Meet Turtonator!

Turtonator has just been revealed during the Nintendo House Party segment at Gamescom 2016. The new Pokémon is Fire/Dragon-type and has the ability Shell Armor. Turtonator can also use a new move called Shell Trap

Shell Trap is exclusive to Turtonator and allows it to set a trap at the beginning of a turn, and if Turtonator is hit by a physical attack during the turn, Shell Trap will trigger an explosion that will deal huge damage to the opponent.

What do you think of Turtonator? Cool or not?

  1. Because Turtonator lives on volcanoes, feeding on sulfur and other materials found near volcanic craters, its shell has a layer of explosive material—mostly sulfur. When something strikes this Pokémon, sparks fly from the horns on its shell, igniting an explosion!

    In areas around volcanic craters, this Pokémon camouflages itself as a rock and waits for prey. At the moment when its prey steps onto the back of its shell, Turtonator strikes its shell with its own tail, triggering an explosion!

    The explosive blasts triggered from Turtonator’s back are released through an orifice located on the middle front of the Pokémon’s body. This is Turtonator’s weak point. Attacks landing on its stomach will cause it a great deal of damage.

    Shell Trap is a move that only Turtonator is able to learn. With this move, the Pokémon can set a trap at the beginning of the turn, and if Turtonator is hit by an opponent’s physical attack during that turn, Shell Trap triggers an explosion that will deal much greater damage to the opponent.

  2. epic pokemon!! watched this on livestream, and everything about it looks incredible! great typing, great ability, anf the new move shell trap is powerful!! LOVED everything about it! Tortonator is going on my freakin team D

  3. I like it a lot. The only thing I hate is it’s mouth (TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THAT SNOUT). Could be worse. Could look like Drampa. I’ll probably use this on my team and I don’t even plan teams. That’s how much I like it. LOOK AT IT It’s going to be so defensive!

        1. well, id have to say that the worst (in my opinion at least) is bruxish, but hey we can have different opinions.

          1. I have mixed feelings about Bruxish but Drampa doesn’t even look like it belongs in the Pokémon world

          2. You spelled Bewear wrong. Also how dare you make of the snout! Turt is gonna noot noot some punks!

    1. We’ll see more in the Japanese trailer because in that they show it off as owned by the trainer.

  4. I know it’s a Typo but still I couldn’t stop laughing about it xD

    ‘Cause every turd is a Trap 😀

        1. So they actually mentioned predation eh?

          Well Yungoos also had that. First gen ever with confirmed pokemon eat each other?

          1. Pigeot, pokemon Red: “When hunting, it skims the surface of water at high speed to pick off unwary prey such as Magikarp.”

  5. That Pokemon could’ve been a perfect Team Flare Pokemon. Imagine Lysandre with a Turtonator. Match made in heaven right there.

  6. I feel like this could be on Ash’s team in the Alola region. I believe he has used a turtle Pokemon on his team each time there was one (3 times) except for the Carracosta line-but that was a fossil Pokemon.

    1. yupe …..I am afraid it don’t have an evloution ……but mentioning its parents in dex entry …..that could a hint for an evolution.

  7. I was hoping for more, but I’m happy with what we got. It may replace Salandit on my team, but I need to know more.

          1. lol no… just stop. It’s not a backwards looking pokemon. It’s a pokemon behind an airbag

          2. I typo’d I had changed the comment to backward. As in “Good so it’s not looking backward”

          3. but these pokemon arent either, they are facing backwards looking towards the battle?

  8. Isn’t there an Opening Ceremony tomorrow for Worlds? I haven’t heard about it. It’s exciting because it’s being held in San Francisco, 40 minutes from my home!

  9. O.k
    You take some Gamera, add a dash of Tokka and mix it all in a volcano and stir it with a kappa and you get Turtonator

  10. The next reveal will be GameFreak getting the rights to Stitch and announcing him as a Pokemon

  11. as much as I love the pokemon from Kalos, they were a pretty boring gen considering no crazy evolutions like Escavalier, no split evos, etc. Nothing. Just normal evolutions. The craziest we got were inkay and pancham.

          1. Yeah I forgot about that one. Not only were there basic evos, there was only 70 pokemon. RYUKIDDING

      1. I agree, that’s cool. But its not really a cool evolution, just a different form. Though the concept is excellent, and well executed design wise.

    1. I didn’t find it boring one bit, for me it was very exciting. I find ALL main Pokemon games exciting, even the gen 4 game where no matter how many times I replay it, I freaking well get lost in the same place every time, because I can’t remember where I’m supposed to go, and I get frustrated. LOL

      1. The problem is, if you want to build a team out of only gen 6 pokemon, like many do when a game comes out, you have slim pickings. There were very few pokemon of each type.

  12. TBH This is what they should have done instead of showing 10 or so new pokemon within the space of 2-3 weeks.

    Id have maybe 1 new pokemon shown every two weeks and a major build up come October time. Maybe show two new pokemon being the pre evo bear and the sandcastle in September in a video and leave the big stuff, for October and the rest let people find out for themselves.

    Turtonator is a funny yet badd a££ name, if its the pseudo then i can’t wait to see its pre evos and see more of the artwork. The official design on the site looks horrible as it did with Talonflame

    1. Yeah, I wish they slowed down reveals, it’s be really great if they kept the content revealed smaller, but did it every two weeks or so so we’re constantly hyped.

      1. Its fine but why reveal 3 pokemon at one time. They could have hyped up one pokemon and showed it off a few times in different battle scenes every 3 weeks or so. That way its consistent but its not overkill. If SM has the same dex count as XY then we have got pretty much 4/5s of the entire dex. What fun is it when you know all the new pokemon come November. They need to slow down maybe reveal two pokemon in Sept and perhaps 3 and a new feature in October. That would be a real tease month for reveals and then everyone can find out for themselves in November.

    2. Uhhh no. LOL I personally enjoy all the reviles. It would bore me to death if they did it the way your describing, and it would kill my hype. 🙁
      And as for its design I think it looks stupid, and Talonflame was soooooo very much better. 🙂

      1. Why would it kill the hype?? Can’t you wait 3 more months to experience the new pokemon yourself for the first time. We have had a lot of new pokemon and new features. People are getting too greedy. The whole game is out in less than 3 months, why do you want them to reveal all / majority of the pokemon, which we cannot play now anyway so its just images and videos. AND Don’t kid yourself if you say that it will kill the hype, Pokemon fans / players will buy this game regardless, if they reveal the whole dex or they dont reveal anything else

    3. Yeah shut up dude. I rather get a gang of new poke reveals every month. Why the fuck would you want to limit yourself to one reveal every 4 weeks? By the time October comes around I would’ve lost interest in all this completely. The reveals keep me pumped

      1. Its for people like me though I still watch all the reveals, who like to discover some pokemon themselves like you used to have to do in the first three gens.

      2. Harsh. 🙂 But yeah some people like less Pokemon revealed and discover them in-game by themselves.

        I bet if there’s any big reveal in October, it’ll be starter evos and the demo.

