Kalos League Champion: Will it be Ash or Alain? RESULTS ARE IN!

The conclusion to a two-episode battle comes tonight in about half an hour! Will it be Ash, who has trained for 20 years and is long overdue for a heroic victory, or the Mega Evolution champion Alain?

THIS IS POKÉMON HISTORY IN THE MAKING PEOPLE! As the image above suggest, we WILL be sharing who comes out victorious so you have been warned. Please use the comments below for your anime discussion. There are various ways to watch Japanese TV online, such as with programs like Keyhole TV, or other methods but we will not be sharing any links to questionable livestreams, sorry. Do at your own risk.


Let’s enjoy some anime! Is it a coincidence we also get to see new Pokémon Sun & Moon footage today? Hmm…

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Moves that should change in Sun and Moon?

  1. I actually don’t watch the anime anymore but I will watch this because I need to kill time until the gameplay.

  2. Are 20 years of Pokémon, Satoshi wins Kalos League and Champion, fulfills his promises to Serena, Delia, friends, Pokémon, and everyone. I cry for these amazing moments of happiness and love.

    1. He could just go and try to beat the next league anyway? I don’t know why him winning the league anywhere would stop him from doing so. This is the thing I’ve never understood about the anime.

  3. Seriously it was obvious he’d lose. They needed a reason to bring him back for the Alola series. Even though I had hope. Oh well.

    1. I had hoped he would finally win and I thought it would make sense for it to be before Alola with Sun & Moon shaking everything up he could win his ‘final’ league match under the normal format and start a fresh with the new island format with whatever the league situation is with that game etc.

      1. True, that would make sense actually but honestly I personally have wanted Ash to be replaced even since the diamond and pearl series. He may still be 10 but he’s still getting old.

        1. He doesn’t have to lose in order to go to alola. Geez :/ Alola’s endgame in the games is to create a pokemon league, and the anime mirrors the game on major facts such as this. IF ash was champion, he would have to go to alola to help build the pokemon league. Durrr. And srsly the writers were lazy, atleast make charizard and greninja fall down, both struggling to get up and greninja doesn’t make it.

  4. In an alternate universe Ash won, one without Mega Evolution…..like reverse Delta Episode

  5. They should’ve let him win so he could be the one to go to Alola and create a league but noooo, he can’t win. Just kill him already along with pikachu and actually make a good anime.

    1. I dont think the point in alola is to create a league anyway, alola has a league but it just has different rules, trial sites=gyms, trial captains=gym leaders, kahunas=elite 4 and so on

          1. Hey, I want a Raichu, I’ve used a Raichu since the first Pokemon Blue Game came out and I want to see a main character use a Raichu as their main Pokemon.

        1. Who cares man? Making the protagonist lose gives fans the incentive to keep following the series. After today I’m fairly certain they will never let Ash win a league, unless its the series’s finale.

          1. Dude, it’s been 20 years. Ash’s still stupid, pikachu is not special anymore, team rocket is cool but doesn’t do anything major, and the whole story is always the same: getting badges, (re)discovering pokemon, making new friends, making bad decisions and defeating an evil team ( who could easily kill them but nooo that never happens). They need another story, something in the world of pokemon but more mature. If they made a series like pkm origins or that bw2 trailer I’m sure WAY more people would be watching it. Kids watch anything so it wouldn’t be a problem

          2. Well that shit ideal flopped, because I’m never watching this shit ever again!

            Watch, Ash will travel with some obnoxious bitch, Team Rocket will get smacked around like losers, and lose the conference once again, for the sake of drooling helmet children!

            And since gym battles and conferences won’t exist anymore, Ash is a failure for life! He blew it! Thrice to the same guy on one region! Lost to the final boss once again! Ash-Greninja isn’t even worthy of being classified as a Mega Evolution! Everyone else gets the megas Ash should’ve had! No Mega Sceptile, no Mega Charizard X, no Mega Charizard Y, no Mega Heracross, NOTHING! He just loses like any other conference! FUCK!

            This was all for nothing! It’s the same damn show! This region never happened! Nothing of value happened. EV Training > Ash’s retarded journey/fillers!

