PokéJungle Podcast & Radio Social


Hello everyone! (Long post ahead!) As you have hopefully noticed there have been a lot of changes to PJN lately and we’re trying to keep things new and exciting. Previously both pokejungle and ozy have done P2 Casts on YouTube and posted them to the site, however due to limited time they’ve become pretty much non-existant lately. Also, around this time last year b2trumpet (of MMC) started a MMC Podcast/Skype meet-up, which can be found here.

This time I’d like to take this idea further, but make it an official and frequent part of the PokéJungle Network. Details below…

[spoiler show=”What’s the idea behind this?”]The idea is to have a podcast go out on a set time period (possibly biweekly, or once a month), in which relevant discussion and chat happens, but also have an accompanying recording that goes out in between each period, with more a focus on a community conversation. I’ve already spoken with a couple of other staff members and we have agreed on a co-host format when other staff are participating, Dan has said he will take part as often as he can, I will be hosting alone when other staff are unavailable.  [/spoiler]

On to the main purpose of this post. I’m looking to find out how interested people are in this project going ahead, as well as people to take part in the recording of podcast episodes and people to come join in the social broadcast. After all, we are a site largely based around community and this is an excellent way to develop this.

[spoiler show=”What/who are you looking for?”]For the PJ Cast I’d like to find a small group of people who are confident in talking (likely to strangers initially) about news, answering questions and keeping a conversation going whilst maintaining listener interest. A decent quality microphone will be needed, although I’ll gauge this in a short test call before deciding if I/we think you’re suitable. If possible I’d also like to find a reliable sub-host who can stand in when either myself or other staff members are unavailable, so let us know if you’re interested in that. Remember, the main idea behind the PJ Cast is to have fun whilst talking about the thing we love best: Pokémon.

For the social broadcast, which I’ve named Rocket Radio for now (I may change this to the name for both the social and podcast), I’d like to find as many people as possible to get involved. Ideally the conversation will be recorded, but if things get too crazy it will just be conversation and a chance to chat with other fans. Again, it’s about having fun, so if you want to get involved don’t worry too much about it.

Both will be audio only, no video and will take place on Skype. This is also completely voluntary, we can’t pay anyone for taking part in this (we don’t get paid ourselves!) and although you’ll be part of the podcast team, this isn’t an application or opportunity opening to write for PokéJungle.



 If you’re interested, or have suggestions/feedback please comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible (most likely asking you to add my Skype for quick and easy contact).  We’re serious about getting this off the ground and it’s a great opportunity for you to get involved with the PokéJungle Network and have a bit of fun.

So yeah, hopefully someone is interested?