      3. well whats the point of knowing all / the majority of the pokemon before the games out. People are too greedy these days, can’t you be happy with a few pokemon. The game is out in November when you can play and explore everything by yourself. Its people like you that are the reason Pokemon think they have to reveal everything as the fans will lose interest in a game coming out in less than 3 months and have had a crap load of new features but OH NO they will lose interest if they dont have more pokemon. Don’t kid yourself!

  13. Honestly I dont like the name but the design is really good. The typing gives it some buffer since it’ll probably be really slow too

      1. I’m not stupid, I know the origin, I just dont like it. Too many “t” sounds make it kind of choppy to say. Doesn’t flow well.

  14. I just realized
    Maybe Turtonator could be a specially defensive Fire Type since there is none
    I’ll never forget what that douche said “you should get a water counter” as the dick spammed Steam Eruption yeah what Fire Type resists Water moves that isn’t a legend
    But something tells me that as decent this thing looks it will be abysmal unless it has stellar defenses

          1. Not a chance, the thing must’ve been spec’s the damn thing 1hko’d both Ninetales and Char X in sunlight and he has the absolute nerve to say get a water counter
            They’re is none!

            Hell even Bulbapedia agrees
            The Fire type has its pros and cons defensively. Ground, Rock, and Water moves are all commonly used offensively. Aside from Fairy, Ice, and the Fire type itself, the Fire type’s resistances are of little use because the other types which it resists are typically not strong offensively. Most Fire-type Pokémon do not survive too long in battle due to their typically below average defensive stats, unless they are legendary Pokemon, or lack speed and/or good attack. Additionally, all but two Fire-type Pokémon are weak to Water-type attacks, both of which are legendary.”
            (And it links Reshiram and Volcanion)

          2. Oh please it’s just another Mythicals who gets ahead because of better stats a viable ability and a move that is basically Scald 2.5

            Also interesting note a lot of Volcanion lately have Sludge Wave, weird

        1. I’d say everything was a disappointment so far, when they said game play I was hoping for more than just watching a stupid battle royal, tournament. we already saw that on another show. 🙁 And I wasn’t very impressed with the new Pokemon that they did reveal. 😛

        1. Well I guess your mileage may vary on Ash losing…

          Though that means an increased chance he will be recycled for the next season…

          1. Expected him to lose, but it made zero sense. So much build up and hype they purposely created, only to let us down so hard. They either did it to cover up a major plottwist, or they’re just clueless.

          2. They probably wanted to show people it’s okay to loose or something.

            Or it’s a metaphor that no matter how hard you try there will always be that one guy who achieves your dream and you get left on the trash heap.

  15. Well everyone, I move in to college this monday and will be hitting the ground running with everything I am involved in. I will likely not be on here much, but I just wanted to say today just how much fun I had this summer even though I swore I wouldnt look at many spoilers. Oh well. This is a great community and thanks for all the discussions! Ill be here until monday, but I wanted to say this now! 😀

      1. I thought you were gonna say Tug’o’war it is systematically impossible to beat
        Especially the mini game island

    1. Ocarina of Time if you haven’t played it.
      Animal Crossing if you need to relax.
      Banjo Kazooie if you want to have fun.
      Goldeneye if you want the best fps in almost forever

      But I don’t know what games you have and already played, but there’s so much good stuff.

    1. I’m jealous :(. Especially since I lost nearly half of my NDS collection and my old Gameboy Advance games, it makes me want to build an old games collection again too.

      Ah well, I have an almost complete collection of all Nintendo games on Wii U and 3DS and within fifteen years they are retro too.

      1. I know the feeling…
        Especially compared to those hyper fanboys who have all the collectibles
        Who knows maybe I’ll hit up the thrift Store, buy a copy of Loz Oot and 100% just for the bragging rights of having done so

        1. My cousin had a fairly complete GCN/N64 collection including gold cartridge OoT and I was about to buy him out but his now ex-girlfriend thrashed all his stuff when they had a row.

  16. If Turtonator had a pre evo what would its name be?
    TNTurtle? Terramine? Shellonian? Loggercharge? Snapropellant?

  17. Idk if this has been suggested, but here we go: So guys, what if the reason Eevee’s lack of new Eeveelutions was revealed so early… because its Eeveelutions have Alola Forms and they wanted us to stop thinking about Eevee by making us disinterested early on? <.<

      1. Pssh, a lot of people were hoping for a new eeveelution until the Alola pokedex showed that it wouldn’t have one.

  18. The shell on it’s back kinda makes me think of fruit (I’d say dragon fruit but there’s only a bit of similarity there). I mean it does look like a comic explosion with shrapnel flying out which I guess is cool
    At least that previous “leak” has been debunked
    Have to say, I find it funny how “leaks” on 4chan implement some of the Chinese Leakers stuff (mainly the cat who’s secondary typing changes when bred)

      1. Did it not say that Rainbow Greninja would be shown? Or am I just very tired and that was gonna be revealed on another date?

    1. The turtle actually reminds me of one of those Japanese monsters that fight Godzilla

          1. It won’t let me see it due to content filter. And I don’t think I want to see it either.

          1. like all pokemon are based on godzilla monster. In fact! all Pokemon movies were made by Toho, the very same company that made the Godzilla movies.

  19. So I’ve decided that these factors decide whether it is on my team or not:
    1. How late in the game you get it (or a supposed prevo)
    2. Whether Salandit has a cool evo (or one at all)
    3. If something better gets revealed, but that was an obvious one.
    On a side note, I can’t wait to shell trap sweepers. Wait, as I was typing that, I realized that this thing will probably be really slow, so shell trap is next to useless.

          1. Probably more like a priority Counter, but with fire… And probably not double the damage or else OP

      1. That’d be sweet, but OP. That’d force them to switch into a special Pokemon, which is like a free turn.

  20. I keep pronouncing it Tur-tuna-tor. Watching the German trailer first messed me up. I don’t want to think of a fish when I see this thing.

  21. At first, Turtonator, I hated. But now of course, it grows on me. Apparently it’s based on the mata mata Turtle and a snapping turtle. We have another new Fire type to the cast of Alola introduced Pokemon. And another Dragon type. I have a feeling this guy will get a pre-evo because of his appearance, like the Mudsdale family. Most Pokemon that look this powerful, usually do. I’ll be interested to see what it looks like if so. I have a feeling it’ll stand on four legs or something. Idk. I just get the feeling.

    1. I have to admit. I’m stuck between Salandit and Turtonator as my Fire type choices. I’m gonna wait and see to what Salandit evolves into because I have a feeling it will evolve at least once. And of course, if there are other Fire types down the line that I like even more. Have to admit. We have a very diverse cast of Alola characters here and it’s growing. August has been a great month for Pokemon news!

      1. Me too this is the first region I’m loving all fire types yet Popplio out matched them all

          1. I hope it has typing
            Water or Water/Psychic cause if it’s water/Fairy it’s gonna be another Azumarril

  22. The only way Shell Trap is a good move is if it gets Priority.

    It’s interesting cos if it does, we now have 2 Pokemon that can potentially counter sweepers that have already set up. Pyukumuku and Turtonator.