            Just watch Baki the Grappler Maximum Tournament for a good tournament victory fix, because the writers have no interest of letting Ash win AND keep the journey going. Or create your own Pokemon anime headcanon completely distant from this series!

            This was a waste.

          3. You my friend WIN INTETERNET OF TODAY! Best rant/comment ever… This gave me life and hope ????

          4. All this. I think I’m actually depressed because of this episode. The disappointment is too damn high.

          5. Nope.
            Goku wins, the digidestined win, wed all still watch if Ash won. I stopped watching ages ago because he was a terrible trainer. He wasnt bad this season, you really thought maybe he could win, but he loses again.

  6. Lmao i freaking knew it ash always loses league battles smh it would had been cool if he won but maybe…that means he is not really a pokemon master *x-files music starts playing*

  7. Okay, even though I’m upset that Ash lost, the episode was far from a disappointment. The battle between Charizard and Greninja was amazing, the music was jammin’, the animation was top notch, and the Team Flare attack looks to be epic. I’m really excited to see how all of this will play out!!!

  8. Why the heck did Ash have to lose AGAIN? Ash-Greninja was so OP and everything and now he just loses. Didn’t watch the episode yet but seriously… There’s the description for the next episode and it says Ash is announced as the winner when Flare attacks but noooo… I’m so dissapointed. Not because of Ash losing but because of his most OP Pokémon achieving nothing in the end.

  9. okay guys let’s focus on gamescom, so we’ll see what’s going to be in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

  10. Even though it would’ve been cool to see Ash win, it’s still been an awesome show and I can’t wait to see what else happens. The gym battles have been amazing, the music top notch, the character development was good. I’m a bit disappointed but very satisfied.

  11. okay guys we got four hours until gamescom will give us some more detail on Pokemon Sun and Moon,so I just like everyone to stay focused and keep you’re mind off of certain trainers League losing streak.

      1. I still cry when I remember this trailer exists. Pokemon, continue the current show for kids, but pls make one for the older audience.

        1. Pokemon Origins doesn’t do a bad job of a slightly more mature anime. I feel bad for Ash- he will forever be stuck being the same generic character.

      2. This trailer was epic. That Arcanine/Samurott combo murdering that Seviper was amazing to see.

        Altough I’m still pissed about today’s episode, I must say: The animation of the XYZ series is on par with this trailer now.

          1. Real bummer…. It’s like if he wins, Arceus destroys the world… lol
            They treat Ash like the Harbringer of the Apocalypse, if he wins the franchise is doomed…

          2. Yea, they could have had Ash win AND continue with his journey. Ash doesn’t want to be Kalos Champion, he was to be the a Pokemon Master, laterally the strongest Trainer ever!

    1. Dood that trailer was sick. Anyone think that Elesa in that trailer sounded kinda like ash?

  12. Called it,pokemon origins is the only pokemon anime where the protagonist is not a loser and that will never change

  13. I could be wrong but isnt this the first leage where he actually got to the champion round? If so then he has improved alot compaired to eariler ^-^ i started watching the anime but for some reason stopped :/ i will watch all of Alola region :3

    1. I know I was so shocked, I honestly though Ash was going to win. I don’t even know if I’m going to watch the Pokemon anime anymore……

        1. Well, we might have hope, this next gen doesn’t have a true Pokemon League like the Orange Islands, so Ash might win.

          1. He won the Orange Island League against an undefeated opponent with a Dragonite.

          2. At it was meaningless how? Both places challenged Ash, both help him get strong and both where wins for him.

          3. The orange islands allowed Ash to rechallenge the gyms if he lost, and he only had to win one battle with a champion at the end. The champion isn’t even that strong either, since he focused entirely on his Dragonite, which is why Ash still had 4 Pokemon left by the time he sent out Dragonite.

            The battle frontier also lets Ash rechallenge until he wins. Didn’t he lose to the last guy twice before winning?

          4. So, Ash has rechallenged Gyms before in main Leagues. Look at Wulfic(I dont know if I spelled that right.) Look at Clair. And Brandon had used the Regis. So I don’t think Battle frontier was a waste of time, and neither was Orange League. Because in the end it helped Ash and Charizard bond. So take your misguided and misinformed hate else where. And leave the fans that have TRULY been watching the series since day 1.

