And the GAMESCOM Pokémon Sun & Moon stream reveals…

Well, we’ll know tomorrow, but right now is your LAST CHANCE to place (figurative) bets on just what will be revealed for Pokémon Sun & Moon, if anything more than a few new glimpses at Z-Moves or the brand new Island Trials.

Here are our top wishes to see revealed:

  • Staters’ 2nd evolutions
  • Ash Greninja
  • Post-game hints (don’t spoil us too much)

All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!

<3 PJ

  1. I’m secretly hoping for Alolan Farfecth’d and Golduck. xD

    Im REALLY hoping to also see what the deal is with Dragonite and Zubat….

  2. I’m just sitting here freaking tot about Alex Hirsch writing the script for Detective Pikachu

  3. Is it tomorrow for US people? The time difference always gets me. Sometimes its a friday reveal that US people get the day before, etc. Anyone know?

  4. The end of Megas is what they will reveal! Yeah, all of you below me, no more! IT’S TIME TO STOP! IT’S TIME TO STOP NOW! NO MORE! THEY WERE BROKEN! And really, does Dragonite need a mega, it already is OU.

  5. If Ash loses tomorrow, there’s a 95% chance I’m done with the anime. I can’t handle a 6th disappointment.

    1. You know that if Ash wins a pokemon league the anime will end right? His goal is to be a pokemon master and if he wins a league he’s done. It also ties in with the wish to Ho-oh in the first episode.

      1. Becoming a Pokémon master has nothing to do with winning a league conference. If he wins, he’s not the champion, thats still Diantha. It just means he’s eligible to challenge the Elite 4.

          1. And by your logic, the anime should end anyway if XYZ is finished, because Alola doesn’t have the same league format as other regions.

          2. Well we mostly know their is an Alolan season with Ash and Mallow or something I heard

      2. It really doesn’t. Winning one tournament doesn’t mean you’re a master of pokemon. Being a champion does. For Ash to really reach his goal he would have to beat a champion. Everyone only got that impression that winning a league makes you a master from the writers making him lose all the time, for no good reason.

        1. that is what i meant omg 0_0
          I dont watch the anime so idk the terminology they use but I mean if Ash beats the champion then the show is done because his wish would have come true

          1. Ok but he’s not battling the champion tomorrow. He’s battling his rival in the Kalos league final.

  6. Okay, now someone has talked about the Anime, please do not spoil it tomorrow. I like watching the dubbed because I hate subtitles, so please. Keep the spoilers out of Pokejungle

  7. I’m hoping for new Pokémon (especially 2nd stages of the starters) and not Alola forms. Please don’t just give us those sand castle Pokémon.

      1. Wait, did they actually confirm this or is this speculation because you haven’t seen them yet

        1. Well, there is an absence of gyms on the map, we’ve never had trial captains before, no gym leaders revealed at this point, the chinese leak says no gyms, etc. So… its speculation in a sense, but its like 99% confirmed. We wont know until they say it out loud or on the site

          1. I do not say there is something confirmed or not confirmed until Game Freak says it themselves. There may still be Kalos gyms… so yeah

          2. Kalos gyms? Yeah those exist. lol

            The site talks about a unique culture on Alola. Trials instead of gyms sounds unique to me.

        2. There’s just so many things stacking up on the claim that these aren’t gyms, and the only proof in the argument that there will be gyms is tradition, which this game has already proven to throw out the window.

  8. I think they will reveal Mega Rotom, Mega Talonflame, Mega Aegislash, Mega Heatran, Mega Excadrill, Mega Azumarril, Mega Landorus, Mega Greninja, Mega Ferrothorn, Mega Gliscor, Mega Conkeldur, Mega Skarmory, Mega Dragonite, because who gives a crap about the meta-game ^-^

      1. Rotom-Wash is a very good Pokemon used a alot throughout the metagame, if it gets a mega we’re done for

    1. Hell yeh, screw the metagame….more power creep.

      Throw in the new MegaMega Mechanic as well. MegaMegaMawile with Adaptability and Huge Power…..together.

      1. And Mega Mega Kangaskhan with Parental REBELIOUS Bond which makes the younger one hit just as hard as the mom, and MegaMega Kangaskhan has Speed Boost

  9. For all of you Posting here about Mega’s and the show

    Mega’s will come back Thank you for these Zebstrikalite I have one for you

    And for the Anime want to know what I want it to go on with Ash and Pikachu just revert back to more battles then this bull*hit only battles they have against team rocket, occasional rival, or Gym leader!!! He needs another Pokemon too

    1. Wait, megas are confirmed? gg, the metagame is screwed. Or are you just trying to spread false rumours? I can’t tell sorry

      1. The back side of the Z-Ring has a hole in it which would fit a Mega Stone. No idea why people think GF will abandon such a highly succesful formula like Megas already. If they add restrictions to the Z-Ring, like if you Mega Evolve you cant use a Z-move anymore in the same battle, then its just perfectly fine.

        1. Well, not really. If you don’t play the metagame, then you don’t realize how much of a pain Megas are. Kangaskhan especially… Also Primals too. Megas make the game broken and unbalanced. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that.

          1. Did I say I don’t understand it? I said Game Freak will not abandon the concept of megas so soon, especially since it turned out to be a succesful formula.

          2. Simple economics really. Game Freak doesn’t care what you or I think of the consequences in-game, they’re here to make money, and Megas help them in generating a lot of it.

        1. 10ish new Mega’s for it no that are too OP but ones we want like Flygon, Milotic, ect.

      2. How is the meta game screwed? Now I’ll admit I don’t play VGC but I try to casually read about it from time to time and it seems to me that the fact that legendary trios were always unrestricted and this past year’s semi-unrestricted mascot legendaries are far more responsible for ruining the meta game. Get rid of Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza and you’re back to one, item required Mega per battle. “Ruined meta game” my booty.

  10. Just saw a tidbit on the main site that I haven’t seen discussed on here:

    “And it seems that Pokémon other than Totem Pokémon sometimes call on allies to aid them.”


      1. Yeah the totems do so far. But this is saying other pokemon do too. Its like a brand new kind of horde battle.

          1. Idk. But from what they’re inferring, Im gathering that some pokemon you meet in the wild (non totems) could call their allies. So you run into a zebstrika, and then boom, you have to face it and some blitzles. Maybe that, or it can call anything. Probably prevos but only time will tell.

  11. Also, unless they’re counting the kahuna trial and one trial captain per island as “all of the island’s trials,” then this confirms we will have more than one trial per island.

    “If a trial-goer succeeds in clearing this grand trial, he or she will be publicly recognized as having cleared all of the island’s trials and can move on to the next island.”

    1. Yeah we already figured out the 4 revealed trial captains are all from Akala (the island to the right from the one we start on)

        1. Yeah, if you look at Akala and compare it with the trailer with the trial captains, you’ll see 3 of the trial captains are located in Akala. As for Sophocles, we just guessed because you cant tell since he’s indoors somewhere

  12. Last thing I learned today… Tapu Koko is most definitely a legendary. The pokemon page on the main site has the other legendaries and Tapu in larger boxes than the other pokemon.

      1. Ive read comments on here where people didn’t think it was a legendary, just more of a special pokemon, inferring its a main for the kahuna like metagross is for Steven.

    1. I feel like it will be. If we know GF right, they’re definitely gonna make a big deal out of Greninja in the new games because it’s Japan’s favorite Pokemon.

  13. Since people are talking about Megas, I’ll throw in my two sense. First, I have no doubt that Megas are returning, though I don’t know if they will have new ones. If they do make new ones, I feel like they need to tone it down a lot. I know that it was a new feature and all, but having 50+ Megas per gen makes them feel less special. I think that they should make maybe 6-8 new ones, and than that number for the next game in the gen, whatever that is.

    1. I see them adding 15-20 new Megas but won’t be focusing on them till late in the main game/post game

  14. Also tomorrow is the episode we’ve all been waiting for
    Ash Vs Alain
    Placing all bets, who shall emerge victorious
    Ash the trainer from pallet town
    Alain the aspiring master of mega evolution

    Vote now!!!!

    1. I’m voting on a double knock out resulting in a tie
      And that a sudden death match that will be interrupted by Team Flare’s Z-Machine shenanigans

    2. “Ash” “win” and “league” are three words that should never be in the same sentence unless “doesn’t” is included.

