JUNGLECAST: The PokéJungle Podcast?

As some of you who follow us over on Twitter may know, we recently asked if our readers would be interested in a PokéJungle podcast. We’ve discussed some sort of podcast amongst stuff for a while know (some of our long-time visitors may even remember our previous attempts/failures) and we feel it’s definitely something we want to make happen.

As with everything on PokéJungle we always have our readers in mind, so if it’s not something they’re interested in we don’t like to put it out as content! So, this is where you guys come into this. Simply: are you guys interested in a podcast from the PokéJungle team? If you are interested what sort of things would you like us to discuss and mention in the episodes? Who would you like to have a part in the podcast team? The more input you guys give us the better we can make the eventual output!

We have already spoken about discussing news, rumours and featuring an ‘Ask PokéJungle’ segment in each episode, but what really matters to us is what you guys are most interested in. If you have any questions feel free to voice them below too!

We would really appreciate any amount of input our readers can give us in the comments below and we look forward to reading through them!

  1. This sounds like an awesome idea! I love the rumors aspect because I’m not always able to keep up with them, but I think it would be a good way to get some more speculation rolling.

  2. This sounds so awesome 😀 I wouldn’t mind it in the slightest.
    I dunno who would make up the podcast, but maybe have guests on there, like random Pokejunglers or something like that, I think it would really get the community involved and would add more ideas/perspectives.
    I can’t wait for it, regardless 😀

    1. What you going to brag on how wide you bung hole is?
      Or flaunt your procarious flamboyance?

      1. Nah I’d use the platform to proclaim my love for you.

        But on a serious note, I’ve got a lot of opinions about this generation of Pokemon games that I haven’t shared publicly because I don’t have a lot of free time, and I like to think I’m pretty rational overall, so I’d love to share the platform and speak my opinions, I think they’d be insightful.

    1. Aw, that’s cute! I hope that is the inspiration so that that wrestler evolution is proven false. I’d love a Fire/Ground evolution.

      1. If that was Litten final inspiration was that I would be with Fire/Ground
        Sand cat- Fire/Ground
        Tiger- Fire/Dark
        Cheetah(Doubt it though)- Fire

  3. What a great idea, it would be really cool to talk about random things every so often like, talk about news when we get it and discuss it in detail and even have a few theories and also maybe a discussion about certain pokemon or game aspects every so often when we don’t have news, one thing I really hope a podcast doesn’t include though is hate, I notice a lot of poke tubers out their contantly hating on things for no reason and its one of the reasons I don’t watch any of them anymore, like when a new pokemon comes out, if you don’t like it, thats fine but it bothers me when I hear them continue on saying how awful it is, if you want to spread positivity and have a good podcast that everyone enjoys you have to be positive and I think Pokejungle can definitely achieve that where others have failed

    1. Yeah, definitely feel for you there 🙂 I’m all for people disagreeing and not liking things, but I’d also rather not focus on the negatives and stuff like that, so it’s a balance for sure 😀

    2. That’s why I watch people who don’t only do theories on sun and moon why I only watch Dobbs and The Auraguardian because they focus around things that can make you agree or laugh or interesting things in Pokemon like this video by them both no hate and something worth watching if you ask me. no hate like Tyranitartube who I avoid at all costs.


      1. eh, Ive heard some pretty negative things come from Auraguardian so I don’t watch him much anymore either, I have watched dobbs in the past though and have actually watched this exact video not long ago 😛 the only poke tuber that I think I still watch is Alex Ogloza, a lot of the other you tubers I watch that do pokemon do other things though too, like JWhittz and Jimmy Whetzel

        1. Oh I see me I more find the things he is negative about to be humorous and I just like both their videos but if others don’t like them or don’t watch them I get it everyone has opinions and I respect that!

          1. yeah I get that, negativity stresses me out though so I don’t often find it funny :/

          2. That’s common among people it more only strains me when to much overwhelms me but I just try to calm myself. But I see what your getting at.

  4. This a neat idea. I just hope some of us Junglers could appear as special guests! We could talk some good theories! 😉

    1. Let’s just not let Earthen get in on that he might overdue it with his theories

          1. I wouldn’t quit, I’d rant and rave and threaten to disembowel you with needle nose pliers and force you to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of your shortened lives
            Y’know the usual stuff

      1. Pardon Moi?
        Earthen has solid theories backed up by actual facts and research
        I don’t just say things that I WANT to happen, more of what COULD happen

  5. Here are cats Litten might turn into in my opinion and the type
    Tiger- Fire/Dark
    Sand Cat- Fire/Ground
    Lynx- Fire/Dark
    Cheetah- Fire/Electric (Lightning fast)
    Snow Leopard- Fire/Ice
    Puma- Fire/Dark
    Bobcat (possibly another name for a Lynx)- Fire/Rock

    1. I’m feeling like Litten is either based on a Tiger, Puma, or Sand Cat. So, I’m guessing a Fire/Dark or Fire/Ground evolution more than anything!

