NEW POKÉMON Revealed in New Sun & Moon Trailer!

An all-new trailer for Sun & Moon has just been released in the opening ceremony of Worlds 2016, showcasing a new Pokémon known as Crabrawler. The Pokémon Company has also release a new trailer on the Pokémon YouTube Channel, showcasing four (one?) new Pokémon!

While technically speaking only one of the Pokémon is completely new, we have now learnt the English names of three Pokémon previously announced in CoroCoro earlier this month:

  • Crabrawler is a new Fighting-type Pokémon with the ability Hyper Cutter/Iron Fist
  • Sandygast and Palossand  are the two Ghost/Ground-type sandcastle Pokémon announced in CoroCoro. Both have Water Compaction, an ability that raises the Pokémon’s Defense by 2 when it is hit by a Water-type move
  • Finally, Stufful is Bewear’s pre-evolution with the ability Fluffy/Klutz

The Sun & Moon reveals just keep pouring in and it’s likely we won’t have to wait long for more. What do you think of Crabrawler?!

  1. Crabrawler has a personality that really hates to lose, and it’s driven not only to aim for a higher position than its fellows in terms of social standing, but literally to aim for a higher position in the landscape. Perhaps as a result, it’s sometimes found clinging to tall people or to the walls of buildings! If you try to remove one against its will, you’ll be met with a sound punch.

    Crabrawler’s favorite food is Berries. It punches the trunks of trees to give the branches a good shake and knock any ripe Berries to the ground so it can feast! Many Crabrawler may gather around a tree, but only the one that emerges victorious in battle against all the others receives the privilege of eating the ripe Berries.

    Crabrawler uses its claws to protect its face and belly while getting in close to an opponent to throw punches. Its punches are powerful enough to split tree trunks! Crabrawler’s pincers are sometimes torn off during its bouts—and they are said to be delicious.

  2. Sandygast
    CATEGORY Sand Heap Pokémon
    TYPE Ghost/Ground
    HEIGHT 1’08”
    WEIGHT 154.3 lbs.
    ABILITY Water Compaction
    A Sandygast emerges when the grudges of Pokémon and other creatures soak into the sand after they fall in battle. In essence, it’s a possessed lump of sand!

    If you heedlessly grab a Sandygast’s shovel, you’ll fall under the Pokémon’s control. A Sandygast uses its power to manipulate children into gathering sand to increase the size of its body. If a Sandygast loses its shovel, it may put up a tree branch, a flag, or another item in its place. These Sandygast are wanderers in search of their own shovels.

    The tunnel-like mouth of a Sandygast can suck the vitality from people and Pokémon. Apparently it’s a test of courage in the Alola region to put your hand in a Sandygast’s mouth.

    Sandygast has the new Water Compaction Ability, an Ability that no previous Pokémon has had. With Water Compaction, its Defense stat will go up by 2 if it’s hit with a Water-type move.

    1. Palossand
      CATEGORY Sand Castle Pokémon
      TYPE Ghost/Ground
      HEIGHT 4’03”
      WEIGHT 551.2 lbs.
      ABILITIES Water Compaction
      Palossand controls human adults, making them build a sand castle that provides camouflage and also raises its defensive abilities. Unlike Sandygast, if Palossand loses some of the sand from its body, it can restore itself on its own. When moving about in search of prey, the shovel on top of Palossand’s head revolves. It’s said that the shovel could be serving as some kind of radar.
      Palossand loves the vitality of Pokémon and drags small Pokémon into its body so it can steal their life force. Its sandy vortex swallows them up in a heartbeat! Pokémon dragged into Palossand leave traces of their ill will behind. It’s thought that this negative energy may be the starting point of new Sandygast…

  3. The sandcastle’s ability looks very good btw. Makes them less vulnerable to water moves it seems.

  4. Stufful
    CATEGORY Flailing Pokémon
    TYPE Normal/Fighting
    HEIGHT 1’08”
    WEIGHT 15.0 lbs.
    ABILITIES Fluffy/Klutz
    Stufful’s cute appearance and movements—plus the fluffy feel of its fur—all combine to make it super popular!

    This Pokémon may have a small body, but its strength is extraordinary. Receiving one of its powerful hits without being prepared for it can bring down even well-trained Pokémon!
    The truth is that Stufful doesn’t really like being touched. It hates being hugged tightly and will flail its arms in protest.

  5. Palossand controls human adults, making them build a sand castle that provides camouflage and also raises its defensive abilities. Unlike Sandygast, if Palossand loses some of the sand from its body, it can restore itself on its own. When moving about in search of prey, the shovel on top of Palossand’s head revolves. It’s said that the shovel could be serving as some kind of radar.
    Palossand loves the vitality of Pokémon and drags small Pokémon into its body so it can steal their life force. Its sandy vortex swallows them up in a heartbeat! Pokémon dragged into Palossand leave traces of their ill will behind. It’s thought that this negative energy may be the starting point of new Sandygast…

  6. So we can expect another crustacean with Wimpod’s evo. I swear, this could have been the evo (bug/fighting) but oh well.

    1. Water Compaction only raises physical defense (and still takes damage) and good luck with that since very few physical water attacks are used in favor of Scald

    1. Stuffle is a stuffed bear which is why they made the design look like a plushie. I think it looks really cute.

  7. I’ve decided that Stuffull is from now on my default Pokemon, in SuMo and any future titles. I can’t ignore so much adorable.

  8. Stufful being a plushie explains why its mouth is in the wrong place. It was just “created” that way.

  9. I like how Stufful hates to be touched and hugged, and when it evolves, it loves to hug so much that it can kill people by doing so

  10. Fans During Corocoro: EW BEWEAR PRE-EVOLUTION IS SO UGLY

  11. I’ve decided that Stuffull is from now on my default Pokemon, in SuMo and any future titles. I can’t ignore so much adorable.

  12. Pallosand seems very promising
    Also I actually like the backstory about its shovel

    I bet my in-game character will be chilling on the beach and find a lone shovel and a Sandygast will swiftly attack me and my team and after getting sanded we realize the shovel is all it wants, and after demonstrating its power I challenge it to a fight to catch it

          1. Well let’s see… Technically my soul is merged with a Earth Elmental’s spirit
            I really don’t want to start getting into the whole character biography because once I get going I don’t stop

  13. We finally have a crab that could fight! Also, Stufful is the cutest Pokemon ever. It’s animations and all are just too cute! <3

  14. How many pokemon have been revealed in August alone? And does anyone have an estimate on the number of pokemon in the pokedex for this gen?

