Gym Leader Showdown: Grand Finale

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! Our winner of Kalos is Valerie! She won with 26% of the votes. Our runner-up is Korrina (17%), followed by Wulfric (16%).

Kalos - Valerie

So now we’ll take a look at all the winners. Who will be the favorite Gym Leader of all time? Vote and let us know in the comments!

Kanto Winner Sabrina380px-HGSS_Sabrina

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Psychic
  • Kadabra, Mr. Mime, Venomoth and Alakazam
  • Saffron City
  • Marsh Badge
  • Psywave (Gen 1), Calm Mind (Gen 3), Skill Swap (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Brain, or the teenage witch
  • Trivia: Sabrina is the only Gym Leader in Gen 1 that uses a Pokémon not of her specialized type.

Johto Winner ClairJohto - Clair

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Dragon
  • Gyarados, Dragonair, Dragonair and Kingdra
  • Blackthorn City
  • Rising Badge
  • DragonBreath (Gen 2), Dragon Pulse (Gen 4)
  • Name: Lair
  • Trivia: In Gen 2 she owned another Dragonair instead of Gyarados.

Hoenn Winner WallaceHoenn - Wallace

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Water
  • Luvdisc, Sealeo, Seaking, Whiscash and Milotic
  • Sootopolis City
  • Rain Badge
  • Water Pulse (Gen 3), Waterfall (Gen 6)
  • Name: Water
  • Trivia: Wallace uses his Champion team from Emerald in the Delta Episode.

Sinnoh Winner VolknerSinnoh - Volkner

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Electric
  • Raichu, Ambipom, Octillery and Luxray
  • Sunyshore City
  • Beacon Badge
  • Charge Beam
  • Name: Volt
  • Trivia: Volkner is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader who only uses single-type Pokémon.

Unova Winner ElesaUnova - Elesa

  • Gym Leader 4
  • Electric
  • Emolga, Emolga and Zebstrika
  • Nimbasa City
  • Bolt Badge
  • Volt Switch
  • Name: Electric and Tesla
  • Trivia: Elesa is the only female Electric-type Gym Leader.

Kalos Winner ValerieKalos - Valerie

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Fairy
  • Mawile, Mr. Mime and Sylveon
  • Laverre City
  • Fairy Badge
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Name: Valerianella
  • Trivia: According to an NPC in Kalos, Valerie is from Johto.

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  1. Such a tough decision! My top three are deff Clair, Elesa and Valerie! I feel like I cant decide 😛

  2. hey I got a question: during the Crabrawler trailer what attacks Did Crabrawler Used?

    1. I think
      Close Combat
      Knock off
      Crab hammer
      Stone edge
      Maybe Power-Up Punch

        1. Very physical Pokemon but will most likely just be running the same bland fighting type build
          Close Combat/Drain Punch
          Knock Off
          Poison Jab
          Ice Punch/Rock Slide

          Pretty much all fighting types on the planet have this build

  3. Reason to vote for Sabrina:

    “As her power increased, she grew more obsessed with developing it. She became less and less emotional, using her abilities for destructive purposes, even transforming her mother into a doll. This caused a deep psychological rift. The emotions she tried to shut off developed into a separate personality- a young girl who manifested as a puppet around Sabrina. Sabrina’s mind was divided into the cold, callous woman with a thirst for power and the little girl who just wanted to have fun.”

    1. Sabrina has mental problems. I feel her Gen 1/2 sprites conveyed that better than the newer ones. Now she’s just made to look hot, but she never dressed like that originaly

  4. The only choice here is between Wallace and Volkner.

    Since Volkner was the only one of the ones I picked that won, guess I better go with him.

    My personal Favourite all time are Tate and Liza, followed closely by Morty.

  5. Going to have to pick from my bae’s Sabrina and Elesa, I’ll go with Elesa.
    Anyways, here’s something extremely interesting. Nintendo actual considered a Fire Emblem and Pokemon crossover before a Fire Emblem and SMT crossover.. Potentially, we could have had Intelligent Systems make a game similar to Pokemon Conquest, but superior. I really hope the gets re-opened. The concept is already awesome!

    1. Corn salad is also called Rapunzel in German, so that’s where the “fairy (tale)” part comes in 🙂

  6. Volkner for he has Ambipom and he is one of two of the only leaders I can stand on this list the other is Elesa

      1. the opposite as i finally went with volkner, I mean, my luxray has the same moveset as his. I enjoyed battling him, eventhough i spammed earthquake. c’est la vie, i guess.

  7. i bet in day 2 of the Pokemon world championship i like to see 1 in the following:

    1. 5 New Pokemon
    2. 5 New Alolan Pokemon
    3. the Gen 7 Starters Evos
    4. the return of Mega Pokemon
    5 New types of Pokeball

  8. All of them are terrible
    We have fatter fish to fry
    Tomorrow is the alleged “Rainbow Greninja” thing that turd said would be announced at worlds
    Hopefully that doesn’t come true because that idea makes my body physically hurt

    1. I believe Gigareki was part of that rumor. So it’s obviously fake as Gigareki was a completely different game.

  9. 4 girls and sissy guy really? how can I choose of these ?……….I could choose old Sabrina style Clair them not bad though I like her city,gym and Dragon’s Den , Volkner is just good in anime.

    1. Though id like to think they weren’t voted for just for… physical reasons… they probably were. Hey, Wallace is great and Sissy is offensive:L

      1. Everything is offensive.

        And I agree, that was the most likely reason they were voted for. Volkner is my vote anyway.

    2. don’t get anyone triggered with the sissy comment. anywho, what’s wrong with choosing from the 4 females? elesa is cool

      1. he can have a proper conversation with you without having to like you. But i know what you mean that it makes him a hypocrite seeing how pj is well, you know……anywho, don’t get triggered

      2. Im honestly still shocked at how many of us on here are gay, lol, pleasantly shocked though, yay us 😛

        1. Ikr, when I joined here I never could’ve imagined that there were so many gay people on here 🙂

      3. I can do wat I want keep ur advice to ur self if u think 50% of us r sissy the rest r not I am free to say my opinion.

          1. I didn’t mean to attack any body if call Wallace sissy that’s mean I attack u ?? wat logic is that ?

    3. Shady don’t be so goddamn rude, theres is nothing wrong with wallace, he’s a bit of a bad ass if you ask me.

      Adjust your attitude.

      1. Wat the hell r u talking about ….how this could be rude watch ur mouth while u talking to me little boy.

        1. “sissy boy” is pretty freaking rude, and do not call me little boy, I am an adult man.

          Grow up.

          1. Shut up u r the one who need to grow up don’t call me rude while I say my opinion on pkmn character ….Ii didn’t attack any body…..damit.