      1. Yeah out of them all that’s where I’m aimed at but I would change my mind and choose it if it was a Fire/Ice Snow Leopard

          1. Idiots I say
            I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved into a Sumatran Rhino

  6. Well i caved. I tried to play pokemon GO. Keyword is tried. I literally cannot start the game. Ive tried over 50 times now, it always crashes on the screen that says “Niantic- the pokemon company” how can people support this?

    1. I dunno, considering I just opened mine up right now, and it is working.
      I’m not a tech gal so I don’t even have the faintest idea what might be happening with you

    1. that was a sad battle but there is no proof of fairies being overpowered in it… is one of these people you?

          1. Did you not see the anal assaulting I doled out
            Fairies are evil

            And those jerks were sooooooo annoying

          2. poor choice of words and have you ever actually played online in the games? because sweeping with one pokemon is extremely common on their and its very rarely done with a fairy.

            I spent months perfecting my Slurpluff in game, it has great coverage, unburden and belly drum and if set up right can be a monster, but its not unstoppable by any means, I use fairies almost exclusively earthen so trust me when I say they are perfectly fair and not overpowered, any pokemon can be a tank if in the right hands.

            Remember that

          3. What about Swords Dance Sucker Punch Mawiles
            Unless you’re garuntee’d survivability that thing will destroy

          4. ok mawile has one of the best typings of all pokemon and is a tank I will give you that but a good fire type can take it down easily, I honestly think Salandit will become Mawiles greatest threat once it is released. But fairy types themselves are fine

          5. do you complain about M Kangashkanh and sucker punch? sucker punch from a mawile isn’t necessarily going to kill a fire type and if mawile gets hit by even one good fire move is pretty much dead

          6. A M Kangaskahn with Sucker Punch, Return, Comet Punch or punch moves are my reason for most defeats

          7. M Charazard Y and M Kangaskahn are usually the reason I lose, sometimes Nidoking destroys me too though

          8. I get beat in competitive mostly by Protein Greninja, M Kangaskahn, M Rayquaza, Both Primals

          9. It’s the reason all of them moved hugely down on all my favorites list because over hyped over used disliked by me!

          10. I’m talking about the solid base 200 attack power
            All Kangasskhan basically get that power up punch in and then they abuse their speed and bulk

          11. yes it has some serious attack power while in its mega form but it still has the lowest BST of all megas, in the online scene it kinda has to have that when all you ever see from people is legendaries (usually hacked to have perfect stats) and M Charazard Y (which can kill it easily)

          12. no earthen I was just giving an example there are plenty of pokemon out there that can take it down -_-

          13. Arcanine with Intimidate and if we are speaking of just countering its sucker punch, Krookodile with intimidate is a viable candidate since its weak to ground type moves hit it with a strong move and its toast

          14. Alight I can agree that Bulk Arcanine is the shiz
            But what about Mawile’s intimidate into Play Rough

          15. if it has intimidate then its not in its mega form and if its using play rough then krookodile can still kill it as well as arcanine but Krookodile would need to have that shash that lets it hang on to 1HP

          16. I am not disagreeing with you that Mawile is a hard cookie to crumble, but it can still be destroyed, much like all fairies

          17. Unless your systematically prepared and trained to counter this specific threat

          18. yes, but you should try to be ready for anything, I don’t do that unless I have encountered a lot of them back to back, tbh the only fairies I ever see from opponents online are Gardevouir and Togekiss, but there are tons of threats out there with very few counters earthen, ya cant win em all

          19. Yeah i didn’t really see Fairy dominating cause it fainted near the end

          1. That would be fine, I would accept that, fire type is a kinda terrible type as it stands right now, with so few pokemon in it and they do lack a certain wow factor

        1. I disagree. They are too strong they barely have any disadvantages. Why on Earth do they resist Bug type moves? That really bugs me.