    9 for the starters.
    Pikipek: 2, likely 3 total.
    Yungoos/Gumshoos = 2
    3 for the bug.
    Rockruff: total of 2.
    Komala: likely 2 total.
    Drampa: potential standalone, likely prevo. So 2.
    Bruxish: likely standalone.
    Cutiefly: tossup, I’ll go with two total.
    Salandit: I’m hoping it evolves, likely 2 total in its line.
    Stufful/ Bewear- 2.
    Mimikyu: standalone for sure.
    Wimpod: likely evo. Hopefully 3 stages total.
    Bounsweet: one evo more. Maybe a split. 2 or 3 total with split.
    Comfey: standalone is my guess.
    The horses = 2
    Minior: likely one evo. 2 total.
    Mantis x 2
    Oricorio: likely standalone (4 forms)
    Sandcastles: 2
    No way the fish evolves. Wishiwashi is a standalone.
    Myukumuku: one evo? 2 total.
    Morelull: could be 2 or 3 total.
    Tortunator: hopefully a prevo so 2 total.
    Crabrawler: standalone or one prevo. 1 or 2 total.
    Tapu Koko: 4 Tapus total.
    2 legends.

    That puts us at around 65 if every prediction comes true. I think its safe to say we are getting more than 70 this gen since we dont have any original ice or dark types yet. If each of those is a three stage, we would be at 71. We still dont have the pseudo legend either which is always a three stage, though it could be an ice or dark type and fill both quota. Idk. I think at the rate they are revealing these, we should have plenty of new pokemon to play with this gen!

      1. Oh yeah thats right! I didnt want to assume since Noctowl and Swellow dont fit the pattern. lol

    1. Plus I really dont think they’d officially reveal the whole pokedex this time around.

        1. Yeah. And since Im probably not going to see any new pokemon before november since Ill be so busy, Im glad the pokedex explicitly shows how many each will evolve into. That way Im not trying to evolve a pokemon that never will.

  15. I like his eyes ?
    And based on a land crab I see so no water typing, cool.
    I actually Like the castles.. good ability. It makes me understand Less why Drampa has to lose Half of it’s Hp only to get a +1 when they get +2 each hit, both def.

    1. Oh and the bear us Actually cute besides the weird label sticking out of its butt..
      The mouth looks weird closed tho

          1. Let me re-explain
            It is based off a crab, but the punching aspect is most likely from mantis shrimp since they punch prey to death and clearly Crabrawler demonstrates

    2. My other comment got deleted because I said where the tag is.. like.. ugh. Anyways… The bear is cute with mouth open.. closed.. its weird

    3. Land crab?……r there any kind of crab didn’t live beside the water is this thing really exist?

  16. Getting my body reggie for all of the Rocky memes from Crabrawler. Also, I swear, Stufful has the cutest attack animations ever.

        1. And clobber you unconscious
          Steal your wallet
          And use the money to build my own Stuffel

  17. I’m gonna repost my Sushi Pokemon because the article it was on was only there for a half hour. (Refresh)

          1. Well… I mean all humans are omnivorous. If you didn’t eat some vegetarian, you wouldn’t survive.

          2. Well can they go 8 minutes without saying they’re vegan? Cuz I’m mostly talking about those ones…

  18. Comment section of the trailer being flooded by ignorant fools crying Crabcrawler isn’t a water type.

    1. Why does it matter? We have a bunch of Water-Type Crabs already. There is such a thing as a land crab.

      1. I personally like when they take an animal and give it inspiration that you wouldnt think would fit. Sharpedo being based on a shark- the water/ dark type is so obvious. Its executed well, just not anything super out of the box. But pokemon like Zebstrika. Im so impressed by that dude having electric typing. It fits so well. Who thought of adding electric to a zebra? The ground crocodiles are the same way. So is galvantula. The only time this doesnt work is for Yanmega and Flygon. One of them should be bug/ dragon. They’re dragonflies… it’s in the name for goodness sake.

        1. I’ll assume you mean live-action and not recent ones…

          Action: Air Force One, Executive Decision, any Die Hard, any Lethal Weapon, any Expendables, Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Predator 1

    1. Pixels, any Pokemon movie excluding Diancie’s, Kirby fright to the finish, Expendables 3, or MIB 3.

    2. Wolf Children, The Boy and the Beast, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Fractale (a series that has the animation and plot of a movie), The Martian, Gravity, Kubo and the Two Strings, any Star Wars film, any Star Trek film, Interstellar (boring, but has really good messages and a good plot), and Harry Potter film.

      1. It’s actual art from Moxie2D; it portrays Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I’ve never watched the show, but I loved the art.

  19. The news keeps coming! Crabrawler is awesome, I can see myself training one. Anybody know the meaning of Palossand’s name?

    1. It could also come from the word, “Palo” which literally translates to stick hence the Poke’dex entry.

    2. Palo can translate to “stick”
      “Pile of Sand” similar to its Japanese name of “It’s a castle, huh”
      Palace + Sand
      Pala is shovel in Spanish
      Contains the word “pal” “and” “loss”

  20. I need National Geographic or Discovery to someday have a tie-in marketing tactic with Pokemon; “New Species of Animal Discovered” and turns out to be a new Pokemon. Or build-a-bear to have tie in promotions with Pokemon. And I’m still scratching my head as to why they still haven’t had a deal with Disney (Nintendo does, but these Japanese businessmen and women are sly foxes).

  21. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but is anyone else hoping for a hiatus on pokemon reveals? There’s been four this month if Im not mistaken. And its not just one each time. Im kind of hoping they slow down, unless they’re pulling all the stops and were about to get 150 new ones.

    1. I seriously hope that they don’t reveal almost all of the Pokemon or have any leaks similar to X/Y. I do think the dex size will be reasonable, but we got 3 more months of news with likely six updates (one at the start of the month and one from the CoroCoro). We got these few reveals because of Gamescom and the World Championship. We’re likely going to get one more thing at the end of the event.

      1. If these were leaked pokemon, it would be different. But this is official. The company feels confident in revealing these pokemon prerelease. A few pokemon is enough for people to want to buy the game and discover more. The marketing really confuses me.

    2. I think we do have a very substantial generation (surely more than 100), so what we will see is still a fraction of the final roster.

      1. I discussed below that we have around 65 if you count potential evos and are being optimistic about those predictions. Still no ice, dark, or pseudo this gen so far. Plus if they have one of each of those types and the pseudo happens to be one of those (either the ice or the dark type) that would mean GF is only saving at minimum two lines as a secret until the games release. That would mean we’d only get evos of the pokemon revealed thus far in the coming months, which I highly doubt will happen.