          2. pretty sure you’re still the one that needs to grow up if you insist on acting like a child. And your “opinion” (4 girls and a sissy guy really?) is inappropriate in its entirety to say the least. When you make a judgement of character as well as gender such as this you are saying that Wallace being a feminine male, and 4 girls, you are essentially saying that they are beneath you and thats not ok seeing as how this community has both feminine males and females in it…

            Hence, adjust your attitude.

      2. He didn’t say there was anything wrong with him though. He can prefer whatever he wants.
        I don’t like any of these 4 female leaders, except maybe Claire and I prefer the old style Sabrina, I like Janine and Jasmine however. Also I am not a fan of how Wallace dresses, although his character is fine. I picked Volkner, cos he reminds me of myself, quiet and keeps to himself…no drama kind of person.

        1. sissy is not a positive thing to call someone though so… yeah he kinda did. He is free to prefer whatever he wants without wording it as he did and coming off as rude as it did…

          1. yeah, but he never really said that either, or we would have backed off, he just kinda backed up what he said and started yelling at people, so I think its safe to say its probably exactly what he meant or he would have said so :/

          2. He was angry because of the way you tried to ‘tell him off’. I don’t think English is his mother tongue anyway, so maybe he didn’t understand why you guys reacted that way.

            Food for thought. I always think it’s best to back off when things get out of hand to avoid misunderstandings, and try again when people are calm. Just my two cents.

          3. Yeah, I would but the chances of it happening again are pretty high when someone doesn’t accept their mistake and actively defends it. I don’t think this community needs someone that views a certain kind of person in such distain. But I’ve made my point now. Im sure he gets the picture. Hopefully in the future he won’t say such things.

          4. wanna try again!
            just accept that it was the wrong thing to say, or that you didn’t mean for it to be rude and no one would care.

          1. I’m a Pokemon Rights activist. I’ll take the Rage Candy Bar and also arrest you for Illegal Selling of Slowpoke Tails. Yer goin’ to the slammer.

          2. Sorry we’re out of rage candy bar. *licks lips* I’ll give you a moomoo milk and a lava cookie if you’ll let me off the hook!

          3. YASSSSS! omg! Maybe this is why Slowking came to be so popular in Johto! All those poor slowpokes couldnt evolve into slowbro and discovered a new way to evolve! Brings a tear to my eye

  10. I’m playing the battlefrontier for the first time in 6 years. What’s everyone’s favorite facility? I’m liking the battle factory!

    1. She’s just such a cool character! She subverts the stupid sexy model trope by being actually really intelligent and caring. She helps Bianca get permission to go on a journey, she uses some awesome pokemon, both versions of her gym are awesome and memorable. All while having one of the simultaneously most coolest and sexiest designs

  11. I didn’t know how I attacked ppl here when I call Wallace sissy and he is truly is …….y ppl r so edgy while u talking about something related to them …..I don’t mind if u r sissy or gay that’s ur choice but if u think that’s the right choice y u consider ppl attacking u ………….just stop living fucking drama.

    when I say this ” 4 girls and sissy guy really? how can I choose of these ?” wat I exactly mean I love strong and bad ass characters and I can’t choose any of those this just my opinion.

    I read “sissy” word many time there did this really count rude …..wat should I say soft guy or girly guy ….that’s if the problem with my words but I think the problem in ur mind.

    ur Protector Shady.

    1. It’s okay to like strong and bad ass characters, but that isn’t limited to manly men! All of these leaders are cool and strong in their own way. Strength is more than just muscles. Recognizing that opens the doors to tons of great characters!

        1. Ok but still.

          Sabrina has awesome psychic powers,
          Clair is strong and subborn and refuses to give out badges unless the challengers is worthy, even beyond a gym battle
          Wallace becomes champion and helps save the world and flaunts his awesomeness and fabulousness, Volkner… yeah volkner kinda sucks. I’ve already gushed about how great Elesa is and Valerie is super mysterious and cool!

          They mostly all have great personalities and stories!

          1. Guess he just ins’t my kind of character. I think I vaguley remember him being cool in the anime though, but I haven’t watched DP in nearly 6 years. In the games though, he is a bit of a chore. I do like his design though! And I guess him getting tired of winning is an interesting story arc

          2. I should really watch those seasons. I remember really enjoying them. Dawn was always my favorite companion and ash had a cool team. Sinnoh is also just a really cool region to see animated

          3. I disagree. Volkners better than all of these chumps.

            Valerie is probably my least favourite gym leader of all time. Like what the hell is with the wings, does she thinks she’s a bird?

          4. She might do. I just hope her wings get confiscated at customs. Can’t cross the border with those travesties.

          5. I’m just imagining a super worn out Valerie in an airport. Like, she takes out her contacts so she doesn’t have bug eyes and is just in shorts and a oversized T-shirt. Her flight is delayed so she is just sitting in the airport sleepily checking social media and playing pokemon games.

          6. maybe she thinks she’s Nelly Furtato

            In all seriousness though I love her design, she’s one of my favourite gym leaders
            (also she wears her outfits to feel more like a pokemon so she can grasp an understanding of how they live to better her abilities to care for them. And I think it said somewhere she wants to be a pokemon, and she can actually talk to pokemon)

          7. Hun ……if u read my comment clearly I actually said many god thing about Sabrina ….but these ppl focus on wat they want.

          8. My point is that all characters have something unique about them that make them strong. I think that keeping strength as something manipulative, violent and bad is flawed. I see that you don’t want to offend people so I don’t want to accuse you of anything, but try to look at characters in a different way. If you are and I’m not seeing that, great!

    2. I respect your argument, but it’s probably for the best that you don’t diss characters in a non-joking manner.

          1. can u stop u cheap way to attack me on others comment.

            can u stop living this dram …can u tell me wat urs issue. ???

          2. His point is that when you insult him, it makes it hard to understand your point of view. Insulting eachother just boils the debate down to childish name calling

          3. My exact issue is your behavior towards other people on this site. First you tell us people like Wallace look sissy (which is negative) while people on this site look like him. Second you say that being gay is a choice, while it’s been proven by science that it definitely isn’t. Last of all you’re telling people to fuck off, but lucky for you your comment got deleted by a mod.

          4. no no no u misunderstood me ……wat I exactly mean is ur choice that if convince with it u can do it no matter wat ppl think …..I don’t mean any racism thing ,I am sorry if hurt u.

          5. I know, I will try better Haxford! Just because you asked. 🙂 Gotta not let the haters get to me.

        1. I would say he’s very wise and multi talented. He’s a contest master, water pokemon master, he knows a lot about the legend regarding ancient pokemon, is the most elite gym leader of hoenn, and was a Pokemon champ!

          1. ur talking about him in the original RS but in this pic he is wearing like ……I didn’t say that cuz some ppl will crying.