          1. why would it not resist bugs? honestly I never heard these arguments from people about psychic and Dragon respectively when they were proven to be OP, I feel like half the people that think fairies are OP just don’t like the fact that primarily feminine pokemon are strong completion or something stupid like that, I use almost entirely fairy teams and I can still be beaten, if they were so OP then I wouldn’t notice all the counters they have, they are not op

          2. Because very select types can put a successful dent in them
            And most of the common fairies have a dangerous nice
            Azumarill and M Mawiles Huge Power and bulk
            Togekiss paraflinching
            Klefki prankster
            Slurpuff unburdened belly drumming
            And the ever annoying Megas Diance and M Gardevoir

          3. “Because very select types can put a successful dent in them”
            you can literally say that for every pokemon people uses in online battling… every pokemon has weaknesses and resistances

          4. I like fairy types but they are overpowered as a type I’m sorry. Psychic types are not overpowered anymore because of Dark and Steel types. My issue with Fairy types is that they are weak Poison and Steel types which are not common offensively, while being super affective against Dragon, Fighting & Dark types which are very common types offensively. In my opinion the Bug resistance is overkill.

          5. I’m sorry but I 100% disagree
            so because their weaknesses are types that not everyone uses they are Overpowered? how is that a valid point? are you saying if we had an equal amount of pokemon of each type then they wouldn’t be overpowered? but because there are so few poison and steel types they are overpowered because of this? wth kind of logic is that… Ghost types lack numbers when it comes to pokemon, they are only weak to themselves and dark and are resistant to poison and bug, and have an immunity to normal and fighting and sometimes ground with levitate and I don’t hear you saying that they are OP… even when they had prior to gen 6 two pokemon with no weaknesses….

            I’m tired of this nonsense logic of fairies being OP, you have good and mediocre (but still great) pokemon of all types and as long as you know how to use the pokemon you have then anything is possible… I’m sorry but I 100% disagree

          6. How is that not OP? Poison and Steel are not commonly used offensive moves which means they can be extremely hard to take down. Ghost types are not op. Being resist to Poison types is not that special since it’s not a common offensive type, and six other types already resist Bug types.

          7. I am sorry kind person, but I guess we will just have to agree to disagree as it seems we are at an Impasse, but perhaps, if this is why you think fairies are OP they will introduce more steel and poison pokemon and types for you, which I welcome as all new pokemon are great, but I still don’t think they are op, sorry :/

          8. yes, I feel though it would have been better off the internet, as sometimes you cant quite tell where a person is coming from be it a place of anger or understanding, sorrow, or what have you, and I appologize if I came off in a bad way as it was never my intention

          9. Don’t worry it’s fine. I don’t take things personally on the Internet anyways.

  7. I remember putting forth the “Rumble in the Jungle” concept years back. I’d love to see it finally come into fruition.

    1. I’m still waiting to assault my viewers with the rants and raids of one pissed off ombré
      Aka Raging Rhyperior

  8. I’m all for it simply because the logo is my 2nd favorite Pokemon. In seriousness though, I’d listen. I waste most of my time on the YouTube anyway, so this would give me something else to waste my time.

  9. Pokemon XY&Z: Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna delivered the 2nd lowest opening weekend for a Pokemon film with Y330 million, debuting in 4th place behind the likes of Independence Day Resurgence and Finding Dory. Admissions wise, it barely passed 300,000 and was down a considerable percent from last year’s film which already garnered the dubious honor of being the lowest grossing film in the franchise’s history. Thus, we can expect that title to go over to Movie 19 very soon. As for being able to ward off challenges, it seems very unlikely as One Piece Film Gold opens this week Saturday with Finding Dory entering its second week and those two films alone will take up a majority of the screens. Even box office experts are baffled by Pokemon’s continuous under-performance at the box office as other franchises are only continuing to ripen. Nobody knows the causes although many believe it to be due to the crowded kids market (Pokemon’s main audience) as the likes of YoKai Watch and other franchises are taking away from the spotlight. Whatever the problem is, Pokemon needs to find a way to solve it or else the film franchise dies.

    1. Keep in mind these are estimates and actual numbers will hopefully be posted tomorrow! With that discretion in mind, the actual numbers for Pokemon could potentially be MUCH worse with it failing to reach 300,000 admissions.

        1. The director for the Pokemon films hasn’t changed since the first film, so they might want to change the director.

          1. Oh the writers for the show changed that I’ve heard so assumed movies were added with that

          2. Hopefully Movie 20 is the director’s last and Movie 21 has a new director with fresh and innovative ideas.

    2. Hey why are you ripping on Yo-Kai Watch? It’s not a rip off its just another RPG that is based on actual Japanese myths

      1. I’m not? “Nobody knows the causes although many believe it to be due to the crowded kids market (Pokemon’s main audience) as the likes of YoKai Watch and other franchises are taking away from the spotlight. Whatever the problem is, Pokemon needs to find a way to solve it or else the film franchise dies.” I don’t believe this constitutes as ripping. I’m merely stating the fact that YoKai Watch is a much more popular and stronger brand compared to Pokemon on a local scale.