      In all honesty tho, I see Ash winning the Kalos league but I see him losing as well so

    3. Why am I just afraid Alains team will interrupt the finals possibly right as there is a tie or something.. ugh. We want a Clear winner! Named Ash!
      I read the subs and it made it sound this was the plan.. even team rocket plans to jump in.. .

    1. Ehhhhhhhhhhh Mega
      Magmortar already live in volcanic regions so they pose very little reason to change

      1. Magmortar already looks like a mega magmar, plus they added magmortar 2 gens after as a kind of retcon, so I doubt it’ll get a mega 3 gens after that

          1. you said: Mega
            Magmortar already live in volcanic regions so they pose very little reason to change.

          2. I didn’t mean slap on the obligatory fire/rock/ground typing for lava stereotype
            It will be extremely frail

  15. There is going to be Alolan forms of Exeggcute, Persian, Cubone, Pichu, and Pikachu, as well as revealing more new Pokemon, a few new Mega Evolutions, some new evolutions and pre-evolutions, more Alolan forms, evolutions of starter Pokemon, new fossil Pokemon, Alola Guardian of Akala Island, Mega Greninja (Ash-Greninja), and Marshadow.

    1. Pichu, pikachu, exeggcute, and cubone will not be getting Alolan forms cause we have seen them in battle and/or evolving into there Alolan forms

      1. We’ve also seen arcanine in the wild… But the Chinese leak says otherwise. Only time will tell.

        1. I dont watch the anime but that doesnt mean I havent seen some clips of the battles. What’s your problem with me??

          1. No prob. I’ve stopped watching the anime ages after DP but I’ve seen some clips of ash greninja and it’s horrible.

          2. loool. Ash-Greninja is one of the best things that ever happened to the anime and Pokémon in general. Did you guys even see the recent league episodes? Kill yourselves.

  16. If someone doesn’t mind, could someone post the live gameplay of it subbed in English (I’m assuming it’ll be dubbed in German for that audience). If so that would be epic!

    1. I don’t think it’ll be dubbed in German. A lot of games premiering there are in English. Germany’s 2nd most spoken language is English, and unlike the US with Spanish as 2nd most spoken language, a large margin of Germans speak moderate English. It’s become very Americanized, and there are many gamers and movie watchers that would rather not watch the dubbed versions.

      1. A couple of years ago I stopped watching Glee and today I started again and I love it 🙂 It’s one of my gay sins haha
        Edit: on what site do you watch it?

        1. Lol nice! I realized that I love singing but never followed Glee so that’s why I started. As for a site, I use couchtuner (make sure to have adblock) but recently my wifi sucks so I just torrent entire seasons on geektorrent

  17. Aww man i got tricked by the clickbait tittle xD anyway i just hope we get a new pokemon and/or new team skull gameplay but i would be satisfied with anything thats new haha

  18. I officially turn 14 today and thus marks my 5th year of having been apart of this wonderful site after being introduced to it by ZephyrSonic (I believe that’s his YouTube username). Heres to another year great year! ?

    1. 5th!? I’m going to have to tell the Pokemon inspectors you’ve had Pokemon a Full Year before you’re allowed too. . . Sorry bud ?

    2. Happy bday! 😀 Mine is in a few days. Also, woah, you were on pokejungle when you were nine? I mean, generally it is pretty tame here but from time to time it can get questionable. But who am I to say lol.

      1. thank u, also i feel like this cool alolan form might have a lot of potential what do u guys think

    1. I don’t think all team skull does is steal pokemon and money, there certainly is something else

      1. I think so too, but it doesn’t seem to be world domination or destruction of people, or mastery of time and space that they’re after. So as thugs, whatever their goal is, is likely relatively underwhelming in comparison. A bunch of them are wannabe island chiefs.

      1. Sort of. But I think Pokerides will likely be used more as HMs to pass through obstacles (rock smash tauros, fly charizard, etc) and not general movement like rollerskates or the bike. LET’S GO MOPED.

  19. So even though I dont like them too much because Gf hasn’t executed them in the best manner, I really hope they don’t get rid of adding Megas. They just need to be more selective of which pokemon get them and which should still evolve. Like I need a mega Butterfree before they can end. Unfortunately I’m not certain we’ll get any at all in these games.

  20. You guys we have Seen Regular Exeggcute, Pikachu, and I believe even Cubone evolve Directly Into their Alolan Forms..
    It’s common sense, sorry

      1. That doesn’t even really make sense though considering there are pokemon from other regions in alola too so I hope that’s not what they’re doing..

        1. What if they are only revealing Kanto ones, and when the game comes out it has more Alola forms from other regions? That’d be a good trick IMO.

  21. Might have to stay away from social media tomorrow in regards with Ash v Alain, dont want anything spoilt.

  22. I don’t know what we’re going to see at all. I’m not even going to place any bets, just to end up getting disappointed tomorrow. The leak said we’re going to see Rainbow Greninja/Ash-Greninja on August 21st. We’ll see if it holds up after the footage.

  23. Rowlet’s 2nd evolution would probably be called Robhood, or Robhoot.

    Knowing how Empoleon had come about by how the Pokemon looks, as well as combining words from ”Emp”eror Ne”poleon”, it stands to make sense that Rowlet’s would be named after Robin Hood.Unless you could think of other names based on Robin Hood, it is the most likely candidate than just what fakers spewed out.

          1. nope. Arrowhoot, Arrowhood, Sherhood, Sherhoot, Nottingowl, Nottinghoot, Nottinghood.

    1. Could happen. But it probably wouldn’t be as hyped if there was nothing new. We had a whole year of disappointment, and now gf is on a roll with new info being shelled out constantly. They wouldn’t want make anyone angry for fear of them getting annoyed and losing interest in the game.

  24. I think we will probably see few Alolan forms and new mons…. Maybe a minor new feature or something.

      1. Yeah, it’s the only new Pokemon from the E3 demonstration that we haven’t seen its evolution line.

    1. We’d probably get the starter’s 1st evolution, but not the 2nd until the game’s official release.

      1. What makes you think that? They don’t usually brings that big of news to conventions like these. They didn’t reveal anything new when X and Y were coming out at gamescom (they did have a demo with nothing really new, and the announcement for fairy type in the tcg and the announcement of Pokemon the origin but those don’t count for info about X and Y)

          1. Well I was responding to the article, which is asking what we think they will be bringing tomorrow, rather than what they will be announcing in September and October :T

        1. And it would know……………………………………….. ROLLout! Lol 10/10 Bes Joke

        1. ….. by that logic all fish pokemon could be considered a sushi pokemon, Im pretty sure he means a sushi roll

  25. Am I the only one who thought Greninja looked dumb? Personally I like Delphox better, and I was so dissapointed with Delphox. I still feel like it’s overrated in design and viability. In the course of when I played competitively it did nothing for me.

    1. They are all really really really ugly, but Delphox looks the best, especially in fan art. Greninja’s design sucks because it should’ve just stayed round and bubbled and Chesnaught is just a big no.

      1. Don’t get the chestnaught hate from the fan base? Mine used to kick ASS. Spiky shield is an amazing move. Good stats. I think it’s overall design is incredible. What exactly is it about chestnaught that you don’t like?

        1. At first he was my favorite of the three. I used it in my first playthrough, but I became irritated because of the way it looked and I just started a new game. It just doesn’t appeal to me I guess

        1. Yup love Empoleon too. Never been a big fan of water starters but its Greninja>Blastoise>Empoleon for me.

        2. Empoleon doesn’t look great. It looks fucking amazing. It’s my 2nd favorite Pokémon 🙂

          1. I have:
            Speed Boat the Empoleon
            Link the Scizor
            Corona the Luxray
            Avery the Staraptor
            Blur the Ponyta
            Sentinel the Gallade
            And I’m about to take on the sixth gym after grinding, I’m really underleved.

        1. It makes sense at least. How does it go: bubbles -> bubbles -> tongue? I mean, the previous forms don’t even have a hint of a tongue theme.

        2. Yeah this would have helped massively but I’m still bothered by those angular ass fins on its head

      1. It bothered me at first, but now I’m just kind of meh about it. I will definitely say it is helpful (at least for me) in competitive… I do like it’s ninja theme though and I do like it’s role in the anime.

