GIGAREKI: The Mysterious Trademark REVEALED

Long ago fans unearthed trademarks for new Pokémon which included Solgaleo, Lunala and the three starters in Pokémon Sun & Moon. There were also two others, Marshadow, which remains shrouded in mystery, and ‘Gigareki’.

It is now known what the last one was for: Game Freak’s latest game Giga Wrecker, which is now available on Steam via Early Access for $14.99.

The game features a female protagonist with a powerful artificial arm which can grab the surrounding environment and also transforms into a wide arsenal of tools. I’m interested to hear if anyone is planning on trying it. Personally, it doesn’t look like my cup of tea.

Sorry for the let down to those of you who still clung to the Rainbow Greninja rumor; looks like we can put that one into the BUSTED category. Thanks for the tip Xplode.

<3 PJ

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  1. The gameplay looks alright, but my god are the visuals(especially the animations) ugly.

    1. You’d think the studio would just be loaded (and they probably are) and would put a little more elbow grease in before releasing, even as Early Access.


  3. Hahaha at first i was like “whaaaaaaa?! How is this even possible? Again?! *opens and reads article* oh ok then, phew” but i do wonder if we will get something revealed at the vgc finals, sort of like how they revealed mega khanga

  4. Hmm no Gigareki, no rainbow Greninja

    I still hope some of the Chinese rumor is bullcrap

      1. Not everything in leaks are accurate like this month a normal type Capybara and Fighting/Ground type Rugby monkey were going to appear earlier this month but what’s this nothing… Or was that another leak?

        1. That was another leak, other leaks were just copying it, and people mix things up:

          This is the real leak which is a rough Chinese translation:

          “Everyone knows this time the Chinese translation has Chinese staff, relative (uncle) of mine accidentally or perhaps purposefully leaked a bit of information. Although it looks like the leaked information was only passed along in smaller circles, it nevertheless eventually spread into larger circles. Here to provide a bit of information to satiate your curiosity, truthfulness not guaranteed.
          A while ago people kept saying Sun Moon had no gyms, that’s because a main plot point is to create a new Pokemon League. Alola region has no Pokemon League, and naturally no gyms. An important plot point is that the professor leads the player to create a Pokemon League.
          Taking the place of a Gym leader is a trainer called a captain. Replacing the Elite Four is the king of each island, after the creation of the Pokemon League there will be an Elite Four.
          The new bracelet allows the strengthening of all moves. The appropriate stone from each title can be equipped. There are many, and they need to be collected, similar to collecting Mega Stones. Certain limited stones can also change the form of a Pokemon, Ash-Greninja transforms using this technique.
          The new mount system basically allows all Pokemon to be ridden.
          The map contains many unmarked monuments called districts, those districts contain incredibly powerful Pokemon, called Tyrants.
          Some new Pokemon information, there is a fire + poison lizard, Iwanko will evolve into a werewolf, there is a new mushroom Pokemon, snowman Pokemon, Rugby monkey, sea cucumber Pokemon, dolphin Pokemon, and the three starter’s final evolutions are bow assassin, wrestler, and siren.
          The previously registered trademark Marshadow is a new legendary Pokemon, typing very unique.
          So far that’s all.”

          1. Don’t you mean Totem, not Tyrant?

            And Rowlet’s final form is not Assassin Creed base, it’s actually Archer

          2. He’s gotten some basic words wrong like tyrant and King, but they’re the same ideas.

          3. I’m actually Chinese myself and I can confirm that most of the words like the Chinese word they use for totem pokemon and the kahunas are actually what the promotional material for the Chinese versions refers to them as.

  5. Just asking a simple question, although it is out of topic, but out of all the Pokemon that Cynthia ever has…

    Garchomp Dragon/Ground
    Gastrodon Water/Ground
    Togekiss Fairy/Flying
    Milotic Water
    Spiritomb Ghost/Dark
    Lucario Fighting/Steel
    Roserade Grass/Poison
    Braviery Normal/Flying
    Elektross Water/Electric


    Rayquaza Dragon/Flying
    Lickilicky Normal
    Altaria Dragon/Flying

    Had she ever had a Fire Type Pokemon, or is it just Garchomp with her Flamethrower? Or is there any other Pokemon I’ve missed?

  6. Wow it’s a Ghost town right now I guess you all are sleeping or buying tickets to Japan to beat the crap out of them for only revealing Turtornator

  7. Thank GOODNESS the Rainbow Greninja leak is fake. No Kalos connection of any kind? Megas holding items? What kind of garbage is that? Yes, we still may not get any Kalos connection but at least there’s still hope.