        1. Oh I’m sorry I just when I heard the likes of I sometimes see that as bad thing and I think it is popular in Japan but I know it’s not as big in USA
          I really am sorry

          1. Yes, sales in USA are not, “bad” per say, but nowhere near the levels of Pokemon. On a global scale, Pokemon defeats YoKai Watch on every level. Hopefully Pokemon rebounds in Japan because the anime franchise dying would be terrible news.

    3. Speaking of franchises
      I still really want to see an anime adaptation of Splatoon
      It would follow school age Inko and his Turf War team/friends/fellow losers and they’re kinda semi failing underdogs and their attempts to reach the turf war finals, trying to look fresh, win a girl (it’s an anime), and the obligatory end of world by dark forces

      1. I would love that! Honestly surprised they haven’t adapted Splatoon, which was a massive success for an original game, into an anime yet. A slice of life/shounen with a little bit of romance and drama would work perfectly well with Splatoon.

        1. Each one of the four main protagonists would specialize in a different weapon class
          Inko the lead splattershot
          Some crazy war combat gal Blaster
          Smart nerd Charger
          Big Guy roller

  10. I nominate EarthenWarrior for a Cold Hard Stone Facts segment. I think if he has to have one skill, it’s making news that is harsh and honest, but also can make for a very down to earth little skit that demonstrates his ideals, it’s either gonna be a great skit, or a very funny one, depending on his mood.

    1. That sounds kind of fun 🙂 I’d actually be cool if certain Pokejunglers had their own segment and/or are just guests for all the discussion potential. But that’s just how I see it 😀

      1. My list of guests I’d put if I was in charge in this order
        Shiny Xatu (Start strong)
        The Lavender Swirlix (Are Fairy Lover to show opinions on them) p.s. I’m with ya Lav.
        Percy Espeon
        Earthen (End with the strongest opinions of what’s likely to come)

        I’m not on here cause I’m still to new at this to be relevant probably to them or be very mentionable.

        1. Nah, I think everyone should have their own spotlight. Not all on one episode mind you xD but everyone should be included. It’d be a community thing we can all get behind <3

          1. Hmm that would be nice to be out their yet I can make a list of episodes of featured people but I have to gather all the names of us

          1. Oh right I’ve never known this and please don’t be offended and if you don’t want to say you don’t but are you a girl cause that’s what I think your gender is sorry if it offends you

          2. ahahahahahaha
            I will never be offended by that, as women are amazing as are men, but I am in fact a male

          3. Oh ok I just assumed the pink and yeah that was a little sexist of me my bad but at least I know now

          4. I don’t think its that sexist, its not like you said it in a bad way, but rather a place of kindness, pink in todays society is associated with females as it stands, fun fact though that it used to be associated with males and blue with females.

            But yeah pink is my favourite colour :3

          5. This is why I should deem everyone everywhere on the internet as a guy
            Because it’s most likely 100% true

    2. Sometimes I feel your flirting with me
      But nonetheless I do think honesty is the best brutality

      1. I do know how to use attract well~
        But i have faith in you, you’re pretty good at what you do.

  11. Also, if I were to host a segment, I would host a show called The Deerling Lucky Egg Show, and discuss positive news with others to brighten the day. We all need a pick me up, so why not take it from someone who’s been at both ends and seen the good and bad, and tried to make your day, full of more sunshine?

    1. And i would immediately air next to rightful crush your spirits laughing maniacally

    2. I can get behind that 😀
      I honestly don’t know what segment I’d do, possibly talking about the positives of Pokemon, visual and origin design-wise so people can see at least some positives with a future Pokemon.
      Percy’s Pokemon Positives xD alliteration is too real

  12. Earthen is great, oh Earthen is great, Earthen Earthen Earthen oh Earthen is great

    1. That’s a chant Most men will hear as they are lying almost dead on the ground under your feet after you have vanquished them

        1. Oh I’m more a Family guy type of guy. I’ve watched a few futurama episodes though

  13. I would love if top Pokemon of each type were discussed, even worst Pokemon of each type, how types can be used uniquely etc.