          5. been watching since day one. 20 long years. you are in denial. Orange league was filler and doesn’t count. The frontier brains don’t count because they havn’t been referenced at all. that is what makes it pointless. the fact he made it through the battle frontier should earn Ash recognition, but it didn’t. he should have global renown by know due to his near victories in each league. This is the crux of the issue. the anime doesn’t let Ash as a character evolve.

          6. You, you say that. But Ash had to complete Challenges that relied on skill and trust in his Pokemon. A Pokemon battle is easy enough, but when you start trying to go beyond that it gets hard look at the Pokemon Contests in the show. So if you think they are mini challenges, think again. They where just as hard if not harder then the Gyms Ash had to face. And the Battle frontier was one of Ash’s hardest challenges. Especially Brandon. So no they where not half baked mini challenges.

          7. Believe what you wanna believe, dude. But the fact that Ash can win those and not a championship gives most the impression they’re minor, which they are. And the fact that Ash can’t win a championship shows how lazy the writers are.

          8. every season all ash skill have learned reduced back to trash… no point watching it… so much plot holes

  14. The only thing I see ash winning is the Alola trials, maybe since they’re so far removed from the conventional League the writers will let him “win” like he did in the orange islands.

    1. To me it will feel sorta cheap because its not a win that was done with the conventional type league like orange island was except this has some officallness to it.I am torn of the out come when they get around to it

    1. Only doing singing at the moment. Oddly singing in English despite being in Germany 😛

      And I never thought knowing German would come in handy.

  15. Liquidate the anime, kill Ash and reboot the fucking series or focus on Origins. How can they after 20 years still make him lose?

  16. What are your guys’ ideal team? Mine is: Zoroark (starter), Gardevoir, Salamence, Milotic, Lucario and Volcarona (shiny). (if pkm were real, not talking about competitive battling)

    1. Mine is Scyther (my personal favorite, and in this case the starter), Arcanine, Lucario, Tyrantrum, Milotic and Pidgeot (with a Mega Stone, heh)

      1. Lucario’s amazing indeed 🙂 I would want to get one of my pkm through an egg, maybe riolu or bagon?

        1. Riolu is the one that needs bond with the trainer, so him. We’ll have enough trouble raising Feebas’ beauty though… lol

          1. Yeah, that’s what I thought. And concerning feebas, nothing that make up and some flattering can’t fix 😉

          2. Yeah, make up. LOTS OF IT.

            I think I’m the only one that does not evolve Scyther into Scizor this days….

          3. Feebas is not that bad tbh, it just needs some lipstick. I love scizor more than scyther but I get you.

    2. Umbreon(my stater evolved from an Eevee), Ninetales, Togekiss, Empoleon, Torterra, and Luxray

          1. Me? Not at all, I’m sad I forgot Lapras and put Milotic in… Altough it’s a very close call between the two for me….

          2. OMG I just thought of something! What about an ice type that have an ability to turn it into a water type when hit by a fire type move?! That would be epic! ?❄?

          3. They should do a Pokemon based on a the states of water shifting from Water, Ice, and….I guess Flying but that means it has to have a Psychic primary type since the whole pure flying thing

            Would u settle for a Psychic Water Molecule? That shifts type based on what hits it

          4. I could settle for that! it’s a really unique idea and I would love to see a pokemon like that.

          5. I’ll pass lol but I really thought waif was going to get her! Glad she didn’t cause she’s one of my favorite characters.

          6. Same! I was actually scared when waif kept running after her like a psycho haha. I think that’s the test she needed to pass though. And as much as I hated cersei before I can’t help but love her for being so bad. Blowing up a whole cathedral full of people she hated was amazing. And the sip of wine she took afterwards? x)

          7. I know waif had that crazy terminator run down pat! I also loved the cersei moment at the end. And the look on the high sparrows face when he heard the rumbling was like( dang I just messed up didn’t i?) And danerys and her fleet of ships and dragons oh boy I can’t wait for the next season!