    1. Because Kalos was last gen. Of course like in previous games there will be some connections of some kind to the last gens before them. Like in this there’s Zygarde, Zinnie and AZ.

      1. Exactly. But I feel like the connection should be even bigger this time around. Gen VI left too many unanswered questions and easter eggs – Zygarde, AZ and the Kalos war, the message at the Lumios Train Station, The Power Plant, The Mysterious Souvenir, the faceless men, and that ghost girl seen in both X/Y and ORAS. What do they all mean??

        1. I think for the Kalos War, it might be linked to a British Pokemon Region (if possible) for when there might be a remake of Gen 5 or 6 ten years from now.

          1. I thought it was decent (except for the storyline and the extremely 1-dimensional characters). It’s the Gen that got me, and many people I know, into competitive battling. The region was small but pretty, the music was great, and the Pokémon designs were solid overall.

  8. I still can’t exactly understand Turtonator’s design, can someone clarify this for me?
    Does it shoot explosions from it’s back or it’s front?
    Does it just explodes completely?
    What does it’s tail do exactly?
    I feel like it’s description on the official site is confusing ?

    1. It is a blast turtle
      Due to consuming volcanic minerals its shell is extremely volatile
      Its shell is coated in a rich explosive grade sulfur that when ignited from spark from a slap of its tail causes an explosion
      And the exess blast is filtered through the orifice on its frontal area
      The tail is merely a hard flint that causes a necessary spark to trigger the explosions usually in the form of its signature attack Shell Trap used not only to capture prey but as an effective battling technique

  9. Wow this game does not look like a game freak game. It kinda reminds me of Transistor which also had a female protag in a non-earthly world with a cool weapon (in this case her arm) that could do many things. Even the upgrade screens are similar.
    It looks like a fun game but just like Transistor, I may only play it for a while then get bored of the repetitiveness.

  10. Already I’m bored with the halt of info
    We are officially a solid 13 weeks away from sun and moon

      1. anything but not having Robin Hood in it, as that’s the usual pattern Game Freak would obviously go for.

          1. Well not really its not based on Napoleon
            It’s a glorified emperor penguin and it has the whole prideful emperor kinda look so it’s more of a nod

          2. then it’ll be a nod for Robin Hood with Rowlets, unless you Assassin’s Creed fans are wanting it to be based on that?

          3. I just see it as a adept forest bird of prey that utilizes its biological weaponry to hunt prey and that so happens to use its quills as projectiles

          4. Although you must remember of who these games are for. Surly they would name it after a fictional character in children’s literature because he’s well known, and the appearance is too obvious to remind them of it.

          5. Blubugbubhhbbubghhhhh stop using a children’s game as a defense, it probably have some kind of name incorporating Owls, birds, plants and archery so just limiting to Robin Hood is just not a sensible
            The only correlation to the tights wearing vigilante is the archery and the color green and that’s it honestly

          6. Yep that’s it. You got it. NO. I’m just tired of repeated speculation on a name of all things. It’s pointless arguments. Let’s talk about something else.

      1. Or better yet, Sherhood, many Pokemon Fans have forgotten about the Hood part, and instead are focusing too much on the Robin.

  11. I already got the feeling that the “Rainbow Greninja” leaks were fake when I saw the Treehouse footage. The Chinese leaker said that Z-Moves work similarly to Mega Evolution, in that the Pokemon must hold the Z-Crystal while using the move. If Mega Evolution is in the game, it would cause Mega Pokemon to be unable to use Z-Moves and would not cause the game to be too terribly unbalanced. That was probably the worst and most baffling idea from the “Rainbow Greninja” leaker. I’m seriously glad that it’s fake.

    1. That’s another thing I’m not going to like at first is the whole vertical move set list

    2. The Chinese leaks never said the Pokemon need to hold the crystals. They only compared them to be similar to mega stones as you collect them throughout the region. So technically mega evolutions and the use of Z moves could still happen. At least until we get confirmation that we can’t anyway lol

    3. Seeing the german gameplay made me like battle royale more. I guess it’s because the first time they showed battle royale it seemed boring with everyone having just 1 pokemon.

