New Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon Commercial

A new Japanese commercial has been released for Pokémon Sun & Moon has been released and includes some interesting new details:

  • Eevee appears to be a wild Pokémon in Alola and, if the Pokéballs behind it on the Pokédex registration screen are correct, has no new evolutions
  • Amie-like feature makes a return, Pikachu is shown being groomed using a Porygon-2 style hairdryer
  • Tauros, Lapras, Sharpedo and Stoutland are all seen as being rideable/used for transporation
  • Some beautiful areas shown off, including volcanic one
  • New ‘Synergy’ stones & attacks teased (using fan made moniker, not official)

Game looks GREAT! Hype!

<3 PJ

      1. Do you think it’s just a special move based on the type? Like all primary grass types have the same move? That would certainly make sense due to the symbol on the diamond!

    1. I totally ship you with the commercial. The chemistry is real. // seriously though I love this commercial so much! I wish I could understand what they were saying.

          1. Gamefreak and Nintendo WILL hear about this. I’ve already started a petition and made a facebook event for a protest. 4.4k already confirmed to attend. Not to mention I am writing a thorough letter to their headquarters

      1. Welp, time to go on Twitter to talk about it and change absolutely nothing #racismisnotcool

          1. We need our voices heard dangit! ……oooo look, something new to talk about! Celebrity gossip, my fave 😀

  1. Oh look at the time. Percy has watched the video 70 times before going to this article and commenting

  2. You guys.. I paused the ring dance scene at the end of the trailer… I didn’t see a ring in his bracelet.

        1. It’s actually Pokemon Z
          With the new mechanic being fusions like Ash-Greninja.
          You’re welcome

  3. I’m astounded by how many new features on trailer showed. I want to learn how the bracelets will incorporated in terms of features. I’m assuming an official English trailer will release tomorrow Morning!

  4. Wow this trailer is actually epic. I hope lots of people from Pokemon GO come to the main games. That would be awesome…

    1. I have a feeling.. Many of them were low key already playing or wanting to.. just needed the Perfect excuse.. like Go lol

    2. Inb4 instead of server crashes we get sun and moon getting sold out world wide in 3 hours

        1. “People playing pokemon go have suddenly disappeared from the streets but if you look at this *points at random game store with a sign that says SUN AND MOON OUT TODAY* there is a huge line just to get these new pair of games. More information today at 5:00, right here on your general news broadcast”

  5. I was thinking if Pokemon go is gonna have some feature with Sun/Moon would that mean Gen 7 might be one of the first new editions?

  6. i’m glad it’s powerful moves and not merging with pokemon like people thought!!!

    1. Who knows.. . I feel it may have a different effect on certain pokemon. Like there is no space for a mega ring.. yet we know megas will be back

        1. I still really hate the mega evolution concept as a whole. If they executed it all a bit differently then I would be on board but the whole thing is just stupid.

  7. You guys how do I find all the new pokemon fan art? All I find is the older pokmeon revealed.. not the new quick pantings

        1. It’s what I do when I’m lonely…then I remember I’m a robot and will never experience love

      1. #nsfw #horny #pokemon #furry
        you’ll find the best fanart by using those tags tbh

    1. I’m honestly cool with that though, I’m REALLY hyped for next gen and the new Pokemon Amie-esque feature is gonna be GREAT

          1. It is an odd generation (odd number) I wouldn’t be too surprised if there isn’t one

        1. When it comes to things like this, it’s usually real, especially when they show gameplay 🙂

  8. – Confirmed to have no new Eeveelution, sadly
    – Mimikkyu and Bear thing actually look good in-game
    – The powerful move thing seem to be type-dependant, rather than each Pokemon having their own special moves
    – Riding on Pokemon seem to be quite a pronounced feature
    – Surprised Amie’s actually returning, even more surprised that they’ve actually expanded on the idea. Good on Gamefreak.

    1. I’m surprised the Amie’s combing back as well, like I loved it, but if it wasn’t going to come back, I wouldn’t be too hurt

        1. I mean, true, but it wasn’t what I was talking about. I though it would just be a one-time thing and not something that would return for future gens. Yes, they can do it, but they just choose not to, that’s what I had thought

  9. Maybe if Pokemon gets Big Again.. there will be another Animated Film in Theater in USA. And the kids here will experience what I experienced as a kid. ?

