Post Credits Scene: Pokémon Movie 20

After today’s Japanese release of Pokémon the Movie XY&Z: Volcanion & the Ingenious Magearna viewers were given a brief glimpse at what they’d see next:

While we didn’t get much information on the movie itself, we did get some interesting bits. Above Pikachu, we see what appears to be quick flashes of each of the Generation’s starters, ending with Sun & Moon starters Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. After our Gen 7 starters say hello, Pikachu decides they’ve had enough screen time and reminds us that this is in fact the twentieth movie.

More is sure to follow this fairly cryptic announcement, but for now, what did we get from this? Are the starters the central focus of the next movie, or were they just decoys to divert our attention? Let us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll let you know when there’s more movie info!

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    1. Reminds me of Route 228’s music?
      Maybe @shinyxatu:disqus can help us pinpoint where it’s from. It sounds SO familiar though, and definitely from Sinnoh!

    2. Speaking of Sinnoh
      I doubt anyone note but nearly every one of Alain’s Pokemon are capable of Mega Evolution
      And I theorized that if we were ever to see a Sinnoh remake we’re bound to see Cyrus mega evolve his Weavile

      Personally Mega Weavile scares me, already super high speed and decent attack power, if they slap on Tough Claws Ice Punch and Knock off…..that would not end well at the slightest

  1. I just got to work at the hospital, and the higher ups are passing out newsletters to everyone saying “dont play Pokemon GO on campus”. Haha this is great!

    1. Not sure you’re kidding? Mashadow was trademarked by GF, so its a Pokémon lol. We just dont know what it is yet.

      1. of the rumors was that marshadow would be shown at the end of this movie with the starters.

      1. Not sure which, but someone here said there was a rumor where the leaker said marshadow would be featured at the end of the movie like victini and magearna

        1. Sleazy sites that try to instantly install at least 6 types of malware the very second you open the page

    1. Thank you, I couldn’t remember what route it was. Honestly, this is a very clear indication that something Sinnoh-related is in the works for 2017 or beyond. This is not jumping the gun, it’s not coincidence. At least, I’d be shocked if it was.

      1. Not really it’s not. Because if you think of it that way, than the next remake game should DEFINITELY be the Yellow version. Because it was CLEARLY a sign in X and Y when they gave you gen 1 starters with there mega stones, that a remake of gen 1 games were coming.

        I DESPERATELY want them to do a remake of the Yellow version, and OMF it would be EPIC and GEORGEOUS in the Sun and Moon graphics. XD

        1. Unpopular Opinion: I hate Kanto.

          Despite the fact that I loved the games it was featured in, I love all the Pokemon there, and it was the region I first played through, I despise it. It just feels so washed out to me since it’s been featured in 10 (excluding Green) main series games. That’s more than 2/5 of the core franchise right there. I would much prefer to see a revisit to Sinnoh. Heck, I might even be fine with it if we got a game with Sinnoh and Kanto, but Arceus forbid another game with only Kanto.

          1. I actually hated Sinnoh games the most. It doesn’t matter how many times I played trough the game, I always get lost at one point in time, and I can’t find where I’m supposed to go unless I watch a walk-through. I wan’t to see the Yellow version remade, because A). it was the very first Pokemon game that I ever owned,and I literally grew up playing it, B.) Pikachu was and always will be my top fave Pokemon, C.) I never really liked the remakes that they originally did do for red, and blue, the graphics were still basically the same as the original game’s, so those weren’t proper remakes to me, all they did was add the new gen Pokemon, and add a few new islands to visit, and D.) I NEED to see the game (I don’t care about Red, Blue, and Green, JUST Yellow.) in those beautiful Sun and Moon graphics, it would be my Pokemon dream come true. That and some of my Fakemon ideas being used by Nintendo. 😀

    2. Sinnoh’s yummy music. I think the uploader put that music there, I love Sinnoh, but I doubt it’s anything that relates to the region.

    3. I could live with a playlist of pokemon route music from each region… so relaxing (o’~’o)

    4. Sinnoh at night/dawn and Animal Crossing at night is one of the most spiritual experiences you can get in a video game.

  2. So I’m watching some clips and nearly everyone of them involve Ash getting tossed, pummeled and blasted
    Is it wrong that greatly enjoy that

  3. But the Music is not from the actul Teaser right?
    It sounds more like the uploader has put it above the material cause the actual sound was terrible.
    I would love a Sinnoh Remake but that just bugs me a lot.
    You’re thoughts?

    1. Sounds like it’s actually being played in the theater since the audio is so blown out. Also, the Route 216 theme is slightly remixed, and I don’t believe we’ve ever heard it before.