    3. I agree with ya. They did the same with X/Y revealed a shitload of Pokemon before release, and we ended up only getting 69 new Pokemon.

    4. I’m excited for the reveals but I can’t help feel spoiled by them myself, to the point that my brain might explode.

          1. I think when I watched a tiny bit of the reveal at worlds, it ended after crabrawler and it showed him battling a bunch of pokemon really fast, like a landorus and such. And said something about getting ready to battle with this dude.

    1. It was the trailer shown at Worlds and seems to be an online battle where Crabrawler defeated Talonflame, Cresselia, Kangaskhan, and Smeargle I believe.

  22. Moana and Pokemon Sun/Moon both come out in November, both have crabs, both are about traveling through several islands, and both are inspired from Hawaiian/Polynesian cultures. Coincidence? I think not.

  23. With all the new Pokemon they are revealing. I hope Sun/Moon has large roster of new Pokemon.

  24. Why is it pure fighting??

    I don’t get it…

    The blue makes it look like a water pokemon. But then again.. It looks more like a bug type than water.. So why not bug fighting

  25. Wait… a Fighting type??? Not at least PART Water? Cool!

    And, based on his design, wait Wi-fi get crowded with it named Rocky, or Balboa, or, if female…. ADRIAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!

  26. I just opened PJ and saw the new pokemon and my only reaction was: WHAT THE FUCK. gonna watch the video

  27. When I first saw palossand in corocoro, I liked it, but with that ability? Definitely on the team, which is weird considering he’s only the 2nd pokemin for sure on my team

          1. Not necessarily a price tag. One of those annoying tags that tell you how to wash it.

    1. Stuffel was a great idea that went astray. I love the stuffed animal concept but the tag is just awkward and takes it too far. Do they stick tags up their butts to look more like stuffed animals so people will like them more??

      My other issue with its design is the mouth below the muzzle. What were they thinking? I will say I like it better now that I’ve seen the 3D sprite, but those two factors prevented it from being a great Pokémon.

    2. its a tag you moron! what else did ya think it was…….. -_- dont answer that

  28. Official site says crabrawler legs sometimes come off in fights, and they’re supposed to taste delicious

  29. The crab doesn’t do anything to me but it’s a nice addition. I hope we have lots of new Pokemon and I don’t care if they reveal the whole pokedex before hand, I’d rather know what’s available so I can make my team. As long as they keep the story secret I am good

  30. Description of Sandygast:

    Apparently it’s a test of courage in the Alola region to put your hand in a Sandygast’s mouth.

    I’ll just put it out here.

  31. Sandyghast and Palossand.

    As much as I love the Pokemon, the names dont really do it for me :/

      1. The names for Sun/Moon have been sub-par so far. Designs are great, names are weird and unfitting.

    1. Although Water Compaction is cool. Depends on its stats, but I see it having good base HP, but I don’t think it would make it immune to water.

      If it does, well then, this things is going to be awesome.

  32. Pokemon being real in life would be the most terrifying thing;
    “BREAKING: Local Gyarados goes berserk leaving nothing but ash behind.”
    “BREAKING: Time and space have ceased and we are all about to die.”
    “Man taken into custody over sexual abuse of Pokemon”
    “Trainers? Study finds kids no longer aspire to be trainers”
    “Man beaten to death by own Pokemon”
    “Pokemon Abuse; How to Stop it”
    “Arceus decides he regrets creating us”

  33. Seeing the sand ghosts in action, they literally look like how an Alolan Grimer and Muk would be.

    Loved Crabrawler. I understand why it isn’t part Water, but I’ll try and add it to my team.

    Little cub should wipe better….. if you know what I mean…. It’s cute though.

    1. I really wish they had designs like grimer and muk instead of the crap sandcastly thing and that thing on their heads is just so stupid

      1. That would be bland. Kill two birds with one stone; sand monster + sandcastle?! Who wouldn’t want that?

      2. Why would we want another Grimer and Muk. We already have Gulpin and Swalot, which are basically the same thing

      3. They’re not that bad. I usually perfer humanoid/animal-like Pokemon (Honedge is an exception), but I don’t mind their designs.

  34. That moment a person insinuates you being a slut, but you don’t care anyway because you’ve seen their search history and know their parents well…

      1. What’s more fascinating is how I’m only 14 and they think I go around town looking for a man………… WTF?

        1. Awwww….you’re taking your baby steps into the real world.

          Word of advice, it’s a horrid place, don’t take too much notice of what people think or say about you.

          1. LOL! Whenever I call someone and they’re trying to be polite, they’re always like, “Hang on mam,” or, “What can I help you with mam?” And even after I tell them several times I’m a boy, they’re like, “Mam?” ???

          2. Same when I answered the phone when I was young. Now people think Im my dad when I answer the phone o.O

          3. Lol, that was an honest question. Idk until what age one’s voice changes. Not looking for ur d

          4. Are you American? Because I’ve noticed that a lot of young American guys have really deep voices but that’s due to the language I think and how they have that really thick r sound.

          5. My voice is at that awkward point when you are a squeaker but have a deep voice at the same time, it is just… bad

          6. I never went through that stage. My voice has always been like a girl’s. My sister’s friends always ask for, “Your little sister” and they used to play dress-up and make-up with me…

          7. And mine sound’s like I’m constantly chewing something…. Probably cuz I am…. My molars are always biting the back of my mouth… It’s… weird…

        1. Well don’t worry, if you have their creepy internet history, you have blackmail on them.

    1. Ehh, 5ban Graphics just aint my cup of tea… (it looks like 5ban, not sure it it actually is)

  35. Crabrawler sounds like an Earthen type of Pokemon.

    Even the flavour text is inspired by Earthen

    1. Crabrawler has a personality that really hates to lose, and it’s driven not only to aim for a higher position than its fellows in terms of social standing, but literally to aim for a higher position in the landscape. Perhaps as a result, it’s sometimes found clinging to tall people or to the walls of buildings! If you try to remove one against its will, you’ll be met with a sound punch.

      Eeyep that sounds like me alright

  36. Am I the only one who can’t load properly and the sun and moon website at all? I can load every other website just fine…

  37. Hmmmmm Water Compaction isn’t that great of an ability actually
    If it raised special defense then we’re talking but this is physical defense we’re talking about ergo only useful about getting hit by literally 2-3 moves Waterfall, Aqua Jet and maybe Razor shell and possibly Aqua Tail
    Nobody uses Clamp or dive or crab hammer or Water Shuriken and that is literally every physical water move that would benefit activating Water Compaction
    This thing will be once again be bullied by the overbearing special water regime

      1. Yes but were you not listening?
        What’s the point if 80% of the time you’re going to get hit by a special water attack, raising the defense wouldn’t change that

        1. It’s a double battle ability…use one of the weaker physical water moves against it yourself, then boom, an automatic +2 defense. Assuming the opponent doesn’t currently have a water Pokemon on the field you’re good.

