Pokémon Generations Episode 1 & 2 Premiere!

As announced on Tuesday, the first and second episode of Pokémon Generations premiere today and you can watch them right here!

For those that aren’t caught up yet Pokémon Generations is a series of animated shorts that revisits each generation of the Pokémon games to shed new light on some timeless moments. Each episode will be 3-5 minutes long and will release weekly starting today with Episode 1: The Adventure and Episode 2: The Chase, right up until December 23rd.

Episode One: The Adventure sees a Trainer and his Pikachu journey across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh Unova and Kalos facing-off against Pokémon and uncovering the secrets each region hides.

Episode Two: The Chase follows Detective Looker on the trail of Team Rocket boss Giovanni. When critical information is uncovered regarding his location they rush to the scene and discover something truly unexpected..

Don’t forget to check back next week for the third episode of the series!

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  1. I don’t want to be that guy because that was awesome, but Giovanni didn’t want team rocket around anymore, as he never even acknowledged the goldenrod city radio tower raid.

    1. Maybe that was all lies to hide his true intentions? I mean, judging by episode 2 Team Rocket was never truly disbanded.

      1. doesnt make sense cause this is pokemon we are talking about, they milk people day and night, they have tons and tons of money

        1. Meh I changed my mind, as cocky as doing the gen 1 quiz made me, I jumped to Gen VI and I could only remember 20% xD Ironic considering it’s the gen with the least amount of pokemon… Maybe Gen II <.<

    1. 147/151 97%

      Venonat & Venomoth
      Tentacool & Tentacruel (Which are two of my favorite water pokemon from this gen… )

    2. 132/156 for Unova ;-;

      Honestly the names for the unova pokemon were pretty weak. I like most of the designs but not the names at all.

    3. I know the first 2 gens by memory. After gen 3, I know the order overall but some pokémon I forget if they’re before or after others.

  2. Question, what part of this was good enough to replace the anime? The animation is good sure, but nothing happened in the long run. Everything went by too fast and the second episode was mostly talking and a long break-in sequence,

  3. My baby Volcarona got that first episode cameo <3 Out of all the things in Unova they choose to highlight it! 😀

    Also, Pikachu's squeaking is annoying.

  4. I actually thought that was pretty dope! Especially the second episode with the swat team and swat Pokemon. Just seeing how Pokemon would be fully integrated into everyday living and usage within their world is so cool to me! I love what the Pokemon company has been doing lately

  5. Episode 2 was quite good, intrigued me a lot. I really hope we see all the PCs, especially Lucas, Hilda and Hilbert.

    Not sure what the point of the first one was though.

  6. I swear I truly have bad luck
    The one time I do good in a match my internet DCs and I lose to disqualification

    1. My internet always DCs when I’m having a good match. Like it known I’m about to win and then…BAM!!

  7. That Pikachu was the only thing in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Red was not there I saw no Red except at Pikachu’s capture and Kalos

      1. I think the same team doing XY is the one responsible for Generations. Judging from the character designs (hint: Lysandre), that is.
        They must have hired a completely different one for SM.

          1. Not really. It actually feels very gratifying, especially when you get the shiny charm. It’s great. Plus ORAS made it so easy for us to complete it.

  8. I don’t know if this has been brought up, but assuming Pokemon Generations reveals something about Sun and Moon before it comes out, like how Pokemon Origins revealed Mega Charizard X, what would you want it to be?

    1. Well, Generation ends after it’s release,and it’s focusing on The previous gens, so I highly doubt it.

      1. There’s still 9 episodes that will come out before the game does and Origins only focused on Kanto before Pokemon X and Y came out. I was just looking for something to discuss dude =p

    2. Team Rocket returning stronger than ever (would be fitting with the new alolan forms).

      Or maybe the starter evolutions.
      I’m not desparate for them to be revealed but that would be the coolest way of doing it.

      Or maybe some of the Tapus.

  9. In my toils of monotonous coggery I birthed an idea
    So what about a living Bug Zapper Pokemon
    A large moth like insectoid Pokemon with beady wings that just barely keep it airborne, a large thorax with neon blue spots that discharge electricity and large compound eyes with Lightning bolt antennas

    They attract prey with electrical pulses emitted from their bodies, when power is low they often cling to electric wires and attemp to absorb energy

      1. Rotom needs to be nerfed back to being only Electric/Ghost and keep its stats regardless of form

          1. Only if you have the exact counter
            seriously it only has one weakness and if you don’t have it it’ll run away with Volt, cripple with Wisp and Pain Split
            Rotom is bulky as fuck and pretty fast

          2. Are you suggesting I like a Pokémon because of it’s competitive uses?

            Competitive is awful and boring. I can live without competitive full stop.

            Rotom is just an excellent Pokémon and it’s a shame you’re sour on it because of the boring, sameness that is competitive. Plus, don’t hate just because it’s an Electric-type that can counter your Grounds.

          3. In all fairness people in competative do tend to spam the same OP moves and pokemon. Stealth Rock is a pain.

            *grows white beard*
            Back in my day friends used to battle each other with their favourite pokemon and didn’t care about winning, they just enjoyed battling.

    1. Either Hoenn or Johto. Not familiar with rivals. After Hoenn the anime and movies made me gag

          1. Well, for a Pokemon movie, it’s pretty good. It’s emotional and darkrai is a refreshing antagonist in comparison to the other movies. I’d rank it top 3 pokemon movies easily. Jirachi and the original one are my other two favorites

    2. Gotta go with Kanto. It’s hilarious and cheesy. I love it. Also had Misty, Ash’s undisputable best companion! For rival, I like Paul and Gary. Paul is basically silver reincarnated and Gary is just a little shit

  10. I miss the days when Jessie and James were serious villains.
    (TL: their first appearance and then never again.)

    Also am I the only one who thinks the level of technology featured in pokemon is seriously inconsistent? They can teleport pokeballs, but it’s still rare to own a car.

    Also Misty: “Everyone knows water pokemon can’t battle on land”

    1. They were actually serious again in (I think) best wishes. They even changed their outfits to black but then they eventually went back to being silly

      1. They always go back to being silly.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like things like James’ bottlecap collection and his Mime Jr, and their backstories, but it gets to a point where they might as well stop being villains and just join Ash’s travels, they’ve been there following him longer than any of his other friends and it’s made clear they don’t really hate him.

    1. I think they’re their own Canon, based on events in the games, though the first one seems to be parts of Origins and after Origins, but it’s more like an opening sequence

      1. I’m just confused because they called these the “untold stories”, as if they’re canon with the games. I’m just curious to see if Looker really was ever searching for Team Rocket.

        1. Think of is as, they’re their own canon, but heavily based on the game canon.
          Like Origins, in fact nothing so far contradicts origins, so it may well be little bits from that canon.

  11. Onion (Fans): *puts face in hands*
    Steven: Fans were sad that the fall hiatus was starting.
    Onion: *Starts crying*
    Steven: But then they cheered up a little because they can still watch other shows during the hiatus.
    Onion: *SmilesButOnThe InsideWantsToDie*
    Steven: If you want to….

    1. I felt so touched in that moment because I knew it was addressing the fans and I recently became one so it was so beautiful

        1. I didn’t know about the fall hiatus thing they did, since I am new, but I somehow knew it was a message of sorts to them.
          Plus, I was also touched cause I relate to Onion in a way. I’ve had friends like his that went away (but I never saw them again after they did) and I would have loved a message like this. That friends will come back or you will never be alone.

          1. Except they don’t always come back.
            When I think of the hundreds of people I’ve known that I’ll probably never see again, and the handful who I considered friends that I’ll probably never see again, it just goes to show how big the world truly is.

  12. “Don’t forget to check back next week for the second episode of the series!” How long was I out? 0_O

          1. I am. We did a vote of who would be. I just called the nice people down at Challonge and SurveyMonkey and they gave me the ownership.

  13. Ok gotta admit the second one was really interesting. Animation is cool, story was interesting for a 4 min short. Also explains what happens to Giovanni following the events of the first game. I approve.

    Don’t really see the point of the first one though, other than it being an introduction of sorts.

    1. The first one was exactly that, an introduction. 🙂

      I read earlier that this is apparently 5 episodes split up into smaller shorts. Not sure this is actually confirmed or true, but I guess we’ll find out!

  14. I’m still pissed of that Red seems to be the only protag. I will also.consider this entire thing a waste if we don’t get Red Vs Gold.

    1. My thoughts exactly! And how the hell do other pokemon survive this attack… I mean pokemon faint not melt to death ??

    2. Maybe passing through isn’t the intention, they just want to see inside.
      Frankly they didn’t have to break down any walls, they could have just covered all exits and gone in through the doors and windows like normal swat teams.

  15. I liked the first one, but I don’t know why they decided to draw Pikachu in such a weird way.

    Episode 2 was really good, pokemon makes an excellent cop drama.
    Also the notion that Team Rocket might have never disbanded is a neat idea.
    Maybe one day they’ll come back to a game as a major protagonist, stronger than ever.

    1. Imagine a portion of the game where they’ve kidnapped Red (as payback) and are holding him hostage, so the player character has to conduct a prison break.

      I loved the fact that Giovanni remains evil in this version, I despise the cliche villain sees he was wrong and becomes good. I also liked how he was supposed to be on the run when the player character and blue challenge his gym. Team Rocket disbanding could be a ploy to get the cops of their backs. Giovanni probably goes underground to plot his revenge.

          1. Yeah, but that could have been achieved without time travel.
            They could have just shown the player visions of the past and not allowed them to interact or they could have made it a dream instead.