    1. My favs. Of each type before Gen.7
      Normal- Porygon 2, Ambipom
      Grass- Jumpluff
      Fire- Houndoom
      Water- Suicune
      Electric- Dedenne
      Flying- Togekiss
      Bug- Heracross
      Poison- Skorpi
      Fighting- Primeape
      Rock- Omastar
      Ground- Flygon
      Psychic- Reunicleus
      Ghost- Haunter
      Ice- Glalie
      Dragon- Goodra
      Dark- Weavile
      Steel- Steelix
      Fairy- Sylveon

  14. Okay my episode listing of all us here but mostly limited to only people that I’ve seen since my arrival my list is
    The Lavender Swirlix
    Percy Espeon
    Menacing cascoon
    Shiny Xatu
    The Great Carbinkle
    Defensive Bastidon
    Omega Empoleon
    All of us at end of season
    (I will edit and add on if I missed anyone so don’t hesitate to tell)

      1. If you guys made a pod cast season featuring all of us followers of the community in episodes a list of episodes featuring one of us in each

      1. Oh My idea of a Podcast for this would be a 30 min. Show half for host person to say a topic of his then the other one of us to comment as guest star

    1. lol ouch what about me?. i know i dont use disqus as often as i used to but some of these people i didnt know even came here anymore

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmm
      Maybe Huggagrab with the motif of
      Hugging helps
      Standing menacingly

    1. Please no… Bipedal and most probably fire/fighting. It’ll be the fourth one come on gamefreak don’t do this

      1. I have an idea but lots probably won”t like it a
        Litten evolves into a Snow Leopard that is Fire/Ice!

        1. that would be really cool, even if I cant see it happening as it shows no signs of ice type, if it were a lighter colour though then heck yeah

          1. yeah many of my ideas are unlikely and I posted it earlier but they are good ideas don’t worry non are bipedial or fighting
            Tiger- Fire/Dark
            Sand Cat- Fire/Ground
            Bobcat- Fire/Dark
            Lynx- Fire/Poison
            Snow leopard-
            Cheetah- Fire/Electric
            Puma- Fire/Dark

          1. I know I just wish one day a Snow leopard would happen one of my favorite cat species

          1. Electric/dark would be the best typing ever. It would maybe topple Volcarona if it looked cool enough

          2. Yes forget Litten evo. Make a Cheetah, Snow Leopard, Lynx, and Bobcat (when you live in America Bobcat and Lynx just seem to epic to pass up!)

          3. Plus my cat has a little nub tail so I’d have to name a bobcat pokemon after her :3

          4. Yup on my cat post a mere 5 spaces down shows cats I hope it might be and type

      2. I will not like fire/fighting anymore ….if it’s not fire/dark I will not accept him but I don’t mind Bipedal .

      1. I can’t feel the same way the gray look like wrestler T-shirt …..lately GF make final difference to surprise the player.

          1. These starters would not make sense cause they all follow a certain theme of arts and an Archer and wrestler make sense because they are fighting styles and exist in real life yet a siren is a mythical creature that doesn’t follow a pattern.

          2. I just thought of it when I was going over other theories like I created a theory of Yungoos might be Zangoos in a sense its a story time now
            – A long time ago in Alola a fierce serpent pokemon infested the land and they thought of a great plan to bring a carnivorous rascal to take care of them so they brought the recently discovered yungoos to fight it off when brought it took care of many but became a pest itself… (Now) As time went on the two Yungoos and Serpent Pokemon evolved into Zangoos and Seviper heating their battles from long ago turning it into a more vicious war between the two starting from Alola!-

          3. Think of it like Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos islands. All the different finches share a common ancestor that evolved when geography separated them. So Serviper and Zangoose would be related to Yungoos and another snake through a common ancestor but are now separate species.

          4. the water actually look lie a gymnast that make entering show that make her follow the pattern.

          5. hmm I don’t see a gymnist but I can learn to tolerate them if these become real.

          6. Same. I love that Rowlet one though…but I’d prefer to like all 3 of them. That hasn’t happened since Gen 4 😛

          7. Me for gens. my favs.
            Gen.1- Neutral not the biggest fan of any but one that comes out is Blastoise
            Gen.2- All
            Gen.3- Swampert
            Gen.4- All no contest
            Gen.7-Warming up to all but none so far

          8. Gen 1- Like all. Blastoise’s random acquisition of cannons is strange but I still like it.
            Gen 2- They’re all okay as far as final evos go, but also a bit bland.
            Gen 3- I like them all, but not my favs
            Gen 4- All are 10/10
            Gen 5- Only like Serperior
            Gen 6- Don’t care for any of them
            Gen 7- To be determined

          9. Yeah for Gen 6 Chesnaught was only liked because I liked Chespin I wouldn’t say I like it though, Gen 2 agree to disagree, Gen 5 Samurott only cause of Oshawott, Gen 7 they need an Epic set of them this time!

