24/2 Pokémon Smash! Airing FINISHED!


Smash! aired in Japan and we were here to bring you live updates as the show aired. As always thanks to ZephyrSonic for his stream.

With Sylveon being “revealed” on the show last week, we don’t think we’ll be seeing much this episode. But there’s a slim chance something could pop up. Follow along below with our live updates. What are you all hoping the episode will show, if anything?

LIVE updates:

  • Anime reairing this week is Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!
  • Having fun with faces…
  • Usual weekly Double Battle…
  • Finished. Nothing new shown.

Smash! has finished and shown nothing new, so the slow news time continues.

[spoiler show=”View Stream”][/spoiler]

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