        Although it’s still overrated. Way too overrated.

    1. Do you know how to make ice cream from scratch. Nutella Ice Cream tastes really good if you can make it.

        1. I love it, its Ash’s version of mega evolution, but because the transformation is seemingly far superior to regular megas, I dont see how they could make it competitive in the game.

      1. I do. I think it looks better than regular Greninja. Better color scheme and a more detailed design, overall.

      1. Don’t get me wrong Greninja is one of my favorite starters I just dislike Ash Greninja

        1. I just don’t like Greninja. The concept is cool but they fucked up the final design. This one is SO much cooler and actually resembles Frogadier

          1. Greninja is the only time I have EVER regreted my starter choice. In the begining I thought it looked ok and I liked the second form, then I saw the horrible tongue scarf in game and it hit me “oh god its got a tongue wrapped around its head, that’s freaky”.

            So yeah, Greninja sucks.

          2. Tell that to someone who plays competitively. They’ll probably ask you what you’re smoking.

          3. If I was playing competatively I probably wouldn’t use any starters.
            Besides which I have all the starters I want at my disposal for competative stuff.

          4. Ah, I remember that design. Was hyped that it was a potential leak, but then slightly disappointed that it wasn’t true. I didn’t really like Greninja’s design at first, but now it’s grown on me a lot.

          5. OMG IVE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FOR YEARS AND PEOPLE ALWAYS TREAT ME LIKE IM BEING A HATER. This fan made design shits all over the angular tounge scarf monstrosity that is greninja. Something closer to this would have made so much more sense

  26. They shoulda saved Archeops and Carracosta for Alola. Only avian dinosaur and marine fossils were found in Hawaii because the volcanic deposits were not able to preserve the older fossils. Archeops and Carracosta would be perfect.

  27. Alright gents, I’m gonna watch a few movies on Netflix before I hit the bed (its already 00:02 here though) and I will leave you guys with this. Refresh if needed. Bye!

  28. I think we will get the secondary evolutions of the starters, another island and the guardian, and more Team Skull action. And some more Pokemon and Alola forms. I hope we learn more about this gym/no gym thing.

  29. This is off topic but is anyone else having issues with disqus recently? Every so often when I type, it takes a few seconds to catch up with my typing, and then eventually gives me a error message and refreshes the page. I’m asking to find out if it’s an issue on my end, or if it’s the fault of disqus.

    1. YES, I thought it was just my dumb phone, I’m glad it’s not just my phone acting funny, I guess.

  30. Hey, i got SVG working for my output type for my artwork, so now i can make SVGs an export option~

    1. After the only people left playing GO are real fans, Targets just gonna paint them red again. A lot of people I know who didn’t used to be fans are already using interest

      1. I mean, I still see people playing it a lot. For me at least, I’ve seen the same huge amounts of people playing it….

          1. I don’t know… For people that never played Pokemon yes. For most people that have played anything Pokemon (besides go) I think will remain on it for awhile.

  31. Oi I’m losing steam… I wish I could just fall asleep not and wake up at 10:55am right before the stream
    But unfortunately I have a house, and a puppy to take care of so that’s never gonna happen

  32. Hey, sorry for not being on lately, I have been and still am in band camp, which is all day so yeah.
    And sadly, I’ll have to miss the stream. I’ll stay updated on any reveals though. I just hope, like the E3 play through, it will be up on YT later so I can watch
    Anyways, I’m hoping for places shown and more mons
    Catch you guys on the weekend 🙂

    1. Well. I never get to watch the Streams, so that makes two of us. 🙂
      Anyway, see you when you get back.

      1. Ok, say you breed two 6IV eevees with an everstone to guarantee the nature and a destiny know to guarantee 5 perfect IVs. Let’s ignore the work it would take to get yourself to that point.

        The 6th IV being perfect is a 1/32 chance.

        Hatching a pokemon using the masuda method and a shiny charm gives a 1/512 chance of getting a shiny.

        The chance of getting a shiny 6IV Eevee with the afforementioned conditions is a 1/16384 chance.

        That means hatch 16384 eggs and you’re still not guaranteed to get one.

      2. The egg was laid in 2000 and knows Syncronoise
        Which was introduced in Gen V in 2013

  33. I wonder when Ash will left the anime, c’mon Ash is the worst character in Pokemon history.

    1. Worse than even the likes of the XY gym leaders? I mean, a t least he had some character development.

      1. Ash is terrible, he is a character that was been put under people throat and then people get used to him…

  34. I would like to see Alolan Dragonite or Zubat if its true or the starters evolutions really!

      1. YES!!! I would love to see that as well.
        For me it would make more sense than the current Dragonite does. (Dont get me wrong I ADORE Dragonite, but even as a kid, the way that it looked just didn’t scream “I evolved from this guy” to me.) If it had been blue then maybe if would have made more sense to my child brain. LOL

      1. Let me elaborate. I wouldn’t want to go back to Kalos as a postgame thing. I’d want something more interesting.

        1. Yeah, Kalos was pretty in places, but other than that it didn’t have much to offer in the way of functional stuff.

          I’d rather have a place that makes acquiring evolution items and fossils relatively easy.

  35. I’m trying to click on my profile, but it keeps opening up to Star’s Profile lol. I think I need to exit out of this…

  36. I would LOVE to see an Alolan Eevee, among a few others. 😀 Just think about it, then all the other Eevee evolutions would get Alolan forms. I could think up some really awesome designs, and typings for them. XD

    But yeah onto a more realistic prediction, I hope we get to see the starter Pokemon’s second stages, and maybe a couple new Pokemon, or maybe learn a bit more about the Island Challenges. Or have them reveal a more detailed guide of the four islands, and what we will find on them. 😀

    (Or there just going to reveal a playable demo, like what we got when ORAS was coming out. Man I still have that demo game on my 3DS and I still play it once in a blue moon. 😀 )

    1. The one thing that would concern me about a demo is it being data mined similar to the ORAS demo…revealing everything

      1. Yeah, unless it was made just like that one, because it is a separate game from ORAS, because none of what you did in the demo was in the actual game, I think.

        But I think it would be cool if they did something similar to that game, I loved the whole idea of getting a special Pokemon with its mega stone and obtainable items that you could transfer over to the real game when you got it. 😀

        1. Oh I agree, the demo was really fun and I enjoyed being able to transfer early items and a Mega! ^_^

    2. I wouldn’t want an alolan Eevee, I think Eevee and its evolutions are fine as they are (except maybe Sylveon, that thing’s weird).

    3. Alolan Eevee should be Steel and all the Eeveelutions would be part steel like Delta Species. if they changed type at all.

      1. Yeah that would be pretty cool. 😀
        LOL I had been thinking Dark or Faerie type. 😀

    4. Alola forms are not just form changes. The Pokemon has a completely new type. So how the fuck would eevee and ALL 37 of its evolutions get an alola form? Like how exactly do you think this works?

  37. Has anyone ever gotten back a Pokemon from wonder trade that they sent out before? I just got a lucario back that I sent out a few years ago!

    1. I wish.

      I admit though, sometimes I give out good pokemon in the hopes of one day someone using my pokemon to battle against me so I can look at the OT and say “ha, that’s my pokemon you fought with”.

      1. In a way it was cool getting lucario back but also kind of sad to think it’s probably been passed around unwanted for two years

        1. It really was a bad descision to give you a free Lucario AND to make Riolu Available in the Wild ESPECIALLY so early on.

          1. it is a 5% encounter though, so maybe they thought it would be okay but still it’s not like you can’t catch it Wild or it’s infuriatingly rare like Chansey.

          2. I mean it’s a pretty powerful Pokemon in Black2 I had a Lucario right around the third gym

          3. Tried it no go, I think I might have to get hooked up into those creepy sleep apnea masks

          4. They did the same with Zorua and Zoroark.
            I still remember when Zorua was event only and I actually went to the trouble of getting it from said event.

          5. it was really stupid making it an event pokemon in BW then in BW2 they just handed you a free one in Driftveil

        2. It’s impossible to know how many people have had it though.
          It could have been 2, it could have been 200.

        1. True, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll use my pokemon in the battle.
          In my experience, wonder traders binge trade or binge and then never do anything else.