  4. Nnnnyyyrrgghhhhhhh I am bored
    The pokewhateverchi better at least show Huggagrab/Snuggriz in battle and same goes for the cloth
    I’m surprised that Corocoro didn’t drop any information on Fluffy and False Colors

    1. I really hope Ghost Pikaclone evolves or is decent in battle It’s very cool to me I want to use it

  5. Obviously, the starters are not the central focus. They showed eveey stater from every generation. It’s just going to be a new movie on a Generation 7 Legendary.

    1. its most likely just lighting, if you remember in XY team flares lair had a large room where they kept the legendaries and it had red lighting in it

        1. …what? do you mean purple? its forehead is light red and its body is red so that doesn’t really dismiss the lighting idea…..?

          1. normal Zygarde usually have white slit in his forehead in this pic it’s look purple.

          2. yes, thats how lighting works, it doesn’t just select certain parts of something to recolour them, that would be unrealistic, I’m not saying thats for sure what this is, I’m just saying its pretty likely that it is

    2. Say waaaaaah!!!! I bet there are going to be a few different colors then if they are going full on with the different colored cores.

  6. Too bad the quality is very awful I can barely tell what pokemon are on the screen. I wonder if they plan on making a good pokemon movie again. Probably not though lol.

      1. I know that, I read the article, Im just saying I can barely tell its the starters

  7. Now the show is about to start who wants place the bets if something new will be shown!

      1. Yea the japanese pokemon show every Saturday, today is the day that it is supposed to show Pokemon Sun and Moon footage

          1. Honestly I doubt those two will even make an appearance, they will just reshow the jpn commercial

    1. Wasn’t this where we got footage of Kukui’s Rockruff before we got its English name? I think it’s possible we’ll get some new footage, but nothing too important.

    2. How long is this show? I mean, when should we expect an update? Im at work but would like to keep up with news if possible but i also gotta concentrate on duties.

      1. I think the show is an hour long, and the update could be anywhere in that hour, but again I can assure it won’t be anything big. just focus on your duties then come back in an hour to see if there is anything new

    3. I bet nuttin. I can’t imagine they’l show anything brand new that is of consequence. They prolly wouldn’t be the first place to show off the two new Pokemon we got this week either. If they weren’t going to be shown straight up by the original source then they aren’t going to be shown by a more or less third party program

  8. Pokenchi just showed the the trailer from the other day. So nothing new it seems.

      1. Yeah I mean I don’t think anyone really is surprised. lol I miss the good old days of Pokemon Sunday and to a lesser degree Pokemon Smash. they used to reveal stuff on those iterations of the shows all the time during the pre-release seasons. You actually had a reason to watch those versions of the show back then. Now it’s sort of boring with little to no pay off. I also like the cast of Pokemon Sunday and Smash more too lol

  9. I really can’t believe how enjoyable Pokemon Go is. Me and my brother just spent an hour walking around our neighbor hood catching Pokemon. I know people keep talking about it, but dang it’s fun

    1. Sadly, I can’t enjoy it. I don’t actually have a data plan, so I’m restricted to areas within range of free Wifi. I’ve only gotten around 15 different Pokemon since its release.

    2. These are times when I wish I had a younger brother (or brother at all). Most of the time I hate the idea, but this would be worth it.

      1. I have a younger brother. He doesn’t like Pokémon. It isn’t really worth it 😛
        The 6 year age gap might have something to do with it though ahah!

    3. It’s enjoyable until you are dangerously close to running out of pokeballs and waste 15 on a spearow 😛

        1. That was a special reveal at the Japan Expo though. I believe the same thing happened with Honedge. I wouldn’t expect another reveal like that one.

        2. Pokemon usually gives us something themselves near the beginning of each month which is still like two weeks but better than 3-4.

    1. Omg already? I think we’re more so back into that time period of “not waiting for anything” rather than waiting for CoroCoro. That time really stars at the beginning of the month. I wouldn’t be surprised however if we got the next date for another reveal like we’ve been getting very month so far. I imagine just like the past few months we’ll get an official trailer for new stuff at the beginning of August.

        1. You’ve waited this long. What’s four more months? We’ve already gotten past all the boring months lol

  10. I hope there aren’t any early sales this time around like there were the week before the XY release. As much as I’d like to be able to stay away from the Internet during that period, I know I don’t have that resolve in me, and I’d prefer not to have all the Pokemon spoiled.