  23. well guys,looks like all we have to do is wait until the 21st and see what we’re going to get in Pokemon Sun and Moon next.

  24. How does this line up with the “leaked” info?

    Also it should’ve been named Tortonator instead of Turtonator. Turtles are water, torts are land

  25. even tho there is no victory road this time around Turtonator looks like a mon that will appear real late in the game like victory road mons do. possibly during the last of the trails or before encountering the legend

    1. perhaps near the volcano on the top N/E island or maybe in the black shoal type area on the bottom S/W island

      1. hm since we start off in the 2nd island on the map the order could be very odd who knows

        1. opps wrong pic, imma try again

          I figured this would be the order personally

          but the last two I’m not sure, you could end up going to the man made one before the final real one where you get the legends

          1. hm makes sense that big one is the 3rd it makes so the middle of the game is long, we already know that the 4 captains are for the second island it looks like.

          2. Why is sophocles on the battle royale arena and the water girl on the hotel? xD i see sophocles as being on the power plant in the south eastern island and the water girl being around the springs in this island but who knows

          3. makes sense, I thought Sophocles would be up at the observatory near the ice mountains myself but I cant argue with this map

  26. My last anime-related comment: Someone just reminded me that 2016 is the games’s 20th anniversary, and not the anime’s. Indigo arc started in 1997, which makes 2017 the anime’s 20th anniversary. Let the speculation commense!

    1. Mewtwo will come back and realize he was right to kill ash the first time and finish the job.


      not really though

  27. This looks Exactly like the “ugly” Fakemon YouTubers use in their thumbnails to somehow attract people in to watching.
    Like who Ok’d this!?
    It’s hideous… And boring looking TO ME.
    Unless it’s stats are amazing.. it guaranteed won’t be seen on the Battle field for long.
    They’re getting loose with the Dragon typing as well.. .

    1. You don’t have to like every Pokemon, but I think this one is alright. It’s a mash between a kappa and a turtle. It’s an interesting Pokemon to say the least. Also, I love the more neat Dragon-Types were getting. Alolan Exeggutor is best!

    2. Errr…that comment about the battle field applies to all Pokemon. Not specific to this one. At least this one could possible have a niche with Shell Trap.

      Also I think it’s fine, and I’m happy they’re branching out from the generic dragons. Can’t have all of them look exactly the same.

    3. I really like what they’re doing with the dragon type. Now we can have cool dragon types without being repetive.

  28. GameXplain might be on to something as they explained Z-Moves. They stated that Z-Moves might be based on the power of moves and whether their special or physical. So, since Pikachu used a Normal-Type Z-Move, which was obviously physical, it was based on a physical attack. Yet, I think there might be two types of Z-Moves based on physical and special moves, with independent power. Pikachu is has a rather low physical attack stat, so that might be why the move didn’t destroy Rowlet. I sorta wish that GameFreak would explain how Z-Moves work more. It seems like a rather interesting concept.

    1. Even though i would like for them to explain more about z moves i would really like for it to keep a little bit of surprise element to it

  29. Also. .. I Really wish we could get over nostalgia in USA and Change the Pokemon Logo here in North America.
    The Japanese logo is always Way cooler than our outdated art

    1. I usually don’t agree with you, but I second this. It’s time for a new logo already. I’d like something more modern. The Japanese logos are always a billion times better.

  30. Yes, I love when Dragon type gets some variety. That is, Tortonotor does not have an ordinary dragon appearance.

  31. In the September 1st update of Pokemon Sun and Moon, more new Pokemon will be revealed as well as the Alola Guardian of Akala Island, more Alolan forms, starter evolutions, a few new Mega Evolutions, and Marshadow. What is going on with Pokemon Sun and Moon?

    1. Honestly Idk if i believe this, Megas seem like they will be there but no new ones will be introduce

  32. am i the only one who is surprise that we have yet to have another poison/flying other then the zubat line?

      1. Im looking at the list and im surprised by how many type combos have never been used twice.

    1. Bug/Dark! Also if we ever get a Bug/Ice type I don’t want it to be a butterfly or moth

        1. How in the world have we not had a bug/dark or bug/psychic type yet? Almost as dumb as not having a ground/fighting type

      1. Shiverpillar Bug/Ice White Silkworm with thick thread that protects it from cold
        Coldcoon Bug/Ice a heavily wrapped chrysalis that has a icy shell
        Mothedral Bug/Ice a pale aqua and Snow White moth with stain glass wings

        And my trademarked Pestuzz and Vamsipher Mosquitos

  33. We won’t know until nearer the time for many of these things to come through.

    All we know, is that sometime in Sept/Oct, the Mid evolutions for the starters will be revealed, whilst the final evolutions will not be until the game’s release. Which is odd now because their confidential sheets have since been leaked throughout the internet and many have already known about it. But from the sheets, we now know who the female companion to Ash will be, and what Pokemon they will likely have. Like Gardenia, Mallow will have the Grass Starter Rowlet. Whilst Ash will have Pikachu, Pikipek, Litten(later evolves) and Popplio.

    For now, all eyes on the chinese leaks

    1. im still going by ash catches litten as its final but its like charizard and refuses to listen. but instead of sleeping it does what it wants in battle

      1. Quite the opposite my governor
        Heatigre are known to fight dirty, and I think a better personality would be a overzealous fighter who fights disrespectfully which is very unlike Ash

        1. And ash catching one as a wild one, could show its Disrespectful ways in battle more

          1. Actually as a Litten first of all. The anime episodes does not form piece by piece throughout the years. They would’ve planned it at the same time as the games.

          2. I think Litten will be very absent and uninterested in battling but right around the time it evolves then gets more hot blooded and develops a taste for it, but finally hits final stage and goes crazy and overconfident attacking everything in sight and going as far as demanding fights
            That would be much better wouldn’t you agree

    1. Oh come on! What would you expect! If Ash would’ve won, then the anime would’ve been over, they would be out of a mascot.

          1. I agree that it’s time for a new trainer. Ash losing every single tournament is just laziness and dumb.

          2. the point of ash’s journey is to be a Pokemon Master if he wins a leauge there is no point for the anime continue since u know they wont replace Pikachu at all

          3. Then his story arc can be over and they can introduce someone new. Everybody is pretty much tired of Ash anyway

          4. In fact! The original idea for the Original Series anime is for Ash to beat Gary and win the Pokemon League in Kanto, marry Misty, have kids, and then for Johto would focus on Ash’s son on his journey through it.

            Which sounds a much better idea if you ask me.

          5. wtf, no one ever said anything about him marriying misty and having kids, the anime was supposed to have ash grow and become stronger and eventually become red

          6. yeah the anime ruined a lot… including Butterfree, it was supposed to be Venonat-butterfree but the anime people wanted him to catch a caterpie as his first pokemon but also wanted him to have a butterfree over venomoth so they switched them >: C

          7. Woudn’t be surprised if the pink Butterfree in which is Butterfree’s crush happens to be an Alolan Butterfree and…

            Do I smell the return of an old friend on the harizon for Sun and Moon?