          2. I mean his outfit is a bit more revealing than some other leaders and he may look “feminine” when put into our cultures perspective, but I think within the context of the pokemon world, there’s nothing really unusual about his appearance

          3. It probably would’ve just been better to say you’re not a fan of his most recent character design

          4. All ppl can say wat they want here and it’s hurt me when they attack pokemon I love but I don’t care that’s their opinion.

          5. i agree with you on wallace but let’s call him effeminate so no one gets their feelings hurt anymore. i don’t want to see you band over something as trivial as this.

          6. Don’t worry about me …..I didn’t say anything wrong I didn’t attack any body I say …..yeah I am offensive with those attacking me …..but I just say my opinion if they think I am wrong cauz of that they can banned me then.

          7. Yeh, I don’t like what he is wearing in his current picture. That was always my main issue with him. Wallace used to be cooler in the original RSE.

          8. Not the worst, I agree, but that’s why my decision was between Wallace and Volkner. Same with Sabrina, I like her original version better than her current one.
            Claire I never really liked in the first place
            And Elesa and Valerie…are just…not really my thing.

          9. also marlin isn’t wearing a shirt. Thats fine, but thats clearly not shadys problem because he never said anything negative about the other leaders who were dressed down.
            Thanks for trying to defend wallace though

          10. When I look at him I don’t see him as feminine; I see it as elegance. He’s only trying to match the elegance of his Water Pokemon.

    3. making things worse.
      dont refer to being gay as a choice.
      I gave you the definition of the word “sissy” and nothing about it is positive, so why don’t you tell us what exactly “sissy” means to you

      1. I’d not try anymore. Sometimes it’s impossible to have a grown-up conversation with someone.

        1. I honestly don’t think he 100% understands what people got upset at, but what can you do.
          Focus on something else I guess. Like why my Lurantis will be called BaconQueen

          1. OMG I love it! I’m having a hard time naming mine. I think I’ll go with Rose (Partially because of SU partially because its just a really cool name) but not sure

          2. OMG! YES! I love that. Im honestly really sad I cant name any pokemon after my fav fusion Rainbow Quartz because its too long :c

          3. Rose…. is my least favorite gem tbh. She’s still pretty up there on my characters list.

            I Hate Lars…

          4. I guess I can get that. But to me it adds even more depth to her. Having to shatter someone even though she really never wants to do that to anyone. It will be interesting to see how it went down

          5. If we can get that episode. Then I’ll like her again. Btw, here’s a list of leaked SU episode titles

            Minor Spoils.

          6. Actually Star, some might be real because while season 2 was airing there were a bunch of titles revealed and most of them were in Steven’s Summer Adventures. The others might be in Season 4.

    4. Shady, sometimes your or anyone in this world’s words can hurt others. You may not understand why, and you can defend your point all day, but that doesn’t change the fact that you offended someone. You may not have meant it to be offensive, but unfortunately, it was. And no amount of explaining will ever change the past. You might be able to ease tension by explaining what you really meant, but in the end you still offended them at some point in time, and so an apology is about all you can do. You can’t take back your words, nothing can change the past, but try to make the present/ future peaceful by dropping this.

      1. its because my bad ass princesses are losing and I’m getting ready to fill a bucket with me tears.

        Totally that, and nothing else.

  12. I absolutely cannot pick between Sabrina, Volkner and Elesa. :'( UGHHHH

    Such a shame Morty isn’t on this list. Damn Claire.

      1. I have a hard time choosing between them. I chose Clair because design was something I liked in her more than Morty. Character wise they are both really great!

        1. Claire never really stood out to me. Morty ever since I saw his HGSS design has been one my favourites.

    1. I would totally pick Morty if he was on here 🙂
      One of my favorite gym leaders. I voted for him in Johto.

  13. I like how Wallace’s vote score just like shot up recently, I honestly wish you could rematch the gym leaders in ORAS (and wally) just so I could fight them all again, I think the best thing about BW2 was fighting gym leaders and notable trainers from all the other regions, I hope that returns in SM

      1. currently
        1.Volkner (ugh why… but ok)
        Claire is only 3 votes behind Elesa though

          1. Thats your opinion and thats fine.
            I 100% disagree though, imo he’s the worst out of all of them, I much prefer Valerie, Claire and Elesa. (in that order)

          2. Fair enough. I actually dislike Valerie and Elesa. No opinion on Claire, and Sabrina’s all right.
            Volkner was always badass, liked him more when I saw him in the anime.

      1. nah, when I voted Valerie was in the top two and volkner was near the bottom, then like everyone seemed to arrive and bam, volkner just came outta nowhere

          1. well if thats the case Valerie should have more votes, she was everything in the anime! I loved her.

            Seriously though I watched a lot of the dp anime but must have missed Volkners appearance because I don’t remember him, I just remember him in game and wasn’t too impressed, with him or any of the DP leaders really, Fantina was the only one where I was like, she’s kinda cool.

    1. If I had to put it in order :3
      1. Volkner
      2. Sabrina
      3. Valerie and Elesa
      4. Claire
      5. Wallace

      1. Oh my god I was wondering where you were! I feel like it’s been forever! How are you 🙂

        1. I’m doing fine, I’ve just been away all week since Sunday for band camp (Which is an all-day thing really and by the time I’m back, I’m too tired to go on PJN)

          1. Yeah, it was fun, but also exhausting. It was nice to be back in marching band after the long summer and we’ve got a good amount done :3

  14. Losing in the battle frontier after a long winning streak is a feeling of loss that pokemon games are missing out on. Wow.

    I got really lucky with RNG in the battle hall hanging on with 2HP numerous times and getting flinches and critical hits when one more turn would’ve meant losing. Wow I can see why people love the BF. We NEED this to return.

    1. Don’t remind me. All that grinding gone to waste. It feels bad, but at the same time, it makes you want to keep doing it, until you get there. Nothing else in the Pokemon games has made me feel that way.

      Which Battle Frontier are you playing by the way?

        1. Ah fair enough. I never played the HGSS one that much. I only played Emeralds. I had to actually EV train to get far, cos it gets challenging really quick.

          1. I would love a clone of any frontier in SM. A new one would be great as well, but don’t just give us another maison.

          2. Especially since EV training is so much more enjoyable in the newer games! The Battle Frontier has quickly become one of the features I really hope returns

          3. Not only did it have variety and difficulty, but I liked how big and well designed it was. It really felt like a place I’d want to be, so I hope we don’t get another one building battle area like in the last two gens.

          1. Surprisingly yes! Mine’s moveset is Return, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw and Sucker Punch. He has a bit of a hard time with fighting types and more defensive mons, but he is still pretty valuable to the team

          2. I’d recommend having Mom save some money or grinding the voltorb flip game for a Silk Scarf. It really helps maximize return’s power.