    1. Hell I hope there are early sales around me hahaha Prolly won’t be…….lol

    2. I dunno, I actually really enjoyed the hype surrounding discovering all the (few) pokemon in X/Y because of the leakers.
      It wasn’t as anticlimactic as with B/W, where the entire pokedex was leaked beforehand all at once.

  11. Well, we’re definitely not getting news for another few weeks or so. However, they are definitely going to reveal a new Sonic game for 2017 next Friday, so for those of you who care about Sonic, that’s exciting! This one is going to be produced by the actual Sonic Team, separate from Sonic Boom. I don’t care that much, but hey, it’s a big deal for some people. I’ll definitely get it!

      1. Alas that is true
        Ashes to ashes, hedgehogs to hedgehogs…for to we abid farewell to a once noble spiky blue rodent

      2. They’ve claimed recently that they want to bring quality back to the Sonic series, so that’s why I’m looking forward to the announcement.

    1. When was the last ‘decent’ Sonic game? Colors and Generation in 2010 and 2011 I believe? All other 3D games have been very poor. It’s dead, Jim.

  12. Really wish i could make discussion topics for everyone. I could come up with the best discussions.

    1. Hmmmmm then just blurt it out and enforce your will onto them
      Plain and simple

    2. Just say something relevant to pokemon. Like a general question about it. People like that. This is a pokemon community so just staying on topic will get some attention. Try hard to be relevant to pokemon though. You have no idea how annoying is to see a comment irrelevant to pokemon and doesnt bring any discussion at all. IE “Guys im bored” or “Im going to bed goodnight” Thats just spam and clutters the place. We have chat that can be used to talk about irrelevant things. Most other disqus communities are not like this and most of the comments are relevant to article. Im sorry im venting but it just gets more and more annoying seeing it.

  13. well guys looks like tomorrow is going to be the big day,let’s just hope Pokemon sun and moon will give us some more information hopefully.

    1. Already happened and it was nothing. Usually when news is coming from Japan on a specific day and especially if it’s happening in the morning for them it happens around the evening the day prior for at least the east coast in America for instance. All Pokenchi showed was the trailer from earlier in the week. It’s all due to time zones. It’s been the 17th for Japan for a bit now

        1. They said on the 17 something will happen who knows hard to tell when anything will pop up next

          1. The “new” stuff was from Pokenchi and all they showed was the trailer we already have…..I feel like a broken record hahaha

          1. No it already happened. Pokenchi airs at 8 am ( think that’s time time) in Japan. Now it’s noon for them. It’s been the 17th for them for 12 hours. No news is coming. All they showed was the trailer from this week

  14. Question why is every YouTube video I try to watch an error occurs every time?
    Edit:Never Mind

  15. Can you guys imagine the anime episode with Mimikkyu in it? Team Rocket thinks that they’ve finally captured Pikachu (actually a Mimikkyu) and Mimikkyu, wanting to be loved, happily comes along with Team Rocket. When Team Rocket finally realizes that it’s actually a Mimikkyu, they try to get rid of it, saddening it. Team Rocket then gets into some trouble and Mimikkyu saves them, eventually causing Mimikkyu to be a part of Team Rocket.

    I am soooo excited to use a Mimikkyu in S/M, I need that thing like right now

    1. Or them angering mimikkyu by casting it out creates a conflict with mimikkyu’s wrath being the danger.

    2. Replace Wobbuffet with Mimikkyu.

      New Team Rocket:
      Jessie & Bruxish, James & Salandit, Mimikkyu, Meowth

  16. holy hell. I got out of work and some crazy woman was having a fit after being escorted by security out of the ER. she was mad they wouldn’t let her catch a squirtle in pokemon GO, they told her to leave after she pushed open the automatic doors and disturbed the patient in bay 8. goodness this is so out of hand.

  17. So far in Pokemon, we’ve had a legendary trio based on weather, creation, yin-yang, and natural order. If you were asked to create a new legendary trio by GameFreak, what would you base them on? Personally, I’d base a trio on the gnostic idea of the Demiurge, Monad, and Sophia.

      1. I would like four based on the seasons. Not a trio but still. Also, I would love some based on truth and lies. Not sure the third one would be or how any would be designed but… Maybe the lies one gets zoroarks ability and the truth one knows frisk?

        1. I quite like the truth and lies idea, perhaps an angelic, pure look for truth, a demonic, evil look for lies and for the third, how about judgement? Combining aspects of both, the neutral Pokemon.