          8. no because nobody cares about the old mons he caught except for charizard and very few others

          9. im not disagreeing with anybody rn, im just stating reality over dreams which is sad to me because Pokemon could do so much more

          10. If we aught to calculate of how long Ash has been on his journeys so far, he would’ve been out for 2-3 years

          11. This is why I don’t like the anime. It’s more about marketing than actual care for the story. Even though XY has improved, they still have to have pokemon say their names, have an episode dedicated to almost every new pokemon, team rocket blasts off again, like its all the same.

          12. but wouldnt a new series be the same thing? just without team rocket? heres the thing The pokemon anime actually shows reality in a sense, you cant win all of them

          13. Look at Pokemon Origins. Good characters, pokemon that behave like animals, threatening villains. Origins had everything it needed to to be good. And it was 10x better than the best episode of the anime! They didn’t treasure marketing over story!

            And sure you cant win all of them, but when you have a level a million pikachu and have been on a journey for 20 years, you’d think he would start winning

          14. Well they introduced a new mega but that not the point. Origins would honestly have dragged on if kept going. the thing about origins was it was short and sweet

          15. There was so much more they could do though! They could do all 8 gyms, introduce characters like Leaf as an extra”friendly” rival and then show Red’s life between RBY and GSC. Season 2 could feature Gold or Kris.

            Or ya know, just do the manga. It arguably has the best story line of anything in the pokemon franchise

          16. or rated higher than the target audience the business wants this to market it to…

            The kids

  34. So my ranty ravey Brother complained about Turtonator claiming it was “Overdesigned” he even had the nerve to say Garchomp was Overdesigned too

      1. But he’s a prick so I don’t care
        He thought the spikes were much, then the eye marks gahhhhhhh
        I really wish I could just drop his ass to knock some sense out of him

          1. He’s the mean one,
            I’m always the one bailing him out of stuff, chauffeuring him and his girlfriend, cracking his back on request and buying him drinks and snacks and I’m the mean one
            He doesn’t even talk to me unless he personally needs something otherwise he goes on days without talking to me and the times he does his snout is buried in his phone

          1. His resolute form. That’s what it’s called right? It’s just got so much going on with those feathers in his mane, etc. compare it to other Pokemon, not just gen 1 and he’s got too much going on.

    1. Turtonator is awesome! It’s always nice getting a type combo that’s rare in a normal Pokemon

    2. It is overdesigned but overdesign is a choice afterall as simplistic or modest design. Sometimes it works for some poeple sometimes it does not.I personally think its overdesign is good, and I truly wish it is somehow a very rare Pokemon.

      1. I don’t think it’s that over designed. An over designed fire type would be heatmor. Everything feels cohesive in his design. The coloring and shrapnel like spikes being the explosion and then having that shell pattern repeated on his head and kind of on his chest.

  35. I really like it! Giving me a standalone vibe though just like druddigon..

    I hope its the midevo though!

  36. I just want to say, before I watch any video footage of this, I love Turtonator’s design. It looks like that’s not the most popular opinion, but I just think it’s such a stark contrast to what we’ve been getting and what we’ve expected, and I adore the little ugly duckling.. er, turtle.

    1. Also, where can I watch the gameplay? Sadly, I couldn’t watch live, and I can’t seem to find a good video now.

        1. I meant the full gameplay, unless I misunderstood what was happening today and this was all we got??

          1. Yeah. This along with the first SM reveal trailer, except in German and a Battle Royale bit

          2. I wouldn’t say that. We got a new Pokemon, which is more than I was expecting to be honest.

          3. I was expecting 3. Namely the starter evolutions. But Turd is cool, so I’m satisfied (sorta)

  37. Why does everyone say Ash winning *a* pokemon league would make him a pokemon master? Ya’ll realize the entire point of his journey is to complete the pokedex right? Completing THAT would make him a master. Winning some battles means jack shit, especially when he was offered a position as a Frontier Brain, some of the most elite trainers in the pokemon world! Beating one champion just means you have to keep going and getting better in order to keep up your skill as a great trainer.

      1. Idk, I feel after Sinnoh definitely would’ve been the time to do that. But if they ever did, the last episode or so of the anime (if it ever ends) should be a time jump to Ash as a professor, with special guests Misty, Brock, May, etc.

          1. I’m sure the pokemon could survive on its own. I bet Satoshi has some sort of clause in his contracts and such that address something like Nintendo going under and the future of the pokemon company.

      1. …. is this… is this sarcasm? (unless you’re a child in which case I understand and you do you)

    1. He never ONCE completed a Pokedex. He’s never even registered all the Pokemon in a region.

      1. I wonder if he’s that pokemon player who doesn’t realize you have to catch every pokemon, not just see them to get she shiny charm

      2. I know. That’s why I’m saying he won’t be a master until he actually completes it. Plus, with the shows logic, it’s not like he would cease to exist if he won the league. They’d just act like nothing happened and move on to the next region..

        1. He’s so lucky that he gets to see so many Pokemon. He sucks because he doesn’t take advantage of it by registering them

          1. He doesn’t even try most of the time. They probably don’t want to make it seem like neglect or something..even though there are tons of pokemon he just shovels onto Prof Oak, like 30 tauros.

          2. I like to imagine they register even in his pocket. .. I think something similar happens season one. Like he say a pidgey or something.. the dex started saying something in his pocket.. then he opens it up to listen.
            Or I’ve just completely made this up in my mind ?

    2. No. . . Ash never Once said he wanted to complete the Dex. Red has and Oak wanted him to.
      But I like the other half of what you’re saying.. Ash could Master one league and still start from scratch and lose another.
      The writers don’t understand they can use Ash .. Forever ?(hahahahahahha evil laugh).. and Still allow him to win sometimes.
      They can’t now.. they’ve already made it seem so impossible that he will likely quit after he wins once. Which I don’t understand. Wouldn’t you want to at least win in your home town/region Kanto and be a hometown hero there after you retired… At 10 ??

    3. How would collecting something make you a master?

      I don’t agree that winning a league makes him a master, however if they allow him to win, it gives us some indication that he’s considered one of the best trainers out there.

      I would like for a series, where Ash after winning the league, continues travelling and comes across really tough trainers who continuously challenge him to battles. I just think the same tired formula gets old.

      Maybe he comes across some of the people he lost to in earlier leagues, or maybe characters that weren’t that strong before. He doesn’t have to win all the times, since they won’t be officially recognised as challenges to his Champion status.

      1. Also I don’t think a champion status can be lost in the anime. Once a champion always a champion. Only in order for someone else to become a champion they must beat an already established champion in an official match.

  38. it’s cute i guess. I feel like this is pokemon bootleg/ fail abortion of bowser. which would explain the dragon typing. This thing resembles more of a turtle than a dragon than me but whatever.