          8. I think she will haha She’ll eventually get the throne and realize that that’s not what she wants. Westeros’s completely destroyed so she decides to kill herself. The end

    3. (Not for nothing that sounds like the most generic of generic teams some offense)
      Hmmm that’s a very good question
      In the whole Pokeverse myself exists on two different choices
      Pure Ground Monos and The current Generation’s Pokemon
      Obviously Rhyperior and Excadrill are a must
      But then again Heracross, Emboar and Aerodactyl are usually my inner circle

      1. They are very popular pkm but they’re the ones that I love. Salamance has been my fave dragon since it was revealed, milotic is beautiful and gracious and my fave water type. I’ve always chosen gardevoir even before the mega and fairy type, Lucario’s just awesome and you can talk to him, volcarona is strong and cool and finally Zoroark is one of my favorite pokemon ever (I love dark type)

        1. *Yawn* I stopped listening after Popular, because everyone has nearly the same thing nowadays as those populars rank high on the charts and get all the attention

          1. I don’t play competitive so I don’t care about that. Out of all the pseudo legendaries, salamence is the only one I actually like. And we’re talking about real life here, a gardevoir would be way more useful (teleport, hello?) than an excadrill or rhyperior.

          2. Don’t forget Solid Rock reduces SE damage and whenever i use Rhyperior Hippowdon is never far away which means you’ll fight me in the sand which boosts my SP Def by 50% and I’m usually sporting Assault Vest or Focus Sash

            All I need to do is endure the hit then Metal Bust

          3. Milotic just needs to use rain dance. And we’re talking about REAL LIFE, if pokemon existed. Items like that wouldn’t exist + who the hell would keep changing pokemon every other round?

          4. If this were Pokemon real life
            I’d use Rhyperior to bore into the ground and break it from underneath and cause a huge hole to swallow up Milotic and though Milotic can mildly levitate it cannot achieve flight of any kinda flight so it’s literally shooting fish in a barrel from that point

          5. Then rush it into a wall with swords dance and as soon as protect fades or shatters I’ll use Rock Wrecker at point blank range
            That will definitely destroy Milotic

        1. How did you know I’m ash :

          But yeah pikachu as my starter.

          Greninja was a close call with Feraligatr

    4. Haxorus, Empoleon, Arcanine, Gengar, Pidgeot and Luxray (I didn’t choose some of my favorite Pokémon like Samurott and Dragalge because of double typings).

          1. True I was having trouble with the list knowing I want Ambipom and Porygon2 yet also Flygon and Goodra actually my team


            Popplio can be saved for later use.

          2. Weavile is also one of my favorite pokemon ( partly for being half dark) + ambipom’s so cool.

    5. Oooh great question. I’d use
      Garchomp (starter)
      fact is I’m not even sure I have a favourite poké, there are loads that I adore, this is just the team I’d pictured myself with in an anime-style world.
      (Lol I know this stream is long abandoned, but couldn’t resist answering :p )

  17. The giant shuriken looked like it didn’t even damaged Charizard. These writers are a bunch of frauds. Should deactivate their lives.

  18. Fantastic episode. This really was Ash’s ultimate match.
    It is a shame it didn’t go his way, as I’d have loved for him to win.

    For the team and trainer he was up against he did better than I ever thought was possible after BW.

    Great episode and let’s see what happens now with Zygarde 🙂

  19. Writers will try to earn our trust back, by having Ash beat Zygarde 100% and save Kalos, or something along that line. Bunch of frauds the lot of them

    1. Ah the writers have my trust. It was a great battle I’m sad at the outcome but it truly was an ultimate battle. 🙂

      1. Ultimate battle? Goodra v Bisharp was better than Greninja v Charizard. The writers made a very bad decision, with ratings of the anime already dropping because Yokai.

  20. I’m going to be training my fire type Pokemon,so how many hours left until we get some gameplay on Pokemon Sun and Moon?