          10. I really like Dewott and Oshawatt but my opinion on Samurott wavers. Let’s hope gen 7’s are good 🙂

          11. Oshawott and Dewott are my fav. Evo. Out of almost every starter they are my favs. Only under Popplio
            Top 10 (not including second stage)
            Last two tied

          12. Popplio skilled in gymnastics so sure she did …she can sing also so it’s all about entertainment show.

          13. In more skilled in acrobatic skills to me like bouncing on a ball doing flips off its bubbles why my theory it should be Flying type stands

      1. At least it isn’t a Digimon that gave me Nightmares when I was watching first season few years back

        1. I was never scared of anything animated, Darth Maul was the one thing that freaked me out a lot

          1. that too but this when you are afraid of somethings this can creep you out and whats funny is he was the leader of them and yet out of the 4 mega’s Puppetmon was around longest
            Metalseadramon- 2 or 3 episodes
            Puppetmon- 14 episodes
            Machinedromon- 2episodes
            Piedmon- 2 episodes

            Best of it is Puppetmon was my fav of them

    2. I really hope it really does turn out to be dark type or something. I’d love a heel kind of wrestler Pokemon on my team lol

  15. What are your favorite aspects of Sun/Moon so far? A new feature, a Pokemon, or even some random minuscule detail? I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to the shirt with the Pikachu surfing on a rainbow; I just hope it has a non-tanktop variety since I don’t wear those in real life. :p

    1. For me, it’s the Pokemon. Most of them I really like, so it’s really hard to decide what to put on my team at this point xD

    2. I’m in love with the region itself! It looks so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing 😀

    3. Honestly the pokemon and the game aesthetics. The games themselves are so beautiful, and I love the pokemon designs so far!

    4. I love the region and the bug type love <3 This could maybe bypass Unova as the best bug region!

    5. For me, it’s the new graphics! I just love how the region looks with the fully scaled models and characters. The battlw interface is the best in the series!

    6. Alola is most the most beautiful and colourful region to date! + the Pokemon designs are really strong loving all of them.

    7. If I’m honest, the sheer amount of potential this game holds. Making these 20th anniversary titles on top of so many hints and clues pointing to hidden things is incredible. Granted, this may be let down when the game releases, but the amount of potential it has makes me so hyped.

  16. Fun Question:
    What is the only Gen. That none of the starters add a second type to their typing?

          1. Until it latches onto your arm and won’t let go until your flesh tears off

          2. Again, adamantium exo-skeleton…. 😉

            Totodile would definitely need to go to the dentist.

          3. Well there’s no melting point known for it after it’s been molded (to my knowledge). It has to be shaped when you mix the resins and when it hardens it’s unbreakable. Adamantium can’t even damage itself either.

            So you’d have to be Magneto to really do damage, although you could maybe mess with it on a molecular level or possess some form of magic.

          4. I know right I wish my icon Kurusu could have still made it as a regular Pokemon but Totodile was worth it

  17. I bought the Kalos Ultimate handbook Saturday and this made me wonder who is this retarded to put that?!

      1. Huh I have that book at home and I only noticed Delibird is listed as a Legendary Pokemon yet not on the the legendary page.

    1. At least you didn’t buy the XY guide book. It was an incomplete rip off, pictures and text missing everywhere.

        1. If I buy the SM guide and it is as incomplete as XY I won’t buy them again. The only reason that I’m giving them another chance is that I’ve bought them since my first game.

  18. So apparently I was out longer then I originally thought
    Anger naps

    What I miss

    1. A retard made the handbook I bought just look at the post below who puts that for Kadabra’s type?!

        1. This is the rarity of two Shiny Spinda of the exact the EXACT pattern it’s huge

          1. Yick get them away
            I’m so tired of seeing Hoenn Pokemon
            I’ve seen only Hoenn fodder, I swear Wondertrade better be better in Sun and Moon

          2. I’m curious about how this figure was developed. I’m nearly 100% certain that the probability depends on how many pokemon you encounter. Block of math incoming (that nobody will care about…)!