    1. It’d be cool if they showed the first movie again for a limited time. I wasn’t around when it first was in theaters and is love to see it on the big screen

    2. I mean, pokemon is still huge. Not as big as it was when it first came out… But still big. 11 million copies sold of ORAS since March..

  10. Well. It’s 10:30. Good night everyone. I’m gonna go watch The Office. Then go to sleep.

      1. It’s my one hope with this, tbh.
        I mean, sure, I’ll be slightly sad if it doesn’t, but I will be majorly excited if it does

        1. I’m not hoping for them to be gone, just not as they are now. Like you can use the Pokemon to do it or the HMs, it’ll be your choice

    1. They only show what they want us to see. I think the two new CoroCoro Pokemon were supposed to be the big “secrets”, but they leaked early.

      1. Everyone would’ve lost their minds trying to figure out what that Pikachu looking thing is

  11. Huzzah instead of fusion beings its fusion on feelings to make a stronger attack! Sweet. Though my hopes for this game is still fairly low, it does look better and better

  12. Upon closer inspection of the Tauros Route, I feel that we can dismount either anytime or trainers will stop you. Likely option 1. Those bystanders to me look like they’re in positions as regular trainers to battle! OMFG! I’m so excited! ? Also doesn’t appear to be a Riding Pokemon Sign when Tauros blazes past the route sign, indicating you can get on Pokemon anytime!

      1. Random trainer : HEY! Let’s battle-OH MY G-*gets squashed by the Tauros*
        Player : ….Oh, I’m sorry, were you saying something?
        Random trainer : *dead*

          1. Pokemon’s about to get dark af, and I thought it already was with Lavender Town

          2. Player: *loots corpse*
            Player has received $700!

            BTW I just joined. Hello, PokeJungle!

      2. That’s illegal!

        We are required by law to battle them first and defeat them.

        Then maybe we can think of running them over.

    1. I’m surprised no one got around to translating those parts, it’s really weird

          1. Rockruff is a dog and it acts dog-like has a secret and evolves after howling. Or whatever. You know? What is the point if that is all it is?

          2. I mean, it may be talking about something. Don’t knock it until someone gets it translated

          3. Sure I am not denying the possibility but it just doesn’t seem like it would be anything worthwhile and people who translate likely realized that and said screw it.

          4. All it is, is rockruff commenting on the new pokemon. Which is interesting. He seems to being built as a marketing mon.

          5. Really? That sounds super cute, actually. <3
            Sure, it's not news, but it makes sense 🙂

      1. Look how cool pikaboo is! What monster could be lurking under that sheet!? I’m praying its evolution is bad ass!

  13. You guys… the new trailer for the Movie Did show Ash and Greninja synching through movement before Greninja started to change

    1. Now that I see this image, I can definitely see the pink on its head, it just looks off because of the lighting

      1. Yup I want it too that’s what I call advertising at its best GF knew everyone was gonna watch it even English speakers and also because it’s based on Hawaii but nice seeing they can sneak that in and make you want it

  14. – The scene with the Lillipup looks like a Contest from ORAS…
    – Did I see a Ledyba underwater?

    1. Underwater ledyba? I think I missed that and I’ve seen the trailer like ten times. 😛

  15. No one’s bringing up the synergy stuff? Did you not see the dancing and the typing symbols and this image and all that?

    1. I think most of that was addressed in the previous article, really.
      I was more focused on the Amie part xD and the riding Pokemon parts

      1. I think they just used the starters as examples. It’ll probably be like hula dancing or something. It will just power up attacks and different dances power up different types.

    2. The player character is clearly a member of the Ginyu Force.

      That explains the poses, at least.

  16. I kinda want to order the steel book but I want to see who gets what for bonuses first. Plus I get a discount at work and 10% cash back soooo…

  17. wow this looks awesome! im super hyped! did we ever figure out what Grababear’s ability fluffy does? or sheetkachu;s disguise?

    1. oh that’s better than sheetkachu! im still loving Grababear though. speaking of which, if someone is good at making user pics and has the time, could they maybe make a Grababear pic for me? thanks in advance!

  18. oooooh I love that bear! he,s super adorable and innocent yet scary and hes not only my favorite type, normal, but my second favorite type, fighting! he may just be a new personal favorite!

      1. I cant wait to see it in battle. didn’t I read somewhere he’s like 9 feet tall? he,” tower over most pokemon with that innocent face of his and not a care in the world for how accidentally strong he is!

