Pokémon Sun & Moon ‘Trial’ Rated in Korea

Signs are pointing to the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon having a demo version after the Korean Rating Board passed judgement on a “Pokémon Sun & Moon Trial”.

Whether this means that a demo will be released globally or in select regions and even if it will debut before the game’s full launch is still unclear. Still, interesting!

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  1. Please, please, please don’t make the same dumb mistake they did with ORAS. Not to mention that this trial version kinda kills all the anticipation in my opinion. Won’t play it.

    1. What mistake with ORAS? There wasn’t anything new about the games except for the additions of megas and the Delta Episode.

      1. And very sh*ty dumbed down gyms and areas! Granite Cave I loved originally now I hate the new one!! And Brawly is so weak unlike originals his best was two levels higher than Roxanne’s and I one shotted it with one the same level Makuhita that was in its first battle!

        1. Pokémon games are always easy. This isn’t some kind of recent phenomena where they’re trying to appeal to kids who dislike hard games. You’ve simply played Pokémon and so the games have become exceptionally easy. I have replayed all the games multiple times as an adult and every time I play any and all of the versions it’s even easier than the time before.

          1. I don’t agree with that. I replayed Black a lot and still do it every year just for fun and I still find it more challenging for like the 10th time than I found ORAS or XY when I played them first. It’s not about experience, the overall difficulty definitely became lower in 6th gen.

          2. I will admit I thought that of B/W too. Ghetsis was pretty hard the first time I played it. But when I replayed it and I played more intelligently it was a cake walk. 2 exp shares, a lucky egg (the archaic equivalent to Key Item exp share) and a better understanding of type match ups (which I lacked when B/W first came out) on my second playthrough and I didn’t even break a sweat. It’s literally nostalgia for prior experiences that clouding your judgment. Literally not a single Pokémon game is hard as far as the campaign is concerned. And how ageist towards “that darn wiley younger generation” you feel doesn’t change a thing.

      2. The demo for ORAS was datamined and revealed everything like the existence of the Battle Resort, trainer teams/rematches, and even Hoopa’s alternate form I believe.

          1. Ohhhh I must have just not paid any attention yet for this I hope it’s not like again “Oh we’re going to put the Demo on the Home site of game so we get their hopes up!” A week or so later “Demo can only be gotten by special codes that you can only get if you go to certain events that are in areas where you do not live so you must drive half way across country you stupid teenage players” that’s what I thought it meant

    2. i agree, if they do end up giving us a demo, its only going to get data mined………which means we would get alot of spoilers for those who don’t want that to happen. not exactly fair but thats unfortunately what gamers are doing lately whenever a demo is given to us…

  2. Hopefully, GF didn’t put anything in the full game in the coding this time. Otherwise…oh boy.

    Anyway, I got bored and made a mirror Pokemon (Refresh)

    The Mirror Pokemon
    Type: Ghost/Steel

    “There’s a legend that Tamirro were created from a manifestation of the final memories from the death of people and Pokemon. Depending on the emotions felt in those memories, the personality and behaviour of the Tamirro differs.
    If a person were gaze at their reflection on the mirror-like mouth of a Tamirro, that person would go into a trance and fall into a deep sleep. The length of sleep is entirely indefinite, the longest recorded time that a person slept for after gazing into a Tamirro, was for an entire year. There’s an urban legend that if a person were to anger or hurt a Tamirro, that person would gain a century of misfortune and horrible luck.
    Tamirro possess a unique power to create metallic copies of small Pokemon and objects. These copies are described as “reflections come to life”. Whatever copies Tamirro create, the original being will be trapped in Tamirro’s mouth. The only method to free whatever Tamirro trapped is to make it laugh.”

    1. I has one too
      Recursive (Mythical)
      Ability: Reflection Reverser “Pokemon ability effects are reversed” (ex Intimidate raises opponents attack)
      A large grey floating circular metal mirror with its rim filled with turquoise gems and its surface has several cracks and a menacing glaring face faded halfway in the reflection
      Long wiry shadows extend from each side and one at the bottom to support it
      “This elusive Pokemon is feared for its connections to the spirit world, if you stare into its face it will try to absorb your soul”

      1. Sooo what would happen when reflection reverser activated on a pokemon with contrary? Would they just negate each other? Will it be an infinite battle of abilities activating? Or would they just explode?

        1. Contrary just reverses stat gain and losses
          The Reflection Reverser would just make stat losses and gains occur naturally
          It basically negates contrary as an ability
          So a Reflection on a Contrary Malamar would lose attack and defense with superpower and Serperior leaf storm would decrease two stages

          It basically has no ability

          1. And some abilities would just be nullified or unaffected by it such as Protean, Color Change, things without a definite invertable ability

    2. I have a Mirror pokemon too.

      The Bronze Pokemon
      Steel Psychic
      There are researchers who believe this Pokémon reflected like a mirror in the distant past.
      Ancient people believed that the pattern on Bronzor’s back contained a mysterious power.

      1. That’s dumb it’ll never catch on
        An even worse direction is to have it evolve into some kinda floating bell or a gong

    1. Well it depends when the demo comes out… if it comes out like a two weeks before the games I’ll be fine

  3. I think for demo use of one of the starters and kinda like ORAS you catch it than use a special Z-Move with it seems cool.

    1. But it’d be a small area that won’t spoil anything and would show ones like Wimpod, Pyukumuku, Fomantis, and Mudbray in it

      1. i gather their your favourite pokemon otherwise you wouldn’t of picked those particular pokemon

  4. I’m pretty surprised about a sumo demo after the whole game was leaked when ORAS had one. Maybe they’ll remove all unnecessary files to prevent spoilers

      1. There was no issues last time , they revealed literally every mega prior to the demo . The only thing discovered was hoopa unbound , which isn’t such a big deal.