          Aside from which I prefer at least somewhat knowing the person I’m going to battle.
          It’s more entertaining to be someone you’ve met or had discussions with than it is to battle someone who is virtually anonymous. The latter feels the same as just battling a well designed AI. Plus there’s no guarantee they won’t pull the plug when they start losing.

          1. sometimes I get really lucky on WT but usually I get crappy stuff. I only do WTW now because its not worth doing it on any other day

          2. Hopefully it will be somewhat better in SM

          3. ORAS completely ruined WT. It was really enjoyable in XY and especially right after pokemon bank was released. Now you just get crappy worthless Hoenn trash anymore

  38. I think that Dialga and Palkia are 2 of the Ugliest legadaries ever created… Also Heatran.
    And, I’m having a Hard time planning a Unova team I actually like… Especially because of these water pokemon designs n stats

      1. ? I’m considering bringing back my Charizard.. and using Zoroark. Serperior is a Must… Or servine.. hmm

        1. What are you doing exactly a Unova theme team in ORAS or replaying BWB2W2, what’s the dealie

          1. Actually I’m just planning teams for each Gen. I start over so much I don’t actually have Any Pokemon I’m keeping except my Togetic. I’m def gonna have to hack.. ain’t got no time to create 6 going on 7 gens of Pokemon

          2. No because I’ve never been satisfied to keep a Pokemon other than Togetic. Between egg moves.. and other things. I gotta restart. I’m Very particular. I don’t even like switching out Pokemon from my team once I’ve started

      1. Wait. .. how did you know!? Lol. I’m considering it. I just don’t know yet. This is the Hardest team to create!

          1. It won’t last log on the Battle field I hear.. and I might use Zoroark with same defenses.. so ugh.. it’s hard

      2. Galvantula is one of my favourite Bug types and one of my favourite Electric types.

        Plus those caves were probably the coolest caves we’ve ever had.
        Better than the mirror one in Kalos.

        1. Yes I actually liked Chargestone cave as well. Except for trying to encounter Tynamo…..

          1. I don’t remember struggling with that.
            I know I definately had one by the time I reached the Ice gym with the windmills.

            P.S. I miss seasons.

          2. Yes. I hate when GF gets rid of stuff like that. Seasons made the game unique. I also miss Hardmode

          3. I never experienced hardmode because I never got B2/W2, so I’m not too upset about that one.

            All the recent talk of it has made me consider getting a copy if I can ever find one.

          4. Bruh. I know I’m a minority but BW2 is my favorite Pokemon game. Even more than HGSS. You got to play it.

          5. The main reason I didn’t at the time was because I was annoyed that B/W hadn’t been out for that long and they were already making a sequel/remake that looked way better. If I’d known before hand I would have just waited for B2/W2 and not bothered with B/W.

            Also I really wish they hadn’t animated the battle sprites the way they did, it made the battle graphics look horribly blocky and weird, which distracted from the battles themselves.

          1. No diversity is what I meant. I’d love for it to have Earthpower, Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam

          2. Barf you’ll never get Earth Power on a run of the mill Grass type
            Only Sunflora has it and they’re terrible

          3. All grass-types should get it though. Sunflora blows and doesn’t deserve anything.

          4. It’s called Earth Power, not Gaia power
            Only Ground and Rock Types can make the very earth erupt with power

      1. Lilligant is pretty, but lacks power.
        I still think it should have been made part fairy to keep it on par with Cottonee’s evolution.

          1. They both hit pretty hard and Escavalier has good bulk. Like you said though, they are very very slow

          2. Scolipede is a very nice poison type.

            Escavalier is strong, but hard to get hold of and it’s not very pretty.

            Reuniclus is also powerful but not very pretty.

      1. The problem with unova pokemon is that they are pretty much reskinned generation 1 pokemon

          1. Exactly! It would’ve been better if they at least swapped around the stats on the unova copycats. Gigalith could’ve been a special based Golem and Conkeldurr could’ve been a special based machamp

          2. I didn’t mind Gigalith too much because I liked the colours, but Conkeldurr’s line was just ugly and unnecessary.
            Gigalith could have worked as a special line since its red stones could have been wave emitting or something.
            Even better if the red stones had been crystal and it was part psychic.
            But it’s Gamefreak, what can we do?

        1. Really!?!?! If that were the case.. I’d have Too Any I’d want on my team instead..
          Well.. Gen one didn’t have the best grass or water types outside of the starters if u ask me

      1. Speed again.. Plus I do like to look at stats. People Dump on XY but I Easily found the Pokemon I like design wise And they had Great Stats

    1. I’m surprised I didn’t get hate for calling Pokemon ugly. ? Lol.
      They were kind of cool in the movie.. But just why… Why create these abominations when u can draw.. something else ?
      I think they forgot this

    2. I liked Palkia.
      Dialga is so-so.

      Sometimes I think they should unlegendify Heatran since it has a gender and doesn’t have much lore behind it.

    3. Dialga is pretty cool and only bad thing about Palkia is it Kinda got screwed in the Typing Department.

  39. Yo.. I wish these updates updated in real time. Whose gonna think to refresh randomly!? I gotta stop typing like a 3rd grader and editing afterwards

    1. Plus if I have to edit a comment, I don’t want to sound spammy, but I want to make a comment saying to refresh.

  40. Well tomorrow is the semi big day, honestly we need more live gameplay to keep us in mind of what’s actually going to happen in the game

    1. No we don’t. The point of buying the game is to play and discover it ourselves.

      1. I was really just saying seeing locations, walking around honestly we just have been seeing in game battles, minor moving and so on all in trailer form not any honest to god gameplay

      1. 2 hours ago I made a ’14 hours left’ comment.
        Now I’m suddenly realising I blinked and 2 hours vanished XD

  41. Is Manaphy a Full legendary? I may be Forced to use my first legend because the other water pokemon Appall me in one way or another

    1. Yep, it is totally a legendary. A mythical too. What are you looking for in a water Pokemon that won’t make you appalled? I’m the water guy… 🙂

          1. Jellicent doesn’t really have the greatest special stat which is what I look for in a water pokemon but that’s just my opinion.

    2. Jellicent?
      Heck, it might not be pretty but Seismitoad is pretty strong.

        1. I’d like it more if they hadn’t stuck two of its speakers on its head. They look like large boils.

          1. That said, Poison Touch ability…
            And you can breed Earth Power, Mud Bomb and Water Pulse onto it.

          2. That’s a completely false myth.
            Granted some toads look kind of warty.
            I’m ok with the other speakers, it’s just the two on the head that put me off. I think the head should have been bald.

  42. Restarted my Black 2. On my team, I currently have Servine and Growlithe, but I’m still not sure who should fill the remaining four spots. Any thoughts?

        1. Simipour. Or Sawk/Throh (version dependent) outside the normal gym.

          Advance the plot a bit further to the left and you can get Jellicent from fishing/surfing, I believe.

        2. I’ve had to do a lot of research since I haven’t played this one,

          TL;DR: Magnemite, Growlite/Magby, Zubat, Riolu, Psyduck (until something better comes along)

          SInce you can access the Virbank complex so I’d suggest you grab a Magnemite. Aside from being a good Steel/Electric type, by the time you have it up to about level 30, you’ll be near chargestone cave so you can evolve it straight to Magnezone.

          Since you’re on Black 2 you might want to grab Magby as your fire type, but unles you’ve got someone to trade with, you won’t get Magmortar easily, so you might be better off sticking with your Growlithe. If not you could wait until Darumakka is available and get that intead since Darumanitan doesn’t need a fire stone to evolve and is a good hitter.

          When you reach Castelia sewers, grab a Zubat (with a luxury ball if you can find one). It will evolve at level 22 which you should hit not too far along the way, and then when you’ve befriended it enough it will evolve again, meaning it might not evolve until much later, or it might evolve quite quickly, giving you an early tier 3 pokemon. Either way Poison & Flying will serve you well. More importantly it will be good in the upcoming gym battle.

          Maybe you might want to head back and grab a Riolu from Flocessy ranch as you main physical fighter since the Steel it gains on level up will be helpful. Riolu itself is good against bug (next gym) and only weak to flying and psychic. When it evolves it will become drastically different, but Lucario has so many resistances it will serve you very well in future.