  39. I just thought about it. . If Ash Does win ONE league… What’s he gonna do? Retire at 10? Go back to Kanto where no one even knows where he’s been except his mom and Oak.. and maybe word of his victory will get back to that dead beat dad of his.. =,= (that man hasn’t tried Once to stay in contact with his son, poor Ash =,=)
    Anyways.. I think one season showed everyone from different regions watching Ash in a league on TV..
    But I personally would return to Kanto and try to Win with my Mixed Gen Team.. as a final victory!

      1. They could add Sooo Much more to it though! Incorporating things from All gens.. would be awesome!

    1. I think once you’ve won a league you are considered a Champion in the anime. Although I like the idea of being eligible for an E4 challenge, followed by a champion battle in order to gain the title of Champion for yourself.

      I think that title would be recognised all over the Pokemon world, regardless of which region you accomplish it in.

      1. Exactly.. . Maybe they are thinking “logically” and don’t want a 10yr old to have Done it All by becoming champion in the anime. All champions are older..
        But what about Pokemon is Logical!?!?
        Ash needs a season where he a just trying to beat the elite and become The Champion!

        1. So, be knowing the anime, Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Alder, and Diantha are confirmed Pokemon Masters, far more than Ash will ever be.

        2. It’s interesting cos they’ve shown that these really powerful trainers, E4 and champion exist but haven’t ever really done anything with them. We have no indication of their role, or how they gain their poisitions.

          Hell, we don’t even know how Gym leaders get their positions, but we’ve seen gyms be passed down to family Members (Koga to Janine and Flannery got it from her grandfather). Maybe you just have to register a premises with the Pokemon League and they grant you permission to conduct gym battles.

  40. Updates on the Ash Loss:
    – “Satoshi” trended on Twitter for seveŕal hours, averaging 50,000 tweets and was at one point in the Top 5 of most talked about events worldwide
    – Some of the animators expressed their discontentment with the loss… possibly hinting that this was a last minute decision or something the WHOLE TEAM did not agree on or were made aware of
    – The latest preview for the nexr episode has 20,000 dislikes
    – The main writer has received threats and online assault
    – The Pokemon company doesn’t care because the anime is just a marketing tool and they could care less about the story or Ash

    1. This is seriously sad. I had a feeling that it was a last minute change. Imagine if Ash won the league. It would be incredible! 20 years of losing finally coming to an end! The writers need to get their shit together

      1. You know shit was going on when the writers and animators themselves go online to express their discontented opinions.

          1. I don’t have screenshots, but others might if you poke around the Internet. Additionally I can’t read Japanese so… I just got that info from Serebii.

    2. Lel ash got irrelevant after the johto arc, the hoenn arc should had brought a new character that is actually good at pokemon and not just some kid that thinks he can win every battle with a yellow unevolved rat ps: plz dont kill me xD

      1. Battle Frontier should have been the end of Ash… DAMN IT ASH! YOU SHOULD HAVE BECOME A FRONTIER BRAIN!

          1. I know the anime has very little impact and that it is simply a marketing tool, but for avid fans who play AND watch Pokemon, it’s sad, frustrating, and simply plain terrible writing. There are several franchises that market their games using animation, but they actually were inventive and fun to watch. Pokemon finally started breaking molds with XYZ and the ultimate barrier was the League which everyone thought he would win. These writers need a wake up slap x5.

          2. I just don’t watch it. The main pattern for the franchise is to watch it the first time, get hooked, and when you tire, move away to let some other new kid take your spot. The formula for Pokemon is all the same…

            – Ash leaves his Pokemon from last Gen with Professor Oak.
            – Says bye bye to Last Gen Companions.
            – Travels to new Region.
            – Collect new Pokemon.
            – Accompanies new companions.
            – Foil Team Rocket’s plans.
            – Collect the 8 badges.
            – Recycle plots from older episodes that newer kids would never hear of.
            – Defeat region’s evil Team.
            – Lose in Pokemon League.

            *Rinse and Repeat from above!*

    3. Omg! Take me to the Main preview! Link plz! I want to press dislike! You guys.. this may be the First time we get a Real Say in how next season goes.. they already are drawing it.. I know but maybe it will change the events of things.
      No good reason Synchro Grininja should lose to Mega Charizard.. in the anime.. where typing and greninjas lame moveset.. Don’t Matter.
      Plus like.. wtf! Alain joining the league was So Last minute.. he didn’t even care to win!
      His team was so undertrained! Ugh!

      1. Youtube…pokemoncojp channel…latest video about the anime…its not that hard to find lel

    4. That’s will not happen if Ash lose earlier ………next season Ash will not reach the semi final Muhahahaaaa.

        1. Actually I was predicting Ash reach the 2nd place 7 month ago …..put I didn’t know y this world not fair to me.

    5. Ugh I hate that the writer is receiving threats. I’m disappointed at the loss and I disagree with the decision but at the end of the day it’s a man’s life.

      One thing I learned in life is there’s always someone else giving orders. It wasn’t his decision and he was hardly going to quit over it ahha.

      I defo agree that the Pokémon company doesn’t care for Ash and that’s a shame. I personally really like his character and have grown up with him. I remember seeing the promos on TV before poke on even aired and watched it the Saturday it aired at 6am 😛 🙂

      1. Yes it’s sad.. but they will Guaranteed hear about this.. and make some changes if we are Loud enough. All they care about money.. happy viewers.. equals Max Money.
        Lol.. they may even start sun and moon off with Ash at the league finals… Then rewind to make people happy enough to watch through again!

          1. Exactly! Would be So Refreshing and cool!
            I only meant like a preview though. Like we only see shadowsq of the two pokemon on the field.. Ash and pikachu with the Z band on his wrist.. the board.. and the audience going wild!

      2. I agree. Such a huge decision would surely not fall on the shoulders of one main writer. However, the confused, frustrated, and appalled reactions of the other members of the anime team shows that this decision was not unanimous in any shape or form.

        1. Yeah that really shows alot of heat in the boardroom.

          They probably had a Pokémon battle and the dick that won used pokesav and made the decision 😉 :p

    6. Okay, no, I don’t approve of any of this at all. I don’t follow the anime at all, but I know enough to realize that this is the same result as every other region. Something has changed in the past few years where people of my generation and younger feel confident enough to attempt changing what artists spend hundreds of hours developing, although these fans know nothing about the meaning of background decisions. I want this entitlement to stop. Rant over.

      1. I have to disagree. From the sound of it, the animators didn’t even want ash to lose. He only lost because the pokemon company doesn’t care. If they did, he would’ve won a long time ago.

        I mean look at it. Ash has his strongest team he has ever had, has grown as a character more than in 5 regions and has been winning battles like crazy. Don’t try to tell me they didn’t plan to have him win

        1. I think it’s fair to voice our opinion to have what was made for Us to be changed by Us when we do not like it.. Dislikes and vocal disapproval is Fair Game!
          Threats on the other hands.. pure crazy! ?

          1. I mean there is a difference between a character dying and fans getting upset and a character getting cheated out of their goal by the writers or some higher power

        2. Ash can’t win because he is the staple of the series, and winning the league means that he stays put in that region for eternity. It can not happen, at least for the foreseeable future. This result should have been, and always should be, expected from the beginning. Simple as that. This overreaction could happen every single future generation, but the formula will not change until the anime is overhauled completely.