    1. Satan himself!

      …. lol jk but maybe some greek references Like a greek god trio Poseidon, Athena and Zeus would be cool
      Athena – Fighting
      Zeus- Electric
      Poseidon- Water
      or even a Siren trio would be cool, with the typings water/flying, grass/flying and Psychic/Flying(the leader) Psychic because of their songs powers, flying because they were said to be half bird half woman, water because they were often seen by water in roman tales, and grass because they are seen as meadow dwellers in greek tales

        1. Hades could also work very well, and perhaps better, but idk I didn’t want to be predictable so I like Athena better, plus Poseidon and Athena have a pretty interesting story together

  18. so solgaleo is based on alchemy, that much we know. but what is lunala based on? for the past 5 generations, the mascot legends have had inspiration from various religion (with the exception of diamond and pearl, where they were the result of a myth based on religion) so what could lunala be referencing? or maybe solgaleo has religious roots as well?

    1. There’s apparently powers in alchemy, Energy of Matter and Energy of Life. The former represents all that is physical, while the latter represents all that is spiritual. They are also represented by “celestial salt” and “celestial nitre” , aka Solar Fire(represents light and material) and Lunar Water(represents darkness and spirit). You can read this (long) reddit post for a larger explanation:

      This post is also interesting:

      I’m loving the alchemic theme for Gen 6 and 7 a lot to be honest.

  19. maybe in the next issue of CoroCoro maybe we’ll see some New prehistoric Pokemon,maybe like a Rock/Ground and a Rock/Fire.

  20. I thought more indepty on how the bracelets will work in Pokemon Sun/Moon. I believe that it will serve to power Special Moves (obviously) and allow Mega Evolution. To start, I do not believe that there will be multiple gems corresponding to each type. I think the singular yellow and blue gem (seen on the Japanese logo and the male and female trainer) will control the Special Moves for each type. Additionally, I think the aura will differ depending on the gem from either version. There will be 18 dances for each type of Pokemon. Thus, the special dance will power that specific type of move. Moving on to Mega Evolution, there is a circular hole in the middle of the lower portion of the bracelet. I believe this will house the Key Stone as SirDrake721 pointed out previously. From the past rumors, to balance these Special Moves and Mega Evolution, both will be tethered to a guage that fills up after every attack or turn. Once you’ve used a move or Mega Evolved; the bar will cease from increasing for the rest of the match to balance the mechanics. This will allow for strategy to either Mega Evolve or use a powerful attack. I think the biggest mystery is if the concept will be restricted to certain Pokemon or open to all types of Pokemon. CoroCoro did state that Rowlet, Litten, Poppilo, and Rockruff shared a secret; for now, I’m guessing that this might be the special secret they hold. Lastly, I think GameFreak did not place the gems and Key Stone because the game is still in development or they simply want fans to ponder!

    1. But what about the red gem they showed and the gems that are put in other holes? But I still think this theory is very true and well thought out good work!

    2. I’m not sure I get why you think they’d have 18 different poses, but wouldn’t have 18 different gems…..Wouldn’t it be more of a waste of time to code 18 poses instead of just 18 gems? I feel like that many poses would be too busy of a thing and having to collect the gems makes more sense. Also like Aqua Flygon said in the trailer the gems have different colors when they appear in front of the Pokemon so it appears as if there are different gems. Maybe not 18, but there are at least a few., Your theory other than that isn’t bad tho! lol

      1. Coding eighteen different dances wouldn’t be difficult for an experienced team of GameFreak. The gem that appears just indicates the type. From the artwork and logos; I believe it’s just two gems depending on the version. Also, thanks it took me a while to think everything out thoroughly! :]

  21. I just had a thought
    Since technically I now use a Fire Mono team….that means Salandrit is available
    And maybe finally be rid of those stupid Mega Venusaurs

      1. Drat, well I call ultimate reserves on the the statistically strongest ground type

    1. Looking at this yields a strange urge to play Kirby and the Crystal Shards

        1. It’s the marker scribbles that remind me of the Artist girl and Ripple Star

        1. But it’s good. You should do commissions on Tumblr. You’ll get a lot of followers

  22. Pokemon Go

    As soon as I leave my house: Freezes/crashes, servers are overloaded.

    As soon as I enter my home again: Works perfectly.

    I usually walk a lot but none of it counts cos the app is always dead when I’m out and about.

    1. Maybe your phone still thinks you should be on your home’s wifi? So when you walk out, it loses connection and can’t recover to reconnect to your mobile internet.

        1. Yeah, WiFi off is what I do all the time and no problems there,except during peak hours (aka lunch time frame). Invest in a power bank only if your battery isn’t digging the drainage from GO.

          1. Yeh I dunni. It’s just been screwing me around last couple of days.

            I have a 26800 mAh power bank and my phone’s (nexus 6p) battery is no slouch either so that’s not the problem.