    1. It would also have been nice if it was like storm drain and took no damage from water.
      Let’s just hope this thing has a good special defense stat, cause I love its typing

    1. One of my favorite things currently on the internet… that its pikachu makes it so much better.

  38. anyone think pokemon who get extra concept art could mean that they could play a important role in a anime episode or be caught by a main character?

        1. Am I the only one who’s always dreamed of seeing published an expanded pokedex, done in the manner of a natural history book, with exclusive art and detailed descriptions of behaviour and ecology? That would be AMAZING

  39. Hate to be that guy, but what is that on Stufful’s butt? Is it a tag? Was that pokemon factory made?

      1. It’s just an awkward design decision though and brings up all these awkward thoughts in my head lol. Examples, do trainers write their names on the tags? If you find a lost Stufful do you check its tag? Is “Asstag” a legitimate insult in Alola? And so much more from one quick image in the video lmao

    1. its a tag yes. idk if its factory made. maybe it was brought to life on the artificial island

  40. Yeh, the Sandcastles aren’t gonna be that great. I still love the concept though, but their useability has declined, and I’m not too fond of the names, they’re gonna have to grow on me.

    My new Team


    1. I feel like their ability will be great in double battles. No damage anddefence goes up 2 stages from water attack. Use water shuricken on it from your own team, bam

      1. It’s not no damage. They still take damage from water attacks. If they were immune to water attacks it would have been a godly ability. But as it stands, it’s not good at all. Even in doubles it will be limited.

        1. As I already compiled the two most physical Water Moves are Waterfall and Aqua jet those are quite literally all you’d ever see and most would be wise not to hit it unless packing firepower

      2. I wouldn’t use something that would knock it out like that. Something like Bubble would be perfect if you can spare the room for learning it.

  41. Gamexplain might’ve figured out a big piece to the puzzle that is Z-Moves. During the Gamescon demo, somebody used the Z-move Hyper Sprint Attack. However we can see that sometihng else happened when the move was selected. When he pressed the Z-Move button the move that Pikachu had, Slam, was highlighted and changed into Hyper Sprint Attack. When Pikachu used it did damage to bring Rowlet below half of it’s HP, meaning it did significant damage, but not enough to kill. So a theory came up, if Slam transformed into Hyper Sprint Attack, did the Z-Move take elements from Slam. By that I mean Z-Move’s BP depend on the move they transform from. However that would bring up the question, why would we use Z-Moves if they’re going to be that Same BP as the move you already have. So the theory also adds, what if it doubles the BP of the base move, or ,like mega evolution, add 100 BP? These move don’t seem like they take on secondary effects, so you get a really damaging move off, plus think of what happens when you use explosion in that case. You get crazy damage, and your pokemon doesn’t die as a repercussion. The Z-Moves could definitely be interesting additions to the game. What do you guys think?

        1. Well, what I meant when I said highlighted, the bar Slam was on extended outward and changed into Hyper Sprint Attack.

    1. Well, it’s probably so you can’t use Z-moves forever, think about it, one hit per battle and most pokemon are out…

      1. When you said bUT hey, all I could think was bUT hey, that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY

  42. So as of now with all the mons revealed for Sun and Moon, I’m gonna pull off and say Sun and Moon will have a lot more new Pokemon then X and Y did. So far I counted the revealed Pokemon that were accounted for, but included Pokemon who’s evolution were expected (Starter evolution being 3), and those hinted at recent demos and such (Pekipeck having 3 evos, Rockruff having one evo hinted in its description and Coro Coro atm) and so forth. As a result I counted that we know of 48 new Pokemon this gen ( I included Magearna and the 3 legendary Pokemon revealed). So yeah, seems this gen will have a lot to choose from, which is great!

    1. I love Bewear’s and Stufful’s. SOOOO CUTE!!! It’s like they’re blue cotton candy (♥ᴥ♥)
      SO GUD!

    2. I hope palossand is black as a shiny, taking advantage of the famous black sand beaches in hawaii

    3. Bewear because my friend said baby blue+Dark blue would be nice
      Crabrawler because Red boxing gloves kek
      And the Castles because Soul Sand from minecraft( kill me) which is usually a redish color

    4. I like it! Very interesting take on these new additions. Would love to see more of these as time goes on 🙂

      1. I’ve done every pokemon so far revealed except for Vulpix line since im learning how to manipulated white

      1. Well I’m sure Persian will be cool but it’s not exactly “new”, since it’s just a form. I want some cool new animals and stuff

          1. I did have this one lion idea where Persain gets traded with a King’s Rock to become Prowlion

    1. I’m betting by the end of the day, adult websites will have products resembling the tail and tag…

        1. Of all Shinies you want you want a Ledyba
          They don’t even look that different just slightly brighter

          Go for something more badass like a Haxorus or a Heatmor maybe even a Talonflame

          1. Shiny Ledyba is amazing because it’s very realistic. It looks like a yellow ladybug. Plus Ledian is my favorite Pokemon. You would want a shiny Rhyperior even if it looked bad wouldn’t you?

          2. Are you one of those people who randomly squashes any bugs in sight even if they’re not bothering you at all?

          3. Sometimes but we must rule out the weak

          4. True, having a shiny Ledian is still a cool thing to have. Good luck with the Masada method.

          5. Dude if Green likes a shiny Ledian then let them get a shiny Ledian. At least it looks better than shiny Rhyperior.

    1. Lol, nope. Proves nothing.

      Firstly it’s a random battle, the movesets are shit.
      Secondly he has a massive weakness to Virizion.
      Thirdly a Gengar with a Poison move would have easily beaten it. Hell Golbat walls it and beats with Brave Bird (HP Ice won’t even do half).

  43. A crab that isn’t a Water Type for once? And it has Iron Fist as an ability? I might just be tempted to use it.

    I still want that Fighting/Steel boyscout Pokemon from that fake leak a few weeks back to be real though. C’mon, the idea’s just too ridiculous to not do it, Game Freak!

  44. Oh no. There’s a theory going around that Lysandre/Malva used Sunny Day right before Alain’s Charizard used Blast Burn lol.

