = tropical, like hoenn
          Gen 8 = reboot gen 4 = snowy, like sinnoh

          1. Um no. If Gen six is a soft reboot of Gen 2,XY should be burned. They never finished the story. They never explained the neighboring region. Mega Stone history is still in the air.

    2. i have the perfect pokemon
      a long thin sand snake that strikes from underneath
      a bigger thicker scaled viper with large glassy eyes and forehead jewels that can hypnotize prey
      and finally
      a massive giant serpent (like roughly an Onix in length) with brick like scales, a pyramid shaped rattler and a massive bejeweled hood simiar to king tuts mask and long fangs, it hides under the sands with its jewel poking out that cast mirages to lure prey in

    3. Better idea: don’t fix the region to one inspiration, mash aspects from various cultures. They’ve got aliens from another dimension now, there’s no reason they shouldn’t put a pyramid next to an eiffel tower and a mosque next to a pagoda.

      1. The problem then becomes, you lose that sense of realism. Sure the Pokemon world is fantastical but it still has its roots in culture and nature. Every gen and every region. Mashing everything together would just seem like they’re throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks

  28. Something I forgot about until now: The Alolan Backpacker from XY
    So a few questions arise.
    What is the “facility you wouldn’t believe”?
    Could it possibly be the battle dome? The aether paradise? Or mabe a battle frontier? (probably just wishful thinking.
    Secondly, he mentions that they have “a champion that is something else”

    1. Uggh, the comments sumbit before I was finished.
      Anyway, I wonder what that champion could be? I mean we don’t have a pokemon league, so what could he mean by “champion”?
      It’s exciting to think that we’ve been wondering about this for years and here we are three months away! After I finish the game, I’ll ask myself what those things are, if it isn’t clear enough.

      1. Well I mean, at least it confirms there is a champion. Or maybe… X and Y takes place after Sun and Moon and the champion is US!!!!

      2. Out of existing characters, my guesses for the Champion are Caitlin and Alain (tho that’s a big reach of course). I do hope that the Champion is an entirely new character tho.

          1. It goes back to Kalos from Alola 😉

            Couriway Town: “The railway brings people from great distances to see the huge, majestic falls.”
            “A town connecting differences.”

            What is more different than Kalos and Alola? Kalos and Alola are also surely a great distance apart.

            Imagine how cool it would be to step off the train in Sun and Moon, and if you click the same bench, you can still find Sycamore’s note. What an easter egg that’d be.

    2. The facility he is referring to is likely the Battle Royal facility. But the Battle Frontier is coming back as well, mark my words.

  29. So as for that anime trailer we got today, after XY and Z, I probably won’t watch Sun/Moon. The reason why is because I just feel very satisfied from XYZ and don’t feel like watching Ash go through another region. If I hear it’s very good, then I come back.

    1. Yeah it’s not a bad kind of art style. It’s just different and as long as the quality stays up people will be fine with it lol

    2. The pikachu on the right at the top is miscolored. Also what is with Ash’s arm in the second to bottom pic? The new anime style is gross no matter how you look at it to me.

    3. I like it too… But that could change if they don’t draw the Pokemon flawlessly.
      I Hated how they changed Ben 10, if anyone remembers that

        1. lol no spirited away is gorgeous and looks nothing like this. its hand drawn frame by frame by master of his craft Hayao Miyazaki and the team at Studio Ghibli. comparing his art to anything from that garbage anime is an insult and absolutely unacceptable.

          1. Be aware while u talking to me I said the animation reaction ( I mean character feeling and movement)+ the pokemons looks very cool …ppl whining about Ash design but it looks like this for me. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ByXuk9QqQkk/maxresdefault.jpg

            the anime them though looks like yokai I mean they intent to be creepy a little, I am trying to give u the feeling but I can’t if u have certin idea in ur mind ….humans need to accept the change …is not a bad thing.

          2. I don’t care if its changing the anime was trash before and after the change. and no, the reactions and emotions of the new pokemon anime look cheaply made and “meh who cares” while miyazaki takes the time and effort to make you feel what they feel, just look at the scene of chihiro crying in the garden, or the look of absolute love between nahoko and jiro in “The Wind Rises”. my all time favorite scene in his movies is when marnie and anna are shouting their feelings to one another at the marsh house in “When Marnie Was There”. you feel what these characters are feeling and its beautiful! I’m not trying to make you angry and im not upset I just feel comparing these is like comparing my 3rd grade art project to DaVinci.

    4. I couldn’t tell at first but seeing these compare and contrast images all I have to say is oh no oh no oh no oh no. This new animation style is so noodley and dumbed down. It hurts my eyes. They can’t be serious. The plot line is going to have to be phenomenal for me to get over this drastic style change

    1. Buzzkill
      Pebbles (Like Pebbles Flintstone)
      Tusken (If you liek Star Wars)

    2. Wishbone
      Nutsy (From Disney’s animated Robin Hood)
      La Muerte
      That’s all I can think of for now.

    1. ngl this made me laugh but wow lysandre actually looks BETTER without all that hair, holy crap! xD

  30. Sorry this is off topic, but I have a question I thought someone here may know the answer to. Here we go: If I generate an egg (by breeding) in my game, then trade it to a game of a different language to be hatched, then have it traded back to me, could I use it as a parent for Masuda Method?
    I ask as I’m not sure if it’s where it’s generated or hatched that makes the difference.