            Ah well , guess the servers are just not great at the moment

          2. :/ sorry it was doing it a bit yesterday for me and Friday (it froze on the item screen for a ??? Venomoth)

      1. Just happened again. Left my house. The entire journey the app was out, as soon as I got to my destination, working fine.

        Was on my mobile network the whole time this time.

        1. Ah, internet is bad while moving I guess? Only thing I can guess but otherwise I don’t know.

          Also there seems to be a reddit report that GO is down right now (everyone)?

    I’ve been sweet scenting for over 2 hours and only found 2 Miltank and nary a Sap Sipper
    Hell I even found a shiny Mareep faster then the fat cow

      1. I’m getting extremely annoyed
        I could’ve finished breeding the rest of my NU team in the time spent hunting
        Just to have this team desolated by the broken op shit that everyone uses

  24. So what Pokemon types have yet to be revealed in sun and moon? Dark, ground, and ice? A grass besides rowlet? Please Coro Coro, give me my precious ice types!

    1. We have 0 Ground, Ice, and Dark. And we have 1 Grass, Poison, Rock, Dragon, and Fighting.

      1. Ice needs a buff so bad! Make it SE against fairy! More ice and ghost are always welcome in my book!

        1. Fire should beat fairy
          Ice just is meant to be frail, no logical buff could ever be applied

          1. I feel like fighting shouldn’t necessarily be good against it. Ice can be extremely hard and although I’ve never done it myself I can imagine punching a block of ice would hurt incredibly bad ( would probably break your hand). Ice that is thick enough can put up a pretty good fight as far as breaking it goes lol

          2. I punch ice all the time and you don’t hear me griping
            And don’t forget we have massive knuckle dragging fisted monsters that regularly break the rules of normality

          3. That seems like a pretty flawed argument……Why may I ask do you punch ice all the time? hahaha

          4. Lol. Ice should honestly have more resistances. Bug, grass, etc. it should have something against water considering its just frozen water. Ice is tough and winter is a harsh season so the type should reflect that. Sure ice irl can be fragile and brittle but it also destroys.

          5. Bug is fickle but don’t forget bugz are tough SOBs and though grass is preyed upon by the cold, vine whips and wood hammers could shatter sheets of ice

            And the whole water thing, a large body of water wouldn’t freeze instantaneously and water as a state ice can easy melt it away

          6. Bug got a huge buff in gen 5 and while I done see it happening to ice in a region based on Hawaii, it really is the only type that stands out as the weakest of them all. Each type had its strengths and weaknesses (literally) but also each is unique in how you can use them competitively (like with steel being very defensive generally) so ice could have something to set it apart besides its effectiveness against dragons that fairy stole from it

          7. When did it get a buff?
            I only remember in gen 2
            But like I said Ice is just systematically bad

          8. Bug just got a lot of good Pokemon in gen 5 like volcarona and galvantula and such. Before that there were very few good bug types. It wasnt a new type effectiveness or resistance given to it but it was given some nice members to its party.

  25. Ahhhh servers are down again. It really sucks cause I travelled home to London today & I was excited at catching loads of Pokmon in-between my train and tube but alas, I couldn’t. I don’t know whether its just a massive influx of people downloading it or those hackers who apparently did it before. Just gotta be patient, I mean at least I have the app unlike some countries

  26. Just spent half an hour trying to beat a gym. Every time I got down to the last pokemon, at 1hp, and it wouldn’t let me beat it. Probably the most disruptive glitch I’ve seen.

    1. I hate this glitch more than anything. My family and I went to the park for an hour, and I spent the whole time trying to beat the gym, and never did due to that glitch.

      1. That’d be pretty great hahaha You know what’s crazy? Zygarde Complete is around 7 feet shorter than Hoopa Unbound!!! That’s how big Hoopa is!! You’d think Zygarde C. would be taller hahaha

  27. This night I will fly to Spain for a vacation, and when I’m back, I leave for South Africa. So I probably won’t be around for 4 weeks. I’m gonna miss you guys, but I’ll be back 🙂

        1. But I already marked my territory…
          *a large flaming statue of a Rhyperior with pikes jutting out with fairy types impaled*

  28. It’s my theory that “False Colors” gives mimikkyu an automatic substitute when it goes out, and when the substitute breaks it afflicts the pokemon that broke it with curse or poison, and mimikkyu’s true form is revailed. Mimikkyu without substitute gets damaged every turn, moreso in the sun.

    1. and perhaps there is a like 1/5 chance or something of another substitute being applied again during battle each turn, because mimikkyu put back on the costume.