      1. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me since Lysandre and Malva are criminals and theoretically Alain is too

  45. Sandygast! Best name for it imo! I love it, I wasn’t too sure of the sandcastles when I first saw them but seeing them in game they are top notch. Stufful! such an adorable name, cry and pokemon, I love the little tag it has omg I just wanna cuddle it. Crabrawler! Love its colours immensely, looks a bit drunk but I guess thats the fighting thing after one takes a few hits, it’ll grow on me I’m sure! 😀 so hyped for sun and moon, like it never stoppes getting better! XD

  46. First things first.. I will protect Stufful with my life and I will murder anyone who hurts the precious baby. *clears throat* ok… I love the sandcastle to pieces and I want twenty of these killer sandcastles. Also, I’m naming the first Crabrawler I catch either Rocky or Little Mac..

          1. Yeah keep telling yourself that when a 650 pound grizzly bear pins you down and bites your face off

  47. Ok so I just got home from work and watched the new trailer for the first time. OH…….MY……GOD!!!!!!! Stufful is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! It even has a tag coming out of it’s butt!!!! hahahaha That clinches it I want both it and Bewear on my team lol

    1. Forced by Lysandre to participate to gather Mega energy. It’ll all be revealed soon. WATCH THIS SPACE

  48. Alright since I can’t find Governor I had a crazy idea for a Crabrawler
    Somebody with a computer and art programs should try and reskin Crabrawler to look like Little Mac

  49. So, I’ve been listening to more Pokemon music lately and I’m interested to see what your guys’ favorite songs are! Here goes my Top 5 in order:

    1. Professor Sycamore’s Theme (XY)
    2. Zinnia’s Battle Theme (ORAS)
    3. Alder’s Encounter Theme (BW)
    4. Castelia City Theme (BW)
    5. Sootopolis City Theme (R/S version)

    Honorable Mentions include:
    Nimbasa City Theme (BW)
    Route 10 Theme (BW)
    Route 15 Theme (XY)

    1. I don’t know what order so here is some of my favorites

      Vermillion City (HG/SS)
      New Bark Town (HG/SS)
      National Park (HG/SS)
      Route 47 (HG/SS)
      Verdanturf Town (R/S/E)
      Deoxys Battle Theme (R/S/E)
      Zinnia Encounter (ORAS)
      Slateport City (ORAS)
      Route 217 (D/P/Pt)
      Route 209 (D/P/Pt)
      Pokemon League (D/P/Pt)
      Giratina Battle Theme(D/P/Pt)
      Cynthia Encounter Theme (D/P/Pt)
      Lake (D/P/Pt)
      Asperita City (B2/W2)
      Credits (B/W)
      Dragon’s Awakening (B/W)
      Route 10 (B/W)
      Emotion (B/W)
      Iris Champion Theme (B2/W2)
      VS Legendary Pokemon (X/Y)

      1. Lots of those are great as well, but I limited myself to 5, haha. Will have to check some of these out!

    2. A few favourites, in no particular order except the first one, and I’ve probably forgotten a whole bunch of them:
      A lullaby for trains (BW music CD)
      (technically I’m kinda cheating here but you could just treat this as Anville town)
      Azalea Town (probably the FRLG remix which made me love it in the first place, can’t remember which sevii island it plays on).
      National park (you can find magnificent piano covers on youtube)
      Wally’s Battle Theme (ORAS) (So unimaginably epic)
      Twinleaf town (especially the music box version from Platinum)

    3. RSE Bike Theme
      Route 216
      Route 210
      Route 209
      Route 4
      Route 30 something, it’s the good one in Johto
      Ecruteak City
      Kanto Gym Battle (HGSS)
      Relic Castle . . .
      Just to name a few, the list goes on.

  50. Wasn’t expecting any new pokemon to be revealed , but at least we english info on the sandcastle pokemon, the ability is ok , I understand why they call it water compaction and defense raise but would have great when it hit by any water attacks , both of them will lose it ground typing and show it true ghostly form. Stufful is meh, crabrawler OK …..

  51. Dear Pokejungle,

    I’m sure most of you don’t even know me but oh well haha. I’m making my departure. I’ve a lot of life changing events going on in the on-coming months and those need to be priority, along side my family. You all have been amazing and so welcoming. This will also probably be my last pokemon generation.

    @Earthen keep posting your pokemon ideas. I’ve always found them to be awesome. As weird as this sounds, but don’t change.

    @Percy Thank you, just, thank you for being so kind.

    @Moving, don’t stop moving

    We’ll, I guess this is goodbye! My Disqus will be disabled…eventually haha


    1. Enjoy living the grown-up life! We loved having you around, so thanks for the lovely time! 🙂

    2. It’s been great having you around. Best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for sharing your passion for Pokemon with us. 🙂

    3. I’ve enjoyed having you around here for this short time. Good luck with life! 😀 (Did that sound sarcastic?)

    4. (╥_╥) bye Gikie it was such a pleasure to have you here and you blessed us all with your kindness and understanding even in the darkest of times. You will truly be missed. <3

      1. Thank you and it’s all about perspective. Just take a step back and assess the situation and everything will be at ease even if your heart wants to burst out in emotions. Tame it and you can do anything 🙂

    1. I felt the same way before but here I am ….I am back .

      being a child that’s mean I can grow more and more ……and I can be more creative.

    2. Im sorry to say it, but maybe you are, they are pretty much the same as they have always been. Keep holding on as long as you can! Growing out of pokemon sounds like a truly dreadful thing

    3. Not a big fan of the sandcastle pokemon…and the red panda could’ve been better. :/ It’s only my favorite animal ever and they made it bland as fuck. Also some of the alolan forms are random

      1. Well the Bewear line are based on merchandise such as plushes and costumes rather than entirely on a red panda

    4. Well every gen has some sort of design motif:

      Kanto: Semi-realistic
      Johto: Normal
      Hoenn: Tropical and Colourful
      Sinnoh: idk
      Unova: Industrial
      Kalos: Domestic
      Alola: Weird when looked at artwork, but cool when animated

  52. What’s with those names? I think Babywear and Collosand would’ve been more fitting for Stuffel and Palossand. Crawbrawler is alright, no strong feelings either way for me. On a side note, we now know 39 Pokemon excluding Alola forms. Either we have a larger dex on our hands or they’re planning to reveal most of the new ones pre release (possibly as a reaction to what happened in gen 6).

      1. Oh that’s good! I really hate the name Sandygast. It’s just like Talonflame. Pasting two words together doesn’t sound like a Pokemon name to me, it’s just lazy.

        1. :O whattt? its like the best pokemon name in a really really long time, it just rolls of the tongue and is a perfect fit.