      1. Let’s see maybe Pikipek Evo, at least one Starter Evo., new Alolan form (Dragonite), Town/City name!!!

          1. Or how exactly trials will work and are we still doing the thing to show the livestream

  21. Uhhh would it really kill the writers to let him win a legit finals match? It would do great for his character development. He seems stronger every season, and yet he still can’t win a league. Such a shame they do this every time. Would not be surprised if he wins the Alolan “league” though, but that doesn’t hold much of a candle to him winning a traditional league challenge, imo. Oh well. 🙁

  22. Oh wow, Matsumoto is trending on Twitter. Think she’ll be subject to A LOT of abuse. This was to be expected.

  23. Watch the writers pull a fast one after seeing the ratings, and give Ash the title at the end of the TF arc to sooth people.

  24. Then I think it’s time we had someone else do the TV show. Ash has had 20 years to win, and he hasn’t yet. He’s not a Pokémon Master and he doesn’t catch them all. Bad Ash! You don’t obey Pokémon’s rules. We need a new protagonist.

      1. I can’t!! This comment made my morning!!! Lmao! Salsa fit killing ash… No, they need to throw a wheezing and a salad it in a room with the writers and let them use smog to see how that feels.

  25. Unless they plan on rebooting the series, there is literally no viable argument that supports the outcome of this episode. Ratings have been steadily dropping for a long time now, and if they had Ash win it, it would’ve gone back to growing again.

    1. The new writers for XY still suck at this they are even worse than the last ones!!!!

      1. They replaced the B/W writers with these guys and for a very long time, it all looked so good, and they just destroyed all of that with one fucked up decision.

        1. For me personally I would like him to be a little like BW catching lots of unique Pokemon and broadening his team but no!

          1. I live in Paris, which means it’s the same time here as in Cologne. It’ll start at 17h here, idk there (and it’s 14h25)

      1. um you do kn ow to much salt can kill you right? this is 20 years worth of ash losing salt, thats enough to make the salt water ocean just salt oceans

  26. Olympia is a fraud, she rustled the entire anime fanbase with one sentence. ”Both of you will reach new heights together”

  27. That moment Ash is trending worldwide, but most of it is filled with negative comments about how they’ll never watch the anime again. #PokemonAnimeisoverparty #Ashdeservestowin #MakePokemonAnimeGreatAgain

  28. They literally pulled a Tobias, again. Starting to suspect they’re doing it on purpose.

  29. I woke up just to stream (illegally) the episode to witness Pokemon history, but instead simply witnessed fraud in person. Alain did not win in my eyes. Ash did and that’s all that matters. Poor writing coupled with terrible excuses are how the episode was made. And yes, I’m very salty, now go make me some fries.

  30. What’s with the salt? He had a good solid team this season and it’s the closest Ash has ever gotten to winning the league o.o

  31. Will someone who can post discussions post one for the Stream it’s more important than the anime!

      1. But last me what they did last time an article a countdown on it and the video to start it right their

        1. I think one hour before it’s up they’ll post an article. If they did it now people would just talk about random things

          1. Yup today is filled with good Steven Universe tonight, Pokemon in the morning see great today

          2. The episode already leaked on Tues if you want to watch it sooner though btw

      1. She’s been doing jazz and working on a new album, and after 3 years the new single is finally coming out. She’s worked with tame impala and mark ronson : O I used to listen to her all the time but since 2012 it’s been Lana Del Rey 24/7. But glad gaga’s releasing non-jazz songs again

    1. OF FRICKIN COURSE!! They must hat Ash. First they made him stupid in B/W and now they make him fall at his highest peak. Buuncha pricks is what they are.

  32. Screw the writers!!! After 20 yes they couldn’t give him the win. They doomed us all!!!! Ash-greeninja clearly hits consecutively and on here he didn’t do sht. They hyped me up with altaria’s loss and mega Sceptile but on here they added some depressive song AND THAT FIRE/Water shuriken didn’t do sht to charzard ????.. The anime will Loose a lot of viewers. Now I want to see the writers reaction to that lol!

  33. What’s with the salt? He had a good solid team this season, Alain had
    strong pokemon as well so it’s believable, and it’s the closest Ash has
    ever gotten to winning the league o.o I can actually believe this loss
    over Unova where he just caught a massive stroke of stupidity, used an Oshawott against a freakin Hydreigon and lost against a guy who not only forgot that he needed 6 pokemon for the battle, but turned out his sixth was the regional rodent. =.=

      1. Hey the way I see it, he’s better than the random guy with legendaries in Sinnoh and the forgetful guy in Unova who won cause his Riolu evolved.

