The Biggest Question About Pokémon Sun & Moon: Where are the Megas?

One of the biggest mysterious surrounding the upcoming games Pokémon Sun & Moon is not what new feature it will introduce, but whether or not it will bring back the Mega Evolution system introduced in Pokémon X & Y. It was a key point of the game’s battle strategies and brought Pokémon from older generations back to the forefront with the addition of new Mega Evolutions for them.

These required special Mega Evolution stones to be held by Pokémon and corresponding accessories for the trainer that allowed the hidden power to be unlocked. So far no hints have been shown that these exist in the Alola region and now we have proof from the latest trailer that the bracelets the main characters were are not the same Mega bracelets from the last generation. Could there be a built-in function besides allowing Pokémon to use these new, ultra-strong attacks? It’s a possibility.

We’re all on edge here… hope we get confirmation that Megas will be returning soon so that we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. You do want Mega Evolutions to return, right?

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  1. Egad! I believe megas will return. Why would they remove such a big plot in battling/story so quickly?

      1. Okay, well if you don’t like them cool. I do so I don’t see how this is relevant?

          1. Saying they suck is subjective to your own perspective lol it’s not a neutral answer

          2. No, you are lol. You didn’t give me an answer; you gave me an opinion. You never answered how, why, or what makes megas so worthless to you. You need to learn how to expand your explanation (like the troll thing you explained – I backed you up on that).

          3. And I’m supposed to go digging in old articles? I have yet to see it because I don’t stay on here all day long haha I have a family to take care of

          4. No, I literally haven’t. I have seen that you’ve mentioned not liking them. If you don’t want to repeat it, that’s fine. I’m mostly just curious is all.

          5. I just don’t like the fact that evolutions were given to pokemon without 3 stages of evolution which would prevent those pokemon from getting real evolutions even if they were never planned to get evolutions it still makes it impossible at that point if they ever said hey this Pokemon should evolve.

          6. I will say that I wished they gave megas to starters and ones who actually need it. Ones with low BSTs and 2 stages evolutions. All in all, I still like them from a competitive stand point. Story wise – not so much

  2. I’m sure they’ll be back. The mechanic is too big and important now to just throw away like it was nothing. I’m sure however they will take a back seat to this new bond mechanic. that’s probably why we haven’t seen anything that resembles megas yet.

  3. Megas did a lot for the meta-game of Pokemon X/Y. I do not believe they will be gone. Someone posted a screenshot before showing a circular hole on the bracelet. So, I believe a Key Stone could fit there. To make Mega Evolution less broken; I’m assuming the reported gauge could be used for Megas or either the Special Moves.
    Additionally, after recombine through the footage, I saw a few things. Lillie is also on the boat with the player and Hau, also the shiny green thing in the Tauros riding section might by a Zygarde Cell.

    1. The only i would say to that is Zygarde Cells are invisible to the human eye so it would have to be a Zygarde Core. But I keep seeing comments about that green dot and i feel like it’s just a berry. In X&Y, tge find berries, you found them on the floor in front or around a tree. Vut i may be wrong….

        1. Well we don’t know if they really ARE missing. It’s possible we may not be getting anymore new ones in these games, but I’d say for sure they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

  4. Megas were a succesful formula in XY and ORAS. Why would they remove them so soon?

    1. I’d prefer not to stack too many features in one game. It gets heavy and overly complicated. Super attacks/bonding or megas, but not both would be preferable. Each have their own merits depending upon the gameplay and storyline.

  5. Masuda has spoken of the addition of new mega evos on the April 3rd Pokenchi episode. I would say no worries of losing megas in SM 🙂

  6. look like the only way if the Megas return, we need is the English version of the the latest trailer! *fanfare* When that?

  7. What do U people think about this constant no GL rumor? It is really tidbit annoying.

    A thought that came up upon reading the latest “spoiler” , with the game being over after beating 20 trainers, is that there are 2 levels like in BW2.

    Maybe a beginner level for young kids to learn the mechanics and the 2nd level the regular games we are used to.

        1. Oh I can believe the no GL part. But the other stuff about 2 islands at the start and then you have to buy the other 2 as DLCs and shit, was obviously trolling.