    1. The names have sucked this gen so far imo. But even still, I’m having a hard time making a team, because the designs are just really good.

        1. Among others, yeah. I mean it could be I’m just not used to them yet, but I don’t remember ever disliking names as much as I have this gen xD

  53. I can’t deny I want to say this as former boxer Crabrawler is really touch my soul with with this adamant personality with this broken face that looks like a skull an give it a pirate attitude …….yeah I still feel it’s a water type even if coconut crabs can’t swim but this is 100 time better than Hitmonchan and I will use it.

  54. Gotta say I’m impressed and delighted by how spoiled we’re being with pokémon concepts this generation. The number of things being ticked off the “this should be a pokémon” list is off the charts this time. Sure, past generations have all done, this but I feel pretty much every sun/moon reveal brings along more of these.

    This gen we have a woodpecker, a koala, a grub, a filefish, a bee fly, a red panda/teddy bear, a mimic, an isopod, a donkey, a sandcastle, an orchid mantis (more like mantis orchid lol), a meteor, an oriole, a schooling sardine, a sandcastle, a sea cucumber, a bioluminescent fungus, a matamata, a coconut crab… Also an arctic fox and a proper palm tree.

    Plus we have new cool versions of a mongoose, a horse, a salamander, a stag beetle, and a hedgehog.

    And we’re pretty much promised a tiger, a snowman and a dolphin.

    Compare this to last gen, which was already satisfactory on this front, where we got: a fennec fox, a robin, a proper lion, a goat, a panda, a poodle, a sword, cuttlefish/squids, barnacles, leafy sea dragons, pistol shrimps, frilled lizards, fully genuine theropods and sauropods, an eagle warrior luchador, a hamster, a treant, pumpkins, and an iceberg.

    That’s about the same number of ideas, less if you count supposedly leaked pokémon, and we’re only in august!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what come up next!!!

      1. Well, I saw multiple fakemon based on one, and it made me want one, so I guess it’s just a matter of opinion :p . I’m not gonna pretend it’s not a very niche thing to want though haha .

          1. “Genuine theropod” is in the list :p , though it could indeed use more detail. As could genuine sauropod, we got an amargasaurus of all things, and that’s amazing!

    1. It came to mind as a possibility, but after thinking about it, it doesn’t seem that likely, there’s nothing that particularly links them apart from reveal timing. Maybe if crabrawler had been water type, but it’s a well thought-out coconut crab, so that’s not the case.
      I do think they will both get prevos though, if that’s anything.
      It’s possible though, you never know!

      1. it’s the colour schemes that made me think so for some reason, no big deal if they aren’t! just gave me that feeling

  55. I know some people said that they were having trouble using Pokejungle on mobile, but this is getting out of hand. I don’t know if the issues have something to do with my device, but I can’t even type a sentence without the page crashing. I’m trying to read previous comments and I can’t even get to the “load more” without it crashing. All of the other websites I’ve been using (without disqus) have been working fine, so I don’t think that my device is bugged. Plus I just got the phone I’m typing on now three months ago, so it’s not old. I’ve gotten to the point where I have to type my comments elsewhere, and cut and paste them in. Please, if anyone has any information on these issues, it would be very greatly appreciated. This has become my main and only way I use PokeJungle, so if the issues persist, I may be forced to leave. . . Ah, who am I kidding, I won’t leave during prime SM info season. But if it does persist I’ll be on a lot less than I’d like, maybe once or twice a week. I can’t be the only one who has it this bad, right?

    1. Looks like no one knows anything. :/ All I can do is hope that things get better before SM, when it’ll be really crazy around here.

    2. Yeah I’ve been having a really bad time as well. That’s what I haven’t been on tbh

    3. I have the same problem with my phone (Apple), but it works perfectly on my tablet (Android). I don’t have any other devices to know if the problem is with the company or the device type though. :/

  56. Someone said there’s new SuMo info coming on the 21st, thats tomorrow. I highly doubt that lol

      1. it was part of the leaks that I’m pretty sure was false, 21st they were supposed to reveal “rainbow” greninja

  57. I feel like we’re not getting the time to get to know the new Pokémon since they’re really spoiling us. I keep forgetting about all the new Pokémon because of the short time-lapse between every announcement. Is that weird?

    1. I feel that way as well. All of these pre-orchestrated reveals have been very impressive though, and it will be important for them to match this consistency in the future. I review the Pokemon page on the official site once a day or so to refresh my memory about what’s been announced.

      1. Exactly, it’s amazing we get this much news but at the same time it’s hard to keep up. I sometimes freshen up my memory too.

          1. it was more or less supposed to be because Haxford is attractive as heck. But like I’ll take it! Skull kid is the bomb. (also I was watching a video unrelated to MM while typing this and they used his laugh sound effect randomly and now I feel like Ive set some sort of demon free or something)

            edited because I goofed up a name the first time

    2. I think you’ll get enough time when the game comes out. How exactly do you expect to get to know a Pokemon before you can even play with it in-game?

      1. Oh it is based on a coconut crab? I was wrecking my brain trying to figure out its origin.

          1. And Crabrawler also climb trees and high places, just like real-world coconut crabs do.

  58. I thought crabrawler was likely to have a pre-evolved form, but judging by it’s small size you’d think it would actually be the one to evolve…. That’s probably the case then, unless they’re pulling a Little Mac on us.

  59. I finally figured out Palossand’s name. I think it’s palace + pile of sand. Makes much more sense now.

    1. But that has nothing to do with ghosts. It should’ve been Collosand, Sancursle, or Sandgastle.

  60. Im trying to get the most out of HGSS and see all there is to see! There is alot to do at the pokeathelon! Lots of records to break, medals to win and even trophys! This is my 6th playthrough and Im still learning about these games!

    1. School is starting, so I’m kinda busy, but when I can I’m still chugging through my platinum Nuzlocke. Just entered my favorite routes, the snowy ones.

  61. I feel like I’m the only here that thinks this, but I really do like the sand castle mons. It’s very cool how it disguises itself as a sand castle, and then swallows up its prey like quicksand.

      1. Wait wut. . . Doesn’t that do nothing compared to the eviolite?
        Oh I read.. wit it’s about. More for breeding

  62. I just had the coolest experience catching Ho-Oh. It was sun down when I started the battle, then many ultra balls later, I caught him and it was night.

    1. Sandgastle! Collosand! There are many better choices. Sandoom or something like that would’ve been better than Sandygast, what a lazy name.

        1. Just a basic theory that said since Dragonite and Zubat were on the site they’d get Alola forms.

          1. After all, they would’ve had to transfer original forms already because when they were showing off the Alolan forms, they show the old forms in the Dex.

