Mega Magearna Leaked by Japanese Pokémon Site?

mega-magearna-rumorThe official Japanese Pokémon site has some interesting lines of code if you check their page on new and returning Pokémon coming in Sun & Moon. You can see to the right that they are broken up into different sections, which include Partners, Guardian Angels (guardian deity), and… Megas?!

Not only have new Mega Evolutions not been revealed for Pokémon Sun & Moon, but the only Pokémon listed is Magearna which has no known Mega Evolution to speak of. This is certainly an interesting twist which may mean nothing, but it may be something.

Do you think that new Mega Evolutions may be in store for Pokémon Sun & Moon? Think Magearna will get one? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Via: Patterrz

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