  29. Hmmmm ya know what I’ve been thinking?
    Well I was just thinking, that 99% of my gut feelings are usually accurate, and for some strange reason my gut is really being insistent that the supposed leaks for the starters final evolutions are going to be real, (which I wont mind at all. LOL I even have some “punny” nick names thought up for the three. For Rouletts final I was going to call him “Robin Hood” for Litten’s final I was going to call him “Little John” and for Poppleo’s final I was A.) going to try for a female, and then B.) was going to call her “Maid Marian.” LOL See what I did there. :D) and so I will make my own prediction, that for next month they will revile the starter Pokemon’s second stage evolution’s, and depending on what they look like, it will be easier to figure out weather or not those supposed leaks are really, real or not. (And yes I know that you can’t always go by look’s, hence Dragonight doesn’t really look like its previous evolutions, or even looking at the Osshowatt evolution line. LOL) But for me if I see that the second stage’s look even remotely like the “leak’s” than it will confirm my annoying gut feeling. 😀 And yeah so these are my thought son the matter. 😀

    1. I also kind of hope the leak is true. If it is I’m choosing Popplio, getting a female one and naming it Cecelia (cause that name is pronounced sea-SEAL-lia and thats a funny pun).

        1. Mine I’m going to name Goofball because Popplio looks like it’s a Circus seal of types and looks like a Goofball!

    2. I just don’t think it’s likely the starter evos leak in such high quality so early on.

      1. Why not? It is very possible, that someone got their hands on confidential info, and decided to leak it. Stuff like that HAS happened before. 🙂 It’s called a breach in security. LOL

        1. Idk, something is just off to me. They would’ve pulled that shit ASAP, not waited over a month.

          1. Just because its standing on two legs does NOT mean it’s going to be a fire/fighting type. I believe that its ether going to be a pure fire type, or a fire/DARK or even a fire/poison type.

          2. Not really it doesn’t. My grandfather used to watch wrestling all the time when I was little, and there were plenty of wrestlers who were pretty damned dark in everything that they said and did, even in how they looked. 😛 And there are lots of Pokemon who don’t have the fighting typing, but yet they learn a LOT of fighting type moves, it doesn’t make them a fighting type does it. And if you want to think about it that way then ALL Pokemon are fighting type. Because ALL Pokemon are/can be used to battle each other.

          3. Fire/Dark has to be its typing why on earth would it be Primarily Black and Fire type and not be a Dark type

          4. But it was black at the end of its evolution Litten is black right from the get go

          5. My point is still valid
            Not everything with black colorations has to be Dark

          6. If he’s fire/fighting but I believe it’s fire/dark type that can counter fighting type with cheap way maybe by using his ability ….real tiger r strong and tricky at same time.

          7. How do you know that they haven’t?
            Once something is on the internet it is truly IMPOSSIBLE to get it off again. LOL But it’s like I said, it depends on what the second evos look like. 🙂

          8. I don’t think they’re real mostly because the designs just look too complex. They look more like digimon

    1. Can we get some ice love!
      And huzzah for steel on of my favorite types now

  30. Pokemon Go is finally out in Canada! and tbh my excitement level for it is kinda dead 😛

    1. Ditto I tried it and my effing phone can’t find anything without stable wifi
      And with each passing day more and more people advance while I can’t do anything

      1. well we just got it today and tbh I have never played a game on my phone that I have enjoyed Im more of a controller guy not a touch guy unless its with a stylus

      1. yeah ..I know that but they just copy the original one , color is not accurate too and his facial emotion as well but ty by the way.

          1. I finally find a water starter I like, they dangle the reassuring icons of a potential fighting type
            And now this starts popping out

            Can I just get a break

    1. I really like all the starter evos. Back when they were first leaked I wasn’t too sure, but now having taken a real look at them and having them actually possibly be real makes me see them in a new light. I hope you can find one of Litten’s evo lol

    2. I honestly really hope these are real (provided litten’s evolution isn’t fire/fighting). I’d easily choose rowlet, but I like popplio’s evolution too, and i don’t hate litten’s.

      1. LOL My gut instinct says that they most likely are real. 😀
        (And I shall continue to listen to my gut until it is proven with out a doubt to be wrong. 😀 )

      2. They’ve grown in me but I would like to not like them till they are officialized still choosing Popplio though no matter what!

      3. real artist shouldn’t hate anything ….they find their way ….and absolutely its better than any fake evos.