  34. Numerous people now expecting Ash will still get the title because Alain will be exposed as working for Team Flare

      1. No, it was a regular 6v6 and Ash was basically dominating the whole thing, until the writers made the decision to reset Ash-Greninja to level 5 and transform Alain into Tobias.

          1. Because Team Flare want to terrorize Kalos? And Alain is helping them in doing it. He’s a criminal?

          2. but Alain still won the battle fair and square, I don’t get how being a member of team flare would change that.

            Why give ash a trophy for mediocrity

          3. Ash was better than Alain, the whole battle. Then suddenly they decided to make his Charizard look like a deity and Greninja like an ant.

          4. Unacceptable. They hyped us with the Diantha, Wulfric and Sawyer battles. Not to mention the Greninja recap vid they released in June, only to disappoint us, yet again.

          5. that doesn’t really change much, I watched it, clearly Alains charazard was just better than Ash’s greninja, while his other pokemon were on par with his other pokemon

          6. Dude if Ash-Greninja is on par with Diantha’s Gardevoir, its clearly stronger than Charizard. The writers just took the easy route, again.

          7. Not necessarily, we never saw Alain’s Charizard go against that Gardevoir.

          8. Doesn’t change the fact they choose the easy route. Him losing means many people will continue to watch the show. If he’d have won they might have feared that the show would die out.

          9. Yeah, pretty much. I guess I was one of the few who assumed he wouldn’t win. I mean, it’s like Gilligan leaving the island xD

          10. Honestly I think if he had won it would make more people watch it, most people are tired of seeing him lose.

            I am tired of his presence in general

          11. He’s a criminal but he still won the battle. They’d have to organize another tournament, not give it to Ash

        1. OHHH so that happen. I thought they actually had thrown in a mega snivy with fire on its tail and wings!! Thanks for clarifying!!!

  35. Now I really hope Ash never wins anything, because no region deserves to have him as their champion

      1. You NEED to stop. When anyone talks about Ash being champion even after this battle, they mean in the end if he gets to challenge Diantha. Stop being so technical!

      2. What kind of answer is that after you almost defeated megabride with a NORMAL SHURIKEN!! And she is too Pokemon of the KALOS LEAGUE!

      1. He would’ve lost to the first person who challenged him. And by this time there must be other champions already

        1. Yeah and In the orange islands that was his easiest match his first down was a tie and he beat half of Drakes team with that

    1. That’s my hope right there. This is what keeps me going even after suffering such loss from that mega snivy vs ash greeninja battle … OH THE HORROR!!!

    2. I live in the Netherlands, so time here as it is in Germany. Its a little over 90 mins left.

    1. They buried the show, with one stupid decision. Watch SuMo series collapsing after 10 episodes

      1. Harsh, but that’s the first time they got everybody excited for change (Ash winning), only to go back to status quo in the end.

        They kinda deserve it, not for the fight, but really, he is basically the only main protagonist on a big anime that didn’t achieve much after 20 years….

  36. I gotta admit they got me. After 18 years of watching the anime for the first time I actually thought Ash might win. The only other time I thought he actually desereved to win was the Sinnoh conference, but I honestly am a little surprised! Good going Pokemon anime . You got me!! lol

  37. Being honest, the only anime-related thing I’m upset about is how they throw in the boring Team Arc after the league now =/ The N-Saga was boring filler, no new pokemon, no new moves, no evolutions, and now it’s Team Flare’s turn! =D *Roll Eyes*

  38. This is stupid.
    They get everyone hyped, for the first time I believed that ash would win. XY in general was very good, but the league aside from Shouta Vs Ash sucked.
    Alain winning makes no sense. He already beat Ash twice before and already collected mega evolution energy for team Flare.
    Sun/moon will not have gyms, so this was Ash’s last chance

  39. Still very sad and hurting, but I’ve just realized that Ash has now reached every stage in a league conference at least once. I don’t know how they will do it, but at this point I actually believe he might really win the Alola league.