  19. Wooo. I just went to the park and caught a ton of pokemon. There was a ton of people there in once spot with 3 pokestops and it was so cool

    1. We’ve known Lillie would travel with you. We also know she doesn’t battle and isn’t a rival.

  20. Well, here’s our trailer. But I still don’t believe what that European leaker guy said.

      1. 4Chan guy that recently got laid off by European Nintendo or something so he/she decided to ‘leak’ info.
        So far, he’s got one thing correct (the synergy thing) but the rest is up to question for right now

          1. Not on me, sorry. I know someone posted the link on the previous article, but that might require some digging xD
            Lemme try to Google it for you

          2. So, seems pretty interesting. Yet it feels like it’s trying to please fans…

            So probably fake. Although, I could be wrong…. But I do hope it is true (again, pleasing to fans). The only thing that dissapoints me is the 90 new pokemon thing.

          3. I think more people are siding with the Chinese leaks than with these ones, but I still have a pinch of salt for both of them 🙂

          4. I mean, they are very similar. Except for the synergy stuff. Rugby monkey sounds like the Gorilla the Europe guy talked about.

            But that Gym thing is kind of unsettling. I don’t want to see that happen in Pokemon games….

          5. Yeah, same, but I don’t mind as much. Sure, it’ll take some getting used to, but I’m sure whatever happens, these games will be awesome, I can tell by looking at them

          6. I don’t know to be honest. After seeing a koala and a Fighting red panda, I just don’t see the gorilla happening for some reason.

          7. I don’t either, but I’m open for these to be real.
            I’ve said it before, I’m neutral and I’ll wait until these are officially confirmed in some way

          8. True, it’s not like I would quit Pokemon forever or something like that XD but just not my favorite thing in these “leaks.”

          9. ive read all his posts by using cntl+f to search his username. one fact stuck out as odd to me…
            “Tapu (whatever) is a fairy/flying type that creates misty terrain when it enters the field”
            why would it do that? since its a flying type, misty terrain wouldn’t help it in the least, because terrain only effects grounded pokemon. has there ever been a pokemon who’s ability didn’t directly interact with itself, a switch in, the opponent, of overworld? I could be wrong but I just found that strange.

          10. this could just be my opinion but I find the names for the starters to be very odd as well…

        1. Well, the synergy idea is an old suggested idea, so he could just repeat what everybody was saying…even the drawings, the concept arts did even leak before i guess….also, do you remember Mr. XY?……Firedman is a liar and its fake!!!

        1. Like I didn’t even watch it.
          Just the title alone just made me cringe, so I am avoiding it like the plague

    1. oml… he mentioned that he doesn’t think Komala evolves into the red panda… as if it wasn’t obvious… so you know, it crossed his mind at one point… smh

        1. well for one, he focused on the deflated sheet of Mimikkyu the entire time while talking about it and really didn’t show the actual art/pokemon at all… so like I think he’s a bit of an idiot and then went on to say how he thought that Mimikkyu was a guardian… smh smh smh

          1. I left a comment, but like I was so tempted to just write “delete your account” XD but I’m not THAT mean… lol

    2. People who pronounce omnipotent as “omni-potent” trigger me.

      Also, can someone please explain to me how Mimikkyu sounds “omnipotent” and “almighty?”

        1. I know, why just a hit and run shiving when we can beat him with frozen meats and let loose some coyotes

    3. can disguise as any pokemon? what? where does it say that? serebii apparently changed what it says, its ability is not disguise its false colors, and also the name is not mimikkyu but actually mimicyu, but it specifically wants to be like pikachu and made a pikachu cloth with 20 year old merchandise. it wont disguise as any pokemon

    4. idk about anyone else but this isnt easy for me to watch, its quite annoying and he should never say Tapu Koko’s name. plus 4chan as your backup? come on, if you want to be a popular theorist, and there are a lot, dont use 4chan

    5. What the crap is this guy talking about? Geez. I’ve seen a lot of bad videos from him, but this is just too much…

  21. Trailer looks really good.
    I like it very much, except the thingy with no eeveeloutions, I want all types. Don’t get the stalling or only doing it in even gens.

    Those synergy/crystal attacks got me intrigued.

    Is there more on CoroCoro to come or was that one double page it?

    1. I think that’s it for CoroCoro, although I’m not certain.
      And yeah, I really would like more eeveevolutions D:

          1. no way klutz isn’t useless. its just I like to weigh my options. Imagine the opponent trying to trick you a choice specs, or flame orb, or you do it to them!