    3. OMG KYAAAAAAA Both of these drawings are totally gorgeous. I love them so much!!!! Especially the first one wit Rowlet. <3

      1. Yes you are. LOL It looks skinny to me, it’s just its tail part that’s bigger, because it has to be. 😀 But I think it looks fine the way it is. 🙂
        But everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion. 🙂 (Even if I don’t agree with it.)

  31. Well this sucks. Someone playing pokemon GO while driving hit a power pole and our hospital is barely functioning on its backup generator.

    1. That’s terrible I hope everything turns out ok in the end my deepest condolences for lives that may be lost.

      1. I think i heard that no one involved in the accident was too badly hurt. Thankfully our generator concentrates on things directly connected to the patients and lab equipment, x-ray equipment, computer systems, and elevators. Im sure everyone will be fine.

        1. That’s good one thing I hate is death of innocent people so that’s good no ones hurt!

        1. It’s scientifically proven that the human race are getting stupider and more reckless with each passing generation

          1. Shortness = cuteness. Tallness = beauty. Both are akin to attractiveness. As to males I dunno short still equals cute tall equals handsome I guess. Still attractiveness both ways.

          2. I’m talking about males lol, but you do have a point, but I never call guys handsome I don’t like how it sounds, I call them beautiful because thats what they are to me lol idk shortness is my weakness I suppose

          3. Oh? Mmn well I guess since I’m straight I see guys differently and yah I thought I remembered you were gay. Which is why I covered both genders haha. The point is that both are able to equate to attractiveness different ways. And mmn yah short might just be what you’re into which is totally fine.

          4. well I mean that may be true for some but not for everyone, as a whole we are getting smarter as we are learning tons of new stuff and advancing in certain fields of study more and more everyday, honestly I feel as if there is just no middle ground you have either really smart people or really dumb people, but stupid has been around as long as we have existed

    2. Heard some nut in Florida opened fire on a Pokemon GO players. Thinking they were trying to burgle his house.

      Damn this app is causing chaos. I think this is how the world ends.

      Pokemon have been planning this for over 20 years.

      1. only in the US… who tf shoots at people that are just sitting in a car on the street, is that not common sense jfc

        1. Honestly stories like these put me off visiting the US.

          If I can get shot simply because someone thinks I look suspicious. No thank you.

          1. I am the same way, there are way too many trigger happy people in the US, I’m perfectly content in my country where yes people can still get shot but you only ever hear about one occurrence like once every 8 months or so and they arnt usually fatal, and mass shootings are like unheard of

          2. Hey the suburban areas of Pennsylvania are pretty calm just go to the suburbs much less violence in Mid East area than most other

  32. I absolutely swear that they better put out a date for more info
    Otherwise just cryogenically freeze me until it November

      1. Nahh remember it’s Summer there’s no Cryogonal
        And besides I kill them on sight

  33. Back on the New prehistoric Pokemon topica,Rock/Ground Spinosaurus and a Rock/Fire Allosaurus will be a cool idea.

    1. I want to move away from the stereotypical dinos, I think there’s so much more to be explored in terms of fossils. If dinosaurs were what we’re getting though, I’d like a rock/water spinosaurus and a rock/electric parasaurolophus

          1. At least with my Ankylosaur the massive tail club could trigger earthquakes
            I’m also thinking of making the limbs work like a pneumatic drill

          2. Hmmmmmm what else
            Tar Raptors
            A dark brown and Crimson velociraptor with tiger stripes, and flame ports on its elbows and thighs, a large fin in the shape of Mohawk
            They sweat a flammable wax that can be ignited from the flame ports on its arms and mouth,

    2. I want my Rock/Ground Ankylosaur and my Rock/Electric Stegosaurus

      1. Triceratops should be another rock dragon ……I am always thinking bout Rock/Electric Stegosaurus though.

        1. Triceratops just don’t scream dagin for me
          If i were to consider a triceratops I would make something with gigantic horn lances or even an early ancestor to Rhyhorn

      2. I think the real question is, were all prehistoric Pokemon part rock? Every fossil Pokemon brought to life thus far has been part rock type. This means that billions of years ago, before humans existed, the land was ruled by rock type Pokemon

        1. The theory is that some technically weren’t but they’re rock due to the fossilization process
          Don’t forget just because we revived them doesn’t mean they’re 100% identical to the ones all those millions of years ago
          But things like Crainidos and Tirtouga shred a dim light that they could’ve naturally been those types
          But the common theory is the fossilization process makes them Rock types

        2. Well technically Genesect is a Fossil Pokemon but due to modifications was steel type so their is one that isn’t rock

    3. Yesssss more dinos leggo 😀 (Dinosaurs are a secret love of mine <3)
      Honestly, I'm cool with any of the dino family.
      Regardless, I just find it funny that you mention dinosaur Pokemon ideas while I'm playing Fossil Fighters xD

        1. Hmmmmm Triceratops would be Rock/Fire and the Stegosaurus would be Rock/Dark 😀

    4. Here’s another cool idea I just had. Rock/Fighting Utahraptor (Velociraptor with one giant claw on each foot). Can be huge compared to the body and used to crush material harder than steel.