    1. He got the final for the 1st time, it shows he has vastly improved as a trainer, but also as a person.

  40. Just because ash lost doesn’t mean a thing. Remember Alan is in alliance with Team flare. What i think is going to happen.

    Ash fights alan in a good vs evil battle during saving the world from zygarde. This is when ash beats alan, maybe with the epic water shuriken?

    Diantha finds out that Alan was actually bad and was working for team flare. With that in mind, after ash beats Alan, she announces Ash as the winner, in which he goes on to beat the elite four and champion.

    Just because he lost here, doesn’t mean we can lose hope. Remember, we have different writers. in the past, after ash lost the leauge, pretty much nothing happened. Just, oh, i lost. Lets go to a new region. But now, team flare is attacking while everyone is watching. Only one minute of Alan’s glory.

    Think about it this way, we haven’t reach the epic climax of this arc. Remember how the Kalos leauge felt rushed? It may because there is way more to come i believe.

    1. Only problem with that theory: The rest of the arc is going to be about Team Flare and then we’re going on to the Sun and Moon anime, so that’s not gonna happen. Besides, even if Ash were presented with that kind of opportunity, knowing how stupid he is, he’d say “No, Alain won, I lost! I didn’t earn it!”

      1. Alain did win. He is in the league rules. He has all the badges and won is way through the league without cheating. He earned the title and accepted the price at the league ceremony. The league is officially over. Even if they found out Alain was involved with the big bad, they’ll redeem him eventually.

    2. I could definitely see this happening, but I feel like this match would still somewhat taint Ash’s title. Even if Ash beat Alain a dozen times after it wouldn’t matter cause he lost when at the League.

    3. Wow, you haven’t learned anything from a decade of watching this loser. Remember this from the kanto Arc? Gary was right.

  41. What a shocking revelation…I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I had sooooooo much hope that ash would win but then greninga falls, I thought he would get back up but then I saw him lose his form.

  43. One thing today proves. That Charizard retains its crown as the all time favourite.

    Greninja who?

  44. My theory: ash will die and there will be a new protagonist

    Then all Pokemon will die then protagonist saves the world

    Then there will be a new pikachu greninja.

    I have been working very hard on this theory. Give it a thumbs up if u like it

  45. Everyone plz listen I have a theory:
    Ash loses kalos league

    Then he beats team flare and Alan

    Ash becomes kalos league champion

    Ash and Serena get a baby

    The new kid will be the new protagonist and ash will be a Pokemon master

    I think there will be a new protagonist because…
    1.no more gyms now so it’s like a new era
    2. Pokemons 20th anniversary
    3. also because of the ash Serena thing

      1. Has that been confirmed at all? The previews show Ash with Alain but that doesn’t mean Alain won’t side with Team Flare once he finds out the invasion was there plan.

        1. The preview shows Lysandre announcing the attack via broad cast so Alain does know it was his idea, and the magazine preview does show Alain standing side by side with Ash and the gang during the attack.

          1. Idk, I still could see a chance that Lysandre deceives Alain again and gets him to turn against Ash and the gang.

          2. Alain is not THAT stupid. Let’s face it. Ash just lost to some douche 3 times in a row, and won’t ever battle him again. They just screwed up. End of story.

          3. Its not that Alain is stupid, he just wants protect the ones he cares about. Team flare can also use that Chespin that is still in the hospital as blackmail to force him back to their side

          4. I’m sorry but I really don’t see that happening. Lysandre has no reason to keep Alain anymore. His job’s done. So need to hold a hostage for him. It doesn’t make a difference anyway. Even if he beat him a second time. He still didn’t win the league.

  46. if they get rid of Ash’s traveling companions( at least keep Clemont& Bonnie or Serena…leaning more towards Serena), I will ragequit.

  47. …really? you are all surprised? come on, ash has been dragging down the show for about 20 years now! how are you all surprised he lost? or even upset, knowing it would happen?

    1. 1) Because this is the first time he reached the damn FINALS and 2) because Alola clearly is not going to have a traditional Gym based league so this may as well have been his last chance to claim the title of Champion.