          3. Easily done, I love Voltorb flip. Every time I play through the game, I grind to get a dratini, when I often don’t even use it, I just like playing Voltorb flop.

    2. We need either the difficulty of the frontier, or the variety of the frontier, or both. The maison was generic and easy, no real challenge to me. If the story is easier for the kids, at least make a good difficult post game, it’s not like most of the kids they’re targeting will play it anyway.

      1. Post Game definitely needs some kind of challenge. Something that people keep going back to until they complete it. It would add an interesting dynamic. Especially with how easy connectivity is these days, you can do it with other people to increase the fun and the challenge.

        1. And most of the kids don’t play the post game anyway, so there’s no excuse to make it as easy as the maison.

  15. Yay Valerie won 😀
    Out of all of them, though, I’d have to go with Volkner. While I do love Sabrina, Elesa, and Valerie, Volkner just speaks to me that the others don’t. :3
    Oh, and as for the new Pokemon released, I am okay with Tortunator (it has some good things going with it) and I like Crabrawler :3
    Oh, and seeing the CoroCoro mons in the game made me like them a bit more, especially Stufful.

      1. Yeah, that’s why I wait until I see it in-game before I can really say I like it or not. I’ve learned my lesson with Quilladin :3
        And I dunno, Delphox in game was alright, I like its battle animations

        1. Apparently I’m also the local Pokemon food salesman. So would you be interested in some fried Torchic, or some nice swirlix?

  16. Do you like Elesa’s BW design or BW2 design better? I prefer the original BW model because I think it better suited her (for no particular reason).

  17. Question: when is the next patch of information coming? Has anybody got any dates for me to look forward to?

  18. Ok seriously, why does fighting beat ice? If anyone has tried punching through ice, they’d know that it hurts. A lot.

      1. They’re such a cool type, and they’re so weak. It really should be the other way around, I agree.

      2. You can’t buff ice, it is fragile by nature and nothing and I mean nothing will make it stronger

        1. …Grass? When has anyone been seriously hurt by a blade of grass? Ice can be buffed pretty easily. Give it more resistances and make it strong against fighting and fairy. Make less defense centered pokemon and give megas to bulky ice types to make them more attacking

          1. Still Plant whips and razor edged leaves would work and energy beams would still strike the ice just fine
            Face it Ice isn’t getting buffed anytime soon

          2. I’d agree except with making it strong against fighting. It makes sense fighting would be good against it. I would make it strong against something else, like steel.

    1. Well, regardless if it hurts, I’ve always known that people chop ice blocks with their bare hands. SO maybe that’s why?

    2. it makes sense to me, fighting types are inhumanly strong not just average strength thats what makes them fighting and while yeah ice can hurt average people but it can still be shattered if hit in the right place with the right amount of force

        1. I used to punch the ice that collects on top of the pool in winter
          I take nice slabs and break it with my bare hands and my head, and hammers, trowels and other things

          1. One day I’m gonna build special knuckle dusters that have cushioning to minimize the recoil

    3. If not the Ice Type itself, at least buff Hail

      Defence boost to Ice Types (Similar to SpD boost to Rock Types in Sandstorm)
      Speed Boosting ability (literally all the other weathers have one)
      Always double Avalanches Power in Hail
      Icy Wind should lower speed by 2 stages in Hail

      Come on, at least do something

    4. But can we really talk about how the hell fighting is strong to dark? Literally makes zero sense

      1. fighting is seen as a hero and dark evil, and good always triumphs over evil (except in the real world, we’re pretty much screwed there)

          1. LOL at fighting being OP, quite the opposite id say, I have never once had a problem with a fighting type, even before fairy was introduced the only one that could be considered such was Scrafty

          2. Well idk, they only had two weaknesses and a lot of them have decent defenses and high attack

          3. Fighting is indeed a Powerful Type. It’s hits Rock and Steel Types which are Primarily defensive. It’s also the only thing that hits the Bulky Normal Types like Chansey, Miltank e.t.c. And it always you to easily dispatch of the frail Ice Types which are strong offensively.

            Fairy has given it a nerf though, especially cos some of the things it used to like hitting (Normal Types) have been retconned to Fairy Type (Clefable and Granbull for example)

          4. I guess I just never saw it even remotely as a threat (sometimes normal types would give me more trouble) so I never really thought other people did either

      2. Dark is “Evil” in Japanese, and Fighting is considered a superhero-typing. It means that good defeats evil

        1. I guess so :/ are dark and evil the same word in Japanese or is it literally just evil type

        2. I think same should go with Dragon. Dragon are considered large treasure stealing beasts mostly considered evil in most cultures (makes sense for Asian culture though) meaning fighting should be strong just like Dark

  19. Better question, why does Steel and Rock beat Ice? Fighting and fire I get, but those two? I dunno.

      1. Okay, I guess rock can smash ice, maybe, but steel? Plus ice breaks down rocks, and in certain situations, freezing ice can break stuff made of steel, like pipes.
        I dunno, it just is less believable than fire and fighting.

        1. Water seeps into pores in rocks. When the temperature drops, this freezes, thereby expanding and breaking the rock. This is a natural phenomenon.

          I think Ice should be super effective against Rock

          1. Yeah, I agree too, and maybe add steel too. Like I said above, ice can also break steel/metal. I provided the pipes thing, but the Titanic was brought down by an iceberg.
            It’s not a perfect explanation, but it’s better than steel and rock beating ice, imo.

          2. With Steel it’s more difficult. It’s dependant upon the composition. And you need very low temperates to even come close to weakening Steel. Plus it’s not just the freezing itself, you still need to apply an external force to shatter it, even after frozen.

            And steel tools are used to dig through Ice relatively easily. So I can give them that one.

          3. Dude the iceberg theory is bullshit, it is the equivalent of a gigantic jagged rock scraping the metal hull

          4. It’s still ice, all ice even. An iceberg is deadly and it is just as hard as steel if hit right, which is what happened.
            And it’s not even a theory, that’s legit what happened to the Titanic.

          5. That only works when it’s still water it’s either cold wind, beams of cold energy, or large chunks of ice being hacked at the opponent that is literally all ice attacks in a nutshell

        2. It’s a solid hunk of metal it most certainly smash ice
          Like a sledgehammer or a icepick
          And the whole ice breaking stone and metal is only through long term freezing and melting and refreezing eroding it bit by bit and expanding until the point of fracture or bursting
          Bitch we don’t have time or any move that acts like time

          1. But it still can break, regardless of time. I don’t think it would be too much of an issue to make ice SE against rock and steel, as it still makes sense.
            I’m not too adamant about it, so I really don’t care to argue about this extensively.