            Personally the way I would have done it:
            I would have had Celebi show the player a vision of the past but not let them battle him, then give the player a hint to Giovanni’s location, then had the player go to Giovanni’s hideout using a password/code they acquired from the vision to get past the code-locked door. Once inside they’d be able to look around his stuff and discover a picture of Giovanni’s son proving that he does still care, at which point Giovanni would return and battle the player. After losing he’d begrudingly congratulate the player, say the player reminds him of his son, and then lament how he used to be a powerful gym leader but has fallen on hard times. Then he’d knock the player out. When the player wakes up, the place would be ransacked and Giovanni would have clearly left in a hurry. Where the picture once was would be a letter from Giovanni addressed to his son, which the player could then hand to his son for another talk scene in which the son becomes determined to get stronger and one day find his father in order to determine who is stronger.

            Or something like that.

      1. Reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2 for some reason.

        Yeah, it’s good to have villains that don’t reform.
        Even if they did disband, Team Rocket disbanding in Kanto doesn’t mean there aren’t branches in other regions, and they can always recruit more members.
        Realising he’s lost and taking time out to carefully plot a return is a clever thing for Giovanni to do.

        Plus it always bothers me when the teams just vanish into thin air.
        I think they should one day have a jail in the games where some of the team members get put after being captured, so you can visit them and see they’ve actually been put into custody. It would also make it possible for them to organise a jail break for a brief return before they go back and security is increased.

        Another nice thing would be to overhear some former team members that escaped capture lamenting how they’re either back to petty thievery or are struggling to find a job and keep their head down so they don’t get picked up by the authorities. The closest they’ve come to that (to my memory) was in ORAS where the two team members give you their Camerupt and Sharpedo.

        Also am I the only one who finds it concerning that we haven’t seen a police officer since Kanto?

        1. I was just thinking about this yesterday! Where the hell are all of the authority figure in these regions?? I can’t remember the last time I saw officer Jenny in-game. And of course I remember “looker.” But is there anyone like trying to control crime in the poke world?

          1. No police, no government, the closest thing to authority figures are the gym leaders, the E4, the champion and the pokemon centres.

            Looker doesn’t really count since he’s more of a P.I.

            It seems like all the regions other than Kanto have no form of policing whatsoever.

  16. Sad that there isn’t a indifferent reaction choice. I don’t like or dislike generations, it’s just meh to me.

    1. You’re allowed to be impartial.

      Honestly I don’t like the first episode, but I found the second one interesting cos it was something different, something we haven’t seen before, and not just a rehash of the normal anime.

      1. True the second one was something that we haven’t seen before. Honestly if the rest continue to be like it I might start liking it, but I haven’t liked the the anime for years so that’s a heavy “might” :/

        1. To be honest I’m more inclined to watch these because at 3-5 minutes each, it’s hardly a massive chunk out of one’s day like the anime would be.

          I’ve spent longer writing comments here than it took to watch the videos 😛

  17. Okay so now that I watched them again.
    They are average. The first one is nothing but a montage of all the regions, the second one had an interesting premise, with looker hunting giovanni, but that’s it. They went into the gym….and nothing happened. The animation wasn’t that good compared to origins ether, overall

    Origins and The XY(Z) anime were much much much better than this,although these are only 3 minutes long

    1. Well, they couldn’t really have done much else considering it was only 4 mins, plus it answers the question that’s been on everyone’s mind, why was Giovanni still allowed to hold Gym battles if he was outed as the leader of an evil team. I think it did its job, but to each their own…

  18. I thought Pokemon Go was normal then I saw this (Rf) I also caught my highest CP Pokemon today at school try to guess what it is?

  19. I want this series to end in Alola showing off a few new pokemon and parts of Alola. I mean they already showed Zygarde… At the vey begining.

      1. This is what I’d like. Maybe a companion series to the usual one with Ash, kind of like the Mega Evolution acts, rather than a replacement.

        1. I’d probably be more inclined to watch it than I would the main anime. The anime has too much filler for my liking.
          Plus the SM version doesn’t look like it’s going to be much good at the moment.

          1. Yeah, but this way would keep everyone happy. Also this would be aimed at a slightly older audience than the S/M main one looks like it will be. I like some of the filler in Pokémon as it can flesh out the regions and give Pokémon a chance to appear who otherwise may not. I liked the specials they had where Gold was the main character too.

          2. You see this is where I have to disagree this does not show in anyway a more older audience as the target especially for something only 3 mins more

          3. I was more meaning where I think they should go with it. The origins episodes kind of had that feel for me.

          4. Ah, I see. I don’t think so however as its only for a short time they doing this thing.and even if it became a sub series not sure it justify as a substitute for another as some people call it older audience its like saying the anime itself can’t do it which I think it can without going too extreme x and y prove that atleast for some people with the battles

          5. Yeah, I mean it could go towards aiming at over 10’s a bit more. From what I’ve seen XY has gone quite far to appeal to a wider audience, I’d like that to continue but I’m not sure if Sun/Moon looks like it will do that. It’s hard to tell right now without seeing more of it, if it is aiming for a young audience then there is room for a more general appealing anime alongside it imo.

          6. They don’t need filler to flesh out the regions if they write things in arcs and have set goals. By filler I mean stuff like getting sidetracked with stupid stuff like dressing up like an eggplant to appease a giant claydol, not random battles. Battles are always good (though I do wish they’d stick more closely to the games and not keep inventing their own move combos and stuff). And even in ‘monster of the week’ format they could still advance an overall plot if done correctly, all they’d have to do is give a nod to the main plot here and there.

            You mean the Raikou ones from Chronicles? If so he wasn’t called Gold. He was called ‘Jimmy’ or ‘Kenta’ in the original. I must admit “The Legend Of Thunder” was probably one of my favourite sets of episodes. I liked Jimmy and Marina way more than Ash and Misty.

          7. Yeah I see what you mean. I thought you meant anything outside of the main plot. Like there are episodes where they just go to a daycare for an episode and help care for the Pokémon, then either a mean Pokémon or Team Rocket show up, those ones I do like. I remember the Claydol episode, and how disappointing it was.
            And yeah the Raikou episodes (one of my favourite legendaries). I haven’t seen them in a while so forgot his name, I just remember he looked like Gold and Marina looked like Crystal. I thought his Beedrill was really cool and gave it something more outside of angrily swarming and chasing people. I actually really quite liked when Misty and Brock were travelling with Ash, they kind of balanced him and I liked that Misty challenged Ash’s stupidity. I have yet to watch the 6th gen anime, I have it all recorded and will start it when it finished airing here. I hope the companions aren’t as bad as 5th gen, Cilan made me not want to watch it.

          8. Omg I stopped watching specifically because of Cilantro. I was like wtf am I even watching?? Why would they make him of all people, a main character on the show ?

          9. Outside the plot stuff is fine as long as it’s got a reasonable objective and isn’t there just to be frivolous.

            Like in Pokemon Heroes when they compete in a water race at the begining, that sort of stuff is nice and actiony, but stuff like that episode where they’ve got to go up a mountain and reunine a brother and sister (something about dusk stones, murkrow and misdreavus I think) could’ve been spent doing something more interesting. It’s fine once in a while, but I’d still rather they had a bit more continuity rather than having loads of episodes you could watch out of sync and it not make a difference to the story.

            The only bad thing about Chronicles was the dreadful opening song.
            I liked his Typhlosion the most, it was a very fierce and energetic pokemon.
            Marina was a bit overenergetic and could be irritating, but Jimmy and Typhlosion balanced it out well and she did ok when things got tough. Plus she had a Misdreavus, which is always a bonus.

            I liked Brock but I never liked Misty, she was my least favourite companion. She was a complete nag.
            Despite his occaisional incidents with pretty girls, Brock was usually the most knowledgeable and most mature.

            I haven’t watched the anime regularly for a very long time, but I’ve seen one or two episodes from every series but Unova.

          10. I agree. Occasional episodes like one where a Mr.Mime and Sneasel compete in adjoining restaurants are enjoyable for me though, maybe because anime food often looks so tasty 😛
            Oh I loved his Typhlosion, I just liked that Beedrill got a chance to shine too.
            I haven’t watched a full series of the anime since gen 2, though that was because we didn’t get the channels they were shown on. I have seen all of gen 3 anime and most of gen 4’s now though. I enjoy them mostly, though I dislike changes of voice actors, especially at one point mid-gen 3 where I think another company took over or something for the dub. I usually watch anime subbed but never have for Pokémon for some reason. I also like Dragonball dubbed and some movies but generally subbed is better. I think I may give gen 7 a try both subbed and dubbed for a few episodes.

          11. Eating contest: Snorlax and Raticate are banned XD

            Mr. Mime vs Sneasel is an odd pairing, but if it’s done right it could be an interesting enough plot line.

            I’d like to see some more festivals. I remember one time where there was some sort of moon-worshipping festival and either Ash got something stolen and had to wait to get it back or one of his pokemon started getting involved. I can’t remember the full details but it made a nice change of pace.

            Yeah, not many beedrill around.
            Has the anime even had a mega beedrill yet?

            Meowth’s voice actress died in 2008 so that might be partly to do with it.

            I’ve only seen about 3 subbed episodes, and despite usually prefering subs, the original pokemon takes some getting used to. Most characters are fine, but Ash’s voice sounds really gruff and Meowth’s voice sounds really scratchy.

            On the other hand I went to One Piece subbed and never looked back 😛 I disagree with most people though, I think despite the horrible edits, 4kids actually did a better job of the voices for One Piece than Funimation.