            For example, imagine that there are only 3 patterns and that the probability of getting a shiny is 1/5. The probability of getting a shiny spinda of a certain pattern is 1/3*1/5=1/15, and call this p. The probability of getting a non-shiny spinda of a different or same pattern or a shiny spinda of a different pattern is 1-p, and call this q.
            Let’s say you run into 3 pokemon. All the possible outcomes are: qqq, qqp, qpq, pqq, qpp, pqp, ppq, ppp. Of these, we’re looking for those that have p appear twice or more, which is 4 out of the 8. Thus the total probability is qpp+pqp+ppq+ppp = 3qp^2+p^3. This is approximately .013%
            Let’s say you run into 4 pokemon. The possible outcomes are: qqqq, qqqp, qqpq, qpqq, pqqq, qqpp, qpqp, qppq, pqqp, pqpq, ppqq, pppq, ppqp, pqpp, qppp, pppp. Of these, again, we’re looking those were p appears twice or more, which is now 11 out of the 8. The total probability is qqpp+qpqp+qppq+pqqp+pqpq+ppqq+pppq+ppqp+pqpp+qppp+pppp=6q^2p^2+4qp^3+p^4. This is approximately .024%
            A better way is to find 1-(probability that p appears once or less). For running into 3 and 4 pokemon, this would be 1-(q^3+3q^2p) and 1-(q^4+4q^3p). For finding a pokemon n times, the probability is 1-(q^n+nq^(n-1)p)

          3. I care 🙂 Roughly how many patterns are there (do we even know if that info was out?)? Can Spinda appear in hordes?

          4. yes. i started thinking about the punnet squares with all the qqpp combinations

          5. Part of me wants to take this as a challenge, but the other part of me wants to live life normally.

          6. No challenge I know O can’t do it I can’t even find regular Shinies without giving up

          7. now calculate 5 shiny spindas with the exact same pattern… in 1 horde. now that’s a challenge! any takers?

  19. Ughhhhhhhhh Wonder Trade is being cheap tonight
    Just lame Hoenn Pokemon and I got a whole box and a half of Scatterbugs to unload

      1. Thanks. I leveled up the Rhydon and Scyther though, so Clef and below are the only ones caught with that amount of CP. <3

      2. Mine is a 476Cp Hypno I evolved I went to the Barnstormers game (Lancaster Baseball team) and Drowzee literally just spawned at a Pokestop non stop I caught at least 8 Drowzee that night till IPod Died…

      3. Mine is 853 Electabuzz. I would level it more but I hatched it and am out of candy.

        1. But where and what type of environment because my brothers friend found an aerodactyl and I thought… How? Just Hoooowww???!!!

      1. It was along the marina of San Diego, I think. Around the tourist spot with the classic submarine and boats.

        1. Ok thanks and In case anyone wants to see look below at my list of if they put episodes for podcasts of us and asking us thoughts it’s pretty big so far it’s huge yet not everyone’s on yet!

    1. By chance do you live in Florida? I’m visiting now and these are mostly Pokemon I’ve been finding recently.

      1. Sadly, I don’t live in FL. Actually I live in a country where GO isn’t out yet, but I randomly picked San Diego, California to “teleport” to.

        I learned that “teleporting” during play (moving too far too quickly) causes about a 3 hour soft ban.

        1. Yeah it took long but soon my first egg will hatch and who knows what that will be

          1. My first egg was a Vulpix. It went downhill tho. I got 2 2k eggs and they were Psyduck and Caterpo.

          2. Psyduck I don’t have that you should feel lucky with that I have 8 5km and 1 10km yet 1 5km is almost done

        1. That they are on my favorites list and Mankey I found in the mountains and Jynx at a Baseball game

    1. Me I GTS things for the pokedex evolve them breed them get them to decent level if no evo or other thing give good moveset and either put them for GTS or just Wonder trade for more Pokemon to raise I really am a Breeder

      1. I just unload my leftovers from breeding
        Keep and bank the good stuff, and just plain get rid of the backwash

        But alas the activity in the world of Pokemon is rather low

  20. So I have been finding Omanyte, on multiple occasions, around the dorms on my college campus. Does anyone else agree with me that he is trying to lead students down the path of the glorious Lord Helix?

  21. A tip for new GO players I have found: Don’t level and evolve Pokemon in the early levels. You’ll just waste your stardust and candy, and you’ll find higher CP Pokemon in the wild. I spent a ton of stuff making a good raticate and now I find more powerful rattata everywhere.

    1. To be honest, I don’t do GO for the gyms/battling, I just do it for collecting Pokemon and I evolve the ones I first caught regardless of their CP.

      1. I didn’t plan to either, but I’m one of the sole representatives of Mystic in my town so I feel obligated to hold the town.