          For the last one I’d suggest sticking with Psyduck for now since it learns a few psychic moves and you won’t get any water types until later. You could get and Eevee and evolve that into whatever you want instead though. The real goldmine doesn’t arrive until you reach Lostlorn forest. At which point you can basically pick and choose your team since it’s got stuff like Roserade, Heracross, Venipede etc.

          1. I appreciate this very much! Thank you for putting time into this for me, I can’t thank you enough.

          2. Sorry I didn’t notice this sooner. I accidentally closed the tab at one point so I missed the reply.

            It’s no problem, I didn’t have to do that much research and I’m a quick typer anyway, it probably only took 5-10 minutes.

            Don’t take what I said as set in stone though, if you think something might work better feel free to swap it out, that’s just what I would go for. Hopefully it will serve you well though, I use Magnezone and Golbat a lot anyway so those two were no brainers 😛

    1. No.
      Breeding Manaphy results in Phione but Phione never evolves.
      Meanwhile Gamefreak are having a laugh at everyone else’s expense.

          1. Ironically they were quite rare on Wonder Trade and GTS until the 20th anniversay Manaphy event.

        1. Yeah it makes no sense. I really like manaphys design because I like the idea of there being a Pokemon made out of water but I wish it wasn’t a legendary :/ as for phione… It’s entire existence is a waste. It’s design is ugly and nothing compared to simplicit perfection of Manaphy. And just why did game freak create this thing? Why? Lol

          1. how does one like manaphy but think phione is ugly?… I call shenanigans! lol they are not different enough for that, I can see someone liking one more than the other but going from ugly to perfection… doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but hey, I’m not gunna tell you how to think.

          2. Out of interest, Manaphy is 80% water, and a human is about 50-60%.

            As for Phione, I can only assume they weren’t originally going to make Manaphy a legendary but decided to because they thought it was cute and would sell a ton of merchandise. They were sort of right.

  43. So after I finish my playthroughs on HG, Pt, B2, W2, and X I will have used every pokemon! (excluding legendaries, early route rodent filth, and the unusable turds that aren’t even worthy of being toilet paper)

    I started using teams of pokemon Ive never used before back in 2012 lol

  44. What does Lysandre’s English voice sound like? His Japanese voice is deep and sexy ?

          1. I want Gary to come back, and travel with Ash for a season. Now that there not rivals any more, and Gary isn’t a total ass towards Ash anymore. 😀

  45. Well imma sleep now. But I think we can all agree that the best news was Alex Hirsch writing the script for Detective Pikachu movie!

      1. THE CREATOR OF GRAVITY FALLS. He is honestly the best writer imo… Especially for something mystery/comedy involved.. You’ll see.

        1. lol, there is something called gravity falls? creative name as yes, gravity does make things fall 😛

          1. BRUH, have you never heard of the tv show? I recommend you go watch it…it’s short but has a complex and deep plot with great characters and hilarious humor.

          2. I just googled it, and it looks too much like a kids show that would have like crude humour in it or something (not a fan of that) but ill give it a look into though, the only cartoon I watch is steven universe as its quite interesting even for a 22yo such as myself.

          3. I know a lot of people that like Steven universe that like gravity falls as well. I think you’ll like it. Try it out, see how you feel. But it’s definitely NOT a kids show I’ll say that much.

          4. from what I can tell SU is way more gorgeous looking, so theres that, I enjoy pretty things

          5. Steven Universe has the most beautiful artwork of any American cartoon I’ve watched. It’s the only show I countdown for new episodes, and it’s hilarious.

          6. I heard about the show thanks to Attack the Light, and I would never have even thought of watching it if not for Godzil… I mean Connie.

            And yes I’ll keep watching though I’m not the kind of person who can blitz through an entire new show in one day. 🙂 ~10 episodes per session before I put it down and save the rest for later.

          7. It’s weird I never got into su.. But I keep hearing it’s great so I want to try getting back into it…

          8. I hated it until Opal was introduced. The writing is awful at first but once season two hits it’s like a completely different show.

          9. I have always loved it and honestly think its the best cartoon ever made in the west, (possibly tied with some like korra and Avatar)… but
            Opal and Rainbow Quartz are the best things in the show tbh, even though everything is amazing, ugh, so pretty, Im just really sad that the rainbow quartz will never be coming back as she was shown :c (maybe)

          10. I keep being put off attempting to watch it because I’m not sure what to make of it.

            At face value it looks like a girly superhero thing or that it might be overly drama centric. I know you shouldn’t judge things at face value, but so far nothing related to it has particularly appealed to me.

          11. technically theres only like two male, and one female main character, the gems are rocks and only go by female pronouns to make it easier for the humans to understand them

          12. They’re mostly feminine and voiced by females though, so they’re effectively female. That’s not the only reason I say it seems girly though.

            Besides which that’s not enough to swing me either way. I was totally fine with watching the Powerpuff Girls from time to time, and in the past I’ve watched 1 or 2 episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew and it was ok (I intend to one day watch the subbed version).

          13. just curious then why do you think it seems girly? (not that I recognize gender differences, but ill be a an average person who does for once for the sake of it all) They are bad ass warriors who fight monsters and go on adventures :3

          14. A) The colours.
            B) It looks all happy and cheerful.
            C) I google it and see no epic fight scenes, just a lot of people living everyday life.

            Also nobody has actually given a reason for me to watch it other than saying “watch it, it’s good”. ‘warriors fighting monsters and going on adventures’ describes pretty much every other cartoon or anime in existance.

            And I tend to avoid things with hype anyway. The only reason I gave gravity falls a chance is because I watched the shorts and thought they were hilarious.

          15. A) colours are colours, the only reason pinks and such are seen as feminine colours (they started out as masculine and blue as feminine) is because during the war hitler made gays wear pink triangles before he killed them as his sign of inferiority and femininity. Which is f*cked but I digress.
            b) It can be happy and cheerful yes, but it can also be hella sad and give you the feels.
            c) most episodes I guess are kinda them living everyday life I suppose, but the series starts out with them basically kicking ass and its the most notible thing in the show tbh, thats their whole purpose, a lot of the gems backstory revolves around combat and the gem war.

            Nobody has probably really given you a concrete reason to watch it because if they did it would spoil the show for you and its really something you have to experience for yourself. Its a show that shows you that feminine and masculine really mean nothing one can have beauty and grace, as well as being powerful and sensitive. There is a grande theme of love which the show deals with beautifully as well as the darker points in relationship like abusive and toxic relations, but they do it in such a beautiful way. Yes it contains everyday issues but in the best way.

            As for the hype, there are a lot of people that when they hear something hyped up so much that when they do finally experience it they hate it no matter what just because they don’t want to be like everyone else as well as a myriad of other reasons, so ill say this, while I do think its an amazing show, you have to decide to watch it for yourself if you want to really grow to love it like so many already do.

            Hope this helped

          16. Accidentally closed the tab, attempt 2.

            A) Firstly Hitler’s choice of the pink triangle is not the sole reason pink became associated with femininity. That probably wasn’t even particularly common knowledge unless one was specifically dealing with concentration camps or it somehow found its way into the news instead of millitary HQ.
            Aside from which the pink association didn’t happen overnight, it grew as a trend over time.

            More to the point, I never said anything about blue and pink.
            Pink can look masculine and imposing depending on the way it’s used. For example, Doflamingo certainly doesn’t look feminine despite being completely dressed in Pink Feathers:

            I’m thinking more in terms of shades and the use of colour. The way SU uses colours and the shades chosen put me more in mind of other shows aimed at female audiences.

            B) Again, like all the other fans I ask, that’s not explaining anything about the show. You’re telling me your personal reaction but not what you’ve reacted to. That’s a fallacy.

            C) But clearly that’s not the main attraction of the show else it would be easier to find images of fighting scenes on google images. Googling “Steven Universe battle” shows only a handful of fighting scenes, it’s mostly either people preparing to do battle, the aftermarth of a battle or fanart.