          1. I expect that to be true in Alola at least, since the traditional structure is overhauled. That’s what I mentioned before. But for Kalos, it is not reasonable to assume that.

          2. I’m having trouble seeing the logic here, so I’m just going to stop. Opinions are a wonderful thing 🙂

          3. Like I’ve been saying since Diamond and Pearl, even though I’ve stopped watching mid Battle Dimension

          4. So Ash has to stay because… Status-Quo is god? Pokemon has shown over and over that Ash is their WORST protagonist. Red from Origins, The B/W2 Protagonists, Alain, all characters that could EASILY carry a show

          5. I have to disagree. Ash can win and stay. They’ve never once elaborated what being a Pokemon Master is, how to become a Gym Leader, Elite 4 member, Champion, etc… there’s so much room for exploration and new ideas, it’s sad the writers and businessmen/women are content with recycling the same plot.

          6. me too. In my comic series, though only hinting as an unofficial easter egg, she’s Selena.

          7. I told you it’s for the mature. as an unofficial easter egg as it it, I will hint that this takes place long after the Pokemon timeline.

          8. Or in the afterlife. You see in this, the characters here are eternal beings called Legends.

          9. Or be in an eternal plain. Might throw in an easter egg somewhere, but try not to infringe on the copyright.

          10. It’s just in case it might be picked up.

            Other Pokemon Characters that maybe Legends are Gardenia (Ardena), Zoey, Candice, and Tobias.

          11. Like, I don’t want to crush your dreams or anything, but it won’t be picked up by GF if that’s what you mean. Besides the fact that they legally probably aren’t allowed to do that, literally thousands of fan comics of pokemon exist too.

          12. Do you think I am not aware of that? I WAS the person that sent them the Pokemon Myth and Legend ideas with it sent back with a letter telling me so.

            I’m not planning of giving it to Game Freak, I mean it might be someone else, and if I want to reference Pokemon, I must do so subtly and not throwing too many hints.

          13. I’m just hinting to you of who these characters meant to be. You could say that they are not connected, they aren’t even in the same universe. But the point being, is that it tells you of where the characters were inspired from.

          14. It’s not official, it’s just an unofficial easter egg.

            you could say that Cynthia is Serena, but posing with the name as Cynthia in order to blend in, just like her grandmother and sister. She was sent there by Princess Zarah in order to reflect on her failings of leading troops in the battles that have been going on in her realm. Hence basing her origin in ”Top-Down Training”. She dreampt of nothing but becoming victorious in battle, but when sent to the Pokemon universe in order to reflect, she finally changed her ways through the pokemon that she can understand with. So when on few occasions she returns to a certain battlefield, she had changed so much that there was victory after victory.

          15. I hope that in the remakes her redesing is either the same or they make her more awesome! #cynthiabestchampion

          16. Yeah lets make a petition so cynthia becomes the face of the pokemon company and her garchomp replaces pikachu as the company’s mascot!

          17. Wrong on so many levels. First, he would not be Kalos champion if he beat Alain, he would just be eligible to fight the Elite 4 and if he beats them then Diantha. There is no way to know if he would end up beating all 5. Even if he did and became champ he does not have to stay in Kalos. He would only have to be present in Kalos for events in which he is needed like future Kalos leagues and challengers that reach him.

      2. From what I’ve gathered online and from the Japanese twitter responses on Serebii, it seems the background decision was not unanimous and/or pressuring. I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and disagree with attacking the writer, but it’s been 19 years of the same formula. Of course people are going to get angry.

      3. I’m not sure whether your comment is advocating change or not. But there is nothing wrong with wanting Ash to win, and there is nothing wrong with challenging the decisions made by those with authority, as long as you are able to do so in a respectful manner.

        However I disagree with insults and death threats. If you are smart enough to have an intelligent discussion I’m all for it, but please don’t stoop to such low levels.

          1. Yeah i see many similarities between both regions for example the way leagues work by challenges and trials instead of battles and the fact that some pokemon have regional variants etc

          2. I’ve mad ethos comparison before..
            Yeah I’m sure he will.. but will it Really be That big of an accomplishment

  41. Then again if I was writing the story for the Pokemon anime people would probably make a post and riot because I would have killed all your favorite characters and the only character remaining would somehow die as well.

    1. The Pokemon anime is writing done months in advance and animated a few weeks before release and crossing your fingers people won’t realize you recycled the same plot from Episode 456 for Episode 878 with new characters and new Pokemon.

      1. more like since the new gen is on the table. That’ll be since X and Y is about to launch for the new Sun and Moon anime. Same might be expected for the 8th Gen that is possibly on the drawing board right now. Taking three years or so, than months.

  42. I wonder y I love fire type that much …….sometime I feel I wanna catch more than 3 fire type ,but my logical mind don’t accept this kinda of emotion , but I feel I wanna do it this time more than any previous game.

  43. So I came up with a possible prevo name
    Blastron (Blast and Plastron (the underneath of a shell)
    Too simple?

    Doesn’t matter, I’m replaying Dark Moon and loving it

  44. Sooooo…. Im curious. I know years have passed since the anime has started, obviously. But how many days have passed in the anime? Does anyone on this internet have a clue how many days and nights we’ve seen/ have been talked about?

    1. Well i do remember back in the day when the narrator would say “a new day for ash and his friends blah blah blah” at the start of each episode and the fact that many episodes show days going by, ash and co sleeping, etc it is quite a task to figure out how many days have passed but definitely more than a month haha

      1. I know. I dont want to do it, but Im sure someone has had the time to look at how many have passed.

      2. If we were to go by that narrator, that means around 937 days which equates to roughly 2.5 years meaning Ash should be 12 years old by now. Of course we can’t go by that since there have been several episodes lasting just 1 day.

      3. Welcome to the internet where people have all the time in the world. There’s a video calculating the exact number of loop days in the movie Groundhog Day so this task isn’t too far off

  45. Let’s see how the ratings fare for this episode and compare it to the upcoming episodes. They always say, “No publicity is bad publicity.” Or maybe the ratings will tumble and fall after this episode. Who knows? *grabs popcorn*

  46. Let’s face it! Without a doubt and completely obviously, Pokemon is a money-making merchandising empire that has dominated Japan for 20 years, with tiny expansions throughout the rest of the worlds. Whenever one Gen is out, you’re sure as anything that the next gen is already on the drawing board. Both Anime, Movie, Manga and Games. In fact the confidential sheet of Litten’s Final Evolution even has a window of the future of what’ll happen to Ash’s Litten later on in the series. Having a story and development plan for 3 years with no stopping nor ending (nor Ash ever winning a League) anytime soon. All for the sake of the mighty Yen.

    1. Just because the show is mainly for making money doesn’t mean it has to be the same repetitive shit over and over! That is ridiculous. That ruins any excitement or suspense that could happen in this already boring show. Now we are stuck with Ash for even longer and the show will remain mediocre.

