Kalos League Champion: Will it be Ash or Alain? RESULTS ARE IN!

The conclusion to a two-episode battle comes tonight in about half an hour! Will it be Ash, who has trained for 20 years and is long overdue for a heroic victory, or the Mega Evolution champion Alain?

THIS IS POKÉMON HISTORY IN THE MAKING PEOPLE! As the image above suggest, we WILL be sharing who comes out victorious so you have been warned. Please use the comments below for your anime discussion. There are various ways to watch Japanese TV online, such as with programs like Keyhole TV, or other methods but we will not be sharing any links to questionable livestreams, sorry. Do at your own risk.


Let’s enjoy some anime! Is it a coincidence we also get to see new Pokémon Sun & Moon footage today? Hmm…

<3 PJ

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