            I don’t care if things are spoiled if it means telling me something that might give me a reason to watch.
            “that shows you that feminine and masculine really mean nothing” Again, not really a reason for me to watch it, playing with feminity and masculinity have been done before.
            “There is a grande theme of love” A) I’m not a big believer of love anymore and B) that’s also something a lot of other shows have.
            All these things you’re telling me are more to do with how you react to the show and are actually saying more about you and what you value than about the show itself. You’re giving things you’ve enterpreted while avoiding actually giving me any specific details.

            I am not like that. I originally avoided Portal because of the hype. I played it, it’s now one of my favourite games. If I hated all hyped things I wouldn’t even be here because pokemon is hyped as hell. It’s deserving though, so I appreciate it.

            I’m sorry but this really hasn’t helped because you’ve just told me what the show means to you rather than what it actually entails. That’s like saying “pokemon is good to watch because battling is fun and it explores the nature of the relationship between people and animals” rather than “in pokemon, you use creatures called pokemon to battle with. Pokemon can be raised to be stronger through gaining experience in battle. In each game there is a main storyline featuring a group of villains trying to do evil deeds. In one case one of the teams seemingly sets about to release pokemon saying that battling them is wrong, which in turn raises the question of whether or not battling pokemon is morally right or not.”. Obviously not quite to that level, but you see my point. Someone could love a show about rude fart gags, tell you it’s awesome, you watch it, and then find out it’s awful. If they had told you in the first place “it’s about rude fart gags” you would have been able to decide not to watch it. So far the only thing I’ve been able to tell from what you’ve said is that aparently the characters may or may not have relationships involving love.

          17. not gunna lie this came off a little rude, but ok. Tbh the only way I can tell you anything about this show without spoilers is telling you essentially what it meant to me, I’m not going to tell you specifically whats amazing about the show because I know there are a lot of people on this site that are currently watching through it and those details would severely ruin the plot for them, I thought that much was clear, just because you don’t mind spoilers doesn’t mean that other people stumbling upon these comments won’t too, to find out that stuff you’ll have to seek it out for yourself, like I said if you want to watch it go ahead, if not, its not a big deal to me or anyone else, my answer is the only answer I can give you.

          18. Which part exactly? I don’t doubt it is, but there’s a lot there.
            I’m sorry, but I I’m not very good at sugar coating things.

            You could show me 1000 people saying “watch it because I thought it was epic” and it would be the same as just giving me 10 because they’re all just giving me their feelings and not the context of why they are having those reactions. We are all different people, we will all have different reactions, but the thing people are reacting to is the same. I cannot discern how I will react from their reactions, but I can probably discern if they describe what they’re reacting to. It’s like asking someone “what’s a lemon like” and them saying “it’s tasty” instead of “it’s very sour, but also quite juicy and fleshy”. I want to know it’s sour, not that they find it tasty.

            So nothing happened at all in any of the previous series or early episodes that you can tell me without it being some kind of major plot ruining spoiler? If that’s the case, I’ll just give it a miss until someone is prepared to describe it to me.

          19. All right this is a synopsis of SU from a 30-episodes-in viewer who only really watches the show because of one character. Spoilers do exist. There may also be randomly inserted later episodes spoilers that I’ve read.

            I’ve put it on pastebin to avoid other readers who are not spoiler hounds from getting spoiled.

            P.S. Aurora, Percy, anyone who’s watched more SU than I have–feel free to state if I got things wrong.


          20. Thank you for giving me a proper description/explanation of how the show works and the sort of things it entails. This has genuinely made it sound more interesting than anything else I’ve seen/heard. Also I don’t think it’s very spoilery since you only actually hint at things and reveal a bit of the lore, you’re not exactly revealing major twist-ruining stuff.

            I might consider watching it if I can find a place to watch it and get the time to do so (I’ve still got animes I need to get up to date with).

          21. Yeah, you’re welcome!

            Perhaps if I’ve watched more than 30 episodes, I’ll have the same difficulty Fae has in keeping spoilers in check, but having only watched that much, I have a unique perspective. Heh heh heh.

            Don’t worry about it. Just catch up anytime. <3

          22. SU’s fights are short and pale in comparison to DBZ, One Piece or whatever shonen anime because it’s not the focus. Don’t worry about the fights.

            I think the perceived rudeness is from using the word “fallacy” in your reaction to B). Your reaction came off as super negative, and also Fae’s response to your response to B) wasn’t a fallacy either, it is a statement that the art style remains the same when the show presents less-than-cheerful moments.

          23. One Piece’s main focus isn’t the fights but when they are they’re they last an episode or two. But the way it’s done, all the episodes run on from each other in a continuous stream, so it’s probably a bit of a bad comparison. If you cut all the episodes of an arc together the majority of an arc would be talking and other things and the fighting would only take up a bit of the time. Dunno about DBZ, never watched it. Judging by your description though, the fights being relatively short is probably something I’d consider a negative. Your definition of short might be different though. As I said with one piece, cut an individual fight together and it’s 10 minutes maximum, 3 minutes worst case.

            Stating something is good because one enjoyed it is an example of begging the question, which is a logical fallcy.

            My saying it looks happy and cheerful wasn’t specifically about the art style, it was about the tone of the show in general. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clearer. The response was about how it made Fae feel, and not about why Fae thought that, hence invoking the aforementioned fallacy. Fae thought it was happy in parts and sad in other parts, but without knowing *why* Fae felt that way, I can’t make any judgements as to whether or not I would like it.

            Again though, I’m sorry if it sounded rude, I’m just stating my feelings as a matter of fact. I’m not good at sugar coating things, especially when it comes to debating things, that’s the way the world has made me.

          24. nope, malco is only on ep. 30 and I believe I saw that someone else was just starting the series, its all subjective anyways, so like I said, if you wanna watch it go ahead, I never said you had to, but a lot of people love it, and you might too, Id hate for you to miss out on something you may absolutely love, but you don’t have too

          25. I just saw what malco said so I will try to put best into words whats so great about steven universe, from a subjective standpoint.

            World Building- Throughout the first season the show explains to you who and what the crystal gems are, why they have powers and what their purpose is. It tells you that the Gems are actually the sole surviving remnants of a rebellious faction of aliens, who chose to defend the Earth from their fellow Gems rather than conquer the planet thousands of years in the past. Of course it starts off in season one as all battles against monsters that you come to learn are the corrupted forms of members of their own race which happened after the war, however in the second half of the first season it focuses on their backstory as well as the backstory of steven and how he came to be. His mother was the leader of the crystal gems and his father was a human, his mother gave up her physical form to have steven and so steven as seen as both a blessing and a curse to those that loved his mother, because for him to exist she had to die essentially, but they come to fully accept him later on.

            The show itself has some episodes that remain in their home town of beach city that basically catalogs daily life there but in the grande scheme of things has an underlying plot of self discovery for some characters (mainly steven) as well as following the crystal gems in their fight against their homeworld who they fought against in the first war as they did despicable things and seem to be gearing up to do it again. There is also a long standing narrative in which the viewer sees bits of stevens mother as not entirely good, yes most scenes that show her, show her as the kindest crystal gem, but sometimes the flashbacks give you a sense that she may not have been. Which a lot of people usually find as and intriguing plot device.

            Thats all I have for now, but there is a lot more that makes the show a good show, but its up to you if you want to watch it or not.

          26. <— is the main reason I even watch the show.

            From my 30 episodes, I feel the show is all about mostly putting a fantastic spin on real life issues. Sort of like Zootopia.

          27. I read the plot of Zootopia and was underwhelmed. I watched a video where a guy chronologically discussed all the flaws and plotholes and was even more underwhelmed.

            Besides which I watch shows to avoid real life issues.

          28. Oh dude. Watch it. Its so worth it. Quit letting others decide a movie for you. Plus, those flaw videos are always sore afterwards from all the stretching they’ve just done.

          29. I didn’t let the person decide, I decided, I watched that because A) it was the first I had heard of Zootopia and B) it was the closest I could find to the whole thing.

            Besides, like I said, I read the plot, it was kinda dull and I could see what they tried to do but didn’t think it was done very well.

          30. Well the similarity with regards to “fantastic spin on real life issues” stands regardless of opinion on the quality of Zootopia. <3

          31. zootopia really did that when it came to talk about how prejudice can destroy a society.

          32. Because humour is so subjective you should at least explain what makes it funny to you…
            tbh I’ve attempted to watch it but I’ve never found anything in it funny at all.