          12. The Mr.Mime VS Sneasel was a gen 3 episode (I think), pretty sure May’s Munchlax was in it.
            Festivals and things that celebrate the culture of this world, or their version of Japanese festivals, those sort of things are really great.
            I think Mega Beedrill may have been briefly seen in the Mega Evolution act, don’t know if it did anything though. I’ve only seen act 1 so far.
            That’s sad about Meowth’s voice actress, I didn’t know that. She was fantastic, really suited the character.
            I have heard Ash’s Japanese voice, his original american dub voice was closer to it, and I quite like it.
            One Piece is one of my absolute favourites. I saw maybe 1 episode of it dubbed years ago, I don’t remember it. I started reading the Manga and then watching the sub and I love it. I think they pronounce things weird in some dubs, like the Bleach dub, which is off-putting. I also remember they censored Sanji’s cigarette in the dubbed episode of One Piece I saw, replacing it with a lollypop, I didn’t know why it was weird at the time. Japan have different rules on what they allow though, especially compared to 4kids.

          13. Might be, I only saw bits and pieces of that series, just enough to prefer May to a lot of other companions.

            Ironically me randomly thinking of festivals was how I dug up the E3 footage, since it features a festival.

            I’ve only seen the one with mega Blastoise, I remember its weird head clamp for its stone :P.

            (She was also transexual oddly enough.)
            She’d voiced a lot of great characters in her time, but Meowth will always be the most remembered.

            It’s not bad, it just sounds oddly gruff for a 10 year old XD

            I watched the dubbed series for a long time back when I was younger and started on the subbed series about 5 years ago. I have no regrets. I’m a bit behind at the moment, the last one I watched was the defeat of Doflamingo, but this way I’ll be able to watch loads in a row when I get back to it 😛

            Yeah, they’re not very good with pronounciation. I think all dubbers should be made to watch the series subbed before attempting any dubbing.

            They’ve censored a lot of stuff. They cut an entire miniarc out at one point, cut out a load of blood and were too scared to kill off any characters. Not to mention the usual changing characters to look white because they’re scared of blackface allegations. Oh, and who can forget the hammer-gun? (Image)
            And they cut out gallons and gallons of blood (reminder that in Japan, One Piece is aimed at children :P)
            But despite all the horrible horrible editing, they managed to get the voices more like the original characters than funimation.

          14. One of my favourite bit’s of censorship was in an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bandit Keith aims a gun at Pegasus but it’s completely removed so he’s just pointing his hand awkwardly at him like he’s holding an imaginary gun and is about to shout “Bang! Bang!” at him.
            I do actually hate censorship, if the Japanese kids can cope with it I’m sure everyone else can.
            I probably would have watched more of the One Piece dub back then if I could find it again, I think I must’ve seen the last episode that aired here, I think it was on Toonami when that existed (I miss Toonami).
            I would like if they started showing more anime here, even dubbed and censored is better than the little we get now.
            We used to get stuff like Ultimate Muscle, Shaman King, Medabots, Sailor Moon etc, now it’s pretty much Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon, which I like but we need more, especially with all the live action rubbish they put on.

          15. Yeah, guns are their favourite thing to edit.

            I dislike censorship, but I’m not sure about other kids being able to cope with that sort of stuff. Aside from the drastic cultural differences, it might put a different spin on things. Lets not forget the amount of shootings other places in the world have. Like the Columbine incident for instance. Japan on the other hand has much less gun crime than other places (even other places where guns are supposed to be illegal). Heck, nowadays their defence force spends more time building snow sculptures than they do in combat or training with guns. (Sidenote: Joanna Lumley’s recent programme about Japan is pretty damn interesting).

            Yeah, it was either Toonami or Jetix.
            Must have been around 2006.

            Yeah, I remember some of those. Part of the issue is they weren’t very good at having a set time for the stuff to come on and we didn’t have Sky+ or any decent recording devices back then, it was just VCRs, DVDs hadn’t become a major thing yet.

            They do overdo the live action stuff these days because it’s cheaper. Disney’s the worst culprit, they’ve had more awful live action stuff than I can recall. Not to mention they unleashed that demon child Miley Cyrus on the world.

      2. That’s fine,I guess what I mean is this feeling this is a target for an older audience, it doesn’t feel like so

        1. I think it’s too early to tell either way.
          It depends on your classification of ‘older audience’.

          They’re never going to introduce bloodshed, sex and romance if that’s what you think ‘older audience’ equates to.

          1. I don’t get what you trying to imply? Having all that stuff you listed doesn’t make a show mature (though they do help I suppose) but making a show that appears to be more action like instead of lack of a better term dragging on is not really a mature way either if that what people mean and see this as a substitute for those who don’t like the direction sun and moon are going(ie: older audience).I don’t see it and I don’t believe something that going to be short as a substitute

          2. I’m saying the definition of something being aimed at an older audience is subjective to an individual’s viewpoint.

            At lot of people think you can’t have something aimed at adults without shoehorning sex, romance or violence into it. Personally I don’t agree with them, but then when you take those out of the equation it becomes a lot harder to define something as being aimed at adults or children.

            For example, does having a more complicated plot make something aimed at adults? I’ve known several preteens who can understand complex scifi plots far better than adults of 50+ can.

            The line becomes blurred and it becomes hard to know if something is truly adult oriented. All we can ever say for definate is there are things that are unsuitable for children, never that there are things that would make a series uninteresting to children.

          3. Ah then I think we are in agreement of why do some people think those things automatically think makes a show mature. It is a subjective thing but from what I am getting around people are saying that this can be for the older audience while sun and moon go for the younger generation, when generations is just a celebration of the Pokemon franchise it seems, not to be some filler in for those who I guess no longer like the show,haven’t the anime prove that you can have the best of both worlds why not taking it to the extreme? I think this is where I disagree if people think that a show that has a bit more action going on as mature then I just don’t see how,shouldn’t x and y be counted too? Everyone brags about how the battles were more action pack. I think you get what I mean lol

          4. Most people are probably already imagining what the next episodes are going to be like and making assumptions (something people like to do a lot round here). I prefer to actually see something before passing judgement because I’ve been bitten before with other things.

            I still think the SM series looks aimed more at the younger generation but I’d say so far the shorts are quite neutral all-rounders. I’d be willing to say the art style is more mature, but that’s a characteristic of the art rather than the plot.

            I can’t comment much on XYZ since I’ve only watched 2-3 episodes. Like I say though, ultimately there is only ‘unsuitable for children’, age is mostly irrelevent.

  20. I actually liked the first episode more. 2nd was definitely cool. Made me think of Death Note with the swat team and Looker trying to find Gio.

    1. I think it’s interesting seeing them interact and compete with the usual trio and also comparing the different traits of team Rocket Factions. I also like when Jessie, James and Meowth turn on them and help the ‘good guys’. Then again I also enjoy when they have to get actual jobs, like during the league arcs. I think we need these Duos to return, or maybe have a new one, perhaps infiltrating Skull or Aether.

  21. One thing that makes me laugh: slightly exaggerated Pikachu, the mascot, fighting a perfectly on model Caterpie. xD

  22. Ok a few things. First I loved this as a whole and can’t wait to see the rest. Second of all that first episode was kind of a waste, but I kind of get why they did it. They probably wanted to briefly touch on Red since he’s the original guy and an icon. Sad that so many cool scenes were wasted on an episode that was 1/3 in game footage, but whatever. HOWEVER, dat Looker episode was baller!! That’s the kind of stuff I’m super interested in. The Pokemon world is so huge and interesting it’s a waste that they never expanded it in other outlets very much. I can’t wait to see what other stories they show off lol

    P.S. OH!!! Just for the record I’m SUPER happy they used Giovanni’s regular voice actor. He does a good Giovanni and it was well placed lol

  23. I just realized that the second short happens after the battle of Red and Giovanni in Pokémon Origins! The gym has the same design, and the marks on the floor were made by Charizard’s Seismic Toss. WOW.

    1. Maybe not. Red in the first episode has a Bulbasaur instead of Charmander, so this might be a slightly different version of the same events. lol

        1. This is also True. I’d imagine in a general sense they all are pretty stand alone and won’t come to any formal connection. lol

  24. Wow, the first episode gave me goosebumps. I love that Pokemon are not saying their names,instead they sound like their ingame cries. That was the best thing about animated BW2 ads and then it continued with the Origins as they are all based on games. So Pikachu’s cry is perfect in that sense. (I was actually quite pissed when they change Pikachu’s ingame cry into “Pika Pika” in X&Y.) I screamed when Volcarona came into scene in Relic Castle, such a mystical moment. Too bad that it looks like it is owned by Pikachu. Nevertheless, the attacking animation looked epic, it sounded like an actual fiery bug, and it was not an old man saying Volcarona like he’s having enormous loogie in his throat.

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    1. Watching Probopass move around and attack like a Zelda boss with those little bird heads gave me a whole new level of love and respect for that Pokémon.

      1. In my opinion, I like it both ways but I think I prefer for the smaller and cuter pokes to say their names, while the larger and more evolved Pokemon use cries like they would in-game. I think that would be a happy balance

      2. Just watched the episode of XY with the evil Malamar. Kinda wanted to rip my fucking ears out. Them saying their names is pretty miserable. They just do it in the kids show to help them learn the names.

    1. How have you not seen this? They played a demo for like 20 minutes at E3 in June lol It shows the player leaving his house and walking up to Hala’s little village area where this battle happens.

        1. Are you sure there wasn’t an article? Either way here’s the play through they did. They must have been playing Moon since they played in the morning, but the game shows it being evening lol

          1. Maybe there was and it was before I came here, I can’t remember how long I’ve been visiting here for.

            Never heard Reggie’s voice before. The illusion is ruined DX.

