JUNGLECAST: The PokéJungle Podcast?

As some of you who follow us over on Twitter may know, we recently asked if our readers would be interested in a PokéJungle podcast. We’ve discussed some sort of podcast amongst stuff for a while know (some of our long-time visitors may even remember our previous attempts/failures) and we feel it’s definitely something we want to make happen.

As with everything on PokéJungle we always have our readers in mind, so if it’s not something they’re interested in we don’t like to put it out as content! So, this is where you guys come into this. Simply: are you guys interested in a podcast from the PokéJungle team? If you are interested what sort of things would you like us to discuss and mention in the episodes? Who would you like to have a part in the podcast team? The more input you guys give us the better we can make the eventual output!

We have already spoken about discussing news, rumours and featuring an ‘Ask PokéJungle’ segment in each episode, but what really matters to us is what you guys are most interested in. If you have any questions feel free to voice them below too!

We would really appreciate any amount of input our readers can give us in the comments below and we look forward to reading through them!