          33. Sure! Well, each character has a different kind of humor to them…. Stan is more of the aggressive one in which Hirsch uses as an outlet for jokes to push the boundary of appropriateness. He’s kind of the Mr. krabs of the show but more interesting and dirty.

            The twins are different. Dipper has awkward humor that you get typically with pre-teen boys, while Mabel is the loud bubbly character that provides those innocent yet love able jokes.

            But by far my favorite character for comic relief in the show (since a lot of the show is intense, so it needs it) is Soos. Who is just so love able since he is essentially a kid in a man’s body. its kind of hard to explain why he is funny though. He kind of just is (to me and a lot of other people)

          34. Soos’ humour comes from him being really laid back and friendly, but also managing to be wise despite sounding quite dim.

            I wouldn’t compare Stan to Mr Krabs since Stan actually has a heart when he wants to 😛
            He’s also a much deeper character. Mr Krabs is just a flat stereotype with only two dimensions: money and the secret formula.
            Stan on the other hand loves money and isn’t very good at being nice to people, but it’s completely justified by his past (which we can’t tell anyone about because spoilers DX dammit) which is the 3rd dimension. And he actually tries to be nice, like when he took the twins and Soos on a fishing trip (I don’t count that as a spoiler).

          35. Yes, thank you for helping me with expressing my words XD…. But yes, that mr. Krabs comparison wasn’t a very good one…

          36. It’s fine. There aren’t that many famous cheapskates to be fair, at least not in the cartoon world.

            That said, I think Grunkle Stan is my favourite cheapskate.

          37. Ah, someone else who understands the subjectivity of people giving reviews. So I’m going to give a spoiler-lite detailed explanation of what the show is about in an attempt to make it sound interesting to you.

            So the show’s summary is basically two twins spend the summer at their grunkle’s (great-uncle’s) cabin cum tourist attraction in the woods on the outskirts of a town called Gravity Falls. On day 1 Dipper (the male twin) discovers a book hidden in a tree that’s full of cryptograms and mentions a lot of mythical creatures. At first he just thinks it’s just a bit odd, but kind of cool, until his sister (Mabel) gets kidnapped by a group of living lawn gnomes and sets out to save her. After the two survive the attack, they soon realise that if one of the creatures mentioned in the book is real, the rest could be too.

            The rest of the series follows them both trying to enjoy their summer (swimming, fishing, going trick-or-treating in the middle of summer) whilst also getting caught up in some of the weird stuff that goes on, including lake monsters, time travellers, ghosts, mermaids and dinosaurs. But instead of approaching it in a “it’s fiction we’ll do what we like” way, it tries to keep its characters quite human at the same time. The twins have very clear personalities that sometimes conflict and they do fall out, but they always manage to stay friends somehow and grow by realising their failings and overcoming hardship.

            Later on in the series, they learn more about the truth of the book and Gravity falls, why the town is full of monsters, why nobody realises the town is full of monsters, who wrote the mysterious book Dipper found and how there’s an ancient evil entity preparing to do unspeakable horrors to the world. At several points they also put their Grunkle Stan’s history into question.

            The humour mostly stems from the character’s personalities. Dipper is a very serious, intelligent character whilst his sister Mabel is quite energetic and carefree. Soos (one of their first friends who works at the gift shop at the attraction their uncle owns) sounds quite dim but is very kind. He has no problem with letting Dipper borrow a golf cart to use to persue the gnomes in the first episode, and doesn’t even question the gnomes’ existance. Grunkle Stan is the biggest cheapskate going and at first hates having the twins and just uses them to do chores and tries to keep them out of his hair, but as time goes on he grows to like them and shows that he’s not quite what he makes himself out to be, and that he has a complicated past which explains why he is the way he is.

            Some of the humour is just fanciful stuff though, like Mabel’s wild antics and some of the strange creatures. It can be quite dark at times though, like the infamous scene in which (very mild spoiler) the main villain uses psychokinesis to extract the teeth from a live deer and gift them to the person contacting him.

          1. Yeah! I recommend Gravity falls to everyone since it is a very good show and very well written. Plus I’m dying from laughter half of the time..

          2. To put it into more realistic terms, he’s very good at hiding secrets within the show and writing intricate plots.

            He’s a self-proclaimed fan of Twin Peaks, so make of that what you will (I don’t know much about it, but I think people said it was good). He was also inspired by National Treasure.

            He also interacts heavily with his fans. After Gravity Falls
            finished, he arranged a scavenger hunt to find a statue of the main
            villain. It ended up involving clues hidden in Japan, Russia, Rhodes
            Island and a ton of different American states. It involved putting
            together a massive puzzle, listening to radio waves and all sorts of
            other crazy stuff.

            So if they give him his way we’ll probably end up with more live scavenger hunting events or something.

    1. I’m very happy that they got Nicole Perlman and the person from Gravity Falls. If executed right, this movie could be a lot of fun. I’m hoping they don’t screw it up like those crappy Dragon Ball and Super Mario Bros movies.

        1. The combination of the fun from both Guardians and the comedy of GF would be fantastic

          1. Yeah plus the mysterious plot of gravity falls will be a great element. There’s no denying that the plot is fabulous…

    2. We need to post more of the shorts to prove to everyone how epic it is.

      I had to watch it via bootleg videos uploaded to youtube, but it was totally worth it. It’s easily Billy & Mandy tier.

        1. I’d consider it if it had been 3 series instead of 2.

          I get Hirsch didn’t want it to get boring, but I think for things like that 3 is the magic number. Second series could have brought more depth to the prophecy and given bill more chance to cause trouble, as well as letting Ford be there for a whole series instead of just a few episodes.

          Oh, and could have expanded on the Northwests a bit more. Particularly why they have evil bill paintings.

          1. Yes, but I think he wants to move on from Disney as well… Which I am excited to see what his new show on Fox will be like….

          2. Fair enough. Disney can be a weird place.
            After all it’s their fault we have to deal with Miley Cyrus XD

            I still think 3 would have been absolutely perfect though. Would have given them more chance to incorporate more stuff or leave more Chekhov guns lying around. E.g. Dipper finding the Zodiac early on and not knowing the significance but seeing it was important enough to stare at it for a bit and wonder what it means. The Zodiac was hardly touched on in the show until the end apart from that one time where Bill calls Dipper, Mabel and Soos by their respective symbols.

          3. True… There are many mysteries still unsolved by the show. However, all was cleared up by the newly released Journal 3 book written by Alex.. I read it and it was fantastic (it’s a best seller now) and it revealed a lot of stuff including the zodiac stuff

        1. I was under the impression it was only intended as a one off. It was quite good though.

          Besides, it wouldn’t have worked as a spin off becuase C. H. Greenblatt (Fred’s voice) had already gone to do Chowder.

          1. It was. Aparently it was actually Maxwell Adams’ contract expiring that stopped it.

            I don’t know how well it would have worked as a series though tbh. It might have worked but it would have depended how it was managed. Admittedly I thought Jeff and Fred were the two best characters 😛

  46. (Refresh)
    I picked up my Diamond version for the first time recently in about 7 years, so I could start a Nuzlocke. This is the current state of my team. 4 badges. Forever grinding so my Pokémon can safely take on the Veilstone Galactic Base. This could take a while..

    1. wow! I saw a pokemon platinum at my local gamestop that I’m thinking of trading rio Olympics for. this brings back memories.

          1. I admit, I have not, but from what I can tell they’re focused on multiplayer so I wouldn’t have much chance to use them.

            Besides which I don’t really like sport.
            I tired of wii sports after playing it once.

          2. I actually have a vendetta against the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series, since the first one ruined my DS… stupid swimming and 100-meter dash.

            Never again, just like Super Smash Brothers on 3DS… 🙂

          3. love how this spiraled into a conversation about Mario & Sonic games xD I played the first one when it came out…I thought it was pretty good!

    2. I kind of understand The Bard.
      StarStrike and LittleShit are obvious.
      I had to google PINGAS.
      The other two I just plain don’t get 😛

      1. I got a Machop at one point, which I named “Fartz,” because its sprite in the game looks like it’s farting its armpit – but then I traded it with an NPC for an Abra. So I didn’t name the Abra.