            This emphasises two of the reasons I don’t like watching E4, 13 minutes of talking before hitting actual gameplay and people talking over the gameplay. I’d rather have the gameplay on its own and a manuscript of the talking.

            One person in a thread a while back through the “Route 1” signs coming up had gone because of a cutscene, if I’d known about this back then I could have corrected them 😛

            *Ledyba appears, people stand around chatting instead of fighting it or running* DX

            Anyway, thanks for a link to the full thing. Really wish I could fast forward though. (I really don’t see why they need to explain the letterbox, it’s pretty obvious what it’s for XD)

    2. That festival music is Zelda grade XD

      I’m glad to see Lillie isn’t quite as anti-pokemon battling as I had been lead to believe.

      Shame about the annoying people talking over it.

      1. Yeah it’s a bummer…..There are people that ripped the voices out, but it’s kind of not all that great lol

      2. I can’t wait to hear the music without the talking.
        The longer gameplay showed stuff like finding items, catching Pokémon and recording their data and encountering Pikipek, Grubbin and Yungoose. The people talking over it were kind of annoying throughout so I muted it apart from trying to hear the Pokémon cries and the bit in this video.
        When Alolan Raichu was revealed it became almost certain Hau will have one because of this footage.

        1. Yeah, in some ways I’d rather just watch random bits of gameplay (with no talking) than some of these big reveal trailers they put together, even if they cut it off at odd moments to prevent spoiling too much.

          Hau’s Pichu has been shown in quite a lot of places to be fair.

          The UB02 reveals had begun to make me loose faith with the game, but seeing actual gameplay reminded me that even if they mess the plot up horribly, the island is beautiful, the music is fantastic and the battles finally have the trainers in them.

          1. I think the reveal trailers are really just trying not to show anything more than revealing select things, it keeps people interested without giving away too much of the island designs or layouts.
            I remember seeing Hau’s Pichu here most so I just think of this first.
            I was OK with the UB02 reveals, mostly because not knowing anything about them there’s not too much to dislike beyond their designs, for me anyway. Sorry if some of what I say is a bit muddled, I should probably be asleep right now v.v

          2. They’ve revealed a lot of the island locations already to be fair. They could keep things secret by just showing full in game snipped and then cutting things out here and there.
            Trailers that show more art and stuff than gameplay have always bothered me though.

            Admittedly the Japanese trailers are better than the English language ones.

            Fair enough, I remember seeing it in stills more than anything specifc.

            Their designs is precisely what worries me.
            Not so much UB02B, but UB02A looks uncharacteristicly Tokusatsu/Super Sentai (e.g. Kamen Rider).

            Don’t talk to me about sleep ; n ; (03:40am)

          3. If they aren’t actually Pokémon I’m OK with them having designs like this. I actually thought of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga when I first saw the UB02’s, especially upon seeing A.
            Same for me, I think I will try and go back to sleep now.

          4. I’m not because it alters the state of the existing universe. They can never be completely retconned.

            I won’t be able to sleep because I woke up at 20:00, thenI’m going to be tired at around 14:00-17:00. Such a drag.

          5. I suppose so, but if they are from other dimensions maybe they can just say those dimensions are sealed off. Maybe you’ll come to like or at least tolerate them.

          6. I don’t hate all of them, I like UB-01, UB-02B I can tolerate, it’s UB-02A that ruined it.
            I suppose they could make the other dimension collapse, but Gamefreak usually hate killing things if it’s not in a historical context.

          7. If UB-02A was less bloated and had a more defined head I’d like it more. I know it’s meant to be pumped up as Expansion/Absorption but I think it’s a bit much. Those legs are too small to support it even with 4 of them, and there’s no way those wings can sustain anything more than hovering above the ground. I do like the general design, I just think it needs to be sleeker and more in proportion.

          8. I completely agree, and I’ve said the exact same thing about the legs (I think my comment was something along the lines of “it looks like I could trip it over and it wouldn’t be able to get back up”).

            I hate its design more than I do any pokemon. Even more than Garbador and Vanilluxe.

            Yeah, I wish it had ended up more like (as much as I hate to drift into digimon territory) Stringmon http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/digimon/images/e/ea/Stingmon_b.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090205060243 or Snimon http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/neoencyclopedia/images/2/28/Snimon.gif/revision/latest?cb=20110730114532

            As much as I think Digimon’s design style is drastically different to pokemon (on 60-70% of cases, there’s the odd one that’s a dead ringer for a Pokemon, e.g. Minomon and Burmy), I’d prefer they’d leaned towards some of the nicer digimon for design inspiration than for whatever super sentai monster they based UB02A on.

          9. I didn’t like Vanilluxe or Garbodor to start with, but enough time has passed that I accept them and even like them somewhat.

            Stingmon is actually one of my favourite Digimon. I think they are best avoiding similarities where they can, but there are bound to be some, Houndoom and Dobermon http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/digimon/images/3/34/Dobermon_b.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120113034007 spring to mind, since they are based around the same or similar things.
            Perhaps UB-02A’s Wings are only there to support it and stop it tripping. I think it’s more of an issue of it looks like it’s upper torso would crush the legs like aluminium cans.

          10. I’ve always disliked Garbador, but I originally didn’t mind Vanilluxe much. Nowadays I dislike Vanilluxe much. I just try to pretend they don’t exist most of the time.

            Yeah, Stingmon is one of the better ones. In fairness, Dobermon looks more like a pure dark type or dark/steel type.

            All I know is it’s no Scizor.

          11. It doesn’t really alter the state of the existing universe. More so, adds an extra layer to the entire onion. If you accept that UBs are from a completely different dimension than everything else in the Pokemon universe, then it fits pretty nicely.

          12. Yes it does. Up until now the only creatures from other dimensions had been pokemon, now they’ve introduced a third creature into the mix with drastically different design aesthetics. That’s a major game changer for the state of the pokemon universe.

          13. You can’t say that for definite until you know what the plot is. There’s always chance to mess things up, it’s Sod’s Law.

  25. I loved both the first and second episodes.
    In the first episodes, it was nice to see the growth of Red’s Pikachu into a powerful Pokemon. The animation was gorgeous, and the way Pikachu seemed was very adorable (though I had some doubts during the preview images). Also it was good to see that Red explored more regions rather than limit himself to Kanto and Johto.

    As for that second episodes, that was great. Seeing the Pokemon world in a crime-themed setting was great, I loved how the SWAT team swarmed the gym (Seeing the Machamp bust down a wall in the trailer made me smile). And also Looker, while I do prefer him in the game, did a great job in the episode. He was serious, taking in on the action and participating. The episode reminded me of NCIS a little, which was cool because I really liked that show a few years ago.

      1. I find it’s Moustache funny, it’s the hat thing I never really liked. The Moustache is Magnetised Iron Filings isn’t it?

      2. well i find it extremely acceptable since that schnozzola is a giant effing magnet
        so that sniffer is naturally going to attract a cluster of metallic shavings

        1. When was the last time you encountered Iron filings?
          Because I haven’t seen any since school.
          They’re not a naturally occurring thing.

          1. Probably just metal from the Earth, groups of small shards. Otherwise it’d have a bike or something stuck to it.

          2. To quote Bulbapedia. “It has small round eyes, a red nose that is large in proportion to its
            body, and a bushy black mustache that appears to consist of iron
            filings. These iron filings appear to be attracted by its magnetic nose.”

            It’s pretty clear that they’re iron filings, iron filings are pretty unmistakeable. Out of interest iron filings are easily attracted and burn really well because of their large surface area to mass ratio, which is also why probopass doesn’t attract bikes – the bike’s surface area to mass ratio is a lot higher (not to mention some bikes are made from non-magnetic metals like aluminium and carbon fibre).

        2. Yeah I only like the mustache because it makes sense. It’s not just a mustache for the sake of being a mustache. Also, there are dozens of poke designs that disturb me more than Probopass.
          For instance am I the only one who thinks volcaronnas anatomy is completely unnatural? It seems to be stuck in this hunched over sitting position of some sort.. How does it even move or propel itself ? I could never bring myself to use it cause I just can’t even figure out how this creature functions lol

  26. Just a little discussion question:
    What do you think the gym leaders’ last names are – it was said that Brock’s last name is Harrison, but what last names would be fitting for the other leaders?

    1. I think some of them do use their last names as the names they go by. Maybe some combination of their Japanese names and the country they’re being translated in’s names?

  27. I’m kinda frustrated with my brother. He seems so disinterested in the games that I’m unsure why he is even getting it. It took him two years after it came out to get around to finishing Omega Ruby.

    1. My brother is a little like that. He’ll get to like the 5th gym of a game and then make me trade him a lv. 100 to finish the game.

    2. Life’s too short to worry about siblings being uninterested in the things you like. It doesn’t matter if he’s that way as long as you aren’t. Lead by example 😛

          1. I guess? Like, I’m the one buying it for the both of us and I can’t just, not get him the game because he will say he wants it then get bored after the first gym. Same thing happened with OmegaRuby and White version.
            I always plan on playing along with him and battling after every gym so we can beat the game at the same time and enjoy it together you know? But he doesn’t play so I end up beating the game and by the time he picks it up again, I’m already doing stuff like IV breeding and gathering TMs and post game stuff like that. IDK, It really doesn’t matter much in the long run. And he doesn’t have to like it, I don’t like some of the games he does and that’s okay.

          2. Just don’t get him it and tell him it’s because he gives up too quickly. Or tell him you’ll only buy it if he completes the others first.