          2. Well I am so either agree with me now or I’ll compiled the facts until you have no choice but to agree

            So Ice Shard or Ice Beam will just shatter an Aggron’s body
            Is ice beam going to melt through the possible pores in a rock type’s solid body and just crack it
            Because all those claims require additional moves, ice moves wouldn’t just blatantly cause metal or stone to break

          3. How about neither? There is such as thing as agree to disagree.
            And no it wouldn’t, cause videos games are not too realistic. You can suspend your disbelief about things, you know.
            Whatever though, keep doing you Earthen.

          4. Nope it’s either I’m right your or your right there is no middle ground
            And my case is much stronger

          5. There’s no right and wrong to everything Earthen, and this is just a video game discussion, no one needs to be wrong here.
            And at the end of the day, GF can do whatever the hell it wants to do, regardless of whose right or wrong.
            Just agree to disagree and move on.

          6. Just not how the world works
            Gamefreak knows how these types work and every one of them makes sense

          7. Actually the world is more grey, than black and white Earthen. There are some scenarios in this world that no one person is right on. And, yes, in discussions such as these, no one is truly wrong.
            Not really, there are some type matchups that don’t make sense when you think about them. I always though Ground would resist fire since you use earth to put out a fire (hence why fire is weak to it), but it doesn’t, and that’s just one example.

    1. I don’t get fighting, but I get rock. Throw rocks at ice and it’ll chip. Snow plows are metal maybe?

  20. I gotta go back to stupid fart faced work
    I think this whole gym leader polls is yet another “Who’d you want to sleep with contest”

    1. I mean, that’s partially true for me. Just so happens that the sexiest gym leader is also the best in terms of personality and story

        1. Hey hey watch out …..did u see wat happened to me …..I am accused racism and I can’t stop laughing muhahahahahaaaa.

          this is dangerous u know.

          1. We were both making a joke that doesn’t relate to your story at all. Stop talking about what happened.

          2. I didn’t have any phobia and I can accept any difference between us but y should defend ur self while nobody attacking u.

  21. Urrrrrrrrrrrgh I had enough my mind is blowing up …..I can’t handle this ..all these comments cuz I just said Wallace is sassy ??of course no body cares about 4 girls.

    I have been here for 3 years I share theories drawing concept and others as well but nobody pay attention to this like they did in this one …..where is ur justice when ppl call me high when defend Hoopa unbounded …..ppl tun my comment into racism I know y cuz they r trying to act like a victim, many ppl here attack many pkmn character I love but I don’t attack them cuz that’s their opinion.

    And yeah as u call me I am offensive I admit this but my attitude depend I can be gentle and will very offensive if u attack me not cuz emotional but I am against the idea.

    The emotional is the reason y I hate humanz ……it’s not a personal issue is bigger than that and I am pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong in the 1st place……هif the the majority of u r against that then I am welcoming to my banned and waiting it ….that’s better than said something I didn’t believe in.

        1. From what? I kind of need the full story though, so I can better understand what happened.

          1. Shady said Wallace is a sissy, and yeah, that was offensive, and he shouldn’t’ve. But personally I feel like there was a lot of childish overreacting involved.

          2. Ah ok, gotcha. I can guess at what happened now.
            At this point, it’s probably best to just move on past it.

          3. pkms characters r more important than human one y when ppl attack them no body judge them …the big question is y ppl turn the discussion in this way.

          4. Look shady, you just gotta watch what you say a little more, and everything will be fine. I think this situation elevated immensely over what it should’ve been, but just be careful next time, okay?

          5. I admit that …..I will be very offensive when so one attacked me for not logical reason …’s a fact but also I didn;t say a bad thing in first place.

          6. I agree with you. Honestly I just read the comment and looked past it. Because I know Shady (he’s been here a while) and i understood what he meant. It’s a non-issue, that’s just been blown out of proportion.

        1. I’m just confused and I’;m honestly kind of lazy today, so I don’t want to scroll back to find out.

          1. Id tell you but I’m not sure bringing up again is the best idea, long story short, there were things said that were offensive and people got angry, thats pretty much the just of it

    1. Literally no one has said anything to you in hours, and you know you did not say that wallace is Sassy, sassy can be a good thing.

        1. hey, Im not the one that keeps posting about this after everyone stopped caring.

          Yeah I get its probably a typo but sometimes people like to change their stories so it seems like they were never in the wrong, ya get me?

          1. I do get you, but why provoke it further. Is his story going to affect what happens to him. Are we here to pass judgement? Let him comment and don’t respond, why is that so hard?

          2. perhaps because literally no one was talking about him or the incident and yet he’s still posting about it trying to make himself seem like a victim when it should have just been left where it was?

          3. No one was talking to him about it probably because we want to move on. Well I talked to him. :]

          4. English is not my native language so I need time write ……and the only one who make himself seem like a victim is just u I don’t this I am strong ….ur the one who start this.

          5. I didn’t start this, you did, but I’m ending it. So literally stop replying to me, you’re just making yourself look like a fool.

    2. Well when you say something that comes off offensive, of course people are going to start turning heads. No one is attacking your favorite characters. Literally no one, What people are upset about is that you are mad that there are only “sissy” gym leaders to vote for. Me and others have tried to explain that strength doesn’t come from masculinity or manipulation and violence. It can come from anything about a person. Everyone is strong in different ways.

      I don’t want you banned. I don’t think anyone wants you banned. You just need to understand when you messed up, explain why you think that way then apologize. Alot of people belittle people’s feelings and laugh when they get offended but that stuff is actually important. Ignoring when people take offense to something only leads to resentment on both sides. I know that you don’t mean to make people feel badly but you need to understand where we are coming from.

      You can say you did nothing wrong but you need to know why you are being “accused”.

    3. I think it’s best to forget about it. You have different opinions about it than some here and I feel it was blown out of proportion partly due to the language barrier. Just be careful when you bring up discussion about femininity and masculinity here, a lot of people here are going through different situations and difficult times.

    4. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think most people were attacking your words, not you, so don’t take it too personally. We all have our opinions and we’re all entitled to them; however, because this is a community of people with varying backgrounds you must watch your words or someone may be offended. You’re always welcome, just as we all are, to voice your opinions, but you have to be able to accept that people will disagree and apologize if you’ve hurt someone.

  22. Ok so this is a thing….. apparently there really IS a Meowth download at Worlds today……does that mean the leak from the other day IS real, but had some fake stuff in it like the Gigareki thing?

    1. We may have ourselves another one of those leaks where the leaker thought it’d be fun to put in false info. Or shockingly accurate guess?