          2. making ur strategy depend on one move that’s not good idea …wat if ur opponent didn’t use trick …that mean u waste his ability for nothing …I achieve ability much more.

          3. I don’t understand what you tried to say… but klutz do wonders with trick, and trick is a pretty common strategy to lock some pokemon, or definitely rend them useless.

          4. He’s saying that using an ability like Klutz that only works against one specific move doesn’t do much and building a strategy around it is pretty dumb in his opinion, because there are much more useful abilities out there.

  22. Btw guys, do you think that this piece of music is original? I love it so much, wish there were a full version of some sorts.

    1. Ah yeah, I really love it too, Been trying to find out anything about it, even tried typing the lyrics, but haven’t managed to find anything yet. 😛

  23. The 4chan “leaks” are really weird sounding and the release of this trailer either confirms it or it was just a lucky guess. I hope it fakes though. I want more than 90 new Pokémon. 🙁

  24. At this point I hope all of the 4chan leaks are fake, except for the gorilla Ground/Fighting, dolphin and no Gym Leaders.

  25. Now that we know what the bracelets do, Doesn’t this deconfirm the Synchro Evolution Idea. And doesn’t this make the Chinese leaks fake. Since according to them, the stones function like mega stones?

    Also, You can finally take of the hat!

    1. I think the Synchro thing will be more based on an ultimate move, rather than a temporary appearance changing transformation.

  26. While trying to find the supposed leaked other guardians, I came across this. What is it, you ask? It’s Koko Crater on Oahu, Hawaii. I went and looked at the picture of Alola where the person compared it to locations in Hawaii. The person marked the crater on the ‘home’ island as ‘Diamond Head,’ but after doing some research, it’s also called Koko Head. Minus the obvious connection to Tapu Koko, the difference in names leads me to believe that Koko means Diamond. You know who has diamonds as a main element in their designs? Tapu Koko.

    So I said ‘Hey, what about the other areas that look suitable for the island guardians (the giant tree on the leftmost island, the volcanic area on the top right island, and the icy mountain on the rightmost island)

    And I found two possibilities for two of those ‘guardian lookin’ ‘ areas.

    (please note i’m using the names in the comparison map above, so please look at it)

    1. The top right island, known as Maui, is home to a volcanic area known as Haleakala. According to Hawaiian legend, a god name Pele created that volcano. A name that was mentioned in the ‘leak’ of the guardians.

    2: The leftmost island, the one officially called Hawaii here, is home to Mauna Kea, and icy mountain. A god, known as Poli’ahu is known to reside there. While no mention of this name is in the ‘leak’ there is one connection to Pele. Pele and Poli’ahu are sworn enemies. (Makes sense, one is in an icy area, one is in a firey area.)

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything for the large tree on the leftmost island, Kaua’i. There is a Hanalei Valley, but I could not find any gods or other being that represented it. This, of course could mean there is a Tapu Hana of some sort, or Tapu Lei.

    EDIT: ”This” was supposed to be a link, but it didnt got it for some reason. Here is it

    1. I agree with the locations, but the name Pele wasn’t mentioned. I guess you’re mistaking it with Tapu Lele. And you mean the rightmost island, not the leftmost. But overall it seems like a cool theory! 🙂

  27. Kiteruguma is Normal / Fighting bear. Its Abilities are Klutz and a new one named Fluffy. It’s a cute Pokemon that will always hug its Trainer but it’s also extremely dangerous and can break anything in half (so if your its Trainer, you have to watch out). Alola’s residents even put up signs to warn people about wild Kiteruguma.

  28. It has been confirmed that next month’s issue of CoroCoro, due for release on August 12th, will have a special “Southern Island Alola Guide” which is said to give all the important information that you need for your journey

  29. Something I saw on twitter related to GO…

    Manager during interview: “So why do you want to work for us?”
    Applicant: “Oh, I’m not asking for the job. There’s a Mewtwo here.”
    Manager: “WHERE?”

  30. Apparently Pokémon GO is out in Germany now. Hopefully Netherlands will be next 😉

      1. I would do it but I’m also scared of permaban for grabbing the apk and playing on it instead of officially on the google play store… 🙂

        1. Yeah I had the same thing, but they can’t permaban everyone that has downloaded it already outside of AU, US and JP. They’d lose so much money.