      God, if the manga was made into the show, it would be so good. Characters that grow and return, good plots and conflicts…. Dand it I need to read the whole thing.

      1. I really wish they would do a Special Anime, even if it was like the last bit of DBZKai and was only to be released overseas.

    2. If it’s not broke, why fix it? Well, shall we look at the receipts for the past three films and the ratings for the past few episodes? ;P Maybe they’ll finally be given a reason to “fix it.”

    3. So basically what im reading is that ash will lose every league because it is the only way to keep the anime going? Well at least thats what i think ash will forever lose until pokemon comes to the end of its life

      1. pretty much so. For Ash if he is seeing this, he’ll say that this is some kind of sick joke.

      2. Pokemon is here to stay until society crumbles. Even then, the aliens or humans after the collapse of society will discover an ancient gadget with a weird rectangular piece of technology stuck in it, press a certain button, and be sucked into the world of Pokemon. Even if Andromeda collides with the Milky Way, the super-sapien lifeform will somehow find the same technology and fall in love with Pokemon. It’s not going anywhere is what I’m trying to say.

  47. I’m still shocked at how he’s such a bad trainer when he’s named after the guy who Created Pokemon, I mean Gary/Shigeru is cool for a guy who’s named after Miyamoto.

    1. Well mario and zelda are more popular than pokemon, at least outside of japan so it makes sense for shigeru to be better xD

        1. What? I mean, Japan is still a video game valhalla. They just like their own games more, but they very much like video games.

          1. Well I think I read somewhere that Gaming in Japan isn’t a think Adults do like in America and Europe. Which is why games are focus more on children and teenagers.

    2. You have to remember that Satoshi has Aspurgers, so I think he’s trying to reflect his life through this character and trying to get the best of the Nintendo man himself.

      1. I have Aspergers and I’m not as bad as him. Maybe it’s his crazy-ass sleep schedule.

  48. Damn. People were really looking forward to Ash winning the league this time around, huh. I even saw a livestream on YouTube the other day marathoning every episode of the XYZ anime before Ash has his final battle against Alain. You can tell how excited people were about the finale of the Kalos league.

    1. I think its just random, its using acient power so it makes sense for it to have fossils being thrown haha

        1. I dont know, i just think they just used common things found in fossils which is sealife shells, bones and plants

    2. The water animation looks sooo gorgeous in Sun/Moon! I can’t wait to see the night sky in certain areas! This makes me want a Black and White sequel (sequel of BW2) or a remake just to see the Castelia skyline view!

    3. Like you said, one looks like Omanyte, and I think one may be a feather (Archen), but I don’t know enough about fossils to identify what the other two might be.

    4. Interesting! Might be random, but as people have said we seem to have the helix and plume fossils… The others are clearly some kind of seashell, and what seem to be ribs. As fossils, I’d wager these would be a brachiopod, and pretty much anything that has ribs (unless they’re actually claws for a therizinosaur and they’re playing with the fact these were originally taken to be turtle ribs). A therizinosaur would be amazing, but this combination of fossils doesn’t seem to make much sense, so I’m gonna bet these are just random. Still waiting with baited breath for this gen’s fossils!! 😀

          1. You basically have 3 weeks to get 2000 points to get all the prizes. each match is generally 10 points unless you fight someone with advantage and win and get 15 points.

  49. I want to talk about the NX for a second. You may have seen that Nintendo has posted <1 minute clips of Zelda: BotW rather frequently over the past week or so. They started doing it on Facebook exclusively (an odd choice), but today's video was on Twitter exclusively. My theory is that this is the beginning of NX marketing. They're attempting to touch bases with all their social media platforms with short clips. I'm not sure what the final result of this will be, but they seem to be building up to an announcement of some sort. The fact that they are coordinating between Facebook and Twitter makes me confident that the NX reveal is involved. Nothing is without meaning 😉

        1. Is it? I thought that the wii u version was gonna come first then the nx version a few months later

      1. It’s definitely this year and definitely fall. That much is confirmed. What we can’t pinpoint is an exact day, but September is historically probable. I think we’ll know before the end of August.

        1. Oh ok then i havent been up to date with NX rumors lately but the sooner we know what it actually is, the better!

          1. I follow this stuff like a hawk. Everyone here will know as soon as anything concrete goes live. I’m glad I wasn’t this obsessive about technology when Project Cafe was the big Nintendo topic.

          2. Weird haha i thought it would had been something else as cafe is coffee in spanish wonder what coffee has to do with the wii u

          3. Wow nintendo has some really weird ways to choose codenames haha at least pokemon rainbow/niji makes a little sense

          4. I love this stuff. Project Reality was N64, Atlantis was GBA, DS was Nitro, and Wii was Revolution, DSi and DSi were Twilight and Ultra Twilight, the list goes on. I find the whole secretive aspect interesting. The NX is the bane of my existence though. 17 months of torture.

    1. Or it’s because a lot of people haven’t bothered to watch the thirty minute to an hour long videos of footage so they’re showing these small clips of footage to get hype from the more “casual” fanbase who haven’t been sitting around speculating for the last two months.

      1. But why now, right before fall, when the game doesn’t release for a long time? The timing is suspicious, in my opinion.

        1. Because there’s been nothing for the past two months…? The game releases in like 7 months.
          Pokemon doesn’t come out for 3 months but they’re still revealing stuff, right? This logic makes no sense whatsoever to me.

          You might be right but there’s no real way to prove it. We just have to wait till September when the NX is supposedly revealed.

  50. i know it will never happen, but i hope one day pokemon do a miniseries for champions thats consists of their story on how they become champion. Cynthia should definitely be the first champion of course

          1. Cynthia appeared in more episodes of the anime than any other Champion. She has been in every single game except the Gen 6 games. Plus she is always top 3 in everybody top champion if not the first one.

          2. And according to the rumor that had oricorio and alola forms she is featured in sun and moon!

          3. i know im so hyped for that. Maybe alola is where she lives because she said that her house, even the region was a secret!!

          4. Hey you are right! I thought her house was the villa in undela town but that could just be her summer vacation house

          5. In Platinum, if you beat her 10 times in a row, you will be given a grand piano for the player’s villa, and whenever she visits the player, she goes and plays her introduction theme on the piano.

          6. Woah! Thats a neat easter egg! Ha i remember when i had every item in the villa except for the cat statues because i couldnt beat the frontier and the piano because i didnt know you could challenge the league againg…good times

    1. No no cynthia should be the last champion as she is the most badass and powerful of the bunch, a true test of pokemon mastery ?

    2. Didn’t one of the credible leaks say that all the champions make a cameo in the game? I think that would be awesome because then we would see all of them have full 3d figures!

    1. i didnt like it at first but then i saw what it was based on and it changed my opinion

      1. I like it for the most part but I can’t see myself ever using it. Unfortunately, I find myself saying that about a lot of Pokemon this generation :/

    2. I wish I could say the same. There are a few I’m not fond of. But I do like this one. Cool typing and I like the shell.