      1. NO! I refuse to argue with you! What a stupid idea, could you be any more dumb. I’ll never do what you say . . .

    1. Yeah it’s pointless to fight over things I know it’s not my place to talk but let’s move on and play Pokemon

      1. Reminds me, my target started painting the ballz like pokeballs I so desperately wanted to paint a Electrode face on it

        1. Gardevoir is already my second favourite Pokemon of all time. Please don’t ruin her with this

          1. As a Dwarf (in a fantasy setting) it’s only second nature to hate elves
            And we could all agree I’m have a dwarven personality

          2. absolutely, and you’ll be happy to know that if I ever write you into my book as a character you’ll be dwarf like character that has a thirst for war and combat before you reach your unavoidable demise at the hands of a demon like creature

          3. Don’t forget my affinity towards the earth
            My extremely stubborn yet tenacious attitude
            Unflinchingly loyal
            Pessimistic and grumpy
            And most importantly if you scuff up me honor you’d meet the broadside of me hammer in a place the sun don’t shine

    1. Sorry but they both got mega forms, so they probably will not be receiving Alolan forms. Though those are really cool looking. 😀

  23. Trying to watch Worlds

    The layout is so bad, the game screen takes up literally only half the screen because of the border and player cams :/

  24. Do you guys have any Pokemon shirts that you would reccomend? I’m asking for . . . a friend. Ok I lied I have no friends, I’m asking for me.

      1. Real life I mean. I have made progress though, I found a couple people who like Pokemon, the real games, not just GO.

        1. You’re not serious, are you. Cuz that’s sad. (Or do you mean you don’t have friends who like Pokemon)

          1. LOL whoops! I legitimately thought I was missing something (i refreshed like 4 times) 😛

  25. I can’t click vote for whatever reason, maybe something to do with disabling flash?

  26. One thing I would like to know why does Dragon have some unanswered questions like why is it not strong against Dark and weak to fighting

    Dark being how many thieves and evil people would steal from dragon lairs and most likely meet at an untimely demise at the hands of Dragons

    Fighting for in many medieval stories Dragons stole treasures and were considered evil and a mighty hero would slay the Dragon and fighting is considered a heroic type like with Dark so it would make sense.

    Yet if you look into most Asian cultures Dragons are revered as mighty Guardians and such and are worshipped I think.

    So what do you think?

    1. Why do Fairies even beat dragons.

      If anything Psychic should beat them cosideirng dragons are affected by magic

      1. I’m pretty the reason is more of the “calming” aspect of how fairies are portrayed in contrast with the “rage” aspect of dragons, in which they are able to calm down them and able to tolerate anger, rather than fairies killing dragons literally.

    1. I prefer that leak about Marshadow being a stunningly beautiful dolphin Pokemon with a really sparkly gem in its forehead. Just everything about that one sounded amazing, and I want it so badly to be real. 😀

      BUT If the silly theme really is alchemy then it will probably be a Chimera Pokemon.

      1. alchemy is very hard and deep Science I am a mythology expert but I can’t understand much about this Science.

  27. The Pokemom championships are Really unbearable. .. it’s the same 4 legends and a smeargle.. Over… And over.. ugh ?

    1. sigh, that sucks, but isn’t it like that every year?
      Originality would really be welcomed at this point

      1. I don’t typically watch, I’m commenting on what I’ve seen thus far. So bland. They say there are a few odd choices.. but I haven’t seen any

        1. well here is a perfect example of what pokemon tournaments are usually like (these were actually the teams)

          1. I think singles would be long and boring. Especially at that level. Doubles makes it more fast paced.

      2. It would be.
        If someone doesn’t pull off Pacharisu 2.0 with Togedemaru im gonna be sad
        (Also… Don’t insult VGC too much…)
        You may attract….. (Nervously turns head to check if he’s there)

        ……The wolf man-child himself

        1. He will never come here he hates us all too much lol, tbh the feeling seems pretty mutual though, he’s not highly regarded here

    2. I feel like gen 7 will have more varied teams because of all the new abilities and Pokemon concepts they’re introducing.

      1. Hopefully they limit next year to just the SuMo Dex, that will make interesting. Like a couple of years ago when it was just the XY Dex.

  28. So, I’ve seen Ithsme ask for recommendations on Pokémon shirts below…

    Wow you guys be interested if we started selling shirts? Different designs, with different Pokémon.

    Yes? No? Maybe?

        1. A whole plethora of Earthen Warrior merch
          Shot glass
          Surface to air missiles
          Pregnancy tests
          And so much crap you’ll buy because your loose with a checkbook these days

          1. I’d buy an earthen plushies that says “when will we get new info” when you squeeze it.

    1. I’d LOVE a pokejungle shirt. Not only would I be happy to support and represent the site, we may be able to recognize fellow junglers.

    2. I’d really like sweaters so you can buy a big size and just chill out at home in it 🙂

  29. Ok, it been several hours since a certain thing went down and a certain person is still harassing me with reply’s even though all I’ve said to him is to stop and to drop it since then, if someone could deal with it that would be great, I do not appreciate someone constantly calling me names and swearing at me… (at this point they have been blocked but it should still be dealt with, its not a very nice thing to do)

        1. He talking about me ….he trying to insult me in others posts and act like a nice person ….I don’t mind if u delete both our comments.

        2. Exhibit A: Which is only just the tip of the iceberg, I’m pretty sure his other comment where he dropped an f bomb at me and called me stupid was already deleted after I called him out for being homophobic and sexist hours ago (and I was not the only one)

          I was just going to let it slide after a while but he just will not stop.

        3. I am also aware that I may not have conducted myself as professionally as I would have liked at one point or another but I will not let someone continue to so blatantly talk down to people. And I apologize for the drama that has been had today over Wallace of all things.

        4. Hmmm. I see the discussion. For me, it’s easy, as long as you both be nice from now on, it’s OK. It’s a tough call to do anything on it now. The first one making some trouble again gets his/her comments deleted and risks a warning, which if repeated can result in a temporary suspension from using Disqus on PJN.

          It’s the fairest solution for all involved ;).

  30. Does anyone here also live alone abroad? I have a few friends but we don’t hang out all the time so I’m bored as fuck. I need ideas

      1. What do you do to make yourself busy? You own a dog (I think?) so at least you got that going for you

        1. I do but she gets into trouble a lot
          And work is something but I hate it
          And that’s it
          Just sitting in my room all alone, taking care of my dogs and my house and going to work, dats it

          1. Maybe you could take your dogs on walks and play pokemon GO along the way? If I had more pokeballs I would do that more often with my dogs

          2. Go doesn’t work for me
            Nothing and I mean NOTHING ever shows up outside my house
            And two of the dogs don’t go on walks because they bark at everybody

          3. Basically my life except I also have uni. Currently jobless but getting a scholarship this year so I can take my time to look for a less stressful job (never working in fastfood again, EVER). It’s just so hard to meet people when one is naturally introverted

    1. Get a new hobby or sport, you’ll have something to do and get to know new people to hang out with. There’s bound to be something interesting in the neighbourhood.

