NEW POKÉMON Revealed in New Sun & Moon Trailer!

An all-new trailer for Sun & Moon has just been released in the opening ceremony of Worlds 2016, showcasing a new Pokémon known as Crabrawler. The Pokémon Company has also release a new trailer on the Pokémon YouTube Channel, showcasing four (one?) new Pokémon!

While technically speaking only one of the Pokémon is completely new, we have now learnt the English names of three Pokémon previously announced in CoroCoro earlier this month:

  • Crabrawler is a new Fighting-type Pokémon with the ability Hyper Cutter/Iron Fist
  • Sandygast and Palossand  are the two Ghost/Ground-type sandcastle Pokémon announced in CoroCoro. Both have Water Compaction, an ability that raises the Pokémon’s Defense by 2 when it is hit by a Water-type move
  • Finally, Stufful is Bewear’s pre-evolution with the ability Fluffy/Klutz

The Sun & Moon reveals just keep pouring in and it’s likely we won’t have to wait long for more. What do you think of Crabrawler?!