      1. Well that tude will change when everybody just loads up on Earthquake and Surfs and any move that hits everybody

        It will turn into who takes most hits and who can dish them out

    4. He gets a big fat F- for assuming that Megas can use Z-moves. That would’ve made the game broken as hell. There’s a good reason why GF is focusing more on Alolan formes instead and that’s probably to give us another take on Megas that are balanced and can hold items

  12. Nintendo’s stocks took a huge slump ever since the release of the latest Pokemon anime episode with it falling from a high of 24,000 to a low of 22,000 at one point. Since then it has managed to recover, but apparently Japanese fans were so frustrated that they canceled their pre-orders of Pokemon Sun/Moon and will no longer be endorsing the Pokemon franchise. Wow… Hate to break it to them, but the people working for the games and anime are two totally different entities.

      1. Honestly. Pokemon the Movie is 19 film was having great weekdays until Thursday when it took a huge slump in attendance today… Japanese people are scary!

      2. Dont think it has anything to do with Greninja. People are fed up about Ash losing again after 20 years

        1. You guys are fucking stupid to even think he would win this time in the first place. Kill yourself anime trash.

    1. any yet it is all for the money at the end of the day. I think we have come to an end of Pokemon’s peak period if this keeps up, and the beginning of their slow demise.

      1. The games will do fine. The anime… not so much. This is probably Pokemon’s, “jumped the shark” moment. I don’t know how they will regain footing. The games will be massive successes though. The marketing has been keen on using social media and endorsing it everywhere! Come this November, the games will break records, mark my words.

      2. Actual, the Pokemon Company takes a share of the profit for Pokemon Games from Nintendo. As I said, people were likely pissed that Ash likely lost to Alain. With Sun/Moon and Pokemon GO, I doubt the franchise is going anywhere. Pokemon GO basically reinvigorated support for Pokemon titles and caused a surge in 3DS and Pokemon Game sales, boosting all of them by almost 80%. I’d say the anime has some issues. I think it’s time for a new protagonist and a change of pace. It’s obvious it’s not going to happened based on the concept art tho.

        1. I don’t think a new protagonist changes anything, if the writers decide to take a similar path with him. Always close, but in the end losing because the same writers believe it keeps the series alive. Thats basically the only reason why Ash still hasn’t won a league.

          1. Ummm that is not technically true, and I’m not quite sure why everyone seems to keep forgetting, that Ash HAS won one League. He won the Orange League challenge He has the champions trophy. It was in the episode Enter the Dragonite.
            And if people aren’t counting it just because he didn’t have to collect 8 gym badges to compete in it than there stupid.

    2. Wow that is so petty of them DESPITE the fact the games and anime have nothing to do with each other…

    3. Pfft, what?

      Correlation /= causation. Just because something “upsetting” happened in an animated TV show doesn’t mean that Nintendo would suffer, because Nintendo is responsible for more than just Pokemon and they have nothing to do with the TV show.

      I’m absolutely baffled that you came that conclusion. Nobody in the investment world gives a shit about a terrible animated show based /loosely/ on the games. Some of the characters from the games are in the show and there are Pokemon and that’s more or less where the similarities end.

    1. So much yes
      I’ve also experimented with Megahorn + Drill Run as a super tipped drill
      Also not fully tested but Rock Wrecker + Elemental Punches Elementally Charged Rock Wrecker

  13. What about a brand new Water/Steel type in the form of a robotic looking Barracuda
    Water/Steel a metallic blue and silver streamlined fish like Pokemon with large sharp bladed fins and dorsal fins and armed with insanely large sickle like fangs that can rend through anything, and they zip through the ocean with ferocious speed in search of prey

      1. To be fair we don’t have a barracuda and they would make a decent water speedy physical sweeper

  14. Any thinking we may see something at Worlds opening ceremony? ?

  15. how do you get rainbow greninja out of gigareki… there is no other meaning i can find in gigareki except giga wreck. somebody please explain?

    1. The rumor with rainbow greninja also contained gigareki, and so was voided when this was revealed.

    2. That 4channer was just speculating/predicting and creating a list that he is claiming to be a leak to get ppl to listen to him. He was trying to connect dots out of a bunch of GameFreak trademarks then adding his own fake ideas like the Ash Greninja was gonna be called ‘Rainbow’.

  16. Thank god that 4chan leak is busted!! There better be some new cross-gen evos in S&M like Dunspatce and Qwilfish.

  17. fans say something now and do the other then. They cancel today the games tommorow when they see new mega Blastoise or Venusaur forms they will renew the pre-order.

    The anime has large impact on the games and they could start to make it better via wins , oponents, abilities, Shedinja, pokemon, moves, effects (Dragon Tail effect in anime and games).

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