      1. I mean, there’s bunch of things to see here (it’s Paris) but I’ve been here for 2 years and only have one really good friend + some other ones I don’t see often. And at uni everyone is younger than me and so immature (I redid one year so I could change unis) (they are basically for free here, not like in the us). I’m thinking about joining a club this year, gotta find a good one. I do stuff on my own sometimes (visited two museums today) but it gets boring

        1. Oh man, you’re in Paris!? I’m jealous! If I’m lucky I’ll be going there during the summer. I guess this isn’t helping answering your question much though… really wanna visit Paris though

          1. It’s a beautiful city + I love France. Probably settling down here if I get money lol. If you have any questions about visiting the city just ask me, I am a (unofficial) tour guide in my free time

        2. I mean, you are in Paris, there’s lots of stuff to do! I’m pretty sure you can find a nice place to practice some hobby or so.

          Also, if you have some free days, just take the Eurostar to London or Brussels. In London there’s lots of stuff to do, and from Brussels you can easily take the train to Bruges, Ghent or Louvain (where I reside).

          1. I wish I had the money to go to London, only been there once in 2012. Everything’s more expensive there! I’m been to Brussels, Bruges and Anvers 🙂 Tu parles français du coup? I think it’s more about doing it with someone then alone all the time, but I’l really try to join clubs and go out more this year. Thanks!

    2. I did live in India for a few years, but I’m a kid, so I have school.

      Look for a good roommate who likes the same things as you and you’ll have a good time. If that’s not an option, get a part time job/volunteer during your free time somewhere you love to go (You’re in Paris, so there’s a lot of great places there. Man. I wish I could go to Paris again. Last time I went, I was 6 so I don’t remember a lot and I hated walking by myself).

      Sorry… I’m not good at giving people suggestions 🙁
      (I hope I was SOME help at least)

    1. Well if you set fire to a fire they will negate eachother and the fire will go away 😀

    2. The idea of Litten becoming the fourth is scary…
      Gamefreak throws curveballs left and right…

          1. Alright I’ll make sure my drones don’t kill them. Although I make no promises after we’ve completed the mission

          2. I know I know I know
            But unfortunately Terra??????
            But nonetheless I want to use the Elemental Exoskeleton technique more then anything but mine would be a more….masculine build, bull horns and tusk like fangs, and the most iconic thing ever a round spike covered back for the trademarked “curl into a spiky Boulder and demolish stuff” attack

          3. Ehhhhhh I’m not so much for a tail, I already have stone knuckles/claws, a crystal eye beam attack, a boulder roll, no magma breath unfortunately but a tail just wouldn’t feel right
            There’s this one thing I’m beta testing and its wings made of sand but I feel the body would be far too heavy to achieve flight

  31. Earthen booooooored
    So Crabrawler, everyone seems to have taken a shine to the pugnacious crustacean, what moves to you think they’ll learn

    1. Considering that it gets Iron Fist, I think it’s a safe bet that it would get a good amount of punching moves. I also think it will get Crabhammer.
      Other than that, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head for now.
      I like the fact that one of its eyes is squinted, sort of resembling a black eye in a way. Really subtle touch that makes the design work.

    1. Juan’s better than Wallace for me, but both of them are near the bottom of the list for fav Hoenn leaders.

      1. Honestly my favorite Gym Leader is probably Norman. That moment was so amazing, getting to take on your dad. Winona is a close 2nd tho, followed by Juan.

  32. Heya guys, do you often post Pokémon Showdown replays in here or is it frowned upon? I just had the clutchest battle of my life playing with my favorites and I thought I should share it with the world xD

          1. Haha that’s what I call a sweep! Doesn’t it get a little too easy with a Dragon Type though? ?

          2. Hahahaha Christ alive that “Fl1ps1d5✞” guy just won’t quit, will he? Can’t hate on him though; been there, done that.

          3. Only someone with a partner as strong as Rhyperior can make true justice xD Maybe I should get a pokémon picture like the rest of the folks here

  33. So wrapped up in playing MMOs and watching Netflix, I sometimes forget I told myself to post at least once every day on the Jungle

  34. The one thing I don’t like about Clair’s design is her hair. The way it frames her head makes it appear flat on the top xD

    1. Screw that, they should give Earthen his very much deserved Ground/Fighting Wrestling Warthog
      Sueyplex and its evolution Warhog
      Warhog: the Macho PKM
      Ability Guts/Sheer Force HA: Anger Point
      HP 120
      Attack 145
      Defense 100
      Sp Atk 30
      Sp Def 95
      Speed 70
      Bst 560
      A massive pig like humanoid with dark pinkish skin with splotches of dark brown mud on its body in the shape of a leotard, majorly muscular arms, legs and pectorals, its would have a 4 clawed hoof like fists and hoofs for feet, its warthog like face has a long snout with 4 tusks coming out of the mouth 2 big and 2 small, its eyes would be bright red and it would sport a large Crimson Mohawk that runs down the top of his head all the way to the base of his back ending with a tail with a small tuft

      Belly Drum
      Mud Slap
      8:Bulk Up
      12: Rollout
      15: Arm Thrust
      20: Focus Energy
      23: Swagger
      28: Bulldoze
      36: Take Down
      40: Vital Throw
      51: Earthquake
      57: Close Combat
      60: Piledriver

        1. Similar to Rhyperior Warhog has its own Signature Attack in the form of an elemental hyper beam
          The user grabs the opponent and crashes them into the ground with tremendous force, the user must recharge afterwards

          Lets face the music Warhog is basically Zangeif with a Warthog mask and it pulls a Zangeif and does a fancy doom piledriver

          1. So it’s the same as Tombstone Piledriver …with with all due respect to the legendary Undertaker.

          2. Personally, I’d prefer a Kangaroo for this type.
            Lunar Dark And Solar Light did this well

          3. No way, Mud Wrestling Pig is the absolute perfect Ground/Fighting type theme

            Besides I have a Normal/Fighting Kangaroo under the names Dojoey and Kickaroo

      1. Dude. I’ve seen your idea many, many times.
        It’s a great idea, but the lu’au pig is actually possible.

        1. But it’s not a Ground/Fighting type
          I’m going to be extremely blunt, Ground/Fire types are the worst they’re just too damn weak to water and ground and we already have them in Camerupt and P. Groudon and only Groudon works because of Desolate Land
          Not even sunny day helps Camerupt because it’s too slow and frail, and unless it’s absolutely nearly flawless with its special defense and speed it will always succumb to water and ground

    1. Listen, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to say that now. Events like that should be forgotten and put in the past. No need to have others asking what you’re talking about.