            There’s not much point trying to complete it at the same time to be honest, just worry about getting your own enjoyment out of it and forget about your brother.

            If you’re that desparate to do stuff together there’s 101 other things available that you’ll probably enjoy equally.

          3. Dude that’s so awesome. Im gonna do that with my little brother. Battling after every gym is a cool idea!

          4. Haha He does. He’s not as obsessed as I am. But he likes Pokémon a lot and regularly plays video games, to our parents’ disdain.

          5. Video games are educational, and it’s better than watching TV all day since it’s actually keeping your mind active (thinking of the best attack to use, strategising etc).

            And I’m totally not biased *has BTEC in video game development*

          6. Haha I grew up predominantly playing video games so trust me I’ve dished out all the best responses. They’re conservative, midwest parents. They wanted us to be football players. Haha

          7. I’m going to go out on a limb that from your use of the terms ‘conservative’ and ‘midwest’ that’s American football and you’re in America?

          8. How can kids NOT like Pokemon?? My little brother (12) and my little cousin (11) both said I was a weirdo for freaking out over the latest Pokemon trailer. I’m like huh?? Out of the top 5 RPG games ever created, Pokemon as a franchise has got to be at least number 3 or 4, falling on behind Grand Theft Auto and of course Mario

    3. It took me years to get my sister into Pokemon. I let her play X over the summer (good beginner game) and she loves it now. She’s beaten X, Black, and Black 2 all twice and has transferred her pokes to the Bank. She paid off her moon preorder within a week of the announcement. She wants to play Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby (but I traded in Omega because I needed gas money and she said she was uninterested at the time)

    4. It took me years to get my sister into Pokemon. I let her play X over the summer (good beginner game) and she loves it now. She’s beaten X, Black, and Black 2 all twice and has transferred her pokes to the Bank. She paid off her moon preorder within a week of the announcement. She wants to play Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby (but I traded in Omega because I needed gas money and she said she was uninterested at the time)

          1. Offer to do something for them in exchange. It’s better to do some menial tasks like mowing the lawn, painting stuff etc. than it is to sell your own stuff because stuff depreciates but labour only costs effort. Or you could cut down on food or something. Pokemon > Food

          2. Well considering I was in a dorm an hour away from home and it was short notice, I wasn’t given many options. Besides, why the fuck does it matter?

          3. Could’ve always not gone precisely because it was short notice and arranged to go another time.

            I dunno, you’re the one who brought it up, I’m just saying there were other options available.

          4. No because it was the only time I could go. Besides I would’ve had to of sold something anyway. Couldve given up Alpha Sapphire with all my pokes on it. I hadn’t touched Omega Ruby and didn’t have time for it like I thought. It was literally the only option I had since I didn’t have an account with any of the banks around to transfer funds.

          5. Something tells me that’s an exaggeration.

            But whatever, it doesn’t matter anyway.
            Whatever I say, no matter how ludicrous or sensible, will be the wrong thing to say.

    5. You know that they’re losing interest in the franchise if they say ‘eh I’m not in the mood to play now’….. Or maybe he’s just lazy.

  28. Alright to my Question earlier what my Highest Pokemon in go is now is…….. Tauros yup I have a 566CP Tauros but good guesses everyone

      1. I’m very much out done by y’all I can’t really compete to lots knowing everywhere I go is Valor or Mystic and I’m Instinct and Instinct Gyms I can’t ever win and get in them and open gyms the second I try to snag one my IPod says error and a someone takes the base over and I can’t beat them

        1. I’m Instinct as well. Don’t worry about it too much. Even if other people are better than you, just remember that most of them don’t know what ‘Kanto’ means.

    1. It’s so funny to me when people ask “do you play Pokemon” in reference to Pokemon GO. It’s like nah bro, I play the actual Pokemon game. Not watered down fucking app that eliminates everything the franchise is about in the first place

    1. I love this a lot,but it sounds like someone recorded it in their garage and layed a drum track over it…

  29. And as I expected, it really does seem like Ash will release his Greninja. Two new episode titles revealed (rf)

  30. Latest Pokescans are out, and it has revealed quite a bit. There’s going to be a episode about Ash and Serena battling, because Serena has doubts about whether to remain a Performer or become a Trainer.

    Ash-Greninja will battle Xerosic and it looks like either Ash will lose his Greninja, release him or they will lose the AG transformation. My translation is not that good, so I don’t really know whats gonna happen to them.

  31. EDIT: Bulbapedia have translated the episode titles and it reads:

    Oct 13: The Last Battle with Ash! Serena’s Choice!

    Oct 20: Farewell Ash-Greninja! Xerosic’s Counterattack!

      1. Ehh its the farewell to the transformation most likely, but I really dont hope he’ll release it or something. Even without AG its still one of his powerhouses.

          1. Really? I thought it had shown up again at some point. Still it is his most called upon fully evolved ‘mon outside of it’s generation right?

          2. Nah there a number of episodes he legit had Charizard on his team while they traveled. lol

        1. Good enough. It’s the unexplained OP transformation I don’t like, not Greninja itself. If Ash gets rid of Greninja at any point, he’ll likely give it to the ninja village.
          Personally I think they should have brough his Charizard back and given that a Charizardite Y so Ash vs Alain would have featured two mega Charizards fighting.
          That or his Heracross getting a mega evolution. Considering half the point of mega evolution was to make a big deal out of older pokemon, you’d think they’d have been queueing up bring back Ash’s old pokemon.

          Charizard, Heracross, Glalie, Sceptile, and Beedrill and Pidgeot if he hadn’t given them away/released them.

          Hopefully they’ll get it right in Sun&Moon and bring back his Snorlax.

  32. I LEGIT HAVE GOTTEN THE BEST GENERATIONS BOOSTER PACK PULLS! I bought a blastoise ex box which came with four packs and LOOK AT THE PULLS

    1. I got The super rare Pikachu and Golem Ex in my only packs I got but that’s cool!! I hate the art for Victini’s card so I won’t get that pack

      1. I cant believe out of the four packs i got an ex in every single one of them, and jolteon that i was looking for as well (two of them?!)

    1. That’s the best arc! 🙂 lol. People should give it a try.. it looks really fun to me! I just hope the battles stay as intense, and the Pokemon drawn well

    1. Why emulate 3DS games, when you could still get the games on the market today? Anyways, Citra is trying to make one with very slow progress. I don’t know about ROMs though.

          1. I’m rather okay with emulating older games because you cannot get them on market. Yet, for “newer” systems such as 3DS, Wii U, XBO, and PS4; there is no point to it as you could buy almost every single game on the market.

          2. I emulated Pokemon Red and Yellow a few years ago. I never purchased DP, B/W or BW2 when they came out, because I didn’t have a DS at the time (yes, poor excuse).
            I see why people do it, not that I would advocate taking advantage of such things. Personally if there is a game I desperately want I would buy it.

          3. Yeah, I agree. If the developer is no longer profiting from the game, then it’s fine, but if they’re still making money from it, then it’s piracy.

          4. There is a point if you want to do ROM hacking. Nothing funnier than randomising all the pokemon so they appear in different places.

          5. Also, now I’ve thought of it, some of those ‘older games’ are available on the WiiU virtual store, so that makes a bit of a grey area since you’d still be denying Nintendo money by using an emulator instead of buying from the virtual store.

          1. Back in my day Kids used to do chores and search out change to gather enough money….that plus birthdays/holidays typically earned a good yield. lol Now a days everybody be like “Why isn’t this cheaper?!? I don’t have the money and won’t do anything extra about it!!!”” I’ll never understand hahahaha I’m mostly kidding, but you know there’s some truth to it lol

          2. I’m about to end my lifeguarding job rather soon. I plan on buying Sun/Moon and SMT IV: Apocalypse with some of my money. Just work hard and earn your keep!

          3. Or if you’re like me, just save up stuff like birthday money. I’ve been stockpiling for over a year so far for the NX.

          4. That’s fine if you can actually get a job and don’t live somewhere with stupidly high unemployment rates.

        1. Randomizers for 3DS games, just get a PowerSaves. Why would you want to glitch out a Pokemon game anyways? There is almost no reason to do that. I’d only agree with the Randomizers.

          1. Have you ever seen Sleepyjirachi’s nightmare randomizer? That’s what I mean
            Look at the WONDERFUL mons in that XD

          2. Glitching stuff is fun and educational, it teaches you about how software is built.

            Also if you’re using a ROM instead of an actual game, there’s no chance of damaging the hardware or damaging the game to the point where it’s unplayable.
            Plus some things aren’t achievable with the actual cartridge since the code on the cartridge is genuinely read only – it can’t be overwritten. With a ROM file, you can overwrite the code to change things to your whim, no risk of damaging hardware or making the ROM irrecoverable.

    2. I wouldnt ask something like that online. People dont react kindly to it.
      Just search around Google, you’ll find something.

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          1. I just scrolled through a bunch of feeds of people I follow, and I just can’t find it, yet I know I saw an image where that’s what it actually says. I’m sorry I can’t support my claim ;~;

  34. So I just found something cool. There is a track called “Battle! World Championship Finas!” in XY’s OST. But as far as I know it was never used, so I wonder, what was it intended for? PWT? A superboss like Red?

    1. Oh it’s for the actual Pokemon World Tournament, I believe it’s used for the finals of the tournament.

    2. Lol that was used for the World Championship for VGC. They announced it shortly before it started. It’s awesome.

        1. Because not many sites reported it. I was on my way back from a trip just browsing twitter when I came across it.

  35. Another comment question: What was your favorite region out all the six regions? Feel free to explain why you like it so much better than the rest. And what was your most memorable team from that Region?