    2. I would still evolve them as they are good source of exp, especially if they are abundant. But definitely don’t power them up.
      A good tip to power level is capture a bunch of weak pokemon that are easy to find and take 12 candies to evolve (pidgey, caterpie, weedle) and then use a lucky egg before you evolve them. This gives you 1000 exp per evolution.
      The higher your level, the better the pokemon you find (higher cp, more uncommon pokemon)

  22. Also I’ve heard a rumor that there are region exclusive Pokemon. Is this true or do we not know?

      1. Whoops. I mean GO. I’ve heard that I think Mr Mime is exclusive to one area or something.

        1. Well I been hearing this and that around
          A lot are saying they’re some region exclusives but I certainly hope they patch that

  23. Alright absolutely nothing of interest or significance occurred today
    Except my Sap Sipper Miltank
    Calling it a night

  24. What kind of topics would be discussed in a junglecast? Is it open or is more on the lines of reality? Possible explanations of certain things (ie evolution – mega or not, lore, inspiration, etc)?

    1. It’d be anything and everything! Think what we publish on the site, but in a more freeform chat. 🙂

      We’re open to suggestions on things to discuss too!

      1. Awesome, I’ve always felt certain things needed some in depth explanation, such as the science behind evolution (Mega or regular).

  25. finally out of work…. 4 people short today, I had to pick up 3 extra areas. im super exhausted. quick someone say something funny

      1. love it, especially the cookies one. though i do like oatmeal raisin, you just cant beat a good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip.

  26. now i wonder why my phone wont load pokemon GO? i have an android with the highest possible firmware… maybe it wont run for me because i hated on it so much lol

        1. I can’t leave my building for some reason I just waiting them come here….Location Services turn on for sure but how could make sure about allow apps to access my location (Android)?……..the problem is I am always dreaming about my self playing go it just like nightmare …..I was trying to download shuffle to forget about GO but ver1.7 didn’t work for me also …….I am just looking from the dark corner and I can’t touch anything related to pkmn.

          1. It doesn’t seem to want to detect GPS inside buildings to me.

            What’s your android version anyway?

            How to enable location services on Android:
            * Go to your Settings.
            * Select “Location”
            * Flip the switch to the “On” position. (If you just want to save battery, just change the Location Mode to “Battery Saving”)
            * Go to Google Location reporting.
            * Enable Location Reporting and Location History.

      1. i tried this but everytime I start the game, it crashes on the first screen (the one that shows the Niantic logo ontop and “the pokemon company” on the bottom) over 50 attempts and ive never gotten past this screen

    1. Mine works but I practically threatened my iPod that I’d throw it through a wall (I’d never do it but the threat worked)

  27. I gotta go to bed but I’m leaving you some more good jokes! Goodnight and enjoy!

  28. never actually answered the topic question lol. my thoughts:
    I think this would be a neat idea. depending on how often the podcast is, it should be fairly easy to come up with a discussion, especially with sun and moon on the horizon. im not so sure who the team should be, but I feel it should at least be a 3 person team. To make this very special to the Pokejunglers, I feel you should regularly have them as guests to join in on the discussions, chosen at random or sort of random with the vote system. anyways, these are my thoughts. I would give anything to speak to someone about pokemon over the internet for a lot of other fans to hear, that would be a dream come true 🙂

  29. Wow, so there’s new Sun and Moon info coming in about 4 hours, just Tweeted by Serebii. This is very unexpected.

    1. I saw that a couple of seconds ago and was just about to tell you guys but you beat me to it haha

      But anyways what do you think the news are?

      1. Honestly I have no idea. I do hope someone just diminishes these bloody leaks once and for all so we can move on.

          1. The 4chan/Smogon ones. About no Gym Leaders, the Island Guardian names+typings, the final evo designs+names+typings etc.

          2. Yes. Although since they’re no Gym Leaders revealed yet, I’m starting to believe the trials thing. Would be telepathy by GF if they showed us a GL later, lol.

      2. I imagine it’ll be something that acknowledges the trailer info. It did seem odd they just kind of dropped it without a site update or any other word.

    I swear to the numerous dark deities that I worship that if one of these isn’t ground, rock, or fighting or physically oriented
    I will be very very upset

  31. Now it done says that official sites are going to have this info
    So we might just be getting hug bear and puppet names and abilities
    And quite possibly super attacks

    Or they could be totally cool and sidewind us with something totally new

  32. Bloody heatwave today, and I happen to be stuck at home. Out of all days, it picked today to screw me over. No Pkmn GO for me 🙁

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