          1. Yeah the guy that posted here is a dumb dumb. They only got the no gym part from the the “real” leaks lol

    1. I think it’s fine. If they can replace it with something interesting and challenging then it’s all good. The Gyms were getting boring and stale. It XY I felt like I was just going through the motions and even forgot who some of the leaders were. If they can make up a new system, even if it’s just for these games, then I think I’ll be happy. It might even make GF work harder as far as story goes. I know they did a decent job in BW, but all the other games have been so dependent on the gyms to get you from point A to point B that it doesn’t seem like an adventure anymore….lol

      1. I agree that they have to up their game a bit but still no gyms would feel bit weird. They need to make it feel more challenging and I am up for something new.

  8. I feel like they’re bound to return, but I honestly hope they don’t. I don’t hate them, but I prefer traditional evolution and having to make do with the limitations of that Pokemon.

  9. PLEASE, let them be gone. Forever, biggest Pokémon mistake (imo). Just make normal evolutions and that’s fine 🙂

    1. Nah making the mechanic of mega evolutions pretty much obsolete for some stupid ass super attack that almost always one shots anything it hits is by far game freaks biggest blunder.

  10. I love the Megas and the idea of them. I’d be really disappointed if they took them out, though I see absolutely no reason they would. They’re relatively popular, and they were a huge aspect of the 6th gen, both in the games and the anime. I’d say they’re ultimately a core aspect of the games now considering the amount of integration that has been put into making them a thing in the franchise. I imagine we’re not seeing much of it right at this moment because 1) we’re still 5 months away from release 2) they want to advertise this new “bond move” thing they got going. So it’s natural that Mega Evolution might take a bit more of a backseat in terms of advertising or reveals. If anything, we probably just won’t see as many Megas as we have from XY/ORAS (which I’d be a tad upset tbh :'[ )

  11. Megas have to evolve to something easier to achieve, hiding and collecting all megastones for current and future megas could be annoying (imagine having 300 megas and having to find 300 mega stones…).

    The more common megas become the less sense has the restriction to only one per team and battle, so I expect here also a change.

    The elementary gems seen on the video seem a completely new mechanic, not related to megaevolution, so I won’t say is the end of it.

    If the rumors are true we will have 90 new Pokémon, so I expect at least 10 new Megas to have a total of 100 introduced creatures, like in Gen 2… because the more I know from Alola the more it seems to be what Johto was for Kanto, maybe not connected through the map but through the storyline and Zygarde.

    1. My wishes:

      – Mega Flygon (Bug/Dragon + Compound Eyes)
      – Mega Crobat (+ Aerilate)
      – Mega Milotic (Water/Fairy + Friend Guard)
      – Mega Dragonair (+ Multiscale)
      – 3 Johto Starters
      – 3 Sinnoh Starters

    2. While going on the hunt for them I think is rather fun, I do agree that it could get annoying once you reach a high level such as 300. I’m not convinced that they’re getting rid of them, and I’d rather they don’t, but I do feel like we’ll be seeing some sort of change in how we attain the stones or the way they mega evolve. I feel it’s too big of a mechanic now to just get rid of anyways, or maybe I’m just consoling myself lmao

    1. Wow. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! You don’t have to like everything in a game, but I’ve never seen you clearly state why you dislike Mega Evolution.

  12. I would be extremely delighted if there are no more megas. It makes pokemon looking like digimon and i hate it

    1. I really hate when Pokémon fans say ” it looks like a “Digimon “just because they dislike something. I’ll never understand it

      1. They make overly detailed and anthropomorphic pokémon – “It looks like Digimon, I hate it”
        They present new pokémon with simpler designs, based on real animals like the Gen I Pokémon – ‘It’s way too simple. I hate it.”

  13. >feature doesn’t appear in first few trailers of new games.

    Just wait for it.

  14. We do have to remember that they gave mega flygon artist block and was said that they were trying to get a good design for him, I’m almost guarantee that there will be

    1. Nope the brilliant people at Game Freak are now trying to make mega evolution a thing of the past all for the sake of making match go faster. Don’t believe me? They only added 17 of the mega stones in gen 7, and each one is 64 battle points each which means to get all of them you need a grand total of 1088 BP just to get all the mega’s they bothered to add. Not only that you only get 1 BP a match in the battle tree so just getting one stone is going to be a mission and a half. Its very clear their trying to deter us from using mega evolutions.

      1. Honestly that really makes me mad
        Some of the pokemon that DESERVES mega forms are essentially denied of them
        And this thing here is making it worse

  15. anyone ever thought about, that megas will STAY, but no more megas will appear? maybe “Mega Evolution” is a thing from Kalos/(in part the “new” Hoenn (oras)) and those Megas WILL STAY IN THE GAME, but no new ones will appear.

