The Biggest Question About Pokémon Sun & Moon: Where are the Megas?

One of the biggest mysterious surrounding the upcoming games Pokémon Sun & Moon is not what new feature it will introduce, but whether or not it will bring back the Mega Evolution system introduced in Pokémon X & Y. It was a key point of the game’s battle strategies and brought Pokémon from older generations back to the forefront with the addition of new Mega Evolutions for them.

These required special Mega Evolution stones to be held by Pokémon and corresponding accessories for the trainer that allowed the hidden power to be unlocked. So far no hints have been shown that these exist in the Alola region and now we have proof from the latest trailer that the bracelets the main characters were are not the same Mega bracelets from the last generation. Could there be a built-in function besides allowing Pokémon to use these new, ultra-strong attacks? It’s a possibility.

We’re all on edge here… hope we get confirmation that Megas will be returning soon so that we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. You do want Mega Evolutions to return, right?

<3 PJ