        1. The only Rock/Fighting Pokemon we have is Terrakion, which very few people use due to its legendary status. I think this typing would be great to use in the story.

          1. I had a Rock/Fighting (Or just Pure rock)
            Rock Mythical based on the Rockbiters or equally gigantic stone monolith
            Some kind of reclusive colossal Stone Pokemon what has claimed to have shaped the land in the past and now lies dormant

  34. I saw an interesting post today that changed my perspective on the codename of the NX. N64…N6+4…N10…NX. Perhaps the return of cartridges has been under our noses the whole time.

      1. Maybe it came off as ridiculous to you, but I believe it. I want the NX to be an N64 with the “3D on any TV” gimmick”.

      1. The Nintendo 64 is cartridge based. From what I remember, it was the last Nintendo home console to use cartridges (after it came the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U which are all disc based)

        1. Hm. Thanks, but I have another question now. What does N10 have to do with NX? Is it their 10th system?

    1. If that’s the case, I will get a NX regardless of backwards compatibility and Wii U price drops.

      1. It know it’s only a (literal) Sap Sipper, but I ain’t letting anything that remotely looks like a mosquito near me.

  35. argh. ARGH!!!!! ive tried over 50 times now to defeat Sans, I just cant dodge the last part of his last attack! its gotten to the point where im so used to all of his other moves that I can consistently get through the entire fight not getting hit, then lose all my health to this one part!

    1. I recommend watching a video of the fight. That way you can pause or slow it down at that part and figure out how to dodge it without getting pressured.

    2. Same but with the genocide mid game boss. I’m on vacation though so I’m scared I might get worse before I get back.

    3. I can’t, and would never do the genocide, or even the neutral run, it would grate on my conscious to much. Any game I play I avoid the bad/neutral rout. (LOL I’m always a Jedi. 🙂 ) But yeah you’re probably going to “Have a very bad time” trying to beat Sans. 😀 You might get him after about 200 or 300 tries. (Maybe.)

  36. Okay I know this is a ridiculous idea but hear me out. I was having a Jucy Lucy burger recently (Google it if you don’t know it), and thought: WHAT IF, they based a Pokémon off of this. With another region based off of America, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a burger Pokémon of some kind, so this is what I came up with..

    Jubaleat, the Ooze Pokémon.
    Normal Type.
    Evolution: none.
    Ability: Liquid Ooze/Thick Fat. HA: Sheer Force.
    HP 110 | Attack 70 | Defense 64 | Special Attack 95| Special Defense 90 | Speed 56

    Scald (anybody who’s had one knows why) and Sludge Wave could be two big moves for it. Perhaps a drawback to using it offensively is that it can’t learn many elemental moves like Flamethrower, Ice Beam or Thunderbolt.

    1. I just googled it and I feel sick already 😛 there is so much going on I don’t know where to begin hahaha

      cool pokemon idea ya have though

    2. yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuum!i made the juicy lucy before! didja know that that sanwhicwas named after the proposed “missing link” in human evolution, which got its name from a song by the Beatles


      1. I got my list too
        Growlithe and Vulpix
        And yet another Rhyhorn

    1. Finally its been weeks congratz. Have fun not using it in battle for months though.

  38. And seriously nobody asked for a Female Thick Fat Piloswine in a Dusk Ball
    Somebody wanted it and it’s ready

    1. Well I did but you got the Miltank that I was supposed to trade for it, so…

      I can trade it for an HA Miltank in a dusk ball if you want. Or a Landorus. <3

      1. Ehhhhhhh I have like 4 Landoruses or is it Landurai
        And they’re either just going to collect dust since I don’t believe in legends

  39. Where is everyone there is no new discussion and only two people have been here in three hours other than me!

    1. That’s just something you get used to during dead periods like now.
      The discussion will come back when we get something new to talk about. But for now, it’s just gonna be this for the most part 🙂

      1. Aww… Oh right I just remembered is it possible to make a discussion here because I tried but I couldn’t find out how to make one here specifically.

        1. you mean a new article? I dunno if any random person can only the people who PJ allows to make an article can.
          Oh, by the way, there’s a new article out 🙂 so you can move on over from this one ^^

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