  35. So a poll option won despite a 74% supermajority voting against it. This is why single-vote polls are and always will be terrible. >:-(

    Multiple-vote poll please.

      1. Valerie won despite only 26% of voters being in favor and 74% being against. Now imagine such a lopsided victory being applied to a real-life democracy with a policy or ballot over some important issue. The results would be disastrous.

        Here’s a summary:
        The first video explains how a single-vote poll is quite possibly the worst voting system in the world, because of how easily it lets a worse option win, how easily it can be rigged, how much it rewards liars, and how subtle all of these corrupt tricks are. This becomes all the more horrible because of how often history is literally decided by this system. The more people know about this, the better.

        The second video shows a very simple alternative that instantly fixes almost all the problems with the first system, and should always, always be used in its place.

      1. The first video explains how a single-vote poll is possibly the worst voting system in the world, because of how easily it lets a worse option win, how easily it can be rigged, how much it rewards liars, and how subtle all of these corrupt tricks are. This becomes all the more horrible because of how often history is literally decided by this system. The more people know about this, the better.

        The second video shows a very simple alternative that instantly fixes almost all the problems with the first system, and should always, always be used in its place.

  36. well guys tomorrow is going to be the big day,the closing Ceremonies for the Olympic Games and the Pokemon world championship,it was quite a day a very big day,we saw cool events and cool new Pokemon,that’s so awesome seeing some new type of things really put a gleam of joyin our eyes,competitors from around the world and Gamers from around the world,this has been one quite of a day,I wonder what Pokemon sun and moon will give us next?

      1. I’m excited yet dreading going back. I love to learn but sooner or later, I’ll be counting the days until winter break

        1. I think of it this way: I won’t be able to experience the NX if I let summer go on forever. It will be very helpful to put my mind on something else before that is announced and amazing launch titles are shown.

          1. Yeah, so do I. Don’t forget about SM :3 With school and marching band, it’ll be November before I even know it 🙂

          2. Well that too of course, I just think about the NX as a huge part of Nintendo’s future. I’ve lived through ridicule for supporting the company through the Wii U era, and I want to see them come back on top…somehow.

  37. I don’t understand how any of these lame gym leaders one. These are like all my least favorites… They’re so bland.

    1. Honestly the only cool thing about Sabrinas look are her bracelets. She’s literally wearing a spaghetti strap top and pants. Misty is cooler

      1. These are all trash. Especially Valerie and Wallace. And Volkner. He doesn’t even have facial hair. Claire is okay because of her outfit but the rest are awful.

        1. I like Volkner and Elesa. The rest are okay. I like Wallace, but he’s not my fav. But Misty is my favorite overall, but I’m biased because of anime nostalgia <3

          1. Out of the Hoenn leaders I guess he’s my fav, but just because he actually serves the story a bit. I like Liza and Tate as leaders better though.

  38. Happy Hour Meowth has been officially distributed! While the leak claiming that it would be also said that Gigareki was a Pokemon, that might mean the leak has some fakes thrown in it as well. The leak is too specific to correctly “guess” the Pokemon, its special move, and the Poke Ball it gets distributed in. Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see Rainbow Greninja!

    1. I feel like it’s possible that this guy just had inside info regarding the event, rather than Sun and Moon.

    2. Not like cherish balls are terribly uncommon for gift pokemon.
      And Happy Hour is used for event pokemon a lot too. Although I do agree it’s very coincidental.

    1. And this is why people do hacking. 🙁

      I want this Meowth so bad, but I will never get it. 😛
      I don’t see the damn point of putting the stupid code up in not every one can use it. >:( My game system says that I cant receive this gift. That’s complete and total bull crap.

      The only way that I would be happy is if the move can get transferred through breeding.

      1. Well it’s out in Europe and Australia, so maybe they’ll release it elsewhere? If not, we have Europeans here, I’m sure one of them wouldn’t mind breeding one for you.

        1. I’d be happy with that, but I’m not even sure that the special move can be passed on. Would be nice if it could. 🙂

          1. That’s true..Hopefully it can. What about like hold hands and stuff, are those transferrable?

          2. I’m not sure, I don’t think I have a Pokemon that has Hod Hands, I would have to see if I did.

  39. Still slightly dissapointed from that episode on Thursday…
    Anyway, since I haven’t asked a question in awhile, what would be your own Pokemon team if you were a Pokemon Trainer?
    I would have:

  40. You know what would make a really cool pokemon? The Decorator Crab. They take objects from their environment like plants, pebbles, and even sedentary sea creatures and STICK THEM ONTO THEIR BODIES. It’s a form of camouflage! Is that not sweet!? They could totally make some sort of gimmick along the lines of Furfrou or Spinda. Maybe it has different forms or you can decorate it yourself.

    1. Maybe after you get it, when it levels up every 4 levels it’s appearance changes depending on the location it leveled up at? It does this for like 4-5 times.

      1. Yeah that sounds cool, although that might be frustrating if you like one form better than another lol. I wonder what the typing would be. Water/Rock? Water/Fairy? I was thinking fairy because it gathers items so it can hide, almost like Klefki. Crafty Shield definitely sounds like a move suited for this thing.

        1. Water/Fairy sounds like the best choice. Maybe instead of that level up idea, there’s different variants that can be found?

      1. Hermie III is one of the best mario bosses ever.
        Superstar Saga and Thousand Year Door are the best Mario RPGs.
        We need more Mario RPGs.

  41. Guys , as the last rumor or leak predicted , a meowth with happy hour is being distributed,however I still think that it’s false since anyone could get that kind of knowledge having a low post in TPC ,but still maybe some of it is true .sorry if that has already been reported , I was sick all day and didn’t get on the internet till now.

  42. well guys today is today the final day of the Olympic Games,the Pokemon world championship And Gamescom I can’t believe all of them is over all the events,all the reveals And all the cool stuff,this has been one great day. ;D

  43. I have an idea of a concept for a Pokemon.

    Basically, the Pokemon itself is based on and retains the appearance of an inanimate object. However, its backstory is that it knows that everyone hates Pokemon that resemble inanimate objects so it disguises itself as some badass looking animal in order to please everyone.

    Though, one question remains is: What object and which animal?

    1. Ok, the intimate object is pile of trash (Garpoordor) and the animal is fire breathing dragon (Overratedizard)

  44. I’m loving the art. We must embrace our memelord Alolan Exeggcutor. Anyways, I saw that the Happy Hour Meowth is actual true. Yet, events and DLC are usually on the server like a month before their release. It isn’t hard to do some detailed work in finding it. Without seeing that “Rainbow Greninja”, I’m already tossing it as fake.
    This doesn’t relate to Pokemon, but Dragon Quest XI is reconfirmed for the Nintendo NX. HYPE!

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