    1. My favorite region is Hoenn, it’s a beautiful region that’s interconnected wonderfully.
      Team: Sceptile, Altaria, Minun, Gorebyss, Dusknoir, Camerupt.

          1. Altaria was my mega (I like flygon just a bit more tho)
            I friggin love Minun, I loved it since I played ranger, and it was the mon I ended the run with XD

          2. Altaria was my mega as well! I remember leading up to ORAS hoping it would get a Mega and that it should be Dragon/Fairy xD And Minun >>> Plusle!

    2. Hoenn is my all time favorite because ruby and sapphire were the first games I played fully through. I was actually introduced to the show before the games so this was like my first Pokemon adventure and I was immediately hooked. I remember jumping up and down when I got my first badge. I originally chose mudkip because I liked water types but I restarted the game once I discovered that torchic turns into fucking combusken and then once I had Blaziken my entire life was complete. Beating the elite four made my heart drop. Also this was before internet access was a casual thing so I knew NOTHING about the games when I first started playing. Every single Pokemon was like a new discovery, every surprise really SURPRISED ME. I couldnt believe it. It’s so funny thinking about how obsessed I was with those games looking back on it. Sigh. Good times

      1. They were very great games, I had the habit of restarting it because all the starters were good XD

    3. Johto, there is absolutely nothing about the region I don’t adore, I literally and I mean literally love everything about it, best region imo

    4. Unova FTW!! I love the urban feel of the region, it’s the one that’s closest to reality! I actually do have a memorable team, but it’s composed exclusively of Sinnoh mons xD

    5. Reasons I love Unova:
      -Had one of the best town and route musics out there. Had interactive music(like in Village Bridge) and progressive music(like in Badge Check Gates), also different arragement of gym themes in sequels.
      -The idea of fresh new start
      -Seasons ! ! !
      -Great characters, story, evil team etc. Eveything about them were E P I C
      -Had lots of great Pokemon designs that bunch of them are in my top 10
      -Never cared about box legendaries but Zekrom and Reshiram are so perfectly designed that they interested me. The idea of opposites, black and white, future and past, ideals and truth, fire and electric, torch and turbine were all implemented very well.
      -The cities were cool, they tried their best for the last DS games.
      -Sequels and memory link. It was great to see how everything changed years later with a new story. Yet you had a chance to remember your previous adventure.
      -Introduction of my favourite battle type: triple

      1. Speaking of battle types, inverse battles had so many wasted potential. They should’ve at least been an option in the maison.

    6. My favorite region based purely on environment (not how good the game was or what Pokemon could be found there) is Hoenn.
      My original hoenn team:
      – Swampert
      – Breloom
      – Camerupt
      – Sableye
      – Flygon
      – Zangoose

    7. That’s so hard. I love Johto, Sinnoh and Unova all so much.
      I guess I’ll have to go with Johto though. It has this nostalgic feeling to it. The whole region feels very rural and is just really peaceful. It’s just a really chill region to explore. Plus all of the folklore about Lugia, Hooh and the towers and the legendary hampsters was just great
      My favorite team was
      – Houndoom

    8. i’d have to say Hoenn. its by far the most rich and beautiful environment in the franchise (until we see the entirety of alola) my team always consists of:

    9. In order: Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh. For landscape mainly.

      Hoenn has many nice forest areas and islands and completely broke the mold when they first released it. I can’t really fault any of the towns, I like the all (except Mauville’s revamp in ORAS, I thought that kind of ruined the charm.

      In Johto I like the pagodas, the dragon cave, the kimono girls and the shinkansen (bullet train). And the Pokethlon in HGSS.

      In Sinnoh I like the valley windworks, the forest area behind the flowershop, the rainy areas, snowpoint and the town with the lighthouse.

      Alola might change that ordering though if the landscape is going to be as good as I’m hoping.

  36. I kinda wish they’d announce a post game feature. I know they won’t because it’s usually a secret, but I’d like to know that it won’t be like XY.

        1. I wish I knew. I don’t even think they showed Kanto before HGSS released, because I seem to recall people wondering if we’d still be able to go back.

  37. I am officially in LOVE with these shorts!
    The animation is beautiful and fluid, and I quite like the Pokémon not saying their names!
    It makes them feel more like the animals they’re based on.
    My only complaint?
    Why can’t it be LONGER?! </3

    1. Oh! I made a post about this a while ago. Here are my ideas for a new frontier:
      – Battle Maze – inverse battle mirror maze
      – Battle dome – battle royales

  38. Something I’ve noticed: We have to battle the trial captains. Here’s what we know: they have type specialities. Now, you might say “the totem Pokemon” and that might be true, but we have no reason to think that the captains own the totem. And if they didn’t own the totem, then what do they have type specialties for?

    1. Also on the japanese overview trailer they seem to be doing a before battle animation (ex: mallow waves her hands in the air while the camera zooms to her)

      1. I’ve heard people say (and I think they’re right) that those might be teaching you the Z move animations.

          1. Yeah if i remember correctly the grass z move involves waving the hands as if it were a tree growing which could be what mallow is doing

  39. Also anyone noticed that important trainers have full vs animations while other trainers do a little thing and then the animation stops? Well i noticed that even though guzma seems like an important character he doesnt have a full battle animation like hau, hala or gladion so i will take that as a hint that he isnt the main antagonist or maybe its just that the full animation is saved for the final battle

    1. Huh, from the scan w/Tauros, either Delia’s just visiting or she along with ash move to the Alola region… just like in the games!

          1. That would be pretty good. He and Samson could both co-teach a class haha. I’m interested to see how they interact. I imagine Samson is just like him, but it’d be funny if they were completely opposite lol

    1. Yeah the character art makes him look a bit more mature. I think maybe the teaser just doesn’t do the whole new series justice. After all when they originally aired the first two episodes of XY they had errors and differences to the official airing of them. the series will likely be fine as far as animation quality goes. What is really throwing people off is the vast difference between past animation styles and this one. It’s certainly the biggest change we’ve had. I personally like it, but I can see why people are a little put off. I also wouldn’t put too much stock into him going to school. It’s clearly meant to be special since the trial captains are there. For all we know it’s a school to learn how to be a captain.

    2. I just think he looks like a goofy noodle person.
      Especially in the two images of him from that scan that you didn’t show.

  40. I honestly think Ash deserves a break. He’s had so many losses that he needs time to find himself again. This could be good for him lol

  41. Bought a Pikachu Anniversary Box and a Victini box. Unfortunately my pulls were a bit underwhelming, especially compared to the luck I’ve had in the past with the Generations set. Still happy to get the promo cards though!

    1. As much as I like the generations cards I stopped buying them. I feel like if I keep getting them I’ll end up getting to the point where I find a ton of duplicates and I’d like to stay away from that headache lol

      1. Yea, I think I’m going to stop buying them too, deep inside I was really hoping for a Jolteon Ex, but it’s a stretch considering how big the set is.

  42. Noooo!! Farewell ash-greninja. Why?!?!? :…( Also why is xerosics showing up? At first I bough ash was going to leave greninja with xerosics

      1. I think the X is supposed to be a greek chi and it’s supposed to be like Kserosic, because the Japanese name spells it kuseroshiki (i.e. kseroshik), which reminds me that they spell ‘Cerberus’ as keroberosu (i.e. keroberos).

        Couldn’t say for definate without seeing the anime though.

    1. Farewell Greninja. You now get to join the ranks of the elite. Charizard, Snorlax, Sceptile and Infernape welcome you.

      1. Nerfing Greninja and to an extent Ash is the only reason to go to Alola. I get it from a writers perspective, but I feel as if they have absolutely zero respect for the fanbase sometimes.

        1. I think part of the reason is because loads of people wanted the bond phenomenon to appear in Sun&Moon and it’s not going to happen, so they’re killing it now to try to reduce the amount of outcry of it not being in the game.

    2. I bet Xerosic is going to siphon out whatever mega essence Greninja possesses and hinders the ability to synchronize

      1. I think you nailed it !:…( I’m so sad that kalos is over but hopefully S and m can make a big impact. Can’t wait to see how the aether foundation looks, that’s my only hope for now with this new anime

    1. hey , idk if you’ve forgotten , but the poke jungle official tournament has begun , and as were both in division 2 , we have to battle . So when exactly can you ?

  43. I just watched these and I have to say- they were so impressive. Beautiful animation, creative plot and action, awesome choices for the plots too! Can’t wait for the rest of them!

  44. Ugh well since I now am almost done with HGSS I decided to start Black 2. My current team:
    Patrat (temporary)

  45. My idea for the first episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon:
    – Delia phones Ash that they’re moving/taking a vacation to a “new” region
    – Once he arrives in Pallet Town, he, Oak, and Delia catch a plane to Alola and Oak says that he can’t wait to introduce Ash to someone special (AKA Samson)
    – After arriving in Alola they get a tour by Samson and after seeing all the new Pokemon and thinking about the challenge, Ash gets inspired to travel through the region and Samson suggest he first enter a Pokemon school designed for trainers wanting to further their bond and strength before actually traveling
    – Ash agrees, but there’s a catch: he must first pass the Entrance Exam
    – Part 1 of the Entrance Exam begins and during the Exam, he has a fateful meeting with Tapu Koko, the guardian deity
    – Episode ends

    This is so cliche, but that’s how I see it playing out. I think the Entrance Exam should include battling, races, and other competitions to weed out those not worthy enough for the school. Additionally, it would be a great way to introduce the characters and allow Ash to bond with them. If I were the writer, I would also make it that the Island Captains are there to keep an eye on things as suspicious activity has been rousing.