          2. That’d work with any Pokemon really. And we have the trainer for scale. They may have done it to through us off though.

          3. Well, if Gyarados is on the site with them, it doesn’t add up, because we’ve seen a regular Gyarados in the wishiwashi trailer.

        1. I should’ve clarified more, my mistake. Let me know if my reply to Guzma didn’t clear things up.

          1. I’ve never seen “Well we’ve seen ___ already” as much of a reason for a pokemon not to get an Alola Form.

          2. Gyarados already has a mega and I think that’s more solid proof if anything.
            We’ll just have to wait and see.

          3. How do you figure that as more proof? If they got Alola forms, they’d have to redesign the mega.

          4. Oh. xD You meant proof that they won’t get Alola forms. Whoops, I thought you meant the opposite.

          5. Yeah that’s solid proof that Gyarados WONT be getting an Alolan form. It would be to much for him to get an Mega and and Alolan form as well. So I doubt it’s gonna happen. I don’t think ANY of the Pokemon that got megas will be receiving Alolan forms.

        1. I doubt they’d give starter evos are worlds, but new Alola forms would be likely if we get new info.

          1. We’re in the halfway point to Sun and Moon’s release date so the starters’ next evolutions could be reasonably revealed right now.

  63. That leak that was posted on Pokejungle about a Rainbow Greninja might end up having some credibility to it. Despite falsely leaking “Gigareki,” the leaker correctly predicted that a Meowth that knows Happy Hour would be distributed at worlds in a Cherish Ball. The picture below supposedly shows a Meowth that was found on Nintendo’s servers. Note that “Etrennes” is Happy Hour in French. I might be completely wrong, but we’ll have to wait until the closure of Worlds to see a Rainbow Greninja!

        1. Why do leakers do this? Why do they mix in their false information with the accurate stuff? It makes it hard to trust them. First the Chinese leak and potentially this.

  64. If Gyarados, Spearow and Pinsir do get Alola Forms, what do you think their typing will be?

    1. Water/Dragon for Gyarados, Bug/Ground for Pinsir and I’m unsure on what Spearow could be.

    2. Pure Dragon for Gyarados, Electric for Pinsir, and Spearow WAIT! Spearow was in the Tapu Koko trailer, in the scene where it gets struck down by Tapu koko! That’s a cutscene, so it definitely won’t get an Alola form.

  65. My goodness Stufful has got to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen, too cute for words. Crabrawler is pretty darn awesome too! the blue boxing gloves is a nice touch and also has some beautiful coloring too it, doesn’t look like a Pokemon you should mess with that’s for certain. And lastly but not least Sandygast and Palossand are very cool, they looked neat when they were first shown in corocoro but the video with them gives the 2 new mons so much more justice imo. Overall brilliant I absolutely cannot wait till these games come out, definitely going to turn out amazing! 🙂

  66. alright guys,that takes care of day one of the Pokemon world championship,now all we need to do is wait for day 2 so we’ll see what new Pokemon will see at the PWC Next.

          1. He’s fine but it is worth noting that Bewear is hands the least athletic fighting type ever. How exactly is this thing suppose to execute hand to hand combat, fighting type moves? Can’t wait to see it in the anime

          1. It’s design is just… Odd to say the least. Like even though simplicity seems to be the key to most of the greatest poke designs, the way bewear is drawn is almost TOO simple. Like a small child drew it. Compare it to something like Pangaroo , and I think you see my point. But I don’t hate it! The sandcastle I hate but Bewear is like that kid at school who you just don’t ever really pay much attention to

    1. I Can’t really figure out why it’s a fighting type though. But at least it’s a unique typing to say the least 🙂

      1. It says it uses martial arts it has learned from watching people or something… which is a bit weak :L *I personally think its because there is a Black Belt trainer inside o__0*

  67. I feel like bewear wants hugs because it realized how great they were after not wanting them as a stufful, but after evolving it’s too stong, so it has problems getting hugs

    1. I’ve been poisoned with too much internet. Let’s keep the prison at a minimal today please…

      1. Gross fan art is poison to the pokemon art community. I can’t even google ANYTHING pokemon related without getting some kinky shit.

          1. Kukui’s skin tone is exactly the same he’s just um… quite larger, but Kiawe is a lighter

    1. Do you have a deviantart? If so could You let me know your name on there to follow you? I liked your sushi fakemon 🙂

  68. Well I’ve officially decided to not play a Pokemon game until Sun and Moon come out. I’m burned out on Pokemon after playing it 2 months straight and have other games to finish and start.

      1. Lol, that”s a whole mess of a debate. I’m of the opinion that there aren’t, but both sides are defendable really.

      2. I don’t think there are animals in the Pokemon world. The first seasons of the anime were a mess because they put random animals in the anime when they shouldn’t be there. But at the same time they don’t want to say people eat pokemon so that’s why this topic is avoided

        1. unless you believe the ash is in a comma theory as to why the real world animals are slowly disappearing as time goes on in the anime

          1. It would explain why he never ages but I don’t really buy that. I was thinking about this theory yesterday though, I mean, imagine if winning the league meant him getting out of the coma so that’s why he nevers wins. But nah, he’s just a retard who sucks at training pkm

          2. honestly I didn’t really give any thought to the theory at first and then I watched a video that supported it and like everything about the anime was explained in some way or another to be a product of his coma, especially team rocket, and then I was just like. Whoaaaaa! Mind blown.

            he also sucks as a pokemon trainer though so thats valid

          3. I’m pretty sure anyone could say Ash is an alien and came to this world with clefary and still be able to find things in the anime to support their idea. The thing is, the pokemon world is not only about ash, there are many other characters (games, manga) and I doubt all of them out be a byproduct of ash’s coma.

          4. no the coma theory only says that ash is in a coma, not anything else, and he’s not from the real world, he’s still in the pokemon world its just he was so obsessed with pokemon and stuff that the real world animals disappeared from his coma and the pokemon became tamer, which is why its not like origins where they can die and are like terrifying

            which is why origins and the comics have pokemon and stories that can be so much more violent.

        2. I think there are animals in Pokemon world. Why would Pokedex say “Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon” then when a mouse does not exist for instance.

          1. Also Pokemon are not replica for animals. There are Pokemon that are basically look like trees, but there are also trees in Pokemon world , there are flower Pokemon, but also real flowers as well, there is a Pokemon that represents a cell, but there are cells in every living organism in Pokemon World. Why would it only apply to animals then.