        As for Goldberg, Quagsire was a Wooper when I caught it. So like, Wooper Goldberg 😛

  47. I have a question to ask:

    Would you rather have Pokemon suddenly exist in the real world in vast quantity(And ONLY Pokemon, no items or characters).
    suddenly Game Freak goes “Screw this”, presses a button, and every Pokemon related thing’s (Pictures, anime episodes, games, merchandise, etc) existence will cease to exist besides YOUR OWN memories(everyone else’s memories of Pokemon will be erased)

    1. I don’t think those options are comparable. Who would pick Option 2? XD

      And say, “oh, Pokeballs don’t exist so we can’t tame them” so there’ll be chaos and destruction, well since Pokemon are now a real world problem scientists will eventually be able to develop a Pokeball, Potions and other items to cater to this. Necessity is the mother of invention. <3

      1. I think the implication was that us humans would cease to exist, but maybe I’m misinterpreting.

        1. Yeah, it’s not clear, but I’m interpreting Option 1 as suddenly it’s “Pokemon GO without items in the actual real world”, instead of the world suddenly being Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and devoid of humans… heh heh heh.

          1. Not really, that world is cool too.

            After all, I bet there’ll be a bit of chaos while Pokemon ravage the world before Pokemon-taming tools are developed by scientists.

          2. Probably less so in the Venipede case because most people take different views to insects, but other pokemon like Donphan would cause an outcry.

          3. I don’t think they’d be a threatened species, pkm can defend themselves way more than normal animals. I mean, go try to mess with a donphan and you’ll get some rollouts or earthquakes. Completely random but I’d like to have a zorua as my starter + my dream would be to meet darkrai and go to the reverse word. (and of course darkrai would like me and join my team loool)

          4. There’s a difference between the city getting attacked and we killing the attacker pkm and killing caged pkm because a stupid kid fell into the cage. Voltorbs would be banned for a reason (terrorist attacks loool)

          5. the child was four… not stupid, just a curious child. Not that I agree with the situation but, its not the childs fault.

          6. In all fairness, this world has lions and tigers and bears (oh my) that don’t completely ravage human settlements. Rhinos and Elephants too.

          7. I think even if animals only attacked in self-defense instead of malice, what makes an animal threatened can vary a lot. Even a trained tiger/lion/dog can maul its trainer/owner if it feels threatened by something they did.

            And I’m pretty sure that without our own Pokemon that’s completely loyal and under our control. we’ll have more problem with 1 rogue Tyranitar or Charizard than groups of rogue lions/wolves/piranhas as many Pokemon tend to be more powerful and damaging than real animals ever could be.

          8. Hence why people spend their lives studying animals to learn what offends them, like David Attenborough and the lion whisperers of the world. In the pokemon world we call them Pokemon Professors 😛

            We’d just invent new technology to counter them or learn to stay well clear of them. Most would stay in their natural habitats so it would be reasonably easy to avoid them.

            On another note, let’s not forget the amount of humans that would try to hunt them with shotguns and stuff. Vulpix hunting instead of fox hunting, Ursaring hunting instead of bear hunting, Stantler and Sawsbuck hunting. And in China they would eat Growlithes and Snubbulls.
            How many people would start eating pokemon meat, thus cutting down the population and endangering them?

            Also not having some of the items would mean certain pokemon wouldn’t exist because they couldn’t evolve. Eevee would be stuck as Eevee, there would be no Arcanines.

          9. Yeah, true that.

            Well sometimes they are still unpredictable, like Siegfried and Roy’s (alleged) tiger attack.

            Pokemon seem to never (fatally… screw you, Ash’s PIkachu) attack their trainers in the anime at all, though, but I’m not sure if the Pokeball does that to their brains or it really is intrinsic to all Pokemon to have loyalty like that.

            Eevee can still evolve without stones, just to Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon… and the other 3 plus other stone evos probably get their chance someday, it’ll only be a matter of time before stones or stone substitutes are invented.

          10. I just looked it up
            “Siegfried and Roy have strongly disagreed with the reports that said Roy
            was attacked by the tiger – saying instead that he had suffered a
            stroke while on stage and Mantecore responded by picking him up and
            moving him out of the way to try to protect him, accidentally severing
            his artery in the process. While being taken to the hospital, Roy said, “Montecore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Montecore.””
            That doesn’t really count as an attack, that was accidental harm, like someone pushing someone out of the way of a train and breaking the person’s arm in the process.

            I’d say they would probably seek to scare or cause minor harm than to kill in cases like that. They’d probably only kill if actively provoked. Don’t forget, Pikachu was semi-domesticated before Ash had it. And Meowth once said that pokemon are not naturally bad, they only reflect the nature of their trainers. Personally I always suspected Pikachu had been abused in its former life.

            True, but there would have to be a leaf/ice rock, the other 3 would require domestication. The stones couldn’t be invented if nobody knew of their existance in the first place, depends if we were aware of the pokemon games or not and how the pokemon came to be.

      2. Yeah, and how exactly will they manage to make machines to somehow magically contain these creatures before they kill us. Remember, this is the real world, not the Pokemon world where technology is advanced

        1. Well we can always contain them the way we contain real life animals, in cages. Granted we would probably exploit the crap out of them for energy purposes.

          Also this is the real world, so the general public wouldn’t be allowed to own such dangerous creatures.

          1. If they were everywhere we probably would, but some pokemon would be restricted in some areas (like, no tyranitar downtown), no voltorbs/electrodes either

      3. This question is essentially: Do you want what you love to exist in the real world, but…potentially eradicating humanity and destroying Earth. Remember, this isn’t the anime or the games where violence is missing. OR what you love to disappear forever.

        1. not gunna lie if they existed in our earth they wouldn’t destroy us, our earth is too greedy and crazy and we would destroy almost all of them with the exception of a few most powerful ones that would probably end up wiping us out in retaliation

    2. I could live with the latter, it would wipe out most of the anime, but I’m confident I’ve memorised enough of the pokemon and game content to make it reasonable.

      Most of the character text would be blank though, and the options menu might cease to work XD

      1. I’m pretty sure the existing games and merchandise themselves will disappear as well.

        1. This is why I think times should be given as their UTC+00:00 equivalent so people just have to remember their offset from UTC and apply it to the given time to find out when it will be for them 😛

          Much easier than trying to handle all these time zones, especially when they’re time zones in a different country to your own that you aren’t familiar with.

          1. These days with Google literally in the palms of your hands, it takes around 5-10 seconds to conduct an accurate conversion.

          2. I don’t have a smartphone, so it’s not literally in the palms of my hands.

            And if everyone used UTC it would be as fast as you can add/subtract a fixed number, which is probably 1 second or less. Faster than I can type anyway.

          3. If you are on here, or reading this news online somewhere, you have access to the internet, amd therefore a web browser, and therefore Google.

            My point is as soon as I see the news on Serebii or somewhere, at that moment in time, all I do is open a new tab, type in “19:00 CEST to BST” and bam I know exactly what time it will happen in my time zone.

          4. Yeah but this is not even an American only webiste, and PJ even lives in Japan! So 00 00 would be the more logical, I couldn’t care less about PST time. Cologne is 500km away and we have the same time zone, but I didn’t know at what time it’d start

        2. I thought it would be morning as well…got a full shift of work to get through! Not holding out much hope for much new stuff anyway (its what i keep telling myself to get me through the day!)

  48. alright guys let’s get the gaming movie theater setup,because we’re just hours away to some cool gameplay footage on Pokemon Sun and Moon. 😀

  49. I’ll probably be in a museum when the streaming starts? Do we know how long it’s supposed to last?

    1. No, but trying to watch it is an excellent way to get your phone confiscated.(Assuming you’ll be in a museum because it’s a school trip and you don’t actually work there.)

      1. I’m on vacation from uni, should be looking for a job but just visiting museums and monuments I haven’t visited yet lol. I don’t plan on watching the stream live, I just hope it’s gonna be available here afterwards. (+ I can’t be at home between 17-19 because it gets hot as fuck at this time of the year! haaha, so gotta go out). And I wish I worked at a museum!

      1. they are just 100% hyped for everything, even if someone just mentions the word pokemon they go all out. I guess theres nothing wrong with that, yay positivity? 😛

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