  5. I hope the very second this trial drops some gnerd busts the files wide open
    I demand all info this very second

  6. The trial could be a great way to show middle evos if they haven’t been shown yet, or new megas

  7. MY SoulSilver team
    Badges: 3

    Bayleef lv20
    Heracross lv21
    Geodude lv20
    Flaaffy lv20
    Noctowl lv20
    Eevee lv5

    1. Nice team. What will you evolve Eevee into?
      I just started a run in HG and have one badge so far
      Bayleef lv17
      Wooper lv15
      I’ve been trying so hard to get an old Amber from smashing rocks but luck hasn’t been on my side

        1. No it can be found in ruins of Alph just very rare I found one but Revival is post so trade to Fiamond then breed it to get full use of it

        2. You can find the old Amber fossil by smashing rocks in ruins of alph. You can’t revive them in HGSS until postgame but I’m transferring the fossil to platinum

    2. I should restart Soul Silver and Heart Gold versions. But I just restarted X and Y so I wanna get through that again first. But it’ll probably be time for Sun and Moon by the time that happens so maybe I’ll just stop and go to SS and HG.

  8. Hmmmmm interesting, interesting indeed……..I will say this, IF the demo becomes available to the worlds publicly(rather than at a convention setting) I hope they handle it better than when the ORAS demo came out. That was stressful and unnecessary. the whole you might get it you might not thing was lame and even when a lot of people DID get the code to download it didn’t work and they needed to send out new codes. Also while I think I’ll be wrong about it, I hope the demo comes out earlier than the ORAS one. the ORAS one came out I believe mid October. I’d like to play the SuMo demo sooner rather than later hahahaha. Honestly there’s a reason for that other than being impatient. The reason is that when they releases the ORAS demo there wasn’t much time left before the games actually came out. So honestly most people could have just waited the month to play. People already know how Pokemon plays, it’s not hard. So getting the feel of the new game out a little earlier might be better. Also I WANT TO PLAY NOW!!!!!!! Hahahaha

  9. When you’re bored. PS: I’m not an artist, it’s just a little drawing I did so please don’t kill me.

    1. Y we should kill u ?…..u have nice touch …..If u have a passion just keep going u will reach to wat u want some day.

    2. Looks very good. 😀 Awesome job.

      (And for the record, you draw better than quite a few people I know on DeviantArt. 😀 )

          1. I’m using the team that got me to #650 worldwide rank so be ready !! ( haven’t played since December , planning on training a bit a day before the tournament)

  10. My only fear of this is data mining. I absolutely love the idea of demos before playing the actual product, but people will try to data mine the game. I hope they have some sort of code, ban, or anything to stop people from mining. Or they shouldn’t included all the data from the actual games into the demo. Anyways, the Sun/Moon OST will be releasing in Japan on November 30th. It will be 4 CDs with 175 themes and songs. I can’t wait! I’ve absolutely adored the music from this generation!

          1. *acceptable, as it is in American English, but that’s only because the only people that say it are from ghettos. Burnt is the only one I know of right of that’s accepted regardless though.

    1. “175 themes and songs” more like “150 useless sound bytes that are good notification tones if you have Android and 25 themes and songs”

    1. I’m sorry to say this but you’ll probably be disappointed. Psyduck is listed under the same category on the Japanese Sun/Moon site as Dragonite, Arcanine, Zubat etc. so it won’t get an Alolan Form anytime soon. Let’s hope for a Mega Golduck though!

      1. I DON’T recall it saying ANYWHERE that just because they appeared on the stupid Japanese web sight, automatically means that its NOT going to be getting an Alolan form. I think its possibly the opposite actually. That it means, those particular Pokemon are MORE LIKELY to receive and Alolan form than some of the others.

        1. I just want to cook Pokemon
          Tauros steaks
          Crocanaw tar tar
          Pacharisu on a stick
          Insert fish Pokemon flambé
          A salad of cherubi and tropius fruit

          Anything else?

  11. SoulSilver, Platinum and one of White/White2 are the games I want to complete before Sun and Moon release.

  12. I’m hoping this is the best game of what I see I love this I honestly think this will be better than Gen.6 by far!

  13. Pokemon merchandise for 2017 includes Mega Evolutions. Basically means they will also be in Sun and Moon. Credits to Joe Merrick for noticing!

  14. I totally wanted a demo for SM since the start really 😀 Sure, what happened with the ORAS demo (the datamining) might happen here, but I think it’s worth it 🙂
    (Plus maybe they can prevent that this time, I dunno)

  15. to be honest, i don’t see the point when the games are only 2 months away. if they do decide to have a demo ide much rather it didn’t come here, i want to be fully surprised when i play these games, uk get them 5 days later than everyone else globally so me turning off all media to avoid seeing walkthroughs, spoilers of any kind is something im committed to do! a demo would only make it worse for me to try and avoid the spoilers, ofcourse i have already seen the new pokemon and varients and i guess ive already seen abit of the z-moves but i feel like ive seen enough until their out. i really hope a demo/trial doesn’t happen but i bet it will since korea are known to get their way, or so ive heard lol this is just my opinion so please, no hate guys 🙂

  16. So when is the Furry Lord gonna make a video discrediting this as bullshit and that there will be no demo version and telling us all that Pokejungle spouts random and stupid shit?

    Day or two at max I’d wager.

  17. GUYS!!! Im back, somehow this time the disqus thing decided to give me my account back… AFTER BEING AWAY DURING THE ORAS HYPE IM officially back!!!

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