        1. Umm I’m not sure I just remember Nintendo said they have no attacks and don’t think on their own and they didn’t count them as actual Pokemon I think.

    1. Haven’t there been other dex entries that have alluded to there being real animals in the pokemon world?

    2. Well. In a lot of Indigo League episodes you can see real animals. Worm and A bunch of fish.

  69. alright guys where in day 2 of the Pokemon world championship,I wonder what new Pokemon we’re going to see next in this tournament?

  70. Can anyone tell me the name of the very old pokemon episode in which ash goes into a cave full of ancient pokemon?

    1. The one with giant Jigglypuff, Alakazam, and Gengar? That’s called The ancient Puzzels of Pokemopolis.

      1. I’ll check but I just remember they get into a cave and we see some ancient pokemon (that are not part of the pokedex). There’s a fish that is jumping in the water

        1. Oh then Aurora fae is correct it is Attack of the prehistoric Pokemon and I’ll look for the fish

        2. in EP046 ash falls into a cave full of fossil pokemon (so do team rocket and they have to find a way out and in the next episode Areodactly flys out and has to be beaten by charazard, maybe this is what you meant?

          1. No, not at all. When I say ancient pokemon I don’t mean fossil pokemon. I’m sure there’s an episode of a cave that was untouched for thousands of years and we can see pokemon from back then. Or am I going crazy?

          2. There’s also an ep during the orange island saga with fossil pokemon (mainly Kabuto) “Shell Shock” ep. 91

          3. That’s not it either. I’ve watched all of the episodes till the end of the DP series and I swear we see some ancient pokemon who are not in the pokedex (ancestors of pokemon). I think I’m just crazy. Thanks!

          4. Oh then episode 60 The ancient puzzles of Pokemopolis they did see strange artifacts that looked like Pokemon but they weren’t but I’m not sure

          5. I thought that was the one I was talking about, that was the general premise of the episode, but if they were pokemon that were never seen before than I have no clue 😛

          6. It’s Episode 72 (mixed up episode # last time sorry) they weren’t much in a cave more a canyon here’s a pic. They weren’t identifiable by the Pokedex

          7. Hmm I can’t figure out what episode then cause caves aren’t used often for big events like that

          8. I thought he was talking about Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon as well.
            I did see an episode in Hoenn where they go into a small cave with weird inscriptions and a fish jumped out of the Water, it was Relicanth tho.

          9. ahh A Ruin with a view, EP276. maybe thats the one he means, I mean technically Relicanth is a prehistoric pokemon just like the fossils, it just never died out.

          10. Yeah, it’s that one but in my head the pokemon was not Relicanth. I don’t know why I swore that they had found different prehistoric pokemon but I guess not x). Just watched it. Thanks, everyone!

        3. theres a fish statue in “Fossil Fools” EP163 (rf for pic) is this what you meant maybe?

          1. awe I’m sorry I was really hoping I could help, lol you could go on a binge watching them all and eventually find it 😛 if you have like 2 months free to watch all that lol

          2. Well, I’m technically on vacation till mid September so I could do it, but I gotta look for a job x)

    1. Real Life Crab is better than Fake Crab.

      Cos you know when I watch a movie or play video I expect the same thing to be possible in real life as well. Herp derp. No time for imagination, my small brain can’t handle it.

  71. What if Crabrawler evolved into
    Crampion or does Crabpion
    Fighting/Water or Pure Fighting
    It develops a very large upright build with long spider crab legs that allow it very swift movements, a lean abdomen with four sets of boxing claws the top pair bigger and the other two smaller but more dexterous, it has three long head spines and lastly around its waste area is a starfish like object that can be removed but they will fight tooth and claw to keep theirs and they say that if a Crampion has more then one it is an achieved battler

  72. i bet in day 2 of the Pokemon world championship i like to see 1 in the fallowing:

    1. 5 New Pokemon
    2. 5 New Alolan Pokemon
    3. the Gen 7 Starters Evos

    1. ….. :/

      its not that big of an event for them to show anything like that, when XY was coming out they showed Mega Kangaskan and that was it, this time they showed Crabbrawler and I’m pretty sure thats all they will be showing.

  73. I have heard that someone’s picture of Ash and Serena in Sun and Moon gear being taken down from Deviantart through copyright claims by Game Freak. I’m not sure how or why, but if it’s an actual picture, or similar to it. And if true then it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Serena within the next anime series of Sun and Moon. And Mallow would end up becoming the first female companion to fill the shoes of Brock.

    Seeing that Serena has already gotten a Fire Type Starter, Braxien. It would make sense of her to go for the Water Type Popplio for being how it’s a favorite for girls. Rowlet, like Gardenia, would make Mallow another Gym Leader/Captain to have a starter pokemon in the party. And finally Ash would end up having Litten, making it his first Cat Pokemon. If he was able to get a Bat Pokemon like Noivern, surly a Cat Pokemon as well.

    Read the comments of this discussion here:

    I’ve also noticed an interesting pattern here…

    Kanto (20 years ago): Ash – Grass, Fire, Water.

    Sinnoh (10 years ago): Ash – Grass, Fire.
    Dawn – Water.

    Alola: Ash – Fire
    Mallow – Grass
    Serena – Water

    It’s quite obvious to see that Ash, who is inspired from Red, would have to have Fire Type Pokemon whenever it is a decade anniversary of the start of his big adventure. And notice how he has dropped Water in Sinnoh, and now both Water and Grass.

    But only time will tell that’s for sure. But all we know for sure, is that Ash’s Litten, from the confidential sheets, would later on evolve into it’s final form.

    1. I still think he should catch Rowlet cause they ruined it how he always caught the Grass starter then no Grass at all in Kalos!

      1. He has caught too many grass type starters already, and those that he has collected are based on reptiles. The ones in Kalos and Alola are not! He will be catching Pikipek instead, because it woudn’t make sense for him to have two flying Type birds.

        1. He has 3 flying types in kalos what’s your point he can have repeat types like Charizard and Pidgeotto

          1. Grass * * * * *
            Fire * * * *
            Water * * * *

            Need I say more? At least have him skip another Grass Starter in order to maintain balance again.

          2. You did get me their I still thier is an essential team people should have I feel for ash

            Maybe Popplio or another water type
            A grass type
            random but I feel he might get Mudbray for some reason

  74. Didn’t find Crabrawler particularly interesting.
    The sandcastles look better than their art but not fantastic.
    Stufful would be good if it weren’t for the freaky label sticking out where its backside should be.

  75. Still no word on cross-gen evolutions returning. These Alolan formes do seem to act like one though so could this be a good sign?

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