    Instead were given an addition with this “soul bond” “type stone” “mysterious new bracelet”-thing …lol ^^

    Makes Sense doesnt it?!

    1. That bracelet is called a Z ring and its a piece of f**king pokesh*t compared to the mechanic of mega evolution, that Game Freak is now trying to deter us from even using.

  16. I can almost see mega’s as something where they will return them as collectable stones similar to XY and ORAS, yet keeping them perhaps only to the after-game so there is no unfair edge that the player has over the base NPC’s until they gain their own mega’s.

  17. Mega evolutions are one of the few game mechanics gamefreak has introduced that is objectively flawed.

    1) They’ve overcentralized the metagame. I’m not talking about Smogon’s metagame, or Nintendo’s metagame, I mean in general. If I get online and don’t have a plan for dealing with mega evolutions, my team’s probably gonna get destroyed.

    2) Too many of them are too powerful, in some cases so powerful that the
    boosts to defensive teams/strategies introduced in X/Y don’t matter.

    3) They aren’t even evolutions, because they aren’t permanent.

    4) Pokemon like Mawile, Absol, and Medicham needed a permanent
    evolution, not a mega evolution. They would have been better served with balanced
    permanent evolutions so that they could use a hold item and have the opportunity for stronger/different stats.

    5) Many of the pokemon that received mega evolutions simply did not need
    them, because they already had high BSTs/good movepools, etc.

    6) They take up slots for new pokemon. X/Y could have had more type
    diversity if slots for new pokemon weren’t used to develop megas.

    6) Most of the megas have terrible concept design flaws. Admittedly,
    this is somewhat subjective, but I think that part of the reason Pokemon
    became popular and stayed popular is because Sugimori’s art style and
    skillful balance of complexity and simplicity made the art very
    appealing. A number of the mega evolutions break the “Sugimori rules” of
    simplicity vs. complexity, and cease to be aesthetically pleasing or
    simply don’t make much sense (sense being defined as relative to other
    aspects of the game, which may not make sense relative to the real

    Most, if not all of the problems that reduce diversity in the metagame can be fixed simply by reducing the gap between the Pokemon with the lowest base stats and the highest base stats, and adding new moves and evolutions. I’d actually like to see some more form changes for existing Pokemon, but not as mega evolutions.

    1. without megas being confirmed for sun & moon i’m starting to consider gen 6 as an alternate universe

      1. Didn’t you get the ORAS Delta episode reference where Zinnia refers to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald universe when she’s like “What if the asteroid pops out of no where and strikes a world, like ours, but without mega evolution?” She was totally throwing the R/B/E reference there.

        1. yes but i was trying to come up with explanations for the delta episode before but now i’m accepting gen 6 as an alternate timeline

    2. 1) That was already the case with any popularly used Pokemon. Megas didn’t change that.

      2) Power is the point. Besides, it’s not like you’ll ever have to deal with a team full of Megas. The one per battle limit balances this “issue” out nicely.

      3) Temporary in-battle forms are fine. Why does a permanent evolution matter so much? It’s still giving relevance to an older Mon, so what’s the big deal?

      4) Giving certain Pokemon who have Megas access to Eviolite would be totally busted. Slap that on Mawile, Sableye, or Medicham (among others), and THAT could mess with game balance.

      5) And each new Generation introduces strong Pokemon and weak Pokemon. You need diversity to keep the Meta balanced and interesting. Again, this is something that already applied to the games that you’re only complaining about because we’re talking about Megas.

      ^) Designs have gotten more complex through out the years. Once again, this is not isolated to just Megas. The technology keeps improving and designs are allowed to get more complex; it’s as simple as that.

  18. For all the things they put in the anime about ‘bonding’, I think in the games, Mega Evolving is too easy. I think a pokemon should have max friendship and affection(yes, affection pokemon amie haters) for a pokemon to mega evolve, so having a pokemon mega evolve actually is a feat.

  19. No, i don’t want megas to return. They’re the reason why there are only 72 new pokemon in XY

  20. I personally don’t like to deal with Megas and rarely use them. Things like Kangaskhan, Venusaur, Sableye require very specific ways to handle. The game is too centralized around these megas. And of course the Primal Groudon. That thing needs a big nerf or new counters.

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