        1. How do you feel about him possibly releasing Greninja? I think its unnessesary. He can just leave it with Oak like his other powerhouses

          1. I think it’s unnecessary, but if its for the movement of the plot and progression for the character, I’m in the minority in saying I’m okay with it. But seeing as how happy he looks in Sun/Moon even if he releases Greninja, I don’t think there’ll be any overlapping connections with XYZ which is a bummer.

  46. How likely do you think it will be that we’ll get another Episode akin to the Delta Episode? What would you want it to encompass?

    1. I was always half and half on the Delta episode. I liked having more story stuff, but I didn’t like Zinnia or the ‘ancient dragon tribe’ stuff. Rayquaza vs Deoxys was good though.

      If we got another story after the story situation, I’d want something involving at least 1 legendary and something that is foreshadowed in the main story. I hate when they introduce stuff deus ex machina instead of setting the lore up beforehand. Also I’d want some ruins and reading of stone tablets. Translating the braille in the sealed chamber and the dotted hole are two of my all time highlights of the pokemon games. Plus there were the ruins of alph slide puzzles, snowpoint temple and volcarona’s ruins. Having ruins in a game is almost traditional (except Kanto didn’t have any other than pokemon mansion and XY broke the tradition by just having the ugly standing stones).

        1. Yeah, it was very back and forth.
          Would have been better if it had been mostly set in one or two locations and the player had to advance further inwards like a regular dungeon.

  47. Apparantly there’s been a big leak inside Gamefreak themselves, with more info to be released very soon.

    Apparantly it took the plumber five hours to fix and it took another two hours to clean up the water.

      1. I’ve been active the past few months, but haven’t been writing though. I should do it once again. Soon.

    1. Wait Dae, what happened to that supposed leak article you mentioned a week or so ago? Also is this a joke or is there a real leak?

    2. I’ve been refreshing the main page for about 23 minutes now , so is there actually an article coming or not ?

      1. No. Dae hasn’t written anything for the site for a long time. There’s no article coming from anyone else regarding leaks either. Not today, anyway.

          1. To be fair, the UBs were revealed, and if Corocoro hadn’t leaked before the announcement, it would’ve been huge news.

          2. For me Ultra beasts aren’t big cause they probably are Pokemon but they are legendary like and bore me that way

          3. Well that’s your opinion, but it’s still big news for those that like them more. I hope you get something you like on the 20th. 🙂

  48. Stumbled across a fanmade Lusamine battle theme and just had to share it here. I’m absolutely in love with it.

      1. I was tempted to say that but resisted the temptation 😛
        Plus I couldn’t find the original poster. For some reason I thougt it was StarStorm.

    1. Hey, Dicie! What’s your status on the PJT tournament? I know this is supposed to be kept over at the forums, but I didn’t think it would do any good to message you on there since your profile says you haven’t been active over there since March.

  49. Playing Pokemon Black now restarted my team idea so far is

    Flying type
    A Cut user
    A strength user

    Any suggestions?

      1. It was to assure that I can continue without stopping to drag something out of Pc but you have a point my team should be based on what I want

          1. My team I feel should be

            Whimsicott or Leavanny
            Darmanitan or Simisear
            Krokodile or Golurk
            Garbodor or Vanilluxe

    1. I don’t have an exact layout, but try using Darmanitan, Galvantula, Archeops (they rock), Bisharp, Haxorus, Sawk, Leavanny, Chandulure, Golurk, Gothetielle, or Druddigon. I’ve used them and they are all exceptionally good in battle

    1. Tuesday leak revealed

      Rockruff Evo English name
      Pikipek Evo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      A new Pokemon or two
      Maybe a Fossil Pokemon
      (Probably no starter Evos. I’ve lost hope)

      1. Am I the only one who has zero intrest in getting starter evos? The fun in those for me was speculating the final forms, which we already know.

          1. If we didn’t know the final forms, I’d be really eager to get them, but rightn now it’s like “meh, I don’t really care”.

          2. Same. Who cares about how they get to the final forms..it’s irrelevant. I’d rather just know if the finals have day/night forms or not.

          3. It could’ve been a cool fire/poison, fire/electric or anything (NOT FIGHTING) but we got the weird bipedal thing. Why would they think people want this!?

        1. I starting to think myself who cares about them I’ll get what I get and not get upset happened with Chespin will happen again will get upset

        2. Ditto for me. I never care for middle forms of starters because they’re just a placeholder until I can get the final forms, in my opinion.

          1. They aren’t as iconic or cute as the basic forms, but they aren’t as cool or strong as the finals.

          2. And in the grand scheme of things, you aren’t likely to have them very long. The story between levels 16ish-35ish go pretty quickly compared to the rest of the game.

    2. My guess is 4-6 new Pokemon (including fossils if we’re getting any at all), 2-3 Alolan forms, clarification on PokeRide, some cryptic information linking Skull and Aether, and something completely new.

        1. We need a Pokemon side game where we travel as a Pokemon or trainer in a prehistoric setting. We have 21 fossil Pokemon + their evolutions and add in the possibility of 4 more including evolutions, then we have 25. Also add in a sizable amount of Pokemon that have somehow survived extinction such as Relicanth and it’ll I think it’ll make for a pretty interesting game.

          1. There’s bound to be reasons as to why the fossil Pokemon became extinct either due to environment disasters, inability to adapt to environmental or food chain changes, etc… and there are bound to be ones that survived these catastrophes as well. That’s what I meant.

          2. Oo gotcha. I think I misread. Yeah, I wonder what the extinction event was and if it mirrors our world.

          3. Me too. Would be interesting to know… but I guess it’s one of those things that’ll forever remain a mystery.

          4. Pokemon Helix and Dome.

            Oh… wait… The Media doesn’t care about REAL Pokemon. They only care about “REAL” Pokemon.
            *reads headline* Man Weeaboo dies while trying to catch Weedle on highway in Pokemon GO

        2. I never considered they would be gone D:
          But I can kind of see them going like “Tortuga and Archen are the fossils of Alola.”

        1. I honestly couldn’t guess. I never liked the fossils anyway, but I’d love it if there was somehow a Ghost fossil.

    3. I would only expect what was covered in corocoro and 3-4 more new pokemon. The news we get in the second half of the month generally only covers pokemon.

  50. Just finished my essay only to remember I forgot the bibliography/reference portion… Knightcite is a God-send savior. Anyways, I really hope they show the starter evolutions because I’ve been dying to know! I mean, we all have.

  51. Okay, because you asked for it: I’ve already written 500 words of a new article and there’s a LOT more coming, but the general outline is already there.

      1. It’s about time. But it’s not directly related to SM. It’s something new, something old, a fresh idea. Won’t say more though.

          1. When I said that it’s about time, I literally meant the concept of time.

            I’d love to publish PJM one day, but for that I have to graduate first.

  52. @ithsme:disqus how do you end the HTML codes? like if I put: I don’t know what you guys are talking about UB-02A looks great. It keeps going after that. How do I stop it?

    1. Ok. I really hope not. I’m fine with them “mixing things up a little” with the no gyms and times and Alolan forms and all, but I’ll get really annoyed if there’s gonna be stuff like forms for the starters that are game exclusive. I think they’ve gone far enough.

      1. I don’t see how starter version exclusives are any different than version exclusive pokemon or items/locations.

        1. I think the issue about Rockruff evolutions cuz of the time of evos , I bet the starters didn’t evolve in midday or midnight maybe they evolve in day night in general and that make them available in both version.

    2. I seriously hope so. its the only thing that will still let me choose litten, because its not possible to use litten right now.

  53. oh I just thought of something: If I go to the midnight release to get moon, and its daytime in the game due to the time difference, which rockruff evolution will I get?

    1. It depends on which info is correct, version exclusive or time based evo, I lean towards the latter. If that’s the case and if you can evolve it within those 12 hours you’ll get Midday I think.

      1. cool. I plan on binge playing it but if the starters evolve like rockruff I may have to adjust my clock to prevent litten from turning into…. that THING….

          1. Do people really think the STARTERS (of all Pokemon) will have split evolutions? It just seems highly unlikely. Nothing like that has ever happened with starters before and for marketing purposes I think they’d want to stick with one definitive evolution. I’m actually really surprised at how many of you are rooting for this to happen.

          2. Its really not much of a stretch. We know thatr the starters and Rockruff held some sort of secret, and given the split evolution is the most unique thing yet revealed of the little pup, it seems the safest to assume.

            As well, never use the excuse that “it hasn’t happened before” is saying it can’t happen. Every generation they introduce new concepts, sometimes completely out of left field like Mega evolution, and if you had told people before their reveal that they were happening, you know people would say that it seemed to crazy to be true. Let us wait and see what Game freak has planned.

          3. I’m just curious of the whole Rockruff and starters connection; that may be where the split evolutions stemmed from.

          4. I’m not, I’m remaining cautiously indifferent. I don’t think it will happen, but I don’t think I’ll necessarily hate it if it does.

          5. well since they aren’t split evolutions it seems possible. also, because they are making the game they can make it happen, no one but them can say for sure just yet. So yeah, i’d say its definitely a possibility.