    1. To my knowledge, no, you couldn’t. The egg will assign itself a region the moment it’s generated. Not 100% though

      1. OK thanks for the reply. This would have made things much easier for me orz ,oh well. I may still get someone to try it with me at some point.

    2. Even if that method worked, the game couldn’t just be another game you own, it would have to be one classed as ‘a different region’ under the same terms used by the masuda method.

      You’d be best off finding a trade partner in another area of the world and communicating with them to achieve your goal.

      1. Well that was what I was going to attempt, finding someone from another country to hatch my egg. I expect it won’t work but I think I’ll at least try it. If it works I can breed high IV Pokémon myself to use with Masuda Method which is easier than finding others to do so for me.

        1. I’d offer to help, but my game’s language as English so they’d count it as the same area (same for Canada, Australia etc)

          You need to find someone French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Korean (there might be others but I can’t think of any off the top of my head).

    1. I like the sound of that, would make it seem more personal. I’d also like a form of Rotomdex e-mail. I think it would be helpful in trading with passers by or people who are away from their other devices irl.

    2. Assuming no compression scheme, it would take around 132,300 (210*210*3) bytes per box. Assuming 30 boxes that’s 3,969,000 bytes, or 3.7 MB approx.

      (I’m guessing the resolution of box backgrounds to be 210*210 based on some images of box backgrounds from bulbapedia.)

          1. And another with Clement writing Ash a letter and like a projector screen was playing their battles behind him.

        1. Used to be anyway.
          Maddie Blaustein died.
          Dunno who replaced her.

          Fun fact: Maddie Blaustein was a transexual.

  31. Well… I’m leaving for today. Tomorrow I get to battle in the Tourney!!!
    Anyway, before I go, I just wanna say that judging by how great the anime is now and how goosebumpy and shaky I get when I watch the trailers for XYZ and how horrible the new trailer was, I feel like it’s definitely a goodbye to mature viewers…..

  32. For everyone saying they’d ruin it by introducing microtransactions, I’d just like to point out that Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble and Pokemon Picross for the 3DS are all fremium games that try to force you into pay-to-win schemes.

    On Shuffle it’s easy enough to avoid, but on Rumble if you don’t want to pay for diamonds, you have to acquire them from visitors, which if you don’t streetpass anyone means you only get 0-2 diamonds a day. Some of the later areas are about 90-120 diamonds, which means you’d be waiting months to save up for them. (Out of interest I’m on about 56 at the moment and I’ve got a 90d area, a 100d area and a 120d area left to buy). Frankly I’d rather they charge £5-£10 for the game in the first place and then scrap the diamond mechanic all together.

    I stopped playing picross altogether because it got to a point where it was too awkward to advance without paying.

    1. I lost interest in Rumble so quickly. It was fun for a little while though. I just got frustrated with it.

      1. I only stand by it to A) be able to say I got to the end whilst only having paid for diamonds once (the special offer set) and B) because I only have to play 3 courses a day to get diamonds, and I only attempt the quest line every few weeks, so it only eats about 15 minutes of my day.

        Shuffle on the other hand I usually play 3 times a day because of their timing system for aquiring hearts and because the special stages are mostly easy to complete. Plus they revamped it a while back so you can get rewards easier. It’s the lesser of 3 evils.

    2. picross is the best out of these, its the most like a console game out of all of them, albeit ridiculously hard at some points.

  33. No matter how bad a Pokémon game is, it’s still nostalgic. Freshman year of college. No friends except one that was in the women’s dorm. X finally released. I counted down the days and. Played it after class. I had free time so I got into competitive. Learned breeding mechanics, watched Shady (maybe did some other stuff), and connected with you nerds. February rolls around and I fall in love with the TCG art and I start collecting. 2016 Im playing in TCG Tournaments, making friends, teaching kids, dreaming of Archie (>:3) If it hadn’t of been for Gen 6 I probably would’ve been done with Pokémon. It was great while it was fresh.

    1. i loved gen 6 its one of my favorites. I got into competitive battling when 4th gen come out. its funny to see how much the meta changed since then! swampert, bronzing, and infernape were on almost every team back then. stealth rocks turn 1 was almost every teams strategy. when you say shady, do you mean shadypenguinn? tell me about your collection!!!!!!! I have quite a massive collection despite starting recently.

      1. The thing I loved about gen 6 is how easy it made it for everyone to get into competitive battling. With the breeding and EV changes, and easy connectivity, anyone could make a team and start battling.

        1. I like how mega evolution gave some pokemon a second chance like my favorite, altaria. they gave some base stat boosts to some old pokemon but I feel it didn’t help matter much.

  34. yo guys, you’re never going to believe this, I think they didn’t change ash’s eyes, there’s still just the same.

          1. Yeah, I just don’t see the connection between the ME genetic symbol and the first character of the Hebrew alphabet other than the coincidental shape.

  35. So nothing to talk about for a few days huh? I’m gonna leave this here, eyes still become teary after all those years, I cannot express how I love Generation 5

    1. That make things way more convenient and I’m surprised a portable PC hasn’t already been implemented. The only thing is that it’d be like being to heal your pokemon for free while on the run.

    2. Perhaps to view it but nothing more. Otherwise you may as well have a portable Pokémon Centre with you. Although it would be convenient to be able to organise what’s in there.

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  37. New anime…I guess art style remind me of season 1 of One Piece. Not really bad, it’ll just a little getting used it haha.
    I love the idea of different studios or companies making new pokemon games, because everybody new will bring something new and great to the table. May bring a lot of crap, but that 1 new, good feature is usually worthe it to me

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