          1. I used my dummy google account though, and besides the server is bad, I couldn’t find any Pokemon/gym/stops around my office, and it loses connection to the GPS real often. 😀

            The only Pokemon I have right now is a poor Squirtle…

  31. What are the odds of dexnav sneaking coming back at this point? We haven’t seen anything about it, but there’s no reason it should be Hoenn exclusive. I’m really hoping it does because it was one of the more effective shiny hunting methods, and shiny hunting is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.

  32. In regards to Flygon, Hydreigon and Dragonite and the future of megas. I quote the legendary Daenaerys “Stormborn” Targaryen when I say…”WHERE ARE MY MEGAS?!” I do not care about no stupid special moves which are nothing more than a shortcut to not be creative.

  33. So there’s no questioning that these wristbands involved some kind of super move
    That I came to accept, and as long there’s no cheesy weaboo fusion nonsense then it should be fine
    Now what we really have to think/worry about is the execution of these moves. I deducted that these super attacks are most likely either unique to the Pokemon using them or every type would have their own attack and or buff as demonstrated by the flashing type symbols
    Now we have very little to go by in this short trailer but we’re a….smart bunch and can probably peg down something

    Me, I’m leaning towards the wristbands hold some kind of Philosopher Stone (Or Pokesopher stone) that enables a one time super attack that provides a different attack or status based on Pokemon Type

    1. Yeah, I’m also thinking that it’s based on type, there’s just no way they would introduce a new attack for every evo line. The philosopher stone idea is interesting but seems possible. I just hope that these dance moves don’t indicate that you actually have to play some kind of a rhythm game to get the max power of that move, that would be horrible. Apart from that, I’m sold.

  34. Guys, my dad’s uncles’ daughters ex-fiance was a beta-tester for pokemon sun an moon. He says that there will be 40 new pokemon, no gyms, 2 islands come with the game purchase (the other two are DLC). Rowlett evolves into a coconut tree bird with three faces on each coconut. Litten evolves into a smaller kitten with incredible fighting abilities; and popplio evolves only once and acquires a normal typing (popplio is considered to be great for beginners).

    In order to beat an island you have to defeat any ten trainers, most of which will be NPC. The game is completed once you defeat any 20 trainers and face off with the thrilling three (which replace the elite four). The thrilling three consists of one battle in which all three of the opponents engage in a triple battle with you. There is also no experience points, you collect pokechips across the region as well as attack vouchers. Meaning, you use the pokechips to level up and the vouchers to temporarily use an attack; these are also used for online play. Lastly, your pokemon need to be fed, bathed, groomed, and monitored extensively in order for it to follow commands.

    1. This sounds like it is the worst Pokemon Game Ever Than GF this is worse than anything I’ve seen good god

      1. For once permission Granted by me DLC in Pokemon NO that’s the reason I stopped playing Smash bros.

      1. Were you agreeing you won’t get it or that you like it I won’t get it

  35. Guys, I just made a screenshot of the menu screen of Sun and Moon from the Japanese trailer. Few of the menus look interesting and there are 2 pages which is quite interesting. Refresh for image.

    1. As you can see, the first button is probably the party, I don’t see the caption clearly. The Rotom Dex pretty much speaks for itself. The yellow one is our bag. The one next to it is the save button called Report in Japanese games. The interesting part (for me at least) is the Trainer Pass button. Yes, that’s not a card, but a pass. They always called it card before so it’s a bit weird. Isn’t that a Shuppet next to it? The last button is Pokewafure, most likely the expanded Amie feature. The name’s origin might be Pokémon, the Japanese particle wa and the Japanese pronounciation of Friends (furenzu). The second page is most likely for wonder trade and stuff like that. The Trainer Pass thing insterests me tho. If there’s no card, how would our card color change when we beat the league and things like that?

  36. Just went out and caught a 282 Kingler and a 390 Pidgeot (I’m lvl 7 now). I’m happy 🙂

      1. Not true. Just go on a bike ride and you’ll be surprised what you can find. I found a Jynx, Seel and Krabby and I live in the Suburbs.

  37. That Guy Tylotic I hope that’s a joke or he lied cause that is the WORST Pokemon idea ever an Island that’s so big you have to beat 10 trainers on both cause the others islands are inaccessible and a starter that doesn’t evolve twice NO! Makes no story plot reasonable how would the Legendaries be involved I mean for me personally I would Quit Pokemon if this is true No no!

    1. I think that it is a joke should’ve been clear from the first sentence about the twice-detached relative working at Nintendo… <3

    2. It’s not true. He’s actually just pissed about his argument from a few articles ago that he should’ve been banned for.

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