    2. It doesn’t matter when you get the game. All that matters is what is actually true. Until we have confirmation one way or the other it’s still up in the air, but it’ll be one of two things. It’ll either be a version exclusive where Rockruff only evolves at one particular time of the day (in game), in Moon it would be at night (in game) making it the evil looking one or it’ll be the time of day you evolve it at. The second option meaning that if you evolve it during the day (in game) it’ll evolve into the midday form or if you evolve it at night(in game) it’ll evolve into the midnight form. either way it doesn’t matter when you buy the game. All that matters is which the way it evolves and at this point CoroCoro wasn’t really all that clear. To be honest I think it’s the latter and it’s less of a version exclusive thing and more of a day and night thing. lol

      1. yeah I know, it will be midnight when I play the game, so it will be day ingame. if that litten evo is day time (and this day/night form thing for the starters is true) I will need to change the clock to noon (so it will be night)

        1. Sheesh Are you planning on blitzing through the game? I’m gonna savor every moment and location and take my time lol

  54. One of the animators for X/Y recently drew two pictures of Ash in two styles; one in X/Y and one in S/M. Rumors are also surfacing that the animation department had another major overhaul and that a different team will be animating S/M (possibly the ones who animate(d) Yokai Watch).

    1. Where do you find this!? What does it even mean!? Lol. They may go back to the serious approach mid way??

    2. the advantage that I see with this style is that they will be able to use less repetitive movements since its a more simple approach. Honestly I’m digging the new animation style. unfortunately I am one of many that want to see Ash grow up I mean DBZ, Bleach, Naruto they have all grown time actually passes thru the seasons and the growth of the character. its been around for years. If they’re not going to age Ash then just change the character have a new Pikachu for each

        1. Yeah I did the same exact thing and I was fine, I would prefer to watch the Japanese version rather than the English, The English version kinda sucks.

    1. FINALLY! Also earthen, you really need to get over to the forums and start battling people from your division.

      1. i really don’t care, i want to re-start competitive battling in SM
        besides some of them need Move Tutoring and i ain’t transferring to ORAS

    2. They got majority of the Z-Move stuff wrong:
      – The Z-Crystal Alola Sandslash is using is the Steel Z-Move.
      – We saw the whole Fighting Z-Move with Lucario in the Japanese Direct.
      – That is not the Poison Z-Move, it’s Ghost that Gengar is using. We also saw that in the Japanese Direct.

      1. He also missed that pokemon specific z-moves still keep the same z-move poses as the other ones to activate them.

  55. This is unlikely, but if we got to choose where we went after MeleMele, where would you go? I would go to the canyon island.

  56. This Pikachu is 1000 times better than Ash Pikachu… (LOL)

  57. there is just no good fan-art of Mudbray…
    also i need to get this off my chest
    WHY THE FRACK ARE THE EYES SO BAD donkeys don’t even have oblong pupils
    it be absolutely adorable with actual eyes (something like a Girafarig for example)

    1. But Donkey’s do have oblong eyes; well some do at least, so it is fitting. Also I kind of like that its a little dopey. Kind of like that old joke of how much people can change in adulthood.

      1. Also that bowl cut ain’t doing it
        kinda reminds me of an Asian kid’s hair (don’t know why)

        1. True, but again I look at it like a george clooney type. Dorky and kind of weak when a little kid, but as a grown adult it’s a big work horse that’s probably a big gentle giant.

          1. I agree it does, I was referring to the comment I made before about looking goofy, but then looking great in adulthood and how its basically that meme.

  58. When you return from 10 days in the jungle away from civilisation only to discover the weirdest reveals ever… Seriously these new pokémon and Ultra Beast thingies are exactly the sort of confused clusterf*cks my brain comes up with when I dream of new pokémon. I legitimately wondered if I wasn’t dreaming when I first saw them.

    Type null is a pretty cool idea and it’s design and name are interesting, I’m confused as to wether it’s legendary or not since it seems unique but simultaneously is owned by Gladion (who’s theme is AMAZING).
    Jangmo’o is solid, excited to see it’s evolutions, though I’m personally gonna bet it’s actually not the pseudo, and turns out more like axew.

    The aether foundation’s designs are amazing, though like many others I’m suspecting they’re not entirely what they seem and probably have something to do with the Ultra Beasts (wonder where their creation of Type: Null fits into this). It’d be great to finally have a female evil team leader.

    Happy to see more returning characters like Sina and Dexio, and the Alola form of Prof Oak is an amazing idea, the of this sort of thing we get, the more I feel Sun and Moon are an amazing celebration of the franchise.

    I’m liking what we’ve seen of the Zygarde quest, though I’m very curious to see how they explain what a Kalos legendary is doing in Alola.

    Poké snaps looks like a very cool feature, it’s nice getting a bit of Snap back into the franchise after so long

    I like how they’ve implemented the version time difference, it’s simple, logical, and effective.

    Ultra Beasts however I’m not sure what to think of. UB1’s design is pretty cool but is a bit elaborate to be pokémony, and both UB2’s have completely un-pokémon-like designs, that I feel clash with the style in a bad way. The sort of superhero/mech/human/anime character look the UB2s give off really isn’t a direction I want pokémon designs to go anywhere near. I’m supposing/hoping they’ll just be story-exclusive uncatchable bosses and not actual pokémon, akin to pokéwood, but I’ve got a creeping feeling these may be catchable and usable, and accepting these as pokémon is going to necessitate a lot of getting used to for me.
    I’m really not sure we needed these, and I wonder what game freak was on when they thought of them. That said, I’m curious to see their place in the story, especially the whole thing with portals, which could have tantalising implications for the fanchise lore.

    As for Pokémon Generations, THIS IS AMAZING! The animation style is kinda weird, I wish they hadn’t veered that far away from the traditional style, but these seem like an amazing celebration of the franchise, and I can’t wait to see more of them. I also hope we do get surprise reveals for the new games in some episodes, like back in origins.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the UB designs. they aren’t from the pokemon univers, as you can tell they come from a dimensional rift, I also have a feeling they will be more “boss monster” and probably unobtainable.

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  60. I felt like making a wasp fakemon so…what do you think?

    The Control Pokemon
    Type: Bug/Psychic
    “Waspuip’s structure is very feeble, making the Pokemon very weak physically. To compensate for this, Waspuip use chewed up dead leaves and plants, and scraps of wood to craft a basic hollow puppet. Waspuip would use psychic powers and act as a control to manipulate the puppet into a fighter, as a way for self-defense. The puppet also has other uses for Waspuip, such as storing food and treasure and acting as shelter for rest and rain. If this puppet is majorly damaged or destroyed, a strong sense of anger will overcome it and will proceed to chase the assailant and sting them. These stings aren’t very painful, although they leave a mystical residue that has the potential to be lethal if untreated.”

    1. The concept is great but the execution is very off
      I feel it tries too hard on the whole puppet aspect thus over complicated
      A better approach would be that it molts its exoskeleton and uses its psychic powers to move the discarded husk to confuse prey and predators

      1. Also the way the puppet is made, references how wasps make nests: by chewing wood to make a paper like material.

    2. I like the idea that it acts as a shelter for it as well. I can imagine when you send it out in battle/ see it appear in the wild, you see the shell first then the pokemon crawling out of it to fly above it and take control.

    3. It could have an ability where at red HP the puppet disappears (only from the current battle, it gets it back later) and a Perish song of sorts is activated.

  61. I want to see Pokemon incorporate a gorgon pokemon one day
    like a female only species that turns pokemon into stone

        1. I was thinking it could be a 1 hit-KO move for Rock or Ghost, petrify having dual meanings.
          Or perhaps it negates the move and sharply lowers speed or something. Like a combination of Fake Out and Scary Face maybe. It would be a signature move.

      1. Actually there is a move called “Glare”, which is learned by snake-like Pokemon, but it is based on Basilisk.

        1. Yeah, that was why I didn’t suggest it would paralyze, I think this ‘mon would also learn Glare though. It depends if it was a combination of Gorgon and Naga but Coil is another Serpentine move it could learn.

          1. Glare
            Power Gem
            Shadow ball
            Shadow Sneak
            Mean Look
            Perish Song
            Rock Polish
            Phantom Force
            Quick Guard/Wide Guard

  62. Hey guys if your bored out of your minds like I am I suggest get the Yo-Kai Watch 2 Demo available now actual game reveals fully on 9/30 to America

      1. I really enjoyed the collecting aspect of the first one, but I really dislike the music and battle system.

  63. I just noticed something: exactly two months left until Sun and Moon! It seems like an accomplishment but it’s so far away. :/

      1. Where’s that article? Those days would be so hard, knowing that much of the world would have it before me. I’m already annoyed that different time zones get it first. xD

        1. If you’re that angry about it then move to the first time zone in line and then you can get it before everyone else can lol

  64. Since I’m staying away from leaks for SM, I’m kinda scared that I’ll miss some evolutions because of obscure methods. xD

      1. Agreed. Especially because in 15 or so years when the only way to play is a ROM, Malamar will be completely unusable.

      1. Off topic a little, but we should have a no-spoiler article so people can discuss officially revealed stuff.

    1. Aww don’t stay away that long. me I’m gonna be far away November comes until 2 or 3 days before so I can catch somethings

      1. I’m leaving 2 weeks before the game (or when we get word of someone with the game) and I’ll return after I beat the game and see what the post game has to offer. Unless of course we have a spoiler free article.

  65. Guys I just realized what Salandit is based in its a Fire bellied Newt cause think it’s poisonous and the word Fire it makes perfect sense

  66. I just realized something can we have main Legendaries that actually have more than color in common with a gem related Versions like

    Ruby- Groundon (only color red in common)
    Sapphire- Kyogre (only color blue in common)
    Emerald- Rayquaza (only green in common)
    And this goes for Gen 2- Gen 4

    If a Peridot and opal versions come out make them related back to the Gem and not just its color!!

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