  51. Just realized Nintendo shut down Pokemon Uranium… I was looking forward to playing it 🙁

      1. Nah. I’m not gonna risk it. My laptop’s already been destroyed by Viruses and the battery doesn’t work without being plugged in…

    1. At least Uranium had the balls to introduce cross-gen evolutions which is something that GameFreak are too lazy to do so they give us these half-assed Megas and Alolan Formes.

      1. You must not have played gen 4. Also making new exciting game mechanics and add ons instead of doing something previously done doesn’t sound lazy to me.
        I get wanting new evos but that was a bad example

        1. I did play Gen 4 but was very disappointed in Gen 6 for not introducing any new evos except Sylveon and having Megas instead..

  52. I wonder if this thing already replaced Torkoal as a defensive fire type/stealth rocker

      1. Okay, you got me there. But for the people saying she is special for being in multiple games (literally 2) then look at Steven, we was in HGSS… just sayin

        1. Honestly though, I couldn’t really read much of the post on ign. It’s pathetically nitpicky. The writing before gen 5 wasn’t even good anyway, hence why Alder was a really good character. I don’t think any of that is a reason to really dislike her anyway, it just kind of seems the op is upset that a lot of people like her and they were looking for ways to tear her character down. Just one example: sure, she could’ve done a lot of things herself (she is pretty much the most powerful champion presented in the games) but obviously she was trying to challenge and test the player. And again, a lot of that should fall on GF rather than the fictional character. None of them have really ever been well written from the get go. That’s what the manga and stuff is for.

          1. Well did you read the part about ‘underestimating’ Team Galactic? There are some good points in there. Also leaving Team Galactic, a team which she knew drained an entire lake and tried to rob Professor Rowan isn’t a ‘test’ for the trainer, it is plain stupidity. She is a lazy trainer who had to hack in perfect IV Pokemon to be good. Also if 7 y/o me could destroy her with under leveled Pokemon first try, anyone could.

          2. Honestly the same could be said for Steven or Lance though. Neither of them helped a lick in the final battles. I feel like most people like her for her power anyway. You don’t always have to like a Pokemon character for how they’re written. I’ll have to replay platinum some time and look at her more indepth

  53. Well I guess something simple I really want now is Pikipek’s evolution.
    If it stays Normal/Flying I likely won’t use it. Grass/Flying sounds plausible after reading it shoots seeds, but I don’t need 2 Grass/Flying types. But when you think about it.. it’s head shape and color does resemble a flame. I’d be completely comfortable with another Fire/Flying Type. I’d know 5 of My Team Members if this and Alolan Acrcanine work out in my favor.

    1. I wouldn’t mind a Fire/Flying, but another Pokemon weak to Stealth Rocks makes me hope it’s not

          1. It would be such a copycat with that ability tho. I think they should key in on it a skill link ability. I’ve always thought it was cool.. . Just never very interested in the Pokemon that got it so far

          2. It already has Skill Link
            Chances of getting a fury pecking attack is extremely high

      1. Well I’m not saying it’s impossible. . But how did they arrive on that? Setting hopes way out in the field. I could see it being Fire (Design), Grass (Dex Entry), or maybe even Ground because it’s closest to a Woodpecker in my mind with the types left.. but Steel sounds so Random

        1. Most say that as it spent so much time boring into trees and stone their beaks metamorphosed into a hard steel like substance making it a living weapon
          Also not for nothing the break is grey so people might be pegging steel on it
          But who knows honestly it’s either going to stay Normal/Flying of Steel/Flying definitely not grass, people are once again taking names and words too seriously
          It stores seeds in its beak and zips them not becoming a plant itself

          1. ? How is acknowledging the other half of the dex entry.. or taking note of other parts of its design.. like it’s flame like head any less practical than what you’ve just said? It’s not, it’s all a Logical guess..

            That aside, I missed that part and yeah.. steel is reasonable and I would like that.. as well

    2. I want a more offensive Steel/Flying. I would be willing to use that along with Rowlet but any other type combo and I’m not really interested.

      1. I would the same!
        [Alola Fire Type]
        Alolan Water Growlithe ?

        Would be my team if they turn out awesome

        1. My planned team is always changing. I think I would do:
          Minior/Pikipek (Depending on type)
          Alola Sandslash/Ninetails
          Alola Raichu/Vikavolt

          1. Why fighting. fave type? I’m confused by the throwing on Normal to things a little myself.

          2. I recently looked through my last gen teams.. I choose Grass most consistently.. sometimes along with other starters

          3. For the most part I prefer grass types when it comes to starters. The only two regions I pick another starter over the grass is Gen 2 and 3 with Cyndaquil and Torchic.

      2. Yeah I really want it to be steel/flying as well. But idk how likely this is. Fingers crossed for something unique though!

  54. I’m making a Sushi Fakemon. I can’t decide, so I’ll ask you guys 🙂
    What type combo should I use?

    Water/Ghost (I don’t like this one)
    Water/Fighting (Ninja)

        1. I know. . . I Love seafood and sushi.. but I just imagined throwing a Real piece of dead sushi on the Battle field and playing with it .. lol ???

          1. It’s not dead. I’m making all of them so only the ghost type is dead. You’ll like it more when i show you.

  55. I had a thought while watching the stream earlier, but then forgot. I now remember. Any one else surprised they actually used Komala in that battle?!?!?!!? Like it goes more or less un-talked about for months and then suddenly it’s right their in front of us . I wasn’t expecting it and was plesently surprised hahaha

    1. Although a lot of people want them to reveal evolutions for some pokemon (i.e. Salandit, Pikipek, Komala) I hope they keep them secret till the game is released but that’s kinda unlikely.

      1. I could see Komala’s evo being kept a secret. It doesn’t strike me as special enough to have it’s evo ruined lol Salandit could go either way. I imagine we’ll get at least one of Pikipek’s evos before the release.

        1. Pokemon stuff I want to be kept silent till release

          Pikipek final Evo.
          Final starter Evos.
          Komala Evo.
          At least half the Pokedex
          A few trial captains

          Things I want to happen

          Starter second evos.
          Pikipek second Evo.
          Cutiefly Evo/Evos.
          Special features
          Rockruff Evo
          Secret of Starters and Rockruff

  56. I finished my sushis but I’ll post them tomorrow morning because there’s not many people here

  57. What 3DS games do you all still want to pick up? I have four more titles left for 2016 and I believe I’m done for the year. The four titles are:
    1. Pokemon Sun or Moon (already leaning towards #TeamMoon)
    2. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
    3. Bravely Second: End Layer
    4. Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon (I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS GAME!)
    Other titles I might get, but I’m still considering:
    1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    2. Dragon Quest VII

    1. dark moon is alright. I personally preferred the “open” world that the first game offered over the mission style game play of dark moon however.

    1. Welp, that disproves the Rainbow Greninja theory, even though I didn’t believe at all

  58. Wasn’t sure of it at first, it has grown on me slightly but it still feels like it belongs in a Zelda game…namely the nose part!! Still happy to have got a new reveal though, and look forward to more info!!

  59. Im wondering if the new abilities and moves are over powering some pokemon or intended to weaken others.

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