  48. man the anime maker are fools im sad and angry why ash can never win
    i wish they would make a seperate pokemon anime one for adults (including Winning the Legaue) and one for childs (where ash always will be 10 and in every leuage a punch bag for Alain and against the others he loses) gosh at this rate ash will alwaya be 10 and a pokemon trainer his pikachu schould be at level 100 but at every new region he will lose against a level 5 starter…..

  49. Man, even I could beat Ash! If I were thrown into the Pokemon world at random, were given five minutes to go catch a random Pokemon and if it was lvl 5 Ratata, I would ANNIHILATE his Pikachu. That’s how bad a trainer he is.

    Seriously, how the hell do you lose Charizard (Mega Evolved or not) when the type advantage clearly favors your Pokemon. I could understand if Alain were THAT much better, but he wasn’t. Ash is garbage. That’s why.

    1. It’s not that Ash is garbage. Charizard is the overhyped piece of **** here. He shouldn’t have been able to survive through something that killed Mega Sceptile despite advantage.

      1. Let’s be more specific. MEGA CHARIZARD X. By far the most overhyped Mega in existance.

        -Who gets more love than Mega Charizard Y?
        -Who managed to BEAT Mega Charizard Y?
        -Which Mega became Charizard’s Final Smash in SSB4?
        -Who’s the Mega of an already overhyped Pokemon?
        -Who gained an already overhyped type as a secondary type
        -And strangely enough, who has the same typing as the Pokemon revealed today (and may become Alain’s Charizard/Cameron’s Lucario/Harrison’s Blaziken’s/Tyson’s Meowth 2.0)?

  50. This is complete and utter BS. Why the hell can’t he win one league? Some people are blaming Ash himself, though that isn’t entirely correct, most of it is the F*ing writers of the Anime who are to blame.
    Seriously, he has more then earned a victory in a League by now. I was biting my nails hoping he would win this time around, it looked so damned close too. And then… poof, all my hopes for Ash’s victory destroyed. The poor guy is never going to get his break is he?

  51. Meanwhile in an alternate universe…
    Why won’t Ash lose.Every single league he always wins.Just once Gamefreak should teach us it’s okay to lose.

    1. Maybe you can give us a wormhole streaming service link, so we can watch at least ONE region finale of THAT series instead.

      I call it “PolarOpptimum”.

  52. mess, why are people having meltdowns? this is how they keep the series going. How would Ash go to Aloha and start his journey over again if he wins the kalos league and potentially becomes a pokemon master?

    1. Because Conference Champion or even League Champion does not equel Pokemon Master. No one knows what a Pokemon Master is, because the series never gave us any expositiin as to what that title means. At this point, it’s nothing more than gibberish and the same pedestal as ‘ttebayo.

      Dragon Warrior and Celestial Phoenix have more coherent meaning than “Pokemon Master” (which I will quote from this point on).

  53. Just watched, and I got to say…

    What the actual FUCK?! I swear Ash should have won. It would have made SO much more sense if Alan lost because of a story perspective. I-I-I need time to think about this…

  54. Ash is the worst character and protagonist created in Pokemon history, he is just useless. He can be replaced by a Magikarp and nobody would notice,even Pikachu only saying one word since 1997 have more potential and charisma than Ash.

  55. Mwahahahahahahahaha! As I expected, Ash lost the Kalos League. Wow, he lost 6 Pokemon Leagues in a row, a new record. Gary was right, Ash really IS a loser. Well done, Gary Oak, well done!

  56. I’m honestly not all that mad, just disappointed. After all the build up, saying he was going to win, telling people he was definitely going to win, I don’t think I could even show my face after saying all that. I get it, you want to continue the anime, but i’ve honestly lost hope in the Pokemon anime. At this point i’d be happy with Ash sacrificing himself and the series having a new main character. Please, just end his suffering. It’s not even his fault. The writers are making up this shit just to keep it running. I feel bad for people like me who have watched Ash lose again and again. I don’t even feel mad anymore, I just want it to end. Either by him winning something or the anime simply ending.

  57. I have already watched the full battle between them in Japanese and had the sub on that but still not gonna watch the rest of anymore of this

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